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Samsung TV Plus – Free TV

On your Samsung TV and mobile devices, you can get the latest news, entertainment, and more. 1 There are no subscribers. There are no credit cards accepted. It’s just free television. WachFilm

Join in the joy!

Thousands of hours of news, sports, movies, and other programming are available. WachFilm Your Samsung devices provide you with on-demand, free television. ¹ Launch the Samsung TV Plus app and use the GUIDE to see what’s currently playing or what’s coming up next on the television network. Unless otherwise stated, all WachFilm* features and specifications are subject to change without notice. ¹ Available for free on select Samsung Smart TVs from 2016 to 2021, as well as select Galaxy mobile and tablet devices.

Samsung TV Settings Guide: What to Enable, Disable and Tweak

Instructions for configuring over-the-air channels for Samsung TVs from 2018 on page 4 of 19.

How to Set Up OTA Channels on 2018 Samsung TVs

If you’re looking for free TV shows, movies, sports, and news, there’s still nothing quite like the free channels that can be obtained with a television antenna. While there are a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from, all of the finest TV antennas connect to the television in the same way. Installing your antenna during the initial configuration of your television, or configuring over-the-air channels at a later time, is entirely up to you. Here’s how you go about it: 1. Select the Source option from the drop-down menu.

  1. Select “TV” as the source from the secondary drop-down selection.
  2. Connect your antenna to your computer.
  3. 3.
  4. Choose the signal’s origination point (Air, Cable, or Both).
  5. 4.
  6. Once you’ve begun scanning, the television will cycle through every conceivable channel and automatically recognize which ones are bringing in a signal and which ones aren’t bringing in a signal.
  7. Complete the configuration.

Samsung has also added more channels to its TV Plus package.


Having added your local channels, you can access all of your live television straight from the home screen by selecting the Live TV tile from the ribbon menu on the left-hand side.


All of your live-TV selections will be fed into the channel guide, which will allow you to see what is now airing and what is coming up next.

Please keep in mind that the program information may take some time to load. Brian Westover is an Editor at Tom’s Guide, where he writes on anything from televisions to the newest computer technology. His previous experience includes writing for TopTenReviews and PCMag, among other publications.

Samsung has a free TV service and you can now watch it online

If you possess a Samsung mobile device or smart TV, you may take advantage of Smart TV Plus, which is a free streaming television subscription. In total, Samsung claims to provide more than 160 channels on this free service, however many of them are tiny offerings such as People TV and Crime 360. Aside from that, anyone who are interested in the information may now view it using a desktop web browser. A surprising amount of Samsung device owners are still ignorant of the existence of Samsung’s TV Plus service, despite the fact that it has been there for quite some time.

  • This service covers both live and linear material.
  • There is no necessity to register an account, like there is with the TV app and the smartphone app.
  • Despite the fact that it will not be able to compete with premium services such as Sling TV or Philo, the service is a good choice for individuals who want to watch the news on occasion or who just want to stream TV without having to pay.
  • Music stations and other Spanish-language programming are also available through the service.
  • In addition, Chromecast functionality has been added to the mobile app with this version.

How To Watch Free TV On Samsung Smart TVs

Live and on-demand television are available to Samsung subscribers free of charge through the use of a Samsung TV or phone, with the service being supported entirely by advertisements. SamsungTV Plus is a free service that allows customers to watch live and on-demand television from their Samsung smart TV or smartphone. Samsung TV Plus has the advantage of being already available to many of the company’s customers and being designed specifically to work with a variety of Samsung devices. While there are numerous streaming video options available, including many that are free, the benefit of Samsung TV Plus is that it is already available to many of the company’s customers.

  1. Samsung TV Plus is a television service that is absolutely free of charge and does not require any kind of membership.
  2. Logging in, on the other hand, provides access to extra services and perks, such as the ability to create watch lists and favorite channels.
  3. An automatically selected channel will begin playing, with the opportunity to change the channel by pressing one of the channel buttons on the remote.
  4. To see current and forthcoming shows on a Galaxy phone, first download the Samsung TV Plus app from the Samsung Galaxy Store or the Google Play Store.
  5. To see recently watched channels and receive recommendations for series and movies, access the tool tip that displays while using the TV remote to switch between channels, and then click on Discover on the resulting screen.

