How To Sync Samsung Calendar With Google Calendar


How to sync my Samsung phone calendar with Google calendars website?

How can I sync the calendar on my Samsung phone with the Google calendars website? It is only on my mobile that my Samsung calendar app syncs with my Google calendar android app; otherwise, it is just on my device. How can I ensure that the events on my Samsung calendar display on my Google Calendar site as well? For example, if an event ABC is established on the Samsung calendar, the Google calendar Android app will automatically take it up. Event ABC, on the other hand, does not appear on my Google calendar site.

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There is no direct sync between your Samsung Calendar and the Google Calendar Web, which is actually a good thing.

As an alternative, why not add events to your Google Calendar Android application?

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How to Sync Google Calendar With a Samsung

Why does my Samsung phone calendar not appear to be synchronized with the Google calendar online page? It is only on my mobile that my Samsung calendar app syncs with my Google calendar android app; however, it is just on my device. What is the best way to ensure that the events on my Samsung calendar display on my Google Calendar site as well? A Google calendar android app will automatically pick up an event ABC that has been added to a Samsung calendar. My Google calendar site, on the other hand, does not display Event ABC.

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Syncing Calendar

Calendar is the default planning and calendar software for Samsung’s Android devices, including the Galaxy S5 and other high-end models. The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with Calendar preloaded and set to sync with all Google calendars associated with the device’s primary Google account as of the time of publication of this article. All you have to do is launch the app and wait for it to sync. It’s possible to execute a manual sync at any time if your calendars aren’t automatically synchronizing as frequently as you’d like.

In Calendar, hit the “Menu” button, which is represented by a line of three dots in the top-right corner of the app, and then pick “Sync” from the drop-down menu.

Adding Calendars and Alternative Apps

To add another calendar to Calendar, pick “Calendars” from the “Menu” button in the top-right corner of the app’s screen. Select “Google” from the list of potential account types, then “Existing” from the drop-down menu, and then input the email address and password associated with the calendar you wish to add. In the event that you do not wish to utilize the native Calendar application on your Samsung phone, you may download and install the Google Calendar application from the Google Play Store (link in Resources).

If you want to download the app, go to the “Play Store” icon on the home screen of your Samsung smartphone, search for “Google Calendar,” and then hit the “Install” button on the program’s information page to start the download and installation process.

The Trash icon may be reached by pressing and holding an app’s icon on any of the Home Screens, and then dragging and dropping it onto the Trash icon.

Making Google Calendar sync with Android tablet, phone

My Google Calendar is not synchronizing across three devices, which include a Dell Windows 10 desktop computer, a Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet computer, and a Samsung Galaxy A50 smartphone. A new calendar event entered on the computer or tablet appears on all three devices, however a new calendar event entered on the phone does not appear on either of the other two. A calendar event that is deleted from the phone is also erased from the other two calendars. What should I do in this situation? Bob Lockwood of New Brighton is a writer and musician.

  1. Here are the settings you should double-check (for further information, There are a plethora of calendar applications available for Android devices.
  2. The Google Calendar app may display calendars from many Google accounts at the same time.
  3. Check to see that your device is configured to sync with your Google accounts.
  4. Android normally needs you to provide permission to specific applications in order for them to save information about you.
  5. Then, when you see “storage permissions,” click the three dots at the top right of the screen and select “display system.” Check that the “calendar storage” option is enabled.
  6. If you go to Settings and select “storage,” you will be able to see how much memory you have available.
  7. (

Enter Android Settings and choose “appsnotifications,” “calendar,” “storage,” and “clean cache” from the drop-down menu.

To uninstall, press and hold the calendar app, choose uninstall, and then hit “ok” on the confirmation screen.

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According to Microsoft, a future software patch will resolve the issue.

Until then, you might want to try a different browser. If you have technical questions, you can send them to Steve Alexander at [email protected] or write to Tech Q A at 650 3rd Ave. S., Suite 1300, Minneapolis, MN 55488. Include the person’s name, city, and phone number.

My Google Calendar mobile app does not sync with my desktop Google Calendar

Google Calendar’s key benefit is that you can create an event using the online interface and it will be available on your phone within seconds – or vice versa: enter an event on your phone and it will appear on Google Calendar on your computer within seconds. Although this final scenario does occur for some people, it is not always the case. For example, you may create an event on your phone, but it may not display on your Google Calendar on your computer. In spite of this, events that are uploaded to Google Calendar on a computer continue to appear on the phone – so what exactly is going on?

The only phone that comes with Google Calendar built-in, is the Pixel phone from Google.

While extremely inconvenient, there is a quick and straightforward solution to the situation.

Establish a link between Google Calendar on your mobile and Google Calendar on your PC

  • Create a fictitious event in your phone’s calendar
  • Make certain that the calendar icon is labeled “Events” on the edit screen. To switch to the proper calendar if you don’t see it, select it from the Event Calendar drop-down menu. Using the snapshot above, you can see that a meeting has been correctly connected to the Google Calendar.
  • Save the event and check to see whether it has been synchronized to your computer. Once you’ve confirmed that, you may remove the dummy event from your schedule.

