How To Open Samsung Galaxy S7


How to Replace the SIM & Memory Card in a Samsung Galaxy S7/Edge

  • Turn off the S7 Edge by pressing the power button. The SIM/memory card tray should be opened and the ejection pin should be inserted to pop the tray out. Gently lift it out of the way. After that, insert the new SIM/memory card into the slot on the tray. Match the form of the SIM card or microSD card to the card. Replace the tray and put it back in its position. S7: To remove the SIM and memory card tray, insert the ejection pin into it. Replace the SIM/MicroSD card and then re-insert it into the slot

It is explained in this post how to disassemble your phone in order to change the SIM and memory cards in yourSamsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge handsets.

How to Replace the SIM and Memory Card in a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The SIM and memory cards are both situated in the same location on both devices: the top edge of the phone, which is denoted by a small rectangular slot with a tiny pinhole in the center. Before you begin, make certain that your phone is switched off:

  1. Locate the ejection pin for your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Unless you purchased your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge from a retailer, you will receive a tiny metal key in the package with your device, which you may use to access the SIM and memory card compartments. Alternatively, if you don’t have an ejection pin, a straightened paper clip can be substituted. Jason Hidalgo is the author of Lifewire. Remove the SIM/memory card tray from the phone. Ejection pins (or paperclips) should be inserted into the pinhole to cause the tray to pop out. To remove the tray, gently pull on the edges of the tray with your fingers. Jason Hidalgo is the author of Lifewire. The SIM/memory card should be placed on the tray. The shape of the recessed sections should correspond to the form of your SIM card and/or microSD card. When both cards are held together, the names and brands on both cards should be facing up, and the gold portion of the SIM card should be facing down. It will be possible to see two rectangular apertures on devices that do not have a SIM or memory card attached at this time. The bigger of the two interior recesses is for the memory card, while the smaller of the two is for the SIM card. Replace the tray, according to Lifewire’s Jason Hidalgo. Gentley slide in the tray and press it down until it is firmly in position on your phone. Jason Hidalgo is the author of Lifewire.

How to Replace the SIM and Memory Card in a Samsung Galaxy S7

People who own the standardSamsung Galaxy S7 will find that the approach is essentially the same:

  1. Remove the SIM/memory card tray from the phone. To insert the SIM and memory card tray, insert the ejection pin or a bent paperclip into the pinhole on the side of the device. After exerting the necessary amount of power, the tray should spring out of the way. Jason Hidalgo is the author of Lifewire. Replace the SIM/MicroSD card first, and then the tray will be replaced. In order to properly align your SIM or memory card in the tray, you must first gently slide the tray back into the aperture of the slot. Continue to press on it until the tray is completely sealed. Jason Hidalgo is the author of Lifewire.

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How to Take the Back Off a Samsung Galaxy

Article in PDF format Article in PDF format Learn how to remove the rear of the Samsung Galaxy phone’s housing by following the steps in this wikiHow. This job is part of a sophisticated repair approach that has the potential to harm or perhaps disable your phone permanently. Removing the back cover of your Samsung Galaxy phone will terminate the warranty on your device. You should contact Samsung’s Customer Service or take your phone to the legally licensed retailer where you purchased it if your phone is still covered by warranty and in need of repair.

  1. 1If required, remove the case from your phone. In the event that your Samsung Galaxy is protected by an external case, you will need to remove it before continuing. 2 Shut off your Samsung Galaxy device. To do so, you’ll need to hold down the Lock button while selecting Power off from the pop-up menu
  2. When prompted to confirm your choice, you’ll need to select Power off again.
  • If you remove the back cover while the phone is still turned on, you run the danger of short-circuiting it or shocking yourself.
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  • s3 Remove any SIM and SD cards from your device. Using this method is not essential, however it is suggested to guarantee that any heat given to the phone does not harm your SIM or microSD cards, if any are present
  • Use a SIM card eject tool and insert it into the equivalent sized hole on the left side of the phone’s top, which is located on the left side. This will cause the card tray, which contains the phone’s SIM and microSD card slots, to be ejected.
  • 4 Place your phone on a soft surface so that it is facing down. This is done in order to prevent the screen from being scratched while removing the rear cover.
  • Consider the following scenario: a towel or a place mat is placed on a table.
  • 5 Turn on the Samsung Galaxy’s back and apply heat to it. This will take around two minutes to complete. A hair dryer or a heat gun are the most effective tools for accomplishing this, however you should avoid heating a single location for more than a few milliseconds at a time. Consequently, the adhesive glue that holds the rear of the Samsung Galaxy’s shell to the phone’s internal frame gets loosened.
  • If you don’t want to end up hurting your phone, keep the heat gun pointed at the rear cover and move it fast up and down in a zig-zag pattern. Alternatively, you can use a microwavable heating pad that has been designed expressly for this purpose
  • Or
  • 6 Insert a spudger into the seam of the housing joint. An opening between the front and rear halves of the Galaxy’s casing should be present
  • Here is where you will place a spudger, flathead screwdriver, credit card, or other flat item of comparable size and shape
  • Your aim here is to use leverage to pull the rear of the housing away from the front of the housing, rather than prying it completely off.
  • Ideally, you want to be able to pull the rear of the housing away from the front of the housing, rather than prying it completely off.
  • You should be certain that the item you use here is not made of metal, as a metal object might scratch or otherwise harm the phone.
  • 8 Move your prying tool up the phone’s opposite side, toward the top. In order to do this, the bottom of the rear of the phone’s housing, as well as both the left and right sides of the phone’s housing, will be removed from the front of the phone’s housing.
  • 9 Pry the back of the phone open, and then take it away from your face. During this process, just the adhesive at the top of the phone should remain in place, allowing it to fall out completely
  • Otherwise, it will be impossible to remove the phone from its case.
  • You may make this operation simpler by applying extra heat and/or sliding your prying tool along the top of the phone. Remove the back of your phone and set it in a warm, dry location so that you don’t harm the phone’s internals when you replace it.
  1. 1If required, remove the case from your phone. In the event that your Samsung Galaxy is protected by an external case, you will need to remove it before continuing. 2 Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus. For this, you’ll need to hold down the Lock button while selecting Power off from the pop-up menu and then selecting Power off (or, in certain situations, OK) when prompted to confirm your selection
  • If you remove the back cover while the phone is still turned on, you run the danger of short-circuiting it or shocking yourself.
  • 3 Place your phone face-down on a soft surface to prevent scratches. This is done in order to prevent the screen from being scratched while removing the rear cover.
  • 4 Locate the slot for removing the rear cover. The placement of this slot will change significantly depending on the phone type you have:
  • S4 and S5 are located in the upper-left corner of the back cover
  • S2 and S3 are located at the top of the back cover
  • And S is located at the bottom of the back cover.
  • 5Place a fingernail inside the slot to seal it. Additionally, you may employ a little flathead screwdriver, a guitar pick, or any equally narrow device, provided that it is done so with care. 6 Pry lightly on the rear of the casing to get it closer to you. It should be able to separate from the phone’s body. 7 Remove the phone from its case by pulling the rear of the case away from the phone. Having a strong grip on the cover, you’ll be able to peel it away from the phone’s body, revealing the battery and SIM card
  • Always store the back of the case in a warm, dry location to avoid damaging the phone’s internal components when you place it back on the phone.