Users may check out recommendations from the App’s Discover area using a smartphone or other mobile device.

Samsung TV Plus Features

At the moment, Samsung TV Plus offers 135 channels, with the firm intending to add more in the future. Sports, news, food, kids, drama, and other topics are covered on these channels. The 4K resolution of some of the channels, such as Bloomberg, may be accessed as well. Currently, users who begin viewing anything on their phone are unable to effortlessly continue watching it on their television, however this capability may be implemented in the future. One possible disadvantage is that customers who do not wish to use the service will be unable to delete it from their Samsung Smart TV.

However, when more channels are added, they will continue to automatically play when the television is turned on, unless they are separately individually deleted from the television.

In light of the fact that many people are already opting out of cable television, this provides access to some live news and sports that are not always available through services such as Netflix.

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Samsung TV Plus: Everything about the free streaming service

At the present, Samsung sells more televisions than any other firm in the world, according to industry estimates. As a result, there are a lot of eyes on those TVs, looking at the streaming entertainment that is available. In 2010, the business decided to develop Samsung TV Plus, a free streaming service for its televisions, smartphones, and tablets that has been available since then. Samsung, on the other hand, appears to be attempting to broaden the scope of the service beyond its own products.

What is Samsung TV Plus?

Samsung TV Plus is a streaming service that provides access to over 100 “channels” of entertainment in the United States. This provides Samsung smart TV owners, as well as clients of the company’s smartphones and tablets, with a chance to be amused or educated for free. It was launched in the United States in 2015 as a video renting business for Samsung televisions. Afterwards, it switched to its present economic model, which is an ad-supported streaming video service. Samsung TV Plus is one of the most popular apps for Samsung smart TVs, ranking in the top five of the most downloaded apps.

It will be available on Samsung’s mobile devices in 2020, and on the internet in 2021.

Supported Platforms

Samsung TV Plus is, of course, primarily intended for use with the company’s smart televisions. The app may be found on Samsung televisions that were manufactured in 2016 and later years of production. The mobile app is only accessible for Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones and tablets, and not for any other devices. You can get it via the Google Play Store or from Samsung’s own Galaxy Store, which are both free. In May 2021, a web-based version of the service, available at, was introduced.

Where is it available?

As is to be expected, Samsung TV Plus is only available for the company’s smart television models. The app may be found on Samsung televisions manufactured in 2016 and later years. Only Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets are compatible with the mobile application. This app may be obtained from either Samsung’s internal Galaxy Store or the Google Play Store. A web-based version of the service, available at, was released in May 2021. Without having to download an app, it may be accessed from any PC or mobile device that has a browser.

Features and user interface

Samsung TV Plus is arranged in the same way as a cable or satellite TV guide would be. There are several channels to choose from, each with a different category. These channels transmit programming 24 hours a day, seven days a week, just like a broadcast or cable service. News (including live broadcasts), movies, television series, documentaries, sports, music, and more genres are all available. You may also access the most recent channels you have seen directly from the interface, and you can name your favorite channels so that you can easily access them without having to browse through the UI.

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Additionally, there are numerous movies and television series that you may stream or view on-demand in addition to the networks.

Samsung TV Plus channels

Following up on our previous point, the amount of channels available on your Samsung TV Plus app will most likely vary based on where you reside. For the sake of this post, we will focus on the United States, which offers well over 100 channels to explore and stream. Some of these channels are as follows:

  • CBS News– A live feed of CBS News broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Indulge in the campy lifeguard drama Baywatch on Netflix. Shout Factory TV is your one-stop shop for cult vintage films and television shows, such as Mystery Science Theater 3000. TNA Impact Wrestling– Tune in to this channel 24 hours a day, seven days a week to watch professional wrestlers compete in the ring. Getting inside the courtroom to view live judicial proceedings is possible with Court TV Live. Cooking classes with some of the world’s top chefs
  • Bon Appetit–

Samsung TV Plus Alternatives

If you have a Samsung smart TV or mobile device, you have access to a plethora of other free streaming services that you may explore.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV, which employs a channel guide structure, is considered to be the finest of the free streaming services available. It offers far more material than Samsung TV Plus, including programming that is not presently accessible on any other free service on the market.

