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How to Set Up Voicemail on Samsung S20? [An Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide For You]

For those of you who have recently acquired a new Samsung S20 phone, you’ll want to set up your voicemail system right away to ensure that those who attempt to contact you may leave messages. Click here to learn how. As an alternative, if you merely want to change the content of your voicemail message, you may do so. We’ll walk you through the process of setting up voicemail on your Samsung S20 or S20Plus, whether it’s your first time or you’re looking to customize a voicemail greeting for someone special, in this simple tutorial.

On the Samsung S20, how do you set up voicemail?

An Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Changing Your Samsung Voicemail How to Configure Voicemail on a Samsung Device?

Create a voicemail system.

You can review your Access voicemail messages for guidance on how to more effectively manage your voicemail. Take a look at Troubleshoot Voicemail for answers to some of the most often encountered voicemail problems. 1. From the home screen, pick the Phone app from the drop-down menu that appears. To access Visual Voicemail, go to the Keypad tab and then the Visual Voicemailicon from the drop-down box. NOTE: If you don’t want to utilize the Phone app, you may set up voicemail by selecting and holding the 1 button on your keyboard for a few seconds.

If you have lost or forgotten your voicemail password, you will not be able to access voicemail until your voicemail password has been reset.

3.Press the Continue button to proceed.

Setup Voicemail on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (Instructions)

Configure the Voicemail feature on your Samsung Galaxy S20 ULTRA smartphone. The following are the steps to take in order to set up voicemail on your Galaxy S20 Ultra: Open the “Phone” program on your computer. 1.Change the focus between the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. “Settings” will be available from the drop-down menu. 3.Select “Voicemail” from the drop-down option that appears. 4. Select “Voicemail Settings” from the drop-down menu that appears. Keep your attention on the green number that appears beneath the “Voicemail number.” 6.Return to the dialer and input the number from Step 6 (along with the *) one more time to complete the call.

To make a phone call, push the green phone button on the control panel.

Given the fact that each carrier is unique, please let us know if any of these steps are different for you in the comments area below.

Checking the Phone if there’s an ERROR on Voicemail

Select the Phone icon from the collection of icons on a Home screen to begin using it (lower-left). Note: If the Phone option is not available, you may access it by sliding up from the middle of a Home screen and selecting it. To activate it, press and hold the number 1 on the Keypad tab (lower-left) for a few seconds. Note: An alternate option is to call *86 (*VM) and then press the Dial icon on the screen to activate it. As soon as you are prompted, enter your voicemail password and then press the key to proceed.

Configure your Sprint voicemail system on Your Samsung S20

Please bear in mind that standard airtime charges will apply for the time you spend configuring your voicemail system, so please plan accordingly. In the event that you do not complete all steps of the setup in a single phone call, you will have to start again at the beginning when you access voicemail the following time. Follow these steps to configure your voicemail system: When your phone is in standby mode or the Phone application is open on select Sprint phones, press and hold the Envelope key on your phone until the display says Connecting.

  1. Alternatively, press and hold the 1 key on your phone until the display says Connecting.
  2. a passcode that is between four and ten digits in length, for example Please refer to our instructions on how to reset your voicemail passcode if you have forgotten your voicemail passcode.
  3. You have 10 seconds to record your name before the timer starts counting down.
  4. You have the option of recording your own welcome or selecting from a choice of pre-recorded greetings.
  5. 3.Select whether or not to enable One-Touch Access.

What is the best way to set up my Visual Voicemail?

Alternatively, if you choose not to record and transmit a greeting through your phone’s voicemail system, you can make use of a visual voicemail application that has been installed on your phone. As an example, when using the T-Mobile Visual Voicemail app, go to “Settings” from the three-dot menu in the upper right corner of the screen and pick “General.” In the GreetingsPin area of the program, a new greeting may be recorded by tapping the default greeting first and then recording a new one, as seen in the screenshot.

  • It is a new feature on T-Mobile
  • It is also available on Sprint Visual Voicemail, AT T Visual Voicemail, and Sprint Visual Voicemail.

