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What is Samsung Knox? Here’s what we found.

Samuel Contreras / Android Central is the source of this information. The best answer:Samsung Knox is a security layer that is incorporated into the Android and Tizen operating systems on Samsung devices to provide an additional degree of protection for your data.

  • Security at 5G speeds: Samsung Galaxy S20 5G ($790 on Amazon)
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 5G ($790 on Amazon)

Bring your own device

A large number of individuals use their personal phones for professional purposes; BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) regulations are becoming increasingly common as phone costs continue to rise and consumerAndroid phones continue to get safer. We’ve seen Enterprise-level mobile solutions from both Apple and Google, but Samsung Knox is likely the most user-friendly — for you as well as any IT manager — of the options available today. If you have a Galaxy phone that is less than a year old, such as the S20 FE, it is likely that it is running Samsung Knox software.

Knox is also included into the Tizen operating system used by Samsung’s wearables.

What is Samsung Knox?

Joe Maring / Android Central is the source of this information. Samsung Knox is a specific security layer included in Samsung’s top-tier smartphones that allows users to divide and isolate their personal and professional data. As previously stated, the majority of us will utilize Knox to power Samsung Pass and Secure Folder, both of which can be found in the Biometrics and security area of your phone’s settings menu. Samsung Pass saves sign-in information in a safe manner and allows you to access it using the biometrics built into your phone.

  1. It is important to note that after you have configured it and opened the folder, you will have a new version of these applications that cannot be viewed by the rest of your phone.
  2. Adding further applications to the Knox-protected layer will cause them to be “copied” to a location where they and their data will be kept separate from the identical app on the “normal” layer of your phone.
  3. Knox is also software that your organization’s information technology department may use to manage all of the devices in the firm.
  4. The Knox layer on phones that are part of the server’s group is something you wouldn’t use at home (although you could, if you wanted to), and it’s a means for an IT department to administer the Knox layer on those phones.
  5. Learn more about ithere, and if you’re an IT professional looking for a multi-device management solution, you may speak with a representative from any of the four main mobile carriers in the United States for bids.
  6. Knox is also approved for use in military installations.
  7. The implication of this is that organizations such as the United States Department of Defense believe Knox is secure enough for its workers to use (things with clearance levels of sensitive or below).
  8. Android Central is the source of this information.

Samsung employs an e-fuse to determine whether or not unapproved software has been booted, with the warranty status check changing to 0x1 if this has been determined. A flash back to the factory software will not fix this problem.

Do you need to use it?

You are not need to utilize Samsung Knox, and unless you are the sort that likes to tinker with the software on your phone, you will never notice that it is present. However, if you have a phone that is optimized for Knox, you may take use of the free service. There’s a good chance you don’t have any top-secret information on you, and no one is following you and trying to steal your information. People and organizations who actually want to steal user data, on the other hand, are opportunistic – you might not be a target, but they will be more than delighted to take whatever they can from you if they happen to come across your phone by accident.

  • Knox is free, and you already have it installed; why not take use of it?
  • By putting an application within Knox, you can ensure that its data is protected from prying eyes unless you know the password.
  • Using Samsung Knox for day-to-day activities such as texting or managing your contacts is generally not a good idea (though you could).
  • Not being a member of an Enterprise business is not a requirement for valuing your privacy; in fact, Samsung has provided you with a highly capable tool for doing so.

Secure on 5G

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Samsung Knox – Wikipedia

Samsung Knox

Developer(s) Samsung Group
Initial release March 2013
Stable release 3.8 / 23 November 2021; 42 days ago
Operating system AndroidandTizen
Website www.samsungknox.com /en

Samsung Knoxis a proprietary security and management architecture that comes pre-installed on the vast majority of Samsung mobile devices and tablets. In its most basic form, it is intended to give enterprises with a set of capabilities for controlling work devices, such as employee mobile phones or interactive kiosks. Knox gives you more precise control over the basic work profile, allowing you to handle features that are exclusively available on Samsung devices. Its capabilities may be grouped together in one of three categories: data security, device management, and VPNcapability.

Customization of managed mobile devices is possible for organizations by specifying a variety of features, such as pre-loaded programs and settings, boot-up animations, home screens, and lock screens.

Organizations will be able to utilize select Samsung mobile device cameras as barcode scanners starting in December 2020, with Knox services being used to record and analyze the data.


Samsung Knox delivers hardware and software security capabilities that allow corporate and personal material to coexist on the same device while maintaining their respective levels of protection. In order to assist organizations in managing fleets of mobile devices, Knox integrates web services. This enables IT administrators to register new devices, identify a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) system, define the organizational rules that govern the use of devices, and upgrade device firmware over the air.

