How To Track A Samsung Phone For Free


Use Find My Mobile to find a lost Samsung Galaxy device

Now imagine that you’ve just misplaced your brand-newSamsung Galaxyphone. It’s all right! You’re in good shape. Samsung’sFind My Mobile tool is available to assist you. Free, and if you signed into your Samsung account when you first set up the phone, it’s already configured for you to use the service. Let’s say you still have your phone in your possession. As an alternative to waiting for something bad to happen, spend a few minutes right now to check that Find My Mobile is active and configured on your Galaxy phone or tablet.

Please keep in mind that not all wireless providers are compatible with Find My Mobile.

It’s possible that it’s already been installed.


Photographs courtesy of Jason Cipriani/CNET As previously said, if you signed into your Samsung account during initial setup, the chances are that Find My Mobile is already enabled. In the Settings app, look for Find My Mobile to see whether your device has been located. Alternatively, you may go toSettingsLock Screen and SecurityFind My Mobile and enter your phone’s information. Sign into your Samsung account if requested to do so in order to enable the function. I recommend that you enable all of the settings linked with the functionality as well.

Google’s location service delivers more precise location information, which is critical when trying to locate a misplaced smartphone.


Jason Cipriani/CNET contributed this screenshot. When it comes to tracking down a misplaced cellphone, Samsung does not have an app that can be used on another phone. Instead, you may go to using any mobile or desktop browser of your choice. Once you’ve arrived, log into your account and choose the gadget you’re interested in. If it is switched on, you will be able to view its current location as well as the remaining battery %. A popup will also present a list of activities to perform on the misplaced device, such as:

  • Ring, lock, erase data, back up, retrieve calls and texts, unlock, extend battery life, and set a guardian are all possible actions.

The majority of them are self-explanatory in nature. There are a number of them that deserve a little more explanation. For example, retrieving calls and messages will sync with your phone and display the past 50 calls and messages you’ve received, along with their associated phone numbers. The choice to extend the battery life will provide you the ability to keep track of it for a longer period of time.

In addition, the Set Guardian option enables you to nominate a friend or family member as someone who will be authorized to log into Find My Mobile on your behalf in order to track or control your mobile device.

How to Track a Samsung Phone

Have you misplaced your Samsung mobile phone and are attempting to recover it despite all odds? If anything like this had happened some years ago, it would have been difficult to locate your cell phone. However, nowadays, there are a variety of options for locating your misplaced Samsung cellphone. It’s possible that you’ll wish to track out the location of someone else’s Samsung phone. In many cases, this is done to guarantee that one’s children are in a safe environment, to ensure that one’s spouse is not being cheated on, and to ensure that one’s employees are not going outside of their workplace during working hours, among other reasons.

Of course, the free approaches that we are going to propose have their own set of constraints, which will be discussed further in the next section.


  1. Find My Device may be used to locate a Samsung phone belonging to someone else. Find My Mobile allows you to retrieve Samsung data. Track the location of a phone by using the target’s telephone number
  2. KidsGuard Pro for Android – Phone Tracking App allows you to track your Samsung phone.

Find Someone’s Samsung Phone Using Find My Device

A service called Find My Device is accessible for any Android device, including Samsung smartphones. This function can only be used if the Find My Device app on your Samsung phone has been given permission to view your location. For more information on how to monitor a Samsung phone remotely using Find My Device, please see the procedures listed below. Before attempting to locate a phone using this approach, you must first ensure that the phone you are looking for has the location feature switched on and that you have the Google account associated with the target phone in your memory.

  • Step 1: From any Android device, browse to the following address: The second step is to log in with the credentials of the account that is currently logged in on your Samsung phone. Choosing the Samsung phone from the list of devices associated with the same account is the third step. Step 4: If you have previously enabled the location feature on your Samsung phone, you will be able to view its current location on a map at this point.

This video demonstrates how simple it is to locate your Samsung smartphone or the location of another person’s Samsung device using the Find My Device feature.

Retrieve Samsung Data via Find My Mobile

Samsung provides a built-in function called Find My Mobile that allows you to simply determine the position of your phone. It is available only on Samsung devices. This function assists a user in locating their phone in the event that it is misplaced or stolen. In order for this feature to function, the Find My Mobile feature on your phone must be enabled. If you have previously completed this step, you may proceed to the next stage to learn how to track a Samsung Galaxy phone using Find My Mobile by following the instructions listed below.

You have the option to pick the path that best suits your needs.

