How To Connect Samsung Smart Tv To Wifi Without Remote


How To Connect SAMSUNG TV To Wi-Fi Without Remote

To use a Smart, you must first connect your television to the internet in order to access the majority of streaming services accessible. Connecting your television to the internet involves the use of a remote control, a smart phone remote app, or even a universal remote to complete the process. When your TV remote control or universal remote isn’t readily available, connecting your Smart TV to Wi-Fi might be a difficult proposition. This article is useful because it demonstrates an alternate method of connecting your Samsung TV to Wi-Fi without the need of a remote control.

Alternative Way To Connect Your Samsung TV To Wifi Without Remote

Alternatively, you might use a mouse or a keyboard to do this task instead. The majority of smart TVs include the ability to be connected to a mouse or keyboard. It might be a wired or wireless mouse or keyboard, depending on your preference.

Check For Onscreen Keyboard and Mouse Compatibility For Your TV

To begin, you must determine whether or not your Samsung TV is capable of supporting this connection. The easiest method to find out is to consult your television guide. To get help with your Samsung smart TV, go to the Samsung support website. Look for the option that says ‘Using a Keyboard and Mouse.’ A list of suitable mice and keyboards that may be used on-screen on your television will be provided. These are a few of the SAMSUNG support options that are highly suggested by the company. LogiTech K360LogiTech K400 LogiTech K360 LogiTech K400 Samsung MKS-1200 Logitech K750 Logitech K750 If you don’t already have one of the recommended mice, any new mouse or keyboard will be useful in this situation.

Keep older models away from your Smart TV since the data transmission system that was previously programmed into them may not be compatible with your Smart TV.

The USB port may be found on the back of your television.

Connect Samsung TV To WiFi Without Remote

Following the completion of the connection of your keyboard or mouse to your television, follow the procedures outlined below to connect your television to a Wi-Fi network. Turn on the router that you’re trying to use to connect to your television set. b. Press and hold the lone button on your SAMSUNG smart TV until the process is complete. This button may be located on the bottom of your television. You make your pick by selecting the alternatives with your mouse and clicking on them. c. You will be presented with three alternatives on your computer screen.

  • d.
  • Select ‘Live TV’ from the drop-down menu.
  • e.
  • Select the ‘Recommended’ option from the drop-down menu beneath the ‘Channel’.
  • In the new window, you will see the notice ‘You Are Not Connected,’ with the option to ‘Configure Network’ underneath it.
  • G.

To connect to the internet, you must provide the password for your router. After that, save any changes you’ve made to your setup. If you look at your television screen, you will see an instruction on how to complete this operation.

How To Connect Samsung Smart TV To WiFi Without Remote?

Do you want to know how to connect your Samsung smart TV to WiFi without using a remote? Look no further, because in this piece you’ll learn two distinct approaches to accomplishing your goal. We will go through these methods in depth and totally bypass your remote control, allowing you to connect your Samsung TV to WiFi! If you want to connect your Samsung TV to WiFi without using a remote, you can either download and install the mobile app or use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to accomplish the task.

Let’s have a look at some of the possibilities for connecting your Samsung TV to WiFi without the need of a physical remote control today.

How To Connect Samsung TV To WiFi Without Remote Step-By-Step

The mobile app, which is available in both the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iPhone devices, is by far the most convenient means of connecting your Samsung TV to WiFi without the need of a remote. Check out the procedures in the section below to discover how to connect your TV to WiFi using the Samsung mobile application.

Connecting Samsung To WiFi Through The Mobile App

It is necessary for your smartphone to be already linked to a WiFi network before you can use the Samsung app. If you’re utilizing mobile data, you’ll be good as long as your phone has an active internet connection, which is unlikely. Take note that the Samsung application is referred to as “SmartThings” in all app stores. We presume that you are comfortable with the term ” Samsung app ” being written down, but you may as well use the actual name instead. Set up and use the Samsung mobile app to connect your TV to WiFi by following the instructions outlined in this article.

Step1 Download The App

The first step is to download and install the application. Install the Samsung app by going to the appropriate app store for your operating system (Android or iPhone, respectively). Here are some easy steps to follow to complete the task:

  1. Go to the App Store on your smartphone and install it. Enter “Smart Things” in the search bar after clicking on it. Obtain the first result, which should have received more than one hundred million downloads
  2. Wait for the application to be installed

Once the app has been downloaded and installed, launch it by clicking on it and continuing with the next step.

Step2 Register In The Samsung App

If you haven’t previously done so, you must establish an account in the Samsung application. In most cases, when you purchase a Samsung device, a default registration is created. However, we recommend creating a new account so that you may reconnect the TV without needing to search for the previous credentials. The following is the procedure for registering in the Samsung app:

  1. Once the SmartThings app is launched on your phone, click on the ” Register ” icon in the app. Fill up the required sections with your complete name, email address, password, and cell phone number. Enter the confirmation code from your email by heading to your mailbox and pasting it into the Samsung app. Please log into your account.