KnoxSDKs and REST APIs are available to developers for use in integrating these functionalities into their applications.


In order to better serve enterprises, Samsung Knox offers the following web-based services:

  • In order to help enterprises, Samsung Knox offers the following web-based services:

The majority of services are registered and accessed using the Samsung Knox web interfaces, with a small number of services available through the Samsung Knox software development kit.

Knox Capture

Knox Capture makes use of the camera on a Samsung mobile smartphone to capture all major barcode symbologies, including UPC, Code 39, EAN, and QR codes. IT administrators may manage the input, formatting, and output settings of scanned barcode data using a web-based portal, as well as connect a device app with the data (for example, an Internet browser for QR data).

Knox Asset Intelligence

In addition, Knox Asset Intelligence assists enterprises in optimizing the management, productivity, and lifetime of mobile devices. Information technology administrators may monitor device battery management, app usage insights, full device tracking, and thorough Wi-Fi analytics using a web-based portal.


As part of the Galaxy S3 in 2013, Samsung Knox introduced a proprietary container feature that allowed users to keep important programs and data in a secure execution environment while remaining connected to the internet. Knox symbol located in the lower-left corner of the device screen allowed device owners to switch between personal and corporate applications with a tap. The Knox Workspace, a proprietary container that was subsequently renamed, was administered by businesses using a Unified Endpoint Management system.

Personal Knox, which was rebranded as My Knox in 2014, was one of these consumer-oriented versions.

In 2018, Samsung worked with Google to utilize itsAndroidwork profile to protect applications and data, and in 2019, the Knox Workspace container was deprecated and no longer supported.

Samsung Real-Time Kernel Protection (RKP)

This function detects kernel changes in real time and stops the phone from starting.

It also displays a warning notice about using “Unsecured” Samsung devices, which is a security risk. As with Androiddm-verity/AVB, this functionality requires an assignedbootloader in order to function.

Security Enhancements for Android (SE for Android)

Although Android phones are already secured against malicious malware or vulnerabilities thanks to features such as SE for Android and other security measures, Samsung Knox delivers frequent updates that scan for patches to further safeguard the OS.

Secure Boot

Before booting into the main kernel, Samsung performs a pre-boot environment to check for a signature match on all operating system (OS) parts before proceeding to the main kernel. Detection of an illegal alteration results in the trip of the three-fuse, which causes the system’s status to shift from “Official” to “Custom.”

Other features

A number of other features that make enterprise use easier are built into Samsung Knox, including Samsung KMS (SKMS) for eSE NFC services, Mobile device management (MDM), Knox Certificate Management (CEP), Single Sign-On (SSO), One-Time Password (OTP), SIM PIN Management, Firmware-Over-The-Air (FOTA), and Virtual Private Networking (VPN) (VPN). Since the introduction of Android Oreo, Samsung has patched the kernel to prevent root access from being provided to apps, even if rooting has been successfully accomplished.


Knox has hardware security mechanisms such as ARM TrustZone (a technology similar to TPM) and a bootloaderROM that are integrated into the device. Knox Verified Boot, in conjunction with Knox security that is incorporated into the phone’s hardware, monitors and protects the phone during the booting process (introduced in Knox 3.3).


Samsung Galaxy S10e with tripped e-fuse that has been rooted It is used by Samsung Knox devices to determine whether or not a “untrusted” (non-Samsung) boot route has been used in the previous session. The e-fuse will be activated if the device boots with a bootloader, kernel, kernel initialization script, or data that has not been signed by Samsung. When the warranty bit:reason is set, the text “Set warranty bit:reason” shows. The e-fuse may also be set by rooting the device or flashing an Android version that is not from Samsung.

In the United States, Samsung may use this information to deny warranty servicing to devices that have been updated in this manner, if the information is provided.

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In addition to voiding the warranty, tripping the e-fuse inhibits the operation of several Samsung-specific applications, such as Secure Folder, Samsung Pay, Samsung Health, and the secret mode of the Samsung Browser, from functioning.

Samsung DeX

Alternatives to consider Knox 3.3 introduced Samsung DeX, which allows users to grant or deny access based on the Knox platform, providing greater control and security.

Samsung Knox TIMA

Alternatives to take into consideration As part of Knox 3.3, the Knox platform was enhanced with the addition of Samsung DeX, which allows for greater control and security.