What about all the events I already created? Do I have to re-create them manually to sync them to my PC?

No, you will not be required to recreate your events, which is a relief. If you search for ‘export calendar events’ in either the Google Play or App Store, you’ll find a plethora of apps that will allow you to export the items you’ve previously created. Once you’ve exported the items, follow the import instructions in the Google Calendar help centre to add them to your Google Calendar on your PC.

Make the most of your Google Workspace investment

Find out all you need to know about administering and using Google Workspace in your small business. Every Sunday night (Australian time) to get you ready for the week ahead, we publish a new post. It was created and written by a small company owner, specifically for other small business owners.

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How to Export Samsung Calendar

Whenever you decide to go from one device to another, it is frequently important to transfer all of your data with you to the new device. Under ideal circumstances, this is frequently a straightforward and rapid operation. However, this is only possible if you have the appropriate tools and are conversant with the appropriate methods. It is possible to export data such as music, photographs, movies, and other media assets with relative ease. It would be a simple matter of logging into your backup cloud service and the media files would be uploaded to your device in the vast majority of cases.

If you have ever attempted to migrate your calendar from one device to another, or from one storage provider to another, you are no doubt familiar with the time-consuming nature of the procedure.

Fortunately, we’ve come up with four reliable methods for exporting your Samsung calendar (including the Samsung Galaxy Note7) off your phone. Each of these approaches has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It is recommended that you select the one that best meets your requirements.

Part 1: How to Export Samsung Calendar to Mac or PC in One Click

One of the most effective methods of transferring your Samsung Calendar to your PC or Mac is with Dr.fone – Phone Backup (Android). When it comes to being the greatest, one of the most important factors to consider is that it is simple to use and saves you the pain of having to figure out a difficult process. When you consider the fact that it is also incredibly effective, it is a winning combination. Because of its numerous capabilities, it is an excellent alternative for exporting your Calendar entries to your computer for safekeeping.

dr.fone – Phone Backup (Android)

The following are the main features of dr.fone – Phone Backup (Android):

  • It is completely risk-free. With this program, unlike other comparable applications available on the market, you won’t have to worry about losing part of the data stored on your device
  • Instead, you can focus on other things. It is possible to export a variety of file types such as photographs and music
  • Contacts
  • Documents
  • Videos
  • Call logs
  • And even messages
  • And more. It’s a fantastic tool for when you’re transferring data from one device to another
  • Nonetheless, In addition, it has the ability to generate a full backup of your device and restore that backup or a backup from another source like as iTunes or iCloud.

It has been downloaded by 2,965,271 people. To discover how to use dr.fone to backup your Samsung mobile, follow the step-by-step instructions provided in this article. Step 1: Download and install dr.fone Phone Transfer for Mac on your Mac computer by following the on-screen instructions. When you first run the software, you should see the primary window shown below. In the window above, select “Backup” from the list of choices to open the backup window. Step 2. Step 3: Using USB connections, connect your Samsung device to your computer for use.

Step 4.From this data, pick Calendar and then click on “Backup” to export the items from the calendar to the Macintosh computer.

If necessary, you may use the same tool to restore them if you make a mistake.

Part 2: How to Export Samsung Calendar via Google Account

Another excellent method of ensuring the safety of your calendar entries is to export them to your Google account. You will be able to quickly import them to a new device or restore them to your existing device at a later time in this manner. You will need to use the services of a third-party app in order to accomplish this efficiently. Keep in mind that we are assuming you are using the Samsung S Planner for this exercise. One of the greatest programs to assist you with this iCal import/export is iCal Import/Export.

  1. Once the program has been successfully installed on your smartphone, just follow the instructions outlined below to export the Samsung Calendar to Google Calendar.
  2. Choose how you want to get your.ics file by selecting it from the “Email” drop-down option in Step 2.
  3. Upon completion of the exporting process, you will receive an email confirming the completion of the procedure as well as the Calendar entries that have been saved.
  4. In order to begin, you must first transfer the file to your computer, which may be accomplished via USB cables or any other method.
  5. 1.
  6. 2.

As soon as the file has been imported into your Google Calendar, you can simply sign in to any Android device and the entries will be automatically synced with your smartphone or tablet device.

Part 3: 2 Methods to Transfer Calendar from Samsung to Samsung

It’s possible that you’re seeking for a solution to immediately move your Calendar entries from one device to another if you’re transferring from one device to another. To transfer a calendar from one Samsung device to another, the following are two of the most successful methods available.

1. Using dr.fone – Phone Transfer

As we’ve already shown, dr.fone – Phone Transfer (iOS Android) may be a dependable tool for transferring your Samsung device’s calendar to your Mac computer. It is also an excellent method of transferring data between devices; for example, if you want to move your Calendar to another Samsung smartphone, simply follow these simple instructions. If you have already installed dr.fone – Phone Transfer (iOS Android) on your computer, go to Step 1. Step 1: USB cords should be used to connect both devices to your computer.

