What Is Samsung App


What is Galaxy Apps?

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  • Galaxy UNPACKED Part 2 2021
  • Galaxy UNPACKED 2021
  • Galaxy Book UNPACKED
  • Galaxy Awesome UNPACKED
  • Galaxy S21 UNPACKED
  • Galaxy Note20 UNPACKED
  • Galaxy S20 UNPACKED
  • Galaxy Note10 UNPACKED
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It is possible that the specs and descriptions offered above differ from the actual specifications and descriptions for the product being advertised. Any modifications to this document or the product described herein may be made at any time without notice to the user. Samsung is under no obligation to notify the user of any such changes. All functionality, features, specifications, GUI, and other product information provided in this document, including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product, is subject to change without notice or obligation.

The pictures seen on the screen are simulated and are only intended to be used for demonstration purposes.

(Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.) All other Samsung Galaxy product series, as well as the terms ‘Samsung’ and ‘Samsung Galaxy’, are trademarks of the Samsung Electronics Corporation.

Samsung Apps For Galaxy & TV

Sketch was used to create this design. BIXBYAsk yourintelligentassistant a question BIXBYAsk yourintelligentassistant a question Use your voice or camera to accomplish more. Bixby is a customized assistant who may be summoned at your discretion. With speech recognition, you can send texts, play music, and set reminders all without lifting a finger from your pocket. In addition, it can translate street signs or restaurant menus from a foreign language using the camera on your phone. Read on to find out more Sketch was used to create this design.

  • Get access to exclusive knowledge and rewards.
  • With Samsung Members, you can take advantage of unique advantages, learn about new applications and services, and get professional assistance, diagnostic tools, and access to the Galaxy community, among other things.
  • Smart Switches are a type of switch that may be programmed to do certain functions.
  • All of the good material should be transferred.
  • What you value most on your previous phone—your contacts, favorite applications, messages, and photos—will be transferred to your new phone.
  • Galaxy Store is a store owned by Samsung.
  • Play more games.

Play the hottest games, gain access to ultimate exclusives, and take advantage of the finest deals – all in one convenient location.

More InformationCreated with Sketch.

Pay and get out of here.

Earn more prizes.

Download the app today.

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Take a look at Samsung’s greatest deals.

Shop Samsung is the more intelligent method to purchase Samsung items.

More InformationCreated with Sketch.Samsung Rewards Look into other methods to make money.

You may earn points as you buy and even for utilizing Samsung mobile applications if you use them.

Read on to find out more Sketch was used to create this design.

Find out about new content.

The information you seek is literally at your fingertips.

It’s only a single swipe away.

DeX Increase the size of your phone’s display.

With DeX, you may connect your Galaxy phone to a larger device and transfer files between them.

Detailed information on Samsung Notes was gathered through the use of Sketch.

Make a digital copy of your creations.

You may also include photographs and music in your notes.

Simple, quick, and secure.

Ad-blocking technology and biometric login, customisable menus, and simplified video playing are just a few of the features that Samsung Internet provides to keep you connected at all times.

Remember to keep your memories protected.

Photographs from our vacation.

Work files that are critical.

Read on to find out more Sketch was used to create this design.

Reach your fitness objectives.

Read on to find out more Sketch was used to create this design.

Make up your own set of rules.

Game Launcher allows you to customize the parameters for each game, allowing you to improve your overall gaming experience.

Read on to find out more Sketch was used to create this design.

Keep your eyes open as you sleep.

Samsung VR and the Gear VR immerse you in spectacular adventures that seem as real as they are immersive, thanks to their advanced technology.

Using your smartphone, you may watch 360-degree films and explore the realm of augmented reality.

Samsung Gallery is a collection of photographs taken by Samsung.

Create albums and share your favorites with others.

With Samsung Gallery, you can quickly and easily examine images, create albums, and share your favorites.

PENUP Draw attention to your work.

Penup is a place where you can express yourself as an artist with other artists.

Read on to find out more Sketch was used to create this design.

There are no conditions associated.

There are no conditions associated.

Samsung TV Plus provides quick access to more than 190 channels, with more being added all the time, in news, sports, entertainment, and other categories.

There are no subscribers.

It’s just free television.

SmartThings Make your life at home a little bit simpler.

Save time and energy while still living a fulfilling life.

Read on to find out more Sketch was used to create this design.

Improve your STEM and reading abilities.

Even better, it is under parental supervision, allowing you to remain involved at all times.

KNOX Protect your personal information and privacy.

Knox protects your mobile life, including your images, texts, financial information, and other personal information.

Read on to find out more Sketch was used to create this design.

Logging in is now quicker and simpler.

Samsung Pass allows you to log into applications and websites by using your face, iris, or fingerprint.

Read on to find out more Find out about a couple more of your favorites. Through partnerships with your favorite companies, we are able to provide you with best-in-class experiences and special offers that motivate you to live your best life.

How to use Samsung apps on your phone

There are several beneficial applications on your phone, ranging from a virtual voice assistant to fitness programs that may help you become in better condition. And many of them are Samsung apps that are only available on Samsung phones and tablets. Here are some of our featured favorite applications, as well as information on how they might be of use to you. Please keep in mind that the screens and options available may differ depending on your wireless service provider, software version, and phone type.