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  • Question What exactly is contained within a Galaxy Tab 3? Remove the back cover and you will instantly see the battery, multiple ribbon cables, the camera and the logic board
  • When you replace the back cover, you will see the same things. Question What is the best way to open my Samsung S8? Answer from the Community by Wing Hong Chan You are not permitted to do so. However, if you absolutely must remove the rear glass, first use a hair dryer to dissolve the glue that holds it in place, followed by a suction cup and pry tool to delicately take the glass off the frame. Question How can I insert a SIM card into my Samsung Galaxy J5? After removing the back cover, you may slide it into the slot above the battery, which is placed above the battery. Question What is the procedure for changing the charging port on my Samsung S7? This would be something that would need to be done by a phone service/repair facility
  • Question What is the best way to remove the rear of my Galaxy A3? You will follow the same procedure as with the Galaxy S4 to S5. Simply follow the procedures and you will be able to effortlessly remove the back without any difficulty. Keep in mind, however, that doing so will void your warranty. Question How can I track my Samsung Galaxy using a phone belonging to someone else? Michael IngramAnswer from the Community Check to see that your phone is logged into your Google account
  • If you don’t already have one, you can create one for free by clicking here. Once you have ensured that Google has all of the rights it wants, you will be able to operate your phone from anywhere and see images, among other things. Most significantly, you have the ability to lock your phone. Question What should I do if my Samsung Galaxy displays a bright yellow circle with a red exclamation mark when it first powers on, and then shuts itself off again? In the first place, the yellow circle with an exclamation point inside the symbol indicates that the phone is unable to identify the battery, has detected a damaged battery, or is experiencing a short circuit in the battery. Examine the battery to ensure that it is securely fastened. If necessary, switch to a different battery. If this does not solve the problem, you should have a technician look at it.

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  • It is possible to remove the back of a Samsung Galaxy tablet by first removing the safety guards that are attached to its screws and then using a screwdriver to unscrew the screws that are attaching the back to the tablet


  • Improperly removing the rear of your phone’s housing may result in irreparable damage to your phone or the voiding of your warranty. Make sure to use extreme caution when removing the rear of the housing.


Things You’ll Need

  • The following items are recommended: heating pad or heat gun
  • Spudger (a hard flat pry tool)
  • Plastic opening tool (such as a credit card or a guitar pick)
  • Paperclip or SIM card eject tool
  • Paperclip or SIM card eject tool a container for storing the screws
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Summary of the ArticleX 1. Turn off the Galaxy phone or tablet. 2. Remove the SIM and SD cards from the device. 3. Using a hair dryer, apply heat to the back of the neck. 4. Insert a flathead screwdriver or a credit card into the seam and raise the back of the piece of furniture. 5. Slide the card or spudger down both sides of the card or spudger. 6. Pull the back of the shirt off. Did you find this overview to be helpful? The writers of this page have together authored a page that has been read 445,200 times.

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If you are the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S7 and would want to learn how to open a Galaxy S7 for battery replacement, I have the instructions for you. In this essay, I’ll explain how to remove the Samsung s7 sim card or the Samsung s7 edgesim card from your device. Following a few simple procedures will allow you to remove the Galaxy S7 sim card. Sometimes it might be discouraging to purchase a secondhand galaxy s7 and discover that you do not have an instruction manual. Then how to open galaxy s7 is something you must know if you want to use your Galaxy S7 correctly.

The procedure for removing the sim card from a samsung s7 is simple and straight forward.

However, if you have never had a phone like the Galaxy S7, don’t be concerned because I will show you how to insert and remove a SIM card from a Samsung Galaxy S7.

Allow us to remove your Samsung s7 sim card or Samsung s7 edge sim card by following the easy cover removal steps provided below.

