How To Remove Frp Lock In Samsung


How to disable Google Factory Reset Protection

On Android smartphones running Android OS Version 5.1 (Lollipop) or higher, Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a security feature that protects against data loss. The FRP includes a built-in security feature that you may use to safeguard your device and information. This feature includes screen locks and data encryptions, among other things. The Factory Data Reset feature is activated automatically when a Google account is registered on the device, and it will be disabled if the Google account is withdrawn from the device prior to doing the Factory Data Reset.

Therefore, if your device has been factory reset in any method other than through SettingsGeneral ManagementResetFactory Data Reset, the FRPLock will be enabled on your device.

To do a factory reset on the device if the GoogleFRP is enabled, you will be prompted to provide your Google account credentials before you can proceed.

This is the situation; in that case, please do the following steps:

  • Using the Google account recovery tool will allow you to recover or reset your Google account password if you know your Google account email but have forgotten your Google account password. Then, to unlock your Galaxy mobile, enter the new password you created. It might take between 24 and 72 hours for a new password to sync with all of the devices that have been registered. After the indicated time period has passed, try entering onto your device using the new password. If you are unable to recall any of your Google account details and the FRP Lock has been activated, you should contact one of our Authorized Service Centers to obtain expert assistance immediately. Please make sure that you have your Proof of Purchase with you in order to demonstrate that you are the legal owner of your device.

Check out What is Google FRP? for more information. in order to obtain further information Follow the procedures outlined below to disable Google Factory Reset Protection:

Remove FRP Lock on Samsung with Combination File (Odin)

Factory Reset Protection, sometimes known as FRP, is a security feature built into Android smartphones. Automatically activated FRP is enabled on Android devices as soon as they are registered with a Google account. In order to prevent your device, data, and information from falling into the wrong hands, Firmware Reset Protection must be enabled on your device. You may bypass and remove the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) lock on Samsung devices by flashing a combination file using Odin if you own a Galaxy phone or Tab and have forgotten the unlock pattern or PIN for it.

The device has been reset.

In order to unlock your smartphone, you’ll be prompted to provide the registered phone number or email address.

Removing FRP on Samsung with Combination File

Installing the factory firmware on a Samsung Galaxy with Odin, many users believe, will allow them to circumvent or remove the FRP lock on their device. I recall using the same procedure on a friend’s Galaxy S7 Edge in order to remove the firmware reset protection.

The fact is that a standard firmware update will not be able to resolve the FRP lock Google account issue on Samsung smartphones. I’ll go over the process of flashing combination firmware on Samsung devices in order to remove the FRP lock in the section below.

1. Download Samsung Firmware

Due to the fact that we will be combining a number of particular firmware binary components, you will need to get the most recent Samsung firmware for your Galaxy device before proceeding. Any of the sources listed below will allow you to download or obtain the firmware file for your specific device model.

  • Download Samsung Firmware with Frija
  • BL+AP+CP+CSC binaries for Odin
  • And BL+AP+CP+CSC binaries for Odin. Samloader is a macOS and Linux application that allows you to download firmware.

2. Create Samsung Combination File

All right, so now that you’ve obtained the relevant firmware for your Samsung Galaxy phone or Tab, it’s time to construct the combination firmware that will allow you to unlock your Samsung device from the FRP lock. Make use of the instructions provided in this section to generate a combination firmware from the standard firmware files.

  1. Extract the Samsung firmware Zip file that you downloaded. You may accomplish this by using a Zip archiver such as WinRar, 7Zip, PowerArchiver, or any similar program. When you open the extracted folder, you’ll discover 5 firmware binaries, including AP, BL, CP, CSC, and Home CSC
  2. Once you’ve done that, you may move on to the next step. Check that the.md5extension of the files can be seen before continuing. If you only see the filename extension.tar, click on theViewtab in the Windows Explorer window and select the option that says ‘File name extensions’
  3. If you only see the filename extension.tar, click on theViewtab in the Windows Explorer window and select the option that says ‘File name extensions’
  4. Now, right-click on the firmware file that begins with the letters AP and select “Open with.” the name of the file and pick the rename option, then add the suffix a.rarextension after.md5
  5. Then pick theBLfile and rename it with the extension.rartoo
  6. Then click OK. Extract the APandBLzip files from their respective folders. To begin, open the APfolder and copy both the boot.img.lz4 and system.img.lz4 files, then paste them into a new folder. Additionally, access theBLfolder and copy the file namessboot.img.lz4 to the same new folder as the previous step. Start by opening the folder where you stored the files including the boot.img,lz4,sboot.img,lz4, andsystem.img lz4 files. All three files should be selected and compressed into a single archive file by selecting theCompress to “New folder.rar” option from the Windows context menu. Now, replace the New folder.rarfile with the firmware name by changing the Zip extension from.rarfile to.tar and renaming it as seen below.

You have completed the process of creating the Samsung combination file necessary to deactivate Factory Reset Protection from your Galaxy smartphone.

3. Reset Samsung Device and Enable USB Debugging

Before you can begin installing the combination file, you must first complete a data factory reset on your computer. The Recovery Mode on your Samsung Galaxy phone or Tab is required since you cannot do this operation through the device settings on your device. The technique by which Samsung smartphones may be accessed in Recovery mode varies from one model to the next. You may refer to my in-depth explanation on how to boot into the Samsung Recovery Mode for further information.

