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How to use the Remote Access on your Samsung Smart TV

The most recent update was made on September 22, 2020. If you’ve ever dreamed that your television could serve as a second computer or laptop, your fantasy has come true with the Samsung Smart TV. Whenever you need to visit a Microsoft Office 365 online page or share the PC screen, there is a simple method to do so by connecting your PC to your television.

Use Remote Access when you work and learn at home

The functions that can be done on television are growing more and more sophisticated as time goes on. Many functions are supported by the television set itself, and if your personal computer is accessible through the television set, the range of options for what you may do will be far greater. Apart from remote access to your computer and PC mirroring, you can also access Microsoft Office 365 right from your television and work on documents while watching. Examine the features that are available with the Remote Access.

Three connection methods using Remote Access on the TV

The Remote Access menu panel provides access to three fundamental functions. In particular, it is the Remote PC feature, which allows you to control your PC from anywhere in the world via an IP network; Screen Sharing, which allows you to mirror a PC or smartphone connected to the same Wi-Fi network; and the Office 365 function, which can be accessed directly from the TV web browser. 1 Computer on the other side of the world To learn more, please visit our website. This feature allows you to operate your computer from your Smart TV.

  • Ascertain that your keyboard and mouse are connected to the television, and then follow the instructions on how to access your PC from the television.
  • Step 2.In the Remote Access menu panel, select Remote PC from the list.
  • Please keep in mind that this function is only accessible on TV models from 2019 and beyond.
  • On the remote PC, verify that Remote Desktop is activated.
  • Navigate to the System menu in your PC’s control panel and select Remote Desktop, after which you may toggle the switch to enable Remote Desktop Activation.
  • MAC OSX 10.5 or higher is the only operating system that supports VNC (Virtual Network Computing for Mac) Note:
  • It may be necessary to install an app and make extra settings to reduce the resolution if the MAC PC connection through VNC is too sluggish. For VNC, there is no audio support. (as a result of the Protocol’s restrictions)
  • When utilizing Identical AP, it is possible to use this feature. (Without providing an IP address, a list of IP addresses is displayed under the same AP)
  • The ‘Allow remote control’ option must be enabled on the PC, and Linux is not supported.

Screen-sharing is number two. Remote Access is also integrated with Wi-Fi Direct, which allows for smooth screen sharing between televisions and personal computers. The Wi-Fi connection allows you to share your PC’s screen on your TV, and vice versa. Follow the on-screen instructions to update your settings and connect your TV to a computer over Wi-Fi.

How to make Screen Share available Step 1. On your computer, go to the notification area on the taskbar and pick Management Center or Device. Choosing Connect or Project, and then selecting your TV, will finish the connection. Note:

  • In order to use Screen Sharing, you must be using Windows 10 Professional or higher version. Because the PC screen is taken in real time and re-encoded to the resolution that the TV supports, there is no resolution restriction.

3 Office 365 is a cloud-based version of Microsoft Office. To learn more, please visit our website. You can edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents by connecting to Microsoft Office 365 web sites using the Remote Access function. This function is based on the Cloud Service and is accessed using a web browser on a television. As a result, there is no restriction on the operating system. Step 1.From the Remote Access panel, select the Office 365 icon. Step 2.Log in to your Microsoft Office account using your user ID and password.

Please keep in mind that the device images and menu shown here are merely examples; they are also accessible in the language of your choice.

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Samsung Remote Control User Guide

Accessories and Peripherals: Remote Control and Peripherals The Samsung Smart Remote allows you to control the functions of your television. External devices, such as a keyboard, should be connected for convenience of usage.

About the Samsung Smart Remote (Voice Interaction version)

When using a Samsung Smart Remote with a microphone, you may interact with the device through voice interaction. However, depending on the model and geographical location, this function may or may not be supported.