Notable security mentions

Five Samsung smartphones were listed on the Defense Information Systems Agency’s (DISA) list of authorized items for sensitive but unclassified usage in June 2014, according to the Defense Information Systems Agency. According to a security researcher, Samsung Knox keeps PINs in plain text rather than saving salted and hashed PINs and processing them through disguised code, as was previously believed. In October 2014, the National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States approved the use of Samsung Galaxy smartphones in a program aimed at rapidly deploying commercially available technology.

In May 2016, Israeli researchers Uri Kanonov and Avishai Wool discovered three vulnerabilities in Knox that were only present in particular versions.


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External links

Samsung Knox is a feature that allows you to keep your business and personal data separate and safe on Samsung Android devices that enable it. This Samsung Knox tutorial covers the importance of the platform, how to utilize it, and other topics. Employees are connecting their mobile devices to unsecure wireless networks; thus, how can you prevent probable data theft from taking place? One method is to separate personal information from corporate information. You should be aware that if your firm uses Samsung smartphones, some of those devices may be equipped with a feature known as Samsung Knox, which is a technology that allows business and personal material to coexist safely on the same cellphone.

We’ll update this guide on a regular basis as fresh information and updates concerning Samsung Knox become available.

Executive summary

  • What is Samsung Knox, and how does it work? Samsung Knox is an underlying technology that allows personal and corporate data to coexist on the same Samsung device while maintaining data isolation
  • It was developed by Samsung. What is the significance of Samsung Knox? Because so many employees now use their mobile devices for work, it is critical that important corporate information does not become lost or stolen as a result of this trend. Without a structure for segregating commercial data from personal data, there’s no way to avoid irresponsible usage to lead to data theft
  • Who is it that Samsung Knox has an impact on? Samsung Knox has an impact on business users that utilize a Samsung flagship smartphone, such as the Galaxy S7, to conduct business. Samsung Knox has an impact that extends beyond end users
  • In fact, this technology may be the decisive factor in whether or not a company chooses to deploy smartphones to its employees. When is the Samsung Knox event taking place? Samsung Knox was first launched in February 2013 and has been constantly developing and expanding its reach since then. What is the best way to get started with Samsung Knox? Samsung Knox can only be used with one of the numerous Samsung devices that have been approved by the company, as well as the My Knox application. The Secure Folder software is included by default on the Galaxy S8 and S8+, and Samsung recommends that customers move to it on all new Samsung devices going forward. Secure Folder may be downloaded and installed through the Samsung Galaxy Apps on your device if you have a Galaxy S7 or prior model.

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What is Samsung Knox?

Samsung Knox is a security layer that can be found on a variety of Samsung devices and is used to separate personal and commercial data. This additional layer effectively provides the user with a personal device as well as a work device-all on the same hardware. The business layer can only be accessed by inputting a password that has been generated by the user. Due to the fact that the Knox password is distinct from the regular lock screen password, it may also be considered an additional layer of protection.

As a default, the programs that may be accessed include the following: Camera (with gallery), Downloads (with email), S Planner (with my files), Phone (with contacts), and Internet (the Samsung-branded web browser). The Samsung Knox system is made up of three components:

  • Hardware (Samsung Knox-compatible devices)
  • Software (My Knox, which can be accessed on the Google Play Store)
  • And service (a Knox-compatible mobile management server) are all required.

The first two of these components must be in place for Samsung Knox to work properly. The third component must also be present. The inclusion of the service will be crucial in the management of Knox-enabled devices in the commercial world. However, while the service is not required, it helps enhance the IT department’s ability to monitor devices that are Knox-enabled. Please keep in mind that the service will be subject to a monthly cost, which may vary based on the service platform you choose to utilize.

Another extremely essential component of Samsung Knox is that it works withAndroid for Work.

  • Real-time Kernel Protection (RKP) is a feature that protects the kernel in real time. Malware scanning using DM-Verity
  • Boots that you can rely on

The Android for Work on Knox devices page contains a comprehensive description of the ways in which Samsung Knox may be used in conjunction with Android for Work. Resources that aren’t listed here

  • Knox integration might be the key to using Android in the corporate, according to TechRepublic
  • Samsung Knox isn’t as safe as you would believe, according to TechRepublic
  • And more. Google Project Zero: How we hacked Samsung’s DoD and NSA-certified Knox (ZDNet)
  • Google Project Zero: How we cracked Samsung’s DoD and NSA-certified Knox (ZDNet)
  • From the Samsung Galaxy S to the Samsung Galaxy S8, here’s how the Android top smartphone has evolved in appearance (ZDNet). The Samsung Galaxy Note7: A User’s Guide for the Educated (TechRepublic)
  • The Samsung Galaxy S7 isn’t very attractive, but it gives excellent value in terms of security and business functions, according to TechRepublic. Knox-enabled Galaxy devices have been cleared for use in classified operations in the United States (ZDNet).