Tubi TV

In addition to having over 80 distinct local news stations from throughout the country that can be accessed through its channel guide, Tubi TV is also the home of live streaming news.

Additionally, you can view a plethora of excellent movies and television series on demand.


The Peacockstreaming service from NBCUniversal has a channel navigation that provides access to NBC, CNBC, and MSNBC news programs, as well as sports discussion shows and other programming. Additional movies and television series are available on demand for $4.99 each month. You may also pay $9.99 a month to enjoy the service without being interrupted by advertisements, which is not accessible on Samsung TV Plus.

Other FAQs

Q:Does Samsung TV Plus provide streaming in 4K resolution? A:There are certain channels available on the service that stream in 4K quality. To get the full look, you’ll need a Samsung smart TV that supports 4K streaming, which is currently unavailable. Q:Does the service make use of advertisements? A:Yes, advertisements will appear on the service whether you are viewing its live streaming channels or when you are watching on-demand movies and series. Q:Does the service function while the computer is not connected to the internet?

Q:Does Samsung intend to make the service available to users outside of its own goods?

To access the service without using a Samsung smartphone at this time, the sole option is to use the internet.

Eventually, it is feasible that the corporation will broaden the service’s platform reach in order to better serve customers.

The best smart TV apps for your Samsung TV

(Image courtesy of Samsung.) Find the smart TV applications that are most appropriate for your needs and preferences in order to get the most out of your new Samsung TV and make the most of it. Because there are so many excellent applications and streaming services available these days, you aren’t limited to only using Netflix to watch movies and TV shows. There have been several new additions to Samsung’s smart TVapps during the past few years, including new streaming service competitors Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus.

Perhaps you like to watch Netflix originals such as Stranger Things and Shadow and Bone, then switch over to Disney Plus to watch classic TV episodes such as The X Files and 24 that are available on the streaming service.

So, where do you even start?

Below you’ll discover our choice of the finest Samsung TV applications for your new Samsung smart TV you can download right now.

Those looking for a thorough list of every app available may find it on Samsung’s website, however our compilation should save you some time in the process. (Image courtesy of Samsung.)

1. Samsung TV Plus

Top on our list of the best smart TV apps has to be Samsung’s TV Plus app, which provides you free live-streamed TV without requiring you to sign up for a subscription straight out of the box, as well as other features. TV Plus, which looks a lot like the bunny ears of old, brings free television back to the table. While it lacks a few key local channels (for which you’ll need an indoor antenna to receive them), it offers a slew of specialty channels for gamers, chefs, music fans, and others who cater to specific niche audiences.

(Image courtesy of Netflix.)

2. Netflix

For more than a decade, Netflix has been the gold standard when it comes to online video streaming services, having pioneered the whole notion. Netflix, in addition to offering an outstanding collection of existing television episodes and movies, is also aggressively investing in original programming, such as Stranger Things, Sex Education, Black Mirror, and Bojack Horseman, among other shows and movies. The Netflix streaming service is the most comprehensive in terms of sheer volume of material, albeit there are substantial differences between the content accessible on the UK shop and the content available on the US store – even though Disney Plus may have pulled some of the finest treasures out of the collection.

More information may be found at: Take a look at our Netflix review (Image credit: Disney Plus)

3. Disney Plus

Disney Plus is a streaming service that allows you to view vintage Disney animated films, Pixar films, Marvel films, Star Wars films, and even content from 20th Century Fox, such as The Simpsons. Although it is still in its early stages, Disney Plus will eventually have exclusive material from Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar, putting it in a strong position to compete with its largest competitors, such as Netflix and Apple TV Plus. In other words, Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian are only the beginning.

  • Do you enjoy Marvel? Here’s a guide to watching the Marvel movies in chronological sequence

(Image courtesy of Apple)

4. Apple TV Plus

This is Apple’s first foray into the realm of original video streaming, with titles such as The Morning Show, the Jason Momoa epic See, the Sesame Street spin-off Helpsters, the adolescent fantasy Ghostwriters, the Emily Dickinson biography Emily, and the NASA thriller For All Mankind among the highlights. As a new service that is only offering original content, the library of shows and films is a little thin right now – but you can expect the Apple TV Plus library to grow significantly over the next year, and with support for 4K and HDR streaming, those new shows will look stunning on your Samsung TV.

