How Do I Get Discovery Plus On My Samsung Tv


Use the discovery+ app on Samsung TVs

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  5. Turn off your Samsung smart TV’s channel-scrolling feature and launch the discovery+ app.
  6. Discovery+ is available on Samsung Smart TVs from 2017 and later, as well as other streaming devices!

What is the discovery+ app?

A streaming service that allows you access to the Discovery Channel’s extensive selection of episodes and channels, Discovery+ is a great option! It features well-known networks such as Food Network, TLC, OWN, Travel Channel, Animal Planet, and a host of other programs. The app is accessible on Samsung smart TVs (2017 and later) that are compatible with it! Once the program has been downloaded and installed, you may watch your favorite shows on a large screen. Please keep in mind that while installing the app is completely free, using the service requires a subscription.

If your TV does not have discovery+ pre-installed, you can use one of these devices to show the information.

To see a complete list of supported devices, visit (in English). Please keep in mind that you may only install applications on your TV that are accessible in the apps store. If an app does not display, it means that it is not currently accessible.

Profile and account management

When you’re ready to get started with discovery+, all you have to do is visit their website and register. When you sign up for the service, an initial profile will be established for you. You may establish up to five different profiles, each of which can be modified based on the preferences of the user. You can, for example, alter the symbol associated with your profile. Creating multiple profiles and altering your profile image will be a bit different depending on the option you choose to use.

  • Using a web browser, you may do the following: To manage your profiles when logged into your account, click on your profile image in the top-right corner of your screen and then click onManage Profiles. You may create new profiles or modify your existing ones from this page. Using a mobile phone: Select theprofile image in the bottom right of your screen from within the app, and then selectManage Profiles. You may create new profiles or modify your existing ones from this page. Connected gadgets (such as Samsung smart TVs and Amazon items, among other things): Using your remote, navigate to the navigation panel on the left-hand side of your screen from within the app. SelectManage Profiles from the drop-down menu
  • From here, you can create new profiles or modify your existing ones.

If you ever need to change the password associated with your account, please refer to thediscovery+ support page for further details.

Troubleshooting the discovery+ app

Check out ourdiscovery+ troubleshooting guide if you are experiencing any type of difficulty with the app, such as it freezing or displaying error messages. It will assist you in resolving the issue.

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How to Install Discovery Plus on Samsung Smart TV

Discovery Plus is a fantastic streaming platform that has attracted a large number of viewers in recent years. It is free to use. The app provides you with high-quality entertainment material at a reasonable price. Discovery Plus is now available to Samsung Smart TV subscribers, who may watch it on their television screen. It has been thoroughly covered in this post how to download and install the Discovery Plus app on a Samsung smart television. Discovery+ provides you with access to an infinite number of TV series, episodes, documentaries, short videos, originals, and other content.

Discovery + is presently only accessible on a limited number of devices at this time. The Samsung Smart TV 2017 model and later models are supported with the Discovery plus.

How to Install Discovery Plus on Samsung Smart TV

By simply following the instructions outlined below, you will be able to install the Discovery Plus app on your smart television in no time. Turn on your Samsung Smart TV and make sure it’s connected to a reliable internet connection. Your smart TV remote control should have a button labeled “Smart Hub.” The Apps Store will appear on the screen, and you should select the Appssection from the drop-down menu. To begin searching, select the Searchicon at the top of the screen. After that, put Discovery plusor Discovery +into the search window and hit enter to look for the app.

When the app has been downloaded and installed, you must select theOpen option in order to use it on your television.

How to Sign Up for Discovery Plus

Start by visiting and clicking on the Start free trial option to receive a 7-day trial to access the app’s content. On the following screen, you must choose your desired plan ($4.99 or $6.99) and then click theContinue button. Please enter yourUsername andPassword in the appropriate fields. Then click theAgree and Continuebutton to confirm your agreement. On the following screen, enter your payment information and click on theAgree and Continue button to proceed. You may now begin to stream your favorite entertainment from the app to your large-screen television set.

At the most cheap price, you can now download and watch your favorite movies, originals, television episodes, and much more on Discovery Plus.


1 – Is Discovery Plus accessible on the Samsung smart TV platform? Yes. The Discovery+ app may be downloaded and installed on your Samsung smart tv from the Apps area. Read the preceding section to learn about the actions involved in downloading the app. 2. Is it possible to get Discovery Plus on my smart television? Discovery Plus now officially supports streaming devices such as the Roku, Firestick, Apple TV, Android Smart TV, iPhone, iPad, and other similar devices, according to the company.

How to Get Discovery Plus on Any Smart TV – TechNadu

Discovery Plus has finally arrived, bringing a long-awaited fantasy to the lives of individuals who enjoy documentaries. The fact that you’re excited to get started with our streaming service confirms our belief, and we’re here to assist you. After that, we’ll go through how to watch Discovery Plus on a television, which will include a variety of smart TVs from some of the most well-known manufacturers. So, there you have it. Everything you need to know.