Additionally, if you want to avoid having to log in every time you open the Samsung app, you may check the ” Remember Me ” box, which will allow your credentials to be automatically entered each time you access the program.

Step3 Connect With Your TV

Once you’ve signed into the SmartThings app, it’s time to establish a connection with your television. In order to connect your Samsung TV to your computer, follow the procedures outlined below:

  1. The dashboard may be accessed using the SmartThings app. Your television should be automatically discoverable from that point on. To use the digital remote service, select the blue button labeled ” Remote ” from the menu bar.

The dashboard may be accessed using the SmartThings application. Your television should be automatically discoverable from that point on. To access the digital remote service, select the blue button labeled ” Remote ” on the main menu bar.

Step4 Connect Samsung TV With WiFi

Finally, once you’ve got your phone linked to the WiFi, here’s how to get it to communicate with the network:

  1. Open the SmartThings app and choose ” Remote ” from the drop-down menu underneath your Samsung TV
  2. While you’re waiting for the digital remote to load, hit the ” Menu” button once. Enter the settings and choose ” WiFi and Connectivity ” from the drop-down menu
  3. Allow the functionality to be enabled if it hasn’t already been done and locate the WiFi network in your home. Connect to the WiFi network by selecting it, entering the password and credentials, and clicking Connect.

Simply by using the mobile app, your Samsung TV is immediately linked to the internet through WiFi.

Connecting Samsung TV To The WiFi Via KeyboardMouse

If the mobile app did not work for you, there is an alternate method of configuring the WiFi connection on your Samsung TV that you may try. This will be accomplished through the use of a mobile keyboard that will be immediately connected to your television through USB. To discover more about how to connect a Samsung smart TV to WiFi without the need of a remote, read on to the steps provided below the video.

Step1 Check For Recommendations

Because not all mousekeyboards are compatible with your Samsung TV, you’ll need to open the Guide and look for appropriate equipment. Here is a brief list of mouses and keyboards that may be compatible with this system: Keep in mind that you may find recommendations tailored to your Samsung TV model in theGuideDevicesMouseKeyboards section of this guide. Regardless of the suggestions, you may test any equipment you have accessible in your house, as long as it has a USB connection and is compatible with the operating system.

Step2 Connect Your Devices

Once you’ve obtained the mousekeyboard, you’ll need to connect it to your television through USB. The majority of consumers select wireless mouse and keyboards since they are unable to stand close to their Samsung television. Please do not give up if you are comfortable with a wired mouse and keyboard; this would also work. It is not necessary to do anything in preparation because your mouse and keyboard will automatically connect once you are connected.

Step3 Connect Your TV To WiFi

The final step is to establish a connection using your TV’s WiFi. To accomplish this, follow the procedures outlined below:

  1. Keep your finger on the Lone Button on your Samsung TV. Click on ” Input ” in the pop-up box that appears. Select ” Live TV ” from the drop-down menu. Select ” Recommended ” from the drop-down menu underneath ” Channel “. To configure your network, choose ” Configure Network “. Select ” Router SSID ” and then input the password for your router.

Keep in mind that these procedures must be completed using your mouse and keyboard after your television is connected. At this point, you will be able to connect your TV to WiFi without the need to utilize the remote controller. Continue reading:How Long Do Samsung Televisions Last? You may connect your Samsung TV to WiFi without the need of a remote control by using either the mobile app or the mousekeyboard. In any case, the next step is to navigate to the settings menu using your other remotes, choose “Configure Network,” and then complete the WiFi configuration process.

Bottom Line:

Knowing how to connect a Samsung smart TV to WiFi without a remote control, you can now decide which of the many available options will be used to connect your TV to WiFi. Because of its compatibility, the mobile app is preferred by the majority of customers. It is thus recommended that you download the mobile app and connect your Samsung TV to it. If you found this post to be useful, but you’re experiencing other problems that you need to address, be sure to visit our blog to get the answer you’re looking for.

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How to connect samsung tv to wifi without remote?

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How do I connect my TV to WiFi but not smart TV?

– Connect your device’s cord to the HDMI port on your television. – Connect your USB cable to both your device and the USB port on your television. – Turn on your old television and connect the input to your new device. – If you need to, you can use the internet to download the necessary app. Accept all of the escape clauses in order to start streaming.

How do I connect my Samsung TV to WiFi manually?

– Press the Menu button on your television remote control. – Select Network Settings from the drop-down menu, and then select Set up a wireless connection. – Enter the name of the wireless network that will be used for your home Wi-Fi. – Using the button on your remote, type in your Wi-Fi password.

How do I connect my Samsung TV to the Internet manually?

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How do I connect my WiFi to my TV with video?

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How do I connect my LCD TV to WIFI?

