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How to Turn on Samsung tv Without Remote [2022]? (Answered)

Samsung also manufactures smart televisions, in addition to smartphones and other electronic devices. His smart TV models are equipped with the most advanced technology and features available on the market today. Samsung smart TVs are available in a wide range of sizes, image standards, pricing ranges, and other features, amongst other things. Samsung provides a remote controller with every Samsung television, regardless of the model you purchase. The bundled remote control may be used to choose channels, change volume, alter controller playback settings, and perform several other functions.

Here are some suggestions.

It is possible to switch on a Samsung television straight from the television, just like you would with any other type of television.

How to turn on a Samsung television without using a remote

Turning on the television without a remote control is possible

Power button (joystick) is positioned directly under the screen, in the centre, to the right or to the left side of most TVs, depending on the model. Once you’ve found the button, press and hold it for one second to switch on your television once you’ve discovered it. If you wish to save electricity, you may switch off your television by pressing the same button. Alternative techniques for turning on your television without the use of a remote control exist, though, and they are described below.

Samsung Smart TVs have a variety of features.

There is a button that can be pressed on almost every television. As a consequence, you will no longer need to utilize a remote control to turn on and off your television, adjust the volume, or switch channels. When the channels on your TV are streamed through the STB, there is only one case in which a problem might occur: when the STB is connected to the TV. Keep in mind that these configurations cannot be modified unless a separate remote control device is used to make the changes.

Is it possible to turn on a Samsung TV without using the remote control?

Yes. It is possible to turn on the Samsung TV, as well as the vast majority of smart TV models, without the need of a remote control. There are a variety of sad instances in which you may find yourself unable to switch on your Samsung TV because you do not have a remote control available to you. Consider the following scenarios: your remote control might be missing, the batteries could require replacement or the remote control could be damaged and no longer operate. In such conditions, it is possible to switch on the Samsung TV without the use of the remote control, if desired.

The method of turning on your Samsung smart TV, on the other hand, is significantly dependant on the model that you have. In spite of the fact that you may power on your Samsung TV without using a remote, you will only be able to access a restricted set of features.

How do I turn on my Samsung TV without using the remote?

The TV Control button, which is also known as the Control Stick or Jog Controller button, should be pressed in order to power on your Samsung television. This button might be found on the back, front, or centre of your Samsung television, depending on the model you have. Your Samsung TV can be turned on and the volume controlled using the Jog Controller, and you can also access Smart Hub functions such as Settings and Menus. The identification and location of the Jog Control button are the most important steps.

Otherwise, if you have a copy of the device’s instruction manual, you should consult it to identify exactly where it is positioned on your television.

Examine the Samsung TV’s backlit display.

The TV Controller button will most likely be found on the back of the Samsung TV, near the bottom right corner of the screen, in the majority of instances. Move the cursor up and down, as well as left and right, by using this key combination. Simply pressing and holding the center button for an extended length of time will switch on the Samsung TV without the use of a remote or other device. Keep in mind that the Samsung television’s TV remote is positioned on its rear panel. You may make your pick with a single push of the middle button on your keyboard.

Examine the Samsung TV’s front

Following the top of the Samsung smart TV, the middle of the TV is the next highest probable position to seek for the TV remote after the bottom. On some Samsung televisions, the TV Controller may be located in the centre of the front area of the screen at certain times of the day. Approximately five buttons will be included in the set. In order to turn on the television, press and hold the central button for an extended amount of time. It is positioned in the centre of the front panel, in the center of the TV Controller.

The Samsung TV can be turned on by pressing and holding down the center button for a lengthy amount of time.

The TV controller is located in the middle of the front bezel.

From the side, look at the front panel of your Samsung television. Only a handful of the Samsung televisions will include a TV Controller, which will be positioned at the bottom of the bezel. Whenever you are seated and looking at the device, you should look for it on the right-hand side of your television’s screen. The power button on the remote control must be pressed in order for the Samsung TV to turn on. If you lose control of your Samsung TV’s remote control, there isn’t much you can do to make matters even more difficult.

Because you can use it even if you don’t have a controller to make it work. In order to profit from the television being switched on, you just must identify the Jog Controller and press the appropriate button on the controller.

Method 2: Making Use of the SmartThings App

Samsung has created a mobile application known as SmartThings that allows you to easily operate your Samsung TV and other devices from your smartphone. Depending on whatever mobile device you are using, you can download and install this application from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. You should bear in mind that this approach can only be used if the SmartThing app has previously been set up to interact with your TV before trying it. If you have not previously configured this technique, you will be unable to utilize it if you have misplaced your remote control.

  • 2:Open the SmartThings program and click on the plus sign (+) button.
  • 4: Choose a television set from the available options.
  • 6: After that, choose a place from the list of alternatives that are presented.
  • Simply said, that’s all there is to it.
  • 8: Next, run the SmartThings app and choose the name of your television from the list of available options.
  • 10: To switch on or off your television at any moment, simply push the power button on the remote control.
  • If you are running an older version of the software, you can control your device using third-party remote control applications for Android and iPhone devices.
  • The built-in buttons can only execute a limited number of operations due to the low amount of buttons available.