Button Description
(Voice recognition) Runs Voice Interaction. Press the button, say a voice command, and then release the button to run Voice Interaction. When pressed once, the guide to Voice Interaction appears.
(Number pad) When pressed, a number strip appears on the screen. Select numbers and then select Done to enter a numeric value. Use to change the channel, enter a PIN, enter a ZIP code, etc. If the Color Button appears with a number strip on the screen, select the Color Button and then select a specific color by using the directional pad (up/down/left/right). Use this to access additional options that are specific according to the feature in use.
4 Color button Use these colored buttons to access additional options that are specific according to the feature in use. ” These buttons are not available in the U.S.A. and Canada.
Directional pad (up/down/ left/right) Moves the focus and changes the values seen on the TV’s menu.
Select Selects or runs a focused item. When pressed while you are watching content, detailed program information appears.
(Return) Press to return to the previous menu. When pressed for 1 second or more, the running function is terminated. When pressed while you are watching a program, the previous channel appears.
(Smart hub) Press to return to the Home Screen.
(Play/pause) When pressed, the playback controls appear. Using these controls, you can control the media content that is playing.
VOL(Volume) Move the button up or down to adjust the volume. To mute the sound, press the button. When pressed for 1 second or more, the Accessibility Shortcuts appears.
CH(Channel) Move the button up or down to change the channel. To see the Guide screen, press the button.
  • Information from the FCC When you’re less than 20 feet away from the TV, use the Samsung Smart Remote. When using wireless technology, the useful distance may vary depending on the wireless environment circumstances. Depending on the model, the pictures, buttons, and functionality of the Samsung Smart Remote may be different. For the Samsung Smart Remote to function properly when accessed from an external device, the device’s settings must be configured. Refer to “Controlling External Devices with the Samsung Smart Remote – Using the Universal Remote” for further information.
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This item meets with the requirements of Part 15 of the FCC Results document. The following two requirements must be met in order for the operation to be successful:

  1. This device may not create a detrimental interface, and it must accept whatever interference it receives, even interference that may result in undesirable operation
  2. Nonetheless, this device may not produce a bad interface.

The following equipment has been evaluated and determined to conform with the restrictions for a CLASS B digital device, as defined in Part 15 of the FCC Rules: These restrictions are intended to offer acceptable protection against harmful interference when the device is employed in a business setting. They are not intended to be exhaustive. This equipment creates, utilizes, and has the potential to emit radio frequency energy, and if it is not installed and operated in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, it may cause hazardous interference to radio communications.

Users are recommended to try to remedy the interference by one or more of the following procedures if they believe that this equipment is causing detrimental interference with radio or television reception, which may be determined by turning on and off the device.

  1. The receiving antenna should be reoriented or relocated. Separate the equipment from the receiver by increasing the distance between them. In order to avoid confusion, connect the equipment to an outlet on a separate circuit than that to which the receiver is attached. Consult with the dealer or an expert radio/TV technician if you need assistance


Changes or changes made to the equipment that have not been expressly allowed by the manufacturer may result in the user losing the permission to operate the equipment. Exposure to radio frequency radiation should be avoided. During normal operation, the antenna should be positioned in such a way that the possibility of human contact is minimized to the greatest extent possible. It is recommended that the antenna not be touched during operation in order to avoid the danger of violating the FCC radio frequency exposure limit.

IC Information

This device complies with the RSS standard, which is free from licensing requirements by Industry Canada (s). The following two requirements must be met in order for the operation to be successful:

  1. Neither this device nor its components may generate interference, nor must they tolerate any interference, including interference that may cause the device to operate in an undesirable manner.

The Samsung Remote Control User Guide is available for download. The Samsung Remote Control User Guide is available for download.

How does the remote of my Samsung TV work? – Coolblue

Laurence wrote the piece. 12:55 a.m. on October 8, 2021 The remote control for a Samsung television features a large number of distinct buttons. Each button has a separate set of acronyms and iconography, and these aren’t always immediately understandable. On this page, you’ll learn how to use the buttons on your computer. It is not an issue if your Samsung remote differs in appearance from the photographs. In most cases, the buttons continue to function in the same manner.