Why does Samsung Knox matter?

The National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States certified Samsung Galaxy smartphones running Knox in October 2014 as part of a program for fast implementing commercially available technology. In doing so, the National Security Agency broke with its long-standing BlackBerry-only policy and essentially certified Knox-supported Samsung smartphones suitable for federal operations. That was a significant victory for Samsung, and it should go a long way toward explaining why Knox is important: Security.

  1. Knox is available for both Android and iOS devices.
  2. The combination of Android for Work with Samsung Knox offers the highest level of security available on an Android platform today.
  3. If a user’s device is lost or stolen, they may use this application to access their data from any online browser, as well as find a misplaced device, reset the Knox password, and even complete a secure wipe.
  4. Samsung Knox has been certified by the organizations listed below:
  • Common Criteria
  • FIPS PUB 140-2
  • Finland (Finnish Security Auditing Criteria)
  • ISCCC (International Safe Community Certifying Centre)
  • UK National Cyber Security Centre
  • Netherlands AIVD
  • State Standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • And more.

Resources that aren’t listed here

  • Executive’s guide to mobile security (TechRepublic) is a free e-book. The following are five mobile security considerations that should not be overlooked (TechRepublic): YouTube video: How to keep your company’s data safe when traveling (courtesy of TechRepublic)

Who does Samsung Knox affect?

Samsung Knox is only relevant to enterprises and business-class customers, and any organization trying to gain a competitive advantage in mobile security should give it serious consideration. Business management and information technology personnel must be properly informed about Samsung Knox, including what it is, how it works, and how to manage the devices that have been installed.

Knowing everything there is to know about Samsung Knox might be the decisive factor in which mobile devices a firm chooses to deploy. Samsung Knox is not anything that consumers should be concerned about. Resources that aren’t listed here

  • BYOD (bring-your-own-device) policy (according to Tech Pro Research)
  • Insider BYOD threats: 10 strategies to mitigate them (TechRepublic)
  • According to TechRepublic, an eye scan will soon be able to unlock Samsung and Apple phones. Use Samsung’s Ultra Power Saving Mode (TechRepublic) as a quick tip to conserve battery life. Is it possible to create a better and more successful digital workplace? (ZDNet)
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When is Samsung Knox happening?

Samsung Knox was first unveiled in February of this year. It was certified for use with this technology in 2014, and it was incorporated into the Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note 3, and Galaxy Note 10.1 smartphones. (Check out this official site for a comprehensive list of Samsung Knox-compatible devices). Samsung Knox was approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Defense (DoD) shortly after the original devices were approved. Since its initial release, Samsung Knox has progressed significantly.

  • Citrix, IBM, Samsung SDS, Araise, SAP, CapaSystems, MobileIron, AirWatch, Sophos, SOTI, Microsoft Intune, BlackBerry
  • Citrix, IBM, Samsung SDS, Araise, CapaSystems, MobileIron, SOTI, Microsoft Intune, BlackBerry

Resources that aren’t listed here

  • How to scale the Android display (TechRepublic)
  • Video: How to scale the Android display What you need to know about the Android Security Bulletin for March 2017 (TechRepublic)
  • Android Nougat: A Smart Person’s Guide (TechRepublic)
  • Android Nougat: A Smart Person’s Guide (TechRepublic)
  • Android Nougat: A Smart Person’ According to ZDNet, Google has released an Android O developer version with increased battery life and alerts.

How do I start using Samsung Knox?

How to Scale the Android Display (TechRepublic): Video Tutorial What you need to know about the Android Security Bulletin for March 2017 (TechRepublic). Android Nougat: The Smart Person’s Guide (TechRepublic); Android Nougat: The Smart Person’s Guide (TechRepublic); Android Nougat: The Smart Person’s Guide (TechRepublic); Android Nougat: The Smart Person’s Guide (TechRepublic); Android Nougat: The Smart Person’s Guide (TechRepublic); Android Nougat: The Smart Person’s Guide (TechRepublic); Android Nougat: The Smart Person’s Guide (TechRepublic); Android Nougat: The Smart Person’ With better battery life and alerts, Google has released the Android O developer preview (ZDNet).

  • White paper: Survey on Security Risks in Android OS and an Introduction to Samsung KNOX (Creative Commons paper on TechRepublic)
  • White paper: Survey on Security Risks in Android OS and an Introduction to Samsung KNOX How to Use Progressive Web Apps on Android (TechRepublic)
  • How to Use Progressive Web Apps on iOS (TechRepublic)
  • 4 methods for sending encrypted texts on Android, according to TechRepublic
  • CNET has photos of Samsung’s latest battery testing, including an inside peek at the process.

