What Printer Is Compatible With Samsung Tablet


Print from your Galaxy phone or tablet

Whether you are printing wirelessly or using a cable to connect to your printer, you will need to have the right plugin applications installed on your phone. Plugins that have been installed will be stored to your device and may be enabled from the Printing Home page by selecting them. Navigate toSettings, then search for and choose Printing from the drop-down menu. TapPrintingagain to show the printer services that have been installed. Each printer service may be switched on and off by touching theswitchnext to it.

Then select the appropriate plugin software for the printer you intend to use from the list and press the Install button.

If you are using a USB printer, you may either connect it directly to your phone’s charging port using an OTG adapter and suitable USB cable, or you can connect it to one of the USB ports on your DeX Dock or Pad if you are utilizing DeX mode.

The default print service may be enabled from the Printing Home screen by tapping on it and then on the switch.

Some printers, even if they are generally compatible, may require manual configuration.

Printing from your smartphone will continue to function in the same way, despite the fact that it seems a little different in DeX mode.

  1. Open the document containing the material you wish to print. Not many applications allow you to print their material, however there are a plethora of apps available on the Google Play Store that do allow you to print
  2. Most programs allow you to access more options by selecting More options (the three vertical dots) in the top right corner. Some applications (such as Word) provide their own print menus. Other applications will need you to first tap Share, then Print
  3. This is standard practice. Print by pressing Print and then selecting your printer, the paper size, and the quantity of copies you want to print. Select thePrinticon from the drop-down menu. Additional choices may be available to you depending on your printer

How To Print From Samsung Devices

If you have a Samsung mobile phone or tablet, you may connect to a printer via a variety of various techniques, including the Samsung Mobile Print App, Samsung NFC Tap and Print, Mopria Print, and Google Cloud Print, among others. Using these approaches, we’ll show you how to print from both Samsung phones and tablets. We’ll also tell you which printers are the most compatible with Samsung devices and which ones are the least compatible.

Samsung Mobile Print

The Samsung mobile print software, which is available for Android smartphones and tablets, allows users to wirelessly print, scan, and send faxes from their Samsung printers if they have one. This software is available for free download from the Google Play App Store and the Samsung Galaxy App Store, among other places. To print to a Samsung printer from a Samsung phone or tablet, simply follow the seven simple steps shown below.

  1. Activate the NFC and Wi-Fi Direct functions on your Android device in Step 1. If you have not previously configured wireless network printing on your printer, you must additionally activate Wi-Fi Direct on your printer. (Full instructions on how to set up a wireless network will be included in the printer’s user manual.)
  2. The second step is to launch the Samsung Mobile Print App on your tablet or smartphone. Step 3– At the bottom of the screen, select the device you want to use. Step 4– Select your Samsung printer from the drop-down menu. (Please keep in mind that your printer must be linked to the same Wi-Fi network as your mobile device in order to function properly.)
  3. The fifth step is to choose a print source, which may be anything from an image to a document to a web page to an email. Step 6– After you have selected your document, click on the ‘Preview’ button. After selecting “Print,” go ahead and grab your printed documents once the printing process is complete.

Samsung Tap And Print

For Samsung printers that are equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, printing may be accomplished by just passing your mobile smartphone over the printer’s NFC tag.

There is no need to install any extra drivers; all that is required is an NFC-enabled mobile device and the Samsung Mobile Print Application. It’s always a good idea to double-check the placement of the NFC on your mobile device before attempting to tap and print.

  1. Step 1– Verify that the NFC and Wi-Fi Directfeatures on your Android device are enabled, as well as that the printersWi-Fi Directfeature is active. The second step is to launch the Samsung Mobile Print App on your mobile device. Step 3– Select’Print Mode’from the drop-down menu. The fourth step is to choose the papers that you desire to print. The fifth step is to align your mobile device with the NFC tag on the printer. (Be patient for a few seconds as your mobile device establishes a connection with the printer.) Step 6– Gather all of your printed documents together.

Print From A Samsung Tablet

Printing on a tablet is equally as simple as printing from a mobile device in terms of functionality. If you have a Samsung printer, all you have to do is download the Samsung Mobile Print App and complete the steps 1 through 7 as shown above. Additionally, there are additional options for printing from a Samsung tablet or mobile device, such as Mopria Print and Google Cloud Print. Additionally, most printer manufacturers have their own mobile printing applications. These platforms provide Android users with a straightforward method of connecting to a variety of different printers.

Modern printers will be Google Cloud Ready without the need to be registered with a laptop or PC, but there is a straightforward setup step for older printers.

  1. Step 1– Launch the app that contains the document you wish to print and select Print. (e.g., Chrome, E-mail, Photos, and so on)
  2. Step 2– Once within the program, go to the’Options’menu.
  1. On Google Chrome, select’Share ‘Print
  2. On other apps, select’Print’ from the drop-down menu.

Mopria Print — The Mopria Print Service is another simple-to-use tool that allows printing from any Android smartphone as simple as tapping a screen. Mopria Print is available for both Android and iOS devices. Using this service, users may connect to any Mopria certified printer without the need to do any additional set-up procedures. The Mopria Print App is available for free download from the Google Play store or straight from the Mopria website, and it may be used to print documents.

