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How to Take the Back Off a Samsung Galaxy

Article in PDF format Article in PDF format Learn how to remove the rear of the Samsung Galaxy phone’s housing by following the steps in this wikiHow. This job is part of a sophisticated repair approach that has the potential to harm or perhaps disable your phone permanently. Removing the back cover of your Samsung Galaxy phone will terminate the warranty on your device. You should contact Samsung’s Customer Service or take your phone to the legally licensed retailer where you purchased it if your phone is still covered by warranty and in need of repair.

  1. 1If required, remove the case from your phone. In the event that your Samsung Galaxy is protected by an external case, you will need to remove it before continuing. 2 Shut off your Samsung Galaxy device. To do so, you’ll need to hold down the Lock button while selecting Power off from the pop-up menu
  2. When prompted to confirm your choice, you’ll need to select Power off again.
  • If you remove the back cover while the phone is still turned on, you run the danger of short-circuiting it or shocking yourself.
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  • s3 Remove all SIM and SD cards from your device. Using this method is not essential, however it is suggested to guarantee that any heat given to the phone does not harm your SIM or microSD cards, if any are present
  • Use a SIM card eject tool and insert it into the equivalent sized hole on the left side of the phone’s top, which is located on the left side. This will cause the card tray, which contains the phone’s SIM and microSD card slots, to be ejected.
  • 4 Place your phone on a soft surface so that it is facing down. This is done in order to prevent the screen from being scratched while removing the rear cover.
  • Consider the following scenario: a towel or a place mat is placed on a table.
  • 5 Turn on the Samsung Galaxy’s back and apply heat to it. This will take approximately two minutes to complete. A hair dryer or a heat gun are the most effective tools for accomplishing this, though you should avoid heating a single spot for more than a few milliseconds at a time. Consequently, the adhesive glue that holds the back of the Samsung Galaxy’s housing to the phone’s internal frame is loosened.
  • If you don’t want to end up hurting your phone, keep the heat gun pointed at the rear cover and move it fast up and down in a zig-zag pattern. Alternatively, you can use a microwavable heating pad that has been designed expressly for this purpose
  • Or
  • 6 Insert a spudger into the seam of the housing joint. An opening between the front and rear halves of the Galaxy’s casing should be present
  • Here is where you will place a spudger, flathead screwdriver, credit card, or other flat item of comparable size and shape
  • Your aim here is to use leverage to pull the rear of the housing away from the front of the housing, rather than prying it completely off.
  • 7 Run a thin, flat tool up either the left or right side of the phone, depending on your preference. You might, for example, make use of a guitar pick or a credit card. You should see that the rear of the phone is pulling away from the front of the housing a little bit when you do so.
  • You should be certain that the item you use here is not made of metal, as a metal object might scratch or otherwise harm the phone.
  • Using a prying tool, go up the opposite side of the phone, which will result in a disconnection of the bottom of the phone’s rear housing, as well as the left and right sides, from the front of the phone’s housing.
  • 9 Pry the back of the phone open, and then take it away from your face. During this process, just the adhesive at the top of the phone should remain in place, allowing it to fall out completely
  • Otherwise, it will be impossible to remove the phone from its case.
  • You may make this operation simpler by applying extra heat and/or sliding your prying tool along the top of the phone. Remove the back of your phone and set it in a warm, dry location so that you don’t harm the phone’s internals when you replace it.
  1. 1If required, remove the case from your phone. In the event that your Samsung Galaxy is protected by an external case, you will need to remove it before continuing. 2 Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus. For this, you’ll need to hold down the Lock button while selecting Power off from the pop-up menu and then selecting Power off (or, in certain situations, OK) when prompted to confirm your selection
  • If you remove the back cover while the phone is still turned on, you run the danger of short-circuiting it or shocking yourself.
  • 3 Place your phone face-down on a soft surface to prevent scratches. This is done in order to prevent the screen from being scratched while removing the rear cover.
  • 4 Locate the slot for removing the rear cover. The placement of this slot will change significantly depending on the phone type you have:
  • S4 and S5 are located in the upper-left corner of the back cover
  • S2 and S3 are located at the top of the back cover
  • And S is located at the bottom of the back cover.
  • 5Place a fingernail inside the slot to seal it. Additionally, you may employ a little flathead screwdriver, a guitar pick, or any equally narrow device, provided that it is done so with care. 6 Pry lightly on the rear of the casing to get it closer to you. It should be able to separate from the phone’s body. 7 Remove the phone from its case by pulling the rear of the case away from the phone. Having a strong grip on the cover, you’ll be able to peel it away from the phone’s body, revealing the battery and SIM card
  • Always store the back of the case in a warm, dry location to avoid damaging the phone’s internal components when you place it back on the phone.