How to open a Galaxy S7

  • You will require an ariangle plastic Pry Opening Tool, a Non-Nylon and Ultrathin Steel Screen Opening Spudger Tool Repair Kit, a Precision Hobby Craft Knife, and a Precision Hobby Craft Knife Repair Kit. Red Adhesive Vinyl Roll (premium two millimeters thick)
  • Multifunction Electrical Heat Tool-Portable Mini Handheld Hot Air Gun (portable mini handheld hot air gun)
  • Playing cards or credit cards
  • It is necessary to remove the SIM card as well as the memory cards as a first step. The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge are both water-resistant smartphones. As a result, the sim card tray and memory cards have a secure seal that prevents them from being damaged. The sim card tray and memory card slots on the galaxy s7 are located in the same location as on the galaxy s6, which is convenient. It’s located on the phone’s top edge, near the camera. In addition to the rectangular slot, there is a small pinhole on the opposite side of the slot. The little ejection pin included within the Samsung Galaxy S7 box should be familiar to anyone who have recently purchased a new Galaxy S7. You may remove the card slots with the use of this pin. We also spoke about how to transfer pictures from the Galaxy S8 to the SD card and how to remove the SIM card from the Galaxy S7. However, if you do not own a new Samsung Galaxy S7, there is no need to be concerned. Use a little metal paper clip to complete the task in a short amount of time. All you have to do now is locate the paper clip that was used to remove the memory card tray from your Samsung galaxy s7. Your Samsung samsung s7 edge will now be powered down as the following step. Glue is used to adhere the Samsung galaxy s7 back cover to the mainframe of the device, which results in an extremely tight fit. If heat is required, a heat gun should be used with caution to moderate the heat. Remove With the precise knife, cut away the gum materials to create a place for a playing card or credit card to be inserted. Now, using credit cards or playing cards, gently slice through the gum gap and remove the back cover from the galaxy s7 edge phone from the wall. If the back cover does not separate from the phone frame after applying further heat, pry up and remove the three modular components using the spudger tools. Through the use of little cables, these separate components are linked to the Samsung samsung S7 edge motherboard. The antenna, speakers, and wireless charging coil on the Samsung s7 are among the features. Remove the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge battery from the motherboard. The battery has been securely jammed and cemented into the frame’s opening. To work around the battery, use a plastic opening tool to pry it open. Set it free from the gum by fastening it to the frame with a screwdriver. Take the 3000 milliamps galaxy s7 edge battery out of your phone and set it aside.

How to Insert Sim Card in Galaxy S7 Edge?

The next thing you might want to do after opening your Galaxy S7 is learn how to insert a SIM card into your Galaxy S7 Edge.

  • To insert a SIM card into your Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone, locate the smaller slot on the sim card tray and slide the SIM card into the smaller slot. If you want to enter a microSD card into your Samsung galaxy, you may discover a pinpoint on the top of the device. Take a sim card tray removal tool or a pair of needles with you. It is necessary to place it on the pinpoint and press it in order to remove the tray. Place your sim card, as well as your memory card, in the sim card tray to complete the process. It is now necessary to re-insert the card into the phone. It is preferable if you gently push the tray back into its original position once you have placed it precisely. Please use moderate and careful pressure when you push the tray back into place. Due to the fact that it is fussy, your sim card or memory card may slip out of the plate while you are using it. Jerky movements should be avoided. Continue to push the tray in until it is firmly shut once more.

If you own a Samsung galaxy s7 or a galaxy s7 edge, you can follow the steps outlined above. The Galaxy S7 Edge requires a SIM card to be inserted. The procedure is the same as before. You may quickly and simply remove your galaxy s7 sim card or galaxy s7 edge sim card by following this simple but effective procedure in minutes. You no longer have to spend your time by searching for phrases such as “sim card Samsung galaxy s7 removal” or similar terms in order to resolve this issue.


I hope that after reading this post properly and attentively, the knowledge of how to open a galaxy s7 for sim card removal will still be fresh in your mind. You have now learnt how to open a Samsung galaxy s7 for the purpose of removing or inserting a SIM card in your Samsung samsung s7 by following the easy procedures outlined above. Furthermore, by following the straightforward procedure outlined in this post, you will be able to properly establish the position of the galaxy s7 sim card for virtually any purpose.

Now you don’t have to waste time watching YouTube how-to videos to figure out how to remove the SIM card from your Galaxy S7.

Following the insertion of your SIM card, the only thing you need to be cautious of is delivering a little push to the Samsung galaxy s7 sim card tray once it has been opened.

Galaxy S7: How Do I insert the SIM card into my Samsung Galaxy S7 or remove it?

In order to provide you with access to the mobile data network of your wireless service provider, your device makes use of a Nano SIMcard. Remember to take precautions so that the Nano SIM card does not become lost or used by others. Samsung is not liable for any losses or difficulties resulting from the loss or theft of a credit or debit card. Please keep in mind that the screens and settings accessible may differ depending on your wireless service provider and software version.

Insert the SIM Card

Install the ejection pin into the tray’s ejection pin hole in order to release the tray. Take care to ensure that the ejection pin is perpendicular to the bore of the hole. In any other case, the device may be harmed. Take care not to enter the ejector tool into the microphone hole on the top of your device, which might damage it. 2.Remove the tray from the tray slot by carefully pulling it out. Position the Nano SIM card in the tray with the gold-colored contacts facing downwards, as shown in Figure 3.

If the SIM card is not tightly secured inside the tray, it has the potential to slip out or be removed from the tray.

Make certain that the tray is completely inserted into the tray slot in order to avoid fluids from entering your device. Please keep in mind that if you enter the tray into your device while it is still wet, your device may be harmed. Always check to see that the tray is completely dry.

Remove the SIM Card

In order to unfasten the tray, first push in the ejection pin through the hole in the tray. Pulling the tray out of the tray slot gently is the second step. 3. Remove the Nano SIM card from the device. 4. Return the tray to its original position in the tray slot.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Teardown

Before we begin dismantling the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, it’s important to recall the specifications that it comes with. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was released in February 2016 and has received positive reviews. The phone has a 5.50-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1440 pixels by 2560 pixels and a pixel density of 534 pixels per inch, and it has a PPI of 534 pixels per inch. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is powered by an octa-core processor running at 1.6GHz and has 4GB of RAM. The phone has 32GB of internal storage, which can be extended by up to 200GB with the use of a microSD card (not included).

