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Using features such as Video Assistant, Dark Mode, Customize menu, and extensions such as Translator, Samsung Internet gives you with the finest web surfing experience possible while also safeguarding your privacy with Secret mode, Smart Anti-Tracking, and Smart Protection. On WearOS-based watches, you may also use the Samsung Internet browser to access the web (Galaxy Watch4, Galaxy Watch4 Classic) You’ll like the new features. * Move the URL bar to the bottom of the page (optional) The URL bar can be relocated to the bottom of the page to make it easier to use with one hand.

* The use of an invisible picture can prevent tracking (“Tracking Pixel”) With the development of Smart Anti-Tracking, it is now possible to prevent tracking by employing tiny pixel pictures.

Security and privacy are important to us.

* Intelligent Anti-Tracking Technology Intelligently detect domains that have the capacity to follow users across several websites and prohibit storage (cookie) access.

  1. * Content Filtering Software 3rd party applications may now offer filters for content filtering on Samsung Internet for Android devices, making browsing safer and more streamlined for all users.
  2. When you choose optional permissions, the default functionality of the service is enabled, but it is not permitted.
  3. Camera: This device is used to give the webpage shooting capability as well as the QR code shooting functionality.
  4. Storage: This is used to store files that are downloaded from websites.

How do I use the Samsung Internet app?

A simple, quick, and dependable web browser for your phone or tablet, the Samsung Internet app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Samsung Internet, which has been shown to be the best performing browser on Galaxy smartphones, comes with a variety of features and security choices that allow you to have better control over the information you see. Through the use of ad blockers, browsing discreetly, and having your information filled up automatically on websites, Samsung Internet improves the browsing experience.

  1. As soon as you launch the Samsung Internet app, you will be brought to the page that you were now reading.
  2. Please take notice of the following: Tap on an empty spot or scroll upwards to bring up the toolbar at the bottom of the screen if you can’t see it on the screen.
  3. 2Bookmark: add the web page that you are currently watching to your bookmarks.
  4. Click here to go to a different website or to search for one.
  5. If you have used the forward button, this will take you back to the web page that you were on.
  6. 8Tabs: Displays a list of all the tabs that are currently open.
  7. Your homepage is the webpage that loads when you first open Samsung Internet or when you start a new tab on your browser.

1To access your applications, swipe up from your home screen.

to incorporate a collection of fast access links to numerous websites into your homepage 7TapGo to the current page to make the page you are now viewing your default home page page customized on 8Tap to enter the web URL of the website you wish to use as your default home page.

To make it easier to find later, you may store a website’s URL in your favorites.

Adding a bookmark to your browser 1 Open the web page that you wish to add to your favorites list and click on it.

3Press thebookmark listbutton4 to add a bookmark.

1Click on the bookmarks list button.

6 Give your bookmark a new name by typing it in the box provided.

Making folders for your bookmarks is a good idea.

Tap the choices icon, then tap the Create folder button.

6TapEdit7 Choose the bookmarks that you wish to move to your new folder and click on Move to Folder.

Keeping track of tabs To learn more, please visit our website.

You may have up to 50 tabs open at the same time, which makes it simple to keep track of the websites you enjoy visiting.

1Click on the tabs icon 2Click on the New tab button Please keep in mind that the Samsung Internet app only supports a limit of 50 tabs in some earlier versions.

3Tap thetabsicon a second time to see all of your open tabs.

Tabs are being closed and reopened.

3To shut all of your tabs, use the options icon from the toolbar.

5TapReopen closed tab to reopen the last tab that was closed in the previous step.

OK 5 List6Stack7Grid Browsing in private To learn more, please visit our website.

Select Secret mode by tapping the tabsicon twice.

4 In Secret mode, a new tab will be opened.

Secret mode may be turned off by on thetabsicon6 when you’ve completed surfing in private.

8TapConfidentiality and security 9TapSecret mode configurations 10You may edit your password and biometric data here, as well as add or delete a password.

How to remove the history, cache, and cookies on your computer To learn more, please visit our website.

If a website isn’t loading or isn’t functioning properly, clearing your history, cache, and cookies may be beneficial.

Before clearing your data, be certain that you are aware of your login details.

1TapSettings2TapPrivacy and security3TapEncryption To erase browser data, select which sections of your browsing history you want to remove from your computer by tapping Delete browsing data5.

To learn more, please visit our website.