More information may be found at:Apple TV Plus reviewAmazon Prime Video (Image credit: Amazon Prime)

5. Amazon Prime Video

The fact that Amazon is not the original streaming service does not diminish its ability to provide you with the finest television programming available, and this is why it deserves a spot on our list of the top smart TV apps of 2020. Exclusive series such as Good Omens, The Man in the High Castle and Vikings have been available to watch on Netflix in recent years on a consistent basis. Aside from exclusives, Amazon also boasts an amazing range of movies, which has recently expanded to include the darkly humorous biography I, Tonya as well as the second installment in the John Wick franchise.

You may also take a look at our roundup of the greatest programs available on Amazon Prime Instant Video to get a sense of what’s available on Prime right now.

6. Hulu (US)

It wasn’t until 2017 that Hulu officially revised its membership tiers, bringing the service more in line with competitors Netflix and Amazon Prime. It had previously provided two tiers of service: a free service sponsored by advertisements and with a restricted selection of material, and a premium service with a more extensive range of content (on which ads are still present). You may now choose between a lower tier that includes advertising, a more robust premium tier that does not include commercials, and the Hulu with Live TV bundle, which includes restricted advertisements for on-demand video as well as certain live TV channels, among other options.

Only thing to keep in mind is that, regardless of which subscription level you choose, a tiny number of episodes and series will continue to have advertisements, including those on the service’s premium tier.


Next on our list is a smart TV app that is a little different from the other smart TV applications on our list. The PLEX system allows you to construct your own video library on a media server and stream it to whatever device you want, rather than streaming videos from a service. Having said that, while PLEX is accessible on practically every device, it appears to be particularly attractive on Samsung Smart TVs. If you already have Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or any of the other streaming services on our list, why bother installing PLEX?

It is free to use the fundamental version of the software, which allows you to create and operate your own local video server.

The fact that PLEX has made significant improvements in the previous few years, making it ultra-easy to setup and very adaptable as a streaming service, will come as a surprise to those who think it will be a labor of love with less-than-ideal results. (Image courtesy of HBO Now.)

8. HBO Max (US)

You might be excused for being a little confused with HBO Max, which is the culmination of years of convoluted HBO offerings, including HBO Go and HBO Now. Despite this, HBO Max is currently the only HBO app available, and it is the home of classics such as The Sopranos, The Wire and, more recently, Game of Thrones. Most of the attention these days is focused on HBO Max’s selection of Warner Bros. films, which have been released on the streaming service the same day they are released in theaters.

A large number of HBO’s most popular shows, such as the aforementioned The Wire and the exquisitely crafted True Blood, are available on Amazon Prime Video; however, HBO’s own apps have access to shows immediately after they’re broadcast, rather than when the boxset is made available to the general public.

9. YouTube

YouTube used to be the place to go to see amateur footage of anything from skateboarding disasters to kitten videos, but in recent years the site has expanded its content offerings to include scripted sitcoms, reality TV series, and documentaries, among other genres of material. It’s a platform that’s no longer defined by its low-budget, low-production-value output. Material providers are now employing teams of professional video production employees to generate a dizzying amount of content that caters to every conceivable niche market segment.

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YouTube also offers full-length movies, which may be leased for a period of 30 days or purchased altogether.

10. Spotify / Pandora

A must-have app for everyone who wants to play or search music through their television. It was the first significant player in music streaming and is still in use today. You may sign into your Spotify account from this page and access all of the same music, playlists, and library that you would have access to on your laptop or mobile device. There are more than 40 million songs available, with hundreds more uploaded every day, making this the most comprehensive music streaming service available.

For people who have older television sets, there is something called Pandora that they may use.

First and foremost, referring to it as internet radio isn’t completely accurate.

There is no need to shuffle between stations since Pandora learns from your feedback: if you dislike a song, Pandora will skip it and play something else.

