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Upgrading to Android 11 (One UI 3). – The Samsung Music application must be updated to the most recent version. (In certain cases, the music file is not shown or is unavailable for usage in the app.) As a result of the increased security provided by Android 11, the Samsung Music Playlist and the Android MediaProvider Playlist will be split. To import or export playlists, you can utilize the playlist import/export feature that is available in the configuration options. – The Queue will be reset as a result of system modifications.

In this instance, you can use the folder hide function to conceal the folder holding the files you wish to conceal.

The Most Important Characteristics 1.

(The file types that are supported may vary depending on the device.) 2.

  1. (Track,Album,Artist,Genre,Folder,Composer) 3.
  2. 4.
  3. 5.
  4. You may locate Spotify recommended music by going to the Spotify tab and searching for Spotify music that you’ll enjoy listening to.
  5. What exactly is FLAC?
  6. Even if optional permissions are refused, it is possible that fundamental functionalities will continue to function effectively.
  7. Permission for STORAGE: Writing, editing, and deleting data on the SD card are all possible.
  8. MICROPHONE permission: Galaxy S4, Note3, Note4, and Note5 only- Allows you to operate the player using voice instructions that are being heard rather than recorded by the player.
  9. Permission to use a phone is restricted to Korean devices only.

4 Ways to Add Music to Your Samsung Music App Quickly and Easily

Posted on December 17, 2020 by Lisa Ou When it comes to Samsung Android smartphones, the default music player is the Samsung Music application. Samsung Music supports the playback of audio tracks in the MP3, WMA, AAC, and FLAC formats. Consequently, you can add songs to the Samsung Music app for offline listening if you wish to listen to music when you don’t have an Internet connection. Of course, you may download music to your Samsung phone as well as other types of media. If you wish to migrate the downloaded music on your phone from another app to the Samsung Music app, the process is straightforward.

The question is, how do you transfer music from other devices? Don’t be concerned. Here are three simple methods for putting music on your Samsung phone or tablet, as well as any other Android device.

Part 1: Add Music to Samsung Music App from All Sources (Phone, Computer, iTunes…)

Is it feasible to transfer the downloaded music, ringtones, and audio files between two phones that do not have the same operating system installed? FoneLab HyperTrans, on the other hand, is precisely the intelligent file transferring solution you’ve been waiting for. It enables users to quickly and easily transfer music to their Samsung Galaxy S10/9/8/7, including downloaded and paid music, favorite songs, audiobooks, and other music files. With the quickest file transferring speed available, you can control and select which music to upload to your Samsung phone from your computer.

As a result, you can feel free to add songs to the Music app on your Samsung device in this case.

  • 1.Transfer files such as music and photographs to Samsung Galaxy S10 and other devices
  • 2.Transfer contacts, iTunes U, podcasts, voice notes, ringtones, and more to Samsung Galaxy S10 and other devices. 2) Transfer data across Android and iOS, Windows and Mac computers or vice versa
  • 3.Compatibility with the most recent iOS 15 and Android 8.0 versions
  • 4.Super-fast transferring speed with a promise of no quality degradation

FoneLab HyperTransTransfer data from an iPhone, an Android, an iOS device, or a computer to anywhere in the world without losing any information.

  • Transferring files across iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices is simple. Files may be imported from one iOS device to another or from one Android device to another. Transferring files from an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android device to a computer Save files from your computer to your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android device.

Step 1: Run FoneLab HyperTrans on your computer. Make use of a lightning USB connection to connect your Samsung phone to your computer. You must have faith in this machine in order to allow USB debugging. Step 2: Select Music from the left-hand window. The software will recognize all of the music tracks that are saved on your Samsung phone and play them again. The final product may be viewed on the main interface. Step 3: Select the tracks you want to upload to Samsung by clicking Add and selecting them.

Later on, selectExport to save the music to your Samsung mobile phone.

Part 2. Add Music to Samsung Music App with Google Play Music

You may wish to purchase new music using the Google Play Music app, but you prefer to listen to them through the Samsung Music app. What’s more, how can you get your music from Google Play to Samsung Music? You can have a look at this lesson.

Put Google Play Music on Samsung Music Player from Your Phone

Step 1: Launch the Google Play Music app on your smartphone. Step 2: Select an album or a playlist from your personal library. Step 3: Select Download to begin downloading music to your Samsung. Step 4: Launch the File Manager. Open the folder that contains the Google Play songs that you have downloaded. Step 5: Tap and hold the songs you want to hear. Step 6: SelectMove to and choose theSamsung Music Player folder as the destination folder for the move. You may now play music on your Samsung device’s music player.

Get Music from Google Play to Your Samsung Music from Your Computer

Step 1: Go to the Google Play Music online player, which is located at. Step 2: SelectMenuUpload MusicSelect from Your Computerimport music filesOpen by clicking on the menu button. Step 3: On your Samsung device, launch the Google Play Music application. On this page, you may download songs from the Samsung Music application.

