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On your Samsung TV and mobile devices, you can get the latest news, entertainment, and more. 1 There are no subscribers. There are no credit cards accepted. It’s just free television. WachFilm

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Thousands of hours of news, sports, movies, and other programming are available. WachFilm Your Samsung devices provide you with on-demand, free television. ¹ Launch the Samsung TV Plus app and utilize the GUIDE to check what’s now playing or what’s coming up next on the television network. Unless otherwise stated, all WachFilm* features and specifications are subject to change without notice. ¹ Available for free on select Samsung Smart TVs from 2016 through 2021, as well as select Galaxy mobile and tablet devices.

Samsung TV Plus: the free TV streaming service explained

(Image courtesy of Samsung.) Interested in learning more about Samsung TV Plus? If you’ve recently purchased a new Samsung TV, are seriously contemplating purchasing one, or are just beginning to explore every inch of your smart TV’s interface, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about with this free (yes, free) video subscription. Samsung TV Plus is intended to be a free (but ad-supported) entertainment platform that provides a unique and extensively diversified selection of television channels based on your location and area (the US gets 115, for instance, while those of you in the UK get a more modest 49).

  • Samsung TV Plus, on the other hand, allows you to view its ad-supported channels for free.
  • Since last year, there are more than twice as many TV channels (518) as there were before, as well as twice the number of Samsung TVs that accept the app.
  • A new overlay style highlights recently-viewed channels, as well as “top suggestions suited to their watching tastes,” has been added to Samsung TV Plus for 2017-2020 Samsung TVs.
  • It appears like Samsung TV Plus is beginning to be viewed as a stand-alone multimedia platform, rather than as an add-on feature (previously, the service was found quite awkwardly poking out of the bottom end of the home page, so a design change seems long overdue).

Cut to the chase

  • What is Samsung TV Plus, and how does it work? If you live in the United States, you may access the service through your computer browser, which is free and financed by advertisements. Despite the similarity in naming conventions, it is not a paid membership service in the spirit of Disney Plus or Apple TV Plus
  • Instead, it is a free service. When did it first go live? Samsung TV Plus was first introduced in 2015
  • It is a premium television service. What is the total number of Samsung TV Plus channels available? Variates depending on the locale (see below for additional information)
  • Is it possible to uninstall Samsung TV Plus? There is no way to remove the whole app off your Samsung TV, but you may remove specific channels inside the app to make it look more streamlined. Is Samsung TV Plus a cost-free service? Yes, without a doubt. Keep those money aside for a newsoundbar or anything similar. Is Samsung TV Plus the same as Rakuten TV in terms of functionality? No. However, certain Rakuten TV stations are available through the TV Plus app.

(Image courtesy of Samsung.)

Samsung TV Plus app: where is it available?

Samsung TV Plus is now accessible in a total of 23 countries around the world, following an expansion that saw the number of territories doubled in early 2021. This means that it is now available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Thailand, and Korea (where it was first introduced), as well as new markets such as Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, India, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, and Sweden, as well as existing markets such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Thailand, and Korea.

If your country or area isn’t listed, you won’t be able to use the Samsung TV Plus service.

Given the service’s slow expansion, however, we would anticipate the addition of other areas in the following years – and Samsung has confirmed that the service would be available in additional European nations by 2021.

If you’re in the United States, you can also watch Samsung TV Plus on your favorite web browser by clicking here.

The browser version of Samsung TV Plus, which was quietly introduced in May 2021, is unfortunately not yet accessible internationally. However, if you’re in the United States, you can visit theSamsung TV Plus website to give the app a try without having to possess a Samsung smart device.

Samsung TV Plus channels: what can you watch?

There are over 500 TV channels accessible with Samsung TV Plus in over 100 countries across the world, albeit you’ll only get a fraction of that amount in each region:

  • The United States has 120 points, Germany has 64, Austria has 64, Switzerland has 64, the United Kingdom has 49 points, Canada has 35 points, Korea has 35 points, Thailand has 30 points, France has 26 points, Spain has 18 points, and Italy has 18 points.

Each area receives a diverse selection of news, sports, and entertainment channels to enjoy. That means you’ll receive shows like CBSN, USA Today, fubo Sports Network (formerly BelN Sports), IGN (formerly Anime All Day), Comedy Dynamics (formerly Kitchen Nightmares), Docurama, Wipeout, Tastemade, and Toon Goggles (formerly Toon Goggles). In addition, there are a slew of specialty movie and music channels. None of these will likely be considered essential viewing – at least not in the same way that the top Netflix series and Disney Plus movies are – but they will surely keep you entertained while you wait.

(Image courtesy of Samsung.) )

Which TVs support Samsung TV Plus?