  1. In addition to alerting you of upcoming appointments and highlighting landmarks, Bixby is always there to assist you with your daily tasks and requirements.
  2. For a reason, Samsung Pay is the most widely accepted mobile payment system.
  3. As an added convenience, Samsung Pay allows you to store all of your cards (including gift and membership cards) in an one location for simple access.
  4. Using this feature, you’ll be able to back up, sync, and restore data from any of your Galaxy devices.
  5. It allows you to keep track of your daily activities, meals, and other important information.
  6. The Galaxy Wearableapp allows you to sync your Galaxy Watch or other wearables with your phone using a Bluetooth connection.
  7. Consider the convenience of not having to type your password in every time you need to log in.
  8. There will be no more need to remember all of the numerous IDs and passwords for each site.
  9. Furthermore, diagnostics as well as fascinating articles are available to Samsung Members to assist you in getting the most out of your Samsung experience.
  10. Anyone who doesn’t have a specific PIN can’t access the safe, encrypted zone on your phone created by this app.

Other answers that might help

Samsung Electronics America, Inc. is scheduled to go public in 2022. In addition to the trademarks Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and Galaxy, the company also owns the trademarks Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 10.1. All other brands, goods, and services, as well as their associated trademarks, names, and logos, are the property of the companies that own or control them. The information and entertainment given in the preceding section is strictly for your enjoyment and informational purposes only.

All of the information included within this document is subject to change without notice. Samsung will not be liable for any direct or indirect damages arising out of or in connection with the use or reliance on the material included herein.

Samsung+: Taking a closer look at Samsung’s help and assistance app

For those of you who reside in the United States and possess aGalaxy Note 7,Galaxy S7,S7 Edge, or pretty much any other Galaxy handset from the previous few years, you’ve most likely heard ofSamsung+ by now. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, it refers to a pre-installed program that comes pre-installed on the majority of newer Galaxy smartphones, with the goal of providing customers with tailored, live professional support in just a few clicks. Let’s be honest: if you’re reading this, you’re probably already familiar with cellphones and how they work.

Actually, Samsung+ provides much more than simply Wi-Fi and Bluetooth guidance, and it is not just intended for those who are less technically aware than the average user.

Getting Started with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – A Beginner’s Guide What You Should Do

The basics

As soon as you open the Samsung+ app for the first time, you’ll be given a quick introduction of how to navigate through the application. If you already know what you’re searching for, you may run a quick search, or you can just swipe through the six distinct tabs – Live Help, Diagnostics, Answers, For You, Explore, and Community – to get what you need. The For You area is the first item you’ll see when you open the app for the first time. This is where you’ll find information on tips and tricks for your registered Samsung devices, as well as information on topics that are popular in the Samsung community that you might find interesting.

Speaking of less tech-savvy individuals, the Answers page is a great resource for simple troubleshooting issues that arise.

A digital instruction manual

So you decided to be thoughtful and purchase your parents brand new Samsung Galaxy phones for Christmas as a gesture of goodwill. Unbeknownst to you, this instantly elevated you to the position of family’s go-to technical support person. Fun! Especially if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through how to execute the most fundamental functions – such as setting alarms, taking screenshots, and playing music – Samsung+ will be of great assistance to you. Select the Answers tab and the subject you’re interested in, and you’ll be given with a variety of handy walkthroughs and how-tos pertaining to wireless and Bluetooth, device features, battery and power-saving recommendations, and other topics.

Nonetheless, if these walkthroughs are unable to assist you, there are a few further actions you may take to obtain the assistance you want.

Live customer support

The Live Help area of Samsung+ is by far the most remarkable aspect of the entire package. A few touches and consumers are able to communicate with Samsung employees over the phone or through videoconferencing. The rest of the conversation went well when my video chat was established. Call assistance is available 24 hours a day, while video chat help is available from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Central Standard Time. In my experience, both techniques were effective, although video chatting proved to be a little more difficult to set up and maintain.

  • After everything was linked, though, the rest of the process was rather straightforward.
  • Some of you may be wondering that it wouldn’t be simpler to simply converse on the phone rather than utilizing video.
  • However, it is the app’s video chat functionality, along with theSamsung Assistfeature, that makes it truly stand out.
  • Don’t be concerned — you are not required to utilize this function if you do not like to do so, and you will be asked to obtain permission before they may take control of your computer.
  • They also do not have access to the physical buttons on your smartphone, which means they are unable to power off or soft reset your device.
  • In the future, further device compatibility will be added to the system.

Actually, the entire Live Help component of this software is a game-changer in terms of functionality. Again, it may not be particularly useful to seasoned smartphone users, but it may be quite beneficial to others who are less technologically aware.

A simple, easy-to-use diagnostics app

Samsung+ isn’t only about providing technical help. If you’re seeking for additional real-time information about your device’s battery, data, storage, and other aspects, the Diagnostics function will provide you with what you need. This is the section of the software that I enjoy the most. In the event that you’re having issues with your device (such as low battery life or a poor internet connection), all you have to do is visit this website to see if you can figure out what’s going on. Samsung+ will scan your smartphone and notify you if the temperature of your battery is too high, if it is charging at the proper rates, if your Wi-Fi is secure enough, and a variety of other valuable tips and information.

