What Is Samsung Bixby

What is Bixby?

Bixby is the artificial intelligence assistant developed by Samsung that was originally featured on the Galaxy S8 and S8+. You may communicate with Bixby by speaking, sending text messages, or tapping on the screen. Because it is tightly interwoven with the phone, Bixby is capable of doing a large number of the tasks that you perform on your phone. The dedicated Bixby button, located on the left, provides a convenient method to summon Bixby. Bixby’s home page may be accessed by pressing the button on your phone for a brief period of time.

You may ask Bixby to provide you with information such as the weather forecast or the time of your next appointment.

Learn more about Galaxy for yourself by checking out the links below.

Bixby has authority over a few of applications, and more are expected to be added in the future.

What is Bixby? Samsung’s smart assistant explained

Besides supporting Google Assistant, Samsung’s Android phones come with its own voice assistant, named Bixby, in addition to Google Assistant compatibility. Bixby is Samsung’s attempt to compete with the likes of Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa on the smartphone front. Despite the fact that it has not achieved the kind of popularity enjoyed by the other three assistants, it is still pre-installed on many Samsung devices. Pocket-lint

What is Samsung Bixby?

Bixby is a virtual assistant that works on your behalf. This technology made its debut on the Samsung Galaxy S8 in 2017, and it is intended to function across a range of Samsung goods, having been implemented into various other devices such as Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerators and televisions. The device may be used to text, get personalised information about the weather, meetings, news articles, and other items, learn more about what it sees with the camera (for example, where to purchase a sofa in the camera view), and accomplish tasks such as sending a text message (such as call your Mum for you).

Samsung claims that it “learns, evolves, and adapts” to your preferences.

There is a sense that Samsung is more concerned with maintaining Bixby than with developing it.

More recently, with the debut of the Galaxy S21 series of smartphones, Samsung looked to be edging closer to Google, giving Google Discover on the home screen, for example, implying that it may be winding down some of its services in the future. Samsung declined to comment.

How Bixby works

Bixby is intended to allow you to carry out a wide range of interactions rather than just one or two, such as starting an app or doing a specific activity. Bixby is contextually aware, which means that it can recognize the situation in which the app is now in and conduct the appropriate actions in response to your requests. It also allows you to blend voice and touch commands. The ability to comprehend normal language implies that you don’t have to use pre-defined terms, but you may provide partial information and Bixby will interpret and take appropriate action.

As with other artificial intelligence solutions such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, the service operates by listening to your voice, interpreting the information, and returning the action that was taken as a result of the interpretations.

Wake word

Those that use the “Hi Bixby” wake phrase will be able to communicate with their device in natural English, similar to how you would communicate with Google Assistant. But because of the possibility of Bixby being launched accidently, adopting the button push approach prevents false recognition from occurring. This is solely applicable to the voice control portion of Bixby’s functionality. Alternatively, you’ll discover features such as Bixby Vision already incorporated into the camera and ready to go.

In our previous article, we highlighted that some older smartphones featured a Bixby button; on more contemporary devices, there is the option to have Bixby start on a double press or by pressing and holding the side/power button for a short period of time.

What Bixby can do?

One of the primary goals of Bixby is to be able to cope with gadgets that are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Here are a few instances of what Bixby is capable of doing:

  • Simply say “display this on my TV” to have your phone screen mirrored to a Samsung television. Saying “use this as my wallpaper” will store the image displayed on your phone’s screen as your phone’s wallpaper. In order to compel your gadget to perform precisely what you want, say “snap a selfie and post it on Facebook.” Say something like “remind me to take medicine at 3pm” and Bixby will remember to store the reminder. Saying “open Messages” will launch the Messages application. If you say “switch on HDR” in the Camera app, it will activate that function.

The Bixby button or saying the wake work command are required in order to utilize these instructions, which are all reasonable and match with the goals that Samsung initially set for Bixby when it launched the virtual assistant. It’s simple to ask it to perform simple tasks like as raising the volume or boosting the brightness of the phone screen. Bixby is quite capable when it comes to device control, as well as when it comes to drafting messages for you or reading incoming messages, among other things.

Bixby will also interface with third-party apps such as SmartThings, allowing you to operate your smart home with your voice. All of your SmartThings settings will need to be completed before Bixby will be able to provide a voice channel into that application.