  1. Once you have reached the Android Recovery menu screen, pick theWipe data/factory reset option from the drop-down menu. You may navigate by pressing the Volume Up/Down buttons on your keyboard, and the Power button will confirm your choices. Perform a data/factory reset, and then pick the option to reboot the machine immediately. option
  2. When your Samsung smartphone first starts up, you’ll see a screen similar to the one seen below, which is the Samsung factory binary. You may access the app drawer by tapping the mosaic symbol in the top-left corner of the screen
  3. This will bring you to that screen. To enable USB debugging, go to SettingsDeveloper settings and check the box. If you are unable to locate this option, follow these steps to enable the Developer option on your Samsung device: Holding the Power button for a few seconds can switch off your phone or tablet device.

Flash Samsung Combination File with Odin

Assuming everything went smoothly, you should now have the Samsung combination file you produced from the standard firmware. You have also enabled USB debugging on your Galaxy device to guarantee that Odin is able to read the data from it. You are now ready to begin removing the FRP lock from your Samsung smartphone or tablet.

  1. Download the patched version of Odin and unzip it to your computer’s desktop
  • Odin3 3.14.1 3B PatcheD (for smartphones launched after 2018)
  • Odin3 3.13.3 3B PatcheD (for earlier Samsung models)
  • Odin3 3.14.1 3B PatcheD (for devices introduced after 2018)
  • Odin3 3.14.1 3B PatcheD (for devices released after 2018)
  1. Obtain and install the most recent Samsung USB Driver on your Windows PC, and then restart your computer. Create a shortcut to the Odin folder and run Odin3.exe as an administrator
  2. It’s time to boot your Samsung smartphone into Download Mode
  3. Click here to learn how. Connect your device to your computer using a USB connection that is compatible with your device. When Odin detects that your phone or tablet has been detected, theID:COMport will be highlighted. In Odin, go to the Optionstab and make sure that only theAuto RebootandF. Reset Timeoptions are activated
  4. Otherwise, click OK. Then, using the APbutton, choose and import the Samsung combination file that you already produced. At the end, click on theStartbutton to begin the installation process. Wait until the combined firmware installation is completed and you are rewarded with thePASS!message in Odin. Your Samsung Galaxy smartphone will reboot on its own
  5. This is normal.

Simply wait until your gadget begins to power up and you’re done. You have successfully unlocked your Samsung Galaxy smartphone by removing the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) lock.

Please get the approval to use factory binary (PIT)

Occasionally, Samsung’s security function may prevent the installation of custom firmware and the following error message may be shown on the Download Mode screen of your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. Please obtain permission to use factory binaries before using it (pit) In order to resolve this, you may use Odin to flash the PIT (Partition Information Table) file for your device in conjunction with the Samsung combination file. If you are unsure about how to obtain the right PIT file, please refer to my guide on how to extract Samsung PIT from firmware for instructions.

Furthermore, you’ll need to add the PIT file to Odin by selecting it from thePittab in the program.

How to Automatically Bypass the FRP Lock on Your Samsung Phone

When you forgot your smartphone’s lock-screen password in the past, factory resetting it was a viable solution. Despite the fact that it removed the password, it also made smartphone theft significantly easier. Many smartphones now come with Factory Reset Protection (FRP) enabled, which prevents users from resetting their devices.

This lock ensures that no one can access your phone after a factory reset unless you give them permission to access it. But what happens if you purchase a used phone and are unable to use it because of the FRP lock on it? This is where the DroidKit feature of the iMobie comes in.

How Does FRP Work?

Tradition had it that a phone may be used immediately after a factory reset without the need for any further verification. To use your phone after the reset, you must log in with the Google account that you were using on your phone before to the reset in order to continue using it. As a result, if you don’t recall your Google credentials, you won’t be able to log in to your smartphone. This is a significant issue for those who purchase old cell phones. Whenever you find yourself in this scenario, you have two choices.

  • One, circumvent the Google FRP verification on your Samsung smartphone by doing all of the steps manually. Two, delegate the heavy lifting to DroidKit, which is provided by iMobie.

If we had to select between the two options, we would go with the second. Because DroidKit makes it extremely simple to circumvent the FRP lock on Android devices. And, although it is now only compatible with Samsung smartphones, compatibility for non-Samsung devices is on the way.

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How Can DroidKit Help You Skip Google Verification?

DroidKit was created by IMobie from the ground up with the goal of resolving common difficulties that affect Android smartphones. On a Samsung smartphone, this provides the option to skip Google account verification, if necessary. Start by launching the DroidKit application on your Windows or Mac. Then choose Bypass FRP Lock from the drop-down menu. The Bypass FRP Lock screen will be shown as a result of this action. After that, connect your phone to your PC or Mac and press the Start button.

From the Recovery Screen, locate the Android version that your phone is running and select it from the drop-down menu that appears underSelect your Android system version.

Following the completion of the firmware download, proceed through the instructions outlined on the screen and then click on Next.

Finally, click onCompleteand you’ll be done with this task.

DroidKit Does Way More Than Just FRP Unblocking

DroidKit has been developed by IMobie to be the only Android data and system recovery app you will ever require. For example, DroidKit provides you the opportunity to completely clean up your device’s memory in order to make it quicker and lighter. There’s a lot more to it than that. First and foremost, you can restore any data that has been deleted from your device. It is said that DroidKit offers the best data recovery success rate in the market when it comes to restoring lost or deleted data.

Secondly, if your smartphone has been bricked and you require a system restore, DroidKit’s system mending feature can assist you in repairing your handset.

Support for other devices will be added in the future.

Patients with non-operational medical equipment find the procedure to be really beneficial. Finally, using the DroidKit software, you may do a Deep Recovery on your smartphone, which will allow you to recover any and all data from it, regardless of its kind.