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  • Question What exactly is contained within a Galaxy Tab 3? Remove the back cover and you will instantly see the battery, multiple ribbon cables, the camera and the logic board
  • When you replace the back cover, you will see the same things. Question What is the best way to open my Samsung S8? Answer from the Community by Wing Hong Chan You are not permitted to do so. However, if you absolutely must remove the rear glass, first use a hair dryer to dissolve the glue that holds it in place, followed by a suction cup and pry tool to delicately take the glass off the frame. Question How can I insert a SIM card into my Samsung Galaxy J5? After removing the back cover, you may slide it into the slot above the battery, which is placed above the battery. Question What is the procedure for changing the charging port on my Samsung S7? This would be something that would need to be done by a phone service/repair facility
  • Question What is the best way to remove the rear of my Galaxy A3? You will follow the same procedure as with the Galaxy S4 to S5. Simply follow the procedures and you will be able to effortlessly remove the back without any difficulty. Keep in mind, however, that doing so will void your warranty. Question How can I track my Samsung Galaxy using a phone belonging to someone else? Michael IngramAnswer from the Community Check to see that your phone is logged into your Google account
  • If you don’t already have one, you can create one for free by clicking here. Once you have ensured that Google has all of the rights it wants, you will be able to operate your phone from anywhere and see images, among other things. Most significantly, you have the ability to lock your phone. Question What should I do if my Samsung Galaxy displays a bright yellow circle with a red exclamation mark when it first powers on, and then shuts itself off again? In the first place, the yellow circle with an exclamation point inside the symbol indicates that the phone is unable to identify the battery, has detected a damaged battery, or is experiencing a short circuit in the battery. Examine the battery to ensure that it is securely fastened. If necessary, switch to a different battery. If this does not solve the problem, you should have a technician look at it.
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  • It is possible to remove the back of a Samsung Galaxy tablet by first removing the safety guards that are attached to its screws and then using a screwdriver to unscrew the screws that are attaching the back to the tablet


  • Improperly removing the rear of your phone’s housing may result in irreparable damage to your phone or the voiding of your warranty. Make sure to use extreme caution when removing the rear of the housing.


Things You’ll Need

  • The following items are recommended: heating pad or heat gun
  • Spudger (a hard flat pry tool)
  • Plastic opening tool (such as a credit card or a guitar pick)
  • Paperclip or SIM card eject tool
  • Paperclip or SIM card eject tool a container for storing the screws

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Summary of the ArticleX 1. Turn off the Galaxy phone or tablet. 2. Remove the SIM and SD cards from the device. 3. Using a hair dryer, apply heat to the back of the neck. 4. Insert a flathead screwdriver or a credit card into the seam and raise the back of the piece of furniture. 5. Slide the card or spudger down both sides of the card or spudger. 6. Pull the back of the shirt off. Did you find this overview to be helpful? The writers of this page have together authored a page that has been read 445,200 times.

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It is possible to save user information on a cellular phone using an ASIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card, which is a smart card. In addition to sending and receiving information from the network, a SIM card may also transmit and receive information from the user phone. SIM cards are often found in the back inner area of mobile devices, behind or near the battery. If the phone is not secured, the SIM card may be removed and changed. Open Apps, Settings, Device Maintenance, Storage, More Options, and Storage Settings.

