How To Use Samsung Points


View and redeem your Samsung Reward points

Samsung Rewards works in a similar way to credit cards that provide additional incentives and privileges. You may earn points for purchases made using Samsung Pay and then redeem them for prizes such as Samsung gear or even trips by transferring them to your Samsung Pay account. In addition, you may examine more information on the Rewards Homepage. The number of points you redeemed to buy that new Gear last month could be something you’re interested in checking out. Your reward points summary may be accessed in a few simple steps.

You may check your purchase and redemption history by tappingMore Options, then tappingPoint summary.

With each qualified purchase made with Samsung Pay, you’ll earn 10 points.

More information about Samsung Rewards Levels may be found by opening Samsung Pay, tappingRewards, and then tappingLEARN MOREunder REWARD STATUS.

You’ve got your eye on the Gear IconX or a new phone case, haven’t you?

OpenSamsung Payon your phone and then selectRewards from the menu.

Redeem points by tapping on the REDEEM POINTS button placed next to your points total.

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Samsung Pay Rewards: what are they, and how can you use them?

Samsung Pay is one of the three most popular tap-to-pay systems available on mobile devices. It and LG Pay, on the other hand, are the only ones that can be used with non-NFC terminals. Samsung has a considerable advantage in this regard, but the company does not stop there. Every time you use Samsung Pay, you earn points, which can be redeemed for a number of different products and services. There’s a lot of information here. Everything you need to know about Samsung Pay Rewards is provided here.

How to earn Samsung Pay Rewards

There are a plethora of opportunities to accumulate points toward prizes.

They are, however, divided into five different types.

  • Transactions on a daily basis — You receive one point for your first nine transactions, two points for transactions 10-19, and three points for transactions 50 and up. There is a limit of 50 transactions per month that may be made to gain points, and the clock resets every month. You may earn around 100 points every month in this manner. Promotional offers– Samsung Pay features promotional deals with a number of different companies to choose from. You participate in such promotions and receive points as a result. If you use your Samsung Pay account to ride with Lyft, you may get 2,000 points as of the time of this writing. Although the promotions vary from time to time, you will always receive bonus points when you purchase gift cards with the Samsung Pay app. Purchase items from Samsung – All purchases are made through Samsung. Earn points by completing tasks. Accessories, phones, televisions, and anything else the website offers are all included in this. In certain cases, you might earn up to four points for every dollar spent, depending on the current deals and promotions. This is without a doubt the most efficient way to earn points, and it is also one of the subtle ways in which Samsung encourages users to continue purchasing Samsung devices. Random actions– Samsung will award you points for accomplishing seemingly little things every now and then. For example, a few of years ago, they offered individuals 1,000 points if they choose to use the Samsung Internet Browser as their primary browser. These are infrequent, but they’re typically simple and reward you points in a short period of time
  • Buy Samsung Pay Rewards points with real money– If you want to, you can really buy Samsung Pay Rewards points with real money. Unless you just need a couple hundred points to qualify for a much larger and more valuable reward, we do not advocate using this technique of earning points. You may purchase points with the Samsung Pay application.

The method is clearly designed to entice you to spend money on promotional offers and on Samsung’s website, which is clearly intended to do so. To the point where it’s practically hard to earn the truly excellent rewards if you rely exclusively on your day-to-day purchases, If you want to win the largest and finest rewards, you’ll have to purchase anything from or take advantage of as many promotional offers as you can find.

Spend your points in the Samsung Pay app

There are a variety of options for putting your Samsung Pay Rewards points to use. The first method is to use the Samsung Pay application. Simple as that: launch the app, browse to the Mesection at the bottom of the screen, then scroll down and hit theRedeem points option. A total of two kinds of in-app incentives have been established. The first of these is “Chance to Win.” This is a series of contests that are held on a rotating basis. You spend points to earn entries, which are awarded in ten-point increments.

There is no limit to the number of times you may participate.

Coupon Code is the second type to be discussed.

Unlike the previous list, this one changes considerably less regularly, and the great bulk of the items are Samsung devices.

Spend points in the Galaxy Store and Galaxy Themes

Samsung’s many digital stores are the second option, and in my opinion, the more enjoyable method to spend points. Due to some reason, Samsung does not heavily publicize the fact that you may completely substitute Samsung Pay Rewards points for actual money when making purchases. Two sites where you may accomplish this are the Galaxy Store (for applications and games) and Galaxy Themes (for themes alone) (themes, icons, backgrounds, and AOD themes). The procedure is rather straightforward. Find a high-end item that you would want to purchase.