DroidKit Works Wonders and Should Be on Your Radar

Using DroidKit, iMobie has developed an app that allows you to circumvent the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) lock on your Samsung handset, among other things. You can, for example, retrieve your lost data, reinstall the operating system, and even delete unwanted files. To summarize, iMobie’s DroidKit is one of the most effective Android recovery applications available. We hope you like the products and topics we propose and discuss! Because MUO participates in affiliate and sponsored agreements, we earn a portion of the money generated by some of your transactions.

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How To Remove FRP Lock On Samsung Galaxy Android Smartphone? (Updated)

For people who live in today’s technologically advanced society, a smartphone serves as an all-in-one window into the digital world. If it is obstructed, everyone, regardless of their social standing or occupation, will be displeased with the situation. Today, I’m going to speak about and propose a remedy for a problem like this on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone, which is called the FRPlock.

Table Of Contents

  • Use of the Easy FRP Tool as a first step
  • Use of the Samsung Bypass Tool as a second step.

What is FRP Lock on a Galaxy Smartphone?

If you find yourself caught at a screen that looks similar to the one shown below, it is likely that your Samsung Galaxy Android smartphone has been locked using FRP. A FRP lock is an abbreviation for Factory Reset Protection, which is a new security feature available on Android devices. Once FRP is enabled, it prevents you from using your Galaxy smartphone after doing a factory data reset unless you log in using the same Google username and password that you used to set up the device earlier.

You will not be able to move any further unless you have a previous Google Account associated with this Samsung Galaxy Android Smartphone.

Sponsored In contrast, if you want expert assistance with “FRP Unlock,” Unlockjunky is the most suitable solution.

Now is the time to unlock your Samsung!

Disclaimer: We advise you to use this tool with caution and in accordance with the law. There is no unlawful use of this program, and it is solely intended for individuals who find themselves unexpectedly locked out of their own phone when factory data resetting it.

Steps toremove FRPlock on your Samsung Galaxy Android Smartphone (For New Phones:Android 10, Android 11Android 12)

1. First and foremost, you must boot your phone into regular mode. 2. Next, you must connect your phone to your local WiFi network using the provided instructions. 3. Once this is completed, please download the FRP utility to your PC from the site provided below and unzip it. 4. Now, from the extracted folder, launch the “SamsungFrp2021.exe” file to complete the installation. 5. In theEasy Samsung FRP Toolwindow, select “Disable Drivers Signatures” and then “Reboot Your Computer.” 6. Once the computer has been rebooted, run the program once more and select ” Bypass FRP “.

  • An alert will appear from theEasy Samsung FRP Toolwindow, as illustrated in the following image: The FRPunlock operation will begin when you select “OK,” and you will be presented with technical information regarding the process as shown below.
  • 9.
  • Now, instead of going through the sync settings, go to this website on your Galaxy smartphone and hit the link below to view the settings page on your phone.
  • Now go to ” Accounts and backups ” and press on it to open it up.
  • Installing the program is as simple as downloading it.
  • After installation, ” Smart Switch ” will open immediately and guide you through the configuration procedure.
  • Select ” Cable ” as the method of data transmission and wait for the file ” Searching for data transfer ” to be finished before continuing.
  • Give a single check mark to ” Accounts & Settings” and then click on the transfer button at the bottom of this page after you’re finished.
  • You will be prompted to enter your Gmail password at this point.
  • Once this is completed, the real data transfer will begin, and you will be ready to go at that point.

Steps to remove FRP lock on your Samsung Galaxy Android Smartphone (For older version phones)

In order to get started, you must first do a hard reset on your smartphone by pressing the buttons “Power + Volume UP + Menu.” 2. Next, you must download and unpack the Samsung bypass utility from the link provided below to your computer. 3. Once the file has been extracted, copy the “Bypass any Samsung Google Account Lock.apk” file to a USB pendrive that has the “OTG” capability enabled (or you can use a OTG cable with a normal pendrive). 4. When you connect your Galaxy Phone to the OTGUSB storage device, a file manager will display on your phone.

Finally, double-click on the.apk file to begin the installation process.



Finally, select Back up. Reset-Factory data reset-Reset device-Delete all are the options available. Your phone will restart, and after it has completed this process, the FRP lock will be removed from your device. During the setup process, you will no longer be required to provide a Gmail account.

Compatible Model List

The following devices are compatible with this method: SamsungGalaxy Note7, SamsungGalaxy S7 Edge, SamsungGalaxy S7, Samsung GalaxyOn5, Samsung Galaxy J7, Samsung Galaxy J5, Samsung Galaxy E7, Samsung Galaxy E5, Samsung Galaxy A7, Samsung Galaxy A5, Samsung Galaxy A3, Samsung Galaxy S4, SamsungGalaxy S4 Zoom, Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Samsung Galaxy Note 3,Samsung Galaxy S5, SamsungGala If none of the previous methods were successful, please try this FRP unlock technique.

Steps to remove FRP lock on your Samsung Galaxy Android Smartphone using ” Frp HiJacker by Hagard ” tool.

This approach will make use of the unofficial program ” Frp HiJacker by Hagard “, which is available on the internet. 1. To begin, you must first download the program from the following link. 2. Once the zip archive has been downloaded, unzip it to obtain a “.exe” executable file (see step 1). Installing it is as simple as double clicking on it. You will be prompted to enter a password in the second installation window, as seen in the screenshot below. Now enter “” as the password and click Finish to finish the installation.