Bixby’s home page

As soon as you click on the Bixby app shortcut, you will be transported to the app’s home page. By saying “Hi Bixby” and then pressing on the home symbol in the bottom right-hand corner, you can also go to this section of the app quickly. The best smartphone for 2021 is as follows: We put the best mobile phones on the market through rigorous testing, rating, and ranking. Chris Hall contributed to this article. This page serves as an excellent introduction to Bixby, demonstrating the kind of things that Bixby will accomplish as well as the things that you can see to obtain information from various applications and services, among other things.

You can also handle short commands, which will allow you to specify a basic phrase and a variety of tasks that will be performed when you say them.

Bixby Routines

By selecting the Bixby app shortcut, you will be transported to the app’s main page. By saying “Hi Bixby” and then pressing on the home symbol in the bottom right-hand corner, you can also get to this section of the app faster. The best smartphone for the year 2021 is. We put the best mobile phones on the market to the test, rate them, and then rank them. Chris Hall contributed to this report. This page serves as an excellent introduction to Bixby, demonstrating the kind of things that Bixby will accomplish as well as the things that you can see to obtain information from various applications and services, like Google.

Managing fast commands will allow you to establish a simple phrase and a variety of actions, which will allow you to automate repetitive tasks.

Bixby Vision

It is possible to use Bixby Vision to do a variety of tasks that make use of the camera on the phone. As with Google Lens or the Amazon shopping app, you can either ask Bixby what something is or open the camera app and tap on the “Bixby Vision” button, which works in a similar fashion to the Amazon shopping app. This is a fantastic function, however it’s one that we’ve used several times in other programs previously. When the camera is directed at anything, Bixby Vision will essentially recognize it and display alternatives based on what it sees, such as identifying a picture, identifying a location, identifying text, or directing the user to shopping possibilities.

When the Bixby Vision believes it has detected the presence of wine, it provides a wine search option. Once the device has been recognized, they then link to more information. We’ve seen it before:

  • Identify The Shard in London and make recommendations for nearby eateries
  • Recognize a box of chocolates and provide suggestions about where to get them
  • Identify a bottle of wine and provide information about it
  • Text may be recognized, making it simple to reproduce text from a poster.

Because it is not dependent on the whole Bixby Voice service and has direct access through the camera, you can use Bixby Vision without ever having to utilize the voice assistant. This is the nicest part of Bixby Vision. Pocket-lint

Bixby Home

In the beginning, there was a second side to Bixby, known as Bixby Home. On your phone’s home screen, it was located to the left of your homepage and served as a shortcut to your homepage. More lately, Samsung has switched its focus away from Bixby Home and toward Google Discover, however some older devices may still have Bixby Home installed. This was incorporated into the Upday news service in the United Kingdom, and Flipboard for people in other parts of the world. There are several cards in this section, which acts as a personal feed or scrolling list of information that Bixby may interact with, such as weather information, fitness activities, and buttons for managing Internet-of-Things sensors.

Bixby Reminders

In the beginning, there was a second side to Bixby, known as Bixby House. On your phone’s home screen, this appeared to the left of your homepage, and it was a part of the experience. Samsung has lately turned its focus away from Bixby Home and toward Google Discover, however some older devices may still have Bixby Home installed. This was incorporated into the Upday news service in the United Kingdom, and Flipboard for people in other parts of the world, as previously stated. This is packed with cards, which operate as a personal feed or scrolling list of information that Bixby may interact with, such as weather, fitness activities, and buttons for managing Internet-of-Things (IoT) products and other information.

Bixby Home is now in beta testing.

Restaurant recommendations

Depending on the areas you’ve been to in the past, Bixby can make recommendations for restaurants. This will be accomplished through the usage of existing capsules, such as Google Maps, which raises the issue of why someone would use Bixby when they could simply go to Google. Chris Hall is the author of this piece. The original version of this article was published on January 30, 2017.

What is Bixby? A guide to Samsung’s digital voice assistant

  • Bixby is a voice assistant that works in a similar way to Apple’s Siri and has been available only on Samsung smartphones since 2017. Starting Bixby may be accomplished in a variety of ways, including by hitting the Bixby key on the side of your smartphone. If your smartphone does not have a dedicated Bixby key, you may set it to open Bixby from the side button or the power button. More stories may be found in Insider’s Tech Reference collection
  • Click here.
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It may surprise you to hear that if you are using a Samsung smartphone for the first time, the company has developed its own voice assistant that is comparable to Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Assistant. It’s called Bixby, and it’s a virtual assistant that’s embedded into many Samsung smartphones.