  • 2.Once all of the devices have been successfully linked, click the “Start Transfer” option to bring up the transfer window.
  • Additionally, in this box, you should double-check that the source device is the one that holds the calendars that you intend to transfer.
  • Choosing the data you wish to transfer (in this case Calendars) and then clicking “Start Transfer” are the next steps.
  • Keep both devices connected to the computer during the whole transfer procedure to guarantee that the process does not get stopped.

2. Using Samsung Smart Switch

It has been demonstrated that Dr.fone – Phone Transfer (iOS Android) may be a dependable tool for exporting your Samsung device’s calendar to a Mac computer. Moreover, it is an excellent method of transferring data between devices; if you want to transfer your Calendar to another Samsung device, simply follow the instructions below. If you already have dr.fone – Phone Transfer (iOS Android) installed on your computer, go to Step 1. Usb cables should be used to connect both of the devices to your PC.

When all of the devices are properly connected, proceed to step 2 and select the “Start Transfer” option to launch the transfer window.

Additionally, in this box, you should double-check that the source device is the one that holds the calendars that you wish to move.

Click on “Start Transfer” after selecting the data you wish to transfer, in this instance Calendars, in Step 3.

The entire procedure will take only a few minutes, and after the transfer is complete, you should be able to see the “Calendars” on the target device you selected. Keep both devices connected to the computer during the whole transfer procedure to guarantee that the process does not become stalled.

Use Google Calendar Sync with your Android phone

Android mobile applications allow you to sync your calendar with Google Calendar. Matt Tucker contributed to this article. It was last updated more than a week ago. Integrations with different software and services are available through Schedulista to help you run your business more efficiently. You may link your Google Calendar account with your personal calendar to make it easier to manage your availability. Connecting your Schedulista calendar to the calendar applications on your Android phone is as simple as three steps, thanks to the Google Calendar Sync feature: (2) Export your Schedulista calendar; and (3) Connect your phone app to Schedulista by following the steps outlined above.

Available calendar apps on Android

Google Calendar and the Android OS Calendar are the two most popular calendar apps accessible to Android mobile phone users: the Google Calendar and the Android OS Calendar.

Google Calendar app

The Google Calendar app and the Android OS Calendar app are the two most popular calendar apps accessible to Android mobile phone users.

Android Calendar app

The basic calendar application that comes pre-installed on all Android-powered mobile phones. A white icon with a green border and the text “Tue 31” on it (in earlier versions) or a green icon with a white calendar page (in later versions) can be used to identify it (newer versions).

Step 1 – Enable Google Calendar Sync

You must first activate two-way synchronization between your Schedulista calendar and your Google Calendar account, regardless of whatever app you choose to utilize.

Step 2 – Export your Schedulista calendar

Once the sync is enabled, you may configure your account such that your Schedulista calendar is exported to Google Calendar automatically. Several calendars, including Google Calendar, may be imported into Schedulista as well.

Step 3 – Connect with a phone app

Once you’ve exported your calendar, you’ll be able to access your Schedulista appointments on your Google Calendar by using the Schedulista mobile application.

Option 2: Android OS Calendar app

It’s okay if you want to use the calendar app on your Android phone; you can simply connect your Google Calendar account to it by following these steps: Opening the app and tapping on the three vertical dots in the top right corner above the calendar will take you to a menu where you can select Calendars, Accounts, and Account Types. Adding an account will take you to a menu where you can select Google from the account types. 6 Enter your email address and click Next 7 Enter your password and click Next 8 Accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy by clicking Accept (9) If your Google account is new to the phone, it may prompt you to set up payment information for it (you can selectNo Thanks) Articles that are related:

  • What is Google Calendar Sync and how do I enable it? What are the steps for importing calendars from Google Calendar and exporting your Schedulista calendar to Google Calendar? What are the steps for exporting your Schedulista calendar to Google Calendar?

What To Do When Google Calendar Is Not Syncing

Google employs a global calendar system, which means that your calendar information is synced across all of your devices when you use Google. When the Calendar app on a device stops syncing, you will be unable to view any newly added events on that device. There are a variety of reasons why your Google Calendar may not be syncing across your devices.

It’s possible that your phone doesn’t have enough storage capacity to accommodate fresh calendar information. Alternatively, it’s possible that you or someone else has deactivated the sync feature. These typical difficulties with Google Calendar not synchronizing will be addressed in this article.

Make Sure The Calendar Is Enabled

If you don’t see any new events on your calendar, it’s possible that you’ve picked the incorrect calendar from the drop-down menu. In most cases, your phone has many calendars, and you must choose the calendar that you really use to use.

  1. You may have selected the incorrect calendar from the drop-down menu if you don’t see any fresh events in your calendar. It is necessary to select the calendar that is actually used on most phones, as most phones have multiple calendars.
  1. You’ll see your Google calendars listed under your user account name. Select the calendar that you wish to use by checking the box next to it.
  1. This page allows you to enable numerous Google calendars at the same time.