How To Turn Off Samsung TV without Remote

1. To access the menu, tap the power button on your device. 2. The selection will progress through the available possibilities each time you push the button once. The gadget will switch off if you push and hold the power button while it is in the Power the first choice position. 4. You may now, among other things, turn off your television by just using the remote control.

Our Final Thoughts

We all had those moments when we misplace our remote control. Possibly as a result of misplacing or forgetting where you put the remote control. So, what is the reason for your misplacing your remote control? Please share your thoughts in the comment area below.

Frequently Ask Questions


The Samsung smart TV will come with a TV Controller or a Jog Controller, depending on the model. As a result, you will be able to access the television functionalities more easily and quickly without the use of a separate remote device.

What are some of the possible options that a TV Controller will be able to provide?

Standard features on most Samsung television models include power, home, settings, source, and return, all of which are in addition to the basic menu selections. Few TVs will be equipped with a Smart Hub, while others will be provided with channel up and down, as well as volume up and down buttons to control the volume of the television.

Is there a different way to turn on a Samsung TV without using the remote control?

Yes. A remote app on your Android or iOS smartphone is required in order for this to be feasible before. For example, if you have already associated your Samsung TV with either the Samsung Smart View or Samsung SmartThings apps, you will be able to switch it on from inside those applications. Additional third-party programs, such as the TV (Samsung) Remote Control, will be utilized by you. With any of these applications downloaded to your smartphone, you will be able to switch on your television without the need for a remote control.

How To Turn Off the Samsung TV Voice Assistant?

The Voice Assistant is one of many unique features included with the Samsung TV that you like so much, and it is one of the reasons why you like it so much. It’s possible that you switched it on by mistake, or that you turned it on and are now confused how to turn it off. Whichever way you look at it, we’ve got you covered. Turning off the Samsung TVVoice Assistant may be accomplished using either the remote control or voice input, whatever method is most convenient for you. So, what are the actions you need to perform in order to switch off the Voice Assistant on your device?

What is Samsung TV’s Voice Assistant?

In addition to providing an audible description of menu items and options, Samsung’s Voice Assistant is a helpful function that saves time. When you switch on any streaming service, it also offers you with feedback. When you go to a new page, Voice Assistant will aid you in interpreting all of the options displayed on the screen for you. The pitch, tempo, and tone of the voice may all be customized to your preferences. The Samsung TV Voice Assistant is a service that is comparable to the Screen Reader and Talkback features found on Android mobile phones.

While the Voice Assistant is convenient when you need it, it may be a nuisance when you don’t need it because it reads out everything that has been selected.

Turning Off the Voice Assistant

There are a few of different methods to switch off the Voice Assistant on your phone. These procedures are for televisions that were manufactured after the 2018 model year. Please feel free to select whichever one you believe will be the most user-friendly for you.

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Using the Remote’s Volume Button

When you use your Samsung remote, you can access the accessibility shortcuts by pressing and holding down the volume button.

This is the quickest and most straightforward option, as it takes you immediately to the Voice Guide selection menu. If you don’t want to use the feature, you may disable it from this menu.

Going Into the Settings

No matter whatever Samsung TV model you have, the settings are the same for all of them. This operation will necessitate the use of your Samsung remote control. Using the Samsung remote, you may do the following:

  • To return to the home screen, press the Home button. Enter the Settings menu after selecting it from the drop-down menu. Navigate to the General menu from the Settings menu. Choose Accessibility from the drop-down menu on the screen. Select Voice Guide Settings from the drop-down menu. Open the Voice Guide Settings menu and uncheck the option to use voice guidance.

If you’re interested in learning more about Samsung televisions, you may read this article. Let’s have a look at how to use commands.

Using Voice Commands

Read this page if you’d want to learn more about Samsung televisions. Take a look at how to use commands for a moment now.

  • Using your remote’s microphone button, say “Turn Off Voice Guide” or “Voice Guide Off.” Press and hold the microphone button for a few seconds.

Using your remote’s microphone button, say “Turn Off Voice Guide” or “Voice Guide Off.” Press and hold the microphone button for several seconds.

Older Models of Samsung TV

Look at ways to resolve this issue based on the type of Samsung television you have in your home.

2014-2018 Models

The procedure is slightly different for earlier versions of Samsung televisions, but it is otherwise the same. This applies to models from the 2014-2018 model years:

  • Choose Accessibility, Voice Guide, and Off from the Samsung remote by pressing Menu/123 on the device’s remote control.

Let’s have a look at some that are even older.

2008-2013 Models

The following are the procedures to take in order to switch off the audio descriptions on Samsung televisions manufactured between 2008 and 2013.

  • Select Sound or Sound Mode from the Samsung remote
  • Broadcast from the Samsung remote
  • Audio Language from the Samsung remote.

If audio description is enabled, the option “English AD” will appear in the menu. AD is an abbreviation for audio description. To turn off the audio description, select “English” from the drop-down menu. It has been discovered that you can switch off the audio description on some Samsung devices by just holding down the Menu button for a few seconds. One of these alternatives should be effective.