You may use it in the same way that you would any other voice assistant, which means you can use it to answer inquiries, conduct basic requests, and automate actions that you undertake on a regular basis with your phone.

What to know about Bixby

However, unlike Google Assistant (which is also accessible on Samsung smartphones), Bixby is only available on Samsung devices and is not available on any other Android manufacturer’s handsets. Samsung has featured it on every new Samsung handset since the Galaxy S8 in 2017, when the company first introduced it. The Samsung Galaxy Watch, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Home, a smart speaker that was announced by Samsung in 2018 but has yet to be delivered, are all equipped with the voice assistant.

Bixby modes

Bixby has four major modes, which you may choose between depending on what you’re trying to do.

  • Bixby Homeis a landing page designed to assist you in making better use of Bixby. In addition to displaying frequent instructions, which are grouped into categories, it also provides suggestions and recommendations on how to use Bixby. Bixby Voiceis the most usual manner in which you’ll engage with the virtual assistant. Following the use of the wake word, you may simply tell the helper what you wish to be done. Type to Bixbydisplays a keyboard for you to use. Rather of chatting to Bixby, you may send him text messages. In addition to being accessed through Bixby Home, Bixby Vision integrates your device’s camera with artificial intelligence to provide you with sophisticated functionality like as real-time translation of written text. You can quickly access to Bixby Vision from the Camera app

Bixby Home is a landing page that contains Bixby commands as well as helpful hints for utilizing the service. In this article, Dave Johnson/Insider

How to activate Bixby

The method through which you launch Bixby is dependent on the device you own and how it has been set. Starting Bixby can be accomplished in one of four ways.

Use your voice

Using the wake word “Hi, Bixby,” you may activate the virtual assistant from any screen, even if your phone is in sleep mode with the screen turned off. You will hear Bixby Voice at the bottom of the screen if you say “wake” repeatedly. In this article, Dave Johnson/Insider

Use the Bixby button

Many Samsung smartphones include a dedicated Bixby button underneath the volume buttons, which may be found on many models. By default, pressing the button once will bring up Bixby Home, and pressing and holding the button will bring up Bixby Voice. To activate or adjust the Bixby button, do this: 1.Open the Settings app, then scroll down and choose “Advanced features” from the list. 2.Press the “Bixby key.” 3.Select whether you want to launch Bixby with a single push or with a double press of the button on your phone.

  1. In this article, Dave Johnson/Insider In addition, you may utilize the Bixby key to start a favorite application.
  2. Conversely, you may single-press to start a favorite app if you activate Bixby with a double press.
  3. 2.If you select “Single press to open Bixby,” you may toggle the option to “Use double press” by swiping the button to the right on your phone.
  4. You have the option of launching your favorite application from the Bixby button.
  5. 5.Select the application that you wish to launch.
  6. When Bixby is launched with a double press, use the same technique to set up a favorite app to be launched with a single tap of the Bixby button.

Use the side button

Rather of having a separate Bixby button, many recent Samsung handsets include a multi-purpose side button that serves several functions. To start Bixby using the side button, follow these steps: 1.Open the Settings app, then scroll down and choose “Advanced features” from the list.

2.Press the “Side key.” 3.Select the option you wish to use to launch Bixby from the drop-down menu. Bixby may be activated by either a double-press of the side button or by pushing and holding the side button for many seconds.

Use the power button

Instead of a separate Bixby button, many recent Samsung smartphones include a multi-purpose side button. Using the side button, you may launch Bixby as follows: 1.Open the Settings app, then scroll down and select “Advanced features” from the menu. 2: Press and hold the “Side key.” To begin using Bixby, select which of the following options you wish to utilize. You may start Bixby by pressing and holding the side button twice, or by pressing and holding the side button once.

How to Use Bixby, Samsung’s Digital Assistant

For those of you who have recently purchased a new Samsung smartphone, you may be wondering what the purpose of Bixby is. Known as Bixby, it is Samsung’s native virtual assistant, and it can be controlled with touch, tap, and voice commands. Consider this to be the equivalent of Siri for Samsung for those who have just purchased an Apple-to-Samsung converter. Having said that, Bixby is a little different from other virtual assistants, and many new users are unclear of how to make use of it effectively at first.

Getting started with Bixby is simple, and you can customize your experience by changing some of the default settings.