  • Batteries Forecast and Battery Optimizer are two more handy functions that may help you get the most out of your battery’s capacity.
  • This is really useful if you’re planning on going out for the night and your phone’s battery is running low.
  • Take, for example, the screenshot below, where you’ll notice that my screen timeout is set to 30 seconds, which is far less battery-friendly than if I had set it to something more reasonable like 15 seconds.
  • Due to the fact that all Android smartphones have built-in data monitor and storage manager functions, these two apps aren’t actually essential, as you’re probably already aware of.
  • Not to mention the built-in Speed Test section, which allows you to test your mobile or Wi-Fi connections, which is another nice feature.
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A place for Samsung die-hards

Even if you aren’t experiencing any issues with your Galaxy smartphone, Samsung+ might be a very helpful addition to your arsenal. The Explore and Community sections are designed to help you learn more about your devices and the community. For example, browsing to the Explore area will provide you with access to camera tips and techniques, as well as information on how to multitask. and more. The Explore tab isn’t going to be beneficial for everyone, but it could be interesting to dig about in if you’re interested in learning more about your device.

The Samsung Galaxy S and Note handsets, tablets, wearables, televisions, and other products will be discussed and questions will be answered here.

The implementation of the Community area of the app, on the other hand, is a whole different matter.

It isn’t extremely speedy, and the interface isn’t particularly user-friendly in its design. Because everything in this area is either black or white, it might be difficult to tell the difference between links and simple text.

Wrapping up

Samsung+ is a valuable support and assistance software that will come in handy in a variety of situations and situations. Some of the features of Samsung+ will not be suitable for all users, but the majority of them are intriguing and perform well in the majority of situations. Whether you’re a seasoned smartphone user or a novice to the world of smartphones, you’ll most likely find something beneficial in this app.

‎Shop Samsung

Keep up with the latest Galaxy models, shop specially selected discounts, receive tailored recommendations, and have access to unique offers is through the Shop Samsung application. Early Black Friday deals are already available! On the Shop Samsung App, take advantage of your unique, early access to our latest holiday specials and early Black Friday discounts before anybody else. Take advantage of the limited time offer and save while supplies last. Keep up with the greatest prices on the latest Samsung items by subscribing to our newsletter.

  1. Samsung Discount Programs allow you to save even more money.
  2. Verify your email address in order to receive further savings.
  3. Over 50 different designs are available to make your Galaxy Watch4 really distinctive.
  4. BESPOKE Design Studio will help you create the environment of your dreams.
  5. In addition, you’ll get 100 days to buy and check it out, as well as 90 days to swap the front door panels.
  6. With the purchase of select goods, you may log in to your Samsung account and earn reward points toward your next purchase.
  7. Pay over time with Samsung Financing – For orders totaling $49 or more, select Samsung Financing throughout the checkout process to pay over time.

– A revolving line of credit will be added to your account, which you can use on any future purchases made through the Shop Samsung App or on Samsung.com until it expires.

Distribute the Samsung love and you’ll receive prizes.

– Spread the word about your unique referral code to your friends and relatives.

Shipping is free, and returns are also free.

Begin your shopping!

The terms and conditions apply.

Samsung smartphones are used for banking.

Version 2.7.09 is the most recent available.

You may save up to $800 on The Frame TV.

Get a $150 discount on the Galaxy Watch 4 Bundle. Samsung Neo QLED 8K TVs are on sale for up to $3500 off. Get up to $1000 off certain BESPOKE Refrigerators when you order online. Get an additional 10% off chosen appliances from four distinct categories when you spend over $500 on your entire order.

Ratings and Reviews

Consumers should be able to access shopping applications from their preferred brand or from one of their favorite brands on their smartphones. Samsung does this here by making it simple for consumers to view everything the company has to offer, which ranges from televisions to appliances to smart home gadgets. A modernistic style with a trendy transparent backdrop that makes it simple to view photographs and read text is used across the site. Product categories are easily navigated between by users.

If you have any interest in their items or, like me, are simply interested about their catalog, then this program is definitely worth your time to download.


Take pleasure in the Shop Samsung application.

Making it really hard to give you my money

To begin with, the software is clumsy at best, making it difficult to navigate through it. However, I’m ready to ignore it in order to continue to acquire the appliances that I’m looking forward to having in my home. Now, here’s my story: I’m in the market for a new stove as well as a dishwasher. I applied for finance on your website about a week ago, using my laptop, and was granted for $4200, which was a pleasant surprise. But it would cost $4400 to obtain the two appliances I wanted plus installation and Samsung Care+, which is a significant amount of money.

So, I phoned the credit card company yesterday afternoon and was successful in raising the credit limit by $7000.

Problem is, I can obtain the appliances, but I cannot acquire the Samsung Care+ subscription since it is nowhere to be available on the app, which is a disappointment.

When I go online to your website on my PC, the credit that has been raised is no longer visible.