BONUS: Voicemail Setup for Different SmartPhone

By pressing and holding down the 1 key until your phone calls your 10-digit phone number, you can also access your voicemail through the iPhone’s dial pad. The voicemail icon, which can be found in the bottom right corner of the dial pad screen, as depicted in the image below, can also be accessed through the iPhone’s dial pad.

After pressing the voicemail button, you will be sent immediately to your voicemail, where you will be prompted for your password, which is the last four digits of your phone number followed by thekey, as seen in the example below.

Configuration of Android Voicemail

The 1 key on the number pad on an Android phone may be used to access voicemail by pressing and holding it for a few seconds until the system calls your 10-digit phone number, as seen in the screenshot. You will be instantly linked to your mailbox and asked to enter your temporary password, which is the last four digits of your phone number followed by thekey; this password is case-sensitive; you will be automatically connected to your mailbox. Please follow the procedures mentioned below if the above method does not properly link you to your voicemail account.

  • To access the three dots on your keyboard (located in the top right corner of the screen), press ESC. Then, from the drop-down menu, select “Settings.” Then, from the drop-down option, select “voicemail.” Make use of the drop-down option to select “Advanced settings.” The option “Setup” should be chosen. Select “voicemail number” from the drop-down menu. Click on the “OK” button once you have entered your ten-digit phone number. Return to the main menu by pressing and holding down the home button.
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Obtaining Access to Your Twigby Voicemail from a Different Phone:

Call the 10-digit phone number linked with your Twigby account and wait for the call to be routed through VoiceMail (option 1). Once your voicemail greeting begins, hit the * (star) key on your keyboard to stop it from playing. Enter your passcode in the appropriate field and then press the (pound) key to confirm your entry.

Tips for Troubleshooting

When dealing with a problem with your phone, a common solution is to switch it off, remove the battery (if it is removable), and wait a few minutes before trying again. After that, you may reinstall the battery and power on the phone again. There is a possibility that it will take up to 5-10 minutes for the phone to reconnect to the network and register. Many times, this will bring the matter to a close. Because many phone features change from one model to another, reading the instructions in the phone’s user manual can also assist you in resolving a wide range of difficulties.

Alternatively, you may get in touch with us by clicking on the orange “Chat Now” button at the bottom of the page (see below).

Our Final Thoughts

Taking a break from checking our phones at all hours of the day has grown increasingly difficult in recent years, as seen by the widespread adoption of social media. Knowing how to set up voicemail on an Android or iPhone device might help you avoid missing important calls in certain situations, such as while you are driving. This will allow you to be away from your other businesses or activities without having to worry about missing any important phone calls or communications. I really hope that I was able to assist you with your problem.

Frequently Ask Questions

To activate it, press and hold the number 1 on the Keypad tab (lower-left) for a few seconds. Whenever asked, enter your voicemail password and then press the key to proceed.

What is the procedure for setting up voicemail on my Samsung?

  • Android Voicemail configuration
  • Android Voicemail configuration
  • To access the settings menu, choose the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and then click on the Settings button. Then, from the drop-down option, select “voicemail.” Make use of the drop-down option to select “Advanced settings.” Setup may be accessed using the drop-down menu. Make use of the drop-down option to choose “voicemail number”
  • Click on the “OK” button once you have entered your ten-digit phone number. When you are ready to return to the main menu, press the home key on your keyboard.

Is there a voicemail app available for Samsung?

Samsung Visual Voicemail is a voicemail application that comes pre-installed on Android handsets. From the drop-down option, choose Allow for SMS Messages, Phone, and Contacts to enable these features. You should carefully read the Terms and Conditions for Visual Voicemail before clicking on “Accept.” The option to Continue should be selected from the Welcome to Visual Voicemail window.

What is causing my Samsung voicemail to not function properly?

A simple update to your carrier’s voicemail app or settings will almost always resolve the problem; nevertheless, it is critical to double-check that your voicemail number is correctly setup before continuing any further with the procedure described below.

It will be possible for you to turn off your phone at any time after you’ve set up voicemail on your phone. There are, however, other techniques by which you may stay in touch with your friends and family.

What is the procedure for resetting voicemail on a Samsung device?