Again, the specific Samsung TV models that enable Samsung TV Plus may vary depending on where you live, but you should expect it to be available on new and recently released models. All Samsung smart TVs manufactured between 2016 and 2020 will be compatible with the service, according to Samsung. Canadians will be able to access the service on Samsung TVs manufactured between 2017 and 2020. However, in Samsung’s native country of Korea, TVs as old as 2013 are capable of supporting the service.

Have you purchased a Samsung television yet, or are you considering upgrading?

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Samsung TV Plus – Live TV & Movies – Apps on Google Play

Samsung TV Plus offers completely free television, with no strings attached. There are no subscriptions and no credit cards required. It’s just free television. Whether you’re a news junkie, a sports lover, a gamer, a budding chef, or a parent looking for something entertaining for the kids, Samsung TV Plus has something for everyone. With over 200 channels, you can watch TV on your own schedule and choose from thousands of free LIVE and on-demand movies and episodes, which are accessible from any location at any time using the Samsung TV Plus application.

  • – Television shows that are easy to binge watch Fill your days with binge-worthy comfort series, ranging from guilty pleasures to exhilarating throwbacks.
  • – Children’s books Create a stress-free babysitting experience by providing children with hundreds of shows that will help them learn, laugh, and grow.
  • .and a whole lot more!
  • Galaxy S7 Active and Galaxy S7 Galaxy S7 Edge (also known as the Galaxy S7 Edge Plus) Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Active are two of the most popular smartphones in the world.
  • Galaxy S10e (Extreme Edition) Galaxy S10 Lite is a low-cost version of the Galaxy S10.
  • Galaxy S20 Plus is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.
  • Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G.

Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus Galaxy Note 10 Lite is a smaller version of the Galaxy Note 10.

Galaxy Note 20 with 5G connectivity Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is a flagship smartphone from Samsung.

Galaxy Z Fold2 with 5G connectivity Galaxy Z Flip (Samsung Galaxy Z Flip) Galaxy Z Flip 5G (also known as the Galaxy Z5G) is a smartphone that uses 5G technology.

Galaxy A3 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Galaxy A5 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung (2017) Galaxy A6 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Galaxy A8 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung (2018) Galaxy A8+ is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung (2018) Galaxy A8s is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Galaxy A01 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Galaxy A12 with 5G connectivity Galaxy A20 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Galaxy A31 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Galaxy A40 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Galaxy A42 with 5G connectivity Galaxy A50 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Galaxy A51 with 5G connectivity Galaxy A52 with 5G connectivity Galaxy A70 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Galaxy A71 with 5G connectivity Galaxy A80 Galaxy A90 5G Samsung Galaxy A90 5G Galaxy J2 Core Processor Galaxy J3 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung (2017 and 2018) Galaxy J3 Pop (Samsung Galaxy J3 Pop) Galaxy J4 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Galaxy J5 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung (2017) Galaxy J6 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Galaxy J7 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Dual-SIM Galaxy J7 Duo Galaxy J7 Pop is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Galaxy J8: Which is better?

Galaxy M01s, Galaxy M10s, Galaxy M20s Galaxy M10s is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Galaxy M20 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Galaxy M31 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Galaxy M40 Galaxy M51 Samsung Galaxy M40 Samsung Galaxy M51 Galaxy Fold (also known as Galaxy X Fold) is a portable electronic device that folds into a small package.

Galaxy Tab S6 with 5G connectivity Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Galaxy Tab S7 Galaxy Tab S8 Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is a tablet computer with a screen that is 7 inches wide.

Galaxy Tab Active 2 (also known as Galaxy Tab Active 2).

is a company that manufactures electronic devices.) Samsung’s transformative ideas and technologies inspire people all over the world and help to shape the future.

For the most up-to-date information, please visit the Samsung Newsroom at Your California Privacy Rights and the Privacy Policies of Third Parties: * Please do not sell my personal information:* Terms and Conditions of Use: Please keep in mind that supported channels and VOD differ from country to country.

(Countries supported include the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Korea, and India.) – App information including keyscreens provided in Google Play follows the language setting of smartphone.

Is Samsung TV Plus free? It’s a truly no strings attached service

The most recent update was made on May 7th, 2021 at 10:38 UTC+01:00. These days, there is no shortage of video streaming sites to choose from. Most, on the other hand, ask you to sign up for a monthly membership. Due to the fact that all providers provide free trials, getting started with them is simple. It is only when the user has been addicted that they will be required to pay for the privilege. As a result, it’s logical that some individuals may have a similar perception of Samsung TV Plus.

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Samsung TV Plus is absolutely free

Samsung TV Plus is a video streaming service that is sponsored by advertisements and is accessible on a wide range of Samsung devices. It offers you with access to hundreds of channels that cover news, sports, entertainment, and other topics of interest to you. Over the years, Samsung has greatly increased the number of compatible devices as well as the number of markets available for TV Plus. The Samsung TV Plus has grown in popularity since its inception in 2015, and it is now accessible in dozens of countries around Asia, Europe, and North America.