The best of the best

I have been a loyal Samsung customer for many years. A few weeks ago, I upgraded my phone from a Samsung S10e that I had purchased during a promotional offer from Samsung. This was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. As a result, I received my Samsung Note 20 Ultra. The next day, I went into the store to see if I could get it the same day, but they were all sold out, so I had to order one online instead. I am quite pleased with my buy. I’ve spent far too much time staring at a small screen. After switching to a note smartphone, I’ve discovered that I can’t and won’t stare at small screens.

Because of the high demand for the phone, it took a little longer for the order to be delivered.

Overall, I am a satisfied client. Samsung Electronics America, Inc., the app’s developer, has stated that the app’s privacy practices may include the handling of data in the manner described below. More information can be found in the privacy policy of the developer.

Data Linked to You

The following information about you may be gathered and associated with your identity:

Data Not Linked to You

The following information may be gathered, but it will not be connected to your personal identity: For example, depending on the features you use or your age, your privacy practices may be different. Read on to find out more


SellerSAMSUNG ELECTRONICS AMERICA, INC.Size130.1 MBCompatibilitySAMSUNG ELECTRONICS AMERICA, INC. iPhoneIt is necessary to have iOS 14.0 or later. iPad iPadOS 14.0 or later is required for this feature. iPod touch is a portable media player that allows you to listen to music on the go. It is necessary to have iOS 14.0 or later. Mac It is necessary to have macOS 11.0 or later installed on your computer, as well as an Apple M1 chip. Rating for those above the age of four SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS AMERICA, INC.



Utilize your Samsung Galaxy device to its full potential by equipping yourself with all of the knowledge you could possible desire. Samsung Members is a growing community of Galaxy specialists that give one-on-one assistance, comments, and analyses on a wide range of issues to other members. It brings all of the services you need, from Galaxy-related suggestions to troubleshooting, into a single, easy-to-use app, and gives you access to a wealth of knowledge, advice, and the most up-to-date product information available elsewhere.

What is Samsung Members, and how can I join?

What are the 9 most amazing features of the Samsung Experience service?

What is Samsung Members?

Samsung Members is, as the name indicates, Samsung’s all-powerful community app for Galaxy smartphone owners. It is available for both Android and iOS smartphones, and it is accessible for both Android and iOS devices. Regardless of whether you own a Galaxy flagship or an entry-level device, you are invited to join the community and bask in its adoration and support. You’ll need to sign into your Samsung Account in order to gain access to the Samsung Members section of the site. As a result, you’ll be able to browse the community without fear of being attacked, participate in debates, benefit from exclusive deals, test out beta ROMs (if any are available), and much more.

Is it truly necessary for me to have Samsung Members?

Is it really required for me to be a member of the Samsung Club? By signing into your Samsung account, which is a free integrated membership program that allows you to use Samsung services on a variety of devices, you may access Samsung services on your smartphone, tablet, website, television, and other gadgets, among other things.

In lieu of signing up for each service individually, you may take benefit of a number of Samsung services through your Samsung account. By becoming a Samsung Member, you will also get more usage out of your smartphone due of the customized content we have picked for you.

Instructions on how to obtain the application

By now, it should be clear that Samsung Members is a software application that runs on the Android operating system. You will discover this small gem of an app pre-installed on your Samsung smartphone when you first switch it on, and you can access it by opening up your app drawer and selecting the folder labeled “Samsung.” If you do not have one of the most recent Samsung devices, you can still get the same tried-and-true software for free from the Google Play Store by searching for “Samsung”.

What do you need to know about logging into the Samsung Members app?

You may begin exploring the app’s great features as soon as you’ve downloaded and installed it. Once you’ve signed into your Samsung Members account, you can begin exploring the app’s fantastic features. Creating a Samsung account is required before you can begin exploring the choices offered on the menu. If you haven’t previously done so, now is the time to create a Samsung account on your smartphone. In the top-right corner of your Samsung smartphone’s screen, choose Settings and then click on your profileimage thumbnail — which should be empty — to access your profile information.

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You’ll be able to go directly into the Samsung Members app after you’ve accomplished this step, and the program will automatically detect your Samsung account and log you into your account.

How to make changes to your Samsung Members profile

All members of Samsung Members get access to a profile area that is specifically designed for them. This is essentially the spot where you go to see how you’ve done in terms of your performance within the Samsung Members app. Additionally, it keeps track of how many people have liked your comments and how many followers you have, as well as how many posts you make on a regular basis. The first time you open your browser, you’ll be confronted with a dull, blank page in front of you, which is quite normal.

To make your profile more personalized and maybe stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to complete the relevant information.

On this page, a new profile photo may be uploaded, and the name of the person can be typed.

Upon making this selection, your profile page will be updated with information about your Samsung Members rank within seconds of making the decision.

Do you need assistance?

Are you in need of assistance?

Assistance is simply a tap away when you use the Active Help capabilities included in Samsung Members, which are available for free. The + symbol will open a menu that includes options to contact Samsung Support and submit feedback, allowing you to obtain on-demand support from the company.

Analyzes of the device

You can guarantee that your mobile device is in peak functioning condition by using the diagnostic tools that are included with Samsung Members subscriptions. You may check on the general health of your mobile device, as well as its connection speed, storage use, battery optimization, and other parameters, using the Mobile Device Health Checker. By running a speed test and looking at your phone’s battery predictions, you can determine how well your phone is performing in each area, including screen brightness and timeout, as well as its battery use.