Part 3. Add Music to Samsung Music App from PC or Mac via a USB Cable

Through the use of a USB connection, you may transfer files from your Android device to your PC or from your PC to your Android device. Before you can upload music to the Samsung Music app, you must first install the Android File Manager on your Mac computer. Step 1: Using a USB cord, connect your Samsung phone or tablet to your computer.

If required, select Media device (MTP) from the drop-down menu on your phone. Step 2: After the device has been recognized, navigate to the Samsung Music app folder. Step 3: Drag and drag the music files into the Samsung Music app to begin importing them.

Part 4. Add Music to Samsung Music App from PC via Windows Media Player

In the first step, launch Windows Media Player on your computer, and the Music Library should display. Step 2 Select the music that you wish to sync to your Samsung device and then click theSyncbutton in the upper-right corner of your device. For those who are interested in learning how to transfer text messages from Android to Android, it is also a viable alternative to consider. That concludes our discussion on how to add songs to the Samsung Music app. You may save time by usingFoneLab HyperTrans to transfer songs to Samsung from any iOS or Android device, as well as from a Mac or a Windows computer.

It simply brings together digital players that operate on different operating systems.

FoneLab HyperTransTransfer data from an iPhone, an Android, an iOS device, or a computer to anywhere in the world without losing any information.

  • Transferring files across iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices is simple. Files may be imported from one iOS device to another or from one Android device to another. Transferring files from an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android device to a computer Save files from your computer to your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android device.

How do I add songs to my Samsung music?

Add songs to your Samsung music player

  1. To launch the Apps tray from the Home screen, swipe up on an empty place on the screen. To play music, go to the Google folder and select PlayMusic. Select one of the following options by tapping the Menu icon (located at the upper left): Now is the time to listen. MyLibrary
  2. Continue to follow the further prompts, tabs, and options in each area above to locate and play music
  3. If necessary,

The Google PlayTM Music app for AndroidTM allows you to easily add a song to your music playlist.

  1. Navigate through the following icons on your Home screen: Apps icon (Google), PlayMusic
  2. To access the menu, select the Menu icon (upper-left). Select Music Library from the drop-down menu. Choose Menu from the Songs tab (it’s placed next to the song you want to listen to). Select “Add to playlist” from the drop-down menu. Select a playlist from the drop-down menu.

It is also possible to inquire, “How can I move music from Spotify to Samsung music?” To import tracks from Spotify, select “Add Files” from the drop-down menu. Songs, playlists, and albums may be added straight from the Spotify client, or the song URL can be copied and pasted. If you want to sync your Spotify tracks to your Samsung, go to “Options” “Advanced” and pick the output format (MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC) from the drop-down menu. Second, how do I go about using Samsung music?

  1. Locate the “Play Music” button. Using your finger, drag it upward on the screen. Playing an audio file Starting from the left-hand side of the screen, slide your finger to the right. Decide on the loudness
  2. You may now go on to the next or previous audio file. Toggle the repeat feature on or off. Toggle the shuffle feature on or off
  3. Toss an audio file into your playlist. To return to the home screen, click here.

What is the best way to get songs into my Samsung music app? Install Samsung Music on a Galaxy Device by following these steps:

  1. In order to bring up the Apps Menu, first tap on the Apps button, then slide up or down on your Home Screen. 2 Select More Options or the three dots from the drop-down menu. 3 Select Galaxy Essentials from the drop-down menu. 3 Select Galaxy Essentials from the drop-down menu to download the Music PlayerApp.
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How to use samsung music app

It couldn’t be much simpler to add music to the Samsung music application. It will scan through all of the files on your device every time you launch the program, and it will immediately add any music that it discovers. Simply downloading or adding some music to your smartphone will suffice to get you started on your journey.

Is Samsung music free to use?

In fact, the first version of Samsung’s Music Hub is absolutely free, while the second version is a little more expensive. Both a mobile application and a web-based music player are available, both of which may be accessed from any computer. The Music Hub Premium subscription costs $9.99 USD a month and provides you with several additional benefits over and beyond those provided by the free service.

What music player does Samsung use?

The Samsung Music app is available for download via the Google Play or Samsung Galaxy Apps stores, depending on your device. The Samsung Music app is capable of playing back audio files in formats like as MP3, WMA, AAC, and FLAC. The Samsung Music app is designed specifically for use with Samsung Android smartphones and includes a sophisticated music player with a variety of features.

What happened to Samsung music player?

Google Play Music now includes the Samsung Galaxy’s Music Player, which was previously separate.

In the meanwhile, if you still want to use the Samsung Music Player, you can still get it from either the Google Play Store or through the Samsung Galaxy Apps store.

Why doesn’t Samsung have a music app?