  1. When the program is first launched, it will display a screen similar to the one seen below.
  2. Once this is completed, the program will recognize your phone.
  3. If your phone model is not included on the list, you have a lower chance of success.
  4. Select ” Remove FRP ” and then click on the ” HIJACK IT!
  5. 6.
  6. It will reboot once the process is completed.
  7. The methods described above may not work on some models; if none of the ways described above work for you, please try the lessons listed below, which employ a different but equally effective strategy.
  • How To Remove Factory Reset Protection (FRP) From A Galaxy Smartphone Using Combination Firmware
  • How To Remove Factory Reset Protection (FRP) Lock On Android 10 Galaxy Smartphone (Latest Method in 2020)

Compatible model list for this tutorial

Using this method, you can use any new Galaxy smartphone, including the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, Samsung Galaxy M02, Samsung Galaxy M62, Samsung Galaxy A02s, Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, Samsung Galaxy A02, Samsung Galaxy A32, Samsung Galaxy A52 5G, Samsung Galaxy A52, Samsung Galaxy A72, Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5, Samsung Galaxy F62, Samsung Galaxy F02s, Samsung Galaxy F12, Samsung Galaxy M The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0S Pen (2019), Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019), Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e, Samsung Galaxy View2, Samsung Galaxy A20e, Samsung Galaxy A80, Samsung Galaxy M40, Samsung Galaxy A60, Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2019), Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019), Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4s, Samsung Galaxy Note10, Samsung Galaxy Note10 5G, Samsung Galaxy Note10+, Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G, Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G, SAMSUNG GALAXY S31 SAMSUNG GALAXY S21 SAMSUNG GALAXY S11 SAMSUNG GALAXY S01 SAMSUNG GALAXY S01 Core SAMSUNG GALAXY S31 SAMSUNG GALAXY S01 Core SAMSUNG GALAXY S01 Core SAMSUNG GALAXY S01 Core SAMSUNG GALAXY S01 Core SAMSUNG GALAXY S01 Core SAMSUNG GALAXY S (2020), Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G, Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.4 (2020), Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+, Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 (2020), Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3, Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro, Samsung Galaxy Xcover FieldPro, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G, Samsung Galaxy F41, Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 (2020), Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 (2020), Samsung Galaxy Tab Active3, Samsung Galaxy Tab If you run into any difficulties when attempting to remove the FRP lock on your Galaxy Android smartphone, please do not hesitate to submit them in the comment box below, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

If you found this “How To Remove FRP Lock On Samsung Galaxy Android Smartphone?” guide to be of assistance, please consider giving it a like or sharing it on social networking websites by utilizing the buttons provided below.

3 Ways to Bypass FRP on Samsung [Updated]

If you give someone permission to use your Samsung Android phone, they will not be able to just factory reset it and use it as their own device. Because of the default Factory Reset Protection (FRP) that Google installs on Android phones starting with version 5.1 and higher, this is feasible. As a result, the vast majority of Android users benefit from this access since they cannot factory reset their phones unless they have the login information to conduct the reset. FRP, on the other hand, presents a huge difficulty for users who may have forgotten their login credentials.

You will discover how to overcome the FRP on a Samsung smartphone in this article.

Any of the methods outlined here can be used to circumvent the FRP on your Android device; the decision is entirely up to you.

Part 1. What is Factory Reset Protection (FRP)

This section will provide you with background information on what fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) is and what it stands for. Additionally, you will learn how Factory Reset Protection (FRP) works on Android phones, with a specific emphasis on Samsung Android phones.

What is FRP?

FRP is an abbreviation for Factory Reset Protection. In order to act as a failsafe in the event that a smartphone running Android Lollipop 5.1 or higher is stolen, Google has integrated this security mechanism within the operating system. If you enable Factory Reset Protection (FRP) on your Android phone, no one will be able to factory reset and use the phone without first login into your Google account using your username and password. However, while this appears to be terrible news for phone thieves, it is really excellent news for the phone’s owner.

As a result, Android phone users must verify that their Google accounts are properly configured, therefore activating FRP on the device.

If you have numerous Google accounts, you may use any of them to log into the other ones.

As a result, when you set up your device after doing this sort of reset, you will not be needed to connect into your Google account.

How does it Work on Samsung Android Device?

In this situation, you must be connected into your Google account with the identical Google account data that you used to set up the phone before doing a factory reset. Even if you give your phone to someone else or sell it, the new owner will not be able to reset it until the “owner” account is signed into it. If you are able to get in, or if you can persuade the phone’s new owner to log in, you can reset the phone and generate your own login credentials for it. In a nutshell, only the phone owner has access to the Google account and may do a factory reset on the device.

Don’t remove your Google account from the other phone over the following 72 hours to risk being locked out of your Google account.

Part 2. Download FRP Bypass APK to Unlock Samsung

In order to unlock Samsung Android phones without the need of a computer, theSamsung FRP Bypass APK has been developed specifically for this purpose. Even if you forget your Google login, you won’t have to use it to log in to your phone after doing a factory reset thanks to this tool’s ability to get around FRP.

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2. Where and How can you Download FRP Bypass APK?

If your Samsung Android phone is running Android Lollipop 5.0 or higher, you may download and install the FRP Bypass APK to bypass the lock screen. Android Pie 9.0, Orco 8.0, Marshmallow 6.0, Nougat 7.0, and Android 10 Q smartphones are also compatible with the app’s download. On the Android security patch device that you are currently using, you will find the FRP Bypass APK file. The APK file is small (2MB), and you may download it in a matter of seconds after clicking on the link. There are a variety of FRP bypass programs accessible online, and you must be cautious when selecting one that will not be discovered as soon as you begin using it.