  1. Following the installation of the Mopria Print App, confirm that the app is authorized to run on your device by checking the settings. (You may find this information in the settings of your device.) To print an item, open it in your browser and choose it from the drop-down menu. This may be anything from documents, PDFs, images, emails, or web pages. Step 2– After the item has been opened, locate the print option. Step 3– Locate a printer that is close by. The fourth step is to select’Print ‘.

Best Printers For Printing From A Samsung Phone

The HP LaserJet Pro MFP M479dw A4 Colour Multifunction Laser Printer is a speedy and flexible machine that comes equipped with USB, network, and wireless connections as standard. It can print in color and black and white. This HP printer is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems and offers mobile printing over these connections.

Key Features

  • Capabilities for printing, scanning, copying, and faxing
  • Color and mono printing at speeds of up to 27ppm
  • Interfaces such as USB, network, and wireless
  • Print resolutions of up to 600 x 600 dpi are possible. • 250-sheet input tray and a 50-sheet multipurpose tray

Xerox Versalink C405DN

This A4 Colour Laser Printer is equipped with USB, network, and NFC connectivity, as well as compatibility with Mopria technology. This makes it possible to print directly from cellphones using a simple software. In addition, it features AirPrint capabilities, which means that users of Apple devices may take advantage of its services as well.

Key features
  • Print resolutions of up to 600 x 600 pixels
  • Print speeds of up to 35 pages per minute in color and monochrome
  • Automatic double-sided printing
  • 550-sheet input tray
  • USB network interfaces

Epson WorkForce WF-7840DTWF

Android users may connect to the Epson WorkForce WF-7840DTWF A3+ Colour Multifunction Inkjet Printer using one of two mobile printing methods offered for the printer. Epson has its own mobile and cloud printing service, which can be accessed through the Epson iPrint Mobile App, which is available for free download from most app stores. Another simple platform to connect to this flexible A3 printer is Google Cloud Print, which is available for free.

Key Features
  • Capabilities for printing, scanning, copying, and faxing
  • USB, network, and wireless interfaces
  • 10.9 cm Color Touchscreen
  • Print Resolution up to 4,800 x 2,400 dpi
  • 10.9 cm Color Touchscreen
  • Printing on both sides of the page automatically

How to Print Wirelessly from a Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Article in PDF format Article in PDF format This wikiHow shows you how to print images, documents, and other sorts of files from your Samsung Galaxy tablet. You may also print from your computer. If you have access to a wireless printer, you can connect it to your tablet by installing an app from the Google Play Store and syncing it with your tablet.

Alternatively, if the printer does not have internet connectivity but is Bluetooth-enabled, you may pair it with your tablet and print from the Sharing option on the tablet.