How to Get Discovery Plus on a Samsung Smart TV?

Keep in mind that Discovery+ is only compatible with Samsung televisions manufactured in 2017 or after.

We don’t yet have a list of the TV models that will be supported, but we anticipate that the app will be available on a wide range of TVs, particularly newer models. Following is a step-by-step guide to getting started.

  • Make sure you sign up for Discovery Plus on the company’s website. Please click on the supplied link and then on’Start Free Trial’to proceed through the sign-up process. There are several steps involved, including selecting a subscription plan, creating an account, and providing billing information. Once you’re finished, return to your Samsung television. Navigate to the ‘Apps’ section of your TV’s Home Screen (Smart Hub). Then, in the search area, type in “Discovery Plus” to find it. To view extra information, click on the app’s icon. To add the app to your TV, select ‘Add to Home’ from the menu bar. Once the app is downloaded and installed on your smart TV, you will be able to use it. Finally, launch Discovery Plus and log in while following the on-screen instructions to complete the process. That is all there is to it.

How to Get Discovery Plus on a Sony Smart TV (Android TV)?

Sony TVs that are equipped with the Android TV operating system are equipped with Discovery Plus (version 5.0 or newer). Make sure you have access to Google’s Play Store, as there is where you will begin your Discovery Plus experience on Sony televisions, as mentioned further below.

  • We recommend that you subscribe to Discovery+ before downloading and installing the app. Use the supplied link to navigate to the streaming platform’s website, where you can sign up for a free trial by clicking ‘Start Free Trial.’ Choosing a subscription, setting up an account, and paying for your subscription
  • Now, turn back to your Sony television. Locate the Google Play Store and click on the icon for this application. You may then search for’Discovery Plus’ by typing it into the search bar at the top of your screen. Once the app’s icon appears in the list of search results, click on it to open it. When you do this, the app’s overview should appear. In the next step, depending on your Android TV version, pick either “Install” or “Get.” Once the app is complete and ready to be used, simply launch it. Follow the instructions on your screen to log into your freshly established Discovery Plus membership.
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Discovery Plus may be viewed on any Android-based television – this includes Sony televisions as well. The approach mentioned above works for Android TV-powered media streaming devices as well, and the same can be true for watching Discovery+ on TiVO, which is another popular streaming service (if you have a TiVo Stream 4K).

Can You Get Discovery Plus on an LG Smart TV?

There is currently no native app for WebOS, the operating system that drives LG’s smart televisions, available through Discovery Plus. To put it another way, it is now impossible to run Discovery Plus on LG TVs using the company’s proprietary software. Although this is a concern, there is no need to be concerned because there is a solution. As a workaround until Discovery Plus chooses to release a WebOS application, we propose casting Discovery+ material from your smartphone or tablet to your LG TV.

How to Get Discovery Plus on ToshibaInsignia (Fire OS) TVs?

Amazon’s Fire OS is used to power a variety of Toshiba and Insignia televisions. In order to watch Discovery Plus on a Fire TV Edition television, you must first turn on your television. Here’s how to do that.

  • Don’t forget to sign up for Discovery Plus before you begin. The link we’ve provided in this bullet point will take you to the website of the streaming service provider. In order to obtain your membership, click on ‘Start Free Trial,’ and then follow the directions that appear on screen. Return to the Home Screen of your Toshiba or Insignia ‘Fire TV Edition’ television and continue watching from there. Initially, navigate to the top and then all the way to the right. You’ll notice an option to search for apps, which is represented by a magnifying glass symbol, in that location. Select the appropriate icon. Do a search for the term “Discovery Plus,” and the app’s icon should appear among the search results. Then, after selecting the app to access its overview, pick ‘Get.’ To begin using the app, simply open it after it has been made available. Enter your information by following the on-screen prompts


Another option for getting Discovery Plus on Toshiba and Insignia televisions is to purchase it via Amazon’s online shop. To be more specific, go to the app’s overview page, sign in with your Amazon account, and you’ll be able on download Discovery Plus to your television from anywhere.

How to Get Discovery Plus on TCL and Hisense TVs (Roku TV-Powered Models)?

A handful of TCL and Hisense TVs are powered by Roku TV, allowing you to view a huge number of Roku channels from the comfort of your own home. And yes, Discovery Plus is included in this group, so here’s what you need to do.