  • Access to Google App Settings
  • Sidebar Lite 4.4.0
  • Account Login
  • Amazon Offers
  • Google Play Services
  • Bypassing any Samsung security measures. The following applications are available: Google Account Lock
  • Google Settings Launch
  • File Commander
  • Samsung Smart Switch v3.6.06.10 apk
  • Apex Launcher, and more.

3. FRP Bypass for Samsung Instructions

Because of the great demand for Samsung phones, it is typical to see consumers purchasing via third-party vendors rather than directly from Samsung. If you come across a FRP difficulty, simply follow the methods outlined below to get around it:

  • Carry out a factory reset on the phone and wait for it to resume
  • Choose your preferred language from the list
  • When requested to do so, connect the phone to a reliable Wi-Fi network. On the following screen, you will be prompted to enter your “Google Account” information. The “Settings” menu will display once you tap the field and hold down the character “@” on your keyboard. Select “Google Keyboard Settings” from the drop-down menu. You will notice the “More” option, which is represented by three dots. pick it out
  • Select your preferred item from the “HelpFeedback” drop-down menu.
  • Then choose “Using the Google Keyboard.” Long press any selected text and then select “Websearch.” Delete the text that will show in the search window that will appear once you press Enter
  • Type “Settings” in the place of the text you erased before.
  • Select “About Phone” from the drop-down menu
  • Please look for the Build Number and touch on it seventies when you find it. This will make the Android’s “Developer Options” available to you. “OEM Unlocking” should be enabled. To restart your phone, press the back button twice. Once you reconnect your device to Wi-Fi, you will simply be prompted to create a new Google account, rather than being prompted to log into your prior Google account. With your phone, you can now add the new account that works for you and access it from anywhere.

Part 3. 3 Methods to Bypass FRP Lock on Samsung Smartphone

We’ll go through three of the most popular methods for getting around the FRP lock on your Samsung Android phone. These approaches are explained in detail below, along with instructions on how to overcome FRP on a Samsung device:

Method 1: Bypass Samsung using dr.fone

If you use an excellent tool such as dr.fone, you will be able to circumvent the Samsung FRP lock and remove it completely.

  • Dr.fone can help you unlock Android security locks such as pattern, password, pin, and fingerprint
  • It can also help you unlock Android security locks in other ways. With the dr.fone software, you may unlock your smartphone on operating systems such as Android 7.0 and earlier, as well as Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10). Additionally, it may be used on devices manufactured by other companies including Lenovo, OnePlus and Huawei
  • Motorola
  • And Xiaomi. It features a user interface that is simple enough that even the most inexperienced novice can manage it
  • It makes certain that no data is lost throughout the process of unlocking your Android phone.

It has been downloaded by 2,985,172 people. Using the dr.fone program, you can circumvent the frp on Samsung devices in the following ways: Connect your phone to the computer with a USB cord after downloading dr.fone and selecting “Screen Unlock” on the home page. Step 2.Activate the Download Mode by following the instructions in the image below. The Recovery Package will begin to download to your Samsung phone as soon as you complete step three. Step 4.At this point, the app will begin unlocking your smartphone without the need for a password.

Learn how to unlock a Samsung phone without a password by visiting this page.

Method 2: Samsung FRP Bypass without PC

To circumvent the Samsung FRP lock without the need of a computer, perform the following steps: Step 1. Turn on your phone and select a language before connecting the device to a Wi-Fi network. Step 2.After selecting “Next,” the Google sign-in screen will appear after a few seconds. Step 3.Press the “Home” button three times to make “Voice to Text” available for use. Step 4.Now, on your phone, draw a “L” outline and you will be presented with a variety of possibilities. “Text-to-speech settings” may be accessed by double tapping it.

  1. By clicking the back icon three times, you may also access the phone’s settings.
  2. To find Samsung Galaxy Apps, search for them on Google and go to the Samsung Android Apps Official Website.
  3. Step 8: Look for “UC Browser” once more and download it this time.
  4. Step 9.
  5. Step 10.Open the app and search for any reputable Samsung FRP bypass apk, which you can then download and install.
  6. Select the browser’s sign-in option from the drop-down menu.

Then, restart your phone and log into your Google account with the new username and password you created. Step 13: When you perform a factory reset on your Samsung, you will no longer be required to login in with your original Google account.

Method 3: Samsung FRP Bypass using the SIM PIN Code

Following the methods outlined below to bypass FRP on your Samsung without a computer, using the Samsung S9 as an example: Step 1. Turn on your Samsung and make sure it’s connected to a strong Wi-Fi network. Step 2: Go to the Google verification page and confirm your identity. Follow the steps outlined in the figure below. Step 3: Update the shop and wait for it to update before shutting it automatically when it has done so. Step 4.Click on the search button to begin. Look for the Samsung Internet Browser in this section.

Using a web browser, download and install a FRP bypass apk, such as Apex Launcher, to complete step 5.

Activate the “Pin Windows” option and pick “Use Screen Lock Type to Unpin” from the drop-down menu.

There will be no requirement to provide your Google login credentials.

Part 4. FAQ: How to disable Factory Reset Protection on Android

Please follow the steps outlined below to disable FRP on all of your Android devices, not just Samsung Android smartphones: Step 1.Click “Apps” on the phone’s home screen. Then go to “Settings.” Step 2.Select “Accounts.” From there, touch on “Google” and pick “the name of your Google account.” Step 3.At the top-right of the screen, select “More.” Step 4.Choose to “Remove Account,” then confirm your decision. It should disable FRP on your Android, however for certain models, it automatically disables whenever you reset the phone.