Getting started with Bixby and Bixby Voice

It couldn’t be much simpler to bring up Samsung Bixby and Bixby Voice. The Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, S10e, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 Plus, Note 9, Galaxy S8, and Note 8 series all include a dedicated Bixby button on the left side, right below the volume rocker, which may be pressed to activate Bixby Assistant. By tapping on it, you’ll be taken to Bixby Home, the assistant’s central hub and configuration screen. When using a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or 20 device, the Galaxy S20 device, or the newest Samsung Galaxy S21 device, you may have realized that you don’t have a Bixby key on your device.

Simply press and hold your Powerbutton for a few seconds, and Bixby will appear.

Changing settings

A single app or screen is only part of the Bixby experience. The Galaxy S21 lineup has all three iterations of Samsung’s Assistant: Bixby Home, Bixby Vision, and Bixby Voice, all of which are included as standard. This has the unfortunate consequence that Bixby’s settings are dispersed among the various areas of Bixby. Here’s a broad outline of the settings you’ll discover at each location. To enter Bixby Home, you must slide right across your home screen. From there, you can access the settings for your interactive cards by touching on theThree Dotsin the top-right corner and selectingCards.

In the same three-dot menu, you can modify the email address that your Bixby Home is associated with, as well as the content providers that your Bixby Home communicates with — particularly, it allows you to transmit location data to a few of applications that will deliver tailored and useful information.

The majority of the settings are included under Bixby Voice, which you may access by hitting yourBixby Keyor by long-pressing yourPowerbutton.

Everything from your speech style to whether or not Bixby reacts while your phone is locked may be customized in the Settings section.

For example, you might program the assistant to turn out all of the lights and set an alarm for you when you say, “I’m getting ready to go to bed.” Importantly, it also includes possibilities for customizing the way the Bixby Key is used.

Previously, you could disable the Bixby key, but since the One UI Android 9.0 Pie update, this has no longer been an option, and Bixby detractors have been forced to confine Samsung’s artificial intelligence (A.I.) to a double-press of the key.

Bixby Voice

Julian Chokkattu is a photographer for Digital Trends. It’s like Siri on steroids – in fact, it can rap obscenities at Siri in Korean, which is a first for Bixby Voice. But it’s more than that; it’s also designed to adapt to the way a person speaks rather than the other way around. “Show me today’s weather,” “What’s the weather like today?” and “What’s the prediction for today?” are all variants of the same command, according to Samsung, and the assistant will be able to comprehend them all as well.

  • By saying “Hey, Bixby,” or by pressing and holding the Bixby button while talking, you may activate the feature.
  • Bixby can accomplish activities such as sending text messages using the Galaxy S21’s Messages app and replying to basic queries like the weather, future meetings, sports scores, and movie showtimes.
  • This is only the beginning, since the voice assistant also works across apps such as the Galaxy S21’s dialer, as well as the settings menus, camera app, contacts list, and gallery on the device.
  • It can compile all of the photographs you shot last week into a new album named “Vacation” and share it with your pals, or it can shoot a selfie and send it to someone through text message.
  • When you need to scribble down brief notes after a meeting or create a to-do list for later, Bixby Dictation comes in useful.
  • Using Bixby, you may, for example, ask it to “read aloud the newest messages,” and it will give you your texts or emails if you are using Samsung native applications.
  • Bixby Voice is also programmable — you can change the gender of the assistant on the fly — and it supports shortcuts: You may condense the lengthy instructions you use the most frequently into a single word or phrase using the shortcuts feature.

A number of enhancements are being made to the app, including expanded third-party app compatibility and the implementation of new commands.

Bixby Home

Julian Chokkattu is a photographer for Digital Trends. Bixby Home is described by Samsung as a “social stream for your smartphone,” and that description is more or less true. There are a number of reminders, contextually relevant information, and social network updates grouped together in a card-like layout, similar to a hybrid between Google Now and HTC’s BlinkFeed. Bixby Home is very customizable to a certain extent. Changing or pinning cards is accomplished by touching theTwo Linesin the upper-right corner of each individual Bixby Home card.

  1. The majority of Bixby Home’s content is provided by Samsung’s default applications.
  2. If you’ve linked your Google Calendar and Gmail accounts to your Samsung smartphone, it will be able to get data from both of those accounts as well as others.
  3. Once you’ve connected your Spotify account, a Spotify card allows you to access your playlists and songs with a single tap on your smartphone.
  4. Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter all display the most recent updates from your social networks, which you may customize.
  5. Additionally, it works in conjunction with Samsung’s SmartThings app to provide buttons for controlling smart light bulbs and door locks, shortcuts to the applications you use the most frequently, and more — all dependent on the time of day, your location, and other criteria.