– Select WPS from the drop-down menu (Push Button). By selecting Start, the TV will wait for the WPS connection to establish. – Within two minutes, hit the WPS button on the Wi-Fi Router to connect to the network. – Once a successful connection has been established, choose OK.

Where is Samsung TV WIFI?

– Select Settings from the directional pad on your television’s remote control. – Select GeneralNetworkOpen Network Settings from the drop-down menu. – Select your preferred WiFi network from the drop-down menu. – When prompted, enter the network password and click on the Done button to finish. – Click on the OK button.

How can I make my old TV smart?

  • There are several methods for converting a non-smart television into a smart television, but the most effective is to purchase a smart media player (also known as a streaming device) and connect it to the HDMI connector on your television. Smart media players are available in a variety of designs and sizes (and smart operating systems). a few days ago The following video demonstrates how to connect your mobile hotspot to your Samsung Smart TV:

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How to Connect Samsung Smart tv to WIFI Direct Wireless and Wired

Wi-Fi and wired networks are used to connect the Samsung Smart tv. With your Samsung smart television, you can quickly connect your new Samsung smart television to the internet through Wi-Fi by selecting your home network and entering the password, then clicking on connect to WIFI or wired network on the remote. While it is rather straightforward to connect your Samsung smart tv to WIFI, there may be difficulties with your Samsung smart tv internet connection dropping or failing to connect once you have done so.

What do I need to connect Samsung Smart tv to WIFI internet?

To connect your router to your high-speed internet connection, you’ll need an ethernet cable that’s long enough to reach both your router and your high-speed internet connection.

In 2 Ways you connect Samsung smart tv to WIFI:

  • Using a wireless connection (router or modem)
  • Using a cable connection (Ethernet)
  • Using a combination of the two

How to connect Samsung Smart tv to WIFI:

Instructions on how to connect a Samsung Smart TV to a wireless network (WiFi). Step 1: Turn on your Samsung smart tv and choose the source button on your remote from the settings menu. Second, using the left arrow on your remote, choose the gear symbol and click OK to access the settings menu. 3. Scroll down and pick “general” from the drop-down menu. Step 4: Select the network and press the OK button. Step 5: Select Open Network Settings from the drop-down menu and press OK to connect your Samsung smart tv to your WiFi internet connection.


Step 6: Step 7: Using the down and up arrows, locate your home WIFI wireless network and push the ok button on the remote control.

Then, using the on-screen keyboard (which you can access with the remote), choose your home wifi network and input your wifi password.

The Samsung smart tv will display the message Success once it has been successfully linked to your wifi internet. You will then be able to access online services and stream online films on your Samsung smart tv.

Connect Samsung Smart tv interne to Ethernet and WIRED network:

How to Connect a Samsung Smart TV to a Wired Internet Connection Obtain your ethernet cable from your router and connect it to the ethernet port on the back of your Samsung smart tv, as shown in step 1. Step 2: At this point, grab your remote control. -Settings- General- Network Settings- Select “Open Network Settings” from the drop-down menu. Step 3: Select the wired connection option and push the OK button. To connect your Samsung smart tv to a wired network, follow the steps below. Step 4:Enter your WIFI password and click “OK.” Check out this article about Samsung Smart TV Coverage.

Connect Samsung Smart tv to WIFI without remote?

Using controllers on your smart tv and using the keys on them as a remote, you can connect your Samsung smart tv to wifi without using the remote if the Samsung smart tv remote is not working, or you can download the Samsung smart tv app from the playstore and set it up on your phone, and use your phone as a remote as well.

Can’t see Your WIFI network on Samsung Smart tv?

If, after pressing the Refresh button on the Select Your Wireless Network screen, you still do not see your wifi network or your home wifi in the list, check to see that your wifi is turned on and that your WiFi modem or router is within range of or near your Samsung smart tv. If you still do not see your wifi network or your home wifi in the list, check to see that your wifi modem or router is within range or near your Samsung smart tv.

  • Check to see that your home’s WIFI wifi is operational. Ascertain that your WIFI router or modem is in close proximity to your Samsung smart television.

Still having trouble getting your Samsung smart TV to recognize or identify your wireless internet network? Try turning off your WiFi for 60 seconds and then turning it back on after 60 seconds. Your Samsung smart tv will now identify your WIFI internet network and display it on its screen.

How to check network status on Samsung Smart tv?

In addition, you may check the status of your internet wifi network connection, including if it is linked to a network and which network you are connected to, as well as signal strength, on your smart television. How can I connect my Samsung Smart TV to the internet? To connect your Samsung smart tv to wifi, go to settings > general > network settings > open network settings > select wifi connection type and password and click ok to confirm the connection. Can’t get your Samsung Smart TV to connect to the internet?

It is possible that restarting your router or modem, or doing a power reset or cycle, would resolve your problem.

Check to see that your WiFi is operational and that your WiFi network is in close proximity to your Samsung smart television.

How To Connect Samsung Tv To Wifi Without Remote?