If your phone is stolen or found, Factory Reset Protection ensures that your data is not erased. It stops others from deleting your phone’s data. Its purpose is to make it more difficult for someone else to use your phone if it is stolen from you. According to the article above, however, there are occasions when you wish to overcome the FRP of your smartphone, but given that there is always a new technique published online, there is always a new way to circumvent it. This necessitates the use of dependable procedures.

How to Remove FRP Lock on Any Samsung Phone

To secure your phone and information, the FRP lock, whose full name is Factory Reset Protection, has been implemented by the manufacturer. With the FRP lock, you will be required to sign into a Google account that was previously associated with the phone in order to continue setting up the phone after you have factory reset it. If you are unable to sign in to your Google account after doing a factory reset, you will be unable to access your phone. In this post, we will go over two techniques for removing the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) lock from any Samsung phone.

  • Method 1: Unlock the FRP lock on your Samsung phone before doing a factory reset with a password. Using PC without a password, you can bypass the FRP lock using Method 2.

Method 1: Remove FRP Lock before Factory Reset Samsung Phone with Password

When you recall your Google account and password, you may proceed to disengage the FRP lock on your Samsung phone before doing a factory reset. It is simple to unlock the FRP lock by entering a password. Step 1: Select SettingsAccounts and BackupAccounts from the drop-down menu. Step 2: Select your Google account and then click on theRemove Account button to complete the process.

Step 3:You will be prompted to enter your Google account password in order to confirm that it is your phone. Following that, the FRP on your phone will be disabled. After you have factory reset your phone, you will not be required to login in to your Google account.

Method 2: Bypass FRP Lock with PC without Password

How can you bypass the FRP lock on a Samsung phone if you have forgotten the Google login and/or password that is used on the phone? How can you unlock the Samsung phone so that you can use it? This is where you may make use of the FRP bypass software—iSunshare Android Password Genius—which can assist you in unlocking the FRP lock fast and effortlessly. Using this program, you may unlock your Google account in minutes after installing it on your computer. Step 1: Download and install iSunshare Android Password Genius.

  • Following that, double-click the application and then complete the installation by following the on-screen directions to the letter.
  • Select “Unlock Google Lock(FRP)” from the drop-down menu on the webpage.
  • Then click on theStartbutton to begin the process.
  • Step 6: After clicking theDownloadbutton, you will be prompted to validate the phone model you are using.
  • 7.
  • When this procedure is completed, you will be able to access the instructions for using your Samsung phones.
  • All you have to do now is wait for the procedure to be completed.
  • When you see the Samsung logo, the program will display a message indicating that the operation was successful.
  • Finally, you may use a different Google account to set up the Samsung phones as if they were brand new.
  1. How do you bypass the FRP lock on a Samsung phone if you have forgotten the Google login and/or password that is used on the phone? How do you unlock the Samsung phone so that you can use it? FRP bypass software, such as iSunshare Android Password Genius, may be used to assist you unlock FRP lock fast and efficiently in this situation. The Google account lock may be removed in minutes after installing this program on your PC. iSunshare Android Password Genius should be ready for use in step one. In order to use the program, you must first download it on your Windows PC. Follow the on-screen directions to complete the installation after you’ve double-clicked on the program’s name. Then, after launching the software, click theInstallbutton in the top center to have the Samsung USB driver downloaded and installed on your computer. To unlock Google Lock(FRP), go to the homepage and select “Unlock Google Lock(FRP)”. 4th step: Using the USB cord, connect your Samsung phone to your PC. Next, to proceed, click on theStartbutton. Then enter the information about the Samsung phone and specify the download path and decompression route. 6)Click on Downloadbutton and you will be prompted to validate the phone model you have selected. Click on the Yes button to proceed if you are satisfied that the device model you have chosen is correct. 7. Wait for the program to download and unzip the system package when it has finished downloading it from the server. The instructions to run your Samsung phones may thereafter be obtained at the conclusion of this procedure. Your Samsung phone’s FRP is being unlocked in Step 8. Just sit back and let the process play out before your eyes. Your Samsung phone will be restarted a few minutes later. A successful SMS message will be shown in the program when you see the Samsung logo. The FRP unlocking procedure is completed by just clicking on theDonebutton. Finally, you may use a different Google account to configure the Samsung phones to function as new ones. Additionally, this video instruction will provide you with additional information.

2022 How to Remove Google FRP Lock on Any Phones Easily

Google FRP lock is a remarkable security feature that helps you to safeguard your personal data from being accessed by unwanted parties. If you unintentionally lock your phone with a FRP lock, you will need to use a specific tool to unlock your phone. In this post, we’ll go through how to bypass Google’s Factory Reset Protection (FRP) on any phone in 2022 using the incredible iToolab UnlockGo for Android. A number of various techniques for unlocking the Google FRP lock on your phone will also be covered in this section.

About Google FRP Lock on Android Phones

This amazing security feature from Google allows you to safeguard your personal data from being used by others without your permission. It is necessary to use a specific tool to unlock your phone if it has been locked by mistake using the FRP system.

In this post, we’ll go through how to bypass Google’s Factory Reset Protection (FRP) lock on any phone in 2022 using the excellent iToolab UnlockGo for Android tool. A number of various techniques for unlocking the Google FRP lock on your phone will also be covered in this tutorial.

How to Remove Google FRP Lock On Any Phones 2022

Google Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a good security feature as long as you remember the password to your device. If you don’t know how to remove Google FRP lock off any free phone, this part will be of great assistance to you. Listed below are the steps you must do in order to unlock your FRP-locked Android handset.