Examine your hard drive to identify which files are taking up the most space, and then eliminate any extraneous apps to make more space on your hard drive available.

Using the Battery Forecast feature, you can estimate the remaining life of your battery based on your current usage and charging patterns.

Tips and Tricks in Your Samsung Members

Members get access to a wealth of information including articles, Answers, and short films that can aid you in getting the most out of your devices and technological investments. Select the Explore tab to get a better idea of what’s in store. Slide to the right and touch View More next to Recommended to broaden the list of possibilities after that. If you want, you may sort articles by Popularity or explore everything in one location if that is what you are looking for. Troubleshooting: Visit our Frequently Asked Concerns area to find answers to any of your burning questions about your device.

Getting to know your new Samsung gadget will be easier if you read some instructional articles.

Suggestions for improvement: Short videos give succinct answers to frequently asked concerns about how to use your device in a concise manner.

Learn about the most recent Samsung goods and services, which are prominently displayed on the top of the website.

Is it possible to recover a Samsung ID or reset a forgotten password?

On your phone, navigate to the ‘Cloud and Accounts’ section of the Settings app, then click ‘Accounts. Then pick ‘Samsung account’ from the drop-down menu. You may then access your information again by clicking on the link that says “Forgotten your ID or password?” once you have gone to “My Profile,” then “Manage Samsung account,” and lastly “Forgotten your ID or password?” If possible, you may also try signing in using the Samsung account page if one is available.

Select ‘Sign In’ from the menu bar in the upper right corner of the screen, and then click on the ‘Forgot your ID or password?’ link to the right of the menu bar.

In the event that Samsung informs me that there is an error, what should I do?

As a precaution, make certain that your Samsung account is active and that you are currently connected into it on your device before continuing. You may check whether or not you have an active Samsung account on your device by following the steps below:

  • Select the ‘Settings’ option from the drop-down menu. Drop-down menu: Choose ‘Cloud and accounts’ from the list of options. Then choose ‘Samsung account’ from the drop-down box under ‘Accounts.’ Logging into your account will confirm that you have access to your account. The Samsung account must be reset if you are presently logged in with an active Samsung account but are still having difficulty accessing the app. Please follow the actions listed below.

Samsung Members Have a Night Mode?

Starting in the second half of next year, the Samsung Members app will be upgraded with a dark style that will operate with the Night mode on Galaxy devices (as well as the Dark mode on Android 10) and the Night mode on Android 10. The Samsung Members app, which comes preinstalled on all Galaxy smartphones and tablets, allows device users to communicate with other members of their network. It also provides consumers with the ability to receive assistance from Samsung’s customer support, solve difficulties on their device, and even participate in beta programs for future versions of Android.

  • According to a post on the Samsung community forums in Korea by the global community manager, this will alter in the coming year. It is important to note that Samsung Members is not the only official Samsung app that does not have a dark appearance. The Galaxy Store, which is also lacking in a dark UI, is another area that we can only assume will be fixed within the next few months by Samsung.

Since Android 10’s dark mode has been implemented in the Google Play Store and other Google applications, it is probable that Samsung would wish to implement a dark UI for some of its critical apps, such as the Galaxy Store, in future releases of its smartphones. Due to the fact that Galaxy devices have been equipped with an official system-wide dark theme since the introduction of Android Pie, it’s a little surprising that the firm hasn’t done so sooner, but hey, better late than never, right?

Our Final Thoughts

Following the addition of dark mode capabilities to One UI a little more than a year ago, Samsung has proceeded to expand the feature to its first-party apps as well, according to the company. Since around a month or two ago, the company has been working diligently to update the few apps that were still in need of an update. The most recent app to be added to the list is Samsung Members, which was just released. It serves as a one-stop shop for discounted Galaxy goods and accessories, as well as information on software upgrades, device support, and the opportunity to join in beta programs when they become available.

Frequently Ask Questions

Regardless of whether you own a Galaxy flagship or an entry-level device, you are invited to join the community and bask in its adoration and support. You’ll need to sign into your Samsung Account in order to gain access to the Samsung Members section of the website.

What is the purpose of the Samsung Members application?

When you download and register the Samsung Members app on your mobile device and register it with Samsung, you’ll have access to personalized live support, material suited to your device, and an entire community of fellow Samsung users. Samsung Members is compatible with the Galaxy S7 and higher-end smartphones, as well as the Galaxy Note5 and higher-end smartphones, according to the company.

Is it possible to uninstall the Samsung Members app?

Select the apps that you wish to remove from your computer.

The box in the upper left-hand corner of the screen can be tapped if you wish to get rid of all of the programs that aren’t currently in use. Make a selection from the drop-down menu labeled “DELETE.” To confirm the uninstallation, hit the “DELETE” button on your computer’s keyboard.