1Tap the themenuicon button 1TapSettings2TapPrivacy and security3TapEncryption 4TapAutofill forms are available.

Profiles keep information such as where you live and your phone number, whereas credit and debit cards save information such as your card number and expiration date.

Remember that you will need to register extra security information, such as your fingerprint, in order to store your card data.

Please keep in mind that you are not required to fill all of the selections.

8TapSave9 Whenever you begin to enter your information on a website, an autofill option will display on the screen.

Ad blockers are software that prevents advertisements from appearing.

Ad blockers are programs that prevent advertisements and pop-ups from displaying on the websites that you are visiting, allowing you to browse undisturbed and reducing the danger of encountering hazardous information.

1Tap the themenuicon2Tap the ad blockers3Tap the ad blockers If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to download an ad blocker before continuing.

4TapInstall5 You may now toggle your ad blocker on and off by tapping the switch.

It will be a modest amount compared to the number of ad blockers.

This gives us the opportunity to examine the situation more closely. The information is anonymized and will only be retained for the length of the inquiry. Learn more about how to submit an error report using the Samsung Members app by visiting this page.

Thank you. Glad we were able to help. Your feedback helps us provide better support

A simple, fast, and dependable web browser for your phone or tablet, the Samsung Internet app is available for download. Samsung Internet, which has been proven to be the best performing browser on Galaxy devices, comes with a variety of features and security options that allow you to have greater control over the content you see. Samsung Internet enhances the browsing experience by providing ad blockers, browsing privately, and having your information filled out automatically on websites. Navigation at its most fundamental level.

  • The toolbars at the top and bottom of the program provide you with a variety of options, like adding a bookmark, creating a new tab, and returning to your homepage.
  • a.
  • b.
  • Two, the address bar, which displays the URL of the online page you are now visiting.
  • This will reload the page that you are presently on.4Back:this will take you to the last web page you visited.5Forward:if you clicked the back button, this will return you to the web page that you were on.6Home:this will take you to your homepage.
  • Eight tabs are displayed: you may see every tab that you now have open.
  • Changing your default home page To learn more, please visit the following website: When you initially launch Samsung Internet or start a new tab, the first webpage that opens is your homepage.

1To access your apps, swipe up from your home screen.

4TapSettings5 Homepage6TapQuick access to the menu create a collection of easy access links to numerous websites on your homepage Page currently being shown on 7Tap.

Bookmarking is a useful tool.

If you use bookmarks on a frequent basis, it would be a good idea to establish some folders to keep your bookmarked sites organized and easy to find later.

2Click on thebookmarkbutton to add it to your favorites.

All of the web pages that you have saved will be shown.

Option 2: Click on the options icon Three taps Edit Four taps the bookmarkethat you wish to rename.

6 Give your bookmark a new name by typing it in the box below.

Tap the choices icon, then tap the Create folder button to complete the procedure.

6TapEdit7 Choose the bookmarks that you wish to move to your new folder and press “Move to folder.” Click 8TapMove9Tap thefolderyou wish to move the bookmarks into10TapSelectto confirm your selection.

Over 50 tabs may be opened at once, making it simple to keep track of the websites you visit frequently.

Remember that the Samsung Internet app only supports a limit of 50 tabs in some earlier versions of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

The tabsicon may be tapped twice more to see all of your open tabs.

Tabs can be closed and reopened at will.

Tap thecloseicon to close a specific tab.

closes all open tabs with a single tap To re-open an unintentionally closed tab, choose it from the drop-down menu by tapping the Options button.

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The way tabs are displayed can be changed.

As seen in Figure 3, 3TapView is equivalent to 4 Select the view you want to use by tapping it and then tapping it again to confirm.

Select Secret mode by pressing the tabsicon twice.

4 In Secret mode, a new tab will appear.

Secret mode may be turned off by on thetabsicon6 when you’ve completed surfing in privacy.

The 8th tap is reserved for privacy and safety.

Secret Mode should be reset.

Cleaning your history, cache, and cookies can sometimes be beneficial when a website is not loading or functioning properly.

Before clearing your data, double-check that you have your login information.

Privacy and security can be found by tapping 2TapSettings3Tap.

6TapDelete Autofill forms can be added and adjusted.

tap the themenuicon one time Privacy and security can be found by tapping 2TapSettings3Tap.

Use Profiles or Credit and Debit Cards to log in to your accounts.

Adding a profile is what we are going to do in this example.

6TapAdd7 Details about yourself are needed.