The Voice Assistant Still Won’t Turn Off

So you’ve gone through all of these procedures and the Voice Assistant, which is undoubtedly becoming increasingly unpleasant by this point, is still not turning off. As a last-ditch attempt, there are a few things to think about and consider. Even if you weren’t able to discover the solution here, consulting your user manual or searching for the user manual online by searching for the model number of your TV should bring you to the particular procedures needed to turn this option off, if you weren’t able to locate it here.

If you are unable to locate the user manual at your house or on the internet, you may try calling the Samsung customer support phone number shown on the website.


However, at this time, we are certain that you have resolved your situation. If you are still experiencing issues and none of the suggestions above have resolved your problem, we hope your television is still covered by warranty and may be repaired or replaced at no cost to you. We hope this has resolved things for you, and that your Voice Assistant has been turned off.

Samsung TV Keeps Turning Off or Won’t Turn Off

Samsung produces some of the greatest televisions available on the market, with their QLED flagship models standing out among the rest. Because they are a significant maker of OLED displays, they are well-versed in the TV industry; but, like with any piece of technology, anything might go wrong at any time. In this issue, consumers have reported that they are unable to switch off their televisions or that their televisions continuously shutting themselves off. If your Samsung TV is not shutting off, click the power button on the TV itself and check the batteries in the remote to see if they need to be changed.

If it continues shutting off, check that the HDMI and power cables are firmly attached. We’ll go over the numerous power-related concerns that a Samsung TV could encounter in this article. More information on troubleshooting these issues may be found lower down the page!

Samsung TV Won’t Turn Off: Causes/How to Fix

Among the greatest televisions available, Samsung’s QLED flagship models are a highlight, as are their other products. Due to their position as a prominent maker of OLED displays, they are well-versed in the television business; nonetheless, like with any piece of technology, things may go wrong. Some customers have reported that their television is not turning off properly or that it keeps shutting off by itself. To switch off your Samsung TV, click the power button on the TV itself and then check the batteries in the remote to see if they need to be changed.

Ensure that the HDMI and power cables are firmly connected if it continues shutting off.

More information on troubleshooting these issues may be found lower down this page!

Samsung TV Keeps Shutting Off: Causes/How to Fix

An even more inconvenient problem that some individuals are experiencing is that their television keeps shutting down on its own — this is enough to make anyone enraged. Often, it is not the TV that is at fault, but rather that the HDMI or power connection has not been attached firmly to the TV.

  1. Turn off the television and unplug the HDMI and power cords from the wall outlet. Wait 15 seconds before continuing. Replug the HDMI and power cables into their respective ports. You should be able to feel both connections snapping into place. Turn on the television

If the TV continues to turn itself off, does it do so at random intervals or once per hour or so, for example? Today’s high-tech televisions include a function that allows you to specify the period of time before the television automatically shuts off. Depending on the type of your Samsung television, you may need to access the settings menu by pushing the menu button on the remote and browsing through the menu options on the screen. From there, you’ll need to go into the system management and alter the sleep settings or disable auto-power off, as appropriate.

This often occurs when there is no music playing and the computer is rotating through a screensaver.

Samsung TV Won’t Turn Off With Remote: Causes/How to Fix

If your Samsung TV is refusing to turn off when you use the remote, it might be because the battery is running out of charge. It is possible that you have changed the batteries in your remote and still have problems with the remote not powering off. It’s possible that it’ll need to be linked with the TV. If you want to start the synchronizing process immediately, press the “Return” and “Extra” buttons on your remote control at the same time the TV is turned on. Additionally, check to see if your TV is getting an infrared signal from the remote controller.

If the TV is not responding to the remote control, it is conceivable that the TV has been powered up by itself and has not been turned off yet by the remote control.

Even though it’s a strange quirk, Samsung acknowledges the existence of such a feature. We’ve included a link to an official Samsung video for this issue below so that you can get a better grasp of how to troubleshoot your remote.

Samsung TV Keeps Turning on and off Repeatedly: Causes/How to Fix

This will definitely give some individuals a fright at night, no doubt about it. Anynet+ is a feature available on Samsung televisions. The ability to operate two HDMI devices at the same time with a single remote is provided by this feature. If you presently have this function activated, you may disable it by heading to ” SettingsGeneralExternal Device Manager” and selecting ” Disabled.” You may then turn off the “power on with mobile” option in the settings. If this is the case, there is a strong likelihood that this is the source of your problem.

To turn off this option, go to ” SettingsGeneralNetworkExpert SettingsPower On with Mobile” in the Settings menu.

You can try unplugging both devices, waiting 30 seconds, then reconnecting them to see if this addresses the problem.

Samsung TV Turns On After Turning Off: Causes/How to Fix

The use of an OLED television that automatically turns on when it is not wanted might be particularly troublesome, as there is a risk of burn-in when a static image, such as a watermark, is displayed on the screen for an extended length of time. Furthermore, it is inconvenient, particularly at night. If you have the “power on with mobile” option activated on your phone, it is possible that this is the cause of the TV going on. Although it is intended to be a helpful function, if your phone is programmed to automatically turn on your television, there is a potential that your phone will activate the television as a result.