Samsung Galaxy Store – Wikipedia

Samsung Galaxy Store

Developer(s) Samsung Electronics
Initial release 14 September 2009; 12 years ago(as Samsung Apps)
Platform Android,Samsung Gear(Tizen),Bada,Samsung Galaxyfeature phones
Available in multiple languages
Type Digital distribution
Website galaxystore.samsung.com

From 2009 until 2012, the Samsung Galaxy Store’s initial logo was used. SAMSUNG Galaxy Store (also branded as Galaxy Store; formerly known as Samsung Apps and Galaxy Apps) is an app store developed by Samsung Electronics and debuted in September 2009 for devices produced by the company. Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Samsung Gear wearables, and feature phones are among the devices that come pre-installed with the service (such as theSamsung REXand Duos). Apps for theAndroid, Tizen, Windows Mobile, and Bada platforms are available in the store, which has a global reach of 125 countries.

Ratings system

There is a rating system in the Samsung Galaxy Store that is used to evaluate whether apps are appropriate for children.

Rating Restricted? Description
All No Apps with this rating are suitable for all ages. No explicit material should be used in apps with this rating.
4+ No Apps with this rating are recommended for ages 4 and up. No explicit material should be used in apps with this rating.
12+ No Apps with this rating are recommended for ages 12 and up. It may contain mild violence, mild sexual content, and mild bad language.
16+ No Apps with this rating are recommended for ages 16 and up. It may contain mild violence, mild sexual content, mild bad language, crude humor, mild blood, and simulated gambling.
18+ Yes Apps with this rating are suitable for adults. It may contain strong violence, strong sexual content, strong bad language, alcohol use, tobacco use, and gambling. Apps with this rating are not meant for minors.
Banned Yes Apps with this rating are not available for purchase due to them having content that is too objectionable.

Samsung apps provided

  • Reservations.com, the Weather Channel, Yelp, Device Assistance, Samsung Archive, Calendar, Samsung Cloud (until 2021), Samsung Gallery, Samsung Gear, Fit Manager, Samsung Health, Samsung Internet, Samsung Internet Browser, Samsung Keyboard, My Knox, Samsung Level, Samsung Link, Quick Measure, Samsung Messages, Samsung Music, Samsung My Files, Samsung Notes, Samsung Pay, Samsung Smart Home, Samsung Smart Switch, Galaxy View Remote, Samsung Video Library, Samsung Video Library
  • Samsung Video Library


Android and Apple iOS smartphones can run the Galaxy Wearable and Samsung Galaxy Watch applications, which are developed by third-party developers. If you’re having issues using this app, have a look at our troubleshooting suggestions.

What you can do with the Galaxy Wearable app

Create, customize, and control the following features on your Samsung wearable device with the help of the Galaxy Wearable application:

  • Connection and disconnection of a mobile device
  • Software updates – time settings
  • Application download and configuration
  • And Find My Watch
  • Notification Type and Preferences
  • And so forth.
  • Connection and disconnection of a mobile device
  • Software updates – time settings
  • Application download and configuration Identifying my Watch
  • Notification type and preferences, among other things

What you need to use it

Connect with a Samsung Galaxy mobile that is suitable for the best results. See the Samsung device compatibility list for further information. Samsung wearables are designed to work with smartphones that run recent versions of:

  • Using the watch with an Android handset (5.0 or later) or an Apple iOS device (9.0 or later) – On iOS devices, you can only use the watch over Bluetooth.

What you need to know

  • The usage of GPS operating in the background for an extended period of time can significantly reduce battery life. The Galaxy Watch application’s settings and functionalities are only accessible when your mobile device is linked to a Gear S2, Gear S3, Gear Sport, or Galaxy Watch
  • Otherwise, they are unavailable.

How to use your app

  1. Switch on the wristwatch
  2. Install and launch the Galaxy Wearapplication on your smartphone. (If required, make sure the app is up to date to the most recent version.)
  3. Start the setup by doing the following:
  • If the phone and the watch are not already connected, select Get started from the app’s menu. If the phone and the watch are already connected, select Mobile networks from the app’s menu.
  1. Proceed as directed by the on-screen prompts to complete the activation procedure
  2. Upon completion, ensure that the remote connection is enabled (see procedures below) to ensure that it remains connected to the phone via cellular networks.

Remote connection

You can link your smartphone to your watch remotely using your Samsung account, which may be done through Wi-Fi or mobile data. When the devices are not linked through Bluetooth, this is a handy feature. Notifications from your smartphone will continue to be received by your watch.

  1. To make this function available, you must connect the watch to Wi-Fi and sign into your Samsung account on your smartphone
  2. Otherwise, it will not work. Open the Galaxy Wear application. Account and backup options are available. Toggle the remote connection on or off by tapping it.
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Back up, switch phones, and restore

When you link the watch to a different smartphone, the watch is automatically restarted. Make a backup of any vital data and settings on your watch so that you may restore them if necessary.

  1. Open the Galaxy Wearapp and select Account and backup from the drop-down menu. Back up and restore are available by pressing the Back up and restore button. Back up your settings by pressing the Back button. Select all of the information you wish to store on the watch as a backup
  2. TapBack up immediately, and you’ll be able to toggle on/off Auto back up. This serves as a backup for your Samsung account.
  1. Navigate to the settings menu on your watch and choose the new phone. Steps may be found in the watch’s user manual. When you do this, the watch will be disconnected from the last phone you used and will be reset. Then follow the on-screen instructions to activate or connect your new phone.
  1. Open the Galaxy Wearapp and choose Account and backup
  2. Back up and restore
  3. And Restore from the drop-down menu. On your Samsung account, the phone looks for backups that can be restored. Take a look at the backup data you wish to restore
  4. Now press the Restore button. On the phone, validate that the remote connection is enabled (as described above).