How To Connect A Samsung Tv To A Wireless Network Without Using A Remote? 800600 LouisLouisd=mm r=g LouisLouisd=mm r=g LouisLouisd=mm r=g Using a USB keyboard and mouse, you can connect your TV to WiFi without the need of a remote. Then, using the mouse, you can access the TV’s WiFi configuration options.

How Do I Setup My Samsung Tv Without A Remote?

If you hold down the center button for an extended length of time, the Samsung TV will turn on without the use of a remote.

A TV controller may be found on the back of the Samsung television. Selecting a color is accomplished by pushing the center button once. When you move your cursor between alternatives, one will be picked by default.

How Do I Connect My Samsung Tv To Wireless Internet?

  • If you have a remote control, you may enter the menu by pressing the MENU button. Navigate to the Network/Network Configuration window. Navigate to the Wireless Network Types section of the page. As soon as your Samsung Smart TV has discovered a wireless network, it will begin looking for more networks. You will be able to input the password or security key for the wireless network in the field that will display. You have the option of selecting Done immediately.

How Do You Set Up A Smart Tv Without A Remote?

  • You can get the Samsung Smart View app for iOS and Android smartphones, as well as Windows for PCs
  • It is free to download. Connecting your phone or tablet to your television’s Wi-Fi network, just like you would for your computer, is required in order to utilize the app.

Why Is My Samsung Smart Tv Not Connecting To Wifi?

The Home button on your Samsung Smart TV remote may be used to restart the network connection on your television. The Network settings may be accessed by selecting SettingsGeneral from the drop-down menu. By hovering over Reset Network and clicking YES, you may completely erase your network’s configuration. Your television should now be operational again.

Do Smart Tvs Connect To The Internet Wirelessly?

The wireless connection option allows you to connect to your home Wi-Fi network. Smart TVs are often Wi-Fi-enabled, which implies that they have a wireless adaptor incorporated into the television. You can connect to the internet in a matter of minutes – but this option is most effective if your television is linked to the router in the same room as the router.

Watch how to connect samsung tv to wifi without remote Video

0. Can you tell me the EXACT model number of your television? Is there any kind of WiFi functionality on this device? 1. Purchase a remote control, either an original or a universal model. 2. In the absence of a remote, how do you envision navigating the smart features on your television?

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How to Connect LG TV to WiFi without Remote (It’s Easy!)

If you have an LG smart TV that is not currently linked to your internet and you have misplaced your LG remote, you will need to set up your WiFi in a different location. Fortunately, I’ve come up with a low-cost and simple answer.

Connect LG TV to WiFi without Remote

You’ll need a USB mouse if you want to connect your LG TV to WiFi without using the remote. After plugging the mouse into the USB port on your TV, push the little button located in the middle of the underside of your LG TV, directly beneath the logo, and toggle it to the Input position. Then, using your mouse, make the connection.

Connect to WiFi using USB mouse

With your mouse connected and your LG TV set to input mode, you may do the following:

  • Select “Live TV” from the drop-down menu and wait for the menu to disappear. Then, with your mouse, scroll all the way to the right of your television screen and click on “Recommended” at the bottom. An notice stating “Network Disconnected” will appear. “Yes” should be selected. Your network settings will appear, and you will be able to login by entering the credentials for your WiFi network.
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Now use your smartphone as a remote

Your smartphone may be used as a remote control after you have successfully entered into your LG TV’s WiFi network with your USB mouse using the instructions provided above. We had to use the USB mouse since we couldn’t use our smartphones until our TV was connected to the internet, which is why we had to use the USB mouse in the first place! To use your smartphone as a remote control for your LG television, first ensure that both your TV and your smartphone are connected to the same WiFi network.

To begin, go to either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and look for the “Smartify – LG TV Remote” application.

Your smart phone should now be connected to your LG television!

You may use the app to change the stations on your TV, regulate the volume, and perform other functions.

Connect your LG TV to your router using an ethernet cable

When the distance between your LG TV and your home network/modem is sufficient, another alternative is to connect your LG TV directly to your router using an ethernet connection. Of course, you’ll want to check to see if your specific LG TV has a LAN ethernet connector before proceeding any further. Assuming this is the case, just attach one end of your ethernet connection to the TV and the other end to an available LAN port on the back of your router. If you do this, your LG TV should be automatically connected to the internet.

This will force the TV to reset, and it should now identify the LAN internet connection.

a. Opening up the Smartify – LG TV Remote app and checking to see whether your LG TV can be identified will inform you whether or not this was successful. If it is possible, connect it as soon as possible. You should be able to use your smart phone as a remote control now! Hopefully!

Replace your lost or broken LG remote

In order to resolve this issue once and for all, you need purchase a replacement LG remote controller. These remote controls are really reasonable these days, and you can have one delivered to your home the same day if you order from Amazon. Rather than going through the hassle of attaching a USB mouse or an ethernet cable to your LG TV, it’s far better to simply replace the remote control altogether. Interested parties can find an LG replacement remote on Amazon by clicking on the link below.