  • Step 1: Go to any Samsung store and visit
  • The second step is to sign in with the login credentials of the account that is currently active on the lost or stolen Samsung phone. Step 3: From the list of available devices, select the Samsung phone to which you desire to gain access. Step 4: The location of the selected phone will be displayed on a map at this point. Step 5:

Along with the ability to locate the phone, you can also lock it, make it ring loudly, delete all the data on it, unlock the phone, and retrieve the text messages and call records stored on the Samsung phone using the Samsung Phone Manager.

This approach, like the last one, would only work if you had already switched on the location feature on your Samsung phone before attempting it.

Track Phone’s Location by Target’s Telephone Number

Due to the fact that both of the aforementioned ways rely on the target’s Samsung phone’s location being enabled, you will need to look into additional possibilities for tracking the position of the target’s Samsung phone. Using the phone number of the target phone, you may even determine the position of the phone. With the input of a Samsung phone number, several web portals provide the service of determining its position. To get started, all you have to do is input your phone number and press enter.

Although this procedure is simple, it is not particularly accurate.

Furthermore, some of these web portals are scammers, and they utilize this method to obtain your information and exploit it in an unethical manner.

Track Samsung Phone UsingKidsGuard Pro for Android

Because of this, as you may have noticed above, the approaches outlined before are not helpful in all likely cases. If you want to get beyond the limits of the methods described above, you can utilize KidsGuard Pro instead of them. This software has a number of useful capabilities, including the ability to track the position of another person’s phone. Features

  • Track the real-time location of the target’s device
  • Pinpoint the location of the target’s device on a map
  • Geofencing allows you to create virtual limits. Access the location history of your phone
  • Recognize the timestamp for every place


  • It takes less than 3 minutes to install on the target device and remains undetectable. This feature provides a precise real-time position of the target device and allows for remote location tracking. Each and every one of the target device’s location information is updated in real time

Following your understanding of the fundamental functionalities of KidsGuard Pro for Android, why not clickdemotry it out for yourself? I am confident that you will discover many more great capabilities in this tool.

Steps to track Samsung phone using KidsGuard Pro

Learn how to track the position of a Samsung phone using KidsGuard Pro by following the instructions outlined below. Step 1: Sign up for a KidsGuard Pro account with your valid email address and choose a package that suits your needs. Step 2: Make all of the necessary adjustments to the target phone’s settings and then install the app on the phone. The website’s instructions will walk you through the process of concealing the application on the target phone. 3. Log in to KidsGuard Pro’s online dashboard using any other device and pick Position from the options accessible on the left.

Are you still unsure about how to go about installing it?

If you follow these three basic steps, you can simply track the location of a Samsung phone using theKidsGuard Proapplication.


Is it feasible to trace the location of a Samsung smartphone? If you ever find yourself in a position where you need to track the location of your phone or the location of someone else’s phone, you may utilize the methods listed above to accomplish your goal successfully. If you want to follow the position of the target phone as accurately and efficiently as possible, KidsGuard Pro is the finest option out of all of the ways listed above. In addition to enhanced location tracking capabilities, this is a highly recommended app.

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Ways to Track A Cell Phone Location for Free

When you cannot locate your cell phone at the location where you had left it, you have a minor heart attack. In fact, this apprehension is given a name! It’s referred to as Nomophobia. According to surveys, around 50% of the population today suffers with Nomophobia, with the severity of the condition changing from person to person. To us, our phones are the most important thing in the world. Almost everything, including images, emails, contacts, and memories is always stored on our computers.

While tracing a cell phone for free may appear unusual, it is not.

Find out how to monitor a cell phone’s location for free in the following sections.

Method 1: How to track someone’s phone location via FamiSafe

You wouldn’t have to be concerned about tracing down the whereabouts of a cell phone if you used FamiSafe. Apart from the built-in monitoring features, FamiSafe is the most popular of all the cell phone tracking applications. You may use this to find the target device, lock the phone, reset the lock pin, and block online content on the target device. Before we get into the specifics of how to utilize FamiSafe, let’s have a look at some of its features.

  • Track the real-time position of the target device to assist you in finding the whereabouts of your children or other gadgets. Also available are geofences, which may be used to get notifications when a device enters or exits a specific region. You may also utilize Location History to see where the target device has been taken
  • However, this is not recommended. Screen Time enables you to remotely disable the device with a single swipe. For example, if your smartphone is stolen, you may use this function to lock the device and prevent your personal information from being taken. On your own device, you may simply track the location of the target device
  • Mobile device-friendly, including both Android and iPhone models
  • The following features are available: location tracking and geo-fencing, app blocking, web filtering, screen time control, and smart parental control settings

The following are the actions to do in order to utilize FamiSafe: Step 1: To track the position of a mobile phone, you’ll need to download and install FamiSafe. To download and install FamiSafe, all you have to do is head to the App Store or Google Play and search for it. Step 2:Create a FamiSafe account using the app on your smartphone or tablet. Do not forget to activate FamiSafe on your cell phone as a last step in the process. Take aware of the fact that, in order for the app to function effectively, you’ll need to grant access to a large number of permission requests while the app is being installed.