  1. The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is powered by a 3600mAh non-removable battery and runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.
  2. We specialize in teardowns!
  3. To complete this task, the following tools will be required: Screwdriver, tweezers, crowbar, and guitar pick are some of the tools you’ll need.
  4. In order to prevent the SIM card tray from being accidentally inserted backward and causing damage to the SIM / SD contact terminal, it has been designed in the shape of a “T.” Heat the edges of the rear cover for 3-5 minutes on a hot plate.
  5. Slide the guitar pick around the corners of the back cover until the back cover comes off.
  6. In order to generate waterdust effects on the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge back cover, the complete foam rubber seal is used all the way around.
  7. Remove the antenna bracket from the vehicle.

Remove the wireless charging/NFC module from the system.

On the speaker, there is a layer of graphite thermal film applied.

Disconnect the cord that connects to the front camera.

Disconnect the video wire from the display.

Remove the front-facing camera from the device.

Disconnect the RF wire and the coaxial cable from the receiver.

Remove the motherboard from the computer.

The camera has 12 million pixels and a single pixel area of 1.4 microns.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 is the processor on which the game is based.

Samsung KLUBG4G1CE 32GB UFS2.0 MLC flash memory Skyworks SKY78042 is the RF receiver used.

67T05 (NFC) and KM5D18098 (Wi-Fi) from Murata are the chipsets used.

Qualcomm PM8996, LSM6DS3PMI, STMicroelectronics LSM6DS3PMI STMicroelectronics LPS25HBR is used as a barometer.

The light distance sensorcharge indicator module should be removed.

Remove the vibration motor from the system.

Remove the FPC module with the side button.

The battery in the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge has a rated capacity of 3600mAh, a nominal voltage of 3.85V, and a charging limit voltage of 4.4V.

Heat the display to remove it from the computer.

The copper pipe on the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Remove the display assembly from its mounting bracket. a frame in the middle Remove the bottom board from the frame. Remove the fingerprint sensor module from the system. S6SA552X is the model number for the touchscreen IC. Obtainable at

How to Tear Down the Galaxy S7 for Screen Replacement

4Home»TUTORIAL»BY MAY 2016||February 27th, 2016||4Home»TUTORIAL» Learn how to take the Galaxy S7 apart/disassemble it in preparation for a screen replacement. The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, which will serve as Samsung’s 2016 flagships, were introduced at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) a few days ago and are scheduled to be available to the public by the middle of March. Some people who pre-ordered these two gadgets have already received and dismantled them, according to the company. And now that we’ve obtained one and dismantled it, let’s take a closer look at what the Galaxy S7 actually looks like by disassembling it.

Tools Needed:

  • The following items are required: a heat gun or a hot plate machine
  • A metal spruce or an iSesamo tool
  • A plastic spruce or an iSesamo tool
  • A small Phillips screwdriver
  • Guitar picks/playing cards
  • Tweezers
  • And a pair of scissors.

1. Power off the device and remove theGalaxy S7 SIM card tray.

When you take the SIM card tray out of the phone, you’ll see that it’s coated with a waterproof glue.

2. Remove theGalaxy S7 back cover.

After heating up the sides of the Galaxy S7 for 12 minutes, the back cover is attached to the rear casing with a waterproof adhesive that is somewhat sticky to the touch. Pay attention to this step and make sure the Galaxy S7 back cover glue is nicely heated and loosen before moving on to the next. With the use of a screen separating tool, carefully pop up the back cover a little bit and put the plastic tip into the back cover, running it around the borders of the Galaxy S7 rear cover. However, you will need to heat the glue back and forth several times before you can remove the rear cover from the back cover.

  • As you can see in the photo below, the back cover of the Galaxy S7 has been carefully removed from a considerable section of strong glue.
  • 3.
  • Remove the 12 long screws that are located in the back housing.
  • If the screws are still caught in the holes, you can remove them using a pair of tweezers.
  • Remove the Galaxy S7 loudspeaker assembly by peeling off the yellow tape that was applied to it.

4. Pry up the connectors shown in below to release the Galaxy S7 motherboard.

There are three antenna cable connectors, a volume button flex connector, a power button flex connector, a home button flex connector, a front-facing camera connector, a rear-facing camera connector, an LCD assembly connector, a battery flex connector, and an ear speaker flex connector among the connectors on the device.

5. Release the Galaxy S7 front housing small parts.

Before removing the waterproof glue from behind the Galaxy S7 ear speaker, heat the area to soften it. Heat up and remove the Galaxy S7 proximity sensor module, which contains the water damage detecting sticker, as well as the rest of the device. Similarly, heat up to allow the Galaxy S7 vibrating motor to be released.

6. Pry up to release the two Galaxy S7 RF signal cables.

Heat the Galaxy S7 battery adhesive until it is pliable, then jam the metal spudger under the battery and pry it back and forth.

You may also require a plastic playing card and a plastic spudger to assist in removing the battery from the phone. The battery is bonded to the front housing with a powerful adhesive in a square configuration, which explains why the battery adheres so well to the front housing.

8. Remove the Galaxy S7 side key flex cable ribbons and side keys.

The three screws that keep the earphone jack and charging port in place need to be removed. Pry the earphone jack open with your fingers.

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9. Release the Galaxy S7 LCD and digitizer assembly.

Heat up the edges of the Galaxy S7 and lift it up until a space appears. Insert the metal spudger tip between the two gaps and then slide the guitar picks through the gap to release the Galaxy S7 LCD and digitizer assembly from the front casing of the device.

10. Pry up to release the Galaxy S7 home button with flex cable ribbon.

Heat up to soften the adhesive under the navigator light, then pry it up. Turn the car around and pry up the charging port flex cable ribbon assembly from the bottom of the vehicle. The disassembly of the Galaxy S7 had now been completed. More information can be found in the video below, which shows a teardown tutorial of the Galaxy S7:

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  • What you need to know about replacing the Galaxy S7’s screen, charging port, and home button

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How to Replace Samsung s7 Battery [A Quick Guide + Tips and Tricks to Avoid Battery Issues]

Your battery’s charge is depleting at an alarmingly quick rate. Do you find yourself having to recharge your Galaxy S7 more than once a day on a regular basis? The following instructions will teach you how to remove the old, deteriorated battery from your S7 and replace it with a new one. Before you begin dismantling your phone, check to see if the battery has been depleted to less than 25% of its original capacity. If a lithium-ion battery that has been charged is accidently pierced, it can catch fire and/or explode, resulting in considerable property damage.