Different Samsung remotes

The remote control we’ll be discussing in this post comes included with most entry-level Samsung televisions. Other Samsung televisions include the Samsung One Remote, which can be used with many Samsung televisions. It allows you to control both your Samsung TV and other devices using a single remote. The One Remote, on the other hand, operates and appears in a different way.

Source, Pre-ch and Ch list, Home

This button allows you to see a list of all the sources that are linked. When watching live television, you may effortlessly switch to an HMDI source such as your game console or Blu-ray player, for example.

Pre-ch, Ch list

When you hit the Pre-ch button, you’ll be sent directly back to the channel you were viewing most recently when the button is pressed. With the Ch list button, you may quickly see a list of available television channels, allowing you to quickly move between them.


This will direct you to the Smart Hub. Smart TVs include a primary menu, which provides an overview of the smart TV functionalities, applications, and live television available on the device.

Video services, Guide, Return

With the help of these buttons, you can quickly access the streaming services Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Rakuten TV, allowing you to watch movies and television shows on your smart television.


When you touch this button, the guide with channels is displayed on the screen. You’ll be able to swiftly check the broadcast schedule and select shows that you’d like to watch later on this method. You may also use the channel guide to quickly change channels.


You may use this button to return to the page, menu, or channel that you were previously viewing.

Exit, Colored buttons, Video functions

This button allows you to exit the menu and return to the home screen, where you can immediately begin watching live television.

Colored buttons

Each of these buttons performs a particular function. The nature of these functions varies depending on the menu you are on. If these buttons are accessible for usage, a message will appear on the screen indicating that they are.

Video functions

The video functionalities are controlled by the use of these buttons. You may use them to pause, stop, play, rewind, and fast forward your video. If these features are accessible, a message will appear on the screen to notify this.

Settings, Info, CC/VD

Using this method, you may quickly access the settings menu by pressing a button. Among other things, you may alter the sound and graphics settings from within this menu.


This button brings up a window on your computer screen that displays information about the channel and the show you’re now watching. You’ll be able to easily know whatever show you’re currently viewing and when it’s going to conclude.


Subtitles can be enabled and disabled with this button. The availability of subtitles is dependent on the photos you’re seeing as well as the image source you’re utilizing.

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‎Remotie: remote for Samsung TV

Remotie is a stylish and effective remote control for your Samsung Smart TV, with a keyboard and touchpad for added convenience. Using your phone or tablet, you may easily interact with your television. Remotie will assist you in exploring the Smart Hub and apps’ content, searching for information in the Browser, controlling playback, entering text, controlling in games, changing volume, and switching channels — it will assist you in discovering all of the possibilities of your Smart TV. Highlights of this app include the following:- A fully working remote control for Smart TV;- A large touchpad (available as an in-app purchase);- A keyboard (available as an in-app purchase); – Automatic connection to a device; Text input is restricted in the following ways: Text input is only possible in the Smart Hub apps that are compatible with the Samsung keypad.

  • The Remotie service does not support several services such as Netflix, YouTube and others since they have their own keyboards.
  • Users who have subscribed to the service may utilize the Touchpad, Keyboard, colored buttons, playback controls, and TV Apps without being interrupted by advertisements.
  • “Apple’s App Store Matrix” has determined that the value equal to the subscription fee in USD is equal to the value determined by the “App Store Matrix.” Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account after your purchase has been confirmed.
  • The account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours of the current period’s expiration, and the amount of the renewal will be clearly displayed on the billing statement.
  • Please see the following website for further information.
  • It is not possible to cancel a subscription during the current active subscription period.
  • If a free trial term is given, any unused portion of that period will be forfeited when the user acquires a subscription to that magazine, if applicable.