  1. It is important to note that you should always unmount the microSD card before removing it from the device to avoid damaging the information saved on the card.
  2. b).TouchSettings.
  3. d).TouchStorage.
  4. f).Configurations for TouchStorage.
  5. NOTE: You can also use the Eject button.
  6. i).Select the SIM/microSDcard tray and set it aside.
  7. NOTE:Be careful not to accidentally place the ejector tool into the microphone hole, which is positioned near to the SIM/microSDcard slot.
  8. L).Take out your SIM card and microSD card and replace them in the tray by sliding it back into the slot.

How to open or remove the shell on Samsung Galaxy S8 +

The professionals are on hand to provide you with immediate assistance.

In these articles, you’ll find all the latest information about the Samsung Galaxy S8. The specialists are there to assist you at any time.

How to open and remove the shell on Samsung Galaxy S8 +

The Samsung Galaxy S8 + has just been delivered to your home, and you are unsure how to open or remove the device’s shell from it. Don’t be concerned; it’s a really basic process, if a little challenging the first few times. How to remove or take off the shell of your Samsung Galaxy S8 + without harming or even touching the device is demonstrated in this article. Be cautious, and if you are in any doubt, we highly advise that you seek professional assistance. Many shopping malls have dedicated telephony businesses where you may get your phone fixed.

Detect the fulcrum of the shell on your Samsung Galaxy S8 +

Prior to removing or opening the shell of your Samsung Galaxy S8 +, it is critical that you identify the fulcrum of the device. Indeed, when you remove and open your shell, this will be the section that will act as a pivot point for the process. The booklet that came with your Samsung Galaxy S8 + is the finest source of information for determining the fulcrum of the shell opening mechanism of your device.

Opening the shell of your Samsung Galaxy S8 +

You will now be able to remove the back cover of your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus for the first time! Put your cell phone’s back cover in your direction and grasp the device with both hands. Remove the shell from the side that is opposite the pivot point specified in the preceding paragraph with care. Try opening the top of the smartphone if, for example, you discover that your Samsung Galaxy S8 + has a pivot point located at the bottom of the device. Last but not least, never force or make abrupt motions, as this may result in the breakage or damage of your Samsung Galaxy S8 +.

Completely remove the shell of your Samsung Galaxy S8 +

The shell of your Samsung Galaxy S8 + may be entirely removed after you have removed the section that is opposite the pivot point. Keep in mind that the SIM card and the battery of your mobile phone should be handled with care. These are extremely delicate elements.

To conclude on opening the shell of your Samsung Galaxy S8 +

In this video, we will show you how to open, remove, and replace the shell of your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. The most important thing to remember is to be gentle while handling the material and to seek professional assistance if things get too complicated. In future articles, we’ll look at how to deal with the other components, such as the battery and SIM card, as well as how to put the shell back on your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. If you want further information, you may contact any of the specialized teams.

In the event of a failure, the guarantee may prove to be of great use to you.

How to Remove SD Card from Galaxy S8 without Tool

We are all aware that the Samsung Galaxy S8 requires the use of an eject tool in order to open the SIM tray. You will not be able to insert or remove your SIM or SD card if you do not have it.

Now, let’s say you forgot to bring the eject tool with you and you need to remove the SD card from your device. What would you do? You may, however, open the tray and remove the SD card with the help of these other tools.

Alternative Tools to Remove SD Card from Galaxy S8

A SIM tray removal tool will be required in order to remove the SD card from the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. However, if you do not have access to that tool, you can use the following as an alternative:


It is one of the most effective alternatives to the ejection pin, which is used to access the SIM card tray. I use it all of the time when I have forgotten where I put my eject tool. In order to utilize the paperclip as an eject tool, you must first strip the clip down to its bare metal. The ones that are brightly colored and plastic-coated, on the other hand, will be far too thick to use. However, you will be able to remove a section of it using the scissors or knife in order to get to the bare metal.

You may now plug it into your Galaxy S8 handset and push to remove the card from your device’s memory.