  • Make changes to the greeting
  • To reach the Apps menu from any Home screen, pick it from the drop-down menu that appears on the right. Visual Voicemail can be selected from the drop-down menu. From the drop-down menu, choose the Greetings tab to display. Then, just press the greeting you’d want to use instead of the one you’re now using.

To choose the check box next to ‘Mark Default Greeting,’ click on the check box to the right of the check box that says “Mark Default Greeting.” The following are the procedures to record a new greeting: By tapping Record a new greeting, you may create a new greeting.

Voicemail: Samsung Galaxy Exhibit ™

Learn how to use the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit TM to call voicemail or to view Visual Voicemail on the device. More information may be found on this page: Visual Voicemail (Voicemail Visual Voicemail)

Call voicemail

These are the actions you take in order to contact your voicemail and retrieve messages:

  1. To access the Phoneicon from any Home screen, simply press it. If required, choose theKeypadtab from the menu bar. Keep your finger on the 1key

Change greeting

Follow these procedures to make changes to your Visual Voicemail greeting: 1.

  1. From any Home screen, select the Appsicon
  2. Then select Visual Voicemail
  3. And last select the Greetingstab. To switch to an existing greeting, type the following:
  1. To use an existing greeting, simply tap it. The check box next to ‘Mark Default Greeting’ must be selected by tapping the check box.

To record a new welcome, follow these steps:

  1. Tap to create a new greeting. Keep in mind that you may need to delete an existing greeting (there is a maximum of two greetings) to create place for the new greeting: Then, using theMenukey, select Delete greetings, select the check box next to the chosen greeting, and then select Delete. To record your welcome, click on theRecord symbol. To stop recording, click on the Stop recordingicon. If you choose, you may listen to the welcome by tapping thePlayicon. TapNext
  2. Fill in the blanks with a name for the greeting
  3. The check box next to ‘Mark Default Greeting’ must be selected by tapping the check box. TapNext

Change password

The following are the procedures to take in order to update the Visual Voicemail password:

  1. The Appsicon may be found on any Home screen
  2. Tap it to access Visual Voicemail
  3. Tap theMenukey to access the Settings menu
  4. Hit Change PIN
  5. And then tap Done. Enter the current PIN and then press the OK button. Type in a new PIN, and then type it in again to confirm
  6. TapOK
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Listen to voicemail messages

Follow these procedures to access Visual Voicemail and listen to any new messages that have been received:

  1. From any Home screen, choose the Appsicon
  2. Select Visual Voicemail
  3. Select the Messagestab
  4. Select the appropriate message from the list
  5. Select the Playicon
  6. And then press Enter.

Set up Visual Voicemail (VVM)

The following are the procedures to take to set up Visual Voicemail for the first time:

  1. The Appsicon may be accessed from any Home screen. TapVisual Voicemail is a visual voicemail system. After reading the material, press the Next button. TapDone
  2. If any extra instructions are required, follow them.

Turn off

The following are the procedures to turn off or disable Visual Voicemail: 1.

  1. From any Home screen, select theMenukey
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Application Manager
  4. Swipe left to theALLscreen
  5. Swipe up and select Visual Voicemail
  6. Select Disable and then tapOK. Please keep in mind that when you disable the app, Visual Voicemail is now saved at the bottom of the list (rather than in alphabetical order)

How to Turn Off Voicemail on Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G • TechyLoud

It explains how to disable voicemail on the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G and how to remove voicemail on the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G. Voicemail may be turned off on Samsung devices. In this post, we will demonstrate an easy method for turning off voicemail on your Samsung S20 FE 5G cellphone so that no one will be able to leave you a message when they are unable to contact you. Please be aware that voicemail is mostly regulated by mobile carriers, which means that in the majority of circumstances, you will need to contact your carrier’s support staff for assistance with disabling voicemail on your device.

However, this may not be the case for all voicemail systems across all networks.

How to Turn Off Voicemail on Samsung S20 FE

Step 1: Click on the Phone Dialler icon on your desktop. Step 2:You will be prompted to enter a secret code that will allow you to turn off voicemail on your smartphone. Step 3: All you have to do is enter your carrier’s code. You may simply obtain this code by visiting the official website of your carrier. Some of the most prevalent carrier codes are shown here.