Fill in the blanks with as many or as few details as you desire.

To make use of your previously saved information, tap on the button.

To learn more, please visit the following website: When you use an ad blocker, you can avoid seeing advertisements and pop-ups while browsing the internet, allowing you to browse more freely while reducing your exposure to potentially harmful content.

Press 1 for the themenuicon, 2 for the ad blockers, and 3 for the pop-up blocking software.

Click here to download one.

4TapInstall5 Ad blockers can now be turned on and off by tapping the switch.

Next to ad blockers, it will be the most numerous.

Now we have a better understanding of what is taking place. The information is kept confidential and only for the duration of the investigation. Learn more about how to submit an error report through the Samsung Members app by visiting the Samsung Members website.

Contact Info

Product support is available Monday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Live chat

Product assistance is available Monday through Sunday, 24 hours a day.

Video chat

Support for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables Monday through Sunday | 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Samsung Internet for Android: Features and Overview!

Each and every Samsung phone comes with Samsung Internet as the default and pre-installed browser. It is developed on top of the Chromium project, which is responsible for the Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. The Samsung Internet browser has a slew of useful features, and it is also well-known for its excellent privacy and security measures, which protect users’ data. Additionally, it enables for extensive customization of the look and menu. Samsung devices offer a unique user experience that differs from the standard Android experience.

  • The operating system also provides the Samsung smartphones their own look and feel; Samsung has its own version of the standard Android applications.
  • From the Galaxy store, you may have access to all of the major and popular applications.
  • Internet browser, calendar, tracker, and other major programs are available on the Samsung Galaxy S5.
  • The Samsung Internet browser is one of the native pre-loaded applications on your Samsung smartphone, and it also serves as the default browser.
  • My father recently purchased a new Samsung phone and was interested in learning more about the features of the Samsung browser that came with the phone.
  • As a result, you will experience surfing speeds comparable to Chrome, which is presently the fastest browser available.
  • You will also have capabilities that Chrome does not have, such as built-in support for Adblocker and Anti-tracking addons, which will make your surfing experience more pleasant than ever before.
  • It enables programs to filter websites that you want to block from accessing your account.

Browser Speed

When the Chromium web engine is used, the browser can navigate through websites at the quickest possible speed, giving users a surfing experience comparable to that of Google Chrome.

A few additional browsers, such as Microsoft Edge, Kiwi browser, Yandex browser, and others, are being built with the Chromium engine.


The Samsung Internet homepage is similar to the Chrome browser in that it has a search bar and articles that are recommended. It’s simple, yet it’s also incredibly configurable. In many ways, the Samsung browser homepage is comparable to the Chrome homepage, with a strong Google search engine serving as the default webpage. Below it, you’ll find a variety of choices, including tabs, a back page button, and a next page button, as well as a fast menu.

Samsung Settings

Even though Samsung browser is the default browser on all Samsung devices, you don’t have to go into system settings to modify the browser settings.

Privacy and Security

With a clever anti-tracking function that automatically disables cookies from websites, the Samsung Internet browser is an excellent choice. As a result, all but a few websites can keep an eye on you. Also included in the Samsung Browser are search engines such as Bing and DuckDuckGo, which are known for being privacy-conscious and safe search engines. However, if you like, you may use the default search engine, Google, to get information.

Sync and Accounts

Users of the Samsung Internet Browser can sync their data with their accounts. All of the previously saved bookmarks, and so on, will be loaded onto the browser. The synchronization is comparable to the Google Chrome login process, but it is far better, just like Google Chrome. It can only load bookmarks, and you are unable to update your favorites or other preferences.


You may customize the look and feel of your browser by selecting it from the appearance menu. The browser layout and color palettes can both be customized, which is always a plus when using a web browser. It also includes several useful add-ons such as a bookmark manager and a password manager.

Useful Features

Apart from providing all of the essential capabilities, the Samsung Internet browser also provides a number of other handy features that you can take use of while browsing the web. These include features such as the QR code scanner, video preload, autoplay videos, and so on. These little characteristics may make a significant difference in your browsing experience.

High contrast mode

High Contrast option makes the web page more bright, making it more accessible and easy to read on the Samsung browser, which is designed for mobile devices. Because of the brilliant colors used in the approach, it is useful to individuals who have impaired eyesight while utilizing high contrast mode; it is simple to distinguish between text on the page and background.