  1. Choose theSamsung Rewardsoption to use points instead of money instead of paying with cash.
  2. We really enjoy utilizing them in conjunction with themes.
  3. This is true of both Samsung’s app shop and its theme store, and it is constant across both.
  4. We also downloaded Lords Mobile to investigate if Samsung Pay Rewards points could be redeemed for in-app purchases in the game.
  5. People who use Samsung Pay can benefit from the points earned through the service.
  6. As with Google Opinion Rewards, we advocate spending your points to purchase items like themes and applications to enhance your experience, in the same way that users use the Google Play Store to buy free products from Google Play.

Please let us know if we have overlooked something vital in the comments section!

Samsung Pay

  • Samsung Pay may be downloaded and installed
  • Samsung Pay can be configured. View the cards that are supported
  • You may make a payment, view recent transactions, and modify your profile information.
  • Add a Credit or Debit Card
  • Add a Membership Card
  • Add a Not Listed Membership Card
  • Remove a Credit or Debit Card
  • Remove a Membership Card
  • Add a Signature
  • Use Bixby Voice in Samsung Pay
  • View Your Point Summary
  • Bixby Voice in Samsung Pay
  • Make use of your Samsung Reward Points
  • Look for and use promotional codes
  • And more. Check out and take advantage of Samsung Pay promotions. Samsung Pay may be used to invite friends.
  • A gift card may be purchased
  • A gift card can be used
  • Sending a Gift Card to a Friend is an excellent idea. Remove a Gift Card from your possession
  • View the history of your gift card purchases
  • Turn on or off fingerprint security
  • Turn on or off iris security
  • Turn on or off voice recognition. Change the PIN for Samsung Pay
  • Manage Notifications
  • Make use of Finger Sensor Gestures
  • Enable or disable Fast Checkout
  • And more. Uninstall Samsung Pay, reset Samsung Pay, and update Samsung Pay are all possible options. Notices from Samsung Pay are available to see. Create a Default Payment Method with Samsung Pay
  • Manage Samsung Pay Permissions

Report: No More Rewards Points for Samsung Pay Purchases in 2021

PCMag journalists choose and review goods in an unbiased manner. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of our affiliate links, we may get a commission, which helps us to continue our testing. Following the end of the year, Samsung Pay transactions and gift card purchases will no longer earn you any Samsung Rewards miles or points. (Photo courtesy of LLUIS GENE/AFP via Getty Images) Users may presently earn points through Samsung’s rewards program, which can be redeemed for a variety of products, ranging from digital storage to smartphones.

  1. As a result, starting in 2021, Samsung Paytransactions will no longer earn you any loyalty rewards points.
  2. Purchases of gift cards as well as payments made with Samsung Pay are affected by these issues.
  3. PST, you will no longer receive Rewards points for Samsung Pay transactions and gift card purchases.” “The elimination of any advantages from Samsung Rewards Tiers also implies that we will be discontinuing our Tier program for the time being, as a result.
  4. So you just have a little more than a week to take advantage of this.
  5. According to Android Police, the company’s reward program has experienced various adjustments over the years, the most notable of which being a cut in the amount of rewards points that a Samsung Pay transaction could receive two years ago.

Recommended by Our Editors

Product selection and evaluation are carried out by PCMag editors in an impartial manner. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of our affiliate links, we may get a commission, which helps to fund our research. Get to know us a little better by visiting our website at You will no longer be able to earn Samsung Rewards points for Samsung Pay transactions or gift card purchases after December 31st, 2018.

  1. (Photo courtesy of LLUIS GENE/AFP/Getty Images) Users may presently earn points through Samsung’s rewards program, which can be redeemed for a variety of products, ranging from digital storage to smartphones and tablets.
  2. Due to a change in policy, Samsung Paytransactions will no longer receive points after 2021.
  3. Both Samsung Pay transactions as well as gift card purchases are affected by these bugs and errors.
  4. PST, according to the email.
  5. The Galaxy Store,, Shop app, and other Samsung services and applications continue to offer the opportunity to earn points.” It was possible to gain more points by shopping more frequently with Samsung, according to Android Police, who explains how the scheme worked.
  6. NFC payments as well as traditional terminal payments at retail storefronts were supported when Samsung Pay launched for the first time in 2015.

Android Police reports that Samsung’s reward program has experienced a number of adjustments over the years, including a drop in the amount of rewards points that may be earned for Samsung Pay transactions two years ago.