The number of channels available varies from nation to country, with the majority of countries having access to 100 or more channels.

Samsung TV Plus is still absolutely free, thanks to the generosity of the firm.

It’s just that it works.

Samsung TV Plus Hits the Web: What It Is and How to Use It

Almost every aspect of the consumer electronics industry is a part of Samsung’s portfolio. In addition, there is a free live TV streaming option that you may take use of. However, due to the fact that Samsung TV Plus has been available solely to owners of Samsung televisions and smartphones for many years, there is a large potential audience out there who is absolutely ignorant of its existence. Because Samsung has discreetly launched its Samsung TV Plus service on the web, it is possible that this lack of public awareness may soon be rectified.

What Is Samsung TV Plus?

In the beginning, Samsung TV Plus was only available as a built-in app on the company’s smart TVs. It has been offered on Samsung television sets manufactured as far back as 2016 and will continue to be featured on televisions manufactured until 2021, according to Samsung. In September 2020, TV Plus was extended to Samsung’s Galaxy range of smartphones and tablets, with compatibility for the service now available on virtually every Galaxy-branded device released since the S7 smartphone. While this extension is likely to have significantly increased the platform’s audience (or prospective audience) as well as drastically expanded the number of locations from which it could be accessible, non-Samsung device users were left out in the cold.

But now, with a complete public rollout on the web, Samsung is finally giving everyone an opportunity to see TV Plus for the first time.

The Launch of SamsungTVPlus.com

When Samsung surreptitiously launched SamsungTVPlus.com in July of 2021, it did so to provide everyone access to a version of the service that could be accessed by anybody, regardless of who produced their device. Not only does this allow users of non-Samsung smartphones and tablets to use the service, but it also makes the service available to users of PCs and Chromebooks for the first time as well. There are certain distinctions between the app-based version of Samsung TV Plus and the web-based version of the service, which will be discussed in greater depth further below.

In this case, it’s obvious that Samsung is not promoting the product as a direct competitor to premium services such as Hulu + Live TV or YouTube TV, but rather as a competitor to more well-established free services such as Pluto TV.

What Does Samsung TV Plus on the Web Offer?

On the web version of Samsung TV Plus, there are 146 channels available at the time of writing. Because to variances in platform-specific licensing agreements with content providers, this is a little fewer than the 160 channels made available through the app, which is understandable. Furthermore, for the time being, the web version is only available in a few chosen locations. These 16 categories are as follows: News and Opinion (13 channels), Entertainment (26 channels), Sports (23 channels), Kids (8), Comedy (7), International (3), Movies (10 channels), Music (6), Latino (9 channels), Crime (4), Game Shows (4), Food, Home and Travel (11 channels), Reality (5), Gaming (5), Science and Nature (7), Sci-Fi and Horror (7), and Reality (5).

One thing to keep in mind is that some of the 146 channels available are dedicated to a single series or a single franchise.

Meanwhile, the four channels in the Game Shows area include a Deal or No Deal US channel, a Wipeout channel, as well as the more diversified and vintage offerings of Buzzr and Game Show Central.

The availability of channels such as these, of course, has a tremendous impact on the range of content available to viewers.

How to Use the Samsung TV Plus Website

It should be recognizable to anybody who has used a live TV streaming service or a set-top box within the last decade as SamsungTVPlus.com is presented in a way that is easy to navigate. At the top of the screen, there is a video player, which is located above an on-screen guide that lists the current and forthcoming programming schedule. The guide’s time span is six hours in the past and future. When you click on any upcoming programming, a pop-over dialogue will appear, which will give extra information about the program, such as actors, a description, the running duration, and other details, among other things.

  • When you click on a currently showing program, a video of that show will appear on the player at the top of the screen once a little loading period has passed (4-10 seconds in our experience).
  • It should be noted that, while the mobile version of Samsung TV Plus offers 4K streaming on select channels, the web-based alternative, according to our tests, is limited to 1080p.
  • The site does not provide any on-demand programming, and all content is delivered in real time.
  • Aside from that, no content can be rewinded or progressed through, and nothing can be played unless it is currently broadcasting on television.

As a free service, TV Plus does, of course, feature advertisements that are shown at approximately the same frequency and length as standard broadcast television, though the frequency and length may differ somewhat from channel to channel.

How Does Samsung TV Plus Stack Up to the Competition?

Similarly to what has been stated above, Samsung TV Plus appears to be positioned to compete with other free streaming services, the most well-known of which is likely definitely Pluto TV. Having said that, Pluto TV has a significant advantage over TV Plus in one important area. Content that is available on demand. The original TV Plus app did have support for on-demand programs when it first launched. Although Samsung has subsequently relocated its on-demand collection to other platforms, the company now does not provide access to it in any manner through the web-based or app-based versions of TV Plus, which is a shame.