Samsung TV Won’t Stay Off: Causes/How to Fix

If you are utilizing the “power on with mobile” function that Samsung TVs are equipped with, you may turn it off by going to ” SettingsGeneralNetworkExpert SettingsPower On with Mobile” in the Samsung TV’s settings menu. Try factory reseting your television if removing the “power on with mobile” option doesn’t work for you, or if you don’t have the feature activated in the first place and want to be sure it’s working properly. Navigate toSettingsGeneralReset and click on it (enter PIN as prompted).

Samsung TV Turns On and Off by Itself Repeatedly: Causes/How to Fix

There are a variety of reasons why your Samsung TV is turning on and off on its own without your permission. It’s possible that the problem is caused by a jammed power button or that the TV has been programmed to turn on and off automatically. It’s also conceivable that the TV has a glitch and has to be reset, which may be accomplished by disconnecting it for 60 seconds and then plugging it back in. Disabling AnyNet, a function that allows your television to be controlled by other devices, is also recommended.

This might very likely be the cause of your television going on and off without your involvement. Navigate to SettingsGeneralExternal Device Manager in the Settings menu. AnyNet should be turned off. Here’s a little video to get you started on this topic:

Samsung TV Keeps Turning Off Every 5 Seconds: Causes/How to Fix

If your television is shutting down nearly quickly after you switch it on, the problem might be that the power supply circuit board has failed and is no longer functioning properly. The typical cost of this repair, which includes both the components and labor, is roughly $250. If your television is still under warranty, however, you should contact Samsung for assistance. This issue should be covered by your warranty because it falls under the category of the product being faulty.

How to Turn Off Samsung TV – Not Standby: Causes/How to Fix

Locate the power button on the television or on the remote control and hold it down until the screen and lights turn off completely. This is different from simply turning off a Samsung TV and putting it in standby mode. If you need to restart your television to address a problem, it is generally preferable to disconnect it for 60 seconds first; just make sure the television is turned off first to avoid any potential harm.

Final Thoughts

The cause for a Samsung TV shutting off or turning on by itself might be attributed to a variety of factors. It is, without a doubt, an unusual and incredibly annoying situation, but the source of the problem may be identified depending on how frequently this is occurring. If your television shuts off within seconds of being turned on, it is probable that the power supply circuit board has to be replaced or repaired. Nonetheless, if this is occurring every few hours or so, it is possible that AnyNet has been enabled or a setting has been activated that automatically shuts off the television after a particular length of time.

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Although the Samsung TV would not turn on, a red light is flashing. With a soundbar, the Samsung TV will not function. WiFi/Ethernet on my Samsung TV will not connect, recognize, find, hold, or detect. Alexa is not responding or connecting to my Samsung TV. Samsung Soundbar is not working (it will not connect to the television).

Where Is the Power Button on Samsung TV (With Pictures!)

When Samsung releases a new television, it seems like they make the decision to relocate the power button to a different location almost every year. If you’re having trouble locating the power button on your Samsung TV, you’re not alone in your frustration. It may be a real enigma at times!

Where Is the Power Button on Samsung TV?

The power button on most Samsung televisions may be located in the following locations: 1) the centre of the TV’s underside; and 2) the right side of the TV’s underside. If it isn’t there, look at 2) the front right and underneath of the television. 3 ) The bezel on the front left or right side of the television (touch control) 4) The right-hand side of the TV’s back. Every Samsung television is equipped with a manual power control button located on the television itself; it is simply a matter of locating it!

1) Middle, underside

The power button on your Samsung television is most commonly found just beneath the center of the television.

According to the model you have, the power button may be located in a different location, however it will be found in this location. Simply reach beneath the surface and feel around until you find it.

2)Front right, underside

The positioning of the power button is really egregious! It’s almost as if Samsung is playing a game of hide and seek with the user. You should be able to locate the receiver by feeling around the front right and underneath of your Samsung television (this is what your remote interacts with). A very small power button is located just behind the receiver. It’s easy to overlook. Press and hold this button until you see the television going on and off.

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3)Front left or right bezel(touch control)

A large number of Samsung TVs are equipped with touch control power buttons, as well as up and down volume controls, channel control, and other features. These touch-sensitive power buttons are often located on the front right bezel of the television. It’s easy to overlook, but if you look closely enough, you’ll see it. Simply tap softly where the power button label is visible, and your television should come to life. Note that this touch button is only found on a few older Samsung models’ front left bezels, so make sure to check there as well.

4)Back, right side

There are really touch control power buttons on a number of Samsung televisions, in addition to up and down volume controls, channel control, and other features. Typically, these touch-sensitive power buttons may be located on the front right bezel of a television set. If you look attentively, you will notice that it is easy to overlook. Your television should turn on if you gently tap it where the power button label is visible. Note that this touch button is only found on a few older Samsung devices, so make sure to look there as well.

Samsung TV Manuals (all models and years)

Even if you can’t seem to locate the power button on your Samsung television, you may try looking for the user manual for your specific model number and year on the internet. You should be able to find the precise model number of your television on the back of it. Samsung support provides a fantastic library of all TV manuals, which are organized by year and can be found here. In the handbook, you’ll most likely discover a diagram that shows you exactly what each button on your TV does and where it is located.