Software updates

Software to keep track of time:

  1. Open the Galaxy Wearapp
  2. SelectAbout watch
  3. SelectUpdate watch software
  4. And then press OK. To update the program, go to Help > About Software and select Download and Install. If a new version is available, choose Install now and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation. The timepiece is reset.

Check out the following smartphone app:

  1. Open the Galaxy Wear application. At the bottom of the screen, choose About Galaxy Wearable. “The newest version is already installed,” the app should state when the app shows the version number.

Find My Watch

  1. Open the Galaxy Wearapp and selectFind My Watch from the drop-down menu. To view your watch’s GPS address, choose Get location from the menu bar. Start by pressing the Start button to look for your watch. You will hear a sound, feel a vibration, and see a screen on your watch
  2. To turn off the sound and vibration, press the Stop button.

More help

The Samsung app is capable of much more for your wearable device! If you require any more assistance with the app, please go to Samsung’s support for Galaxy Wearable or contact Samsung. T-Mobile can only provide limited support for applications developed by third-party developers.

What Is Samsung Free, and How Do I Turn It Off?

Samsung enjoys including its own applications and services on its smartphones. Consequently, when you receive a new Galaxy device and are presented with unexpected features, you may experience some perplexity. “Samsung Free” is a well-known slogan, but what exactly is it?

The Artist Formerly Known as Bixby Home

If the word “Samsung Free” is unknown to you, you might recognize the terms “Bixby Home” or “Samsung Daily” as alternatives. All of these services are essentially the same in terms of functionality. The term “Samsung Free” is only the most recent marketing ploy. Bixby Home was first released with the Samsung Galaxy S8 range of smartphones. The Google Discover panel on Pixel phones is an idea that is similar to this one. A news feed is displayed on the left-most home screen panel in Samsung’s default launcher, and it is simply a news feed.

In recent months, Samsung has been gradually reducing its use of the Bixby branding, and this decision was a part of that process.

The functionality is much the same as it was with the earlier rebrands. It has only recently received a fresh coat of paint. RELATED: How to Customize the Google Discover Feed on Android (with Pictures)

What Is Samsung Free?

The easiest way to describe Samsung Free is as a content aggregator. News articles, podcasts, live television, and even games are among the variety of information available. All of information is included inside four tabs on the home screen’s left-most page.


It is the first option on the menu, “Watch,” and it provides access to the free Samsung TV Plus service. This is the live television service provided by the corporation, which is available on its smart TVs and mobile devices. A blend of traditional cable TV channels as well as certain proprietary channels that are only available for streaming.


Podcasts may be found under the “Listen” tab. It’s divided into a slew of various categories, with popular and recommended podcasts grouped together in each category. The Listen tab also features a built-in podcast player, which can be found under the Listen section. You may even subscribe to podcasts without having to download an additional app.


The “Read” tab is where you’ll discover articles that have been gathered from various sources on the internet. There are some similarities to the Google Discoverfeed, although there are less customization choices available. Trending stories are available in a variety of different categories, which you may browse through.


The final option is titled “Play,” and it is dedicated to video games. What’s great about these games is that they don’t require you to install anything in order to play them. All you need is the “Game Launcher,” which comes pre-installed on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. In order to pass the time, you may rapidly explore games by category and hop into one to pass the time. WATCH THIS VIDEO: WHAT IS GOOGLE DESCOVERY AND HOW DO I VIEW IT ON MY PHONE?

How to Remove Samsung Free

If none of this is of interest to you, it is simple to turn it off by pressing the appropriate button. Then there’s the matter of whether or not you want to utilize Samsung’s built-in launcher. It is possible to get around Samsung Free by installing a third-party launcher on your device, although this is a touch extreme if you normally enjoy Samsung’s launcher. To begin, tap and hold a blank place on the home screen for a few seconds. Your phone’s home screen will be magnified, and you can swipe over to the left-most page, which is Samsung Free, to begin browsing.

That’s all there is to it!

You may return it to your Samsung Galaxy home screen at any moment by repeating the previous steps and turning the switch back on.

Latest Samsung apps news – breaking apps news, leaks and updates

What is Samsung Pay, how does it operate, and which financial institutions accept it? by Recently updated Samsung Pay is a mobile payment system that allows you to pay using your phone. Find out which banks are supported, which devices are supported, and how it works. Learn how to quickly and simply save your Samsung Cloud photographs and videos before it’s too late to recover them. Maggie Tillman contributed to this article. We believe that Samsung is deleting the ability to back up your photo gallery to the Samsung Cloud in order to save storage expenses on their servers.