  • Subscription to Discovery Plusfirst will make this procedure as straightforward as possible for you. By clicking on the supplied link, you will be directed to the streaming platform’s website. Starting with a click on ‘Start Free Trial,’ and then signing up by following the directions that appear on your screen
  • After that, return to your TCL or Hisense Roku TV-enabled television. Then, on the left-hand side of your remote, press the “Home” button to bring up the “Streaming Channels” selection. You may find this option by scrolling down to “Search Channels” and selecting it. To look for Discovery Plus, enter your search terms into the input form that appears on your screen. When you see the name of this channel on your screen, click on it. To download and install this app on your Roku TV, press the’Add Channel’button once you’ve finished with the previous step. Finally, navigate back to the Home Screen of your Roku TV. Discovery Plus should be launched and logged in by following the on-screen directions on your television. That is all there is to it.


The Discovery Plus app for Roku TVs may be downloaded directly from the Roku website, which is even more convenient. Simply go to the official Discovery Plus Chanel page, click on ‘Add Channel,’ sign into your Roku account, and the app will be downloaded and installed on your TV from a remote location.

How to Get Discovery Plus on Any TV – via Chromecast or AirPlay?

It’s important to know that Discovery Plus on smartphones and tablets works with Google’s Chromecast and Apple’s AirPlay. As a result, if your television is compatible with one of those screen-casting technologies, you may cast Discovery+ content from your smartphone to your television. Here’s how you go about it.

  • First and foremost, you must have an active Discovery Plus membership. If you don’t already have one, you should subscribe right now. Begin by visiting the Discovery Plus website and clicking on the’Start Free Trial’button, then following the on-screen instructions. Proceed to download the Discovery Plusapp on your iPhone or iPad, as well as on your Android smartphone or tablet computer. To download and install Discovery+ on your smartphone, use the links given or go to the iOS App Store or Google Play Store on your device. In addition, don’t forget to launch the application and log in
  • Before we move on to the last stage, it’s crucial to note that your TV and smartphone/tablet must both be connected to the same Wi-Fi network in order for screen-casting to operate. Check to see whether your television is also linked to your home Wi-Fi network. Finally, go ahead and launch Discovery Plus on your smartphone or tablet computer or laptop. Then you may start watching any stuff you choose. A screen-casting icon should appear in the upper-right corner of your screen at this point. Click on it to begin. Tap on this button, choose your television, and your selected episode or movie will begin playing on your television.


The Discovery Plus native applications are now available for Samsung TVs (manufactured in 2017 or after), Android TVs (version 5.0 or above), FireTV Edition TVs, and Roku TVs.

Can I Stream Discovery Plus in 4K on Smart TVs?

Discovery Plus currently exclusively provides 4K video on Fire TV and Apple TV, with no other platforms.

Therefore, if you have a Fire TV Edition television, you will be able to stream in 4K resolution. Unfortunately, this feature is not yet accessible on other smart TVs, however we expect this to change in the near future.

Can I Watch Discovery Plus on Non-Smart TVs?

You’ll need a specialized media streaming device if you want to watch Discovery Plus on a television that isn’t smart. TheFire TV Stick Lite ($29.99) and theFire TV Stick ($39.99) are two excellent options from Amazon. You should be aware that Discovery+ has a native app for Fire TV devices, which means you will have no trouble accessing this streaming platform.

Does Discovery Plus Support Chromecast and AirPlay?

Yes, Discovery Plus is compatible with both the Google Chromecast and the Apple AirPlay devices. As a result, if you have a TV that is compatible with Discovery+, you may cast video from your smartphone or tablet to your large-screen television.

Does Discovery Plus Offer a Free Trial on Smart TVs?

Discovery Plus is available for a seven-day trial on all of the devices that it supports. This means that you’ll get seven days to watch Discovery Plus on your television and explore its wide collection of material before you’re paid for the first month of service.

Is There a Way to Get Discovery Plus for Free?

At the time, Discovery Plus is available as a bonus with various Fios, 5G Home Internet, and Unlimited plans from Verizon (for both new and existing subscribers). For additional information, please see our post on how to obtain Discovery Plus on Fios. That is all there is to it when it comes to how to obtain Discovery Plus on a television. Any queries or comments you have for us are welcome to be posted in the section below. Thank you for taking the time to read this – and enjoy viewing Discovery+!

How to Install Discovery Plus on Samsung Smart TV

Discovery Plus is a streaming service provided by Discovery, Inc. It is available worldwide. This service provides both live and on-demand streaming of television programmes and series. Among the programs available on Discovery Plus are those from the TLC network, DIY Network, Food Network, Animal Planet, SCI, Trvl Channel, Planet Earth, and others. It provides high-definition streaming of the material, as well as a TV guide that displays the schedule of television channels. There are a variety of streaming devices and smart TVs that can be used with the Discovery Plus app.

Discovery Plus broadcasts the information to two devices at the same time, which is a first.

Subtitles are provided, and the film has been dubbed in a number of regional languages.

For the customizable streaming library, you may create up to five profiles for each subscription you have.

Discovery Plus Subscription

Discovery Plus offers two different forms of subscriptions, with the only variation being the amount of time spent watching advertisements.