Samsung appears to like concealing the power button on its televisions, since the placement of the button appears to vary virtually every year! Never give up if you’re having trouble locating anything. Every Samsung television is equipped with a button that allows you to manage the TV’s power manually. It’s only a matter of finding it! The following are the primary locations to seek for the power button on your Samsung television:

  1. Middle, underside
  2. Front right, underside
  3. Front right or left bezel (touch control)
  4. Back, right side
  5. Middle, underside

If you are still unable to locate the power button on your television, you may be able to obtain the manual for your television online.

It will include a schematic of all of the buttons on your television, as well as their placements. What was the location of the power button on your Samsung television? Please leave a comment with the precise location of the place!

How to Turn Off Subtitles on Your Samsung TV

Getting subtitles turned off on a Samsung TV is a piece of cake, and you can do it on any of the company’s current models without difficulty. The best part is that the same procedures apply to both Smart TVs and traditional televisions. This article also offers some troubleshooting suggestions in the event that the subtitles are unable to be turned off. If you are having trouble with obstinate subtitles, the problem is not with your television, but with another item or service.

Turning Off Subtitles on a Samsung TV

Before you begin, there are a few things to bear in mind. Subtitles are available in broadcasts and applications that have the capability to display them. Subscriptions to streaming services such as Hulu, Disney+, and Netflix are required, and you must turn them off for each service separately. Subtitles may be turned on and off inside the disc menu for those who prefer to watch DVDs and Blu-rays on their televisions. The following are the procedures to take to turn off subtitles on a Samsung television.

  1. Navigate to the SamsungHomeScreen and selectSettings from there. Select the General Accessibility Menu from the drop-down menu. After selectingCaption Settings, click on Turn Captions Off to turn them off, presuming subtitles are currently enabled. The presence of a little green dot next to theCaptiontab indicates that subtitles are enabled
  2. When it comes to subtitle choices, theCaption Settingsmenu provides you with three distinct options to customize the subtitles to your liking: Digital Caption Options, Caption Mode, and Separate Closed Caption (if applicable). Change the appearance of the subtitles by modifying their font size, color, style, and background color using the Digital Caption Options menu option. Caption Modeallows you to select a favorite subtitle language
  3. Nevertheless, broadcasters control which languages are offered. Closed captioning that is displayed in a separate region of the screen makes it simpler to see the subtitles
  4. Separate closed captioning

Step 1

If your Samsung television is now showing its Home screen, take your remote and navigate to theSettings menu by using the directional pad. Then pick General from the drop-down menu, followed by Accessibility.

Step 2

Caption settings may be turned off by selectingCaption Settings and then selectingCaption. We will presume that the subtitles have already been turned on. When you switch them off, the color of the dot changes.

Subtitle Options

In the Caption Settings menu, you may choose between three distinct choices to customize the subtitles to your liking.

Digital Caption Options

It is possible to customize the look of the subtitles with this option. You have the option of changing the font size, color, and style, as well as the backdrop color. If you want the most pleasant viewing experience, keep with white type on a black background and increase or decrease the font size as necessary.

Caption Mode

There’s a catch, though: you can only pick one subtitle language from among the available options. The languages that are offered are determined by the broadcasters. However, most stations will add Spanish subtitles if that is what you want. It is recommended that you leave this option set to Default.

Separate Closed Caption

Subtitles are presented in a different region of the screen in order to make them simpler to read. If you’re accustomed to the default location in the bottom center of the screen, you might find this choice a little unusual at first. However, it may be beneficial for certain people.

Expert Trick to Turn Off Subtitles on a Samsung TV

Accessibility Shortcuts are accessible on the majority of Samsung televisions that are newer. This menu contains the settings that you use the most frequently, making them more accessible.

  1. In order to access the Accessibility Shortcutsmenu, press and hold theMutebutton on the remote for a few seconds. Then navigate to and pick theCaptionoption to turn it off. Keep in mind that when the subtitles are turned on, the little dot becomes green.

Can’t Turn Off Subtitles on Samsung TV—What to Do?

If the subtitles do not disappear after you turn them off on the television, try turning them off through a third-party provider. Subtitles are included in the majority of satellite and cable TV set-top boxes, and the settings impact how the subtitles are shown. So, first and foremost, identify the broadcast source that is broadcasting the program with the permanent subtitles.

Subtitles vs. Closed Captions

Although the phrases closed captions and subtitles are sometimes used interchangeably, there is a distinction between the two. Subtitles are intended for individuals who choose to mute their televisions, do not understand the original language, or are unable to hear sounds. Closed captions (CC) can also provide explanations of background noise, sound effects, song lyrics, and other information. Due to the fact that they relay the majority of the audio to the viewer, closed captions are intended particularly for those with hearing impairment.

Of course, the source settings provide you the ability to customize the font style, size, and other aspects of the document.

Subtitles are simple to enable or disable, and you won’t have to sift through a long list of options to discover them. If your Samsung TV becomes unresponsive, all you need to do is power it off and on again, and the problem should be resolved.