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The final step is to sign in from your own device after you’ve finished all of the installation procedures.

Is FamiSafe just a location tracking app?

No, it is not the case. FamiSafe, on the other hand, is the most complete parental control application available on the market. You may not only follow the internet activity of the target device, but you can also track sensitive terms on the most popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and other similar platforms. More information on how to monitor the device’s activity using FamiSafe may be found here.

Method 2: How to track an iPhone location for free via Find My iPhone

Users of the iOS operating system are not surprised by the existence of Find My iPhone. This software service from Apple themselves is a lifesaver for every iPhone user who has ever used one of their devices. Once this app is installed on your iPhone, you may monitor a mobile phone’s position for free by following the steps outlined below: Step 1: Open Find My iPhone on another one of your Apple devices and enter your location. Enter your iCloud account information in Step 2. Step 3:There will be a list of names on the screen, and you must select the name of the person whose whereabouts you desire to track down by tapping on it.

Step 4: After selecting the device name, select actions from the drop-down menu. You’ll be presented with three options: delete, play sound, and lost mode. When you choose one of the alternatives, your phone is presumed to be safe, and you are now free to go ahead and recover your phone.

Method 3: How to track an iPhone location for free via

Apple has given us ICloud as a gift. If you have misplaced your mobile phone and do not have another Apple device on hand, you can use this as a backup solution. It’s essentially the same as the Find My iPhone software, except that you can follow a mobile phone’s position using your laptop (Windows or Mac) instead of your smartphone. 1. Go to and sign in using your Apple ID credentials. If it ends up displaying the iCloud two-step authentication page, you will be required to enter a code that was provided to your Apple device in order to complete the process.

Step 2: Select the icon that displays the “Find My iPhone” message.

Step 4:On the left-hand side, you’ll notice gadgets.

Step 5:You will be presented with the location of your device, as well as three options: lost mode, play sound, and wipe the device.

Method 4: How to track a Samsung phone location for free

Tracking a phone’s position for free these days is rather simple, regardless of whether the phone is a Samsung or an iPhone. The processes are nearly same in both cases. Only that the operating systems necessitate the use of distinct applications in order to track a cell phone location for free. Fortunately, Samsung Galaxy phones come with an in-built feature known as Find My Mobile, which is routinely used to locate lost or stolen devices. This will allow you to track the position of your phone for free by logging into your Samsung Account, which we believe every Samsung user has.

When you originally received your phone, we were confident that you had set up your Samsung Account and linked it to your phone appropriately.

In Step 2, you will be asked to enter your Samsung credentials.

Then pick the Registered Mobile tab from the drop-down menu.

Method 5: How to track other Android phone location for free

You may already have a Google Account. Good! Now is the time to put it to use. If you make use of the Android Device Manager, it is simple to track the position of a phone for free. You’ve almost certainly come across this built-in feature on your phone at least once. To activate it, you only need to flip a switch on and off. Additionally, you can download the location tracker software from the Google Play Store and use it to track the position of your mobile phone for free on any of your Android devices.

  1. Step 2:Go to the designated area and turn it on.
  2. To have access to the mobile phone tracker app, you must first sign in with your Google account.
  3. Select the device that you wish to locate by clicking on it.
  4. We feel that all of these free ways of monitoring phone location are excellent and effective, and the best part is that they are completely free!
  5. In such situation, FamiSafe has additional functions that allow you to trace call records, change the lock pin, wipe all of your data, and track the exact GPS position of the mobile phone.

It all relies on the reason for which the cell phone is being tracked. But, perhaps most crucially, you can rely on FamiSafe to track your cell phone’s position for no cost at all.

5 Best Ways to Track a Lost Samsung for Free

If you had misplaced your phone a few years ago, it was difficult to locate it. Then there are the company-based solutions from the phone manufacturers that provide a way out. These kind of solutions are now available everywhere. Samsung is one of the phones that you can currently readily find on the market. If you’ve recently purchased a Galaxy and misplaced it, don’t be concerned. I’ve compiled a list of five free and paid programs that can help you navigate the difficult road of attempting to locate your phone.

You don’t have to wait until your phone goes missing before taking action.