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r/SamsungPay – Samsung Reward Points redemption

I’ve discovered the internet! Samsung Pay allows customers to exchange Samsung reward points for a rewards mastercard, but does this feature still exist? We can utilize our reward cashback balance for this, and I’m wondering if points may also be used in this situation. I’ve accumulated about 6k points and was wondering what the greatest use of them would be. Any suggestions? I’m not too excited about the prospect of purchasing anything through To make a comment, you must first log in or create an account.

  1. I earned enough points to qualify for a $50 Visa card shortly after.
  2. Is it possible to use them on for 0.5cpp?
  3. level 1Samsung is giving a promotion through SoFi to encourage you to establish a Samsung account, and you may redeem your points for cash.
  4. It is unknown what the conversion rate is at this point.
  5. I was under the impression that it had already finished some time ago.
  6. level 1Now since we won’t be earning any more, I’m having a hard time justifying the effort of registering a Sofi account in order to receive $30.
  7. level 2When I heard the news this morning, I had the same thought as you.
  8. Reddit Inc.
  9. All intellectual property rights are retained.

Say goodbye to Samsung Pay Rewards and Tiers, they’re getting canned

The most recent update was made on December 21st, 2020 at 16:43 UTC+01:00. For Samsung enthusiasts, the coming year is shaping up to be an extremely exciting one. The Galaxy S21series will be available on the market sooner than anticipated, and the S Pen will be made accessible on a wider range of Galaxy smartphones in the future. A new set of wireless earphones with active noise cancellation (ANC) is also on the way, and the TV Plus platform will be available in more regions starting next year.

Starting on December 31, 2020, Samsung Paytransactions will no longer be eligible for Rewards points, according to an email sent out by the firm toSamsung Rewards members.

The Samsung Rewards program, which is available to Samsung Pay customers in the United States, was established in 2016 and the point rewards were reduced by half two years later.

Samsung Rewards Tiers are also going away

Even though Samsung Pay transactions will no longer be supported, consumers will still be able to earn points when making purchases from, the Galaxy Store, the Shop app, and other Samsung services and apps. The only difference is that they will no longer be able to earn points for Samsung Pay purchases starting on December 31. In addition, Samsung is discontinuing the use of its Rewards Tiers program. Customers using Samsung Pay who make regular purchases may currently take advantage of the Rewards Tiers program, which rewards them with more points the more they spend.

With Samsung’s choice of language, it appears as though this is only a temporary shift.

In case the story takes a turn for the worse, we’ll keep you informed.

Samsung Plus Rewards – Apps on Google Play

“The S+ User’s Recreational Area” A new Playground has been created where you may make various uses of the points you have earned from S+ through digital training. It is a new platform that allows you to engage in a range of prizes and receive advantages by using the points you have earned from S+. It is available now. The following characteristics are included: 1. Different forms of incentive events are available, including raffles, instant raffles, exchanges, and group exchanges. 2. A Point Coupon that may be used to quickly accumulate points that have been earned during on-site training.

  1. The use of a QR code scanner speeds up the process of obtaining point vouchers.
  2. Download the App right away!
  3. When you choose optional permissions, the default functionality of the service is enabled, but it is not permitted.
  4. In order to upload and store App contents, you must be able to read and edit internal and external storage.
  5. Following a software upgrade, previously granted permissions can be revoked via the Apps menu in the device’s settings.

4 of the Best Samsung Pay Rewards

Is it difficult for you to think of a way to put the Samsung Pay Rewardpoints you have accumulated to good use? So there’s no need to be concerned anymore. It has been our pleasure to research and discover the greatest Samsung Pay Rewards, and we are happy to share them with you. Look: Samsung is a well-known electronics brand around the world, and we have already reviewed some of the company’s goods and services in some of our other posts. We investigated mobile phones, smart home gadgets, watches, and a variety of other products.

  • More information may be found at: What is the Samsung Pay Cashback Program and how does it work?
  • How to easily enable and disable Samsung Pay Swipe Up in a matter of seconds What precisely is SamsungPay and how does it work?
  • It’s a fantastic digital wallet application that allows customers to pay for their purchases using nothing more than their Samsung phone.
  • Currently, we have examined how and where to use Samsung Pay, but we have not yet addressed the rewards system that this service offers to users.
  • And after you’ve accumulated a certain number of points, you can use them to purchase some fantastic Samsung Pay Rewards.

As a result, we compiled a list of the finest Samsung Pay Rewards that we could find. Now, without further ado, let us get down to business!