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Samsung Knox: All you need to know

If you believe that your Android cellphones are secure in terms of your data, you should rethink your position. Hackers and remote attackers can take advantage of the millions of Android cellphones in circulation. Your data is never completely protected, especially when you download programs from untrusted sources like third-party app stores. Unfortunately, there are still a number of eavesdropping applications that contain adware and spyware that are available on Google’s official app store, and they are being identified and removed by Google.

  • There are several security applications available that can assist you in detecting and combating malware applications.
  • The only way to ensure that your Android smartphone is safe and secure is to ensure that the protection is provided by the operating system layer itself.
  • The primary reason for this is the increased costs associated with the transaction.
  • Every Samsung Galaxy smartphone on the market is equipped with Samsung’s Knox security system.
  • Many governments throughout the world have confidence in this mobile security solution, which is built from the chip up.
  • Knox is a multi-layered framework that has been integrated into both the hardware and software of Samsung’s most recent smartphones and tablets.
  • All users, from the average smartphone user to those with enterprise-level requirements, may benefit from this safe and reliable solution.

Knox is genuinely advantageous in a corporate context, where administrators may use it to keep business and personal data separate and safe, guaranteeing that no harm is posed to the business data by an unknown program or a possible user.

In brief, everything you do in your personal area on your phone cannot be transferred or pushed to the business layer, and vice versa, in order to ensure that data is kept private and does not leak out to third parties.

As a result of the fact that employees will almost certainly be using their smartphones at home and on unsecured wireless connections all around the world, it is essential that organizations isolate this activity.

What is the significance of Knox?

What is the mechanism through which this operates?

There is no need to restart the device.

The Knox security feature is supported by a large number of Samsung devices.

The following is a comprehensive list of Samsung devices that include Knox functionality.

Knox will not only enable your device to function while it is turned on, but it will also safeguard your device when it is booting up and when it is turned off.

It is stored in a safe location known as TrustZone in the device chipset, where it is protected from prying eyes.

At runtime, the kernel is constantly monitored and protected by the operating system.

What role does Knox play in the corporate world?

It is sufficient for him to create a profile and administer the devices from a cloud-based Knox dashboard in order to configure the device.

What about people on their own?


Every single individual who has a smartphone today, aside from those who use other data-sensitive private applications, is almost certainly utilizing banking and wallet apps.

As an example, when you use Samsung Pay, Knox ensures that your credit card information is always encrypted and stored in a separate and secure data vault.

What is the significance of Knox?

As a result, Samsung handsets might be considered one of the most secure gadgets available, second only to BlackBerry.

Is it possible for businesses to customize Knox to meet their specific needs?

Samsung KNOX, in response to the rising usage of smart phones in enterprises, satisfies the mobile security demands of enterprise IT without breaching the privacy of its employees, according to the company.

KNOX is easily connected with current MDM, VPN, and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync solutions, allowing administrators to create a security solution that is tailored to the specific needs of their organization.

The Knox Customization SDK may be used to create devices that are specifically designed for specific vertical markets.

Knox Customization Services provide consultancy and development support to create bespoke software for corporate and enterprise purposes, allowing for even more personalization of Samsung devices.

Also feasible is the presentation of a single or a few critical applications while preventing or restricting access to the underlying Android operating system.

In contrast to simple vanilla Android, which can only answer roughly thirty information technology regulations, Samsung KNOX can address more than 500 IT policies.

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Samsung Knox Capture – Apps on Google Play

Samsung Knox Capture is a barcode scanner solution that both functions as a data wedge and a keyboard wedge in one package. You can easily collect, process, and transport data (wedge) into business application(s) without having to write a single line of code. You can also transform the camera on your Samsung rugged smartphone into an enterprise-grade barcode scanner solution in a matter of minutes. Wedging data into business apps (native, online, and hybrid) and data collection without the need to write code is a powerful feature.

  • – Assign hardware buttons to end users without any problems, allowing them to activate scanning without delay, enhancing productivity.
  • – From an EMM, you can effortlessly export settings and transmit them to as many devices as you like.
  • * 2D Barcodes:QR Code, Micro QR Code, Aztec, Maxicode, Datamatrix, PDF417, DotCode * 1D Barcode: UPC/EAN, Code39, Code128, Code11, Code25, Code93,Codabar, MSI Plessey, Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF), GS1 Databar* Terms and restrictions apply.
  • This is an enterprise business app and all capabilities are accessible with the purchase of a trial or commercial license.If installed and used on an enterprise device, an IT administrator can control the application.1.
  • Knox Capture -3 will be introduced in a blog post.