Find My Mobile for Samsung

Samsung provides a back-up plan for any phones that they have released recently. This covers their Android and Tizen mobile operating systems. Depending on the model, there might be some variances. So, if you see that yours is different, simply proceed to set it up according to the Samsung instructions. If your phone is stolen or misplaced, the Find My Mobile Service will assist you in locating it. You may then back up your data to the cloud, lock the phone, and even limit access to it after you have located it.

Setting up Find My Mobile Service

  1. When it comes to recent Samsung devices, there is a workaround. They have Android and Tizen versions, as well as their desktop version. According to the model, there might be variances. Just go ahead and set it up according to Samsung’s instructions if yours is different from mine. If your phone has been stolen or misplaced, the Find My Mobile Service will assist you in locating it again. It is possible to back up your data in the cloud, lock and even ban the phone’s access after it has been discovered. The following instructions will show you how to set it up on your smartphone if you have not already done so.

Tracking a Lost Samsung Phone

Now, in the event that your phone is misplaced, here is what you should do in order to locate it.

  1. Visit Find My Mobile Website here, or put your browser address into the search box. The Samsung account may be accessed by selecting Sign In from the centre of the screen
  2. Enter your account information, which includes your email address and password. You must check the box that says ‘I am human, not a robot,’ if you want to proceed
  3. Otherwise, you will be redirected back to the previous page. Sign up now to see a list of the Samsung phones and tablets you own, as well as other useful information. Select the phone from which you wish to gain access and go to the next stage
  4. Now, if your phone is turned on, it will load the location of the current phone. On your screen, you will see a map in the centre. If it is not turned on, the location will not be displayed. If that’s the case, you can check back later to see if the phone has arrived
  5. However, this is not recommended.

The phone will display the current location and battery level as soon as you gain access to it. You will also see a popup window with a list of tasks you may perform on the phone while it is in your possession. They are as follows:

  • Putting the phone away
  • Ring from a distance
  • Erase data
  • Back up the files that have been saved
  • Retrieving missed calls and SMS messages
  • Unlocking the phone

The actions you are able to perform are dependent on the model of Samsung. Additionally, the Find My Mobile Device service may be tailored to your specific phone. The same service is available for Android devices as well. We’ll talk about it further as the meeting progresses.

Locating Your Samsung Phone Using Spyic

Another option to consider is theSpyic monitoring system, which can be downloaded for free. It is an application that can be downloaded and installed on your Samsung Android phone or tablet. Following that, you will be able to track its whereabouts at all times, regardless of whether you have misplaced it or not. Spyic takes a one-time installation on your phone in order for you to be able to locate your phone if you have misplaced it. After that, it will stealthily retrieve all of the data from your device and sync it with Spyic’s cloud storage service.

If it becomes disoriented, you may use the location tool to find out where it is.

This tutorial will show you how to trace a phone using Spyic.

Locating a Lost Samsung Phone Using Cocospy

Cocospy, like Spyic, is a dependable tracking tool that you should investigate more thoroughly. Once it has been installed in the devices, it may be used to track down and recover lost Samsung Android phones and tablets. It also does not necessitate the use of rooting software. All requires only a single installation on your phone, and that is it.

Moreover, it will function even when disguised or in stealth mode. So the person who took it will be completely unaware that there is an app tracking his or her location. Here’s how to set it up before you use it to track for a misplaced Samsung phone.


  • Your Samsung smartphone, which should be running Android version 4.0 or above
  • An email address that is functional
  • Internet connection that is dependable

Install and Track Your Samsung Phone

  1. Navigate to the Cocospy website using your web browser’s address bar. If you do not already have an account, create one by providing an email address and a password
  2. To proceed, select the Android icon from the drop-down menu. You will then be presented with all of the Cocospy plans that are currently available. Select the most appropriate one and proceed to make the payments
  3. You’ll receive a confirmation email with your payment information, login credentials, installation instructions, and a download link. To install Cocospy on your phone, click on the appropriate download link. Make certain that stealth mode is selected before completing the installation. Finalize the installation and connect into your Cocospy account from a different device to observe how it works. Please allow time for your account to sync with your Samsung phone after you have accessed it. Following that, you will be presented with the dashboard. On the left-hand side of the screen are functions that provide information about your phone. On the right, there is a summary of the phone’s activities, which includes the location. You may proceed to view your messages, calls, location, internet history, and other information by selecting the necessary options from the drop-down menu.

When your phone becomes missing, go into your Cocospy account and use the location tool to hunt it down and recover it. You can also utilize the SIM card function to, among other things, establish an alert to notify you when the SIM card is replaced.

Find My Device for Android Method

Interestingly, this procedure is quite similar to the Find My Mobile process used by Samsung. You may also use it to locate any Android phone that has been misplaced. It is recommended that you set it up while you are still in possession of the phone, just as it is with Samsung. Once it has been lost or stolen, it will be much easier to locate. Here’s how you go about tracking down the missing Samsung Galaxy. NB: It is only compatible with Samsung smartphones running the Android operating system.