  1. 1 Activate the wireless printer by pressing the power button. If the printer is not already connected to your Wi-Fi network, turn it on and connect it to your network.
  • Only the first time you set up this printer will you be need to go through this procedure.
  • Step 2: Join your tablet to the same Wi-Fi network as your printer. To print wirelessly, you must be connected to the same network as the printer
  • Otherwise, the print job will fail.
  • Step 2: Join your tablet to the same Wi-Fi network as the printer. In order to print wirelessly, you must be connected to the same network as the printer.
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  • s3 Go to the Settings menu on your tablet. It is represented with a symbol that looks like a gear. It may be found in the Apps menu
  • Select Connections from the drop-down menu. It’s the first option in the Settings menu, at the very top of the screen. The connection settings are displayed in this window.
  • If you are running Software version 7.1.1 or earlier, selectMore in its place
  • Otherwise, selectMore.
  • 5TapMore connectivity options are available. Located at the bottom of the Connection Settings menu, this option is easy to overlook. Note: Depending on your Android version, you may see a different option with the wordMore in it, such asMore settings orMore networks, depending on what you are looking for. When you notice a PrintorPrintingoption within, that indicates that you’ve arrived at the correct location. Tap on that option. 6TapPrinting. The name of the menu will differ based on whatever version of Android you are running
  • However, 7 Select a printing plugin from the drop-down menu. It is possible to pick the default Samsung print service plugin or the default Android print service by tappingSamsung Print Service Plugin or Default Print Service, respectively.
  • As an alternative, you may download a new print plugin by selecting Download Plugin from the drop-down menu. This will reveal a selection of third-party print plugins available in the Google Play Store. You may then select a different plugin to use from the drop-down menu. Third-party plugins, as well as plugins for a specific printer manufacturer, fall under this category (i.g HP, Lexmark, etc). Select the plugin you wish to install and then tapInstall to complete the installation. Then go to the “Settings” menu and pick “Printing” from the drop-down list
  1. 8 Slide the switch all the way to the On position to activate it. You are now ready to connect a printer to your computer
  2. 9 Select the printer that you wish to include. If there are any wireless printers accessible, the Galaxy tablet will immediately search the network for them. Select the wireless printer that you wish to add by tapping it. This immediately establishes a connection with the printer. Advertisement
  1. 1Make sure your tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your printer. To print wirelessly, you must be connected to the same network as the printer
  2. Otherwise, the print job will fail. 2Go to the location where you wish to print the file. In addition to Google Docs, you can print files from Drive, as well as from your web browser and nearly any other program. 3Hit the Menu button on the currently open file. There are three vertical dots on the upper-right-hand corner of the screen, which indicates the location of the icon. 4 Select the Print option from the drop-down menu. The print preview screen is shown as a result of this.
  • If you do not see this option in the menu, select theShareorShareExportoption from the drop-down menu. It is frequently represented with a symbol that looks like three dots joined by two lines. Then select Print.
  1. 5Choose a printer to use. If anything other than the printer you wish to use is selected in the top-left corner of the screen, hit the menu button and pick your printer from the drop-down menu. Check that you are connected to the same Wi-Fi network that your printer is linked to if you are unable to locate your printer. 6 To print, select the yellow printer icon from the toolbar. It’s usually seen in the upper-right area of the screen. This transmits the specified file to the wireless printer, which is controlled by the computer. Advertisement
  1. Pick a printer from the drop-down list. 5 To change the printer that is currently chosen in the top-left corner of the screen, just touch on the menu button and pick your desired printer from the list. Check that you are connected to the same Wi-Fi network that your printer is linked to if you do not see your printer. 6 To print, click on the yellow printer symbol. The upper-right corner of your screen is usually where you’ll find it. By doing so, the selected file is sent to the wireless printer through the Internet. Advertisement
  • Use your finger to swipe down from the top of the home screen in order to access the notification panel. Tap the gear icon in the top-right corner
  • Then tapBluetooth in the left column
  • And then tap Done. Slide the switch on the right panel all the way to the On (blue) position. a. Your tablet will search for any Bluetooth devices that are nearby. If you see a second choice to “Make this device visible,” choose it and follow the on-screen instructions to make it visible
  • Otherwise, select “Make this device invisible.”
  • 2Put your printer’s Bluetooth connection setting into effect. Some printers will be discoverable through Bluetooth as soon as they are turned on, while others may require you to push a button or make a menu decision before they can be discovered. How to set your printer in Bluetooth pairing mode is covered in detail in the user’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website for your printer brand. 3 Choose the Bluetooth printer that is connected to your tablet. If your Galaxy automatically detects the printer, you may connect by tapping the printer’s name (or the manufacturer’s name) on the screen. If this is the case, tapSearch for new devices to conduct another search. 4 On the tablet, press the Connect button. In this case, the tablet is connected to the printer.
  • You may be required to enter a PIN in order to finish the connection, depending on the printer. In order to determine the right PIN, consult your printer’s instruction manual (or conduct an internet search)
  1. Observe: If your printer has a display screen, look at it to see if there is anything you need to do to validate the connection on the printer side. 5Go to the location where you wish to print the file. Despite the fact that not all apps allow Bluetooth printing, you should be able to print documents and/or photographs from any app that offers the “Share” option. 6 Select the Sharingmenu from the drop-down option. You will normally find it near the bottom of the screen or in a menu
  2. However, the exact position of the button may vary. 7From the drop-down option, selectBluetooth. It’s the symbol that looks like a bowtie turned upside down. A list of Bluetooth devices will show
  3. Select one from the list. 8 Select the Bluetooth printer by tapping it. This causes the document to be sent to the printer. If the document does not begin printing automatically, check the screen on the printer and confirm the printing if required. If the document does not begin printing automatically, check the screen on the printer. Advertisement
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  • Question I don’t have access to WiFi at home, therefore I need a printer that is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Active Tab 4 that can be connected through Bluetooth or USB. It’s excellent to see that instructions are required. Can you give me some recommendations for a printer? For the exact same reason, I personally use the HP – ENVY 4520 color printer, which is a model of HP that is similar in appearance.

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A Samsung tablet, or any other device, may be used to print with relative ease. In addition, you may print any text or picture from your Samsung tablet to HP printers if you use the appropriate settings on both your Samsung tablet and your HP printer. Follow these simple steps to learn How to Print From a Samsung Tablet to an HP Printer in no time. Inquire about the matter!

The Elaborate Steps to Print From Samsung Tablet to the HP Printer

  • The first step is to set up the HP printer by connecting it to a Wi-Fi network. By hitting the power button, you may turn on your printer. Wait for the printer to begin printing. By clicking on the Gear symbol on your tab, you may access the Settings menu. Open the settings of your smartphone from the home screen or an app on your device. Toggle on the Wi-Fi functionality on your tablet. By selecting Wi-Fi from the Settings menu, you may connect to the internet. A list of wireless networks and devices that are currently available will be displayed on the screen. To connect the Wireless printer, choose it from the drop-down menu. If asked, enter your password, and then click on the Connect option to continue. After the tab has been successfully linked to the printer, the text “Connected” will appear underneath the printer name. Install an app that will allow you to print wirelessly from your Google Play Store app on your Android device. Print wirelessly may be found by searching for it in the search field. A number of applications will be shown. In the case of HP, Epson, and Canon, the applications will appear with their respective brand specifications.
  • To connect your tablet to your computer, select the HP brand. Open the app you just downloaded by selecting it from your home screen’s app shortcuts menu. Initially, it will provide a tour of the app to introduce you to it. File Manager, Gallery, Web Pages, and Messages are some of the possibilities you may choose from
  • Then click on the option that corresponds to the location where you want to print from, for example, if you want to print a photo from your camera, pick the option Gallery from the drop-down menu. A list of files will be displayed once more. To print a file, choose it from your computer’s file menu. Select Print from the drop-down menu or tap on it. An alert will appear after you have printed, requesting that you set up the printer. Pick the Ok option, and then select the option Nearby Wi-Fi printers to look for the printer you have connected to (HP printer). Once the app has been located and the new menu has appeared, select the printer name from the drop-down menu. To proceed, click Ok. When asked if you want to print, choose Yes. The program will print the file that was selected.