However, do yourself a favor in the future and get the new remote as well.


If you have misplaced or broken your LG remote but still want to connect your TV to the internet, you may use a USB mouse to do this. Simply connect the USB mouse to the back of your LG television and proceed to input the information for your WiFi network and password. The Smartify – LG TV Remote app may be downloaded to your smartphone after you’ve successfully linked your TV to the internet and will serve as your remote going forward. If you don’t have a USB mouse, you can try connecting your LG TV to your network directly with an ethernet cable if you don’t have one.

Ultimately, purchasing a replacement LG remote is the most cost-effective approach.

Hopefully, these instructions assisted you in connecting your LG TV to WiFi.

How To Connect LG TV to WIFI Without Remote: Quick Fix

It’s a dreadful feeling when you misplace your magic remote. I am familiar with the sensation, and it causes me great concern whenever it occurs. It is possible that you will not be able to connect your TV to Wi-Fi if you do not have your remote controller. This implies that your smart LG TV will be unable to connect to the internet. That’s going to be the greatest nightmare of my life. Isn’t that right? To be on the safe side, don’t be concerned; I have a quick solution for your problem. All you need is a mouse to complete this task.

To begin with, I’d want you to determine whether your LG TV is capable of supporting mouse and keyboard operations before proceeding with the procedures for connecting your LG TV to Wi-Fi without a remote.

How to check mouse and Keyboard compatibility of your LG SMART TV?

According to the LG support guide, all you have to do is look at the digital user handbook for your television. There will be a section dedicated to your magic remote in the user guide, as well. “Using a Keyboard and Mouse” is an option that may be found in this area of the website. You will be able to view the recommended mouse and keyboard types when you have selected that option. According to LG customer service, not all mouse types are compatible with LG smart TVs.

Logitech K360, LOGitech K400, Logitech K750, and LG Electronics MKS-1200 are some of the models that have been cited as possible choices in the alternatives section. Logitech Wireless Keyboard K360 (no mouse included).

If, on the other hand, you are unable to locate the exact same mouse, you need not be concerned. The majority of current mice and keyboards will function properly. Both wired and wireless connections are supported. The older mouse, which makes use of outdated data transfer protocols, will be the source of the most of the issues. Following the successful connection of your mouse to the LG smart TV, you will notice a mouse pointer appearing within the TV screen. Following this, we may proceed to the procedures that I have listed below for connecting your LG smart TV to the WI-FI connection.

How To Connect LG TV to WIFI Without Remote?

  1. Using the mouse that has been attached to the television, press the one and only physical button on the television. If you pick the “input” option, you will be taken to the next step
  2. Otherwise, you will be sent to the previous stage. You will have a number of alternatives to choose from in the next box. To go to the next stage, select “Live TV” from the drop-down menu. You may make your selections by clicking on them with your mouse. After that, simply move your mouse pointer to the right side of the screen, and a menu will appear. To access this menu, select the “recommended” symbol. It is the option that is located beneath the channel icon. There will now be a notice stating that ‘you are not connected’ will appear. There will be an opportunity to setup the network as a result of receiving this notification. This choice button will have wording on it that says “yes” or anything along those lines. Fortunately, you can find out by just reviewing the directions displayed on the screen. Following the completion of step 04, a new window will appear with choices for configuring your network connection. This is the window that contains the network configuration options. You will be able to view your router’s SSID in this section. It is necessary to click it and enter the right password for your WI-FI connection. All of the settings must be saved when they have been completed by following the directions on the screen.

Once you have completed the actions outlined above, everything will be back to normal. You may now watch your favorite television shows on the internet. Keep in mind that you will need to switch on your WI-FI router before you can progress with the rest of the instructions in this guide. By the way, I found this movie on YouTube that I thought you would enjoy. It goes over the same ground as before. If you are having difficulty following the steps, you may view this video. Continue reading this article:

  • This tutorial will show you how to find the MAC address on your LG smart TV. How can I get the Spectrum App to work on my LG Smart Television? How to Install and Use BritBox on a Smart TV

So, You Lost Your Remote.

If it’s not just me, but it seems like TV remotes are becoming increasingly little these days. Meanwhile, it appears that cell phones are becoming increasingly similar in size to computers. If you’re anything like me (and, according to the Pew Research Center, almost one-third of the population), you have at least one form of television streaming gadget in your house, if not more. My personal favorite? Even though I’m a big fan of Roku, don’t take my recommendations as gospel—most of my employees would argue that I’m a little behind the times when it comes to technology.