Enable The Calendar Sync On Your Device

Synchronization for various applications and functions can usually be enabled and disabled on most smartphones. It is likely that the calendar sync feature on your device has been deactivated, which would explain why Google Calendar is not synchronizing. This should be resolved by re-enabling the option in question.

  1. Launch the Settingsapp on your Android smartphone and choose Accounts from the drop-down menu.
  1. Select your Google account from the drop-down menu that appears on your screen. To examine your sync settings, select theAccount syncoption from the drop-down menu.
  1. Select your Google account from the drop-down menu that appears on your screen
  2. And In order to examine your sync settings, select theAccount syncoption from the menu.

Enable Syncing For Your Google Calendar

Individual calendars may be synced using the Google Calendar app, which offers an option to activate and stop sync. If this option is deactivated for your calendar, this is the reason why your Google Calendar is not synchronizing with your computer. This option will enable the calendar to sync with the Google servers once it has been enabled.

  1. Launch the Google Calendar application
  2. SelectSettings from the menu icon in the top-left corner of the screen after selecting it from the menu icon.
  1. The next page displays a list of all of your Google calendars. To access the calendar’s settings menu, tap the calendar that isn’t synchronizing.

Manually Sync Your Google Calendar

The Calendar app has a feature that allows you to update your calendars as well as the items included inside them. It is possible to utilize this feature to update your calendars when the automated sync is not functioning.

  1. Make use of the Google Calendar application on your smartphone
  2. To achieve this, click on the three dots in the upper-right corner of your screen.
  1. Simply choose Refresh from the drop-down menu, and your calendars will be updated with the new event information.
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Enable Calendar Storage On Your Phone

You can define storage permissions for various apps on most Android phones using an option found in the settings menu. If this option is turned off for the Calendar app, it’s possible that this is the reason why the app isn’t synching your calendars. To give the app permission to utilize your phone’s storage, do the following:

  1. By default, you will not be able to view the system storage choices for the location of the item you are looking for. To make these choices available, click Show system from the three-dot menu in the top-right corner of the screen.
  1. Locate the entry that reads “Calendar Storage” and click on it. in the list and flip its toggle to the ON position

Ensure You Have Enough Free Space On Your Device

It is common for new information to be added to your calendars when you sync your calendars with one another. Because this makes use of your phone’s storage, you must ensure that you have adequate space available on your device to keep the updated Google calendars. You may view the storage information on your iOS and Android devices by following the steps below.

Check Storage On An iOS Device

  1. You’ll be able to see exactly what is using up how much space on your phone. You can get rid of the objects that are taking up space on your shelves to make room for your calendars.

Check Storage On An Android Device

  1. Open the Settings application. Scroll down and choose theStorageoption from the drop-down menu.
  1. In addition, your phone will notify you how much free and occupied memory space you have left.

Clear The Calendar App Cache

Cache files are used by applications to offer you with a more optimal app experience. The fact is that these cache files are sometimes the source of the problem with Google Calendar not synchronizing on your device. Delete these files and the problem should be resolved.

  1. Open the Settingsapp and choose Appsnotifications from the drop-down menu. Locate and choose theCalendarapp from the list of applications. If you don’t see it, selectSee allat the bottom of the screen to see all of your applications.
  1. SelectStorageon the next page to see the storage choices available for your calendar
  1. On your screen, you’ll notice two buttons that you may click. To clear the cache files in your Calendar application, select the option that saysClear Cache.

Reinstall The Google Calendar App On Your Device

If none of the techniques listed above worked for you, the final thing you may attempt is to reinstall the program on your mobile device. By doing so, you will force the program to reload configuration files, which may help to resolve the sync difficulties on your phone or tablet.

  1. You may also choose the Xicon if you’re using an iPhone by tapping and holding theCalendarapp and selecting it.
  1. The Google Calendarapp should be reinstalled from the App Store. If you’re using an Android smartphone, pick Uninstall from the Calendarapp by tapping and holding it. Because it may be the sole calendar app on your device, it may not be possible to uninstall it. To uninstall the program, select OK from the pop-up menu. Reinstall the Google Calendar application by going to the Google Play Store.

With any luck, your Google Calendar should now be synced with your smartphone.

How do I sync Google Calendar with Android?

Navigate to the settings menu on your phone and select “Apps” or “App Notifications.” In your Android phone’s Settings, look for the word “Apps.” Find Google Calendar in your long list of applications, and then click on “App Info” and then “Clear Data.” Your device will have to be shut down and then turned back on again after that. Delete all of the information from Google Calendar.

How do I sync my Google Calendar to my phone?

Syncing your VenueOps Calendar with your Google Calendar on your Android phone is simple.

  1. By using the online interface on your desktop computer, you may import the iCal feed into Google Calendar. …
  2. Navigate to SettingsUsersAccounts on your smartphone. Select the account to which you’ve assigned the calendar
  3. Select Account sync from the drop-down menu. Make certain that Calendar synchronization is enabled.