How to Print From a Samsung Tablet, Wirelessly

  • On your Samsung tablet, you may download and install the following plugin: More connection options can be found by going to ConnectionsMore connection settings can be found by going to ConnectionsMore connection settings Plugin for printing and downloading
  • Install your printer plugin by selecting it and clicking Install. Then locate the information you wish to print or share and choose Print or Share. Choose your printer and press the Print button. If you have any other Android tablets, you may connect your Android tablet to a printer by using anapp.

It is covered in this post how to print from your Samsung tablet, including the steps for connecting your tablet to a printer.

How Do You Connect a Samsung Tablet to a Printer?

It is possible to print material straight from a tablet, just as it is from a desktop or laptop computer, allowing you to put your papers, photographs, and other stuff on paper. It is not possible to directly connect a Samsung tablet to a printer since the majority of Samsung tablets are not hardwired, that is, they sync wirelessly with a network and other devices. As a result, you’ll need to print from a printer that is linked to your local network. This may be accomplished by connecting it to a computer that is already connected to your network, or it must allow OTA printing through Wi-Fi in order to be successful.

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Swipe down from the home screen to reveal the quick tray, and then hit Settings (the gear symbol). Go to ConnectionsMore Connection options and select the Printing option
  2. Choose Download plugin from the Print Services area, which is located beneath the Print Services section. This will launch the Google Play Store, where you’ll find a list of the printer plugins that are currently available. Choose the one that corresponds to the brand of your printer, such as HP, Lexmark, Canon, Brother, and so on. To illustrate, we’ll utilize the HP plugin in this example: On the following screen, click Install, just as you would if you were downloading and installing an Android application. Continue to wait for it to complete its task, then press the back button until you see thePrintingmenu again. If the new printer plugin you installed is visible, make sure it is toggled on (in blue) and that it is enabled.

How to Print from a Samsung Tablet

Following the installation of the printing services plugin, the printing procedure is simple and straightforward. Follow these steps while the app or browser is open and the material you wish to print is visible:

  1. For the program or browser, select theSettingsorMore Optionsbutton (three vertical dots) from the menu bar. To share a document, either pick theShareoption from the menu (if one exists) or hit theSharebutton.


  1. Additionally, you may find aPrintoption in the settings menu or hidden within a sub-menu within another sub-menu. For example, in Google Docs, the Print option is nested beneath the ShareExport option in the options menu. Select your printer or printer plugin from the drop-down menu. This is accomplished by making a printed version of the material in the system. This normally takes only a few seconds. After that, you’ll see thePrint Optionspage, where you may choose whether to save the content as a PDF document or to print it using one of the available printers. Make certain that All Printers is selected from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen in order to open the Printer Select menu. Once you have reached the Samsung Printer Select screen, you will be able to select the printer that you wish to use. After the list has been generated, select your printer from the drop-down menu. To send the task to your specified printer, press the yellowPrintbutton (which has a down arrow on it).

You will not be able to print from all applications. The option is not available in some browsers, such as Firefox. The Save as PDFfunction may be used to produce a PDF document, which can then be downloaded to your tablet and printed using the appropriate app.

What if I Don’t Have a Samsung Tablet?

Alternatively, if you do not have a Samsung tablet, it is still possible to print; however, you must link your Android tablet to a printer using an application. If you have an iPad, you will need to follow a separate procedure for printing from your iPad. FAQ

  • What is the best way to print from a Samsung phone? To print from your Samsung phone, first download a printing-compatible app from the Google Play Store and then access the material you wish to print from the app. In most applications, select theMoreicon to learn more (three dots) Printselect your printer from the drop-down menu. Select the Printicon from the drop-down menu. Others will need you to pick SharePrint from the print menus of some applications, while others will have their own print menus. What is the best way to print from an LG tablet? To print from an LG tablet, you’ll need to be connected to the internet through Wi-Fi. Navigate toSettingsShare and ConnectConnectionsPrinting on the left-hand navigation bar. Select your favorite printing option from the Print Services drop-down menu, or add a new printer. Toggle on the print service you want, choose the printer that is currently accessible, then follow the app’s printing instructions. What is the best way to print from an Amazon Fire tablet? To print from an Amazon Fire tablet, such as the Amazon Fire HD, first ensure that the device is connected to Wi-Fi, and then open the material that you wish to print from the device. After that, navigate to the menu of the application or web page. Printtap your printer and set up your printing preferences. Print
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How to Print Wirelessly from Your Galaxy Tab 2

Printers that are compatible with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth can be used to print from your Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet computer. Author Eric Butow, who wrote the book My Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, explains how to connect to a Wi-Fi printer and a Bluetooth printer, how to download printing programs, and how to print from your tablet computer in this article. Like what you’ve read so far? We strongly advise you to  A document or spreadsheet, such as a word processing document, may be printed from your Galaxy Tab 2 with relative ease.