Terms and Conditions of Use: Policy on Personal Information: 9, Inc. is not a subsidiary or associate of Samsung Electronics, and the Remotie application is not a Samsung-branded product. Version 1.7.0 is the latest available. Fixed a problem with the connection on some Samsung television models.

Ratings and Reviews

I downloaded, then upgraded, the software, and it has significantly improved my whole experience with my Smart Television. The keyboard makes it easier to find things and to launch programs, and it makes it more fluid to switch between apps. The touch pad feature, on the other hand, need improvement. The touch pad makes it significantly simpler to navigate through the online browser, but it’s not entirely apparent how to use it to actually choose things while using the web browser. That is certainly the most significant disadvantage, but if they can improve it, I would use my television’s web browser much more frequently.

Ad happy

I’ve been using an older version of this program for quite a few years now and have never had any major problems with it. In the process of updating my iPhone, I decided to make sure that all of my applications were also up to date. This software connects to my television without issue, and it automatically connects after the app is used, which is an improvement over the previous version I was using. However, I can still operate the volume up and down buttons, and that is about the extent of its usefulness.

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Even more unpleasant, though, is the fact that you will be unable to use smart hub at all!

I uninstalled the app, deleted it from the background, and detached it from the television, and now every time it opens, it takes me right to the smart hub controls screen, complete with all of the obnoxious pop-ups and advertisements.

The phone number has been removed.

I’m surprised

Other remote apps I’ve tried have all failed, but this one actually works. Yes, there is a paywall for some features, but I think that is reasonable, because they need to make some money in order to keep their app alive, and the good thing is that the remote control is free, which other remote apps do not have, and I appreciate that, the only reason I’m surprised a developer actually thought about people’s needs and isn’t money hungry like others, and everything is fair play to be honest, I As a result, this application appeals to me.


Premium Remote for SamsungExpand the application’s possibilities using this remote. Trial period is completely free. The app’s developer, Kraftwerk 9 Inc., has stated that the app’s privacy practices may include the treatment of data in the manner mentioned in the following section. More information can be found in the privacy policy of the developer.

Data Used to Track You

The following information may be used to monitor your movements across many applications and websites controlled by different businesses:

Data Linked to You

The following information about you may be gathered and associated with your identity:

Data Not Linked to You

The following information may be gathered, but it will not be connected to your personal identity: For example, depending on the features you use or your age, your privacy practices may be different. Read on to find out more


Craftwerk 9 Inc. is the seller. Compatibility46.1 MBSize46.1 MB iPhone It is necessary to have iOS 12.1 or later. iPad iPadOS 12.1 or later is required for this feature. iPod touch is a portable media player that allows you to listen to music on the go. It is necessary to have iOS 12.1 or later. Mac It is necessary to have macOS 11.0 or later installed on your computer, as well as an Apple M1 chip. LanguagesEnglish, Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Korean, Norwegian Bokml, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish are some of the languages spoken in the world.

  1. Samsung Smart PRO Remote Control (Remote Control) $3.99
  2. Voice input is synced with the touchpad and text. Premium Remote Control for Samsung for $2.99 Channel list and program schedule are included in the $19.99 price. $2.99
  3. Remove the advertisement for $1.99


It was recently announced that Dutch software developer MeisterApps has published ControlMeister for Samsung Smart TV on the iTunes App Store, the company’s debut product. The app is compatible with both the iPhone and the iPad. According to the creator, when compared to the factory remote control, this new software elevates the experience of viewing your Samsung TV to a whole new level. The software is meant to function on any iPhone or iPad that is running iOS 11 or above. Every Samsung TV owner will be able to use this software to transform their phone or tablet into a smart remote control.

  1. A simple sweep of the finger is all it takes to change channels, adjust the volume, and access the menu.
  2. This is especially true for Smart TV applications such as the internet browser or filling out search forms.
  3. Traditionally, complex capabilities such as these are only available as costly add-ons to current remote control software.
  4. The free software includes lifetime upgrades as well as complete functionality without the use of third-party advertisements.
  5. Arnhem-based Robert’s territory includes the Benelux, France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, as well as IPTV, web TV, linked TV, and over-the-top (OTT) video services.