Samsung Knox

IT workers wishing to monitor and safeguard business data in an Android environment will find Samsung KNOX, an enterprise-level cloud solution, to be an excellent fit for their needs. A powerful authentication system such as KNOX EMM, along with a Single Sign-On (SSO) feature, ensures that workers operate in a secure environment. The Mobile Device Management feature enables administrators to manage the corporate mobile infrastructure from a cloud-based portal and to apply the appropriate settings in accordance with the organization’s data security standards.

Justifications for Using Samsung KnoxKnox is a security solution that ensures the long-term viability and integrity of corporate Android infrastructure.

If you are adopting a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy, keep corporate and personal data separate on personal mobile devices.

Mobile Dimension, a business specializing in enterprise mobility development, was the first distributor of Samsung Knox solutions in Russia and today has the broadest portfolio of Samsung technologies for enterprise deployments in the country.

Implementing Samsung Knox in conjunction with Mobile Dimension ensures a complete and professional approach to data protection for business data, as well as effective centralized control of corporate mobile devices running on Android, iOS, and Windows platforms.

  • Option 1: Contact us via phone. We would be pleased to answer any queries you may have by phone at 8-800-555-67-13. Option 2: Send an email to our address [email protected] We will respond to you as soon as possible
  • Option 3: Complete the online inquiry form. Download the brief, fill it out, and send it back to us. Our manager will get in touch with you.

Why work with us?

  • Get outcomes that are guaranteed. Mobile Dimension is a SAP Solution Validated Expertise Partner that has been certified. Successful collaboration with some of the major Russian and worldwide corporations, including Lukoil and Rosatom, as well as the Federal Treasury of Russia, X5 Retail Group, EFES, and many more, demonstrates our experience in this field. Get comprehensive solutions. We build full-cycle, end-to-end mobile solutions, starting from technical brief and design through promotion and support
  • Profitable mobile solutions are the result of putting all of our expertise, abilities, and competencies into creating profitable mobile solutions. Budgets, process, and goals for our mobile solutions are all clearly defined and visible at every level of development. Integrate disruptive technology into your workflow. We make use of cutting-edge technology offered by top suppliers – such as SAP, Samsung, Huawei, and others – and work hard to keep our professional level at the highest possible level.

We will not share your information with any other parties.

Samsung Knox

Samsung Knox, which is built into Samsung mobile devices, safeguards all of your customers’ data, allowing them to concentrate on what really important to them and their business.

An end-to-end solution that covers all your steps throughout your enterprise mobility journey

Knox Platform for Enterprise, Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox Manage, and Knox E-FOTA are some of the products available.

Stay secure, no matter what you do

Every Knox device is designed from the ground up to isolate, encrypt, and secure your customers’ data – including confidential files, credit card transactions, passwords, and health information – so that they can protect everything that is important to them. Knox devices are available in a variety of configurations. Your clients’ businesses may be protected by a multi-layered defense-grade security platform that includes comprehensive protection and management tools, as well as other benefits.

Device control and management for business devices that is both powerful and adaptable across platforms.

Focus on your business

The Knox solution suite enables corporate IT administrators at your clients’ companies to solve business demands across the full device lifetime. Mobile devices for corporate usage may be easily secured, deployed, and managed, allowing employees to remain productive while on the go.

Adapt devices to your needs

Knox business solutions enable the modification, rebranding, and deployment of mobile devices that are appropriate for the task at hand. Customers may use Samsung devices to become digital brand ambassadors, or they can build up interactive kiosks in retail stores to engage with customers. Securing your business with Samsung Knox is a mix of a tried-and-true security foundation built into Samsung devices, as well as a mature portfolio of business solutions that leverage this platform and are known as Secured by Knox.

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Knox security platform

At some point during the manufacturing process, the Knox platform is included in the actual chipset of the device. Knox provides protection for both enterprises and people that use Samsung smartphones, tablets, and wearables, according to the company.

Knox cloud solutions

Samsung’s array of Knox cloud solutions enables your customers’ enterprises to design, customize, deploy, and manage their devices in order to satisfy a variety of different and specialized requirements. Samsung devices are equipped with the Knox security platform, which protects them from the time they are unpacked and turned on by your consumers. These devices are protected by Knox, which includes multi-layered hardware and software security protections that are always activated on the device itself.

The Knox platform incorporates these defense and security mechanisms.