You may connect to a wireless printer using your Tab 2’s Android 4.1, or Jelly Bean, operating system by connecting to it using your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.

However, there are certain restrictions to the printing capabilities built into the Tab 2, but you can go around these constraints by downloading applications and utilizing web-based services to do so.

Connect a Wi-Fi Printer

Wireless printers that are accessible through a Wi-Fi connection will be discovered immediately by your Tab 2. It’s important to note that you may need to configure the printer’s Wi-Fi connection as well. My Hewlett-Packard(HP) Officejet Pro X576dw printer, which I’ll call to as theOfficejet Pro from here on out, will be used as an example in this section. Before any device can recognize the Officejet Pro printer, the user must first enable HP Wireless Direct capabilities on the printer. In any home screen, you may check for Wi-Fi connections by pressing on the Settings icon and then on Wi-Fi in the menu on the left side of the Settings screen (if this option isn’t already set by default).

  1. Figure 1 shows a diagram of a My wireless HP Officejet Pro X576dw printer displays in the list of Wi-Fi devices that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is capable of detecting.
  2. The HP-Print-F6-Officejet Pro X576dw printer is selected from the list in this example.
  3. If the printer does not require a password, you will see the term “Open” next to the printer’s name in the list.
  4. When you enable the printer’s Wi-Fi connection, you may need to obtain the printer’s password from inside the printer itself.
  5. When the Tab 2 successfully connects to your printer, the word “Connected” will appear beneath the printer’s name in the list of Wi-Fi connections.
  6. See the next section for more information.
  7. When the wireless printer shows in the Wi-Filist, connect to it by touching the printer’s name when it appears in the list.

Connect a Bluetooth Printer

For Bluetooth printers, open the Settings window in the same way you would for a Wi-Fi printer, but instead of selecting Wi-Fi, select Bluetooth from the option on the left-hand side of the screen. As shown in Figure 2, a slider bar is displayed tothe left of the Bluetooth entry in the menu; switch on Bluetooth capabilities by sliding the O button to the right, as shown in Figure 2. Figure 2 To the right of the Bluetooth menu text is a gray O button, which appears in gray. Following the activation of Bluetooth, the name of your device will appear in the My Device area on the right side of the screen, as shown in Figure 3—in this case, the name of my Hewlett-Packard Deskjet 460 printer in this example.

  • Figure 3By selecting Scan on the right-hand side of the menu bar at the top of the screen, you may search for other devices (below the Status Bar).
  • To begin the pairing procedure, tap the printer’s name on the screen.
  • You will need to go to your printer documentation and/or the website of the printer manufacturer in order to obtain the PIN number.
  • After you’ve typed in your PIN, click on the OK button in the box that appears.

Alternatively, you may tap the Settings icon (which looks like a wheel cog) to the right of a printer’s name to alter the printer name and unpair, or disconnect, the printer from the Tab 2 by tapping it.

Download a Print App

Samsung claims that you may print from your Galaxy Tab 2 to any printer that is compatible with the device. What Samsung fails to inform you about, though, is that you can only print to Samsung-branded printers. You’ll find out when you try to print from an app for the first time and see the notice “You can only print to a Samsung printer,” which means you can’t print to any other printer. It’s a good thing that there are applications accessible from the GooglePlay Store that allow you to print to different printers.

  • Search for your printer maker on the Google Play Store to check if there is a printing app available for your device.
  • Figure 5 shows a diagram of the human body.
  • If you are unable to locate a printing application in the Google Play Store that meets your needs (or does not operate at all), you may make use of Google’s Cloud Printservice.
  • As of the time of this writing, Google Cloud Print is still in beta test mode, so the service’s speed may not be up to par with your expectations.
  • Upon logging in, you will have the option of adding a printer that is attached to a laptop or PC, or you may add a Cloud Ready printer that connects directly to the internet (see Figure6).
  • As soon as you have configured your printing app (or Google Cloud Print), you will be able to print from any app that supports the printing of documents.

Using the HP ePrint App

First and foremost, a disclaimer: the HP ePrint software only prints to HP printers that are connected wirelessly, not to HP printers that are linked through Bluetooth. Even if your Bluetooth printer is not from Samsung, you may want to consider using the previously mentioned PrinterShare Mobile Print software or Google Cloud Print to print your documents. If you have an HP wireless printer, on the other hand, you may use the ePrint software to print files from your Tab 2 as well as web pages quickly and conveniently.