All of this is done without the need for a login.

There are other options available, including the ability to store favorite channels, view suggestions, and modify key parts of their watching experience When it comes to the sheer quantity of live channels available, Pluto TV clearly outperforms Samsung TV Plus, giving over 100 extra channels in addition to access to big entertainment brands and networks such as Star Trek and Nickelodeon that Samsung TV Plus does not have.

Is Samsung TV Plus Worth Trying?

In a nutshell, sure. This service is absolutely free, and it does not require any type of registration or login to access it. Because of this, there is absolutely nothing to lose by giving it a chance. You may discover a niche channel with content you enjoy, or you may become bored and abandon the channel 10 minutes later with nothing more than a few minutes of lost time to show for your efforts. It’s possible that Samsung’s decision to keep its launch under wraps was a sensible move. The web-based service, which isn’t even mentioned on the Samsung TV Plus FAQ website as of the time of writing, might be viewed as a kind of backdoor beta test or public interest check by the company.

As things stand, the service will be unable to compete directly with the likes of Pluto TV (what exactly is Pluto TV?) or any of the other paid options in the streaming live TV arena at this time.

Will Samsung TV Plus Succeed?

Despite the fact that the availability of free TV material on the internet is still somewhat of a “Wild West” situation, Samsung TV Plus at least provides another secure stop along the way. It is up to viewers like you to decide whether it will become just another abandoned ghost town or whether it will develop and become a big tourist destination. Have streaming services surpassed cable television in terms of quality? Netflix and other streaming services seek to make entertainment more affordable than cable television.

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Samsung quietly launched its free TV service on the web

Samsung recently announced a web-based version of its free and ad-supported Smart TV Plus streaming service for live and linear television content, as well as added support for Chromecast devices to its lineup of streaming services. Protocol reported Friday that the streaming service, which was previously only available on Samsung TVs and mobile devices, will be made available as a web service in the second quarter. It’s a peculiar new participant in the streaming battles, and it began with little fanfare, but the distribution means that an app that was previously only available to Samsung subscribers is now open to just about anybody.

A spokeswoman for Protocol, on the other hand, acknowledged the debut of the web-based version of the service.

While it’s unclear why Samsung appears to have opted to soft launch the online version of its streaming service at this time, the firm looks to be looking at methods to make TV Plus more accessible to a broader audience.

Samsung TV Plus Getting Started: Where You Can Watch

In 2020, Samsung’s TV Plus service will see significant improvements, including the addition of additional channels and the expansion of support to other countries. Here’s everything you need to know to get started. SamsungTV Plus has expanded its reach to even more countries, and it may be well worth your time to check it out if you live in one of the countries where it is available. Users will be able to watch a broad variety of content for no charge thanks to the streaming service’s availability.

  1. Samsung TV Plus, which was introduced in 2015, has gone a long way since its start.
  2. However, the service was recently expanded to include compatibility for the bulk of the company’s later-generation mobile devices, which was announced earlier this year.
  3. As of today, Samsung TV Plus has been expanded even further, with 742 channels now available in twelve countries throughout the world.
  4. As a complement to live TV, Samsung TV Plus provides customers with unlimited streaming of movies, TV series, and 4K content—all without the need for any kind of subscription, fees, or even a credit card on file.
  5. Samsung has highlighted the epidemic as a key reason for expanding its offering, and it guarantees them that they will do so soon.

Following the most recent expansion, Samsung TV Plus is now available in the following countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Samsung TV Plus is also now available in the following countries:

Samsung TV Plus: Getting Started

There are now a variety of options available to those who are interested in trying out Samsung TV Plus. If customers want to watch on their television, they may do so because the app is already pre-installed on any Samsung televisions manufactured after 2016. As a consequence, there is no need to download anything or create an account. Users may access more services by logging in with their Samsung accounts, although doing so is entirely optional. Using the app bar at the bottom of the TV screen, browse to the Samsung TV Plus application and begin watching.

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Recently released Galaxy Note and Galaxy S devices, as well as the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy A series smartphones, may already be downloaded from the Google Play Store or theGalaxy Store and used to access the Samsung TV Plus service as part of prior service extensions.

When compared to a subscription service such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, the content is comparable to many of the free video apps available on the market.

How to Use a Galaxy Phone as a Remote Control for a Samsung Smart TV (Part 2) Source:Samsung It’s clear that Magic Johnson is not looking forward to Adam McKay’s Lakers performance.

Samsung Launches Smart Plus TV on the Web for Free, with More Contents, Added

GettlyImages/picture alliance contributed to this image. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Finally, Samsung’s web-based version of Smart TV Plus, the company’s free streaming service, has been made available. In addition, the South Korean tech giant has made the service available on all Chromecast devices, allowing even more users to take advantage of it.