Multiple Tabs

When you are surfing the web, you will most likely have many tabs open in your browser. It is fantastic that the Samsung Internet browser is capable of supporting several tabs without hurting the overall user experience. The cross button may be used to close an active tab by pressing it. This will shut the tab.

Web Payments and Web Apps Indication Badge

It is critical to have a Samsung Browser installed since, during money transactions, a middle man attack might steal your information. With the addition of the new web Payment API, the Samsung browser is now more secure than it has ever been when it comes to financial transactions. The new web API delivers the same level of security as any other highly guarded online bank account, according to the company.

If you visit a site that uses a Progressive Web app, your browser will automatically display a badge. If you use Google Sheets or any other Web App on a frequent basis, the Browser will provide you with the greatest web app experience possible.

Secret Mode

The Samsung internet browser now has a new privacy feature dubbed Secret Mode, which stands for “secret mode.” When you are surfing in secret mode, the browser does not show any of your browsing information to anyone. It is more similar to Chrome’s Incognito mode, which prevents your browsing history, cookies, and caches from being displayed.

360˚ Video Support and Gear VR

The Samsung browser is capable of playing 360-degree videos, which are commonly used in Virtual Reality sets. You may also use your finger to browse through the video while you are watching it. The browser also supports virtual reality, which means that you can control your browser surf and much more in virtual reality when wearing a headset while using it.

Quick Menu

The Samsung Internet Browser now has a new Quick Menu, which can be turned off at any moment. The menu gives users with quick access to useful links and functions, and it can be stopped at any time. Please keep in mind that you can customize these toggles to suit your preferences. You may do so by pressing and holding these toggles until a new options menu appears on your screen.


If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to save website bookmarks in case you want to return to them later and read a few pages. It’s a great feature that the Samsung Internet Browser features bookmark support in addition to active sync functionality. You will always have access to your bookmarks regardless of whatever device you use.


You can view a list of your currently active downloads here. Delete any of these downloads by holding down the download item and pressing on the Deletecommand button on your keyboard.


History is a record of all of the online actions that you engage in while using your smartphone. In order to see what prior websites you have visited, click on theHistorytab and then select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu. Additionally, you may erase several entries from your history if you so want.

Ad blockers

Because the browser comes with an in-built plugin that prevents all trackers, it helps to make your browsing experience safer and more private. This will ensure that you do not see any unwanted or unpleasant advertisements. There are a variety of add-ons available for you to use with your browser.


Special features that are only available on the Samsung Internet browser are referred to as add-ons. Consider these to be similar to Chrome extensions. These are one-of-a-kind features that may be added to your browser to provide you with special functionality. Another popular add-on is Ad Blocker, which works in conjunction with the Amazon assistant.

Find on Page

In the event that you are interested in conducting some online research on a certain issue, this choice will surely capture your attention. On your website, you may search for certain keywords or phrases using search engines. It will also highlight terms that are pertinent to the topic. The site is particularly useful if you need to do your scientific assignment or if you are seeking specific solutions.

Dark Mode

There isn’t much else to say about thedark mode! In dark mode, the browser will change the color of all online pages to a slightly darker hue in order to protect your eyes.

When you browse the internet, especially at night, it is really advantageous. Furthermore, big websites like as YouTube, Facebook, Quora, and Browserhow.com all function properly in dark mode.

Ultra Power Saving

Battery life is extended in this mode due to the fact that it is named Ultra Power Saving. When activated, the option to decrease the amount of work done by running programs within the Samsung Internet browser helps your battery survive longer between recharges.

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Bottom Line: Samsung Internet Browser

Despite the fact that the Samsung Internet Browser is not as widely used as Google Chrome and Firefox, the browser boasts several amazing capabilities, including the quickest surfing performance in the industry. The fact that it is based on the Chromium browser means that it has the same browsing efficiency as Google Chrome. It also supports 360-degree videos and a virtual reality headset, which allows you to play online web games in virtual reality. The Samsung browser has an integrated adblocker and is compatible with third-party programs for content blocking and filtering, among other features.

  1. Additionally, choices such as High contrast mode increase your accessibility.
  2. It addresses the issue of browsers wasting excessive amounts of CPU and battery power.
  3. Because the Chrome and Samsung Internet browsers are powered by the same engine, their loading times are identical.
  4. I informed my father about all of the new capabilities available on the Samsung browser, so that he could make an informed decision between Google Chrome and Samsung.
  5. I hope this essay has assisted you in making your decision as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

This page is a list of commonly asked questions regarding the Samsung Internet Browser.