  • *2 Sprint: (800) 922-0204
  • AT&T: (611) T-Mobile: (611) Telus: (611) Vodafone: (191) Docomo: (151)
  • Verizon: (800) 922-0204
  • AT&T: *2 Sprint: (800) 922-0204

Wait for it to connect once you have dialed the code in Step 4. You may be prompted to provide a language voicemail PIN, a password for your account, and/or other authentication information. To complete Step 5, call customer care and inform them that you wish to have your voicemail service turned off. You can now hang up after they confirm that your voicemail service has been turned off for the time being.

2.Disable Call Forwarding on Your Samsung S20 FE

Step 1: Select the Voice Call option, which is represented by the phone icon. Step 2: After that, select the menu option. Step 3: Select Settings from the drop-down menu. Step 4: Select Supplementary Services from the drop-down menu. Step 5: Call Forwarding with TapCall.

Step 6: Make a call using TapVoice. Step 7: Select the Always Forward option from the drop-down menu. Disable is the final option in Step 8. Step 9: You’re finished. The home button may now be pressed to restore you to the previous screen, which is your home screen.

3.Fill Up Your Mailbox

Putting your Samsung mobile into airplane mode or turning it off is Step 1. To complete the second step, dial your own number from another phone. To make the call, you may use your friend’s phone or one of the many internet options available, such as Google voice. Step 3: Send a message to yourself and others. No need to speak much; just say something that will only take a few seconds to complete. Step 4: Put the phone down and repeat the procedure. Replicate until the inbox is mostly full with 20 or 30 messages, depending on how long it takes you.

How to Remove Voicemail icon from your Samsung S20 FE

To delete the voicemail symbol from your smartphone, go to SettingsApplicationsPhone and selectClear Data and Clear Cache from the drop-down menu. Now, switch off your phone and put it back on after 10 seconds, and the voicemail symbol will be no longer be shown.

About Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G

A 6.5-inch Super AMOLED screen, a Qualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 865 CPU, and Android 10 operating system are all featured on the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, which is now upgradeable to Android 11. The phone has memory capacities of 128GB with 6GB RAM, 128GB with 8GB RAM, and 256GB with 8GB RAM, as well as triple cameras with resolutions of 12 MP + 8 MP + 12 MP.

Samsung Designed for Fi phones visual voicemail support

Samsung Visual voicemail support for Fi phones has been designed specifically for them. After purchasing a Galaxy S20 Plus from the Fi Store in order to have a phone specifically intended for Fi, I discovered that Visual Voicemail isn’t supported on the device. I’ve installed the Google phone software, and it’s functional, however there is no Voicemail tab to be seen. Through the app, I can control my Fi greetings, which is convenient. Is there something I’m overlooking? When I do receive a voicemail, it directs me to the Samsung phone application, which just dials.

The most recent revision Updates on a regular basis (0) Answer that is recommended Answers that are recommended (1) You may view the second thread that I established, which is as follows: The Note 20 Ultra has received an update in March 2021 that lets users to utilize the Samsung Visual Voicemail app, which appears to function with both the native Samsung dialer and the messaging app.

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[Updated] Samsung devices on Google Fi don’t support Visual Voicemail

There are new updates being posted to the bottom of this story. The following is the original narrative (which will be published on December 29, 2020): Samsung is well-known for including nearly every function possible on their mobile phones, and the Galaxy S III is no exception. While some users may like the plethora of new capabilities, others may find them to be overwhelming and cumbersome. As a result, it’s impossible to please every customer, which means the most the firm can hope for is to refine and enhance the user experience in order to give consumers with a balance between form and utility.

  • Now, fast forward to the present, and the business has began rolling out One UI 3.0, which is based on Android 11.
  • It is widely known that Samsung and Google do not get along as well as we would like them to, and as a result, the South Korean company has been producing its own applications, which are frequently half-baked, in order to entice customers away from using Google’s own apps.
  • This is due to the fact that many people who have Google Fi connections have discovered that they are unable to utilize the Visual Voicemail function on their Samsung phones, such as the Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy S20.
  • Everything appears to be operating OK, but I am unable to make the Visual Voicemail feature to function.
  • (Source) I also have a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G, which is a gadget that was “built for Fi” and that I purchased directly from the Google Fi website.
  • Neither did, and it appears that this was on purpose by Google Fi.
  • Aside from switching networks and Wi-Fi, the ‘Design for Fi’ is a non-issue.
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(Source) The experience of spending more than $1,000 to get a flagship phone and not being able to utilize one of the most basic features is not one that anyone would want to have in this day and age, when carriers are rolling out 5G networks and firms are developing foldable smartphones.