Besides serving as a security platform, the Knox platform serves as the base for a variety of solutions and services, such as personal Samsung applications and Knox corporate solutions. Look for Samsung devices that have the symbol as Samsung’s assurance of security.

  • Chip-up manufacturing is a type of manufacturing where parts are assembled piece by piece. Almost single piece of hardware that is used in Samsung smartphones is designed, manufactured, and validated by the company.
  • Isolation of data Your customer’s sensitive data may be totally segregated and stored in a safe location since it is built into every component.
  • Encryption of data If your customer’s data is kept on the Knox security platform, it will stay in an encrypted condition even if the device is stolen or lost.
  • Protection at the point of execution It is always in a secure condition on your customer’s Samsung device, preventing any unauthorised access to the kernel of their phone in real time

Users of the Samsung Knox Platform for Enterprise may benefit from additional security and administration capabilities designed specifically for corporate users. Take a look at the features offered on Samsung Android and Tizen wearables. See Samsung’s smartphones, tablets, and wearables for further information. Knox is used to secure the network, and Knox solutions are supported.

Samung Knox is trusted by security experts and government agencies

Knox platform 3.2 earned 27 out of 30 possible points. A wide number of use cases have benefited from Android’s reputation as a safe, dependable, and enterprise-ready mobile operating system, thanks to the Knox security feature. According to a Gartner report* published in 2019, the Knox platform scored 27 out of 30 excellent ratings.

Knox for Enterprise Mobility

Throughout the device life cycle, Samsung Knox provides IT administrators with a complete corporate mobility solution portfolio that addresses the demands of the business.


Market-proven security to promote your business. The fact that one security flaw is all that is required for someone to get control of your device means that Samsung Knox safeguards your device at every layer and at all times. So you can focus on your business no matter what.

  • Device security from beginning to end From manufacture to booting to running, a hardware-based trusted environment assures that the device is in good working order.
  • Security that is cutting-edge and always growing In order to provide the greatest degree of protection, Knox blends hardware and software, expanding capabilities on top of the Android Enterprise platform.
  • The security governance at Samsung Every decision Samsung takes – from research to design to assembly and manufacturing – is guided by the notion of security.


Instantly transform phones, tablets, and wearables into productive work gadgets. The process of deploying and configuring has been simplified. Work devices are automatically provisioned as soon as they are switched on, so they are ready to use straight away.

  • Mobile devices such as phones, tablets, and wearables may be transformed into workstations in seconds. Making the process of deploying and configuring easier. Work devices are immediately provisioned as soon as they are turned on, so they are ready to use straight away.
  • Setup and configuration of the EMM are required. Policies for information technology are automatically pushed and enabled, which makes life simpler for both IT and device users.
  • Suitable for the task Adapt existing equipment to become purpose-built appliances for use in any business.


Features that are versatile and comprehensive for all phases of device administration are included. Using tools designed to handle all phases of your customer’s device life cycle, you can ensure that their work-related devices are constantly under IT supervision. Anytime, anyplace, and in any sector is acceptable.

  • There is a wide variety of IT policies and equipment. In order to fulfill a wide range of compliance requirements
  • Management of all operating system updates Control the operating system versions on corporate-owned devices from a distance.
  • Available through a number of different partner solutions Knox management features that are more advanced

Knox for Device Customisation

Samsung devices may be customized to suit practically any business need. Knox capabilities enable your customers to remotely configure their phones, tablets, and wearables in large groups at a time.

Staging and Kitting

Equipment and software for device resellers and managed service providers Configure a large number of devices with custom settings and business apps, and ensure that they are ready to use right out of the box for users. Provide separate teams with gadgets that are ready to go to work. All of this is accomplished quickly and efficiently through the cloud.

  • Work tools are ready to go. Pre-install the business applications that are necessary, and uninstall the applications that are not required.
  • Preparation for work Pre-configure default device settings as well as critical business applications such as email and the web browser.
  • There will be no extra re-staging. Even after a factory reset, previously configured devices are automatically adjusted again.


Tools for mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), content suppliers, and marketers. Customers will find the Samsung Galaxy smartphones to be an appealing offer to accept. With Samsung Knox, you can take things a step further. They may use Samsung smartphones to promote and incorporate their company’s brand, including animated boot-up screens, customized home and lock screens, and their own applications. With Samsung Knox, any regular Samsung smartphone may be transformed into a limited-edition special edition.

  • Pre-installed with your favorite applications Customers may preload devices with their apps and content, as well as give shortcuts to corporate websites and phone numbers on the home screen of the device.
  • The apps you use are already preloaded. Preloading devices with their apps and content is an option for your clients, as is providing home screen shortcuts to company websites and phone numbers.
  • Configuration from a distance Devices are sent to end-users in mint-condition boxes that have been hermetically sealed.