Is Samsung Internet browser good?

Yes – Samsung Internet is a secure and reliable browser that works well on any Android phone.

What is Samsung Internet browser used for?

On a smartphone, Samsung Internet is just a web browser that allows users to access the Internet more easily. It is pre-installed on Samsung smartphones, but it is also accessible for download on any other Android device with a web browser.

Why Samsung Internet opens by itself?

Samsung Phones are pre-configured with Samsung Internet as the default browser. Because of this, whenever you access the URL from your Samsung smartphone, it will instantly start and open the Samsung Internet browser on your device. On a Samsung phone, you have the option of changing the default browser.

Is Samsung Internet free?

It is true that the Samsung Internet browser is completely free and that it comes pre-installed on all Samsung phones. It is available for download from the Google Play Store on any Android phone.

How to get rid of Samsung Internet?

Samsung Internet is a system browser that comes pre-installed on all Samsung phones.

It does not have the ability to be uninstalled. You may, however, disable the Samsung Internet in order to keep it out of the app drawer. Finally, here is a list of the web browsers that are suggested for use on your computer and mobile phone, which you should try out.

Windows MacOS iOS Android Linux
Chrome Windows Chrome Mac Chrome iOS Chrome Android Firefox Linux
Firefox Windows Safari Mac Safari iOS Edge Android Chrome Linux
Edge Windows Firefox Mac Edge iOS Samsung Internet Edge Linux

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Samsung Internet – Wikipedia

Samsung Internet Browser

Developer(s) Samsung Electronics
Operating system AndroidandTizen
Type Web browser
Website Official website

Samsung Internet Browser (also known as Samsung Internet or S Browser) is a mobile web browser developed by Samsung Electronics for use on smartphones and tablets. Developed on the open-source Chromium project, it is free and open source. It comes pre-installed on all Samsung Galaxy smartphones, including the Galaxy Note. For the past several months, it has also been made accessible for their Tizen-based wearable through theSamsung Galaxy Store, which can be found on the Google Play store. As of 2016, Samsung reported that it has around 400 million monthly active users.

The majority of the code variations between the regular Chromium code base and the Samsung-specific code base were added in order to enable Samsung-specific hardware, such as the Gear VR and biometric sensors, among other things.


Samsung Internet became the default browser for Samsung Galaxy smartphones in 2012, replacing the vanilla Android browser that had previously been used. Towards the beginning of 2013, the decision was made to base the browser on Chromium, and the first Chromium-based version of the browser was launched with an S4 model later in the year.

Version Chromium version Release date Notes
Version 4 Chromium44 early 2016 secret mode, content cards, a floating video, a video history feature, web push, service workers, custom tabs, and a content blocker extension.
Version 5 Chromium 51 December 16, 2016 web payment and an enhanced video assistant.
Version 5.4 Chromium 51 Beta March 2017,Stable May 2017 tab navigation with a swipe gesture, a quick menu, an enhanced navigation page (China only), and a content blocker status UI (in menu).
Version 6.2 Chromium 56 October 30, 2017 high contrast mode andnight mode.
Version 6.4 Chromium 56 February 19, 2018 download manager and enabled Web Bluetooth by default.
Version 7.2 Chromium 59 June 7, 2018 WebGL2, Intersection Observer, Web Assembly and Protected Browsing.
Version 7.4 Chromium 59 August 19, 2018 authentication with Intelligent Scan, a customised Reader Mode and Download History improvements.
Version 8.2 Chromium 63 December 21, 2018 improved Download Manager, an improved Reader Mode, bug fixes and stabilization, and quick access sync via Smart Switch.
Version 9.2 Chromium 67 April 2, 2019 removed the “video assistant” extension that was added in previous versions as a “quick menu”, adding a redesigned app icon, a further redesigned user interface and respective one-handedness, Smart Anti-Tracking, an option to turn on Save All Images, as well as bug fixes and stabilization.
Version Chromium 67 May 19, 2019 a +10 and -10 sec seek function for YouTube web videos, optimized RAM usage, and fixed two bugs affecting Dark Mode and the Iris auto login in DeX Mode.
Version 9.4 Chromium 67 July 22, 2019 a QR Code reader, a Tab manager for tablet devices, a Notification manager for Web pushes, History navigation in each tab, video autoplay control, a Rename function while doing “add to home screen”, and a Pause/Resume function for “Save all images”, in addition to bug fixes and stabilization.
Version Chromium 71 September 8, 2019 Quick Access data synchronization and an even furthered refined user interface, and including bug fixes and stabilization.
Version Chromium 71 October 3, 2019 fixed bugs affecting mirroring in Bookmarks, History and Saved pages for right-to-left languages and refined the user interface again.
Version Chromium 71 November 24, 2019 Video assistant, a Contact us icon, a feature which allows which apps use Samsung Internet, a customizable menu, a renewed Tab manager, a once again refined user interface, an improved high contrast mode and bug fixes and stabilizations.
Version Chromium 71 January 14, 2020 an optional Picture-In-Picture video, fingerprint-enabled Easy sign-in in Samsung DeX stand-alone mode, an enhanced scroll capture and fixes crashes caused by certain conditions.
Version Chromium 75 February 25, 2020 Browser Extensions, (which require Android Marshmallow or later and a Galaxy Store account), a redesigned Go to Top button and UI, Quick access, bug fixes and stabilization, and improving performance.
Version Chromium 79 June 19, 2020 Open links in secret mode from the context menu, more password manager apps are allowed to autofill ID and passwords, and stability and security improvements.
Version Chromium 83 November 19, 2020 Hide status bar option for Infinity Display, Enhanced Smart Protection, Additional gesture support in Video Assistant
Version Chromium 87 Beta March 2021,Stable April 17, 2021 Security Control Panel for Enhanced Privacy, Apply device font settings to web pages (in Labs), Enhanced Smart Anti-Tracking (v3.0)
Version Chromium 90 Beta July 2021Stable August 28, 2021 Introduce Smart Protection, a technology to protect users against fingerprinting. Quick Search and Fast Navigation to make it easier to search for information from the home screen.