  • Some of the other television streaming choices include Amazon’s Firestick and Apple TV, gaming systems such as the PlayStation, and a whole range of smart TVs that include integrated streaming platforms.
  • It goes without saying that we lose ours at least twice a week.
  • I’m certain that the day will come when my remote will eventually take up permanent residence among all of my misplaced socks, never to be seen or heard from again!
  • Fortunately, most modern televisions and streaming gadgets come with mobile apps that allow you to use your phone (or tablet) as a remote control.
  • Smart TV (also known as Roku Streaming Device) from TCL.
  • It’s a reasonably priced smart TV that includes a built-in Roku streaming platform.

However, you are not need to have a Roku TV in order to utilize their mobile app; the methods outlined below will also work if you have a Roku Streaming Device that you can connect to your old-fashioned television. So, if you happen to misplace your remote.

  1. Download the app from the following link: Using the Roku mobile app, you can transform your phone into a control center for both your Roku TV and streaming player. The app is available for both iOS (Apple) and Android smartphones and is completely free. You may download and use the app on your smartphone and/or tablet computer. Obtaining access to the remote: To begin, make sure that your Roku device/TV and your smart phone are both connected to the same WiFi network before launching the app. You’ll need to choose the device in your house you want to manage when you run the Roku mobile app for the first time. When you launch the Roku mobile app for the first time, it will search for other Roku devices on the wireless network and you’ll need to pick the device you want to control. Get your hands on the remote control: The Roku mobile is a powerful device that comes with a slew of other functions in addition to channel surfing. The remote symbol may be found at the bottom of your phone’s screen if you want to go right to it.

More information on Roku’s mobile application may be found here. Samsung Ultra HD Smart Television The Samsung Ultra HD Smart TV, which is a bit farther down the list of Amazon’s best-selling televisions, is a good deal more expensive. This television, like the one mentioned before, is equipped with built-in applications. Simply sign up for your favourite TV viewing service (cough, cough, did I mentionElevate TVis a fantastic alternative), and you’ll be ready to go in no time. In the event that you misplace the remote.

  1. Download the app from the following link: You may also use the Samsung Smart View app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices, in addition to Windows for your PC. Connecting the app to your television is as follows: You’ll also need to make sure that the phone or tablet you’re using is linked to the same Wi-Fi network as your television, as mentioned above. When you first launch the app, it will search for your Samsung TV on that network. Then, choose the television you wish to manage and follow the on-screen instructions when the prompt comes on your television. To begin surfing, click here: Voila, your phone has been transformed into a remote control.

More information on Samsung Smart View may be found here. Amazon Fire TV Sticks and Fire TVs (such as the Toshiba HD Smart LED TV – Fire TV Edition) are popular streaming devices. Surprise! With Elevate TV, Amazon offers its own popular streaming service, which can be accessed through a streaming device such as the Amazon TV Fire Stick (which Elevate recommends for the best experience with Elevate TV) or through a built-in Amazon platform in a smart television. It doesn’t matter which option you choose because the remote is comparable in size to the Roku remote and insanely simple to misplace.

  1. Download the app from the following link: The Fire TV app for your phone or other mobile device should be downloaded and opened immediately. Click here to get it for your Android or here to get it for your Apple device
  2. Select your device from the list below: Similarly to the first two steps, you’ll need to ensure that you’re connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Amazon Fire tablet. Once the app is launched, pick the TV or Firestick that you wish to operate and follow the on-screen instructions. Enjoy: Navigation and menu settings on your Fire TV or other device may be controlled by using your phone.

More information on Amazon Fire TV options can be found here. However, the cliché is correct: there is an app for everything, at least when it comes to your television remote control. The three major players in the Smart TV and TV streaming markets listed above represent the majority of the market, but most streaming devices now include alternative apps for people like me (and maybe you too). For those who are constantly asking themselves, “Where’s the remote?” or discovering it in unexpected places such as the pantry next to the cereal box, at least they can rest assured that a backup is available.

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How to Connect NeoTV to Wifi Without Remote

After a long, exhausting day, you’re looking forward to unwinding with your favorite television show. You take a deep breath and grab for the remote control, only to discover that it isn’t in your possession. Without a doubt, the remote control possesses the magical ability to vanish just when you need it most. It’s not uncommon for many individuals to use the same remote control, which explains why it gets misplaced so frequently. Finding the remote control is inconvenient, and looking for it consumes time that could be spent resting instead.

We all spend around two weeks of our lives searching for a misplaced remote control.

Lost The Remote? Turn Your Smartphone Into A NeoTV Remote Control

You may have noticed that the size of television remote controls is shrinking on a daily basis. Streaming devices such as the Netgear NeoTV are now equipped with remotes that are only little larger than business cards. As a result, you may find yourself losing it more frequently. So, if you’ve misplaced your remote or, by chance, it’s been damaged and is no longer functional, you may still use your NeoTV without one. The Netgear NeoTV streaming device comes with a variety of programs that allow you to transform your smartphone into a remote control with no effort.

You should be able to locate at least one that is compatible with your NeoTV. To assist you in getting started, the following are the finest NeoTV streaming phone applications available.