  1. Using your browser, navigate to the Find My Device Site. Alternatively, you may contact us at the following address: Upon arriving to the site, you will be asked to enter your account information. Input the email address and password that were used to register the Android phone, if applicable. Following that, you will see a list of all of your phones listed under the account you created. To track a Samsung device, choose it from the drop-down menu. Using this command will instruct the service to begin looking for the phone’s location
  2. If the phone is turned on, the location is displayed on the screen. In the event that it is turned off, the location information will not be provided.

Once you have gained access to the phone, you may perform a variety of activities, including locking the phone. This will assist you in protecting your data. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Click on the Lock icon
  2. Type in the password
  3. Add a message and a phone number for retrieval
  4. And click on the Unlock icon. It is, however, entirely optional
  5. Go ahead and lock it when prompted.

Consider the following:Find Your Misplaced Phoneby Safeguarde

Using Spydialer to Locate a Lost Samsung Phone

The final approach I’m going to discuss is the use of theSpydialerreverse phone search service to find out who called you. It’s a completely web-based tool that may assist you in looking up further information about a person or unknown contacts. It may also be used to find out additional information about someone’s location or email address, for example. It is completely free, and you are not required to register or log in. However, there are several advantages to being a member of the organization.

Although it cannot be used to locate your stolen phone, it may be used to obtain further information about it, such as who is the owner.

  1. If you have the Find My Device feature enabled on your Samsung phone, you may use it to trace the position of your phone if it becomes misplaced. Once you’ve determined the location, write down the address information, including the street, city, and state. Now, go to the Spydialer website and utilize the information you’ve gathered to look for the person’s contact information
  2. Click on the address to fill in the necessary information, and then click on the search button. You will receive all of the information on the individual associated with the address
  3. Alternatively, if you have Spyic or Cocospy installed, the SIM card alert will notify you anytime a SIM card change occurs. With this information, you may obtain the new phone number and utilize it on Spydialer to make a reverse phone call. When you enter the phone number, you will also be provided with more information on the individual.
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Conclusion These are the five methods that you might employ in order to locate a misplaced Samsung phone. It’s vital to realize that most of these approaches will have a preliminary setup before they can be used to locate down a lost phone. Spyic and Cocospy are two apps that I suggest since they show more information about your phone. They can also send you notifications when anything changes on your phone. With that said, go ahead and test them out on your phone and make a backup before you lose it.

As a developer, he has contributed to the creation of various internationally famous software products and Android applications.

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Do You Know How to Track a Samsung Phone? Check These 3 Easy Methods

Did you know that Samsung is the world leader in digital technology, notably in terms of the number of mobile phones expected to be sold by the end of the decade? The corporation sold around 112.5 million devices to end-users in the first two quarters of the year. As a result, it’s no surprise that your children use their Samsung phones to socialize at all hours of the day and night. Despite the fact that mobile technology have brought convenience to people’s lives, these gadgets have also become a source of considerable risk.

Cyberbullying, hidden death organizations, perilous challenges, and online predators are all issues that thousands of children deal with on a regular basis.

Why and How to Track a Samsung Phone of Your Kid

In addition to what has already been stated, children may get into trouble even while they are in the room next door to you. Due to their enjoyment of spending time on social media and adding new friends to their accounts, online predators utilize dating applications such as Tinder, Snapchat, Kik, and other similar services to befriend children and teenagers. Children are willing to engage with individuals of all ages, and maniacs seldom need to pretend to be teens in order to get their message across.

  • In many cases, the internet boom manifests itself in physical manifestations, as predators can urge children to meet up in person.
  • If your child is depressed but refuses to tell you about it, this is a tell-tale indicator that they are being harassed by an unknown party or individuals.
  • To find out the truth, you’ll need to use a different approach, such as monitoring your child’s internet activities and following their whereabouts.
  • Continue reading to find out more information.

1. How to Track a Samsung Phone Remotely with mSpy

As a result, you now understand how to locate a Samsung smartphone utilizing phone tracking services provided by Samsung and Google. However, keep in mind that having your child’s account details is required for both approaches. Sometimes, though, this is not an option, particularly if your child is the secretive kind. If, on the other hand, you consider utilizing a parental control program, such as mSpy, you won’t have to be concerned about accessing your child’s personal account on the internet.