How To Turn Off Voice Guide On Samsung Smart TV

Closed captions and subtitles are commonly used interchangeably, however there is a distinction between the two. Subtitles are intended for individuals who choose to mute their televisions, do not understand the original language, or are unable to hear sounds by default. Closed captions (CC) can also incorporate information about the background noise, sound effects, song lyrics, and other information, among other things. Due to the fact that they relay the majority of the audio to the viewer, CCs are usually used by persons who have hearing impairment.

Of course, you may customize the font style, size, and other aspects of the source code using the source settings.

You merely need to power cycle your Samsung TV if it becomes unresponsive, and the problem should be resolved.

What is Voice Guide?

A voice guide may be thought of as a form of narrator that narrates everything that is displayed on your screen and assists you in navigating around the user interface of the device even when you are not looking at it. In other words, it is beneficial to individuals who have weak vision or are entirely blind. The voice guide is so seamlessly incorporated into the current Samsung Smart TVs that it can tell you everything with just the sound of its voice. Even if you open any third-party streaming applications such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, and so on, your data is still being collected.

While the voice guide might be useful at times for individuals who require it, it is not always necessary.

So, if you decide to turn off the accessibility of the voice guide, you can do so without difficulty, and believe me when I say that it is far easier to turn off any accessibility setting on a smart TV than it is on an Android device, where the accessibility setting itself is buried deep within the settings.

Turning Off Voice Guide On Samsung TV

The voice aid guide on certain televisions may be turned off in a variety of ways, and we have covered the majority of them in this article. You can read the rest of the article for more information.

Method 1: Hold Down the Volume Button

First and foremost, in order to disable any accessibility function on your smart TV, you must first navigate to the accessibility shortcuts on your Samsung smart TV.

  1. Hold down the Volume button on the remote control of your Samsung Smart TV for several seconds. Please be patient while your television enters the voice guide mode. You will notice this on the screen of your television in a few seconds. It is possible to switch off your Samsung Smart TV’s voice guidance using your remote control by pressing the center button or the OK button.

Method 2: From Accessibility Settings

This alternate approach is a little more time-consuming, but it gets the job done.

So, first and foremost, you must switch on your television, which is self-explanatory, and then navigate to the General Accessibility section of your television’s settings. Voice Guide configurationsVoice Guide configurations

  1. Press the home button on your Samsung Smart TV’s remote control. Now, using the arrow keys on your remote, browse to the settings menu. Choose General Settings from the drop-down menu within the settings menu. Now, using your remote control, hit the Center button or the OK button to bring up the General settings menu. Using the navigation keys on your remote, travel it once more to the accessibility option, and then click the center button to bring it up
  2. Within the Accessibility Settings, there will be choices for using a voice guide
  3. Now, open the Voice Guide Settings window. In the end, you will see that the voice Guide is enabled
  4. Simply hit the OK button when the user interface is highlighting the same, and it should be turned off.

Method 3: Through Voice Command

This is the simplest way of all, yet it may also be the most difficult to master. As a result, be certain that you complete it correctly. Additionally, a microphone button on your Samsung remote is required for this approach to operate on your TV; otherwise, it will not work.

  1. This is the simplest of the methods, but it may also be the most difficult. Take care to do the task correctly. Additionally, the microphone button on your Samsung remote is required for this approach to operate on your TV
  2. Otherwise, it will not.

That’s all there is to it; if it doesn’t work, try the other two approaches I stated above.

On Old Samsung TVs (2014-2018)

If your Samsung Smart TV is older than 2015, setting the voice guide accessibility option may be a little more difficult than it is on the current generation of Smart TVs. The methods to stop voice guide accessibility on older Samsung Smart TVs are listed in the section below.

  1. On the remote control of your Samsung TV, press theMenu/123button. SelectMenuSystem/Settings from the drop-down menu. AccessibilityVoice guide may be found and navigated to
  2. Choose the Voice Guide option once again. At the end of the process, hit the selection or OK button on your remote control and then selectOFF to turn off the voice guide Accessibility function on your Samsung Smart TV.

Disabling Audio Description On Samsung TV (2008-2013)

If your Samsung gadget is even older than 2014 models, the settings may be different, since many of Samsung’s smart TVs from back then had a different user interface, operating system, and mechanism than they do now. In reality, in early generations of Samsung Smart TV, the voice guide accessibility function was referred to as audio description rather than voice guide accessibility feature. So, in order to switch off the Audio description on your older Samsung Smart TV, follow the instructions outlined in the following section.

  1. To begin, make sure your smart TV is turned on, and then press the Menu button on the remote control of your smart TV. Use the navigation arrows on your television remote control to identify and travel to Sound or Sound Mode on your television menu
  2. Now go to Sound or Sound Mode on your television menu. To access the sound settings on your smart TV, press the OK button on your remote control. Locate and enter the Broadcast option, then pick Audio Language from the drop-down menu. An option that says English AD has been selected will be found inside this section. So English is the language, and AD is an abbreviation for audio description, which means that if it is selected, audio description is turned on. If you want to turn off the audio description, simply change the language to Englishonly. Alternatively, certain Samsung Smart TV models provide a shortcut for turning on and off audio description on the television. To enable or disable Audio description, just press and hold the Menu button for a few seconds.
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To Conclude

Consequently, this was a comprehensive instruction on how to disable voice guide accessibility on different models of Samsung Smart TV, spanning from those manufactured in 2008 to those manufactured in 2021. The voice guide option can be useful for some people, but not for everyone, and it can be bothersome for others, which is why removing them is a smart idea. Because some of the most recent versions of Samsung Smart TVs include the Bixby voice assistant built into their operating system, you may need to disable Bixby in order to entirely eliminate any voice assistance on your TV.