How to Turn on Samsung tv Without Remote [The Ultimate Guide]

Samsung also manufactures smart televisions, in addition to smartphones and other electronic devices. His smart TV models are equipped with the most advanced technology and features available on the market today. Samsung smart TVs are available in a wide range of sizes, image standards, pricing ranges, and other features, amongst other things. Samsung provides a remote controller with every Samsung television, regardless of the model you purchase. The bundled remote control may be used to choose channels, change volume, alter controller playback settings, and perform several other functions.

Here are some suggestions.

It is possible to switch on a Samsung television straight from the television, just like you would with any other type of television. Additionally, this section provides extra information about the subject. How to turn on a Samsung television without using a remote

Turning on the television without a remote control is possible

Power button (joystick) is positioned directly under the screen, in the centre, to the right or to the left side of most TVs, depending on the model. Once you’ve found the button, press and hold it for one second to switch on your television once you’ve discovered it. If you wish to save electricity, you may switch off your television by pressing the same button. Alternative techniques for turning on your television without the use of a remote control exist, though, and they are described below.

Samsung Smart TVs have a variety of features.

There is a button that can be pressed on almost every television. As a consequence, you will no longer need to utilize a remote control to turn on and off your television, adjust the volume, or switch channels. When the channels on your TV are streamed through the STB, there is only one case in which a problem might occur: when the STB is connected to the TV. Keep in mind that these configurations cannot be modified unless a separate remote control device is used to make the changes.

Is it possible to turn on a Samsung TV without using the remote control?

Yes. It is possible to turn on the Samsung TV, as well as the vast majority of smart TV models, without the need of a remote control. There are a variety of sad instances in which you may find yourself unable to switch on your Samsung TV because you do not have a remote control available to you. Consider the following scenarios: your remote control might be missing, the batteries could require replacement or the remote control could be damaged and no longer operate. In such conditions, it is possible to switch on the Samsung TV without the use of the remote control, if desired.

In spite of the fact that you may power on your Samsung TV without using a remote, you will only be able to access a restricted set of features.

How do I turn on my Samsung TV without using the remote?

The TV Control button, which is also known as the Control Stick or Jog Controller button, should be pressed in order to power on your Samsung television. This button might be found on the back, front, or centre of your Samsung television, depending on the model you have. Your Samsung TV can be turned on and the volume controlled using the Jog Controller, and you can also access Smart Hub functions such as Settings and Menus. The identification and location of the Jog Control button are the most important steps.

Otherwise, if you have a copy of the device’s instruction manual, you should consult it to identify exactly where it is positioned on your television.

Examine the Samsung TV’s backlit display.

The TV Controller button will most likely be found on the back of the Samsung TV, near the bottom right corner of the screen, in the majority of instances. Move the cursor up and down, as well as left and right, by using this key combination. Simply pressing and holding the center button for an extended length of time will switch on the Samsung TV without the use of a remote or other device.

Keep in mind that the Samsung television’s TV remote is positioned on its rear panel. You may make your pick with a single push of the middle button on your keyboard. Toggling between choices will choose one of the options on the screen.

Examine the Samsung TV’s front

Following the top of the Samsung smart TV, the middle of the TV is the next highest probable position to seek for the TV remote after the bottom. On some Samsung televisions, the TV Controller may be located in the centre of the front area of the screen at certain times of the day. Approximately five buttons will be included in the set. In order to turn on the television, press and hold the central button for an extended amount of time. It is positioned in the centre of the front panel, in the center of the TV Controller.

The Samsung TV can be turned on by pressing and holding down the center button for a lengthy amount of time.

The TV controller is located in the middle of the front bezel.