Samsung made the decision to delete a large number of applications so that you could pick which applications to install and which applications to uninstall. Because the great majority of users these days choose to stream music rather than play local files, the Music app was one of those that was demoted to the status of an optional download.

Why there is no music player in Samsung?

The manufacturer has deleted both its standard Music Player and Video Player programs from the devices and has replaced them with Google Play Music and Google Play Movies, which are both available for free on Google Play. If customers do not wish to take use of the search engine giant’s offers, they can always download Samsung’s media tools from the Galaxy Store, which is available for free.

What is the default music app for Samsung?

Hollis Johnson is a well-known actor. Google Play Music will be the default music app on Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 smartphone. That’s a dull phrase, but it holds a great deal of significance for the company that makes the most Android phones in the world.

How do you put music on a Samsung?

In a new window, navigate to the Music folder on your Galaxy.

  1. If you’re using Windows, press the keys Win + E to open a new file explorer window, select your Samsung from the left-hand column, and then double-click the Music folder
  2. If you’re using Mac OS X, press the keys Win + E to open a new file explorer window, select your Samsung from the left-hand column, and then double-click the Music folder
  3. If you’re using Linux, press the keys Win + E to open a new file explorer window
  4. To transfer music from your Galaxy S4 to your Mac, use the Android File Transfer software and double-click the Music folder on your computer’s hard drive.

How do I save music to my Samsung phone?

Drag and drop, or copy and paste, any audio files you wish to listen to on your device into the music folder on your computer or mobile device. Depending on how many files you are transferring, the transfer may take a long time to complete. Once the transfer has been finished, you may use the Play Music app to listen to the music files that have been transferred to your smartphone.

Which music player is best for Samsung?

15 of the greatest Android music player applications

  • AIMP, BlackPlayer EX, DoubleTwist Music Player, MediaMonkey, Musicolet, Neutron Player, Oto Music, Phonograph, and more similar programs

How do I play my music on Android?

How to Make Music Playable on Your Android Tablet While Not Connected to the Internet

  1. Display the navigation drawer for the Play Music application
  2. Select My Library from the drop-down menu. Take a look at your music collection. Discover and select the song, artist, or album that you wish to save on your tablet
  3. And Select the Action Overflow symbol next to the song, artist, or album you want to listen to
  4. Select the command “Keep on Device” from the drop-down menu.

How do I download free music onto my Samsung?

Discover free tracks by simply browsing through the music in the Galaxy Apps app or the Google Play store app on your mobile device. Certain streaming services, like as Spotify, have free accounts; however, these accounts typically come with some restrictions, such as restricted skipping of tracks or the presence of adverts.

How do I create a playlist on my Samsung phone?

Apps may be accessed from the Home screen. Make contact with Music. Create a playlist by pressing the Create playlist button. Select CREATE from the drop-down menu after giving the playlist a name.

How do I put music on my phone?

Despite the fact that Audials Playis one of the most effective methods of downloading music for free on an Android device, it takes a novel strategy to doing so. While the program allows you to download a large amount of music, all of the music will be sourced from the radio station itself.

Is Spotify music free?

Spotify is available for free, but the options it offers are restricted. If you subscribe to the free plan, music can be played in shuffle mode, and you can skip up to six times per hour, every hour, for a total of six skips. … If you sign up for the Spotify free plan, you will have access to all of the playlists, as well as the ability to discover new music and share songs with friends.

Where is my music library on Android?

To access your music library, select My Library from the navigation drawer on the left side of the screen.

The primary Play Music screen displays a list of the songs in your music library. To see your music in other categories, such as Artists, Albums, or Songs, select a tab from the navigation bar.

What’s the best music app for Android?

The Top Music Apps for Android Devices

  • YouTube Music, Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Poweramp Music Player, iHeartRadio, Deezer, and Audible are all excellent options.

What is the best way to download music?

The Best Music Streaming Services in India are listed here. The Best Way To Download Paid Android Apps For Free?. What is the best way to get free music downloads?

No. Music Download Websites Best Known For
1 SoundCloud Spotify Alternative
2 ReverbNation Pop, Alternative, and Hip-hop
3 Jamendo Well-curated playlists and Radio stations
4 SoundClick All genres

How do I play music on my Samsung Galaxy S10?

Samsung Galaxy S10, which serves as a music player.

  1. To launch the Apps tray from the Home screen, swipe up on an empty place on the screen. Tap the Google folder
  2. Tap Play Music
  3. Tap the Menu icon (upper left) and select one of the options from the list that appears: Home. Recents. .
  4. A new release has been made. For each part above, follow the extra prompts, tabs, and options listed therein to search and play music.

Does Android have a music player?

The Android operating system, like Apple’s iPhone, includes a built-in music player with a huge touch-screen interface that makes it simple to handle while on the road. Nonetheless, because Android is an open platform, you’ll have no trouble finding third-party music applications that go well beyond what the default Android Music app can do.