Using Bixby’s other features

Bixby offers a plethora of functions to take use of that are not limited to Home and Voice. There are instructions for a number of Bixby’s other notable features available in this section.

Bixby Routines (Galaxy S10 and later)

In the event that you’ve worked with IFTTT (If This, Then That), you’ll have a good notion of what to expect from Bixby Routines. Quite simply expressed, Routines allow you to program Bixby to perform a variety of repeated actions by recognizing a variety of events. The difference between Routines and the Quick instructions that you’ll find elsewhere is that Routines appear automatically when a certain trigger is detected. Suppose you listen to the same Spotify playlist while driving to work every day.

Despite the fact that you may not use Bixby frequently, it is worth investigating whether there is anything you can automate to save yourself time.

In addition, it’s worth mentioning that Bixby Routines is only accessible on the Galaxy S10 and subsequent models. That sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Then let’s get this party started. Turning on Bixby Routines is required before you can begin configuring it:

  • Open yourSettingsapp, scroll down to the bottom, and choose Advanced Features. Activate Bixby’s Routinesswitch by flipping it to the on position (blue).
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Select Advanced Features from the Settingsapp’s drop-down menu. Activate Bixby’s Routinesswitch by toggling it to the on position (blue).

  • Remove the notification shade from your screen and look for theBixby Routinesicon. It may be necessary to swipe to the left in order to locate it
  • Toggle it on. When the light goes blue, you’ll know it’s on.

Bixby Routines is up and running thanks to your efforts. Do not close the menu, though, because you will need it to set up your first routine later on.

  • Click onBixby Routines to see all of your possibilities
  • In order to get started, you may either choose from one of the pre-configured routines or create a new routine from scratch. To create a new routine, pick the+symbol from the top-right corner of the screen. Following that, you’ll want to give your routine a name and choose a trigger – this will be your “if this” action. To add a trigger, click on the plus sign (+). For example, if you wish to set up the Bluetooth connection in your automobile, choose your car’s Bluetooth connection from the list. To proceed to selecting your “then” action, press Next and the + sign simultaneously. SelectPlay Music from the drop-down menu, followed by Spotify.

That is the quickest and most straightforward method of creating a Routine. However, this is only the beginning. Want Bixby to read out your alerts to you while you’re on the road? You may include that in your Routine as well. What about creating a Routine that automatically turns on your smart lamps when you arrive home? Connect it to your Wi-Fi network at home to make it operate. The easiest approach to learn how to utilize Bixby Routines is to begin experimenting and seeing what you can come up with.

Bixby Vision

With the use of machine learning and database partnerships, Bixby Vision is able to make the camera a little more helpful. Bixby Vision identifies a number of different types of items, including: places, text, images, food, QR codes, wine, and retail stores. You can access it by pressing theBixbybutton in the Galaxy S10’s camera app or by clicking theBixby Visio n symbol on the upper-left side of the camera interface, respectively. Bixby Vision may also be seen in the Gallery application. Using Pinterest’s Lens Tool, Bixby Vision’s Image search attempts to determine what is in front of the camera in a similar way to Google Lens and Amazon Flow, and it may then provide information based on its results.

  1. It provides translations in a huge number of languages and functions in a similar way to other comparable applications, such as Google Lens.
  2. It might be a little buggy at times, but we ultimately got it to work.
  3. Once you’ve found the right look, you can take a picture of it and Bixby Vision will offer you with information on the items and links to places where you can purchase them.
  4. If you’re ever searching for somewhere to visit or something to do in the area, Bixby Vision’s Locations leverages FourSquare to identify landmarks and interesting places around you through waypoints, which you can access through your smartphone.
  5. While it was unable to distinguish between Pringles, a Clif Bar, or any other prepackaged items at our workplace, it was able to distinguish between a pre-made salad; nevertheless, the calorie information it presented was hilariously wrong.
  6. In the case of Wine, Bixby Vision makes use of the Vivino database in order to allow you to scan wine labels in order to find out more about the specific bottle in front of you — and it works really well.

You may also use Bixby Vision to detect and describe objects or photos that it records, as well as to recognize and read out text and colors in real time, among other things.