12th of March in the year 2021.

How do I automatically sync Google Calendar?

To have your calendar automatically sync with your Android smartphone, you must first enable the auto-sync option on your device.

  1. Open the Android system settings and choose Data consumption from the drop-down menu. To access the menu on your device, press the menu button. Put a checkbox in front of Sync data automatically

How do I sync my Google Calendar to my Samsung phone?

To begin, open your app drawer and select Settings from the drop-down menu:

  1. In Android 2.3 and 4.0, choose the “Accountssync” menu item from the main menu. When using Android 4.1, go to the “Accounts” category and select “Add Account.” Select “Corporate” from the drop-down menu. Enter your e-mail address and password to continue. Choose the services you want to sync, and then press Done.

12th of October, 2012

How do I sync my Samsung calendar with Google?

In the app’s Settings, choose the name of each personal calendar to determine whether or not sync is enabled. Check to see that your device is configured to sync with your Google accounts. To sync your accounts, go to Android Settings, Accounts, Google, and then “account sync.” Check to see if the calendar is activated.

How do I enable Google Sync?

You’ll need a Google Account in order to enable sync.

  1. Open Google Chrome on your PC. Profile may be found in the upper right corner. Access your Google Account by logging in. If you want your information to be synced across all of your devices, select Turn on sync. Turn the power on

How do I link my Google calendars?

What You Need to Know About Syncing Google Calendar with Your Android Phone

  1. Launch the Settings application. Accounts may be found by scrolling down. Select Add account from the drop-down menu. If you have already connected your Google account, you may pick it from the list of available accounts
  2. Otherwise, go here. Make a decision on your Google username. Make sure the calendar checkbox is selected in the Calendar section.

14th of November, 2020.

How often does Google Calendar Sync?

By default, your Android device’s calendar will sync with Google Calendar and will only sync once every 24 hours, unless you change this setting.

How do I automatically sync my android calendar?

  1. Launch the Google Calendar application
  2. Menu may be found in the upper left of the screen. Select Settings from the drop-down menu. Click on the name of the calendar that isn’t showing up in your list of calendars. If you don’t see the calendar listed, select Show more from the drop-down menu. Check that Sync is turned on (in blue) at the top of the page.

How do I make my Samsung calendar sync automatically?

synchronize your data More options may be found by selecting More Options, followed by Settings. Select Sync and auto backup options from the drop-down menu, and then select the Sync tab. Then, toggle the switch next to the applications you want to sync with in order to enable or disable auto sync for them. Contacts, Calendar, and Gallery are just a few of the applications that may be synced.

How do I add a calendar to my Samsung?

Information of a general nature Calendars for each district How to add calendars to your Android phone or tablet

  1. Other calendars may be accessed by selecting the down arrow next to them. Choose Add by URL from the drop-down option. Fill out the form with the address and then click on the Add calendar button. The calendar will display in the Other calendars part of the calendar list on the left-hand side of the screen
  2. And

What is the difference between my calendar and Samsung calendar?

My Calendar is the calendar on the device, and it only syncs with Kies. Syncing with your Samsung account is made possible through the Samsung calendar. Although the Samsung calendar is listed in the settings, the only calendar software available is Calendar.

Is Samsung calendar the same as Google Calendar?

Other than the fact that Samsung Calendar does not track your event information by default, navigation is one area where Samsung Calendar outperforms Google Calendar. Pressing the hamburger menu, much as in Google Calendar, allows you to choose between year, month, week, and day display options.

r/GalaxyWatch – How to get Google Calendar on to Samsung Watch 4 in Wear OS?

Level 1I’m hoping that someone will make a face that represents the entire calendar day. There are watch faces available for the other Galaxy Watch models as well. I purchased one a few years ago, however it is not compatible with this WearOS stuff. Furthermore, I use the word crap since it is a significant energy drainer. Because of this, I despise WearOS to no end. Google Calendar for WearOS? I find it hard to imagine that they didn’t make one for the platform. This is just plain stupid. I had high hopes for Google, and I was not disappointed.

  1. level 2Can you tell me how you got it to sync?
  2. It was necessary for me to activate each each sub calendar inside my Google Calendar.
  3. The three-line menu in the upper left will bring up a variety of calendars, which you may select from.
  4. level 1Op was last updated 4 months ago.
  5. I was able to get it to work by synchronizing the two calendars in the manner described here.
  6. As of now, there is no Google Calendar app for Wear OS available in the Canadian Play Store.
  7. level 2Can you tell me how you got it to sync?
  8. It was necessary for me to activate each each sub calendar inside my Google Calendar.

Step 1: Download and install Google Calendar from the Google Play Store. level 2On the Apple Watch 4, there is no Google Calendar for Wear OS. I looked on the Play Store, but it appears to be only available on my phone.