Pandora will play other songs that are similar to the one you are listening to. More information may be found at: Review of Spotify (Image courtesy of Vudu) (Image credit: BBC iplayer)

11. BBC iPlayer (UK)

Some of the finest television series of recent years have come from the BBC, including Killing Eve, Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Luther. Samsung TV users are fortunate in that these episodes are available through the specialized iPlayer app. Before a few years, the BBC only made episodes available for 30 days after they were originally shown, but this has since changed, and the BBC now makes most shows available for the whole season, as well as the entire run of its most popular series. To make matters even better, because it includes (with a few minor exclusions) everything that is broadcast by the BBC, iPlayer boasts the most comprehensive range of programming of any of the streaming services included on our list.

And, yes, in order to use the service in the United Kingdom, you must have a TV license.

13. Britbox

BritBox is an online gateway for British television boxsets and original programming, bringing together a diverse range of contemporary and historical television programs from the country’s largest broadcasters. The TV streaming service, which was originally intended as a means of exporting vintage British television to the United States and Canada, has now opened in the United Kingdom as well — despite the fact that there are other catch-up services for BBC and ITV programs currently available.

If you live in the United Kingdom, some of these shows are already available on the BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub catch-up services – and Netflix and Amazon have licensed a number of BBC shows – but for those of you who live in the United States and Canada, this may be the only way to get your hands on these classic television shows.

It is truly available in the United States and Canada.

13. VUDU (US-only)

VUDU is yet another video streaming service; but, unlike Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu, this smart TV app does not provide an unlimited monthly streaming subscription like those offered by Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu. Instead, games are leased or purchased on an individual basis, and the site holds periodic promotions where you may score a good deal. Rentals are available for $0.99 to $5.99 per day, while purchases are available for $4.99 to $24.99. While VUDU’s catalog of movies is far less than Netflix’s, the company’s business strategy is based on making titles accessible to stream as soon as they are made available for home viewing.

We would be hesitant to recommend that customers rely only on VUDU for all of their streaming demands, but as a supplemental service to Netflix or Amazon Prime, VUDU performs admirably in filling in the gaps. (Image courtesy of TED)

14. TED

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to load your new Samsung Smart TV with all of the greatest entertainment applications, such as streaming services that are jam-packed with all of your favorite movies and television series. However, it may be a welcome change to break up the binge-watching with some TED talk knowledge as a counterpoint. The TED app allows you to watch mind-blowing and educational TED speeches on your Samsung TV. Certain games perform better than others, but it is a refreshing change of pace.

(Photo courtesy of Channel 4)

15. All 4 (UK)

It’s like iPlayer for Channel 4, and it includes programs from Channel 4, E4, and More 4 as well as other channels. In contrast to the BBC’s iPlayer, however, more popular programmes are available on the site for an unlimited period of time. If you want to sit down and watch every episode of the wonderful Peep Show since it originally aired in 2003, there isn’t anything stopping you from doing so. Among my other favorite shows are The IT Crowd, Black Books (both scripted by the brilliant Graham Lineham), and guilty delight Grand Designs.

  • Choosing the Best Samsung TV: our guide to the best Samsung TVs

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Samsung TV Plus – Live TV & Movies – Apps on Google Play

Samsung TV Plus offers completely free television, with no strings attached. There are no subscriptions and no credit cards required. It’s just free television. Whether you’re a news junkie, a sports lover, a gamer, a budding chef, or a parent looking for something entertaining for the kids, Samsung TV Plus has something for everyone. With over 200 channels, you can watch TV on your own schedule and choose from thousands of free LIVE and on-demand movies and episodes, which are accessible from any location at any time using the Samsung TV Plus application.

  • – Television shows that are easy to binge watch Fill your days with binge-worthy comfort series, ranging from guilty pleasures to exhilarating throwbacks.
  • – Children’s books Create a stress-free babysitting experience by providing children with hundreds of shows that will help them learn, laugh, and grow.
  • .and a whole lot more!
  • Galaxy S7 Active and Galaxy S7 Galaxy S7 Edge (also known as the Galaxy S7 Edge Plus) Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Active are two of the most popular smartphones in the world.
  • Galaxy S10e (Extreme Edition) Galaxy S10 Lite is a low-cost version of the Galaxy S10.
  • Galaxy S20 Plus is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.
  • Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G.