The Best 4 Samsung Pay Rewards

Following are our top recommendations for the best Samsung Pay rewards, which are as follows:

  1. Samsung Rewards Card
  2. Partner Store Gift Cards
  3. Samsung Coupons
  4. Instant Win Items
  5. Samsung Rewards Card

1. Samsung Rewards Card

The first item on our list is the Samsung Rewards Card, which may be used to make purchases of Samsung-branded items. Here’s how it works: Following the accumulation of sufficient Samsung Pay Reward points, you will have the option to exchange them for a Samsung Rewards Card. This card may be used to purchase additional Samsung products, such as smartphones, laptops, smart home devices, accessories, and other related items, among other things. The Samsung Gift Card may also be used at any of the company’s physical and online stores.

The monetary value of this Samsung Rewards Card can range from $5.00 to $500.00.

For those of you who are still undecided about what to buy with your Samsung Rewards card, we recommend that you read this post, which lists some of the greatest Samsung goods we could find.

2. Partner Store Gift Cards

a gift card from adidas If you wish to use your Samsung Pay Reward points on something other than Samsung devices, you may also swap them for gift cards from Samsung partner stores. You may not need to purchase any further Samsung devices because you already have a sufficient number of their items. And you could be under the impression that all of the Samsung Pay Reward points you have accumulated would be wasted. You don’t have to be concerned at all. Samsung has worked with a number of different retailers, including Amazon, eBay, BestBuy, and others.

  1. Amazon is one of the sites from where you can get gift cards, and you may shop for a variety of products on Amazon, ranging from clothing to electronics to food.
  2. As a result, the items you may purchase with your Samsung Pay Reward points are no longer restricted to Samsung smartphones.
  3. You may even purchase gift cards for and Airbnb, which will allow you to receive savings when you book rooms through their respective websites or mobile applications.
  4. You will be able to spend less money on the meals you consume in these establishments as a result of this.
  5. Then you may choose the gift card that you want from the store that you want to use it in.
  6. Please keep in mind that you may see a list of Samsung’s partner stores by visiting this website.

3. Samsung Coupons

Samsung Promotional Codes If you’re seeking for Samsung device coupons, you can also convert your Samsung Reward points for Samsung coupons if you’re interested in purchasing Samsung products. Some of these coupons will allow you to purchase Samsung-exclusive things at a lower rate. Items like as rapid charge battery packs, Samsung Gear VR, smartwatches, and other connected devices are among those available for purchase on Amazon. The problem is this: By utilizing the Samsung Pay Rewards app, you may select an item that you wish to purchase at a discounted price and purchase it.

After clicking on that option, you’ll be able to choose the coupon you want and use it to save money on the things you want to buy.

It cost 10,000 Samsung Pay Reward points to receive a $50.00 off coupon.

You can also acquire some products just through the use of Samsung coupons, since there are some things that can be purchased alone through the use of Samsung coupons. However, these discounts are worth at least 12,000 Samsung Pay Reward points and maybe much more.

4. Instant Win Items

Samsung Notebook 9 Pro is a high-performance laptop. The Instant Win Items function of the Samsung Pay Rewards app may be used if you wish to purchase Samsung items that are not currently listed among those eligible for discounts through the Samsung coupons program. Customers have the opportunity to win interesting and pricey Samsung gadgets for as little as 10 to 30 Samsung Pay Reward points with this function. SmartThings, a WiFi 3-pack, a mixed reality headset, a 32-inch space monitor, and a laptop 9 pro are some of the devices available through this function.

It is also not guaranteed that you will win anything even after wagering hundreds of Samsung Pay Reward points that you have accumulated.

Proceed to the Instant Win Items tab and click on the button to place your bets with your points.


By purchasing Samsung items from the Samsung online shop, you may earn Samsung Pay Reward points that can be used for future purchases. However, you must use your Samsung Pay account to make purchases of the items you desire. Additionally, when you use Samsung Pay to make a purchase from one of the retailers that have collaborated with Samsung, you may earn bonus points.

Do Samsung Pay Rewards points expire?

Yes. After one year, your Samsung Pay Reward points will expire at the end of the month in which you earned them. Please keep in mind that your points will be applied to your Samsung Pay Reward account within 24 hours of making a purchase.

How to redeem Samsung Pay Rewards?

With the help of the Samsung Pay Rewards app, you may redeem the Samsung Pay Reward points that you have accrued. You may download and install the app by visiting the URL we’ve included below. Following the installation of the program, you will be able to view the prizes that Samsung has to offer on the app and choose the reward that you choose. Having picked an item, you will be able to swap your points for the item you have chosen. After then, you are free to utilize your chosen object anyway you see fit.