A variety of valuable monitoring options are available depending on the mSpy membership type that you choose, including the following:

  • Calls are being monitored both incoming and outgoing
  • Viewing text messages that have been received, sent, and deleted
  • Keeping an eye on Snapchat, Facebook, Tinder, Kik, and other social media applications
  • Examining the media files that have been delivered and received
  • Viewing the history of your browser sessions and bookmarks Seeing events on a calendar and making notes on them

To begin monitoring your child’s phone, you only need to follow a few basic steps:

  1. Go to and choose a membership plan
  2. Sign up for a free account with your relevant email address. Follow the installation instructions that have been provided to your email address. Log into your mSpy Control Panel and choose the monitored device to be tracked. Start keeping an eye on things.

If you have any problems concerning mSpy installation or how to use the software, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service staff. Additionally, if you want remote assistance with the installation of the program, you might consider purchasing mAssistance.

2. Find My Mobile for Samsung

If your child has a Samsung and you need to track out their whereabouts, you may utilize an unique tool designed just for Samsung customers. Find My Mobile is a service that lets you find a phone and protect the data on it in the event that it is stolen. Furthermore, you may utilize the service to unlock your phone from a remote location. Before utilizing the service, make sure that the data backup feature on the targetSamsung device has been enabled on the device. For peace of mind that your child has switched it on, access their phone and go toSettings, tapLock Screen & Security, then clickFind My Mobile to see if they have done so.

Fill out the registration form if necessary, then switch on all of the options that you see on the screen. You should follow these instructions if you need to locate your child’s Samsung phone:

  1. Open your browser and navigate to the following URL: Find My Mobile
  2. Access your child’s Samsung account by signing in with your own. Choose the appropriate device from the drop-down menu
  3. Wait for the system to load the phone’s current location before proceeding. If nothing happens, this indicates that the phone has been switched off. When the phone is turned on, you can see the current position as well as the battery level.

In addition to tracking down your child’s whereabouts, Find My Mobile gives you the ability to lock and unlock the device from a distance, wipe and back up the data, and retrieve missed calls and text messages from the device. The list of available interactions is determined by the type of Samsung phone that your child is using.

3. Find My Device for Android

Despite the fact that the vast majority of smartphone users use Samsung phones that run on Android, there are instances in which a device operates on a different operating system. You should bear in mind that the Find My Handset service is only available for Android smartphones if you wish to search down a Samsung device utilizing it. In order to begin monitoring a Samsung phone using this approach, do the following steps:

  1. Open your browser and navigate to the Find My Device page as follows: Connect to an individual’s Google account or provide the email address and password that were used to register the monitored phone. Select the appropriate device from the drop-down menu
  2. Begin tracing down the place

Keep in mind that the Samsung phone you’re targeting should be turned on. If you do not do so, you will not be able to view any location information.


In conclusion, there are three effective and legal ways to monitor your child’s device and, in the event that your Galaxy phone is lost or stolen, to track down and locate it. MSpy, on the other hand, comes highly recommended if you want a slew of useful monitoring capabilities in your parenting toolbox. Because the app operates in stealth mode, it is unlikely that your child will become aware of its presence. Even if they do, you will be notified immediately and will be able to quickly reinstall it.

Hirsch is a writer, editor, and journalist who lives in New York City.

However, she eventually made the decision to devote her life to traveling and freelance writing.

How to Track A Samsung Phone Remotely

The tracking of cell phones is becoming increasingly popular these days, owing to an increase in the number of cases of adultery. What if you’re a worried parent who wants to protect their children but doesn’t know how to keep track of their cell phone activities? Do you want to discover why your husband is arriving late from work on a regular basis? Or you’re concerned about having your Samsung Galaxy cellphone stolen or losing it altogether. Whatever the reason, if you are seeking for a technique to monitor a Samsung phone, you have come to the right place.

Throughout this post, we’ll go over two different approaches that you may use to monitor a Samsung phone from a distance.

Two Ways to Track A Samsung Phone

There are a handful of mobile phone tracking applications available on the Google Play Store that may be lifesavers if you’re trying to locate a misplaced or, even worse, stolen phone, or if you’re trying to keep track of your children’s phones. We would like to offer two Samsung tracking applications to you in order to track your Samsung phone remotely. Continue reading this tutorial to find out how to monitor a Samsung phone remotely using mobile phone tracking Apps for Android devices.

  • The following are instructions on how to track a Samsung Galaxy phone using PanSpy: 1. 2. How to Track a Samsung Galaxy Phone Using the Samsung Find My Mobile Application.

1. How to Track A Samsung Galaxy Phone Using PanSpy

In addition to being a sophisticated phone tracking tool, PanSpy also provides you with real-time access to the location of the target device. If your Android smartphone is running Android version 5.0 or higher, you may follow the position of any Android device. This includes Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Oppo, Sony, and LG devices.