As a result of Bixby’sRemindersnot being as well-known as other smart technologies such as Siri or Google Assistant, it is easy to overlook exactly how effective and useful they are. By using these reminders, you can really flush them out and add things like videos, photographs, and other media to your website. Reminders may be turned off or snoozed as required, or they can be set to go off at specific times during the day. The reminders are simple to set and forget, so you’ll be able to relax and let the software take care of the majority of the job.

Bixby Marketplace

As a result of Bixby’sRemindersnot being as well-known as other smart technologies such as Siri or Google Assistant, it may be easy to overlook how effective and useful they are. By using these reminders, you can really flush them out and add stuff like movies, images, and other data to your account. As required, you may disable or snooze reminders, or you can schedule them to go off at specific times throughout the day. It is simple to set up and forget about the reminders, so you will be able to rely on the software to do the majority of the job for you.

The future of Bixby

As the regulations governing technology monopolies in the United States change, Bixby may be removed from Samsung devices and replaced with Google Assistant. But for the time being, Bixby is still going strong. We don’t know what will happen in the near future, but for the time being, Samsung is committed to Bixby’s success.

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Bixby (software) – Wikipedia

Bixby is also known by other names.


Screenshot Bixby information screen on theSamsung Galaxy Note 8
Original author(s) Samsung Electronics
Developer(s) Samsung Electronics
Initial release 21 April 2017; 4 years ago
Stable release(s)
Bixby Voice / April 27, 2021; 8 months ago
Bixby Global Action / August 10, 2018; 3 years ago
Bixby Home / October 28, 2019; 2 years ago
Bixby service / October 28, 2019; 2 years ago
Bixby Vision / April 29, 2021; 7 months ago
Bixby voice input / August 22, 2017; 4 years ago
Bixby voice wake-up / April 28, 2021; 8 months ago
Operating system Android(7.0 “Nougat”and later)Tizen
Predecessor S Voice
Available in US English,British English,Indian English,French,Korean,Chinese (China),German,Spanish,ItalianandPortuguese (Brazilian Portuguese)
Type Intelligent personal assistant
Website bixby.samsung.com

Samsung Electronics has developed a virtual assistant known as Bixby. It signifies a significant relaunch forS Voice, Samsung’s voice assistant software that was first debuted with theGalaxy S III in 2012. S Voice was later phased out on June 1, 2020, according to the company. With the announcement that Bixby will be included to its Family Hub 2.0 refrigerators in May 2017, Samsung made history by introducing the virtual assistant onto a non-mobile device for the first time.


On March 20, 2017, Samsung unveiled “Bixby,” a voice-activated digital assistant powered by artificial intelligence. At the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2017 event, which took place on March 29, 2017, Bixby was announced with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones, as well as the Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet computer. Samsung formally introduced Bixby a week before the event, but it was only at the event that it made its first public appearance. Bixby may also be downloaded and installed on earlier Galaxy smartphones that are running Android Nougat.

The company’s array of linked items, which included cellphones, televisions, and refrigerators, were all updated to the latest version at the time.

In June 2021, screenshots of a successor for Bixby were leaked online. Sam, a three-dimensional virtual assistant, was widely popular on social media, while it was unclear whether Samsung smartphones will incorporate full speech and virtual help capabilities in the future.


In a press release issued on March 20, 2017, Samsung announced the release of “Bixby,” a voice-activated digital assistant. As part of the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2017 event, which took place on March 29, 2017, Bixby was debuted with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones and tablet computer. Samsung officially debuted Bixby a week before the event, but it was only at the event that it made its first public appearance. Apart from newer Galaxy smartphones running Android Nougat, Bixby may also be found on older Galaxy devices.

The company’s array of linked items, which included cellphones, televisions, and refrigerators, were all updated to the then-new version.

Screenshots of a successor for Bixby were discovered in June 2021.

Language and country availability

When the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ were initially released to consumers on April 21, 2017, Samsung claimed that Bixby will not be functional on the US version of the smartphones. In a statement, Samsung announced that the core functions of Bixby will be accessible with the global launch of the devices, including Vision, Home, and Reminder. Bixby Voice was supposed to be made available in the United States on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ later that spring, according to plans. The release of the English version, on the other hand, has been delayed because Samsung is having difficulties getting Bixby to properly grasp the language.

In Mainland China, the Chinese version of Bixby is only accessible on devices that are officially sold there.