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A 1v1 comparison of Samsung Pay vs Google Pay is presented in this article.

To Sum It All Up

Earning Samsung Pay Reward points is not simple, therefore it is only normal to want to know which reward is the finest one you can obtain for your efforts. Then, in order to aid others, we went ahead and looked for the finest incentives available, and we’re here to share our findings with you. We checked to make sure that the awards we put in our list were worth your points, so please do not hesitate to have a look at what we found. Did this post assist you in making your decision on which Samsung Pay Reward to use?

Jagdish is an Android troubleshooter who enjoys chatting about technology and debating the influence of technology on humans.

He is enthusiastic in writing and technology, and he has a particular interest in Android problem-solving. When he isn’t writing or talking about technology and marketing, you can find Jag slamming cricket balls or shooting baskets on a basketball court near him.

The Galaxy Store now allows you to buy applications with Samsung Rewards

You may now purchase applications from the Galaxy Store with your Samsung Pay card. Samsung has created a new currency in its mobile app store, the Galaxy Store: pre-paid purchases will now be rewarded with Rewards, which are Samsung Pay points, starting today. In addition, owners of a Samsung Galaxy phone will be able to purchase payment applications with the Rewards they have acquired over the course of the year. Samsung mobile payments include a reward system to promote their usage. These are referred to as Samsung Rewards, and they consist of somepoints that collect based on the user’s degree of participation (silver, gold and platinum).

And the other way around: Spending money on the Galaxy Store will result in the accumulation of Samsung rewards points.

Rewards points as currency in Galaxy Store

In the Galaxy Store, you may earn Rewards and use them to purchase applications. Samsung has broadened the usage of its reward points to include products other than the Samsung Pay line of business. Also new is the possibility of earning Reward points through Samsung’s own app store: By purchasing applications, you may earn points that can be used in conjunction with points gained through mobile payments. As a result, the brand’s environment is more unified, and the Galaxy Store receives additional value as a result.

Checking the balance of points as well as exchanging them for other promotions from the Galaxy Store, such as shopping in Pokémon Go, suits in Fortnite, or phone themes, can all be done through this portal.

Although the ability to pay with Samsung Rewards is becoming more widespread, it is likely that you will not discover it available in your account just yet.

SamMobile’s Tracking System

Where Can I Use Samsung Pay Rewards? Earn Samsung Pay Rewards

Samsung Pay is one of the most well-known payment programs for mobile devices, ranking third in terms of popularity. And the best part is that it’s one of the few few on the market that works reliably on a non-NFC terminal, isn’t that wonderful? However, for even more flexibility and fun, Samsung does not stop there. It offers a variety of alternative methods to get the Samsung free prize, all of which are well worth the effort. Nevertheless, the question is, where and how may one employ his or her Samsung pay reward?

Don’t be concerned! Continue reading the post since we have covered all of the pertinent elements about the Samsung Pay incentive, which should alleviate any uncertainty you may have. Amazon has some great New Year’s Eve deals.

How To Get Samsung Reward Point Fast?

Transactions on a daily basis:-How can I get a free Samsung reward point for my purchases? Fortunately, you may earn it via the first nine transactions, three reward points for transactions between 30 and 50, and two reward points for transactions between 15 and 19 transactions. Eventually, you will be eligible to get a free Samsung reward point per month. Purchasing Items From Samsung:-All purchases made on are eligible for a reward. That purchase can include any of the company’s products, including phones, televisions, accessories, and anything else they offer.

  • And it’s a convenient method to earn points, which is one of the ways Samsung encourages consumers to complete a purchase cycle.
  • Buy Points:-A purchase point is a location where you may obtain a free gift from Samsung Pay in exchange for the physical money you desire.
  • In the Samsung Pay application, you may earn points for your purchases.
  • To give an example, a year ago, the business awarded 1000 points to customers who used the Samsung Internet Browser as their main web browser.
  • Furthermore, you can earn Samsung awards when you take advantage of these promotional deals.

How Can I Spend My Samsung Pay Rewards

1. The Samsung digital shop is the most convenient and entertaining way to spend points. Although the large firms do not promote their reward points as much as they used to, you may still purchase the items using your Samsung Pay reward points. And you may accomplish this with the use of the Galaxy theme and the Galaxy shop application. Fortunately, the operation is extremely basic and straightforward to carry out. What you need to do is go out and look for the high-end items that you’ve been wanting to get.