Among its many functions are those that allow you to view the target smartphone user’s SMS messages, GPS position information, contacts and call records, as well as Keylogger, Apps, E-mails, and much more. PanSpy has the following characteristics:

  1. Keep track of cell phone activity: call logs, messages, e-mails, documents, calendars, photos, videos, and applications, among other things
  2. And Keep track of your current location using GPS, geofencing, or a WiFi logger
  3. Social media apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Line, Kik, Tinder, Hangouts, and others should be monitored. Remote Control: App Blocker, Schedule Restriction, and more features.

The following are the three methods to locate a Samsung phone: Step 1: Register with PanSpy. Go to the PanSpy website and click on the Sign UP button to register. Create an account by entering your e-mail address. You will get a confirmation e-mail to complete the activation process. Then you’ll need to log into your account. Step 2: Download and install the application. Log in to your Control Panel and follow the on-screen directions to complete the process. Install the PanSpy application on the target phone.

Access the PanSpy Control Panel to begin tracking the GPS position, instant messaging, browser history, and any other actions occurring on the targeted Samsung phone.

2. How to Track A Samsung Galaxy Phone Using Samsung Find My Mobile

It is possible that as a Samsung user, you may be able to simply trace the real-time position of your Samsung smartphone by utilizing Samsung’s own tracking tool, Find my mobile. Before you can track your device, you must first create a Samsung account and register your device with Samsung. Samsung’s characteristics Where Can I Find My Mobile Phone?

  1. It is possible to locate your smartphone wherever you wish simply altering the GPS settings on your device. This feature allows you to track down the present and approximate position of the lost device, as well as lock the screen. The gadget will ring for one minute at its loudest level if it is in close proximity to you.

By altering the GPS settings, you may find your smartphone wherever you choose. This feature allows you to track down the present and approximate position of the misplaced device, as well as lock the screen; The gadget will ring for one minute at its loudest level if it is close to you; otherwise, it will not.

How to Track a Phone Location For Free in 2021

Even the prospect of losing your smartphone may cause fear, despite the fact that there are several methods for tracking and recovering a misplaced phone. While it’s simpler to hunt down a smartphone, it’s also possible to track down earlier devices. So don’t give up hope if you’re still sporting a first-generation Motorola Razr — we’ve got you covered. If you have a smartphone, make sure to first set up and enable any phone-locating software that is built into your device, such as Apple’s Find My iPhone, Google’s Find My Device, and Samsung’s Find My Mobile, before using it.

Oh, and have you ever pondered what happens to a stolen phone once it has been recovered?

Tracking smartphones

Prey is free to use for up to three devices, with premium subscriptions available for additional devices. The service is available on both PCs and mobile devices, and it can be accessed from any platform. After joining up, all you have to do is sync your devices and sit back and relax. You only need to find a computer and enter into your account in order to begin tracking your phone if it ever goes lost, as described above. There’s no need to be concerned about your privacy while the phone is in your possession because Prey operates in the background and won’t monitor your phone’s position unless you tell it to, so there’s no need to be concerned about it.

Recent versions have enhanced network setups, enabled TouchID and Face ID on iOS devices, and expanded capability to Chromebooks, among other things. The camouflage function has been removed from the Android operating system. iOSAndroid

Avast Antivirus

Anyone who is interested in computer security is likely to be familiar with the name Avast. Anti-virus software from Avast is a comprehensive package that includes virus screening and protection, backup choices, power-saving features, and anti-theft capabilities. You may remotely lock or erase your smartphone, listen in on it from a distance, even take a “theftie” of the thieves who took your phone and ran away with it. You may also enable stealth mode on your smartphone, which will prevent the burglar from realizing that Avast is safeguarding your phone.

An all-in-one solution for device security against viruses and thieves is available as a premium service from Avast for a monthly fee.


Lookout is a security and tracking solution that also includes antivirus and malware protection. The ability to capture a phone’s last position just before the battery dies, the ability to back up contact info before a remote delete, and the ability to take a snapshot of any would-be thief and send it to yourself along with location data are among the highlights. Check out Lookout’s Safe Wi-Fi and System Advisor tools, which help you safeguard your device from Wi-Fi assaults and ensure that the operating system is functioning correctly.

Identity theft protection and lost wallet recovery are also available for purchase as upgrades.

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Tracking non-smartphones

Despite the fact that you do not possess a smartphone, you may still locate your device. In that scenario, we propose that you make use of a GPS tracking system. The AccuTracking software is a fantastic alternative that works well. There are a few more solutions available as well.