6 Best Ways to Download and Import Music to Samsung

When we obtain a new Samsung phone, we must remember to transfer all of our data from the old phone to the new one. a. However, there’s one more thing we won’t forget to do because listening to music has become a dangerously addicting habit for us. Our favorite music is usually played when we’re on our way to work or are alone in our homes. Even if someone has several distinct playlists, each one is tailored to a certain feeling. Here, we’ll introduce you to the six finest methods for guiding you through the process of downloading and importing music to your Samsung.

Method 1. Import music from computer to Samsung via USB

It is common knowledge that data transfers from an Android phone to a computer via USB are a simple and straightforward process. Step 1: Use a USB cable to connect your Samsung phone to your computer. On the notification panel, you should select ‘Connected as a media device,’ which is what you should do. Step 2: In your computer’s ‘This PC’ window, you will notice that the Samsung Phone appears as a removable disk. With a double-click on the disk, many different folders appear, including those for movies and pictures.

You can copy, paste, or drag-and-drop the target music from a local folder to your target folder using these methods (You can also add a new folder in your phone to save these new songs from computer.)

Method 2. Import music from computer to Samsung Selectively

If you’re looking for a powerful Android phone assistant that can manage various types of data for you, such as transferring music from your PC to your phone, exporting photos from your phone to your PC, backing up phone apps on your PC, editing phone contacts on your PC, and so on, then look no further. Syncios Android Manager, which is intended to make data management as simple as possible, continues to amaze us. Let’s go through the process: First, we’ll have a look at what to do. In order to begin, you must first download and install Syncios Manager on your PC.

  1. Step 3: Connect your Samsung phone to your computer using the USB cable.
  2. You may also check for the following situations in case your Samsung is still unable to be identified by Syncios: The USB debugging mode on your Samsung has not yet been activated.
  3. Navigate back to the Settings screen by pressing the Back button, and then selecting ‘System, Advanced, and Developer options.
  4. When you fail to install Syncios Apk on your phone, go to ‘Settings’ ‘Security’ and tick ‘Unknown sources’ to enable Syncios to download.
  5. 5The ADB driver for mobile devices should be installed.
  6. Step 4 There are just a few alternatives available.
  7. If you wish to transfer songs from your computer to your Samsung, select the ‘Add’ option to open a smaller pop-up window.
  8. (The ‘Add file’ option enables you to see the detailed details of music before transferring them.) Now choose your desired folder from the list and click ‘Ctrl+A’ to select all of the music in the folder or ‘Ctrl+S’ to select only certain songs in the folder.

Finally, press the ‘Open’ button to begin importing the tracks.

Method 3. Import music from Android device to Samsung wirelessly

Looking for a sophisticated Android phone assistant that can handle many sorts of data for you, such as adding music from your PC to your phone, exporting images from your phone to your PC, backing up phone apps to your PC, editing phone contacts to your PC, and so forth? Look no further. Surprises are constantly in store for us when we use Syncios Android Manager, which is intended for data management. The steps are as follows: Firstly, we must define what we mean by “first step.” In order to begin, you must first download and install Syncios Manager on your PC.

  • Step 3: Connect your Samsung phone to your computer using the USB cable provided.
  • You may also check for the following situations where your Samsung is unable to be identified by Syncios: The USB debugging option on your Samsung has not been activated yet.
  • Navigate back to the Settings page by pressing the Back button, and then selecting ‘System, Advanced, and Developer options.’ Tap’OK’ to confirm if the message “Allow USB debugging?” is shown.
  • ④ The connection mode should be set to MTP / PTP on your phone when you tap’Connected as a media device’ or’Connected as a camera’ on your phone.
  • The usual use of a USB cable or a USB port is 6.
  • You will get the following snapshot after clicking on the word “Music.” Tap the ‘Add’ button to bring up a smaller pop-up window where you may import tracks from your computer.
  • Then, to import these tracks, press the ‘Open’ button.

Method 4. Import music from iPhone to Samsung

We’ve been aware for some time now that data transmission between iPhone and Android can be problematic. So, is there a gadget that can assist us in doing the task perfectly? Is it going to be difficult? Syncios Data Transferprovides the most straightforward solution for you. You have the ability to transfer contacts, messages, movies, images, audio, and other data from your iOS smartphone to your Samsung mobile without any restrictions. Step 1: First, download and install Syncios Data Transfer on your computer.

  1. 3.
  2. Step number four.
  3. Restore: This feature allows you to restore data from an iTunes/iCloud backup or from your iTunes Library to mobile devices.
  4. Then, as seen in the accompanying picture, navigate to Transfermodule (the default module).
  5. If you find that the location is wrong, you can manually adjust it.