  1. Right away, select the Samsung Reward option and choose to spend points rather than money.
  2. 2.
  3. To do so, go to Samsung Pay App Me, then swipe down and select Redeem Points from the drop-down menu.
  4. It is the first of them that is the Coupon code.
  5. The list of items does not vary, and the Samsung is equipped with a wide variety of things to choose from.
  6. Contests are held on a recurring basis in several areas.
  7. What you must do is spend your earned points in increments of 10, which is the minimum amount.

It will immediately spin the wheel to see if you have won anything after you have spent your money. And the best part is that there is no time limit on how much time you can spend playing. The most efficient method is to use just those points that are about to expire.

How Much Are 1000 Samsung Points Worth?

The 1000 points from Samsung are well worth the investment. For example, 6000 points are worth a Galaxy Fit 20,000 points, 6000 points are worth an S-Pen 6000 points, and 16000 points are worth a wireless charger.

How Do I Redeem Samsung Pay Rewards?

Go to Samsung Pay on your device and sign in. More Options as a Reward Points can be redeemed REDEEM POINTS are shown immediately adjacent to your point. Samsung pay awards may be redeemed by doing this action.

Where Samsung Pay Is Accepted?

Samsung Pay is compatible with every well-known carrier in the United States, including Cricket, MetroPCS, US cellular, and others. More Blog Posts,

  • Using Samsung Pay NFC on the Samsung Watch 4: Setup and Usage Instructions
  • How can I add or remove cards from my Samsung Pay account? Manage your Samsung Pay account. The Best Samsung Tablets Available Right Now

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Samsung Pay phases out its US rewards program in the new year

Markets in the United States are filling up. HMS

  • Samsung Pay has discontinued its long-running rewards program for its users in the United States
  • This decision may expose the company to additional competition as well as new development chances from other sources. PaymentsCommerce Briefing is a publication by Insider Intelligence that delivers hundreds of insights, infographics, and projections on the PaymentsCommerce market each month. You can find out more about subscribing by visiting this page.

According to the National Federation of Commercial Workers, the mobile wallet would now only give incentives for purchases made at Samsung-branded shops such as or the Samsung Galaxy Store, or “by visiting specific sites specified by Samsung Pay.” Users will no longer be able to earn rewards points for Samsung Pay transactions or gift card purchases made outside of Samsung shops as a result of this change.

  1. The Samsung Pay rewards program in the United States is coming to an end.
  2. The closure of the rewards program, which took effect on January 1, 2021, also signifies the end of the tier system, which allowed Samsung Pay users to receive a greater rate of rewards based on the amount of points they accumulated in a particular period, which was in force until that date.
  3. Initially released in November 2016, roughly a year after the mobile wallet’s introduction in the United States, Samsung Pay incentives are now available worldwide.
  4. Samsung also predicted in November 2017 that its rewards program increased usage of Samsung Pay by 48 percent as a result of the promotion.
  5. Samsung Pay’s decision to scale back its rewards program might be a cost-cutting measure, but the move could also result in increasing competition in the United States.
  • Samsung Pay is expected to have 14.7 million users in the United States by 2020, which might have been a role in Samsung’s decision to reduce incentives. According to eMarketer predictions from Insider Intelligence, Samsung Pay users will represent for approximately 17 percent of proximity mobile payment customers in the United States in 2020. The increasing use of contactless payments during the coronavirus epidemic is also likely to have contributed to Samsung Pay’s growth in 2020, according to the company. As a result, discontinuing its rewards program may be a cost-saving measure now that Samsung Pay has achieved widespread adoption in the United States. Furthermore, considering the fact that the majority of US consumers use iOS devices while Samsung works on Android, it is possible that Samsung Pay thought it had hit its limit in the US market. Meanwhile, Samsung Pay’s opponent Google redesigned its Pay app in order to attract new users, posing a challenge to Samsung Pay’s dominance. Google Pay released a raft of new capabilities to its platform in December 2020, allowing the mobile wallet to reach the top of app store charts for the first time. This is expected to pose a challenge to Samsung Pay, which stands to lose some of its customers to Google as a result of the discontinuation of its rewards program. However, the funds that may have been allocated to the continuation of Samsung Pay’s US rewards program could be used to fund other development prospects in areas other than the United States. Examples include expanding offerings and rewards in India, where mobile payments have seen a significant increase in recent years

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Samsung Pay & Samsung Rewards: Everything To Know

With all of the excitement around the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S21, those who aren’t planning to upgrade to the company’s next flagship device may feel a bit left out of the loop. Although you may still be using your last generation Samsung phone, there is one feature that every Samsung user should be aware of: Samsung Pay. Samsung Pay is a mobile payment system that allows you to pay for purchases using your phone.