Galaxy Note 10 Plus Galaxy Note 10 Lite is a smaller version of the Galaxy Note 10.

Galaxy Note 20 with 5G connectivity Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is a flagship smartphone from Samsung.

Galaxy Z Fold2 with 5G connectivity Galaxy Z Flip (Samsung Galaxy Z Flip) Galaxy Z Flip 5G (also known as the Galaxy Z5G) is a smartphone that uses 5G technology.

Galaxy A3 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Galaxy A5 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung (2017) Galaxy A6 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Galaxy A8 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung (2018) Galaxy A8+ is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung (2018) Galaxy A8s is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Galaxy A01 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Galaxy A12 with 5G connectivity Galaxy A20 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Galaxy A31 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Galaxy A40 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Galaxy A42 with 5G connectivity Galaxy A50 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Galaxy A51 with 5G connectivity Galaxy A52 with 5G connectivity Galaxy A70 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Galaxy A71 with 5G connectivity Galaxy A80 Galaxy A90 5G Samsung Galaxy A90 5G Galaxy J2 Core Processor Galaxy J3 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung (2017 and 2018) Galaxy J3 Pop (Samsung Galaxy J3 Pop) Galaxy J4 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Galaxy J5 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung (2017) Galaxy J6 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Galaxy J7 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Dual-SIM Galaxy J7 Duo Galaxy J7 Pop is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Galaxy J8: Which is better?

Galaxy M01s, Galaxy M10s, Galaxy M20s Galaxy M10s is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Galaxy M20 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Galaxy M31 is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung.

Galaxy M40 Galaxy M51 Samsung Galaxy M40 Samsung Galaxy M51 Galaxy Fold (also known as Galaxy X Fold) is a portable electronic device that folds into a small package.

Galaxy Tab S6 with 5G connectivity Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Galaxy Tab S7 Galaxy Tab S8 Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is a tablet computer with a screen that is 7 inches wide.

(Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Applied Micro is transforming the worlds of televisions and smartphones, wearable devices and tablets, digital appliances, network systems, and memory, system LSI and foundry, as well as LED and LED lighting solutions.

(Countries supported include the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Korea, and India.) – The information about apps, including keyscreens, that is presented in Google Play is in the language that is configured on the smartphone.

How to Get Local Channels on Samsung Smart Tv [ Your Guide To Get Local Channels]

Whether you have a cable or satellite provider or not, if you want free television shows, movies, sports, and news, there isn’t anything nearly as nice as the free channels that can be gotten by utilizing an antenna. Despite the fact that there are a range of alternatives available, both large and little, all of the finest TV antennas link to the television in the same way, regardless of their size. The over-the-air channels may either be configured simultaneously with your television or can be configured at a later time.

How to go about it is as follows: Getting Local Channels on a Samsung Smart TV is simple.

How to watch local channels without having to pay for cable

Investing in a digital HDTV antenna is the most easy technique of obtaining your local television stations without the need for a cable box or satellite dish. Consider your options carefully before acquiring an outdated piece of “rabbit ears” hardware for the purpose of implementing this functionality. It is possible to purchase an antenna that can be mounted to an adjacent window, avoiding the need to climb onto the roof in order to install a radio antenna. The fact that homeowners who seek to put a more powerful antenna on the roof of their home in order to increase reception and range have a number of options should go without saying.

As a result, local television stations have been increasing the number of channels available to their translators, which has resulted in increased productivity.

4K over-the-air television channels are the wave of the future.

With these new antennas, you will not only be able to get your local broadcast channels in full 1080p HD resolution right away, but the best is yet to come. The new ATSC 3.0 broadcast television standard has already been adopted in a few places in the United States, although slowly and cautiously. Following completion of testing, the new digital antenna will be available for purchase. Once fully operational, the new antenna will be capable of receiving broadcast TV in full 4K definition, as well as audio compatibility with Dolby Atmos or DTS:X surround sound, depending on the model.

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I don’t have cable, therefore how do I access local channels on my Samsung Smart TV without using it?