From the side, look at the front panel of your Samsung television. Only a handful of the Samsung televisions will include a TV Controller, which will be positioned at the bottom of the bezel. Whenever you are seated and looking at the device, you should look for it on the right-hand side of your television’s screen. The power button on the remote control must be pressed in order for the Samsung TV to turn on. If you lose control of your Samsung TV’s remote control, there isn’t much you can do to make matters even more difficult.

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In order to profit from the television being switched on, you just must identify the Jog Controller and press the appropriate button on the controller.

Method 2: Making Use of the SmartThings App

Samsung has created a mobile application known as SmartThings that allows you to easily operate your Samsung TV and other devices from your smartphone. Depending on whatever mobile device you are using, you can download and install this application from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. You should bear in mind that this approach can only be used if the SmartThing app has previously been set up to interact with your TV before trying it. If you have not previously configured this technique, you will be unable to utilize it if you have misplaced your remote control.

  1. 2:Open the SmartThings program and click on the plus sign (+) button.
  2. 4: Choose a television set from the available options.
  3. 6: After that, choose a place from the list of alternatives that are presented.
  4. Simply said, that’s all there is to it.
  5. 8: Next, run the SmartThings app and choose the name of your television from the list of available options.
  6. 10: To switch on or off your television at any moment, simply push the power button on the remote control.
  7. If you are running an older version of the software, you can control your device using third-party remote control applications for Android and iPhone devices.

The built-in buttons can only execute a limited number of operations due to the low amount of buttons available. Instead, the SmartThings mobile app has been designed with all of the essential remote functionalities, allowing it to work in the same way as your remote control.

How To Turn Off Samsung TV without Remote

1. To access the menu, tap the power button on your device. 2. The selection will progress through the available possibilities each time you push the button once. The gadget will switch off if you push and hold the power button while it is in the Power the first choice position. 4. You may now, among other things, turn off your television by just using the remote control.

Our Final Thoughts

Occasionally, we lose our remote control. This might be due to misplacing the remote or forgetting where you set it. So, what is the reason for your remote control loss? Please share your thoughts in the comment area below.

Frequently Ask Questions

Yes. The Samsung smart TV will come with a TV Controller or a Jog Controller, depending on the model. As a result, you will be able to access the television functionalities more easily and quickly without the use of a separate remote device.

What are some of the possible options that a TV Controller will be able to provide?

Standard features on most Samsung television models include power, home, settings, source, and return, all of which are in addition to the basic menu selections. Few TVs will be equipped with a Smart Hub, while others will be provided with channel up and down, as well as volume up and down buttons to control the volume of the television.

Is there a different way to turn on a Samsung TV without using the remote control?

Yes. A remote app on your Android or iOS smartphone is required in order for this to be feasible before. For example, if you have already associated your Samsung TV with either the Samsung Smart View or Samsung SmartThings apps, you will be able to switch it on from inside those applications. Additional third-party programs, such as the TV (Samsung) Remote Control, will be utilized by you. With any of these applications downloaded to your smartphone, you will be able to switch on your television without the need for a remote control.

How to Use a Samsung TV Remote App

When you want to change stations on your Samsung TV but can’t find your remote control, it may be quite aggravating. If you had the ability to operate your Samsung TV from your iPhone using the Samsung remote app, it would have been a blessing at that particular time. ControlMeister, a universal remote software for Samsung Smart TVs, provides comprehensive remote functions. It is possible to replace your old Samsung remote control with this Samsung remote app and begin controlling your channels, volume, menus, applications, and navigation with this new software.


Samsung TV Keyboard for Web Browser

The touchpad functionality of the Samsung remote app is another another excellent feature. In addition to controlling the TV’s web browser, applications, and menu settings, it can also be used as your new Samsung TV keyboard, saving you from having to scroll through letters while accessing the menu or apps. Furthermore, the keyboard is automatically shown as necessary, so you don’t have to worry about it at all. You will be able to maintain your concentration and enjoy your television shows.