Step 5: To proceed to the next step, click “Next.” If you wish to transfer music, select the ‘Audio’ option and then click on the ‘Next’ button to begin loading the information. (There are 33 audio files in this screenshot.) Then press ‘Next’ and ‘OK’ to begin data transmission.

Method 5. Import music from iTunes library to Samsung

iTunes is a program that Apple customers may use to organize and play music and movies. If the songs you wish to transfer are located in your iTunes Library rather than on your iOS device, don’t close the software; the Restore module of Syncios Data Transfer can assist you in transferring music to your Samsung mobile phone from your iTunes Library without closing the program. First, we’ll have a look at what to do. To return to the main interface, use the ‘Back’ button. Then select the ‘Restore’ module.

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Syncios Backup is the default option.

Step 2: Syncios will automatically find and load music files from your computer’s iTunes Library, saving you time and effort.

Method 6. Download music from stream music to Samsung

There are a few popular music platforms that are widely used by music enthusiasts. But how can we download music in a common format so that we may play them on our iPod, iPhone, Zune, PSP, MP3 player, and other devices while we are not connected to the internet? AudiCable Audio Recorder is capable of accomplishing this in a straightforward manner. Step 1: Download AudiCable Audio Recorder and install it on your computer. The first step is to launch it on your PC. On the start-up page, you’ll find a list of various well-known music streaming services.

  1. Click on’Spotify’ from the main interface, then click on the button that says “Sign in.” To log in, you’ll need to enter your account details.
  2. Step 4: After logging in, look for and download the music/song of your choice.
  3. AudiCable will automatically begin recording the music as soon as it detects it.
  4. The music that you have just listened to has been recorded and listed here, and it has been saved to your computer.
  5. 6Step 2Follow the steps outlined in Method 2to transfer music to your Samsung mobile phone.


You should now be able to download and import music to your Samsung mobile phone. With Syncios Mobile Manager, you can transfer music from your computer to your Samsung device, and you can transfer music from your iPhone/iTunes Library to your Samsung device with Syncios Data Transfer. In addition, you may use AudioCable Audio Recorder to download and convert Spotify songs to a standard format, which you can then store to your mobile phone.

What to Do Next? Download Syncios now!

With the emergence of several music streaming services, many individuals have been able to locate their favorite tunes on platforms such as Spotify and other similar services. There are more than 30 million songs accessible for consumers to choose from in Spotify’s huge music collection. Many other individuals, on the other hand, like to listen to songs on the programs that come pre-installed on their smartphones, such as the Samsung Music app. In the eyes of many, Samsung Music is a user-friendly tool for organizing and managing music on their Samsung mobile devices.

If so, what is the process? In reality, even if you have a Premium account with Spotify, you will not be able to link your personal collections to your Samsung Music account. Don’t be concerned. We’ve arrived to assist you in transferring your Spotify playlist to Samsung Music.

  • Introduction to Spotify’s Library in Samsung Music
  • Part 1: How to Access Spotify’s Library in Samsung Music
  • Part 2: The Most Effective Method for Downloading Spotify Playlists to MP3 Format
  • Adding Music to Samsung Music via Spotify is covered in Part 3 of this article.
  • Part 4 explains how to use Samsung Music to stream Spotify from any location.

Part 1. How to Browse through Spotify’s Library in Samsung Music

4. How to use Samsung Music to stream Spotify from any location.

Part 2. Spotify to Samsung Music: What You Should Do

Music may be stored and organized easily with the Samsung Music app, which supports a wide range of audio formats, including MP3, WMA, AAC and FLAC. In spite of the fact that Samsung Music has collaborated with Spotify in order to offer you the most popular tracks and playlists in your region, you can only locate your new jam on the music player, rather than streaming music from Spotify itself. Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that all Spotify tracks are encoded in the OGG Vorbis format, which means you won’t be able to transfer your downloaded Spotify music to Samsung Music for playback.

Consequently, if you wish to transfer Spotify music to Samsung Music, the first step is to uninstall Spotify’s DRM protection and convert Spotify music to MP3 format.

Key Features of Tunelf Spotibeat Music Converter

  • Download Spotify playlists, songs, and albums with no need for a paid subscription
  • Convert Spotify songs to various audio formats such as MP3, WAV, FLAC, and others. Music songs from Spotify should retain their lossless audio quality and ID3 tags. Reduce the amount of advertisements and DRM protection on Spotify music by 5 times with 5x the speed.

Step 1Add Spotify songs to the converter

Start up Tunelf Spotibeat Music Converter on your PC, and the program will automatically load Spotify. Then you can browse through your Spotify library and find music, playlists, albums, and even artists that you like. You may copy the link from each track and paste it into the search box on the converter, after which you can click the+button to add music to your collection. Alternatively, you may drag & drop your favorite tracks into the converter.