1.From the drop-down menu, select the Source option. To begin, navigate to the home menu and pick the source icon, which may be found on the far left of the screen on the far right of the screen. Because it is the source of supply, choose television from the second choice. 2.Connect your antenna to your computer using a USB cable. The screen that reads “No signal” will appear if you do not have an antenna connected to your computer. The antenna should be connected to the RF connector on the back of the television, and the Channel scan option should be selected from the menu selections.

  • Identify the source of the signal’s power supply (Air, Cable, or each).
  • 4.Start looking for available channels by scanning the area.
  • The television will automatically cycle through all available channels and decide which ones are receiving a signal and which ones are not, depending on your settings.
  • Once the scanning operation has been finished, you can shut the window and resume flicking through the channels once more to complete the process.
  • Live channels that transmit over the internet allow you to view live television even if you do not have an antenna installed in your house.
  • After you’ve added your local channels to the system, you may access the live television tile from the ribbon menu.
  • Also feasible is the ability to pull up a guide of now playing programs, an editable channel list that enables you to choose which channels you watch, and a scheduling supervisor that will allow you to see what shows are coming up in the future.

All of your live television alternatives will be loaded into the channel guide, which will allow you to see what is now airing as well as what is scheduled to air in the upcoming months. Please bear in mind that it may take some time for the program details to fully load.

Do smart TVs come equipped with built-in antennas?

It’s easy to add free-to-air channels to a Samsung TV using the Internet. It is possible for Samsung intelligent TVs to acquire a virtual broadcast without the need of an external hard and fast-pinnacle container since the virtual tuner is embedded inside the TV. Keep in mind that we are the most experienced users of antennas in Australia, and as such, we will not give a handbook on how to add channels through a cable provider.

Will a Smart TV’s signal be improved by using an antenna?

You may be able to increase the picture quality on your smart television by using an antenna. In the event that you join your antenna, the only other consideration is where your antenna is mounted on your car. Because it is positioned on the ground or surrounded by obstacles like as homes or buildings that are taller than the antenna, it may appear unsightly and ineffectual to potential customers. A rooftop or other high-traffic area where there are few obstructions is the perfect location for antenna installation.

How to Configure Over-the-Air (OTA) Channels on Samsung TVs from 2018

The free channels that may be acquired using a television antenna are still the best option if you want to watch free television shows, movies, sports, and news. The best TV antennas are available in a range of sizes and forms, but all of the best TV antennas connect to your television in the same way. It is totally up to you whether you want to install your antenna during the initial configuration of your television or if you choose to configure over-the-air channels at a later time. How to go about it is as follows: 1.From the drop-down menu, select the Source option.

  1. From the secondary menu, choose television as the source for your video.
  2. Messages will be shown if you do not have an antenna connected to your computer.
  3. Choosing the information’s source is step three.
  4. If you’re watching television using an antenna, you may choose Air to look for free over-the-air television stations.
  5. Whenever you turn on your TV and press the scan button, the television will cycle through every possible channel and automatically determine which ones are bringing in a signal and which ones aren’t bringing in a signal.
  6. After you have completed the scanning operation, you can exit the software and continue to navigate through the channels.
  7. These are live television channels that broadcast over the internet, allowing you to view a variety of live television programs even if you do not have an antenna at your location.
  8. Begin watching live television broadcasts.
  9. Additional features include a program guide that lists current programming, a channel list that allows you to update channels as needed, and a schedule manager that allows you to see what shows are coming up next.

7.Make use of the channel navigator to your advantage. Your live-TV selections will be fed into the channel guide, which will allow you to view what is now airing and what is scheduled to air in the near future. Please bear in mind that it may take some time for the program details to fully load.

Samsung Smart TVs (models from 2014 to 2017)

There are several parallels between these instructions and the ones that came before them, with the most major difference being the usage of a remote control for the first time. 1.Press the “Menu” button on your remote control to bring up the menu. It is possible to access the settings menu with the remote control of the 2016 model. 2. Select “Broadcasting” from the menu (2014 model TVs may include “Channel” as an alternative choice). The “Auto Program” option may be found in the drop-down menu.