Paperclips are useful, but you won’t be able to locate them wherever you go in many circumstances. A stapler, on the other hand, is almost certain to be present. You may use the narrow metal prong on the single staple to press the SIM tray into your Samsung S8 smartphone using the thin metal prong. I’ve personally used a staple in the past and found it to be really effective. If, on the other hand, you use another smartphone, such as the iPhone or another model, you will be able to use it without difficulty and unlock the SIM tray without any difficulty.

Sewing Pin

Consider the following scenario: you are visiting your mother’s or grandmother’s home and you have forgotten to pack the eject tool for your Galaxy S8 phone. What should I do now? You may, however, make use of a sewing pin, which will come in handy at your mother’s or grandmother’s place. Nothing more than borrowing a pin and inserting it into the tiny hole on top of your phone is required to complete the task. Even if you are in a different location, you will still be able to locate sewing tools in the interim period.

It will slot into that little hole and will open the SIM tray, allowing you to remove the SD card that you have in your possession.


A toothpick is another excellent alternative to the eject tool included with the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. You will be able to find it at any restaurant or retail establishment in your area. Many others, on the other hand, carry them with them everywhere they go. As a result, getting your hands on one of them when you need one to unlock your SIM tray will not be a difficult task. You are aware that I frequently forget to bring my eject tool with me, and that when I need to access the SIM tray, I most often resort to using a toothpick.

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However, I must caution you that some toothpicks are not so tiny, and they may not be able to fit through the hole in the eject tray.


In the worst case scenario, if you are unable to locate anything else to access your SIM tray, you can use an earring to do it. It would be really convenient and simple to use one of the women’s earrings to open the SIM card tray, as almost all of them wear them. Gauges, on the other hand, will not perform the same function as other types of earrings. On the other hand, if you have a pair of little pin earrings, you may use them to open the SIM tray and remove the SD card from your Galaxy S8, if you have them.

Furthermore, I will urge that you make use of those earrings, which are rather affordable. This is due to the fact that there is a danger associated with damaging the earring.

Final Verdicts

The items listed above are the most effective alternatives to the Galaxy S8 eject tool. Apart from that, they are convenient and straightforward to use. I am hoping that you will be able to access the SIM tray and remove the SD card without difficulty with them.

5 Options for Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Repair or Replacement

Samsung introduced the Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones towards the end of 2017. With an all-glass design and a high screen-to-body ratio, the flagships heralded the beginning of a new era in edge-to-edge displays. A major drawback of this visually beautiful design is that the phone’s shell is particularly sensitive to cracking, even when dropped from low heights. This is especially true with the iPhone 5. So, what happens when your beautiful item is knocked to the ground and a fracture appears across its delicate external surface?

How Fragile Is the Samsung Galaxy S8?

As soon as the Galaxy S8 and S8+ were available, insurance firm SquareTrade conducted its standard drop test with the devices. Furthermore, not only did it discover that the devices are extremely susceptible to cracking, but it also discovered that they were the most fragile handsets the business has ever examined. The breakability of a gadget is assessed on a scale of one to one hundred; the closer the smartphone is to one hundred, the more fragile it is. The Galaxy S8 received a score of 76 on the scale, while the Galaxy S8+ received a score of 77.

  1. According to the business, the S8 is the only phone it has ever tested that has cracked on all sides from the first drop it has experienced (e.g.
  2. The testing carried out by SquareTrade included a six-foot drop onto concrete, which is a significant drop.
  3. Owners of the S8 have reported fractures in their screens from fall as small as two feet.
  4. Even with a protective case on, a three-foot drop onto a tiled floor is enough to break the phone, according to our own personal experience.

1. S8 Screen Replacement With Samsung Premium Care/Samsung Mobile Care

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are not covered by the standard manufacturer’s warranty if they are damaged in an accident. Furthermore, Samsung’s Accidental Damage From Handling (ADH) program, which provided owners of earlier Galaxy models with one free screen repair, does not apply to the S8 and S8+ models, according to the company. As an alternative to ADH, Samsung provides a second warranty option for cracked screens caused by unintentional damage on the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. Depending on where you live, the extended warranty is referred to by a different term.