What To Do When Samsung TV Won’t Turn Off? – THE CONCH TECH

Samsung televisions, which are equipped with the most up-to-date features and technology, are unquestionably among the greatest televisions in use across the world. Even these, however, are subject to the occurrence of technical issues on occasion. If your Samsung TV won’t turn off, the problem is most likely due to a problem with your remote, but it could also be due to a problem with the TV’s settings. What should you do if your Samsung TV won’t turn off? Remove the batteries from your remote control and wait one minute before reinstalling them.

Check the remote for dirt or buttons that have become stuck.

It is necessary to unplug it from the wall and wait one minute before plugging it back in.

Take a look at the top streaming gadgets available on Amazon right now!

Why Won’t My Samsung TV Turn Off?

Every television is equipped with a visible LED indication on the front. To check whether the indicator is blinking, press a button on your remote and glance at the indicator.

If it does, it indicates that the television is receiving the signal. The remote may be malfunctioning if the TV isn’t receiving the signal to switch off, in which case it indicates an issue with the TV.

Why Won’t My Remote Turn Off My Samsung TV?

One of the most common causes of your remote’s inability to switch off your Samsung television is that the batteries in your remote need to be changed. Because batteries don’t need to be replaced for a lengthy period of time, we tend to forget about them when we have a problem with our remote controls. Remove the battery cap and batteries from your remote control and re-insert them to see if it helps. It’s possible that they were misaligned as a result of a fall or trauma. If this does not work, try swapping out the old ones for new ones.

Make sure your television is turned on, and then press the Return and Extrabuttons at the same time to bring up the pairing dialogue on your television.

Remote Obstruction

Another possibility for why your Samsung TV is not responding to your remote is that the infrared (IR) signal from your remote is being interfered with. Inspect your remote control to ensure that there are no blockages in the path between it and your TV receiver.

How to check if your remote is faulty?

It is possible to check whether or not your remote is functioning using the camera app on your smartphone. Simply open the camera app on your phone and aim it towards the IR blaster on your remote control to get started. To turn on your computer, press the Power button on your remote. If the remote is working properly, you should see a red light on the screen of your phone. You will most likely need to replace your remote if you don’t have one, since it is likely to be faulty. The next post is related:10 Best Ways to Solve the Samsung Smart TV Remote Not Working Problem

What to Do When Samsung TV Won’t Turn Off?

If you switch on your TV using the power button on the back of the TV, you may find that it does not respond to being turned off by the remote in some situations. To test whether you can switch off your television using the power button on the television, try pressing the power button on the television.

How Do I Force My Samsung TV to Turn Off?

To force your Samsung TV to turn off, press the actual power button located on the back of the TV. If this does not work, you will have no choice but to unplug the television from the power outlet. Try restarting your television by pressing the power button.

  1. Make certain that your television and any linked gadgets are not plugged into any power outlets. Press and hold the Power button on your television remote for 60 seconds. This procedure should completely reset all of the circuits in your television. Check to see whether the problem has been repaired by reconnecting your television

Why Does My Samsung TV Turn Back on After I Turn It Off?

This can occur as a result of a variety of issues with your television’s settings or connections.

Faulty Anynet+ Connection

If you have Anynet+ installed, it should be the first thing you check. Known as Anynet+, this function on Samsung TVs enables connected devices such as a Blu-ray player or a Playstation to control your TV by turning it on or off when the device is switched on or off. Although this function is intended to be convenient, it is possible that signals from the linked device are causing your television to turn on when you turn it off. To determine if your problem is fixed, unplug all of the devices that are linked to your computer.

If this is the case, it indicates that a connected device was the source of the problem. Another option is to disable the Anynet+ functionality on your television. Select SettingsGeneralExternal Device Manager from the drop-down menu. AnyNet should be turned off.

Stuck Power Button

A power button on your remote or on your television that is pushed in might cause your television to switch on and off. Check to verify sure the button on your remote is moving freely and is not stuck in any position. Lastly, try to see if any of the buttons on the television itself are jammed in and creating your trouble.

Power on With Mobile

After that, you should try deactivating the power on feature in the mobile settings of your phone. A smartphone may be transmitting signals to your television, instructing it to turn on. Select SettingsGeneralNetworkExpert SettingsPower On with Mobile from the drop-down menu and make sure that the option is turned off before continuing.

Software Glitch

There are instances when defective software makes it onto our devices, and there is nothing that we as customers can do to prevent this from happening. Make sure your Samsung TV is up to date with the most recent software by navigating to Settings > Support > Check Now > Support. Select Software Update from the drop-down menu, and then click Update Now.