Samsung Smart TV Plus Web Launch

Previously, the Smart TV Plus feature was only available on Samsung TVs and Samsung mobile devices. According to Protocol, the online service was released in the second quarter of the year without any prior notification from the corporation. The Smart TV Plus is the newest addition to the ever-growing array of streaming services, and its app is open to everyone, not just Samsung customers, making it a valuable resource for everyone. The Verger said that Samsung refused to comment on the introduction of the online service.

It is unclear why the IT giant is refusing to announce the introduction of the online version of their streaming service, which is now in beta.

Samsung’s surprise action might indicate that the company is looking for new methods to expand the reach of its streaming service to a far bigger audience.

Smart TV Plus Adds More Content

Prior to releasing its streaming service on the web, Samsung introduced more material to the service and expanded its reach to include 10 additional countries in April. The Smart TV streaming service is now accessible in 23 countries, expanding its global reach. In accordance with the Samsung Newsroom, the TV Plus service is now accessible in India as well as in the following countries: Finland; the Netherlands; Sweden; Norway; Belgium; Denmark; Ireland; Luxembourg; and Portugal. International users will be able to take advantage of improved mobile app experiences as well as special artistic content in the coming months.

  • It has more than 1,000 channels in more than 100 countries.
  • On March 30, the regional Samsung TV Plus service added 27 new channels, comprising 22 worldwide channels and 5 Indian local channels, including 9xm, Republic, and The Q.
  • Expansion of the Samsung TV Plus App Users can also look forward to an improved TV Plus app, additional Smart TV capabilities, and the addition of art and lifestyle content to the platform in addition to the addition of ten new areas to the TV Plus service.
  • Users of the TV Plus app in Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, and Austria are scheduled to have access to the TV Plus app by the end of this year.
  • Those who possess Samsung Smart TVs and have downloaded the mobile app may also access more video-on-demand material for no additional charge on their devices.
  • Discover the Reasons Behind Her 3D Appearance Using Lightfarm Tech Times owns the rights to this content.
  • All intellectual property rights are retained.

Watch on Samsung Smart TVs

The Apple TV app is available on the majority of Samsung Smart TVs released in 2019 and after. Visit apple.com/apple-tv-app/devices/ for a list of individual Samsung Smart TV models that are compatible with the Apple TV application.

  1. Make a selection from the home screen of your Samsung Smart TV and then click on the Apple TV app icon to launch it, then sign in with your Apple ID if requested. After selecting a movie or television program from the Watch Now screen, scroll down to browse Apple TV+, Apple TV channels, or highlighted movies and television shows
  2. Take any of the following actions:
  • Play the item, or open it in a channel on your computer: Choose either Play or Open In from the drop-down menu. You can subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already done so by following the onscreen instructions. Subscribe to Apple TV+ by filling out the form below. Pick a plan that interests you and then follow the onscreen instructions to confirm your membership. Subscribe to a channel on Apple TV by doing one of the following: To subscribe, click on the subscription button and then follow the on-screen directions. Purchase or rent a film: Then, under Buy or Rent, choose the option you wish and confirm your purchase or rental
  • Or Purchase an episode or season of a television show: Choosing Buy, then selecting the option you want and confirming your purchase are the next steps

The Apple TV App User Guide for Smart TVs and Streaming Devices contains detailed information about the features available in the Apple TV app.

The Apple TV app must be installed on your Samsung Smart TV’s home screen before it can be used. To do so, follow the directions in the task below to locate and download it from the Samsung store.

What is Samsung TV Plus, and should you try it?

It might be tough to keep track of all of the numerous streaming and built-in apps that are available at any one time, given the large number of options available. This is absolutely the case with Samsung TV Plus, since the vast majority of people are completely unaware of what it is or what channels are available to them as a result of using it. Because of this, you may learn more about Plus and determine whether or not it is a good fit for you by conducting some preliminary research. Examine the features of this program to determine whether it is worthwhile to install or remove on your television.

What is Samsung TV Plus?

In most cases, there is no harm in taking a look at free TV channels before deciding whether to subscribe. Unfortunately, there are a plethora of different applications to pick from, which may make things a bit difficult. You don’t want to commit to a long-term membership service that will cost you more money than you can afford, so you should avoid doing so. As a result, Samsung TV Plus is a free video service that is included with all new Samsung televisions purchased after 2016. Without incurring any additional costs, you will get access to more than 50 additional channels on your television.

  • In essence, this is just Samsung’s foray into the internet streaming paradigm that has proven to be so successful for many of their competitors.
  • Over the past several years, they’ve actually added quite a few additional channels to the streaming service, as well as a diverse selection of TV series and other content.
  • As a result, there is no requirement for a PayPal account or credit cards.
  • The Samsung TV Plus app was also revealed to be accessible in the Google Play store for select Samsung Galaxy users by the end of 2020, so it may be worth checking out if you have access to the Play store.
  • Additionally, it will consume part of your data, so be sure you have adequate data available if you’re using your phone to watch television, since streaming television programming may consume a lot of data very rapidly.
  • Consider the channels available on the service, as well as the service’s overall lifespan on the market.