You must have registered for the extended warranty within 30 days of purchasing your phone in order to be eligible for these benefits.

After this time period has passed, you will be unable to purchase the insurance coverage. If you did manage to sign up in time, here is a breakdown of the benefits of each warranty plan.

Samsung Premium Care for the Galaxy S8

In the United States, Samsung Premium Care is the extended warranty plan that is offered by the company. It comes with a number of additional features that consumers in other countries do not have access to. It is possible to swap your damaged equipment for a whole new one with this service. These claims, however, are restricted to a total of three every 12-month period. If you do not return your damaged gadget within 30 days of receiving your new one, you might be charged an unrecovered equipment cost of up to $1,200.

In addition, Samsung Premium Care comes with the added benefit of in-person support.

In addition, if you sell your smartphone, you will not be able to transfer your coverage.

Samsung Mobile Care for the Galaxy S8

Samsung Mobile Care is based on the same essential principles as its premium equivalent (covering unintentional damage), but it comes with fewer bells and whistles than its premium counterpart. The coverage plan similarly has a monthly premium (with the first month free), however it is marginally less expensive than the US Premium Care plan in terms of cost per month. You may alternatively make a single payment for the entire 24 months of coverage if you like. The plan is only valid for 24 months from the date of purchase, after which it will be immediately terminated.

Users will be required to pay a “incident charge” for each claim (you are restricted to one claim per year for the first two years).

2. Fixing the Galaxy S8 at a Samsung Repair Center

Take your Galaxy S8 or S8+ into a Samsung Repair Center for a quotation if you didn’t have a chance to take advantage of the company’s extended warranty programs. Although approved Samsung services are more expensive than third-party repair shops, the warranty on the device is preserved when the repairs are performed by authorized Samsung technicians. The actual cost of a repair is depends on where you reside and how extensive the damage is. Make sure you contact or check the website of your local Samsung Repair Center to obtain a price.

If your phone is out of warranty, you may still get it fixed, but you will be responsible for the entire cost of the repair rather than just a deductible.

3. Using a Third-Party Repair Center to Replace Your Galaxy S8 Screen

Positive Space courtesy of Image credit: Negative Space. A large number of Galaxy S8 users choose to get their screens repaired by a third-party repair shop. It’s important to understand that choosing this option may void your warranty, and there’s nothing Samsung can do if the third party causes more harm to your device. Third-party repairs, on the other hand, are typically less expensive. The key is to first understand the warranty implications, and then to select a reliable repair firm with a proven track record of providing excellent service to customers.

You will need to shop around to determine the pricing range in your location and compare it to the other possibilities available to you.

4. Claim Your Galaxy S8 Repair on Insurance

It is possible to make a claim on your personal item insurance or particular phone insurance if you have it, and this might be one of the more cost-effective solutions. Of course, your insurance policy will need to provide coverage for unintentional damage in addition to theft or loss. When you file a claim with your insurance company, you run the risk of having your monthly rates increase. This will very certainly be accompanied by a hefty deductible, which may vary depending on your insurance carrier.

In addition, mobile carriers frequently provide their own insurance programs.

5. Replace Your Cracked Galaxy S8 Screen Yourself

Image courtesy of user Merylin. This is an alternative that more and more customers are turning to, but it is not for every consumer. By performing your own repairs, you may avoid paying for labor and simply pay for the parts you require. However, this is a risky alternative because it may violate your manufacturer’s guarantee. According to, while you may discover online tips for fixing your Galaxy S8, the phone is regarded somewhat tough to repair and necessitates a great deal of patience.

  • A screen change on the S8 is a completely different animal.
  • Then you must apply enough heat to the screen to cause the adhesive to come loose.
  • This is in accordance with the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, which essentially grants consumers the right to fix their products.
  • You’ll have to make a decision on whether or not you want to take a chance on this.
  • Once again, you’ll want to work with a respected vendor to ensure that you acquire high-quality components.