NeoTV Remote

The first app on our list is none other than the Neo TV Remote app. This is the second app on our list. The Neo TV Remote Control App allows you to control the LEDs on your Neo TV and other Smart TVs using your smartphone. This program allows you to use your Android phone, iPod touch, or iPhone as a remote control for your NeoTV Streaming Player. It may be used to control many electronic devices. You may just download this software from Google Play or the Apple App Store and utilize it. Now, in order to connect it to wifi, make sure that the same Wi-Fi network that the NeoTV streaming player is connected to is already available on the phone.

To make sure that the app is automatically connected to the NeoTV streaming player, go to the Settings menu, pick Manage Hosts on the app, and then click Auto Pair.


CetusPlay is the second option on our shortlist. It, like the other items on the list, is a universal remote control that works with a variety of television sets. It is compatible with a variety of devices, including the Samsung Smart TV, Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, Smart TV, Kodi, Fire TV, Android TV, and many others. You may use the app to guarantee that your smartphone is running the most recent version of the operating system. Then you’ll be able to handle the NeoTV by installing CetusPlay on it.

It may also handle all of the television sets that are currently in use, providing you with considerably more functionality than just a standard remote control.

SURE Universal Remote

This software provides you with a universal remote control that is compatible with a wide range of devices and gadgets. Through your internet connection, you may access anything from NeoTV to their televisions, home automation system appliances, and other devices. This software has the capability of supporting around a million different appliances. With only a single button press, you may take complete control of your device! Furthermore, SURE is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant.

l Remote Control with Intelligence Peel Mi Remote is a free app that may be used in place of your customized TV guide app and your NeoTV remote.

This software has the capability of controlling your satellite box, streaming box, as well as your air conditioning and central heating systems. The main disadvantage of this one is that it only works with Android-based devices. You may get it from the Google Play store.

Universal TV Remote Control

Despite the fact that it is general, this program is effective and simple to use. That may be the way you prefer things. It is possible to transmit commands to more than 300 different TV models and brands with the Universal TV Remote Control software. As a result, in this instance, universals stand for universals. In order to connect it to the NeoTV, all you need is a Wi-Fi connection. This application is only available for Android-based devices, and you may obtain it through the Google Play store.

Amazon Fire TV Remote

There is a wireless remote control included with the Fire TV box, which makes things much more convenient. The Amazon Fire TV remote app is capable of copying and capturing the most important features of the original hand-held remote control. This is a free app that is accessible for both iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets. To begin, you must ensure that you are connected to the same Wifi network as your device. Following the launch of the app, choose the TV and follow the on-screen instructions.

Android TV Remote

The Android TV remote is a generic global remote that may be used with any television. It comes with the ability to operate NeoTV or any other Android television. In addition, you can control other Android devices by connecting to the same Wi-Fi network as your TV. The software can also feature voice control, enabling you to enter text using your phone’s virtual keyboard. This app connects to your TV by Bluetooth or over your local network. To browse quickly and effortlessly, simply talk into the phone.

Samsung Ultra HD Smart TV

To begin, download and install this software, which is available for Android and iOS devices as well as Windows for your computer. Then, connect this application to your NeoTV using the provided cable. In order to accomplish this, you must first check that the smartphone you intend to use is already connected to the same internet connection as your NeoTV. Following the initial launch of the program, it will search for your NeoTV’s network connection. Select the device that needs to be controlled and follow the same procedures as you did for the last prompt.

Your smartphone has suddenly taken on the role of a remote controller.

TCL Roku Smart TV App

It is not necessary to have a Roku TV in order to use the Roku TV Smart TV application. This program allows you to use your smartphone as a remote control for both Neo TV streaming and Roku TV, depending on the model. This application is available for both Android and Apple smartphones. Download this program on your tablet or smartphone first, then run it from there. Afterwards, to enable remote access, make sure that your mobile phone and NeoTV are both connected to the same Wifi network. As soon as you activate the Roku Smart TV mobile application, the program will instantly scan for any additional devices that are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Then it’s time to get to the remote.

To make use of the remote, click on the remote icon. The remote icon may be found at the bottom of the smartphone’s display screen, on the right-hand side. Overall, the Roku Smart TV app is powerful, and it includes a variety of other functions in addition to channel-surfing functionality.

The Bottom Line

If you have a problem with your NeoTV remote, you can always find an application to assist you, at the very least for your NeoTV remote, to solve your problem. The applications mentioned in the preceding list are some of the best available on the NeoTV streaming market. As a result, if you keep discovering your remote in unexpected locations, you may be assured that you have a backup. Without further ado, begin streaming your content—with or without the use of a remote control!