Added languages include English (British), German, Italian, and Spanish, according to a Samsung announcement made on February 20th this year (Spain).

Compatible devices

  • Among the Galaxy S7 models are the Samsung Galaxy S8 (which includes the S8+ and S8 Active), the Samsung Galaxy S9 (which includes the Galaxy S9+), the Samsung Galaxy S10 (which includes the Samsung Galaxy S10+, S10e, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, and the Samsung Galaxy Lite), the Samsung Galaxy S20 (which includes the Galaxy S20+, S20 Ultra, and the Samsung Galaxy FE), the Samsung Galaxy S21 (which includes the Galaxy S21+ and the

Galaxy Tab S

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S4
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 (including Tab S6 Lite)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (including Tab S7+)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S8
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S9
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S10
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S11
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S12
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S13
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S14
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S15
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S16
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S17
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S18
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S19
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab

Galaxy Note

  • Samsung Galaxy Note FE (with only Bixby Home, Reminder, and Vision
  • S Voice is used instead)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (including Note 10+, Note 10 5G, Note 10+ 5G, and Note 10 Lite)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20 (including Note 20 Ultra, Note 20 5G, and Note 20 Ultra 5G)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note FE (with only Bixby Home, Reminder, and Vision
  • Samsung Galaxy Note

Galaxy Fold / Z

  • Samsung Galaxy Fold
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Mid-range smartphones and tablets

  • S Voice is used instead of Bixby Home, Reminder, and Vision on the Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017), Samsung Galaxy A6/A6+ (Bixby Home, Reminder, and Vision), Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) (including A8 Star
  • Bixby Home, Reminder, and Vision only
  • S Voice is used instead)
  • Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018)
  • Samsung Galaxy A20 (Bixby Home and Service)
  • Samsung Galaxy A30s (Bixby Home, Vision, Reminder, and Routines)

Galaxy Tab A

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2016) (with Bixby Home)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2017) (with Bixby Home and Reminder only)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 (2018) (with Bixby Home, Reminder, and Vision)

Galaxy J

  • Bixby Home is available on the Samsung Galaxy J4 (2018) and the Samsung Galaxy J7+ (2017), as well as on the Samsung Galaxy J6 (2018) and Samsung Galaxy J6+ (2018).

Galaxy C

  • Samsung Galaxy C8 (with Bixby Home, Reminder, and Bixby Vision, but no other features)

Smart speakers

  • Alice, Alexa, Clova, Cortana, Evi, Google Assistant, Haptik, S Voice, Siri, and Viv (software) are examples of virtual assistants.


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4 Ways to Use Bixby on Your Samsung Phone

Move over, Siri-Bixby is now firmly established. Voice assistants like as Cortana, Google Assistant, and Alexa have been introduced to us throughout the course of the years. In 2017, Samsung finally unveiled Bixby, its own own artificial intelligence companion for its smartphones. So, what exactly is Bixby, and how can you make efficient use of it? Let’s have a look and see.

What Is Bixby?

Bixby is an artificial intelligence assistant that comes pre-installed on your Samsung mobile. It can do more than simply answer queries and listen to voice instructions; it can also recognize things with its “eyes” (also known as your camera). Samsung is continually trying to make Bixby even better. As of right now, Bixby’s primary job is to aid you in navigating through your smartphone and getting through your day.

Bixby learns from your behaviors and adapts to meet your specific requirements. It even goes so far as to distinguish individual voices and tailor its response to the person who is asking the question.

What Does Bixby Do?

Bixby is a smart assistant that allows you to operate your phone with your voice, but it is capable of much more. Bixby Voice, Bixby Vision, Bixby Home, and Bixby Routines are the most important elements of Bixby, and you should become familiar with them. These convenient tools enable you to communicate with Bixby by speaking, accessing your camera, or tapping your screen. Bixby responds to all of your commands.

Bixby Voice

To activate Bixby Voice, either press and hold the Bixby button on the side of your phone or speak “Hi Bixby” to the virtual assistant. Make sure that your voice has been registered with Bixby Voice before you attempt to activate it via voice wake-up. Upon pressing Bixby on your device for the first time, Bixby will encourage you to say “Hi Bixby” numerous times so that it can become familiar with your tone of voice. As soon as you’ve completed the setup, you can begin asking Bixby basic queries such as the current weather conditions, movie timings, and your schedule.