The latest version of Samsung Internet for Android (v6.2) is compatible with all Android 5.0 and above smartphones. In the past, the Samsung Internet for Android (v5.0) application was only supported on Samsung Galaxy and Google Nexus smartphones running Android 5.0 or higher.


  • Blocking content extensions
  • Gear VR and DeX integration
  • And more. Tabbed browsing with a maximum of 99 tabs, with the opening of the 100th tab closing the earlier tab
  • Support for KNOX
  • Synchronization of bookmarks
  • Ad blocking
  • Reading mode
  • Saved pages
  • “secret mode” and biometric authentication (which is not accessible in Knox-tripped devices since it is deactivated byeFusehardware once the bootloader is unlocked)
  • And more. Web-based auto-login that is secure
  • SPen features may be found on the pages. Support for service workers as well as the Push API
  • Dark Mode, Customisable Menu, Video Assistant, QR code scanner, and Smart Anti-Tracking are some of the features available.

The Saved Pagesfeature has been criticized for a lack of data portability, owing to the fact that the pages are kept in a locked directory from which they cannot be exported or copied by the user.


In both the practical and figurative sense, Google Chrome is the default web browser on the vast majority of Android-based devices. In addition to Samsung Internet, there are a number of other browsers available, including one that you may not have noticed because you don’t own a Samsung smartphone: Google Chrome. Even though you might think, “A Samsung browser? No thanks,” we wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the idea. While Samsung isn’t exactly known for producing world-beating software applications, this browser stands out as a rare bright spot among the company’s otherwise mediocre collection of mobile applications.

In any case, even if you are, Samsung Internet makes it possible to switch, but with some difficulty. However, we believe it is a browser worth considering, and in this article, we’ll compare it to Chrome to see what it has to offer in addition to what it lacks.

Custom chops

It’s a minor detail, but having the page controls at the bottom of the screen on Samsung Internet, rather than at the top of the screen on Chrome, makes a lot more sense to me overall. It’s far more convenient to operate a phone with one hand, especially with today’s bigger phones. You can also personalize the bar and the items beneath the hamburger menu to create a more personalised experience, which is something Chrome does not allow you to do by design. Gallery of Photographs (1 Images) Samsung Internet’s user interface is clean, and its dark mode outperforms Chrome’s by rendering an average of more webpages black.

As a writer who understands the value of internet advertising, it saddens me to state that Samsung Internet’s built-in optional ad blocker extensions are excellent and make installation and configuration quite simple.

Using an ad blocker on Samsung Internet (middle) helps you to fit more material on the screen when compared to using Google Chrome, as you can see in the screenshot above (right).