For one week, Discovery+ is available for free trial. Discovery Plus with advertisements is available for $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. Discovery Plus without advertisements is available for $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year.

How to Install Discovery Plus on Samsung Smart TV

(1) Turn on the Samsung Smart TV and connect it to the internet via the WiFi network. (2) Go to the home screen of the smart TV and pick Apps from the drop-down menu. (3). To find the Discovery Plus app, click on the Search button and type in “Discovery Plus.” (4). SelectInstall to begin the process of installing the Discovery Plus app on the Samsung Smart TV. (5) SelectSign In from the Discovery Plus app after clickingOpen to open it. (6). Provide your Discovery Plus Subscription information and select the material to be streamed.

Alternative Method to Download Discovery Plus on Samsung Smart TV

Using the SmartThings app, you may stream Discovery Plus on your Samsung Smart TV as an additional method of viewing the channel. It is necessary to have a shared internet connection between the smartphone and the Samsung Smart TV in order to use the SmartThings app. (1). Install the SmartThings app on your smartphone by going to the Google Play Store or the App Store. (2). Open the SmartThings app and select Add Device to add the smart TV to the system. Choose theSamsung Smart TV from the list of accessible devices and enter the PIN to establish a connection.

  1. To mirror the screen and launch the Google Play Store and App Store, select Smart View from the drop-down menu.
  2. The Discovery Plus app may be found by searching for it on the smartphone and installing it.
  3. Open theDiscovery Plusapp and sign in with yourDiscovery Plus membership information to begin exploring.
  4. Choose the material that will be displayed on the Samsung Smart TV.
  5. Man vs.
  6. If you are experiencing any difficulties with the Discovery+ app, please let us know in the comments below.

How To Watch Discovery+ On Samsung TV (Multiple Options)

Downloading and installing Discovery+ on Samsung smart TVs makes it simple to watch all of the networks and programmes that are accessible with a paid membership. Despite the fact that not all models may be compatible with the app, it is simple enough to verify straight on the television. In the event that a Samsung TV is not currently supported, there are a few other choices for viewing Discovery+ on a television. Discovery+ is one of the more recent streaming services to launch, and it is quickly establishing a name for itself owing to the range of networks and shows that are included with a Discovery+ subscription.

Discovery+ is available for $4.99 per month with advertisements or $6.99 per month without advertisements.

Due to the fact that Discovery+ is a newer service, it is fairly limited in several ways when compared to more established providers.

Except for TVs powered by Amazon Fire TV, Google Android TV, or Roku, Samsung is the only major TV brand that is currently compatible with Discovery+, and it is the only major TV brand that is not powered by Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, or Roku.

However, this does not imply that the software will be available for download on every Samsung television. If you are unclear whether your television is supported, one of the quickest and most straightforward methods to find out is to just try downloading the Discovery+ app.

How To Download Discovery+ On Samsung TV

The Discovery+ app on a Samsung TV may be downloaded and installed in the same manner that any other software would operate on the device. The method is straightforward for those who are already familiar with it: simply search for the application in the Samsung app store and install it as normal. Although the methods for downloading applications directly to a Samsung TV are not very complicated, they should only take a few minutes to complete for people who are not familiar with the process. Obtaining Discovery+ from the TV’s home screen is as follows:

  • Navigate to “Apps” and choose “Apps” from the menu. Click on the Search icon (located in the upper-right corner). Look for the term “Discovery+”
  • Discovery+ can be found in the list of results
  • Install by pressing the Install button.
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Once the Discovery+ app has been downloaded to a Samsung TV, there are two primary methods for locating it. Simply pressing the Home button and checking to see if theDiscovery+ application is shown in the Home menu is the first step. If this is the case, use the remote control to browse to the app and then click on the icon to launch the app. To use the alternative option, you must first navigate to the “Applications” area (which is where the program was initially loaded) and then choose it from the list of currently installed apps.

However, in order to have access to the numerous Discovery+ networks and programming, customers must enter their membership credentials into the app after it has been downloaded.

It is uncertain whether this will change over time, however the TV user can repeat the procedures outlined above at any moment to see whether or not the support is present.

Alternative options for Samsung TV owners

A user’s smart TV may not support Discovery+ at this time, or they may not want to download the Discovery+ app on their device for any number of reasons. In this case, there are a number of other solutions available. Connecting a streaming device or stick to a Samsung TV is one of the quickest and most convenient ways to watch Discovery+ content outside of the app. Discovery+ is supported by a variety of devices, including Amazon Fire TV devices, Roku players, and Chromecast. A user may be required to download the Discovery+ software from their device’s own app store, depending on the device.

The majority of Samsung televisions have a general’screen mirroring’ feature that allows the user to reflect the screen of another device to the television.