‎Remotie – Remote Samsung TV

Remotie is a stylish and effective remote control for your Samsung Smart TV, with a keyboard and touchpad for added convenience. Using your phone or tablet, you may easily interact with your television. Remotie will assist you in exploring the Smart Hub and apps’ content, searching for information in the Browser, controlling playback, entering text, controlling in games, changing volume, and switching channels — it will assist you in discovering all of the possibilities of your Smart TV. Highlights of this app include the following:- A fully working remote control for Smart TV;- A large touchpad (available as an in-app purchase);- A keyboard (available as an in-app purchase); – Automatic connection to a device; Text input is restricted in the following ways: Text input is only possible in the Smart Hub apps that are compatible with the Samsung keypad.

  1. The Remotie service does not support several services such as Netflix, YouTube and others since they have their own keyboards.
  2. Users who have subscribed to the service may utilize the Touchpad, Keyboard, colored buttons, playback controls, and TV Apps without being interrupted by advertisements.
  3. “Apple’s App Store Matrix” has determined that the value equal to the subscription fee in USD is equal to the value determined by the “App Store Matrix.” Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account after your purchase has been confirmed.
  4. The account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours of the current period’s expiration, and the amount of the renewal will be clearly displayed on the billing statement.
  5. Please see the following website for further information.
  6. It is not possible to cancel a subscription during the current active subscription period.
  7. If a free trial term is given, any unused portion of that period will be forfeited when the user acquires a subscription to that magazine, if applicable.

Terms and Conditions of Use: Policy on Personal Information: 9, Inc. is not a subsidiary or associate of Samsung Electronics, and the Remotie application is not a Samsung-branded product. Version 1.7.0 is the latest available. Fixed a problem with the connection on some Samsung television models.

Ratings and Reviews

The theme is simple to use and brightly colored! Thanks


If you don’t have an internet connection or a WiFi setup in your home, don’t bother installing this application! I was under the impression that this was meant to be universal.

Not working

I am unable to connect to my js7200 television.


Premium Remote for SamsungExpand the application’s possibilities using this remote. Trial period is completely free. The app’s developer, Kraftwerk 9 Inc., has stated that the app’s privacy practices may include the treatment of data in the manner mentioned in the following section. More information can be found in the privacy policy of the developer.

Data Used to Track You

The following information may be used to monitor your movements across many applications and websites controlled by different businesses:

Data Linked to You

The following information about you may be gathered and associated with your identity:

Data Not Linked to You

The following information may be gathered, but it will not be connected to your personal identity: Your privacy policies may differ depending on a variety of factors, such as the features you use or your age. Read on to find out more


Craftwerk 9 Inc. is the service provider. Compatibility46.1 MBSize46.1 MB iPhoneIt is necessary to have iOS 12.1 or later. iPad iPadOS 12.1 or later is required for this feature. iPod touch is a portable media player that allows you to listen to music on the go. It is necessary to have iOS 12.1 or later. Mac Requires macOS 11.0 or later, as well as a Mac equipped with the Apple M1 processor. LanguagesEnglish, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, Norwegian Bokml, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish are some of the languages spoken in the world.

  1. Voice input is synced with the touchpad and text. A channel list and program schedule are available for Rp 49ribu. The Samsung Smart PRO Remote is priced at Rp 49ribu. Rp 65ribu
  2. Rp 35ribu for removing the ad Samsung’s premium remote control 319 ribu (Rp 319)


It is possible to operate your Samsung TV from your smartphone with the “TV (Samsung) Remote Control” app, which works via a local network and/or with infrared (IR) (if your android has infrared port). There are two alternatives available to you: WiFi, WiFi Direct, and LAN are all supported as IP-based network controls. Models C, D, E, F, K, and M (2016 and after) are compatible, while models H and F are not. – Make certain that the television you intend to use is switched on. Maintain the same home network connection between your mobile device and your television.

– It is also possible to manually input the IP address of the television.

If a TV was located, but you did not accept the confirmation message on your TV (“accept device”), you must modify your option by navigating to: or with older TV models, or • You may deactivate the TV’s (“accept device”) screen by going to, for example, and adjusting the setting to “First Time Only.” – If a PIN number is asked on your TV screen, we’re sorry, but this app will not function with your television: (Option 1: Infrared (IR) control – This option works on phones and tablets that have an integrated IR blaster, such as the Samsung Galaxy S, HTC ONE, LG G3/G4/5, Xiaomi Mi / Redmi / Note, Huawei Mate / Honor, and others.

– This method has been tested with Samsung TV F and M models, but it is likely to work with other Samsung Smart TV’s built in 2005 or later (if it does, then let us now and give feedback).

The typical operating range is 4-10ft (1-3 meters, with a maximum of about 5 meters).

The objective of this program is not to replace the original TV remote control, but rather to be useful in an emergency circumstance (original remote is lost, empty batteries etc).

If this app does not function with your phone or television, please contact me through e-mail (your exact TV and phone model).

Disclaimer/Trademarks: Neither Samsung Group nor any of its subsidiaries are involved with or support this application.

Guarantees:This program is given by the author ‘as is,’ and the author expressly disclaims all explicit or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a specific purpose.

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