Protect Your Samsung Galaxy S8 From Damage

Even if you have a protective case for your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+, there is no way to guarantee that it will not be damaged. We do not recommend, however, that you utilize the case that came with the phone as a protective case. Instead, you should choose a cover that is more sturdy and shockproof. The addition of these won’t make your S8 bulletproof, but it will undoubtedly cushion a blow and minimize the risk of your screen being cracked by a drop. See our guide to the top Samsung Galaxy S8 cases for more information.

  • Use these crucial suggestions to customize the inside of your Samsung smartphone.
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  • Here’s how to take use of it to advance your career.
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Unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 Lock Screen with 7 Different Ways

My Samsung Galaxy S8’s screen lock password was forgotten, and I couldn’t access it. Is there a method to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S8’s lock screen without using a password? Please, someone assist me. The majority of the time, consumers use their mobile phones’ screen locks to protect their personal information and privacy. When your mobile phone is unintentionally misplaced, it is used to guarantee that the data and privacy stored in the phone are not taken by third parties. Do you, on the other hand, become irritated when you forget your screen lock password?

  • Part 1: How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Lock When You Know the Passcode
  • In this section, you will learn how to bypass the Galaxy S8 lock screen if you have forgotten your password. Part 3: Frequently Asked Questions concerning Samsung Sreen Lock

Part 1: How to Remove Screen Lock Samsung S8 When you Know Passcode

If you already have a password for your phone and want to remove the screen lock password from it, please follow the instructions outlined in the following section.

  • Click “Settings,” then “Lock Screen” when you’ve finished configuring your device. Select “Lock Screen” from the drop-down menu, and then enter your passcode
  • Select “None” from the “Next” drop-down menu

By the time you have completed the preceding steps, the screen lock will have been disabled. However, what happens if we forget the password and need to unlock our Samsung Galaxy S8 screen lock? Here are six approaches that you can use.

Part 2: How to Bypass Galaxy S8 Lock Screen When You Forgot the Password

Screen lock is a typical lock technique that we use to keep our information and data private and secure on our phones. However, we have all experienced forgetting our screen lock password and being unable to switch on our phones. You will be interested in learning how to unlock a Samsung S8 screen that has been locked. Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of the most effective methods for bypassing the Samsung S8 screen lock without a password.

Method 1: How to Unlock the Screen of Samsung Galaxy S8 via Professional Tool

In the event that you have forgotten your Samsung S8 screen lock password and you require access to your phone immediately, I propose that you utilize Tenorshare 4Ukey for Android. This is without a doubt the tool you have been looking for. It is compatible with any Android phone and may be used to unlock any lock systems. It has the ability to rapidly and successfully reset the Galaxy S8. In this case, Tenorshare 4uKey is the quickest, most convenient, and finest answer to your locked screen.

  • Android devices may be unlocked using a password, pattern, PIN, or fingerprint. Deactivate the Samsung device’s Google account
  • Support for unlocking the Android screen on a Mac or a Windows PC. Devices may be unlocked in a matter of minutes.

Using Tenorshare 4Ukey for Android, here are the steps to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S8.

  • Install the program on your computer when it has been downloaded. Use USB to connect your device to the computer once you’ve launched the software and clicked on “Remove Screen Lock.” After pressing the “Start” button, you may remove the forgotten lock screen password. You will receive a warning that this procedure will completely erase all of the data stored on the device before proceeding. Please click on the button “Yes” if you agree with it. Please be patient for a few minutes, after which the screen password will be successfully deleted.
  • On Android smartphones, you can bypass all kinds of lock mechanisms. One-click password removal with a one-hundred percent success rate Updates for the rest of your life with technical support

Method 2: How to Bypass Samsung Galaxy S8 Lock Screen with ‘Find My Mobile’

All Samsung handsets are equipped with the “Find My Mobile” feature, which allows users to locate their devices in an emergency circumstance. Using this approach, you will be able to overcome the Samsung lock screen in a short period of time. However, you must have a Samsung account in order to participate. To complete the task, follow these instructions.