Hard Reset

If all else fails, reinstalling the program and changing the settings on your television may be the answer. Navigate toSettingsGeneralReset and press the Reset button (enter PIN as prompted). To complete the reset, simply follow the on-screen instructions. Between 5 and 15 minutes may be required for this procedure. Do not switch off your television during the course of the operation. Take a look at the top streaming gadgets available on Amazon right now! The next post is related:11 Ways to Stop Your Samsung TV From Turning On and Off


Our comprehensive guide should assist you in resolving issues ranging from the most basic to the most complex technical issues that may arise with your television. Alternatively, if your problem has not been repaired after several attempts, it is recommended that you call Samsung’s customer service hotline or hire a local repairman to have a closer look at it because the problem might be with the TV’s hardware. Hello there, technology enthusiasts! My name is James, and I work as an administrator and contributor to this blog on a regular basis.

Turn off Samsung Smart TV menu sounds and notifications

Your Samsung Smart TV provides you with the option of personalizing a number of its settings in order to guarantee that you have the best viewing experience possible. This article will demonstrate how to turn off system noises and notifications on your television and how to do it on your computer. To turn off the Samsung Smart TV’s system noises, follow these steps:

  • To access the menu, press theMenubutton on your remote control. Select SystemGeneralSound FeedbackOff from the drop-down menu.

How to turn off Samsung Smart TV notifications?

If you wish to disable additional sorts of notifications on your Samsung Smart TV, you can do so as follows:

  • On your Samsung TV’s home screen, choose the three horizontal bars by tapping them three times. SelectNoticesand thenSettings from this drop-down menu. To turn off notifications, click on the switch next to Notifications in the menu bar.

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  • Turn on, won’t turn off, format Game Mode on the Samsung TV may be turned on or off via the settings menu. The following options are available for resetting the Smart Hub Samsung TV: pin, 2021, or no pin. Connecting a Samsung TV to a computer is simple: wifi, Windows 10, and an HDMI cable. Clear the history of your Samsung TV, including viewing and browsing. Settings, mode, and effect are all deactivated on the Samsung 3D television. How to alter the image size on a Samsung television
  • What is the best way to reset a Samsung TV to factory settings without using a remote?

How to turn off ads on Samsung TV

Many individuals find advertisements irritating, and they are seeking for ways to turn them off as fast as possible. Let me state up front that I do not agree with this strategy, and I do not interfere with advertisements in any manner. However, if you have a different point of view, you can easily stop advertisements. In this post, I will explain how to turn off advertisements in applications as well as pop-up advertisements on your Samsung television. To begin, you should be aware that firms such as Samsung abide with the law and provide you with the ability to regulate the display of advertisements.

You have the option of selecting the sort of advertisements you want to see (interest-based or not) or prohibiting them from displaying you advertisements at all.

Turning off pop-up ads on Samsung TV

As a result, you may disable advertisements on Samsung devices simply altering the settings. You should be aware that the television broadcasts advertisements that are hosted on Samsung servers. You may turn off Smart Hub’s automatic start so that you don’t see advertisements when you’re watching television:

  • Menu > General > Smart Features > Disable Autorun Smart Hub and Autorun Last App > Menu > General > Next > Smart Features > Smart Features > Disable Autorun Smart Hub and Autorun Last App

If you use Smart Hub, advertisements may display, and you will need to disable ad permissions in addition to Smart Hub. As an additional option, you may stop ad management by removing access permissions. You will need to disable customized advertisements on your Samsung TV in order to accomplish this.

How to turn off personalized ads on your Samsung TV

If you want to turn off tailored advertisements on your Samsung TV, you need follow these steps.

  • On your remote control, press the Home button twice and then select “Settings.” Select the ” TermsPolicy ” tab from the drop-down menu that appears. Uncheck the “I Agree” box when you select the “Viewing Information Services” option. Select the”Interest-Based Advertising”option once more under the “Terms and Conditions”section of the website. Additionally, uncheck the “I Agree” box. Then, under your settings, navigate to “Data Service” and click on the”Expert Settings”button to proceed. Open the “HbbTV settings”menu and uncheck the box that says “HbbTV.” Return to the ” Conditions ” page in the options when you’ve completed the process. Scroll down and click on the”Reset PSID”button, which will open a new window where you may confirm your selection.

With this setting, you will be able to reset the advertising customization and will no longer view advertisements based on your interests, resulting in a dramatic reduction in the quantity of advertisements displayed on your television.

Turning off ads on your Samsung TV with the router settings

The ability to block access to Samsung advertising services is available to experienced users who are familiar with computer network configurations. This can be done, for example, in the router’s configuration. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Open a web browser on your PC and navigate to the web interface for your router. You can generally get to it by typing the IP address of the device on your local network into the search box (for example, “Internet” – “Filters” in the search box). It is possible that the names of menu items and options will alter significantly depending on the router model: Consider the following example: in our device, this item is referred to as “Content Filtering.” Select “Blocked Web Pages (Blacklist)” or “Blocked Sites” from the drop-down menu. Add the following links to the list of pages that should not be visited: ” your entry and save your settings

Although this strategy is effective, I only advocate it if you are really skilled in it. In other circumstances, simply turning off the advertisements in the television’s settings will suffice.

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