Step 2Select the output audio settings

Select Preferences from the top bar once you’ve finished adding your tunes to the playlist. Then proceed to click on theConverttab, and you will notice a window open up as a result of your actions. From this box, you may select from a variety of output formats that you want to use. Other audio characteristics, such as the sampling rate, the channel, and the bit rate, may all be changed to your liking.

Step 3Download Spotify songs to MP3

When you have finished adding your music, proceed to click theConvertbutton to allow Tunelf Spotibeat Music Converter to begin downloading and converting your Spotify songs to your computer. All of the Spotify music you choose will be downloaded and converted to MP3 format, or any other format you specify, and saved on your computer within a few minutes.

Part 3. How to Add Songs from Spotify to Samsung Music

Having completed the process, you should have no trouble transferring Spotify music to Samsung Music. There is a method that you may use to import Spotify music tracks into Samsung Music, and it is described below. Now you may begin transferring Spotify music to Samsung Music so that it can be played on your Samsung devices. Here’s how to easily add songs to your Samsung Music library.

3.1 Transfer songs to Samsung Music via a USB cable

Before you can upload your music to Samsung Music, you should first install an Android manager on your Mac. You may connect your device to your computer and then transfer the converted Spotify music files directly to your device from your computer to your device. Step 1. Use a USB cord to connect your Samsung device to your computer.

Step 2. Step 2.After your computer has recognized your device, open the Samsung Music app folder from your computer’s desktop. Step 3: Navigate to the Spotify tracks folder and drag the songs into the Samsung Music folder (if they are not already there).

3.2 Use the Samsung Music app to play songs

The Spotify music on your PC have been transported to the Samsung devices in your possession. Then you can go ahead and start playing those music on your Samsung device by simply launching the app on your phone or tablet. Step 1.Open Samsung Music from your Apps Tray and select Agree from the drop-down menu. Step 2.Confirm your agreement with the popup permissions by pressing the Start button. Step 3.Hit the Folders button to browse through the Spotify tracks that are currently saved on your device, and then choose a music to listen to.

Part 4. How to Use Samsung Music to Play Spotify Anywhere

The Spotify tracks on your PC have been transported to the Samsung devices in your possession now, right? Afterwards, you may start playing those music on your Samsung smartphone right away by just launching the app on your phone. 1.Open Samsung Music from your Apps Tray and select Agree from the drop-down menu. Second, accept the permissions requested in the popup window and press “Start.” Select a music that you’d want to listen to by tapping Folders and navigating among the Spotify tracks saved on your device.

Set Spotify music as alarms with Samsung Music

1) Turn on your Samsung device and press the Clock button to access it. 2)TapAlarmAdd to create a new alarm or to edit an existing alarm in real time. 3)TapAlarm soundand choose Spotify to have your alarm sound come from a Spotify playlist instead of your phone’s alarm. Register for a Spotify account and then pick the playlist you’d like to use as your alarm sound from the drop-down menu.

Use Samsung Music to play Spotify songs on Samsung Watch

1) On your smartphone, choose AppsSamsung Galaxy WatchSettings. 2) 2)Continue to tapSend material to Galaxy Watch on the next screen. Choose a tune to listen to. TapDone when you’ve selected the Spotify music files you wish to transmit. 4)Open Samsung Music on your watch and begin listening to Spotify tracks while not connected to the internet.


To play and manage Spotify tracks, you may use Tunelf Spotibeat Music Converter to easily transfer them to Samsung Music for playback and management purposes. Aside from that, you will be able to move your Spotify music to other devices for offline listening convenience.

Samsung music as default – Google Assistant Community

I listen to all of my music on my phone using Samsung Music, and I’d want to be able to designate it as my primary music player if possible. I don’t have any music app subscriptions, and I have no plans to obtain any in the near future. Those are the only alternatives available to you (except from Google Play Music, which is quite disorganized). Because I mostly use Google Assistant in my car, I don’t want to use Spotify because I don’t want to consume any data while doing so. The most recent revision Updates on a regular basis (0) Answer that is recommended Answers that are recommended (0) Answer that is relevant Answers that are relevant (0) Our automatic algorithm evaluates the responses and selects the one that is most likely to provide the best accurate answer to the question.

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Guide for the Samsung Galaxy S8 – Use music player

Slide your finger up the screen to the right. To play music, use the Play button.

2. Play audio file

Starting from the left side of the screen, slide your finger to the right. This will complete the motion. Music collection may be accessed by pressing the button. Select the appropriate category. Select the audio file that you want to listen to. At the bottom of the screen, click on the music title to play it.

3. Select volume

Increase or decrease the volume by pressing the upper or lower section of the Volume key on your keyboard.

4. Go to the next or previous audio file

To go on to the next audio file, press the right arrow key. To return to the previous audio file, press the left arrow button twice.