  • Visit the “Find my mobile” page on your browser and sign in
  • To lock your screen, use the “Lock My Screen” button. Activate the first field with a fresh pin
  • Resetting your device’s lock is as simple as clicking on the “Unlock” button.

Cons Before you can reset the screen lock password on your Galaxy S8, you must first have a Samsung account signed into the device.

Method 3: How to Remove Screen Lock Samsung S8 through ‘Android Device Manager’

You may also bypass the Samsung S8 lock screen by using the “Android Device Manager.” To do so, please follow the procedures outlined below.

Check to see if the Android Device Manager is activated on your phone or tablet.

  • Other phones or computers can be used to access the Android device manager. Log in using the Google account associated with your locked phone
  • Make a selection of the device you wish to unlock
  • To lock the screen, press the “Lock” button. To create a temporary password, fill in the blanks with your information and then click the “Lock” button once more. If it is successful, the “Ring, Lock, and Erase” buttons will appear on the screen. When you press the “Erase” button, all of the screen locks on your Samsung S8 will be erased.
  • If you have downloaded the service to your phone and activated the relevant settings, it will only function properly. Your Samsung phone’s data and settings will likewise be erased using the Android Device Manager.

Method 4: How to Unlock a Locked Screen on a Samsung S8 with “Factory Reset”

An alternative way for unlocking the Samsung S8 screen lock is to do a “factory reset.” This will completely wipe the phone’s data and settings, including the lock screen, and will also remove the phone’s fingerprint reader.

  • Continue to hold down the “Power” and “Volume Down” buttons at the same time for about 10 seconds. Hold down the “Volume Down” button for two seconds, then hit the “Power” button to enter “Recovery Mode” on your device. Enter “recovery” mode by pressing the “Power” button and tapping on “Volume Up” at the same time. By hitting the “Power” button, select “Wipe Data and Factory Reset” from the drop-down menu
  • Once you’ve finished, click on “Reboot System Now.”

Cons This procedure will clear up all of the cache and RAM on your computer, so make sure you have a backup of your data before doing it.

Method 5: How to Unlock the Screen of Samsung Galaxy S8 by ADB.

Remove the password file stored in the ADB from the Samsung Galaxy S8 in order to unlock the device’s display screen. To do so, though, you must first enable the phone’s USB debugging capability.

  • Connect your phone to your computer and run CMD in the ADB installation directory
  • Then connect your phone to your PC again. To chose “Enter,” type the command “adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key” at the command prompt. Make a fresh start on your phone and create a new password.

Cons Because it is a temporary solution, you must create a new password as soon as possible.

Method 6: How do I Unlock my Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen with Google account

It is also possible to unlock the Samsung S8 by logging into your Google account, which is a highly successful method. You can do so by following the procedures outlined below.

  • For a total of five times, enter the incorrect password
  • Select “Forgot Pattern” from the drop-down menu. You will be requested to create a new pattern lock for the device after entering the Google account information.

Cons This solution is only compatible with Android smartphones running version 4.4 or below.

FAQ about Samsung Sreen Lock

Q1: Why am I unable to turn off my lock screen? The feature was created as part of the “Enhanced Security” program. Alternatively, you may disable the lock screen security someplace in the Settings Security Screen Lock menu and then set it to none or whatever you want it to. Q2: Is it possible to unlock my Galaxy S8 without losing any of my data? Tenorshare 4Ukey for Android is what I recommend to you. In addition to unlocking Samsung Galaxy PIN, Pattern, and password locks without affecting data, it also unlocks Samsung Galaxy fingerprint lock.

Keep in mind that it has a 100 percent success rate.

You’ll need an OTG adapter for this.

  • Connect the OTG adapter to your phone as well as your computer mouse. After you have restarted your phone, wait for the OTG adapter to identify your mouse. If it is successful, you will be able to unlock it.


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