This claim was made by Google back when Project Fi was rebranded to Google Fi and opened up to devices from companies such as Samsung, OnePlus, and other manufacturers.

These goods are not guaranteed to function on devices that are not designed for Wi-Fi connectivity.

A Platinum Product Expert on Google’s support page has also stated that in order to resolve the issue, both Samsung and Google would need to work together.

(Source) Even yet, it appears that some people have found a fix that has somewhat alleviated the problem.

(Source) Please feel free to express your thoughts on the situation as a whole or on the temporary workaround in the comments box below now that it has been addressed.

In the meanwhile, we will continue to monitor any developments pertaining to the availability of the Visual Voicemail function for Samsung phones on Google Fi and will provide an update as soon as new information becomes available.

Update 1 (February 26)

13:01 p.m. (Indian Standard Time): It appears that several new remedies have been revealed by users themselves, which should assist to resolve the issue. Of course, you are welcome to give them a go. Source 1. On your phone, go to SettingsApps and choose the app you want to use. Continue to scroll down until you find the Google Fi application. 2. Select Storage from the drop-down menu, and you will see the option to erase the cache and data. Please re-open the Google Fi app and log back in using your Google login credentials to re-activate your Fi account once you have completed step 3.

  • At this point, please turn on airplane mode for 30 seconds before turning it off again.
  • Go to SettingsAbout phonetouch on the menu bar.
  • 6.
  • Now, on the smartphone, go to Phone settingsAppsGoogle Fi and choose it.
  • Double-check that the app is activated.
  • 9.
  • 10.
  • Permissions for phone calls, SMS messages, and location tracking should be enabled.
  • -Reinstall the Google Fi app and log into my account.

Update 2 (March 01)

03:01 p.m. (Indian Standard Time): It has been reported (1,2) by some Samsung Galaxy S20 series and Note 20 series users that the Samsung Visual Voicemail app on One UI 3.1 has compatibility for Google Fi. There are currently no transcriptions available, though. In its early days, PiunikaWeb was primarily an investigative technology journalism website with a strong emphasis on bringing readers “breaking” or “exclusive” news. After only a few days, our stories were picked up by a variety of outlets like Forbes, FoxNews, Gizmodo, TechCrunch, The Verge, Macrumors, and many others.


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Android Discussion Forums HomeForumsChannels Android DevicesSamsung Galaxy S20 UltraDiscussion in’Android Devices’started byStaff, Mar 26, 2020. Android DevicesSamsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

StaffAndroid ExpertThread Starter

The following are the procedures to configure your Galaxy S20 Ultra voicemail:

  1. Open the “Phone” application. Toggle between the three dots in the upper right corner. Click on “Settings”
  2. Choose “Voicemail”
  3. Then click on “Voicemail Settings.” Please take notice of the green number that appears underneath the “Voicemail number”
  4. Enter the phone number from Step 6 (including the *) into the dialer once more. To make a phone call, press the green phone button.

This will initiate a call to your cell carrier’s automated voicemail setup, allowing you to configure your Galaxy S20 Ultra’s voicemail system.

Because each carrier is distinct, please let us know if these processes are different for you in the comments section. 1Staff, 26th of March 2020 This page was last modified on March 26, 2020.

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Prepare your response. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra went on sale on February 14th, 2020, according to the company. The phone has a 6.9-inch screen, a 108-megapixel camera, 8-16GB of RAM, an Exynos 990 chipset, and a 5000mAh battery, among other features. followBuyBuyFebruary 14th, 2020 – followBuyBuy 5 reviews have been written about the product since its release. Loading. Similar Threads – How to Set Up Voicemail on a Galaxy Note 8

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