Please do not allow your phone to become too hot.

Wearing eye protection and proceeding with caution when dealing with swollen batteries is highly recommended.

Continue reading to find out more information!

What is the source of the rapid battery drain on Samsung’s Galaxy S7 smartphone?

After getting a huge number of reports concerning the problem, we decided to look into it more thoroughly. On the basis of our results, we devised a list of options that were successful in fixing the problem for the great majority of our users as well as enhancing their overall experience with battery depletion. In addition, we collated and documented the many circumstances that had a role in the occurrence of the problem.

1. Bad Application:

It’s conceivable that a certain mobile phone program is consuming battery life by operating in the background and potentially utilizing the mobile phone’s data connection while doing so, according to the manufacturer. Additionally, if a specific program has a high quantity of cache kept on the device, it has the ability to deplete the battery very rapidly if used extensively.

2. Software that is out of date:

It is possible that your phone’s battery life will be reduced if the Android operating system on your device has not been updated to the most recent version since every application requires the most up-to-date version of the Android operating system for improved compatibility and enhanced capabilities.

The effect is that running outdated software might cause some programs to use more battery life, resulting in the battery drain issue.

3. Outdated Applications:

Aside from outdated apps that have not been updated to the most recent version of the software, excessive power consumption and battery depletion can also be caused by a lack of maintenance.

As a result, all applications must be updated to themost recent versionsmade available by theirrespective developers.

In addition, utilizing a charging cable or an adapter that does not have the official Samsung mark may cause problems with the phone’s battery charge. When you use the charging accessories that are given by the firm, the phone charges the most effectively.

5. Cache:

Data that programs keep in order to minimize loading times and deliver a more seamless experience to users is referred to as the cache. However, an excessive quantity of cache might make an application slow and power-hungry, resulting in a larger than usual battery demand for that program. After gaining a fundamental grasp of the problem and its underlying causes, we may go on to explore potential remedies. Make careful that you apply these solutions in the particular order in which they are provided in order to avoid any conflicts with other solutions.

Instructions for replacing the battery in the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

It will be necessary to use the following tools:

  • Machine that employs a heat gun or a hot plate to generate heat the iSesamo Spudger/iSesamo Tool Spudger/Prying Tool in Metal Plastic Small Phillips
  • Metal Spudger/Prying Tool in Plastic Tweezers for screwdrivers Tweezers, guitar picks, and playing cards are some of the tools you’ll need.

How to Disassemble the Samsung Galaxy S7 in Order to Replace the Battery?

To begin, turn off the Galaxy S7 and remove the SIM card tray from it. Take note that when you remove the SIM card tray from the phone, it has been covered with a waterproof glue. 2. Take the Galaxy S7 rear cover off the smartphone and set it aside. After 12 minutes of heating up the sides of the Galaxy S7, the back cover is attached to the rear housing using a waterproof adhesive that is rather sticky to the touch. The back cover is removable. You’ll need to be patient during this phase, so make sure the Galaxy S7 back cover adhesive is heated and loose before continue.

  1. To remove the back cover from the back cover, you will need to heat the adhesive back and forth multiple times.
  2. Using the image below, you can see that the Galaxy S7 back cover has been carefully peeled away from a huge piece of extremely strong glue.
  3. Create an online store where customers may purchase the Galaxy S7 rear housing.
  4. As a result, there is no need to be concerned about them becoming mixed up because they are all the same size.
  5. Care must be taken not to harm the wireless charging chip and antenna module when removing the Galaxy S7’s wireless charging chip and antenna module.
  6. Remove the Galaxy S7 loudspeaker assembly.
  7. Pry up the connections on the Galaxy S7 motherboard as illustrated in the figure below to remove the motherboard.
  8. Heated a metal spudger under the Galaxy S7 battery and prying it back and forth until it becomes malleable is what you want to do.
  9. With powerful adhesive applied in a square arrangement on both sides of the battery, the battery is held in place firmly.

It has nine different connectors including three antenna cable connectors, a volume button flex connector (with three different types of buttons), an on/off switch (with two different types of buttons), an LCD assembly connector (with two different types of buttons), an ear speaker flex connection (with two different types of speakers), and two different types of buttons (with two different types of buttons).

Tips and Tricks for Avoiding Battery Problems

Here are various solutions for Galaxy S7 battery issues that will also work on the Galaxy S7 edge. Note that some of these solutions are not universal. Many of the techniques and features listed below can help you get the most out of any other Android devices you may have, independent of their manufacturer.

1. Disable Briefing

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge come pre-installed with an app called “Briefing,” which is designed to help you stay organized. When you swipe left on the home screen, you’ll encounter this app, which curates information from a variety of sources to give you with everything you need in one convenient location. Although it appears to be a valuable function, it is usually quite sluggish and unresponsive. It is inconvenient to use Briefing on your Samsung smartphone, and it has a negative influence on the battery life (and in certain circumstances, the performance) of your Samsung device.

Turn it off immediately!

  • Briefing may be turned off by holding down a long press on a blank space on the home screen. Now, swipe to the left to gain access to the Briefing section. To turn it off, press the button.

2.Alert yourself to the presence of applications that drain a significant amount of battery power. As much as we would want to believe that every app on the market is designed to be a good phone citizen and to make efficient use of your phone’s limited resources, this is not always the case. It is possible to determine what is wrong with your phone’s battery if you have a large number of applications installed and the battery is draining more quickly than you would like. Navigate to the phone’s settings, then to the Battery section, and lastly to the Battery consumption section.

It’s important to note that this is not an entire list of applications that are draining your power, and that not all apps will appear on the list if you use them regularly.