Configuration from afar Products are sent to customers in immaculate condition in boxes that have been properly packed.

  • Restricted to a single application Setup your phones and tablets in single app mode or other business-related settings during the initial device setup process.
  • Hardware keys have been remapped. Change the function of physical buttons on Samsung smartphones to correspond to a certain application or functionality, such as push-to-talk or a barcode scanner
  • System that is tailored to your needs A wide range of device characteristics may be optimized as desired, including hiding notification and navigation bars, changing app icons and names, among other things.

By Darren Rawlinson, Mobile Solutions Manager

Untold numbers of resellers will come to us and tell us that their customers would like to use Samsung Knox. This is encouraging since it indicates that people are concerned about maintaining, safeguarding, and securing their mobile devices. However, when I respond with “That’s fantastic; what portion of Samsung Knox do they want?” it generally takes them by surprise.

Samsung Knox is more than just a piece of software; it is more than just a piece of software. It’s a comprehensive solution that includes everything from the device chipset to military-grade encryption.

So, let’s start with the device itself

Samsung Knox begins as a chipset that is only available in Samsung smartphones. Even at the moment of production, the security measures are put in place, with the chip’s case being shredded so that no one can tell which specific chip is included within the device! The device is protected from the minute it is turned on; the hardware checks the software and vice versa to ensure that nothing has been tampered with or compromised. Until you unlock the device with your fingerprint, pattern, or PIN, everything is protected by an encryption algorithm.

Now the opportunity really starts

The diversity of applications available enables us to fully use the capabilities of the one-of-a-kind Samsung Knox processor. Customers may access and control all of the software at www.samsungknox.com, and your customer will create their own login there after purchasing the product.

Knox Mobile Enrolment (KME)

KME is completely free and does not require any kind of license. KME connects your smartphone to a particular Mobile Device Management (MDM) system by enrolling it effortlessly over the air. There are several MDM systems available, and KME can manage the majority, if not all, of them. We enter the IMEIs of the smartphones into a master Samsung portal, and the devices will appear in the customers’ portal after that. As a result, the customer sets a straightforward profile that directs the device to the MDM solution.

This process cannot be stopped by the person who is carrying the device; it is easy and straightforward, and it takes place entirely over the air.

Knox Configure

Knox Configure is a customizing and configuration option that is only available from Samsung. Knox Configure, which requires a license, will alter the appearance, feel, and functionality of a device in order to make it seem more like your device in the user’s hands. From having the home and lock screens customized with an organization’s emblem to locking down the volume and other settings so that they cannot be changed, to having programs installed on the device or disallowed, anything is possible.

This includes documents such as PDFs and even User Guides as well as programs.

All of data is transmitted over the air, and creating the profiles requires only a few minutes of effort, thanks to a straightforward set of choices.

Knox Manage

In terms of customization and setup, Knox Configure is a one-of-a-kind solution offered only by Samsung. This software, which is available only with a license, will alter the appearance and feel of a gadget, making it more like your device in the hands of the user. Every aspect of device customization, from the home and lock screens being customized with an organization’s emblem to locking down the volume and other settings so that they cannot be changed, to placing programs on the device or blocking them, is covered.

Like no other manufacturer, you have the ability to customize the appearance and feel of a gadget. All of data is transmitted over the air, and the profiles are created in a matter of minutes by navigating through a straightforward set of choices.


Knox E-FOTA, which is exclusive to Samsung smartphones, gives your customers the ability to manage the system upgrades and security fixes that their devices get. FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) is used to update all of the devices on the network. This is the method via which crucial updates are sent. E-FOTA takes Samsung devices “off the grid” and allows the administrator complete control over the updates, including not just when they are sent, but also how they are delivered. Maybe just on Sundays, only if there is Wi-Fi and enough battery life remaining; all of these factors may be set up in the software.

Knox Platform For Enterprise (KPE)

KPE is the location where we deliver the military-grade solution. As the name implies, it is an encrypted container within a Samsung device, effectively creating an additional computer within a computer. It could be used to separate work from personal use and applications, or more likely, to use this separate container (which requires its own PIN or pattern to access it) for other work applications. Nothing can pass between the’standard’ component of the device and the KPE folder, which is password protected.

It will not be available in the gallery on the regular section of the device, and so forth and so forth.

A combination of KME, Knox Manage, E-FOTA and KPE is now now available (known as the “Knox Suite”), giving the absolute best of Samsung Knox at an appealing package pricing while also delivering all of the features of individual apps.

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