As an example, certain current Samsung TVs include AirPlay 2 compatibility, which makes it simple to broadcast iOS applications from an iPhone or iPad to a TV, including Discovery+.

Discovery+ on Samsung TV summary

By installing the Discovery+ app from the Samsung app store, users may effortlessly watch Discovery+ networks and shows on a variety of Samsung smart televisions. The steps to accomplish this are the same as those for installing any other app on a Samsung smart TV, and they mostly consist of searching for the app and then installing it on the smart TV. After installing the software, the user will be required to sign in with their Discovery+ membership details before they can begin streaming content.

Alternatively, determine whether the Samsung TV is compatible with any casting methods, such as screen mirroring or AirPlay 2.

How to Get Discovery Plus on Samsung TV

Samsung is without a doubt one of the most well-known smart TV manufacturers in the world. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that Discovery Plus has developed an official app for the Samsung series of Smart TVs. Learn how to get started with Discover Plus on your Samsung Smart TV by following the steps below.

Subscribe to Discovery Plus

You must first subscribe to Discovery Plus before you can download the app. Visit theDiscovery plus website and click on the button labeled “Start Free Trial” to begin the sign-up process. Choose a plan, establish an account, and put in your billing information to complete the process.


You must have a Samsung Smart TV from 2017 or later to be eligible. If you satisfy this condition, there is excellent news for you. It is completely possible to install Discovery Plus on your Samsung Smart TV without difficulty. Since a last step, check that the firmware on your Smart TV is up to date, as this will guarantee that Discovery Plus is accessible when you search for it. This is how you may go about it: To bring up the Menu, use the Home button on your keyboard. To get to Settings, use the directional buttons to go to it and then hit the center button to choose it.

When you do, you will be presented with the Software Update option.

If it isn’t, hit the middle button to make it so.

We recommend that you select Automatic Updates so that you will not have to manually update it again in the future.

Install Discovery Plus on Samsung TV

The Discovery Plus app for your Samsung Smart TV is now ready for installation on your device. This is how you may go about it:

Open Apps

Begin by pushing the Home Button right above the directional pad on your television to bring up the Home Screen (or Smart Hub). To locate Apps, use the left and right directional buttons and then click the center button.

Search for Discovery Plus

To go to the Magnifyingglass (search), use the directional buttons to navigate to it and then hit the center button.

Discover Plus may be found by typing indiscoveryplus and selecting it.

Install Discovery Plus

When you pick the Discovery Plus application, the Install button will be highlighted automatically. Simply push the center button, and the installation process will get underway. Once Discovery Plus has been loaded on your Samsung Smart TV, you can go ahead and Open it or Add it to Homes so that you can access it simply from your Home Screen the next time you turn on your Samsung Smart TV. If you have any questions, please contact us. Once Discovery Plus has been launched, follow the on-screen instructions to log in.

The following images are courtesy of the Samsung Product Support Network (2)

Discovery Plus on Samsung Smart TV(Guide)

It is a streaming platform that provides the full bundle of Discovery’s owned channels, including TLC, OWN, Travel Channel, Animal Planet, Food Network, History Channel HGTV, Lifetime, and a variety of others. Its members get access to around 55000 episodes of programming on the platform. Devices such as iOS, Android, the Amazon Fire TV, the Apple TV, the Google Chromecast, the Roku, the Samsung Smart TV, and many more are supported by Discovery Plus, including many others. This article will walk you through the process of signing up for and installing Discovery Plus on your Samsung Smart TV.

How to create a Discovery Plus account?

Step 1-Log on to your computer or mobile device and select the Start free trial option from the menu bar. Step 2: Select your preferred subscription package (according to your need). Step 3-In the next form, enter your Username and Password. After submitting this form, please click on theAgree and Continue button on the right of the page. Step 4-You will now be sent to the billing page, where you must enter your credit card information and choose the “Agree and proceed” option. Step 5-You have successfully established your account.

How to install Discovery Plus on Samsung Smart TV?

Step 1: Connect your Samsung TV to the internet and make sure it is linked to the internet before continuing. Step 2-On your television remote, press the Home button or the Smart Hubbutton. Step 3-A tab will appear on your television screen, and you will need to go through the app store. Step 4-Click on the search button in the app store to begin your search. Step 5-Using the Samsung TV remote, type “Discovery Plus” into the empty space that has been left blank. Step 6-A few alternatives will show on your screen, and you should selectDiscovery plus from the list that is displayed.

You will be sent to the Discovery Plus application page.

Step 9-Now, on the home screen, activate the Discovery Plus application.

Related Questions-

In addition, the Discovery Plus service is available for Samsung TV models manufactured in 2017 and after.

If you have an older model of Samsung Smart TV, you will not be able to use the Discovery Plus app on your Samsung Smart TV.

Is Discovery Plus free?