  • FIGURE 7 illustrates how the HP ePrint app interface appears when viewed exclusively in vertical mode.
  • By selecting File from the menu bar and then selecting the file that you wish to print from the file selection menu on the screen, you may print any file.
  • When you select Photos from the menu, the Photos screen displays a list of photo folders that you may select from.
  • The Image folder in the example shown in Figure 8 has five photographs that you can use to create a printout.
  • Each photo is displayed in thumbnail format so that you can quickly see all of the photographs.
  • It has a blue tinge to it and a blue checkmark in the lower-left corner of the photo that has been selected.
  • It is possible to see what the photo will look like before printing it by using thePreview screen, which displays the first photo you picked.
  • Printing a website page is as simple as selecting Web from the HP ePrint screen menu.
  • Figure 9 depicts the appearance of the web page on the computer screen.
  • Image number nine (figure nine).

To print the Googlehome page, select Print from the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the page. The Preview screen appears, displaying a copy of the page in the format in which it will look when printed. Printing the page is accomplished by selecting Print at the bottom of the screen.

Final Thoughts

Following your thorough understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of printing from your Tab 2, as well as how to download and operate a printing software tailored to your individual printer, it’s time to explore your alternatives and choose whether printing from your Tab 2 is the right answer for you.

How To Print From Samsung Tablet To Wifi Printer?

During the previous few of years, there has been a significant increase in the demand for Galaxy Tabs. The presence of them may now be seen everywhere, from schools to hospitals to offices. This sort of small but powerful handy PC is selling at an unprecedented rate compared to any other form of computer or cellphone, and when you see what they are capable of, it’s simple to see why. Android may be the best operating system for Galaxy Samsung Tabs if you consider its adaptability, compliance, and ability to organize numerous functions.

If you are having trouble figuring out how to print from your Samsung tablet, the following comprehensive instructions may be of assistance.

It doesn’t matter what you do, you’ll be able to utilize the papers, take images, and even print them off.

How to print from Samsung Tablet using Samsung Wifi Printer?

The system is simple to use. The following are the steps that we took. The first step is to connect a wireless printer that is compatible with Samsung Print innovation to your Wi-Fi network, which is the first step. There are some printers that are not compatible with this printing innovation, particularly older ones. Samsung Print-enabled printers are available from a variety of vendors. The procedure for configuring the entire system differs depending on the manufacturer and model. To follow the instructions, you should refer to the instruction manual or the manufacturer’s website.

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The most recent change was made on January 12, 2022, at 06:14 / Affiliate links / Images from the Amazon Product Advertising API When you’re satisfied with the arrangement, turn on the printer. Wait for the printer to recognize and interface with the Wi-Fi network when it has been connected. When the printer connects to a Wi-Fi network, a little light blinks on the front of the printer to indicate that it is available.

  • On your Samsung Tablet, you’ll see a “Action” button that you may click. Click on this button
  • After that, press the “Print” button on your computer’s keyboard. When prompted, pick the “Select Printer” option from the drop-down menu. Please select the printer that you will be using. A dialog box will appear on your computer’s screen. Make the required modifications, such as changing the number of pages to be printed, printing on both sides, and printing many duplicates. You may print your work after you’re finished by selecting the print option.

Innovating with Samsung Print is one of the methods for printing papers from your Samsung Tablet computer. Using third-party software as an alternative technique is another option. They are available for free download or may be purchased through the App Store.

How Do I Connect My Samsung Tablet To My Printer?

In order to successfully commence Cloud print setup, you must first ensure that the printer you intend to use is connected to the same network as the computer you are using. It is this network that will be used to transmit commands to the printer at whichever point you choose to print them from.

  • You should print a network status sheet to ensure that the printer is connected to the same network as the computer. You should absolutely verify and identify your product’s IP address on the status network status sheet that you have printed
  • Otherwise, you will be wasting your time. The IP address should be entered into the web software when you have determined it is what you are looking for. Following that, follow the processes listed below to ensure that the setup cycle is successful: You can choose from a number of Google Cloud Print administrations. To register, click on the Register button. Next, choose the Agreement of Terms and Conditions checkbox, and then click Next
  • To access the Sign In Page, select OK from the drop-down menu. Fill up the blanks with your Google account’s username and password. If you do not not have an account, create one. After you click Finish, you will have successfully started the Cloud Print Setup process.

This page was last updated on January 12, 2022, at 07:06 (affiliate links and images from the Amazon Product Advertising API).

How to print images from Samsung Tablet?

To install the software on a Samsung Tab, you must first enable the Android Market and then go to the App Store. You may be able to print images depending on whatever Galaxy Tab you have. Files should be saved in one of the image formats that are compatible with the document (such as jpg or bmp). Then, using two fingers, make a touch with one of the photograph’s edges. After then, you may rotate or harvest the image. You should contact the photograph again and then select Print when you are pleased with the output and wish to stop modifying the image any more.

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If you have a number of images and would want to print them all at the same time, the Galaxy Tab you have will determine whether or not this is a possibility.

Other smartphones, like as the Samsung Tabs, allow you to print only a single image at a time, which is convenient.