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Way 1. Using UnlockGo for Android (for Any Samsung device)

Are you seeking for a reliable method of removing the Google FRP lock on your account? Is it important to you that you know how to remove the Google Account lock on any phone for free? Don’t be concerned; iToolab UnlockGo(Android) can assist you. When it comes to unlocking your phone, iToolab UnlockGo for Android should be your first choice. The program will also assist you in unlocking any form of activation lock, screen lock, or any system lock that you may have.

UnlockGo (Android)

Remove Google FRP Lock in 10 Minutes

  • How to get over the Samsung FRP lock on Android 511
  • Remove any and all Android screen locks (PIN, pattern, fingerprints, or face recognition)
  • Samsung screen lock may be unlocked without any data loss. Covers more than 15 big manufacturers and more than 2000 Android models.

The following actions must be completed before you may acquire access to your phone once more: Step 1: Launch iToolab UnlockGo for Android and log in. The iToolab UnlockGo for Android may be downloaded and installed on your PC. As soon as you have finished successfully downloading software, launch it on your device and select the Remove Google Lock (FRP) option. Step 2: Select the Samsung Device Operating System Version. Connect your gadget to your computer by utilizing a lightning USB connection to connect the two devices together.

Step 3: Obtain Notification to Configure the Device.

You will be able to access your smartphone as soon as the unlocking procedure is complete.

Way 2. Using Google Credentials

The Google credentials are the most effective method of regaining access to your Google FRP-locked phone. If you know your email address but have forgotten your password, you’re all set to unlock your phone. In order to unlock your phone using Google credentials, complete the procedures outlined below:

  1. In the URL bar of your internet browser, type to get started. Now, you must click on the blue Sign In icon, which can be found in the upper right corner of your web page
  2. You must then enter your email address or Google login, which you should remember. When you press the enter key, you will be routed to a new page where you will be required to enter a password. Now, you must click on the “Forgot Password” link in order to have your password reset
  3. Google will present you with many options for resetting your forgotten account password. Choose the one you like most and go with it
  4. Be sure to use the simple password reset technique to complete the process. After you’ve changed your password, Google will associate the new password with your existing Google account. You must now sign into your Google account using the phone that has been locked.

Way 3. Using Odin

You must follow the instructions outlined below in order to unlock your Google FRP-locked phone using Odin:

  1. Install the Odin flash tool, Samsung USB driver, and FRP reset firmware file after downloading and installing them. You’ll need to set your phone into download mode at this point. To turn off your phone, hold down the power button and the volume down button until the phone vibrates
  2. Then release the buttons. The Odin tool should be opened and your device should be connected via the USB wire
  3. Now, select the AP/CP/CSC option from the drop-down menu, go through the windows, and touch on the firmware file that you downloaded. After you’ve completed importing your files, you’ll want to make sure the download file boxes are checked. To proceed, click on the “Start” button to the right. It will take some time for the procedure to be completed, so please be patient with it. A green pass indication will appear at the top of your screen if your request has been successfully processed. Allow your device to boot normally, and you’ll be ready to dial a phone number manually.

Untested Way: Remove Google FRP Lock On Any Phones with WiFi Settings

This section is for Android users who wish to know how to remove the Google FRP lock on any phone without the need of a computer or a computer-related device. There are only a few simple steps that you must follow. Step 1: Turn on your phone and wait for it to boot up. Given that your phone is locked, you may not be able to get past the verification screen. Step 2: You must now return to the screen where you were requested to select a wireless network in the first place. You must now touch on the “Add Network” button and enter the SSID (Service Set Identifier) (name of the network).

From the highlighted options, select “Share” from the drop-down menu.

Step 4.

Step 5: Navigate to the Settings menu and select the Continue option to confirm your selection. At some point, you’ll have to select “BackupReset” from the drop-down menu. After that, select “Factory Data Reset” from the drop-down menu and wait for the procedure to be completed.


The majority of the time, customers purchase Google FRP-locked smartphones by making an online purchase or while acquiring a smartphone from a local market. As a result, people continue to look for information on how to remove Google FRP lock on any phone. This article is for everyone who is looking for a straightforward and unambiguous answer to their Android troubles. Furthermore, we’ve described how UnlockGo for Androidcan resolve all locking issues, such as activation locks, screen locks, and other types of locking issues.

Full Guide on Disable FRP Lock You’ve Been Waiting For

Google has implemented the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) lock in Android phones in order to secure your device and data. In the case of an Android phone, the problem comes when you wish to factory reset your device but have forgotten the credentials of the Google account that is synchronized with your phone. This means that you must break the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) lock in order to continue using your Android device. You can quickly resolve this problem by reading the following paragraphs, as this piece of writing will explain how to disable frp lock in a matter of seconds with only a few clicks.

Part 1: What Is FRP Lock on Android Device?

Factory Reset Protection (abbreviated as FRP) is a type of data protection. Android has included a specific security feature that requires a Google email address and password in order to factory reset an Android smartphone running Android OS version 5.1 or higher. If you fail to do so, you will be unable to access your Android smartphone, which will be locked. When you sign into your Google account on an Android smartphone, this function is immediately turned on and activated. If you are unable to recollect your Google account password, you will need to disable the frp lock Samsung in order to recover access to your Samsung mobile phone again.

Part 2: Can You Disable FRP Lock on Any Android Device?

The answer, without a doubt, is YES. If you have forgotten your password and need to reset your mobile phone for whatever reason, you may disable Samsung’s frp lock by following these steps. A notice appears on your screen whenever you do a factory reset on an Android smartphone running Android OS version 5.1 or above. The difficulty comes when you are unable to recollect your Google account data to input, but do not be concerned as I will explain several techniques to unlock your phone’s FRP lock in the next sections of this article.