Sync Samsung Galaxy Calendar with iPhone using Free SyncGene service

Customer testimonials for SyncGene “I can now update my family’s calendar, and my children, who use various phones, are constantly aware of the activities on my calendar.” Thank you very much for creating such an excellent product!”

Solution to sync Samsung Galaxy Calendar with iPhone

SyncGene is a web application and service that allows you to sync your Samsung Galaxy Calendar with your iPhone. Sync Google with iCloud, iCloud with Microsoft Exchange, or sync all platforms at the same time. Maintain the organization of your information.

Features related tosync Samsung Galaxy Calendar with iPhone

The ability to synchronize your calendar, contacts, and tasks among multiple apps such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Office 365, iCloud, Gmail, and others.

Sync Samsung Galaxy Calendar with iPhone

SyncGene’s two-way synchronization ensures that your Appointments are always structured and up to date. Manage Calendar events from either the Samsung Galaxy Calendar or the iPhone Calendar – any changes will be instantly updated to all connected accounts.

Backup Samsung Galaxy Calendar data to Google Drive

SyncGene generates a duplicate of your Samsung Galaxy Calendar in your Google Drive account, which you can access from any computer. In the event that any modifications need to be undone, you can revert to the prior Calendar version.

View and manage Samsung Galaxy Calendar on your

Possessing a personal Samsung Galaxy Calendar and a work-related iPhone account is a smart move. When using SyncGene, you can browse and change calendar events while you’re on the go. Your calendar events will be immediately shared throughout all of your connected accounts, no matter where you are.

How tosync Samsung Galaxy Calendar with iPhone?

  1. We will send you an email when your Samsung Galaxy Calendar is ready to be synced with your iPhone. Managing your calendar events is now possible from your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Calendar, as well as other devices. If you want further information on how to sync your Samsung Galaxy Calendar with your iPhone, please see the SyncGene documentation.

About solution tosync Samsung Galaxy Calendar with iPhone

Samsung Calendar is a calendar application developed by Samsung and used in their smartphones. It is a calendar application. It is often used on Android smartphones and may be synced with Google or Gmail Calendars, among other things. Apple Inc.’s iPhone is a brand of cellphones that were created and marketed by the company. The iPhone is powered by Apple’s iOS mobile operating system software, which is available on all models of the device. The user interface is centered around the device’s multi-touch screen, which also has a virtual keyboard, and it is simple and straightforward.

Samsung Galaxy Calendar synchronization solutions

The Samsung Galaxy Calendar may be synced with other web services, such as iPhone calendars. Click here to see all of the Google synchronization solutions available.

iPhone synchronization solutions

Synchronization with iPhone and other web services is possible with the Samsung Galaxy Calendar app. Browse all Google synchronization solutions by visiting this page.

About 4Team Corporation

4Team Corporation is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner as well as a privately held independent software company. Since 1999, we have been building applications for Microsoft Windows as well as Add-ins for the Microsoft Outlook calendaring system. The web application SyncGene, which allows you to sync Calendar events, Contacts, and Tasks, is only one of our offerings.

You are free to collaborate with others without any limitations. We provide service to hundreds of thousands of consumers in over 100 countries. We are quite proud of the fact that we are highly recommended by our clients and that we provide award-winning service.

Samsung Galaxy Tab: new event does not sync with google calendar

November 25, 2010, 5:21:10 p.m., unread Any suggestions for the 25th of November to the Business Calendar?

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November 26, 2010, 7:32:09 p.m., unread Business Calendar for November 26th, 2010 In any case, there is a known issue with the synchronization of new events for Samsung smartphones running Android version 2.2. As a result of my investigation, I discovered that Samsung has updated the built-in calendar capability of Android in such a manner that it is no longer feasible to sync new events to Google for 3rd party applications. Thank you very much for your brilliant concept, Samsung!;-( Despite this, there would still be the option of synchronizing events because they might be sent straight to Google (on Non-Samsung devices this would bea built-in android functionality).

However, we will make every effort to get it operational as soon as possible!

On November 25, at 5:21 p.m., [email protected] sent an email to wrote: Do you have any suggestions?


Unread, December 15, 2010, 4:12 a.m. Calendar of Events for December 15th, 2010 Really, if I put anything on my Google calendar, it shows up on my tablet calendar, but if I place an event on my tablet, it does not show up on my Google calendar, which is strange. Thank you so much; I was becoming very annoyed. Do you have any suggestions? Show quoted text — Hide quoted text — Show quoted text


December 18, 2010, 3:53:23 p.m., unread Calendar of Events for December 18th, 2010 If you’ve installed the most recent version, the synchronization should be operational again. Is it possible to have the phone synchronize new events that are entered into the phone’s stock calendar? With best wishes, Michael Kopplin is an American actor and director.

jude martin

December 30, 2010, 11:02:32 a.m., unread Calendar of Events for December 30th, 2010 to the present Hello, this is quite aggravating. I added an event to the calendar on my Samsung Galaxy Tab. However, it does not appear on the gmail calendar. However, the converse is true. Is there a solution to this problem? jude


December 31, 2010, 7:12:36 p.m., unread Business Calendar for December 31st, 2010 The calendar may not sync even when using the standard calendar application, which indicates that an issue with your Android system settings is at fault, according to Google (please check if automatic synchronization is enabled). With best wishes, Michael Kopplin is an American actor and director.