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What is Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay is a mobile payment solution that is comparable to Apple Pay and Google Pay in functionality. It is compatible with a broad range of Samsung smartphones and smartwatches, with compatibility beginning with the S6 series of smartphones. Samsung Pay now accepts cards from the following issuers: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

  • American Express, Citibank, DBS, Fevo, Grab, Maybank, OCBC Bank, POSB, Standard Chartered, and UOB are just a few of the financial institutions who have partnered with us.

The Samsung Pay app also enables you to digitize your loyalty cards from businesses such as TANGS, Swarovski, Mango, and Courts, among others. This is perhaps less beneficial in light of the fact that the vast majority of loyalty programs now provide digital cards (or link your account to your phone number). Transactions may be completed via NFC, just as they are with Apple Pay and Google Pay; simply hold your phone up to the terminal anywhere contactless payments are accepted to complete the purchase.

For those who don’t understand technical terms, the phone replicates a magnetic pulse that causes the credit card terminal to assume that an actual card has been used (even for chip-only machines).

Source:MakeAGif Take note, however, that the Samsung Galaxy S21 will not support MST, which is a hint that contactless payments have grown so commonplace that the technology is no longer required to function.

Why should I use Samsung Pay?

You say that everything is fine and dandy. But why bother with Samsung Pay since all Samsung phones are Android-based, and Google Pay provides essentially the same functionality as Samsung Pay? Samsung Rewards may be summed up in two words: Samsung Rewards was officially introduced in Singapore on September 15, 2017, making it the first country in Southeast Asia to offer the customer loyalty program. As a result of using Samsung Pay, you will earn rewards points, which may be exchanged for a variety of gift cards and items.

Initially, all members are assigned to the Bronze level, and they will progress to the Silver or Gold levels based on the amount of transactions they complete in a particular calendar month.

Bronze Silver^ Gold*
Qualification N/A 11-30 transactions per month 31-50 transactions per month
Points per transaction 10 20 30

From the 10th transaction onward, you gain 20 points every transaction, but from the 11th transaction onward, you only earn 20 points per transaction. When you complete your 30th transaction, you will get 40 points each transaction, but from the 31st transaction onward, you will only receive 30 points every transaction. In terms of Samsung Rewards, the first thing you’ll notice is that points are rewarded depending on how many transactions you make, rather than the quantity of each purchase. Because of this, you might simply cheat your way to Gold by dividing your transaction into smaller increments.

  • Just be sure you do it during off-peak hours.
  • Any points accrued are valid for six calendar months, from the date of earning until the final day of the calendar month.
  • Transaction counts are reset on the first day of each month, and your status will be carried over in the appropriate manner.
  • Example: If I digitalise my DBS Altitude Visa and use it with Samsung Pay for a S$50 purchase, I will receive 60 miles (at 1.2 miles per dollar) and 10 Samsung Rewards points (assuming I am a Bronze member) in addition to 10 Samsung Rewards points.

At no additional expense to you, it’s effectively the same thing as before.

What rewards can I claim?

The Samsung Pay Rewards catalogue is updated on a regular basis, so be sure to check your Samsung Pay app for the most up-to-date list of available rewards. Some examples of rewards are as follows:

  • S$20 Samsung accessories voucher at the end of the game
  • 2,900 points for a Pizza Hut personal pan pizza
  • 3,900 points for Italian Black Summer Truffle Popcorn
  • And 5,000 points for a S$50 Samsung accessories voucher at the conclusion of the game.

According to the pricing of Samsung accessory coupons, each point is worth around S$0.01 (Singapore dollars). A limited-quantity coupon (for example, a S$5 foodpanda voucher for 2,800 points) will be added from time to time by Samsung, increasing the value of the points dramatically. These tend to evaporate rapidly, so be sure to seize the opportunity when you see them.

Are there any downsides?

The use of Samsung Pay does not come at any direct financial expense in one sense. As previously stated, you will continue to earn credit card points in the same manner as you would if you were making a physical payment with your card. In another sense, though, there is a monetary penalty associated with the situation. It is necessary to skip Google Pay and its scratch card incentives if you want to use Samsung Pay. These fluctuate from week to week, however the present campaign allows you to earn up to S$10 twice a week by utilizing Google Pay’s Scan and Pay feature for a payment of at least S$3 and using the Scan and Pay function to earn up to S$10 in total.