No, Discovery Plus does not come at no charge. On its subscription plan, you may only take advantage of a free trial period of seven days. There are two different sorts of subscription options to choose from.

Discovery plus crashing continuously?

  1. Restart your Samsung Smart TV or unplug your TV and connect it back in. It is possible that your Discovery Plus app has been corrupted
  2. Thus, reinstall the Discovery Plus software. Try using a different streaming device. Wait until the server has been automatically repaired if it seems to be down.

How to fix Discovery Plus buffering and freezing error?

  1. It appears that your internet connection is not functioning properly. It is possible that the speed is too slow for content browsing. Discover Plus to be reinstalled on your Samsung Smart TV.

Samsung TV Discovery Plus Not Working

It is possible that you have Discovery Plus on your Samsung TV if you are someone who appreciates the novelty of a good narrative line in a movie or television show but prefers factual programming that provide more historical context to your entertainment. What should you do if Discovery Plus stops operating, on the other hand? For example, if Discovery Plus isn’t working on your Samsung TV, you can try performing a power reset, ensuring that your TV is compatible with Discovery Plus, resetting your modem or router, turning the TV on and off, checking your internet speed, and making sure that no widespread problems are occurring with Discovery Plus, among other things.

The Discovery Plus subscription service provides customers with access to a wide range of programs, documentaries, and other content that is mostly focused on factual programming.

If Discovery Plus does not appear to be operating on your Samsung TV, continue reading below for more information.

Samsung TV Discovery Plus Not Working

Using the Smart Hub on your Samsung TV, you should be able to download and install a variety of programs that may be personalized to meet your watching requirements and tastes, assuming you own one. Many Samsung owners take advantage of this feature by subscribing to and downloading the Discovery Plus app from the Samsung App Store. They are able to enjoy a content type that is more focused on facts and realism thanks to this app, but what should they do if Discovery Plus stops working? Try resetting your Samsung TV using the fast power reset button if Discovery Plus is not working on your television set.

  1. You will then connect it back in and attempt to utilize the Discovery Plus app on your television for a second time.
  2. To do so, hit the ‘Home’ button on the remote and then select ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu.
  3. ‘Discovery Plus’ is a subscription service.
  4. When you are finished, close the app and reopen it to see whether it is operating properly again.
  5. To do so, click the ‘Home’ button on your remote control and then pick ‘Settings’ from the menu that appears.

‘Support”Self Diagnosis”Reset Smart Hub’ are all options available. Once you have accomplished these steps, the Smart Hub will begin to reset, which may resolve any small difficulties that Discovery Plus was previously experiencing that were causing the app to not function properly.

Samsung TV Discovery Plus Not Showing Up/Available/Found

When utilizing the Smart Hub on your Samsung TV, you would expect to be able to search for and locate just about any app that you desire to download. However, this is not always the case. However, although this may be true for some Samsung TV models, the app availability on other Samsung TVs may be more limited, which means that when you search for a specific app, you may not be able to locate it as a download option within the Smart Hub. If you are unable to locate Discovery Plus on your Samsung TV, please see the information below.

  1. It is not possible to find the application if the model is from 2016 or before since it does not support the application from within the Smart Hub.
  2. If you are unable to locate the numbers on the front of the television, try checking on the back of the television.
  3. If you discover that your television is 2017 or newer, then the television is compatible with Discovery Plus; however, if your television is older than 2017, you will be unable to download the app to your television.
  4. Because of this, there are alternative streaming solutions available that can simply be linked to your television, from which point you may download Discovery Plus via their own system.

Samsung TV Discovery Plus Won’t Download/Install

You may not be having issues finding the Discovery Plus application, as you may either have a new enough model that supports it, or have a device that allows it to be installed as well. However, although you may have no issues discovering the app, you may notice that once you go to download and install Discovery Plus, you are met with a little resistance. If Discovery Plus will not download and install on your Samsung TV, continue reading to find out how to fix the problem. If Discovery Plus won’t download and install on your Samsung TV, the issue could lie within your network.

  • Once the time has passed, reconnect the device and allow it to reset.
  • Oftentimes, this reset will clear up any network congestion that may exist temporarily within your network.
  • If too much distance or material is between, it can cause connection problems.
  • Be sure to avoid placing it in a room that has multiple walls obstructing the signal, as thick walls can be a major problem for TVs trying to pick up a strong enough signal to download an application from the internet.

Once you have moved the router, allow it to boot completely back up before trying to download the app again.

Samsung Discovery Plus Not Loading/Opening

Following the successful discovery and download of the Discovery Plus app on your Samsung TV, as well as its successful installation, the next event that should occur is the loading and launching of the app. It may take a few seconds for the program to fully open before you are presented with the Discovery Plus home page for certain users, though. In the event that the loading page does not budge and the program refuses to launch after you click on it, what can you do to get things moving again?