Chuck Craytor

December 31, 2010, 7:19:09 p.m., unread [email protected] on December 31, 2010 In relation to Facebook. A Samsung Fascinate is the phone I’m now using. The stock calendar for Facebook displays the right date and time for the stock. Buz Cal., on the other hand, is many hours late. Chuck Android 2.1 with Samsung Fascinate


Unread, January 7, 2011, 4:09:42 a.m.1/7/11to Business CalendarWe are working to resolve the Facebook issue as soon as possible! With best wishes, Michael Kopplin


Unread, Monday, January 7, 2011, 11:27:10 p.m. Business Calendar for the week of January 7th, 2011 Which version of the upgrade would that be? Android? Gmail? I’m asking since I’m experiencing the identical problem on my Samsung Galaxy Tab. With the default Gmail calendar, everything syncs well, however when I add more calendars, I can only sync from the web to the tab. To the best of my knowledge, I am running the most recent versions of every applications. I have turned off my Sprint service on the tab since I use WiFi for everything, so if a firmware upgrade is required, I will not have access to it.


Unread, Monday, January 8, 2011, 3:23:14 a.m.1/8/11 to the Business Calendar My reference to an update came from a few weeks ago when the Business Calendar was updated. Since then, the synchronization of events on Samsung smartphones should be functional (and I got feedback that it would work fine). That being said, if I understand you well, the synchronization is only functioning with one Googlecalendar (in both ways) and does not work with any other calendars (that have been added to the Google account afterwards), is that correct.

With best wishes, Michael Kopplin is an American actor and director.


Unread, Monday, January 8, 2011, 7:07:27 p.m. 1/8/11 according to the Business Calendar Yes, that is exactly accurate! After doing some further testing since my last article, I’ve come up with the following conclusions. I have three calendars set up on the Google web app at the moment. (the [email protected] address plus two more calendars that were generated). The standard [email protected] address is totally functional in both ways. The other two, on the other hand, will only sync between the Google Web app and the Tab.

Ultimately, I wind up with two different events shown on the tab, one of which has (in my instance) a few words added to its description.

Tim – If it doesn’t make any sense, it’s because I haven’t had my morning coffee yet!


Unread, Monday, March 1, 2011, 6:35:19 p.m. 1st of March 2011 to Business Calendar Is this problem still not resolved? When I enter information through computer, I receive an instantaneous change on the tab, but when I type information on the tab, I get NO computer display.

Is there any software that will sync in both directions as well as this one? Or is there a workaround? As a result, I had to miss a crucial meeting.v

[email protected]

Unread, Thursday, March 4, 2013, 2:28:38 PM [email protected] and [email protected] on March 4, 2013. I’m having the same problem, and it’s quite frustrating since the left hand can communicate with the right hand about what it’s doing, but my right arm is basically stupid. In my experience as a new Samsung customer, I believe the problem is with the S-planner, which is not communicating with my Google calender. As a result, I intend to try the Google calender app. If this resolves the situation, it would be nice if the G-mail app could integrate this function, as it already syncs with my google account to send and receive emails in order to keep my phone from becoming overloaded with apps.

[email protected]

I haven’t read anything yet today, May 21, 2013, 10:04:31 PM [email protected] on May 21, 2013 I realize this is an old discussion, but it describes exactly the issue I am experiencing. Events that I add to my Google calendar on my computer appear on my phone, but events that I add to my phone do not display on my Google calendar on my computer. It’s completely absurd! The business calendar is something I truly appreciate, but it isn’t much use if it isn’t correct.

Business Calendar Support

I haven’t read anything yet today, May 24, 2013, 4:15:37 PM. [email protected] and [email protected] on May 24, 2013. Hello, and thank you for your post. In the first instance, please double-check your Android Stock calendar to see if the events have been synchronized. If this is not the case, I suspect that there is a widespread sync problem. I would recommend that you remove your Google account from your device and then re-add it under -Android OS Settings -Accounts and Sync (if you have one).

  • If this does not resolve the issue, it is possible that something is wrong with your calendar storage.
  • If there are any events in your Google Calendar that are not synced with your device, you should avoid deleting the calendar storage on your device.
  • Remember that events will only be synced one month in the past after they have been synchronized in the present.
  • Before you can view the program titled “CalendarStorage,” you will most likely need to pick the option to show all applications first on your device.

Maria Knofe from Business Calendar Support explains how to use a calendar.

[email protected]

Posted by unread on October 7, 2013, 11:34:34 p.m. Posted on October 7, 2013 to [email protected] Since I just started using Google Calendar on my fresh new Galaxy Tab, there isn’t anything in the storage space. And this is exactly what is occurring. So it’s evident that it’s not a problem with calendar storage. I’m switching over to Outlook since I’ve heard it’s more dependable.