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Samsung’s Secret mode offers more settings than Chrome’s Incognito mode, and it is more secure than Chrome.

Syncing ain’t easy

Chrome, on the other hand, makes syncing login and password information more simpler, since all you have to do is connect into your Google account to do so. However, if you use a password manager, Samsung Internet will also enable autofill (albeit not Google’s version of it). Although you must manually configure it, it works perfectly for me. I have it set up to autofill from my 1Password account, and it works flawlessly. In the event that you switch between operating systems frequently, it may be a better alternative for you than utilizing Chrome for everything.

Cross-platform bookmarks are one area in which Chrome outperforms Samsung Internet.

However, this is not the most ideal solution: new bookmarks created on the desktop do not sync immediately, forcing you to re-import them manually, which is a time-consuming process.

When using Chrome, bookmark synchronization is easy, but if you use Samsung Internet on your phone or tablet and log in with Samsung Cloud, you can sync bookmarks, passwords, and everything else you have on your phone or tablet.

In the case of Samsung Internet, this is not the case, and you will have to access your phone’s data settings in order to locate any type of data saving function.

Smarter than your average

If you look at the ‘helpful features’ of Samsung Internet, you’ll discover exactly what the company has promised. The app contains several features, including an option to turn off autoplay videos by default, an option for sophisticated video settings, an option to relocate the scroll bar to the left or conceal it altogether, a QR code scanner, and a toggle for accessing links in other applications. When you combine that with the ability to scale text and the option to make tabs display below the address bar, you get a clean browser that allows for considerably more customisation than Google Chrome.

  • There is also the option to include more search engines.
  • It’s important to note that this is purely subjective, and I’m not suggesting Chrome is slow, but on my Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung Internet feels more snappy, and when configured as the default browser, it opens links from Twitter and other apps.
  • Although this isn’t an ultimatum to “leave Chrome,” the benefits of Samsung’s alternative are undeniably compelling.
  • Despite the fact that Chrome is a well-oiled machine these days, it is shockingly simple on mobile, and if you want more browser customisation, Samsung Internet offers a distinct advantage—even if it requires some effort at the outset to get started.


The article has been updated. The Google Chrome browser and the Samsung Internet browser have both gotten a slew of upgrades and new capabilities in the period since this piece was originally published. In light of this, this post has been updated with fresh screenshots and revised to better reflect the current state of the browser competition. The greatest Android smartphones available for purchase in 2022 Is it time for a new phone for the new year? Continue reading this article Henry Burrell’s biographical information (3 Articles Published) Henry Burrell has more to say.

Change my mind: Samsung Internet blows Chrome out of the water

Photograph by Mitja Rutnik / Android Authority Despite years of use, I was never completely satisfied with the overall experience of the Google Chrome for Android application. I didn’t find the browser to be as intuitive as I would have liked. The lack of customisation I desired led me on a search for a more suitable option. I found one. After experimenting with a number of competing browsers, including Firefox and Opera, I came across Samsung Internet, which I immediately liked. I was instantly taken aback by what I saw.

  • Let’s go over some of the reasons behind this.
  • For starters, it’s positioned at the bottom of the browser rather than at the top like most other programs.
  • Referred to as: The top 15 Android browsers Then there are the features and customization possibilities to consider as well.
  • There are a staggering twenty-five distinct alternatives to pick from.
  • And the greatest thing is that you can tailor the toolbar to your preferences by just including the buttons that you routinely utilize on your computer screen.
  • By holding down the Tabs button for a lengthy period of time, I can open a new tab.
  • On Chrome, performing the same actions needs an additional touch, as well as the aggravating experience of stretching my fingers to the very top of the screen, which is a pain.

I don’t have to tap the address bar at all, which is something I have to do with Chrome.

The homepage of Samsung Internet is more customisable than the homepage of Chrome.

The most significant distinction between the two is the level of customization that is offered.

As a consequence, I no longer have to remember to enter in the website’s address every time I wish to view it.

The downside is that this isn’t always a smart idea because you may not want some of your regularly visited websites to appear on the first page of search results.

Because of this, the whole experience is enhanced even further! For example, if you’re on theAndroid Authority website and long-press the Home button to start a new search, you’ll get a list of all of your website shortcuts at the top of the browser window.

Which of the two Android browsers is better in your opinion?