How To Print From Samsung Tablet To Wifi Printer

The most important item you’ll need is a router, as well as a connection to a local area network to get started. This is typically observed in situations when there is a ready installation of internet association with several personal computers in the immediate vicinity. You will not be required to install a second router. You can use one that is currently in use. Make sure you have a free place where you can connect or designate your printer before you continue. Wi-Fi connections are also possible; however, you must ensure that your printer is capable of supporting this type of operation.

Following the installation of the driver, follow the instructions provided by the installation wizard, including those for configuring Wi-Fi.

Do you need to get a Samsung Printer for Samsung Tablet?

When it comes to printers and printing innovation, Samsung is a well-known and respected name in the industry. It has gained the trust of clients all across the world. Samsung printers are available in a variety of sizes and are intended for a variety of different types of customers. Large corporations as well as mortgage lenders rely on Samsung printers for their printing needs. If you are a person who has acquired or is going to purchase a Samsung printer, you must get Samsung printer toner cartridges that are genuine Samsung products.

Many sources on the internet will inform you about the many types of Samsung printers and cartridges that are available to you. If you conduct thorough research, you will find that making your decision will be much simpler.


Your printer is just another piece of equipment. It should be well-maintained and kept clean all around if you want it to last longer and perform more effectively. You must take care of your Samsung tablet while printing from it, making certain that you do not damage any of its components by using cheap ink or paper that is so delicate that it shreds and becomes clogged quickly. You may be able to get more toner cartridges for your Samsung printer at a lower cost, but remember that the lower their cost, the more damaging the toner cartridges would be when used in your printer.

What wifi mobile printer is compatible with a samsung galaxy tab A?

  1. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A and would like to purchase a mobile wifi printer that is compatible with it. Do you have any recommendations? On July 24, 2017, at 3:52 p.m., Greetings and welcome to Android Central. This is affected by the app used for printing, as well as whether or not you can discover and install drivers for the printer. It is also determined by the wifi network you are using. You must hunt for a printer in a shop or online at a site such as Amazon, assess what features you want in a printer and how much you are willing to spend, and then ensure that it is compatible with your Tab. There are a plethora of excellent printers available. If you require extra assistance, or if you have any questions or facts to contribute, please register on the site so that you may respond to this discussion. Instructions on how to become a member of Android Central may be found at this link. 04:09 p.m. on July 24, 2017 The answer depends on which printers Google supports, although it’s likely they support printers you’ve never heard of and couldn’t buy if you use Google as a middleman (Cloud Print does this, and I’ve never had an issue with it). However, any of the commonly used printers – Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, and Kodak – ought to be supported. Moreover, if Google endorses anything, it is deemed ‘compatible’ with any Android device. The drivers are maintained by Google, so if you can add a printer in Chrome, you can use it with a cloud printing app – simply share the content you want printed with the app, and it will be printed. (See this page for more information about printing from Chrome.) Every single one of them. 07-24-2017 05:44 PM
  2. Simply download the app or use Google Cloud Print to print your documents. The 24th of July, 2017 at 9:19 p.m.

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How to Print from Samsung Tablet to HP Printer – 5 Methods

When it comes to printing from your Samsung Tablet to your HP printer, there is nothing too complicated. Fortunately, as you will see in this article, it is just a question of installing applications and ensuring that both the Tablet and the HP printer are compatible in some way. The printing process from your Samsung Tablet to your HP Printer may be accomplished in five different ways. In all circumstances, you will be needed to download and install HP applications on your tablet in order to use the printing feature.

Five Methods on How to Print from Samsung Tablet to HP Printer

For printing from your Samsung Tablet to an HP Printer, the following are the five most suggested techniques.

  1. The following methods of printing are available: 1Print wirelessly via a wireless network
  2. 2Print wirelessly via Google Cloud Print
  3. 3Print wirelessly without a wireless network withWi-Fi Direct
  4. 4Print wirelessly without a wireless network with NFC functionality
  5. 5Print wired via USBOTG cable
  6. 6Print wired via USBOTG cable

It is important to check that your printer and Tablet have the capabilities you require before proceeding with any of these options. For instance, not all printers are equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities. Even more uncommon is the presence of NFC technology on printers.

Option One:Print Wirelessly Via a Wireless Network

When it comes to printing from your Samsung Tablet running Android, this is one of the simplest and most intuitive methods available. You must have both your Samsung Tablet and your HP printer linked to the same router at your residence or place of business in order to use them. Following that, you will need to download and install the HP Smart App from the app store, then follow the on-screen instructions to connect it to the printer. The video below demonstrates the specific actions that must be taken to do this.

Option Two:Print Wirelessly Via Google Cloud Print

The second technique of printing from a Samsung tablet to an HP printer is through the use of Google cloud printing. Google Cloud Print is one of the most convenient and seamless methods to print wirelessly from any location in the globe, even your smartphone. As long as your Samsung tablet and HP printer are both connected to the internet through the same Google Account, you will be able to print from any location in the globe using your Samsung tablet. Of course, you must ensure that the printer is Google Cloud Print Ready before proceeding.

The following video demonstrates how to accomplish this on HP printer models.