[email protected]

Unread, Tuesday, October 11, 2013, 9:03:54 p.m. 10/11/13 to [email protected], [email protected], and other relevant addresses I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that has been flashed to ntelos. It’s fantastic, and it synchronized with my calendars perfectly. Now, it will sync my Google calendar with my phone, but not the other way around. I use the stock calendar because I enjoy it; it is far superior to the Google calendar. I need my phone’s calendar to sync with the Google Calendar application on my computer.

robson asked on Thursday, November 25, 2010 at 11:21:10 a.m.

[email protected]

Posted by unread on October 25, 2013, 1:27:11 p.m. Posted on October 25, 2013 to [email protected] I recently purchased a new Samsung tablet 8 in September 2013 and encountered the identical issue, which I reported on October 23, 2013. It appears that the Samsung geeks are baffled as to how to correct this significant issue. All of my events have been pushed back by one day. Maybe if I make a national news story out of it.

[email protected]

October 25, 2013, 1:27:11 p.m., unread [email protected] on October 25, 2013 On October 23, 2013, I reported the identical problem that I had experienced when I purchased a new Samsung tablet in September of the same year. It appears that the Samsung nerds are unable to correct this critical problem. Almost all of my events have been pushed back by a day! Perhaps if I make a national news story out of it.

[email protected]

Posted by unread on October 25, 2013, 1:33:09 p.m. Posted on October 25, 2013 to [email protected] Why is it taking Samsung two years to address a problem that occurred recently? I’m phoning and reporting it to all local and national television stations, advising them not to purchase Samsung tablets. I’m returning mine to the retailer. I’m advising all of my friends not to purchase this tablet. Really, it’s been two years. This is where I keep track of my job appointments.

[email protected]

October 25, 2013, 1:34:28 p.m., unread Posted on October 25, 2013 to [email protected] The whereabouts of this Jude Mikado from 2010 are unknown. As of October 23, 2013, nothing has been resolved.

[email protected]

October 25, 2013, 1:40:27 p.m., unread Posted on October 25, 2013 to [email protected] As of October 23, 2013, your 2010 upgrade had failed. All new activities are moved forward a day on my list calendar to make room for them. It is not a problem with Google. I have the same Google calendar on my Motorola Android smartphone, and the agenda and calendar list sync to the right day for any new events that are added.

The Samsung tablet is still one day behind schedule on the event list calendar. Two days ago, I spent a half hour on the phone with tech support. They behaved as though this was a whole new situation. It will be reported to all news networks on television when one more phone call is made.

[email protected]

Posted by unread on May 15, 2014, 8:04:28 p.m. 5/15/14 to [email protected], [email protected], and other relevant addresses Yep. The same issue exists here as well. As a result, I’ve missed a number of critical meetings. What in the world is going on with Samsung that they are getting away with such a massive blunder? Probably the most fundamental and most significant feature of cellphones is the calendar application! If they are unable to perform the functions of a 1990s Palm Pilot, and even worse, if they choose to ignore the problem when it is brought to their attention, it calls into question the fundamentals of running a successful organization.

[email protected]

Unread,Sep 15, 2017, 7:21:11 PM9/15/17to Business CalendarI was able to get this to work on my wife’s tablet after downloading and installing the default Google calendar app from the play store. In fact, it successfully synchronized with Google Calendar, and when it had done so, the two calendar applications (the Samsung app that came with the tablet, and the Business Calendar that I’d loaded) began to function as if by magic!

How to Sync S Planner with Google Calendar

The Samsung Calendar (S Planner) makes it possible to sync your calendars with your Galaxy devices, allowing you to have everything available promptly and simply at your fingertips. You may add and modify appointments directly from your mobile, and any changes you make are instantly synchronized with your calendar. It is possible to sync calendar events with multiple email addresses, invite people, make reminders, add locations, and do a variety of other tasks using S Planner. It is discussed in this post how to sync S Planner with Google Calendar and how to do so effectively.

This may be accomplished by selecting the Settings app from your home screen, from your app drawer, or from your notification panel.

This will provide a list of all of the accounts that have been associated with your Android device.

It will provide a list of the many account kinds that are available.

Check that the ‘Calendar’ checkbox is selected to guarantee that your Google calendars are synced with your computer.

To connect using your Google account, select ‘Existing’ from the drop-down menu, or tap on ‘New’ to set up a new account if you don’t already have one.

It is possible to guarantee that your calendar is synchronized by tapping on your new account in the Accounts list and selecting the ‘Calendar’ option.

To do so, launch the Calendar application on your Android device.

For example, the ‘S Planner’ app for Samsung Galaxy devices.

Click on the Google account that you have created or that has already been created for you.

If you have numerous calendars connected with your Google account, you can choose which ones you wish to display in the Calendar app by ticking the boxes next to the calendars you want to appear in.

You may also uncheck a calendar, which will delete all of the events from that calendar from your Calendar application.

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