Samsung TV Remote App Video Tutorial

The ControlMeister Samsung TV remote app is compatible with all Samsung Smart TVs from 2012 and subsequent model years. In the unfortunate event that your Samsung TV was manufactured prior to 2012, the Samsung TV app will not be compatible with your Samsung TV. Which model year do you have on your vehicle? You can see this by looking at the middle letter of your model type in your browser (on the back of your Samsung TV). Samsung televisions that are supported include: E equals 2012 F equals 2013 H equals 2014 J = 2015 K = 2016 M = 2017 J = 2015 K = 2016 M = 2017 N = 2018 is the year in which we are writing this.

R Equals the year 2019. QLED is an abbreviation for QLED (also supported) T is equal to 2020. For example, UE55 E S8000 denotes the year 2012, whereas UE78 H U8500L denotes the year 2014. GET THE APP RIGHT NOW

Samsung TV Remote App Set Up

To get started with setting up your Samsung TV remote app, just follow our step-by-step instructions. This article solely covers the process of installing and configuring the Samsung TV remote app on your iPhone. The procedure for configuring the Samsung TV remote app on your iPad, on the other hand, is the same.

Step 1:Download Remote Control App

ControlMeister may be downloaded and installed on your iOS device. ControlMeister is a free program that may be downloaded. ControlMeister may be found in the Apple Store by searching for it using the button. Another method of obtaining this new Samsung remote software is to scan the QR code provided below.

Step 2:Connect to your Samsung TV

Connect both your iOS smartphone and your television to the same Wi-Fi network. If you want to make sure that the Samsung TV remote app works with your Samsung Smart TV, this is the most critical step. If you are unsure whether or not the devices are linked to the same network, please refer to the following guide: Connect iPhoneTV to the same network as the computer.

Step 3:Select your Samsung TV

Choose your television and begin navigating! It is likely that the name of your TV will appear in the Samsung remote app if your Smart TV and your iPhone or iPad are connected to the same network as your TV and your iPhone or iPad. If you are unable to locate your television using the app, please return to step 2 and double-check your connections. Replace your old Samsung remote control with this new Samsung TV remote software and you will be able to take use of the complete remote functions immediately.

Channels, volume, menus, applications, and navigation are all readily controlled.

You won’t have to worry about it since the Samsung TV keyboard will instantly appear when you need to type something.

Control Netflix With Phone

The video above demonstrates how to use Netflix from your smartphone or tablet. This is made possible thanks to the Samsung remote software from ControlMeister!

Buy Universal Remote Control

If you want to use a factory Samsung remote control rather than a Samsung TV remote app, you may get a new remote control from Amazon for a reasonable price. Though most universal remotes are compatible with Samsung TV, it is preferable to search for “universal remote for samsung tv” when looking for a universal remote. Please bear in mind that universal remotes have a plethora of disadvantages to them. This is especially true of the less expensive variants.

Screen Mirror iPhone to Samsung TV

You might be interested in learning how to screen mirror your iPhone or iPad screen to your Samsung Smart TV while you’re using the Samsung smart TV remote app. Using the free MirrorMeister application on your iPhone or iPad, just follow the instructions to begin screen mirroring to your Samsung Smart TV. MirrorMeister is compatible with Samsung Smart TV models manufactured in 2012 and after. The setup process is identical to that of your Samsung TV remote app; all that is required is that your iPhone or iPad be connected to the same network as the Samsung Smart TV to function.

Consequently, if you decide to get a new television.

We encourage you to visit ourFAQpage or shoot us an email if you have any queries.

NOW IS THE TIME TO DOWNLOAD THE APP AND LEARN MORE: The Samsung TV Remote Doesn’t Work Frequently Asked Questions about the Samsung TV Remote App How to Clean a Television Screen Samsung On a Samsung TV, YouTube TV does not function properly.

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