  • Allow the TV to rest for around 30 seconds once you’ve done this before navigating back to the app.
  • If you’ve tried turning your TV off and on again but the app is still not loading or launching, you may need to reset your network settings on your computer.
  • Allow plenty of time for your modem or router to reboot before attempting to access the app again.
  • Despite the fact that you have reset your network, you may still be experiencing difficulties using the Discovery Plus app on your Samsung TV.
  • To do so, choose ‘Home”Apps”Settings”Discovery Plus”Delete’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the ‘Search’ icon, type in ‘Discovery Plus,’ click on ‘Install,’ and then type in your login and password again.
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Samsung TV Discovery Plus Won’t Play

Your search, download, installation, loading and launching of the Discovery Plus app are finally complete, and you have arrived at your chosen show, ready to start viewing. But after all of this bother, you realize that the concert is not going to play. No matter how many times you push the play button, nothing happens. The screen remains still, and you are left with nothing to view on your computer screen. Is there a solution if Discovery Plus will not play on your Samsung TV and you want to remedy the problem?

Because the suggested internet speed is 1.5 Mbps, if your internet connection is lower than this, it is possible that you are experiencing video playback troubles.

Depending on the sort of video you are attempting to watch, you will need to ensure that your internet connection is capable of supporting the information that is being streamed to your television screen before proceeding.

Once it has been finished, you will be informed of the speed of your internet connection, which will allow you to select your next actions.

Because of this, it is common to have a more consistent connection, which results in fewer issues with loading and playing material from downloaded applications.

Samsung TV Discovery Plus Frozen/Keeps Freezing

You may be able to play Discovery Plus without encountering any difficulties, but once you are in the middle of viewing a show or documentary, you may encounter a frozen screen or a screen that freezes and unfreezes repeatedly. A frozen screen is almost as ineffective as a screen that has been switched off, therefore if you encounter this problem, it is probable that you will want a remedy as soon as possible. To learn how to fix a frozen or freezing screen on your Samsung TV, continue reading this article.

  1. It’s possible to find and validate this information on the website of Discovery Plus.
  2. Try logging out of the app and then signing back in again as a next step.
  3. If you are still unable to play content without Discovery Plus freezing after signing out and signing back into the app, check to see if the app needs to be upgraded.
  4. Any available updates will be downloaded immediately once you have done this.

Samsung TV Discovery Plus Black Screen

As soon as you launch the Discovery Plus app, you should be able to see the app’s home screen and browse to any content you want to watch in a couple of seconds. The ability to browse and utilize the app is entirely disabled if you start the app or attempt to play content within it but are greeted with a black screen instead of the expected content. Find out what to do if a black screen occurs on your Samsung TV when you are using the Discovery Plus app by reading the information below. In the event that Discovery Plus is displaying a black screen on your Samsung television, one of the first things you should do is reset the Smart Hub.

You could check to see if your Samsung TV has any accessible software upgrades if you have reset the Smart Hub but are still unable to remove Discovery Plus from the black screen after doing so.

‘Support”Software Update”Update Now’ are all options available. Any available updates will be immediately downloaded and installed if they are found to be necessary, which may be the solution to bringing Discovery Plus back into working order without the appearance of a black screen.

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How to install Discovery plus on Samsung smart TV

  • Discovery Plus may be installed on a Samsung smart television by navigating to its Apps section – Smarthub – and searching for the Discovery Plus app in Samsung Smarthub
  • Then clicking on Install and waiting for the installation to complete. In order to watch Discovery Plus movies, web series, and other content, you must have a current Discovery Plus membership. After installing Discovery Plus on your Samsung smart TV, login with your credentials and add discovery plus to your home screen.

Applications may be installed on a Samsung smart tv in the same way that other apps can be installed. Discovery is one of the most popular streaming platforms for users in recent years due to the fact that it provides entertainment material such as short videos, programs, music, and so on. Now, Samsung smart TV customers may access Discovery Plus through their televisions. It also offers some intriguing stuff, such as cuisine, lifestyle, wild life, science, and so on, that is available in several languages.

Install Discovery plus on Samsung Smart TV

Step 1: Turn on your smart TV and connect it to the internet through Wi-Fi or a wired connection. Step 2: Using your smart TV remote, press the “smart hub” button to access the smart hub. Step 3:After that, the screen will display the “Apps Store,” where you should select the “Apps section.” In such case, click on the search icon at the top of the TV screen. Step 4:In the search area, type “discover plus” and then choose the appropriate discovery plus application by tapping on the “install” option to begin downloading.

The final step is to “sign in” in order to be able to stream the discovery plus app on your smart television.

2)How to install third-party programs on a Samsung Smart TV using APKs, USBs, and other methods Installing Google Play Store on a Samsung Smart TV is a simple process.

Iphone and Android devices may be used to cast Disney and Hotstar to Smart TVs.