3302 people voted On Samsung Internet, the dark mode is also preferable. Chrome only uses dark mode for the toolbar up top, which vanishes as you scroll, and the Settings menu, whereas Samsung Internet uses dark mode for all of the sites you’re now viewing. In the case of a post on a website with a white backdrop and black text, activating dark mode will change the colors of the text and the background. The backdrop will be black, and the writing will be white as a result. It takes some getting used to, but you will notice a significant difference when you are reading anything in a darker atmosphere And your eyes will thank you.

  1. It alters the colors of fonts and other elements on a website in order to make them stand out more against the backdrop of the page.
  2. In addition, Samsung’s browser includes a few more useful capabilities that are not available on its primary competition.
  3. Additionally, it includes an embedded QR scanner, which might still be useful from time to time, despite its age.
  4. Like Chrome, I don’t have to open a second app to use this one.
  5. Of course, Chrome offers a number of benefits over Samsung Internet, which are listed below.
  6. In addition, the Google browser features a fantastic Discover function.
  7. The whole experience, while having several advantages, falls well short of those provided by Samsung Internet.
  8. If you don’t agree with me, please express your thoughts in the comment box below.
  9. Please be assured that I will respond to as many of your comments as I am able in order to begin a genuine discourse.

Move the URL bar to the bottom in the Samsung Internet Browser

Samsung Internet is the default web browser for every Galaxy phone and tablet available on the market today. Because it is really simple to use, you may choose to use it as your Android browser even if you do not own a Galaxy smartphone. While the navigation bar is often situated at the bottom of the browser, the URL bar is typically found at the top of the browser.

Many users have expressed their happiness at the fact that a recent update has made it possible to modify that uncomfortable posture. The following steps will show you how to relocate the URL bar to the bottom of your screen while using the Samsung Internet Explorer.

How to move the URL bar to the bottom of your screen with the Samsung Internet Browser

  1. Launch the Samsung Internet Browser. ChooseSettings from the three horizontal lines in the bottom right corner
  2. Then selectLayout and menu from the drop-down menu. Namerah Saud Fatmi of Android Central contributed to this article. Select Bottom from the drop-down menu under the address bar position. Namerah Saud Fatmi of Android Central contributed to this article.

The URL bar will appear at the bottom of your phone’s screen as a result of this action by your Samsung Internet Browser. It has a far more appealing appearance and is easy to reach with your fingertips. Because all of the other controls are located at the bottom of the screen, it does not make sense to place the address bar at the top of the screen. For those of us who are tidy freaks, like myself, the more streamlined appearance would be greatly appreciated.

Our top equipment picks

It should go without saying that you’ll need to have the Samsung Internet Browser installed on your phone in order to change the position of the address bar. Regardless of whether you have a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or a Motorola Edge, every Android phone will be capable of running the Samsung browser. Samsung Internet may be downloaded from the Google Play Store on devices other than Galaxy smartphones. A simple and uncomplicated browser, it is well suited for folks who have difficulty navigating sophisticated software applications.

For your Galaxy device

It’s simple, really. With Samsung Internet, you can eliminate excessively confusing options and features from the equation and get right to the point. This browser is smooth, quick, and simple to use, and it is available for free on all Android smartphones.

Additional Equipment

Upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra if you want the greatest Samsung experience possible. This flagship gadget is now regarded as one of the greatest Android smartphones available. Using its stunning 6.8-inch 120Hz AMOLED display to browse the internet is a sight for sore eyes (pun intended). While it comes with a S Pen, the sleek new S Pen Pro can be purchased separately to provide even more capability. Capture notes while browsing the Samsung Internet, take screenshots and scrawl information on them, make air motions, and do a whole lot more with the Samsung S Pen Pro.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

With its blisteringly quick performance and dazzling excellent aesthetics, this high-end flagship will take your breath away. With the Galaxy S21 Ultra, you get the best of the best in terms of performance and design.

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Grab this multi-functional stylus that is compatible with more than just your S21 Ultra. The S Pen Pro, with all of its amazing capabilities, is compatible with a wide range of Samsung Galaxy tablets and laptops as well. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of our links, we may receive a commission. Keep that Samsung Galaxy S20 FE safe.

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Although Samsung’s Galaxy S20 FE is a few years old, it is an excellent choice for anybody searching for a high-quality Android flagship smartphone at an affordable price.

However, it is still a sensitive equipment that must be protected from the effects of everyday wear and tear. So if you plan on purchasing the Galaxy S20 FE this holiday season, be sure to combine it with one of these covers to ensure that this device maintains its stunning appearance.

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