5. Turn repeat on or off

By pressingthe repeat symbol, you may switch on or off the feature. You have the option of deciding whether or not you want the music player to repeat a single or several audio files.

6. Turn shuffle on or off

Toggle the shuffle feature on or off by pressing the shuffle icon.

7. Add audio file to playlist

To access the menu, select it from the drop-down menu. Add the song to your playlist by using the Add to playlist button. Press the NEW PLAYLIST button. Create a playlist by entering a title and pressing the CREATE PLAYLIST button.

8. Return to the home screen

To return to the home screen, press the Home key twice.

How to use Samsung’s awesome Music Share feature on your Galaxy device

The most recent update was made on February 24th, 2021 at 08:30 UTC+01:00. Music Share is a handy little feature of Samsung’s smartphones that you might have missed when it originally launched last year. It allows you to share music across two devices. For anyone using Samsung’s Android-based operating system, One UI 2.1 or a later version, it’s worth taking a look at what they’ve been missing out on all this time. Music Share, as its unassuming moniker suggests, is designed to address the challenge of balancing many device connections on a single Bluetooth speaker.

In order to play music, your friends and family members may connect to your phone over Bluetooth, rather than needing to link their phones with the Bluetooth speaker you have purchased.

Furthermore, it is really simple to use.

How to use the Music Share feature on your Galaxy device

  1. Look for the Music Share fast toggle in your phone’s notification shade and tap and hold it to access the Music Share options
  2. Enable the function by selecting it from the drop-down menu at the top, and then pick Everyone from theShare devices with drop-down menu. Afterwards, once your phone has been successfully linked to the Bluetooth speaker (and Music Share has been activated), just request that your friend or family member go to the Bluetooth settings on their phone and scan for devices. In the list of possible devices, they should be able to see the name of your Bluetooth speaker combined with the name of your phone (something likeGalaxy Buds via John’s phone) – just ask them to choose it and then selectAllow on your phone to allow them to connect. If connected, your friend or family member can simply start playing music on their smartphone, and the sound will be played over the Bluetooth speaker
  3. Once disconnected, they will have to reconnect.
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It is important to note that in order for Music Share to function properly, both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi must be enabled on the participating devices. If you’re interested in learning more about how this functionality came to be, watch the video demonstration provided by Samsung below. According to Samsung, any Galaxy handset running Android 10 (One UI 2.1) or a more current operating system version would be able to take benefit of this audio feature everywhere in the world.

Spotify integration comes to Samsung Music

Spotify was one of the firms that made an appearance on stage at the Galaxy Note 9 Unpacked event in New York City. As a subscriber to the family Spotify plan, I was interested to see what this relationship may offer, and I upgraded the Samsung Music app on my Note 9 yesterday in order to try out the connection. Also, the original Android phone was an unsightly contraption that I adored. CNET Spotify connectivity has been added to Samsung Music as part of a recent upgrade. Spotify is available as an optional tab on your compatible Samsung device, alongside other tabs such as artist, playlist, album, and so on.

  1. Tapping on one of these will take you out of Samsung Music and into the playlist you selected on Spotify.
  2. Furthermore, when you search for music, the results will not only contain songs from your personal music library, but also stuff from Spotify.
  3. The connection with Spotify is fantastic since it allows me to have a single interface for both music selection and control, which is quite convenient.
  4. TechRepublic Spotify is also incorporated into the Samsung Galaxy Watch, which is one of the primary reasons why I prefer it over the Apple Watch in terms of functionality.

This compatibility includes offline synchronization of Spotify material, which allows you to load up music on the watch and play it while jogging or working out without the need for an active phone connection to do so.

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Import YouTube Music to Samsung Music in 2022

Begin right now! It is simple to transfer your music from YouTube Music to Samsung Music using the MusConv software. You may try it for free.

How to importYouTube Music to Samsung Music?

The process of transferring music between YouTube and Samsung has never been simpler! Try it out and see how it works! To migrate between two services, you only need to complete four simple steps: Step 1: Choose YouTube Music as the source service. 2 Select the playlists that you wish to move to your new computer. 3 SelectSamsung Music as the destination service from the menu. Drink a cup of tea while MusConv does the heavy lifting. Your playlists and songs will be available on Samsung Music after the process is complete.

Move FromYouTube Music to Samsung Music – Video Tutorial

You may try it for free.

Alternative method to transfer playlists and tracks fromYouTube Music to Samsung Music:

  1. You may choose YouTube Music as the source service. Choose the playlists that you wish to duplicate
  2. The destination service should be named CSVfile. Select just savedCSV as the source file. Samsung Music is the recommended destination service.

This approach allows you to backup all of your music data to a CSV file, which you can then use to import it into Samsung Music at any time.