How to Sign in For Discovery Plus App

Step 1: Go to “” and select the “start free trial” option. You will then have access to the app for a 7-day free trial. Step 2:After that, you must choose your favorite plan and then touch on the ” continue ” button to proceed. Step 3:Input your information, such as your “username” and “password.” Then click on “I agree and want to proceed.” Step 4:After that, you will be asked for your “payment details,” where you will input the information about your credit card. Make a selection from the “agree and proceed” menu.

Step 5: It is also capable of supporting streaming devices such as the Firestick, Apple TV, iPhone, Android smart TV, Roku, and so on.

How to Add discovery plus to home screen on Samsung smart tv?

To add discovery plus to your home screen, first tap the home button, then scroll to the right and click on the plus icon to add an app. Next, choose the discovery plus app and hit the ok button to finish.

As soon as you’ve added the app, press and hold the ok button on the discovery + icon for a few seconds. Then, pick move from the menu and drag your app to the right and left sides of your home screen display add position for simple navigation.

How do i Download Discovery Plus on my Samsung Smart tv?

It is not necessary to download Discovery Plus separately from other websites because it is already included in the Samsung Smarthub. You may install Disney Plus by searching for it and then clicking on the install button on the search results page.

Discovery Plus Not Available on Samsung Smart tv?

If you are unable to see Discovery Plus on your Samsung smart television, check to see if your Samsung television is compatible with the service and update the software on your Samsung smart television to the most recent version.

Does the discovery plus app comes prebuilt on Samsung Smart tv?

No. You must first download and install the Discovery Plus app from the Samsung Smart Hub store, and then you must watch Discovery Plus on your Samsung smart TV.

What to Do if Discovery Plus is not supported on Your Samsung Smart tv?

The discovery plus app is supported on Samsung smart tvs starting with 2017 models and later, and if you have an older version of Samsung smart tv, you must first install the discovery plus app on your Android mobile, iPhone (iOS) mobile, Tablet, chromecast, Roku streaming device, mac, laptop, and then start screen casting and mirroring your screen to samsung smart tv and watch discovery plus content on samsung smart tv. If you have an older version of Samsung

How to cast discovery plus on Samsung smart tv?

To cast discovery plus app to your Samsung smart tv, you may do so by downloading the app and using screen mirroring on your mobile device, or you can cast your mobile device to your Samsung smart tv by selecting the cast option on your discovery plus videos.

Fix Discovery Plus App Not Working on Samsung Smart TV

In the same way that other streaming services do, Discovery Plus has its share of problems. When you load or open the streaming app on a Samsung smart TV device, one of the most typical issues is that the app does not work properly. Unfortunately, some customers have reported that their Discovery Plus app does not work or does not load while they are attempting to view movies or television series on their Samsung TV. If this occurs to you, there are certain steps you may take to troubleshoot and resolve the problem.

Occasionally, there is an issue with the server that houses the Discovery Plus software.

It may take a long, but it is possible that it will just take a few minutes.

If this is the case, you can still do something to assist in the correction of the issue.

Methods to Fix Discovery Plus App Not Working on Samsung Smart TV

First and foremost, you may choose to reset your Samsung smart TV. When finished shutting off your smart TV, disconnect it, as well as your network and modem, for a couple of minutes.

It will assist you in re-establishing your WiFi Internet network connection. After that, you may reconnect the cables and attempt relaunching the Discovery Plus application. If the problem is with your Internet connection, this will assist you in resolving it immediately.

Clear your Discovery Plus App Cache

It is possible that temporary or corrupted cache files are the source of the problem. By deleting the app cache and data, you will be able to resolve the issue. Learn how to clear the cache on your Samsung TV’s Discovery+app by following these steps.

  • Press the Home button on the remote control of your Samsung smart TV. Make a selection from System programs in Settings, then choose Discovery Plus, then Clear Cache, then OK.

Update your Samsung Smart TV Device Software

Installing any available firmware updates will aid in the resolution of the loading issue because the majority of firmware upgrades contain solutions for bugs and other issues with your Samsung TV. Learn how to download and install the latest device software version on your television in the following steps:

  • Visit the Settings menu on your Samsung smart TV to see if any new software or firmware upgrades are available. Select Support
  • Then Software Update
  • Then Update Now
  • Then Finish.

Reinstall Discovery Plus App on Samsung Smart TV

It is possible that an error will arise if you do not correctly install the app on your Samsung smart television. Remove your current Discovery Plus app and reinstall it with a new one obtained from the app store if that does not work. From there, you may configure it properly to avoid issues like this in the future.

  • On your TV remote, click the Home button
  • Select Apps
  • Select Settings
  • Search for and select Discovery Plus
  • And then hit Delete. To reinstall the app, return to the Apps menu, select Search from the drop-down menu, type Discovery Plus into the search box, and click Install.

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