Its worth is decided by Google’s algorithm, and in my personal experience, awards of less than S$1 are more prevalent than those of greater value.

As a result, provided that your phone is compatible with Samsung Pay, there is very no reason why you shouldn’t be utilizing it.


Samsung Pay is simple to set up and use, and it can enable you to reduce the number of cards you carry about with you (but hopefully not the amount of money you spend!). It is possible to use rewards points earned with each purchase to receive a pleasant gift once in a while, and considering how simple achieving gold membership level is, you should be piling up 30 points each transaction in no time at all. The best part is that you don’t have to have the most recent Galaxy S21 to utilize it. Take a look at the following: Cashback on PayNow transfers and in-store payments is available through Google Pay.

On SingSaver9, you can find the best credit card promotions and deals.

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Samsung Pay winds down rewards scheme

FEWER REWARDS: Samsung Pay customers in the United States no longer receive Samsung Rewards points for every transaction they make using the service. Samsung Pay In the United States, customers will no longer be able to earn Samsung Rewards points for every transaction they make using the payments service. Samsung has updated the terms and conditions of its rewards program, which now state that users can earn Samsung Rewards points only when they make purchases from the Samsung Galaxy Store and other Samsung Checkout-enabled mobile apps, when they purchase specific Samsung products, and when they “visit special locations announced by Samsung Pay.” In addition, the Samsung Rewards program has discontinued its Tier program, which allowed customers to obtain a greater rate of reward based on the amount of points they had earned in a particular period of time accumulated.

The action followed an email issued to Samsung Rewards members in December 2020, which was obtained by Android Police and published on its website.

Pacific Standard Time, according to the email.

Points may still be earned at the Galaxy Store,, the Shop app, and with other Samsung services and applications,” the company stated.

Samsung launched its rewards program in the United States in November 2016, and the company claimed in November 2017 that “Rewards increased the adoption of Samsung Pay by 48 percent.” Next, go to the NFCW Expo to meet new vendors and take use of free resources.

Samsung Pay will discontinue rewards program by end of 2020

If you’ve been collecting points for the Samsung rewards program by making online and in-store purchases using Samsung Pay, you only have a few more days to do so. If you use Samsung’s mobile payment platform to complete transactions or purchase gift cards, you will no longer receive those points by the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021. They are also discontinuing the Samsung Rewards Tiers, as there will be no further incentives associated with them in any case. According to Android Police, Samsung Rewards members received an email informing them that they will no longer be able to earn points if they use Samsung Pay to pay for transactions as well as gift card purchases after December 31, 2020, 11:59 p.m.

  1. Also revealed was the discontinuation of the Samsung Rewards Tier program, at least for the time being.
  2. There was no explanation provided as to why they were ending the use of rewards points through Samsung Pay, although it’s not entirely unexpected considering the number of modifications they’ve made to the program in recent months.
  3. Customers have also expressed dissatisfaction with the ease with which points may be redeemed, as well as with the fact that the benefits offered are insufficient when compared to those offered by credit card providers.
  4. Even if it’s simply for the sake of gaining points, you’ll almost certainly stop using it altogether.
  5. It’s possible that they are no longer seeking to compete with Google Pay or other online wallet services.
  6. You’ll most likely just use it because you want to or because you have to, rather than for any additional benefits or perks.

You can now use Samsung Reward points to buy Galaxy Store games

Samsung has now made it possible for you to use your Rewards point balance to pay for games on the Galaxy Store. According to a blog post published today by Samsung, you will receive one Samsung Rewards point for every dollar you spend on games purchased through the Galaxy Store. This implies that, in theory, the more money you spend, the more money you’ll receive in return. Normally, this isn’t something we’d support, but if you’ve already spent money on games on your Galaxy device and haven’t been able to spend it on your favorite titles, this may be a pleasant little extra to receive.

With Samsung Rewards, you will earn three Samsung Rewards points for every dollar you spend on games in the Galaxy Store once you have signed up for the program.

Over the course of the summer, the company has also stated that there will be more opportunities to redeem your Rewards points.

As a way of recognizing this new option, if you join up for Samsung Rewards, you will receive a bonus of $10 in points worth free.

That’s not all, too, as you’ll be able to earn twice as many points as you normally would for any genuine in-game purchases you make on the Samsung Galaxy Store throughout the month of July.

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