If you come across an application that is frequently acting inappropriately, you should consider removing it.

3.Minimize tethering:

Not only do the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge allow you to share your mobile connection with others, but they also have a new WiFi sharing capability that was previously unavailable. Even while all of this is incredibly amazing and handy when you need it, tethering quickly depletes the battery’s power. Tethering should only be used when absolutely required; it should not be left on for lengthy periods of time, especially if you need your device to survive longer.

4. Turn off location services:

It is only when we are using maps for navigation or any other applications that offer us with services or information based on our present location that we require location services to be enabled. When using such applications, it is relatively simple to allow location services; thus, it is recommended that you turn it off at all other times.

5.Examine the ‘App power saving’ settings.

In spite of the fact that you have identified and removed power-hungry applications from your phone, there are many additional apps that you would like to retain but that are still running in the background needlessly. In order to cope with this, the Galaxy S7’s”App power-saving”options, which can be located in the Battery area of your phone’s settings, are the most effective method available. Using App power saving, your phone will disable the ability of applications to operate in the background if you haven’t used them in more than five days.

When you first use the app, the counter will be reset and the app will be tuned once again for your device.

For example, you could want a travel utility, such as the American Airlines app, to be able to operate in the background to check for flight updates at all times, even if you don’t use it every five days.

6. Modify your Display settings a little bit.

Despite the fact that the Galaxy S7 boasts an industry-leading display that is really fairly energy-efficient, it will eat a large percentage of your battery over the course of a day. While looking through your phone’s display settings, you’ll see that there are a few various modifications you can make that will have no effect on how you use your phone while simultaneously saving a few percentage points on your battery. You might want to think about dimming the brightness of your screen by a smidgeon.

However, pushing the slider down will somewhat diminish the brightness in many situations, so keep it checked.

When your screen is switched off, it isn’t utilizing any electricity!

  • With the Always On Display feature turned off completely, you may save a significant amount of battery life. If you don’t mind not having information on your usually “off” display, you can save a few percentage points by turning off the feature completely.

Our final Thoughts

We hope that the suggestions above will be of assistance in addressing your Galaxy S7 battery life concerns. If you want to switch off all communications, you can always enable airplane mode with a single press on your phone’s screen. Create the practice of restarting your smartphone on a regular basis. This will help to fix a range of battery and performance concerns.

Frequently Ask Questions

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has a non-removable battery, which means it cannot be replaced. In order to remove or replace the battery, you need contact your service provider or a qualified repair agency. The warranty does not cover any damage or problems that occur as a result of the battery being removed without authorization. If you decide to replace your battery, bear in mind that you may incur additional expenses.

How much does it cost to replace the battery in a Samsung S7?

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has a non-removable battery, which means that it cannot be replaced. To have the battery removed or replaced, contact your service provider or a qualified repair professional. Removal of the battery without authorization will void the warranty and will result in any damage or defects being covered by it. You should bear in mind that switching to a new battery may result in extra fees.

Is the Galaxy S7 still a good buy in 2019?

While the Galaxy S7’s design is considered “classic,” and the home button is still present, the S7 does not make any sense in the year 2019. As an alternative, we propose the Samsung Galaxy S8, which boasts one of the most beautiful styles in the business, as well as specifications that will endure for a long time.

Fix your smartphone or tablet yourself

Level:Medium Time: 25 minutes The author, Alexandre, has helped 3190 others complete this repair successfully! Why shouldn’t you? The battery life of your Samsung Galaxy S7 leaves a lot to be desired, don’t you think? The moment has come to take action if you’re tired of needing to recharge your smartphone three times a day. Our technicians at SOSav have put together this repair guide to show you precisely how to replace the battery in your Galaxy S7 by yourself, with with step-by-step instructions and illustrations!

This repair will cost you up to three times less than a professional or manufacturer-sponsored repair service! Problems:

  • Battery that is overinflated
  • Battery that has a limited or no life
  • Charging issues

Here’s some advise before you get started.

Step 1

Before you can begin replacing the battery in your Galaxy S7, you must first switch off your phone for obvious safety reasons. This may be accomplished by pressing and holding the off button for a few seconds before selecting “turn off.”

Step 2

As seen above, insert the SIM/micro SD card tray opening tool into the hole on the top edge of your phone, which is located on the right side. Then carefully insert the tool into the hole.

Step 3

Once you get the MicroSD/SIM card tray out of the way, you may close the door.

Step 4

To begin softening the adhesive on the back panel, heat it using a heat gun. The glass back panel has a small bend to it and is securely fastened. Make sure to pay close attention to the corners of the glass if you’re using a hairdryer. Please do not be afraid to restart if you believe that you have not been able to unstick it. Lift the glass just enough to allow you to put an opening pick between the frame and the back panel, using the suction cup to help you. Then drag the opening choice around the entire screen to the left or right.

Step 5

The opening pick should be moved around the whole back panel to verify that it is totally unstuck and can be raised. After that, begin to raise the panel. Please do not hesitate to reheat the back panel if it is not readily removed the first time.

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Step 6

Now that the rear panel of your Galaxy S7 has been entirely removed, you may put it back together. If it is damaged, it should be replaced.

Step 7

Remove the 12 screws that hold the internal frame of the phone together with a cross-headed screwdriver, as seen in the image above, which has been circled in red.

Step 8

Pulling up the top of the frame with the nylon spudger is the next step.

Step 9

Then, using the nylon spudger, carefully pull the middle part of the frame out of the way.

Step 10

The pointed end of the spudger should be used to pry back the gold adhesive that is sandwiched between the bottom of the frame and the battery.

Step 11

Then, using the pointed end of the spudger, raise the bottom of the frame up and away from you.

Step 12

After that, remove the battery connector by unscrewing it.

Step 13

Heat the glue below the battery for a few seconds using a hair dryer to make it more pliable and less sticky. Finally, using the flat edge of the spudger, push the battery out of the way. Take care not to overheat the battery, since this might cause it to malfunction.