Part 3: Top 3 Guides on Disable Google FRP Lock

The Factory Reset Protection (FRP) lock has become an integral part of the Android security program. It safeguards your personal information from theft because there is no straightforward method to circumvent the Google FRP lock. Google, on the other hand, gives specific techniques for disabling the Google FRP lock. The following are the three most straightforward and frequently suggested techniques for disabling Google FRP lock, which will allow you to continue to use your Android device even if you forget your Google account password or ID.

Guide 1: How to Disable Google Account Verification on Android Device

You can disable Google FRP lock on your Android smartphone without having to go via Google Play.

The following page appears when you have forgotten your account credentials. It’s as simple as following the steps outlined here to learn how to disable Google frp lock.

  • First and foremost, connect your device to the internet through WiFi and ensure that the Google Keyboard option is selected. Now, touch on the @ sign and then on the’settings’ button to access the settings menu. After that, go to ‘Google Keyboard settings’ and change your keyboard. After clicking on the three dots at the top and selecting ‘Help and Feedback,’ you should see the option ‘Search Google and send results from your keyboard’ on the screen. Now, select a word from the screen and click on ‘Web search’ at the top to open it in the Google App, where you will see search results. Disable the Google frp lock that has been deactivated. After that, look for the letter S in the search box and you will find the System Setting Icon. Clicking on that icon will bring up the Backup and Reset menu, where you may select ‘Factory Data Reset’. Once the procedure is complete, your mobile device’s welcome page will no longer prompt you for your Google account credentials, and you may simply select ‘Skip,’ or enter a “New Google Account” to acquire access once more. After you’ve bypassed the old Google FRP, you should set the new one.

Guide 2: How to Disable Google Lock Online via Google Account

In order to disable Google Lock online, you must first remove the activation lock from your device before doing a factory reset. It will not be possible to remove the Factory data reset lock using your Google account once you have performed the factory data reset. How to disable frp lock may be learned by following the instructions below:

  • Once you’ve logged into your Google account, navigate to ‘Device activity and notifications,’ click on review devices, and then choose the Android device from which you wish to delete it from your Google account. Take off the FRP lock on your Google Account 1 How to get over the FRP lock – Select review devices
  • Next, delete your device’s access from your Google account and continue. Bypassing the Android lock is as simple as removing your Google Account
  • After that, a confirmation box will appear. Select ‘Remove’ and the Google FRP lock will be lifted from your mobile device. This will be approved by a confirmation window. Confirmation that the Samsung FRP lock has been bypassed

Following the completion of the aforementioned operation, you will need to do a reset on your device. More information on this technique may be found by clicking on the following link:

Guide 3: How to Disable Google FRP Lock at Fastest Speed

Tenorshare 4uKey for Android is the most reliable and effective program for bypassing FRP lock on Android devices. In addition, it supports practically all Samsung smartphones running Android 6/7/8/9/10/11, and it allows you to unlock the FRP screen lock, remove your Google accounts without having to enter a password, and it has the unique ability to decrypt all Android phones in a matter of seconds. The ‘Remove Google Lock’ option allows you to circumvent the FRP lock on your Samsung device in the quickest possible time.

This method will erase all data from your Samsung smartphone and will take some time, so make sure your mobile is linked to a power source if its battery is less than 50 percent charged before you begin this process.

  • The first step is to download and install Tenorshare 4uKey for Android on your computer, then connect your Samsung mobile to it. Now, on the screen, select ‘Remove Google Option’ from the drop-down menu. Step 1: Select ‘Remove Google FRP Option – 4uKey for Android’ from the drop-down menu. Step 2: Select the operating system of your Samsung smartphone from the drop-down menu and click ‘Send Notification’ to begin the procedure. Step 2: Launch 4uKey for Android and begin deleting Google frp. It can be noticed that this software displays a number of warnings before to starting. As a result, confirm them in the manner depicted in the figures. The third step is to confirm your identity – 4uKey for Android. Now you must wait for the application to complete the process of delivering the notice to your Samsung mobile device. The fourth step is to send a notice to Samsung. – 4uKey for the Android operating system
  • Your Samsung device has now been notified of the arrival of the notice. Continue the procedure by following the on-screen directions that relate to your device. Lastly, restart the device, and the Google account will be erased from your Samsung mobile. Step 5: Configure Samsung and bypass FRP – 4uKey for Android
  • You should have restored access to your mobile phone at this point. Successfully remove the Samsung FRP lock with 4uKey for Android in Step 6.

There you have it: how to overcome FRP on Samsung Android 6-10. If you want to bypass FRP on Samsung Android 11, the procedure is slightly different, and we recommend you watch the videos below:


This article has clarified one of the most frequently encountered problems with Android phones, namely, how to disable Google lock. Since Google introduced the enhanced security feature of Factory Reset Protection (FRP) in Android smartphones, many users have experienced difficulties when they forget the login passwords for their Google Accounts. Tenorshare 4uKey for Android, on the other hand, gives solutions to all of their difficulties in the most user-friendly method possible. You can bypass Samsung FRP lock in a matter of minutes if you use this method, which is the fastest and most reliable method available.

Android Screen Lock Can Be Removed How to Get Around Samsung FRP Lock

  • It is possible to circumvent Google account verification on Samsung handsets (running Android 6-11). A single click will unlock your Android device’s password, pattern, PIN, and fingerprint lock
  • Support for eliminating screen lock and FRP on both Windows and Mac computers

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