How many channels are on Samsung TV Plus?

The number of channels that you will be able to access will be determined on the country in which you reside. If you live in the United Kingdom, TV Plus will provide you with access to more than 50 distinct channels to choose from. However, if you live in another country, you may receive a different amount (the US has more than 100 channels to watch, for example). What types of channels does it have? In terms of channels, it has a variety of them, including Movies– Dust, Filmstream, and Movies Central are among of the options.

  • Entertainment– It’s all about the drama, the big names, and the Fail Army.
  • Cartoon Goggles, RIC TV, Pocket.Watch, Teletubbies are some of the games for kids.
  • This is just one sample of the channels that are available to you when you subscribe to Samsung TV Plus.
  • I understand.
  • Recently, they’ve formed partnerships with both Rakuten TV and Pluto TV, both of which are accessible through the TV Plus interface.

As a result, it is probable that more will be added to it in the near future. We already know that theBob the BuilderFriendschannels will be available in 2021, so there will undoubtedly be some new channels available for the kids to enjoy.

How long has Samsung TV Plus been around?

Despite the fact that the service has been available since the end of 2015, it was only completely launched in 2016. It’s been brought up again recently since they’ve been adding additional channels to the service; previously, there was a very limited amount of free channels available for you to watch on your computer or smartphone. From 2016 forward, Samsung has said that TV Plus would be available on every smart TV purchased through their website. So if you have a relatively recent model, you will have access to TV Plus on your television to watch.

Is Samsung TV plus free?

As a bonus, TV Plus is entirely free, so there isn’t really much to complain about. It’s a few extra channels for your television, and while not everything on there is really interesting to watch, there is definitely some interesting stuff on there from time to time. If you don’t care for Samsung TV Plus, you may easily delete the channels from your television by pressing the appropriate button. You may simply uninstall the app from your smart TV, which will remove all of the channels from your viewing experience.

Because the software is truly built into the Samsung TV, you can always restore the channels if you need them.

Is Samsung TV Plus any good?

If we’re being really honest, the selection on Samsung TV Plus does not match favorably to other premium services available, such as Netflix and the like. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of channels on here that you’d probably never watch, and some people may believe that a lot of them are just filler. However, as they enter into more and more agreements with other streaming services over the next several years, it’s more than probable that we’ll see a slew of new channels introduced to the service.

Also keep in mind that it does not incur any additional costs because it comes pre-installed on Samsung televisions, so there isn’t anything negative about it at all.

What to do if your Samsung TV Plus is not working

If you’re having trouble with TV Plus, you’re not only yourself in this situation. It’s a very new software, so there are likely to be some kinks in the interface at this point. To determine if a problem has been resolved, the best course of action is to do a factory reset on your television. This may be accomplished by heading toSettingsGeneralReset. If this doesn’t work, you may also try shutting it off at the wall for 10 minutes, which may also help to address the issue in certain cases. This will allow your television’s memory to be entirely cleared, and you should be able to access the streaming service as a result of doing so.

By selecting Contact Us, you may submit Samsung your self-diagnosis so that they can figure out what went wrong. It is possible that there is an issue on their end that will correct itself with time, and the ultimate option is to wait a few days.


Sometimes it’s difficult to tell whether something is a streaming device such as a Fire stick, a digital service such as Freesat, or simply an app for your television. There are so many new releases that it’s difficult for even me to keep up with everything! Just said, the Samsung TV Plus service is simply an extra function that will be included with each new Samsung smart TV that is released in the next several years, regardless of brand. However, while it is unlikely to be the determining factor in the purchase of a new smart TV for the majority of consumers, it is something worth considering.

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Samsung TV Plus App Not Working? Try these Fixes

If the Samsung TV’s cache is corrupted, your Samsung TV Plus channels may not function properly. Furthermore, faulty network settings or an out-of-date firmware version of the television may be to blame for the problem at hand. It becomes a problem when a user attempts to view a Samsung TV Plus channel on his television but the channel is either not displayed or a blank screen is displayed. The following sort of mistake may appear from time to time: When attempting to play the TV PLUS channel, there was a technical difficulty.

Samsung TV Plus Isn’t Activating To get your Samsung TV Plus to function again, try the options listed below.

When using a network security program (such as Pi-Hole), see whether adding the Samsung TV Plus IP addresses to the whitelist of your network protection application resolves the issue for you.

Power Cycle the Samsung TV

A momentary failure of the Samsung TV may prevent the Samsung TV Plus from functioning, and power cycling your Samsung TV may be necessary to resolve the situation.