Printing, on the other hand, is accomplished through the use of the Google Cloud Print service from your Samsung Tablet from anywhere in the globe. This article by Lifewire explains how to do it.

Option Three:Print Wirelessly Without a Wireless Network with Wi-Fi Direct

The third technique of printing from a Samsung tablet to an HP printer is to make advantage of the WiFi Direct feature. If you do not have a wireless network established in your home or workplace, you should consider getting one. Then, using Wi-Fi Direct, you may wirelessly connect your Samsung Tablet to the HP printer without having to go through a computer. Please keep in mind that your HP PrinterMUST HAVE WI-FI DIRECT CAPABILITY in order for this to operate. You will need to install and enable the following applications on your Tablet: HP Print Service Plugin and HP Print Service Plugin for Android.

Option Four:Print Wirelessly Without a Wireless Network with NFC Functionality

NFC, also known as near field communication, is a method of interacting with gadgets by just touching them. It functions in a similar way to Bluetooth, except it is entirely hassle-free. This feature is often found on high-end printers such as the HP Enterprise series, and is not available on lower-priced models. As a result, this choice may not be suitable for everyone. Of course, you’ll want to make certain that your Samsung Tablet is equipped with NFC capabilities as well. Additionally, you will need to enable the NFC capability on the printer.

Option Five:Print Wired Via USB OTG Cable

OTG cable is a type of data cable. A little investment in an OTG (On the Go) cable will be required for this option as well, but it is also a reasonably straightforward process. These are quite inexpensive and have a variety of applications other than simply interacting with printers. It is essential that your Samsung Tablet is capable of supporting OTG printing in order for this to work properly. You will also require the HP Print Service Plugin, which can be found here. The video below demonstrates how this is accomplished.

What If Your Printer Lacks WiFi Functionalities?

Not all HP printers are equipped with WiFi functionality. In particular, if you have an older or more affordable HP printer, this is true. As a result, if your HP printer does not support both WiFi and NFC, there are just a few options available to you.

1. Using OTG

As previously noted in option five, this is a rather straightforward method of communicating with your printer. The Samsung Tablet must be capable of printing via the OTG cord before you proceed further. You will also need to purchase an OTG cable separately, since these are not included with the printers itself. If you have confirmed that your Samsung Tablet is capable of supporting OTG printing, this is possibly the simplest method of printing without the use of a wireless network.

2. Check for a Memory Slot/USB

Memory Slots are a type of storage device that allows you to store information on a computer. Some printers include a memory slot for SD cards, which can be useful. These printers allow you to access the content of a memory card and print directly from it using a USB connection. If your Samsung Tablet is also equipped with a memory card slot, you can transfer the desired content to be printed to the memory card slot on the tablet. Afterwards, you can take out the card from your tablet and print the content by inserting it into a printer that supports it.

For this you will needthe OTG cable.

To use this functionality, you must first ensure that your Tablet is capable of supporting it.

Next you will need to check if your printer has the potential to print via a USB port. If that checks out, all you need to do is move the material from Tablet to the flash drive through the OTG connector, and then use the printer to print from the Flash drive directly.

3. Transfer Data to a PC and Then Print

Please accept my apologies for even bringing up this apparent solution. This is only to remind you that, if all else fails, you always have the good old fallback option available. The material from your Samsung Tablet should be transferred to your PC, which should be linked to your printer. Then all you have to do is print from your computer. This is the basic, tried-and-true strategy that will never fail you or let you down. Although this is the quickest method, it is not the most efficient.

Samsung Laser Printers – Android Smartphones and Samsung Print Service Plugin

This native printing functionality is provided by the Samsung Print Service Plugin, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and is compatible with devices running at least Android 4.4. (KitKat). Using the plugin, you may print to a wide range of Samsung laser printers and multifunction printers without the need for third-party applications or additional print drivers. When your mobile device is linked to a compatible Samsung printer via a wireless network or a direct wireless connection to the printer, you may quickly and effortlessly print images, websites, and documents from your mobile device.

Step 1: Make sure your printer is Mopria certified

On the Mopria website, navigate to Certified Products(in English), and then double-check that the printer model you’re using is compatible with Mopria. Continue to the next step if your printer is mentioned. Otherwise, skip to the next step.

Step 2: Download Samsung Print Service Plugin

It comes pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets, as well as on the Samsung Print Service plugin. For those of you who own a Samsung Galaxy mobile smartphone, you can skip to the following stage. Download the following apps from Google Play for non-Galaxy Android handsets running Android version 4.4 and higher:

  1. If you are accessing this page on a mobile device, navigate toSamsung Print Service Plugin(in English) to download the plugin, or search forSamsung Print Service Plugin on Google Play. Press the greenInstallbutton to begin the installation process. To accept the offer, press the green Acceptbutton.

Step 3: Print or share from Samsung Print Service Plugin

As soon as you have downloaded and installed the Samsung Print Service Plugin, the Print and Share choices will appear in the menu options of objects such as websites and photographs. To print, click Print from the settings menu, then select your printing choices from the drop-down menu. Tap the share symbol, then select Samsung Print Service Plugin from the drop-down menu. Then just follow the on-screen instructions.

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