  1. Maggie Tillman contributed to this article.
  2. SoFi’s Samsung Money debit card is both a physical and a digital debit card, and it’s marketed as such.
  3. Samsung has released an upgrade to its Samsung Pay service that includes two new features, one of which is a prepaid cash card.
  4. Samsung provides Bixby with its own app store that contains ‘capsules’ rather than abilities.
  5. The Bright Night feature has been added to the Galaxy S10 camera app by Samsung.
  6. The new option can be accessed by swiping left or right, similar like previous camera modes such as the Panorama, which can be found directly within the Samsung camera app.
  7. Despite the fact that a cooperation between Samsung and PayPal was announced in July, the ability to accept payments has not been established.

Cam Bunton contributed to this article.

If you utilize Samsung Pay, you may now use PayPal to complete your purchase.

Using Samsung Pay, you may now use PayPal as a payment option whether you’re making a purchase or cashing out.

Chris Hall contributed to this article.

Bixby is Samsung’s response to Siri, Google Assistant, and other digital assistants.

Elyse Betters’s work You may finally stop using those old-fashioned plastic gift cards and start saving them in your Samsung Pay account instead.

Samsung developed a web browser for the Gear VR: Here’s all you need to know about Elyse Betters’s work Beginning in early December, you’ll be able to use your Samsung Gear VR headset to browse the web in virtual reality while wearing the headset.

This is how Samsung Pay works: You can use your phone with any payment terminal, not only NFC-enabled ones.

Here’s the footage of a lady giving birth in virtual reality, which was broadcast live by Samsung.

It has covered the lives of Jason and Alison Larke, as well as the birth of their kid.


yElyse Betters is a model and actress.

A new infographic has been produced by Samsung on its official blog.

Elyse Betters’s work Milk Music is the name of a new internet radio service that Samsung has launched in the United States, and it is intended to provide a “fresh take on music.” Milk Music is denoted by the letter a.

Submitted byRik Henderson Ellen DeGeneres, the comedian and Oscars host, has been named the next recipient of one of Twitter’s most prestigious awards.

Leaked pictures of Samsung’s Life Times app indicate functionality for tracking photographs and messages, as well as a calendar.

According to a report released by SamMobile, stolen pictures of the app suggest that Samsung has caved to Google pressure and will no longer market its Android apps and custom user interfaces.

In accordance with the article The British Museum and Samsung offer augmented reality to museum learning by Luke Edwards With the renewal of their five-year relationship, the British Museum and Samsung will collaborate on a new app that will bring together reality and the knowledge of the Web.

During its inaugural Developers’ Conference, Samsung requests that developers provide support for the S Pen.ByRik Henderson Samsung is now conducting its inaugural Developers’ Conference in San Francisco, and the company kicked off the event by promising five software development kits that would be available in the coming months.

  • Jake Smith contributed to this article.
  • Samsung was punished by the local Federal Trade Commission in the nation.
  • Submitted by Stuart Miles Samsung Knox, the company’s mobile device security software, is now available for purchase and usage by users worldwide.
  • Internet.org is a collaborative project by Facebook, Nokia, Samsung, and others to connect the entire globe to the internet.
  • Mark Zukerburg, the CEO of Facebook, has launched Internet.org, a proposal to connect the entire globe to the internet (with mobile in mind).
  • BBM is now available on Android devices, but exclusively for Samsung Galaxy customers in Africa.
  • Samsung has announced that the much-anticipated BBM app for Android will be available in the near future through the Google Play and Samsung App stores, but exclusively for those two platforms at this time.

The las is sent by the app.

As reported by Reuters, Samsung is preparing to enter the retail industry by opening storefronts inside select Best Buy stores in the United States to help market its new Galaxy S4 smartphone.

Submitted byRik Henderson In a recent interview, a Samsung official acknowledged that the company is developing a new smart watch to compete with the much-rumored Apple iWatch.

Samsung will introduce a high-end Tizen smartphone in August or September, according to the company’s press statement.

An official at Samsung has confirmed that the company would debut a high-end model smartphone using its open-source Tizen operating system as early as August or September.

Jake Smith contributed to this article.

Coupons, tickets, and boarding passes will all be handled by Samsung Wallet, which will be available on a smartphone near you.ByChris Hall “Coupons, membership cards, tickets, and boarding passes” will be handled by Samsung Wallet, which will be available on a Samsung smartphone near you and will allow you to contribute.

Jake Smith contributed to this article.

Samsung anticipates a profit of $7.3 billion in the last 90 days.

Samsung Mobile Phones The Galaxy Note 2 is expected to be unveiled during the Unpacked event.

This year’s IFA 2 will have two press conferences, which is a bit of a surprise given the company’s history of holding press conferences in the same year.

Danny Brogan’s article Thrifty Three customers in the United Kingdom are being offered the opportunity to immerse themselves in the life of cyclist and London 2012 gold medal candidate Victoria Phelps.

Submitted byRik Henderson With the latest addition to its Galaxy S media players, Samsung is aiming its attention squarely at gamers.

This isn’t just a new Samsung TV application; it’s also a M S application.

Fans of Samsung Smart TVs will be pleased to know that a Marks & Spencer app will be available soon.

As reported by Chris Hall, Samsung has included Bada into the open-source Tizen project.

Samsung and Apple compete for the title of most tweeted technology. Submitted byBen Crompton So, what were the most popular devices on the market this year? What about the firms that are the most talked about? Isn’t it a difficult question? Twitter, on the other hand, has developed a.

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