4 Useful Tips to Transfer Music from Samsung to Samsung? Solved![2021]

Samsung provides the Smart Switch software, which was designed specifically to move a wide variety of data from one Samsung device to another. There are many things that you should be aware of when it comes to Smart Switch, and this is the next manner that we would want to present you to them in order to fulfill the purpose. It is compatible with operating systems such as Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows. You only need to maintain the two devices linked over the same and powerful Wi-Fi network, or if you choose to use the cable option, you will need USB cables and an OTG connection to do this.

  • In order to begin, keep the two Samsung smartphones close together and start the Smart Switch application if you have it installed. On the Samsung phone that is being used as a source, choose “Wireless” and then “Send.” Now select “Connect” from the drop-down menu. On the Samsung phone that will be receiving the data, choose “Wireless” and then “Receive.” Toggle on “Android now
  • ” Following that, you’ll need to decide what kind of data you’d like to send and receive. If you don’t want any other stuff, you may uncheck the boxes next to it. On the source device, press “SEND,” while on the destination device, press “RECEIVE.” In a short period of time, your music will be transferred to the new phone, and you will be able to close the app on both devices. You have completed your task.

Part 2: How to use Third Party Tool to make Music Transferring Easier

The second method of transferring music from Samsung to Samsung is through the use of a tool that meets all of the user’s requirements. The need includes the need for safety when sending data, a user-friendly interface, the simplest and quickest processes to complete, as well as dependability. It is one of the most well-known brands, and it must provide excellent compatibility with both Windows and Mac.

When working with this program, it is possible to transmit a variety of different sorts of data. Get familiar with the process of transferring music from one Samsung device to another using MobileTrans.

Samsung Transfer

  • MobileTrans is incredibly simple to use, thanks to its straightforward interface, which does not require any technical knowledge to use. It allows for the transfer of data from one phone to another, including images, movies, music, contacts, call logs, bookmarks, messages, notes, and a plethora of other types of data. Before beginning the transfer procedure, users must first pick the type of data they intend to transfer. If you use it, you won’t have any problems with compatibility difficulties. In addition, it is compatible with more than 6000 distinct phone models and even allows for data transfer between platforms such as iOS to Android (and vice versa). Throughout the process, the data’s quality would be maintained at a high level, and it would not be kept somewhere else

Available on the following platforms: Step 1: Launch the application. Make a visit to the Wondershare MobileTrans official website and download the software from there. Install the application and run it from the command line. On the main screen, select the “Phone to Phone Transfer” tab from the drop-down menu. Step 2: Establish a connection between the devices and the computer. Take the two Samsung devices and connect them to the computer with the help of the USB cords that came with them. It is possible that the application may recognize your gadgets, and you will be able to view them in both the source and the target positions.

Step 3: Transfer music from one Samsung device to another Samsung device.

Select “Music” from the drop-down menu and then press “Start.” The transfer will begin, and you will be able to listen to music on your new device immediately after.

Part 3: How to Move Music from Samsung to another Samsung via Bluetooth

One of the old-fashioned approaches that is still beneficial to many people nowadays! Also available is this option if you do not find the previous two options to be beneficial. Let’s go over the stages that will assist you in completing the assignment. First and foremost, make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on both devices, either via the notification panel or from Settings. Make the device visible, and then from the old Samsung, choose the Bluetooth name of the target device from the drop-down menu.

Simply navigate to the File Manager and begin picking the music that will be transferred.

You will be able to transfer all of your music onto the new Samsung in this manner.

Part 4: Drop and Drag Music between Samsung Phone

Finally, we’d like to expose you to another simple technique of transferring music from one Samsung device to another Samsung device. You’ll need a computer nearby, as well as the original USB cords for both Samsung devices, to complete this task. Understand the step-by-step guide on how to transfer music from Samsung to Samsung in the next section. Getting Started: Connecting Your Samsung Devices to Your Computer Step 1: First and foremost, connect both of your Samsung devices to your computer by connecting in the official USB cords.

Then, navigate to the Samsung device from which you desire to transfer music and choose it from the drop-down menu.

Step 3:Finally, from the source device pane, browse to the music folder and choose the files that you want to drag and drop into the destination device.

Drag the selection to the target device window at this point.

Wait for the procedure to complete, and all of your music will be transferred to your new Samsung device in a short period of time (depending on the quantity of the data to be transferred). Disconnect the gadget and have a good time!

Final Words

We’ve covered a wide range of techniques for transferring music from one Samsung device to another, including Bluetooth, Smart Switch, data transfer tools, and drag and drop. Once you’ve decided which technique would work best for you, you can begin transferring music from one Samsung device to another.

How do I move mp3s in internal storage to Samsung music also on my phone?

If you are listening to music on your phone, the internal storage should be where it is kept regardless of the app you are using to access it. To have the app look in other directories or places, you would need to go into the app’s settings and change the settings. Most programs, on the other hand, should search/look for the things throughout the whole internal storage. It should not be necessary to’move’ it after it has been installed on the device.

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