  1. Unplug your Samsung TV from its power supply and turn off the television itself. Disconnect your television from the power source
  2. Afterwards, wait for 5 minutes, and then reconnect the television to the power source. Then turn on the television to see whether the TV Plus problem has been repaired. If the problem persists, open a Samsung TV Plus channel on the television (even if it is blank) and press and hold the power button on the remote control. Afterwards, when the TV restarts and the Samsung logo shows on screen, release the power button on the remote control and check to see if the Samsung TV Plus is functioning properly.

Clear the TV Cache

Samsung TV Plus may be unable to function due to a corrupted cache on the Samsung TV, and deleting the cache on the Samsung TV could be able to resolve the issue.

  1. Launch the Samsung TV’s Settings menu and select TV Device Manager from the drop-down menu. Open TV Device Manager from the Samsung TV Settings menu
  2. Then, by clicking on the appropriate buttons, clear the TV’s cache, stop any open applications, conduct a RAM boost, and free up storage space. Cleaning the Samsung TV’s cache and performing a memory boost are recommended. Examine the Samsung TV Plus to see if it is in proper working order once the cleaning process is completed.

Use the Google DNS

If your ISP’s DNS is unable to resolve the Samsung TV Plus server addresses, the Samsung TV Plus may not function properly. In this case, enabling your television to utilize the Google DNS service may be a viable solution.

  1. Start by navigating to theSettingsMenu on your Samsung TV and selecting theNetworktab
  2. Then selectNetwork Status and then the button for IP Settings to complete the process. Open the IP Settings menu in the Samsung TV’s Settings
  3. Then go to DNS Settings and choose Manually enter the DNS address. Fill up the blanks with the DNS values for the Samsung TV
  4. Then type the following: Make your selections in the Google DNS Server section of the Samsung TV’s settings
  5. Then save your modifications and turn off the Samsung TV. Wait for one minute and then turn on the television to see if the Samsung TV Plus is functioning properly. Whether the problem remains, see if restoring the DNStoObtain Automaticallyresolutions the problem at the root cause. Adjust your Samsung TV’s DNS settings so that it uses an automatic DNS server.

Update the Firmware of Your Samsung TV

The Samsung TV Plus may not function properly if the firmware on your Samsung TV is out of current, since it may cause incompatibility with other devices or modules. Updating the firmware on your Samsung TV may resolve the issue.

  1. Open theSettings menu on your television and selectSupport
  2. Open Software Update and, in the right pane, click on the Update Now button. To check for software updates, go to Settings > Software Update on your Samsung TV. If any are available, let them download and install. Choose Update Now for Samsung TV from the drop-down menu. As soon as the updates have been installed, reset your Samsung TV and check to see if the TV Plus app is still operational.

Whether the update fails when done through Wi-Fi, see if upgrading using Ethernet cords solves the issue.

Perform a Smart Hub Connection Test

If the Samsung TV Plus is unable to establish a connection with its servers, it may not function properly, and running a Smart Hub Connection Test may be necessary to resolve the issue (as it will re-establish the connection).

  1. Launch theSettingsapp on your Samsung TV and navigate to the Support menu
  2. Select Smart Hub Connection Test from the Self Diagnostics menu
  3. Then wait till the test procedure is complete and then check to see if the Samsung TV Plus is functioning properly. Start the Smart Hub Connection Test by pressing the button.

Disable IPv6 in the TV Settings

If your TV is attempting to use the IPv6 protocol but your network is experiencing difficulties with the IPv6 protocol, the Samsung TV Plus may not function properly.

In this case, deactivating IPv6 in the settings of your television may be sufficient to resolve the issue.

  1. Open theGeneral menu in theSettings of your Samsung television. Open General in the Samsung TV Settings
  2. Then pick Network and Expert Settings from the drop-down menu. Activate Network in General in the Samsung TV’s configurations
  3. After that, turn off the IPv6 protocol and see if the Samsung TV Plus problem has been repaired. The IPv6 protocol must be disabled in the Samsung TV’s Expert Settings.

Edit the Date and Time Settings of Your TV

If the date and time settings on your television are not properly setup, the Samsung TV Plus may not function properly. In this case, changing the date and time settings on your television may be sufficient to resolve the issue.

  1. Open the Settings menu on your Samsung TV and select the General tab
  2. Then pick System Manager from the drop-down menu. To access System Manager, go to the General Settings of your Samsung TV and select System Manager
  3. Then select Clock and change the Clock Mode to Manual. Open the Clock application in the Time Tab of your Samsung TV
  4. Now enter the right date and time on your television. Make a manual adjustment to the date and time in the Samsung TV Settings
  5. Then test to see whether the Samsung TV Plus is functioning properly
  6. Open System Manager on the Samsung TV (steps 1 to 2) and pick Language if the problem persists. Once your chosen language is selected (if it has previously been selected, re-select it), turn the clock mode back to automatic and see if the Samsung TV Plus problem has been repaired.