  • This AI assistant can handle two-part instructions and even complete app-specific requests.
  • Tell Bixby to “Read my last text message,” and it’ll read your most recent message aloud, while also offering you the option to hear your last 20 texts.
  • Do you want to learn more about some of Bixby’s more sophisticated capabilities?
  • Bixby may also be used in conjunction with a variety of other apps.
  • What Bixby is capable ofSee the full list of services.

Bixby Vision

In order to begin utilizing Bixby Vision, launch your Camera app and then selectBixby Visionin the upper-left corner of the screen (or open it through the Bixby Vision app). With Bixby Vision, you no longer have to spend time trying to figure out what an object or animal is or what it is doing. Bixby’s vast knowledge base allows him to match practically any image to a search result thanks to his extensive knowledge base. It is possible to engage with Bixby Vision in a number of different ways.

  1. In addition to text translation and image identification, Bixby locates local attractions and scans QR codes, as well as identifying food and its calories, discovering new wines with Vivino, and even allowing you to test out beauty items.
  2. If you point your camera at anything you want to identify, and Bixby will automatically scan it and provide findings, you’ll save time.
  3. ThePlaceoption will allow Bixby to utilize Foursquare to display attractions in the direction that you’re pointing your camera when you choose this option.
  4. When it comes to cosmetics, Bixby’s function is really unique, if not a little wacky—it gives the impression that you’re wearing a Snapchat filter.
  5. Test out lipstick from Sephora or eyelashes from Covergirl using Bixby Vision before making a purchase.

According to user feedback, Bixby does not always provide the most exact picture matches, and this is something that many users have expressed concern about. I’ve discovered this to be true as well, but it’s important to remember that Bixby is always learning new things.

Bixby Home

When you’re ready to begin utilizing Bixby Vision, open your Camera app and tapBixby Visionin the top-left corner of the screen (or open it through the Bixby Vision app). No longer will you be compelled to guess the identify of an object or animal when you have Bixby Vision on your side! Almost anything may be matched to a search result using Bixby’s vast store of information. There are various different ways to engage with Bixby Vision. You may get a sense of Bixby’s capabilities by scrolling through the menu bar at the bottom of your screen.

  • Identifying items, foods, and shopping outcomes is not as difficult as it appears on the surface of the world.
  • It is as straightforward to discover new attractions.
  • You may get more information about a waypoint by tapping on it on your computer screen.
  • You may virtually test on real-life beauty goods thanks to this feature of the website.
  • According to user feedback, Bixby does not always provide the most exact picture matches, and this is something that many users have expressed frustration over.

Bixby Routines

Bixby Routines is the most recent addition to Bixby’s skill set, and it comes from Samsung. This innovation makes it even more comfortable to utilize the service because it really reduces the amount of time you have to spend interacting with Bixby, which is a welcome improvement. If you’re familiar with Google Assistant routines or IFTTT, you’ll have no trouble learning Bixby Routines. Bixby Routines allow you to program Bixby to automatically activate at specific times throughout your daily schedule.

With Bixby Routines enabled, you can “teach” Bixby to activate Google Maps when your phone is connected to your car’s Bluetooth.

For the time being, this fantastic function is only available on the Galaxy S10 and Note 10.

Which Devices Support Bixby?

Galaxy S8, S9, and S10, as well as the Note 8, 9, and 10, are all equipped with Bixby, which was developed by Samsung. All of these gadgets include a dedicated Bixby button, which makes it simple to call up the virtual assistant. You can, however, sideload Bixby onto the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, as well as the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, by utilizing a Bixby APK (Android application package) file. To accomplish this, you must have Android Nougat or later installed on your device.

For more information, please see our tutorial on sideloading Android applications. In addition to phones, Bixby may be found in Samsung’s most recent smart TVs and smart refrigerators, which are also available for purchase separately.

What’s the Future of Bixby?

Samsung has already achieved significant advancements in the way we interact with smart assistants. Given that the firm has already introduced Bixby in a number of different languages and has just included Bixby routines, we can only anticipate further enhancements and updates in the near future from the company. You might be interested in learning more about the various features of your Samsung smartphone. Take a look at the most important customization choices for your Samsung smartphone. The 11 Best Linux Distributions for Programmers (Updated 2018) A flourishing ecosystem for coders and developers exists on the Linux platform.

Read on to learn more about the author, Emma Roth (559 Articles Published) Emma formerly worked as a Senior Writer and Junior Editor for the Creative section of the magazine.

Emma Roth has more to say.

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