Samsung’s non-smart televisions (All models)

The bulk of devices made prior to 2014 are included in this category. These are all Samsung televisions that do not have an internet connection. Samsung manufactures a wide variety of non-smart television models, much too many for us to be able to offer model-specific instructions for each. Generally, the instructions provided here should work on the great majority of Samsung televisions; however, there may be minor differences depending on the model you are using. The “Menu” button on your remote control should be pressed first.

Choosing “Channel” from the drop-down menu is step two.

Using internet-based services, you can watch local TV channels

Subscribe to an internet-based live TV service if you do not want to deal with additional gear such as antennas or TV tuners to get your local television stations. This is the quickest and most convenient method of receiving your local television stations. Several of them provide live access to all or virtually all of the local television stations in your area, which is convenient. Most also provide cloud DVR, which allows you to record live television episodes and save them in your account. Your computer, mobile device, or smart TV will all be able to display them.

A good example of this is Hulu Plus Live TV, which costs $65 a month and includes 50 hours of cloud DVR storage space.

YouTube TV is also available in Spanish (the recordings do disappear after nine months).

Not every local channel, on the other hand, is available in every market.

Our Final Thoughts

Most local stations are now airing in high definition, which is a significant advancement in over-the-air (OTA) programming (HD).

Your television is equipped with a tuner that can automatically scan for and program local channels that will display on your channel list, making things even better. Additionally, an antenna will assist your television in finding even more channels and improving the quality of the signal.

Frequently Ask Questions

In order to watch free-to-air channels, you will need to purchase a television antenna. You can, however, subscribe to cable television or watch live streaming video. Listed below is a thorough list of the most effective methods of watching local channels without using an antenna:

  • Install main network programs
  • Subscribe to cable
  • Watch videos online
  • Etc. Subscribe to YouTube TV
  • Watch videos on YouTube

How Can I Receive TV Signals Without a Cable or Antenna?

Subscriptions to live TV streaming services provide you with the same experience as a cable membership without the high cost of a cable subscription. YouTube TV, Hulu+Live TV, and SLING TV are among the services that may be subscribed to. A streaming device is something you should invest in. In order to watch local cable shows on your smart TV, you should look for an internet streaming device. It is possible that you may need to acquire an extra subscription in order to have access to your channels.

Make use of the Smart TV as a streaming device by doing the following: The fact that smart TVs are capable of connecting to your Wi-Fi network and including embedded software means that you can simply access virtually any streaming service or channel.

Is an Antenna Still Necessary with a Digital TV?

Yes, an antenna is still necessary to obtain a stronger signal while using a digital television. Aside from connecting your antenna, you need also consider where it will be installed and how it will be used. Unless the antenna is surrounded by barriers like as homes and buildings, or if it is situated on the ground, the signal will be too weak to serve you effectively. A rooftop antenna, for example, will provide the best service since it is elevated above the ground and in a region where there are minimal obstacles.

Watch on Samsung Smart TVs

The Apple TV app is available on the majority of Samsung Smart TVs released in 2019 and after. Visit for a list of individual Samsung Smart TV models that are compatible with the Apple TV application.

  1. Make a selection from the home screen of your Samsung Smart TV and then click on the Apple TV app icon to launch it, then sign in with your Apple ID if requested. After selecting a movie or television program from the Watch Now screen, scroll down to browse Apple TV+, Apple TV channels, or highlighted movies and television shows
  2. Choose one of the options below:
  • Play the item, or open it in a channel on your computer: Choose either Play or Open In from the drop-down menu. You can subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already done so by following the onscreen instructions. Subscribe to Apple TV+ by filling out the form below. Pick a plan that interests you and then follow the onscreen instructions to confirm your membership. Subscribe to a channel on Apple TV by doing one of the following: To subscribe, click on the subscription button and then follow the on-screen directions. Purchase or rent a film: Then, under Buy or Rent, choose the option you wish and confirm your purchase or rental
  • Or Purchase an episode or season of a television show: Choosing Buy, then selecting the option you want and confirming your purchase are the next steps

The Apple TV App User Guide for Smart TVs and Streaming Devices contains detailed information about the features available in the Apple TV app. The Apple TV app must be installed on your Samsung Smart TV’s home screen before it can be used. To do so, follow the directions in the task below to locate and download it from the Samsung store.

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