Reset Network Settings of the Samsung TV

In certain cases, faulty network settings on the Samsung TV are the root cause of the Samsung TV plus problem under discussion, and changing the network settings on your TV may resolve the issue.

  1. Go to theGeneral tab in theSettings of your Samsung TV after launching the menu. Then open Network and select Reset Network from the drop-down menu. Reset the network settings on your Samsung television
  2. Now, confirm that you want to reset the network and wait for the procedure to be completed. After that, connect your TV to a network and see if the TV Plus app problem has been repaired.

If the problem remains, try connecting to a wired network to see if it resolves the TV Plus problem.

Reset Samsung Smart Hub to the Defaults

The Samsung Smart Hub (which allows you to sideload third-party apps to your TV) may have been installed incorrectly, which may have resulted in the Samsung TV Plus not operating properly. Resetting the Samsung Smart Hub may resolve the Samsung TV Plus issue. Before you relocate, create a copy of all of your important TV information (such as app logins) and data.

  1. Navigate to theSupporttab in theSettings of your Samsung television. Go to Device Care and choose Self Diagnostics
  2. Now click OK. Then selectReset Smart Huband, if prompted, input the PIN for your television. The Samsung TV’s Smart Hub should be reset to its default settings. Once the reset procedure has been completed, set up the Samsung TV Plus and verify that it is operating normally.

Perform the Factory Reset of the Samsung TV

It is possible to have the Samsung TV Plus problem if the Samsung TV’s firmware has been corrupted. In this situation, resetting the Samsung TV to its factory settings may be necessary to resolve the issue. Before you begin, create a backup of all of the important TV information and data (such as login information for applications, etc.).

  1. SelectSupportfrom theSettingsof your Samsung TV and then click onSelf Diagnosticsand then selectReset from the drop-down menu. Otherwise, check the General tab if the Reset option is not accessible under the Self Diagnostics menu option. Reset the Samsung TV to its factory settings
  2. Then validate the reset of the TV
  3. And last, start up the TV to see if the TV Plus is operating properly.

Check to see if changing the Aerial Type to Terrestrial (to the right of the channel list) resolves the issue if the problem continues to remain. For Samsung, change the Aerial Type to Terrestrial. TV In addition to being a proactive and self-motivated information technology specialist, Kevin also possesses extensive understanding of all areas of network infrastructure design, implementation, and management. Exceptional track record of completing many large-scale mission-critical projects on schedule and on budget in a timely manner.

Samsung TV Plus launches on phones after becoming a runaway success on TVs

Samsung is stepping up its commitment to free, ad-supported streaming: In the wake of transforming Samsung TV Plus into a big success story on smart TVs, the company is bringing the service to some of its most recent mobile phones this week. Owners of Samsung Galaxy Note20, Galaxy S20, Galaxy Note10, or Galaxy S10 smartphones and tablets will be able to access TV Plus on their devices starting on Wednesday, according to a corporate announcement made on Tuesday. There are several reasons why the mobile debut of TV Plus is noteworthy.

Furthermore, it represents a stunning turnaround for Samsung, which has long battled to win over users for its own media services.

If you don’t have a Samsung television, it’s likely that you’ve never heard of TV Plus before.

TV Plus is one of the top five most-used applications for Samsung smart TVs, and it is the second-most popular free video app, according to the company.

In addition, the service is prominently displayed on the home screen of compatible Samsung televisions, and a button is included on the remote controllers for simple navigation.

Because it is free, it has attracted more viewers; Kim claims that engagement and viewing counts have more than doubled during the outbreak.

When compared to Samsung’s previous forays into the television industry, the success of TV Plus is particularly impressive.

Milk Music and the video service, on the other hand, failed to establish enough traction to survive; Samsung shut down the video service in late 2015 and subsequently discontinued Milk Music in 2016.

After first launching as a movie rental business in the United States in 2016, the firm expanded its operations to South Korea, where it began testing with ad-supported videos in 2017.

As a result, Samsung modified the model in the United States.

Samsung is not the only company that have seen success in the ad-supported video arena.

When these linear streaming services first launched a few years ago, they mostly carried unknown and online-only video companies.

In addition, Samsung began curating its own channels, including a “Kitchen Nightmares” channel with Gordon Ramsay, which debuted in April 2015.

Additionally, the organization intends to expand its reach in the next months by entering other markets.

The fact that TV Plus is now expanding its reach beyond televisions to include smartphones demonstrates just how important the service is to the corporation.

Industry insiders have also stated that the development of products is fully determined by the hardware marketing cycles.

It appears that TV Plus has been successful in breaking the loop. According to Kim, “it is influencing our way of thinking.” She went on to say, “I believe this is here to stay and flourish in an incredible way.”

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