Step 14

Lifting the battery up to its maximum length will unfasten it. Your Galaxy S7’s battery has been taken from the device.

Step 15

Your Galaxy S7’s battery has now been totally removed from the device. If it is no longer functioning properly, you can now replace it.

First-time use: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

After turning on your smartphone for the first time, you may be greeted with a setup wizard that will guide you through the process of configuring your Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

First-time use

  • If required, pick English from the drop-down menu before selecting your selected language. To make any necessary accessibility adjustments, select Accessibility from the drop-down menu. To proceed to the next screen, click on the yellow arrow. To switch on Wi-Fi, press and hold the Wi-FiSwitch for a few seconds. Select a network to connect to from the list below, finish the connection setup, and then press OK. TapNEXT
  • Read the End user licensing terms and conditions and then press the NEXT button. By tappingAGREE, you confirm that you have read and understand the Terms & Conditions. In the event that no software updates are available, the device will proceed to the next step on its own. Do you have another device? When the screen appears, choose one of the options:
  • Duplicate the data and accounts from your other device (including Google Accounts and applications)
  1. In the event that a suitable smartphone is available, useTapGo to set up the phone by stacking them one on top of the other
  2. To go to the next screen, on the other device’s Getting started screen, press the NEXT button. The old phone will display the message “Connected to your smartphone.” If NFC is not enabled, enable it
  3. Otherwise, disable it. Once the connection has been established, press the COPY button. The old phone will appear after the work is finished. Success! Press the CLOSE button.
  • To log into your Google account after adding your account, select one of the following options:
  1. Enter your password and then press Next
  2. Read the information about “Google services” and then tap Next
  3. On the “Get your appsdata” screen, pick the prior device from which you wish to restore data and then select an app from the list that appears
  4. Then tapNEXT. “Google services” will appear
  5. Scroll down to see the Google services selections and then tapNEXT. While the phone is connecting to Google servers in order to obtain your information, a “Restoring” prompt will appear on the screen.
  1. If you choose, you may put your name in the First and Last fields. To proceed, press theNEXTarrow. TapNEXT once you’ve entered your selected username. TapNEXT once you’ve entered your password and confirmed it. Set your MSISDN or selectREMIND ME LATER from the Rescuing information screen, then tapNext. A confirmation screen will appear before a message is sent to the MSISDN that was input. After logging into Google services, scroll down the list of available options and tapNEXT
  2. Once you’ve validated your selection, tapNEXT. On the Set up payment information page, choose one of the options listed below:
  • To redeem, enter your credit or debit card information
  • Enable T-Mobile -US billing
  • And choose “Remind me later.”
  1. TapNEXT. Fill in the required information, then press theNEXT button. After logging into Google services, scroll down the list of available options and tapNEXT
  • On theDatetimescreen, make any necessary adjustments and then press theNEXT button. On the Add another email page, select one of the options from the list below, then tapNEXT:
  1. You must enter your email address. Tap SIGN IN once you’ve entered your password. Accept the terms and conditions of the agreement
  1. Configuration as well as a backup Pattern, PIN, or Password are all acceptable options. Follow the on-screen instructions to place your finger on the Home key to begin scanning. If your finger is unable to be identified, a pop-up window will display requesting you to reposition your finger. Simply hit CONTINUE to proceed. Once the scan is complete, select the notifications that will appear on the lock screen (Show content, hide content, or do not show notifications) and tapDONE
  2. TapNEXT
  3. Once the scan is complete, select the notifications that will appear on the lock screen (Show content, hide content, or do not show notifications) and tapDONE
  1. Select the security feature you wish to configure and follow the on-screen instructions to create and confirm the configuration
  2. Once the security feature configuration is complete, pick the notifications that will appear on the lock screen (Show content, conceal content, or do not show notifications) and tapDONE
  3. TapNEXT
  4. Once the security feature configuration is complete, tapNEXT
  • TapNEXT on theGet your appsdatascreen after selecting the device and applications from which you want to recover material. “Restoring” will appear on the screen while the device is being updated. Choose one of the following options from the “Samsung account” screen:
  • For those who already have a Samsung account, press Sign to log into your account. Follow the on-screen instructions
  • In order to create a new Samsung account, selectCreate new account and then follow the on-screen instructions. To log into or create a Samsung account later, choose Skip.
  1. Tap Copy material from old device,” then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the transfer of data using a Samsung adapter or tapLATER. On Easy mode, pick ON or OFF, then hit FINISH
  2. On Advanced mode, select ON or OFF, then tap FINISH
  3. On the Device Data Collection page, choose or deselectAllow diagnostics before pressingNEXT. On the Connection Assistant, select Accept to accept the collection or Decline to stop it. On Personalized Offers, click Accept to enable the offers to continue or Decline to stop the offers. When you’re finished, your smartphone will automatically return to the Home screen. When the Smart Switch notice displays, press Start to begin transferring material from an old device, or choose Later to begin transferring content at a later date. A Wi-Fi network connection is suggested for the content transfer
  4. However, this is not required.

6 Solutions to Fix Galaxy S7 Won’t Turn On Issue Step by Step- Dr.Fone

I can’t get my Galaxy S7 to turn! As a matter of fact, we recognize and appreciate how inconvenient it may be when your phone is stuck on the black screen, almost like a dead log. A nonresponsive phone may be frustrating to deal with, especially when it refuses to switch on no matter how hard you try. If it makes you feel any better, know that you are not alone in experiencing problems with your Samsung Galaxy S7 not turning on. There are a lot of people that are experiencing the same problem as you.

Additionally, background processes launched by the S7 software, as well as the fact that the S7’s battery is entirely depleted, will prevent the phone from booting.

There might be a variety of additional reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S7 won’t switch on as well. However, our primary focus today will be on resolving the problem. We will thus examine alternative solutions to this problem in the parts that follow in the next few paragraphs.

  • I can’t switch on my Galaxy S7 with a single click
  • Part 2: Force restart Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Part 3: Charge Samsung Galaxy S7 to cure the S7 won’t turn on problem
  • S7 won’t power on, so boot into Safe Mode
  • Part 4: Part 5: Clear the cache partition to resolve the S7’s inability to switch on
  • Part 6: Perform a factory reset to resolve the problem of the S7 not turning on

Part 1: One Click to Fix My Galaxy S7 Won’t Turn On

Your Galaxy S7 won’t switch on because the firmware of your operating system has become corrupted. This is one of the most typical explanations for this problem. It’s possible that there’s a problem in the data or that some information is missing, which is hindering launch. Fortunately, a straightforward software solution known as Dr.Fone – System Repair is available to assist.

Dr.Fone – System Repair (Android)

Without any difficulty, you can resolve the Galaxy S7 won’t turn on issue.

  • One of the best Android repair software programs available anywhere in the globe
  • Various Samsung smartphones, including the Galaxy S9, S8, and S7, as well as their predecessors are supported
  • The bug will not be activated by the one-click repair for the Galaxy S7
  • Operation is simple. There is no requirement for any technological expertise.

It has been downloaded by 3981454 users. Please see the following step-by-step tutorial if this seems like a solution to your problem with my Galaxy S7 failing to switch on when I try to use it. Take note:Before you begin, make sure you have a backup of your Samsung S7 smartphone on your computer, since this process may result in the loss of important data. Step1 Go to the Dr.Fone website and download the data management tool for either your Windows or Mac computer, depending on your preference.

To repair your device, connect it to your computer using the official Android cable and choose ‘Android Repair’ from the menu bar.

To put your phone in Download mode, simply follow the instructions on the screen, which will make it compatible with the next repairs.

4th Step: The program will begin downloading the firmware at this point.

Part 2: Force restart Samsung Galaxy S7.

Many people have reported that force restarting their phones has resolved their Samsung Galaxy S7 won’t turn on issue. While this may seem like a simple home cure, it has proven to be effective in many cases. To force the Galaxy S7 to restart, follow these steps: Press and hold the power and volume down keys on your S7 for 10-15 seconds at the same time, then release them. Please wait for your phone to restart and boot back to the Home Screen before proceeding. In addition to refreshing your Samsung Galaxy S7, this technique also terminates all background operations and repairs whatever may have been generating the problem.

If this strategy does not prove to be effective, go to the next stage.

Part 3: Charge Samsung Galaxy S7 to fix S7 won’t turn on

Sometimes you aren’t even aware that your Samsung Galaxy S7 battery is draining completely due of heavy Apps, widgets, background processes, App or software upgrades, and your device is left with no power at all. In such case, use the actions outlined below to recharge your phone’s battery and repair the problem: To begin charging your Samsung Galaxy S7, attach it to the original charger (which came with your S7) and, if possible, plug it into a power outlet. Continue to wait for the phone to charge for at least 20 minutes before attempting to turn it on again.

If the screen on your S7 illuminates, displays charging symptoms, and turns on normally, you know your battery has died and all that is required is a charge. If that doesn’t work, there are a few other things you may do if your Samsung Galaxy S7 won’t power on.

Part 4: Boot in Safe Mode for S7 won’t turn on

It is vital to boot the Samsung Galaxy S7 into Safe Mode in order to rule out battery-related difficulties and narrow down the root cause of the problem as quickly as possible. Safe Mode only allows you to use the apps that are already installed on your phone. Normally, if your S7 begins in Safe Mode, you know that it can be switched on and that there is no problem with the Android software, device hardware, or battery life. According to the official explanation, the true reason why your Samsung Galaxy S7 won’t power on is because of specific apps and applications you have loaded on your smartphone that are incompatible with the OS and prohibit the phone from turning on.

Safe Mode must be enabled on the Samsung Galaxy S7 by following the procedures outlined below.

The moment you see the words “Samsung Galaxy S7” on the phone’s screen, press and hold the volume down button for a few seconds before releasing the power button.

Once your phone has been turned on and reached the Home Screen, you will see the words “Safe Mode” at the bottom of the screen, as shown in the image below.

Part 5: Wipe cache partition to fix S7 won’t turn on

It is recommended that you wipe up the cache partition in Recovery Mode in order to resolve the Samsung Galaxy S7 won’t power on issue and keep your device clean and clear of unnecessary clogged-up data in the future. When your Samsung Galaxy S7 won’t switch on, follow the steps outlined below to enter Recovery Mode: 1. Pressing and holding the power, home, and volume-up keys simultaneously for around 5-7 seconds, as seen in the image below, will unlock your phone. Once the Samsung logo comes on the screen, only the power button should be pressed any longer.

Using the help of the volume down key, scroll down until you reach “Wipe cache partition,” which you can then choose with the power button.

In the unfortunate event that your Samsung Galaxy S7 continues to refuse to switch on even after clearing the cached data, there is only one thing left to do.

Part 6: Perform a factory reset to fix S7 won’t turn on

A factory reset, also known as a hard reset, should only be used as a last option since it completely wipes out all of the data and settings saved on your phone. It’s important to note that data backed up on Google Account may be restored by signing in, but other files are permanently erased, so make sure you backup all of your data before using this strategy. Let’s go through the procedures to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S7 in this section: Go to the Recovery screen (see Part 4) and scroll down (using the volume down button) until you find “Factory Reset” on the list of choices before you (using the power button).

Finally, completely reinstall your Galaxy S7 operating system.

It will destroy all of your data and force you to re-setup your phone, but it is a tiny price to pay for peace of mind.

Please do not hesitate to refer to this page if you believe your Galaxy S7 is refusing to switch on.

Many people have benefited from these suggestions, and they can attest to their usefulness.

So, if your S7 is not booting up, feel free to attempt any of the five options listed above. If you find these answers beneficial, we hope you would forward them along to your family, friends, and colleagues as well.

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