AccuTracking uses GPS to track the location of your phone, and it is compatible with a broad range of feature phones, including some older models. AccuTracking should be able to assist you in locating your phone as long as it is GPS-enabled, which is the case with the majority of current phones. Whenever the time comes that you are unable to locate your phone, all you have to do is log into AccuTracking’s online interface from any internet-connected computer, and it will quickly reveal you its whereabouts – as long as your phone is not dead.

It’s a pay-as-you-go arrangement with no commitment and a free trial period.


Tracking your phone after you lose it

Don’t be concerned if you did not have a device recovery app installed on your phone prior to losing it. There are still several simple ways to retrieve it back, particularly for cellphones, if you lose it. If you lose a feature phone that is not a smart phone, on the other hand, you are left with little choices. If you did not register your phone withAccuTrackingor a similar service in advance, you might try contacting your service provider and seeing if they can assist you with your problem.

For a nominal cost, most service providers provide GPS location services; thus, if your phone is GPS-enabled, finding it is sometimes only a question of turning on the GPS chip on the phone.

Find My Device

Android users can make use of the Find My Device feature. Because it is a Google service, it is linked to your Google account and is capable of locating any devices that are associated with it. There are also options for locking your device, remotely resetting your PIN, and erasing any data that has been stored on it. Add a recovery message or phone number to the lock screen to increase your chances of reclaiming your device, or instruct your device to play a sound in the event that it is nearby to increase your chances of recovering it.


Find My iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you may use the Find My iPhone application to locate your device. This functionality has been included in iOS since version 5, thus there is no need to download anything. It integrates with iCloud, allowing you to view it from a web browser or another iOS device. The position of your lost device will be displayed on a map, with the option to see where it has been recently. You may remotely lock the phone, display an emergency message, or delete saved data if the phone has been lost or stolen for all eternity.

Tracking someone else’s phone with permission

There is always the option of just dialing someone’s phone number and asking where they are, but there is an equal risk that the person in question will not answer or will be poor at giving instructions. Here are some choices if you are unable to reach or trust the individual you are attempting to locate on an ongoing basis. Mobile phone users may utilize a variety of different location-sharing apps to let you know where they are at any given moment. In addition to location-aware check-in options on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, Swarm also offers some very powerful location-sharing tools.

Google Maps

It’s likely that you already have the tools you need to keep track of a friend or family member, thanks to Google Maps, which lets you share your position in real time with others. Simply open Google Maps and press your profile image in the top right of the screen, then pick Location sharing from the drop-down menu. You can then choose who you want to share your location with. You have the option of sharing your location for a short amount of time or until you turn the feature off completely.

As a result of Google’s ongoing refining and improvement of this service, it has evolved into a valuable resource over time.

Find My Friends

Find My Friends is one of our favorite applications for keeping track of where friends are at any given time. It is accessible for both iOS and Android devices. They don’t provide exactly the same service, but they are both developed by the same company (Apple produces the iOS version, which is also available on Apple Watch). Tracking numerous individuals at the same time is possible with these applications, which is helpful if you’re looking to meet up with a large group of people. Find My Friends for Android is compatible with the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and feature phones, among other devices.

The software uses mobile phone signal triangulation to locate individuals and makes it simple to share one’s position with others. Inviting a non-smartphone user through text message will result in their symbol appearing on the app’s map if they respond “yes.” iOSAndroid

iMessage and Google Hangouts

If you and your buddies all have iPhones, you may communicate your position by sending an iMessage. The Google Hangouts app, which is accessible on both Android and iOS, provides a function that is comparable to this. The software even keeps an eye out for terms like “Where are you?” and will automatically propose that you share your position with others. It’s also a fantastic software for talking and video conferencing with friends and family. iOSAndroid

Carrier apps

A number of major networks provide phone tracking services and applications, which may be used in conjunction with a variety of family safety and location services and features. Secure Family is available from AT&T; Safe Found is available from Sprint; Verizon offers Smart Family; and the FamilyWhere app is available from T-Mobile. All of them provide a free trial period, after which you will be required to pay a membership fee in order to continue using them.

Tracking someone else’s phone without their permission

When monitoring someone, you should always be clear about your intentions and respect their right to privacy. You should also never change another person’s phone. However, if you are the owner of the phone and you really must follow it without the current user’s complete agreement — for example, if the phone is being used by a troubled adolescent — here are some pointers on how to go about it.

Tracking a smartphone user

You may always use the account that your kid or any minor has that is linked to your own to access your account. Simply logging into theFind My DeviceorFind My iPhoneservices will allow you to locate their whereabouts on a map in no time. There are various tracking applications available, such as Find My Friends, which may be downloaded from the Apple App Store. These have the potential to bring your entire family and social circle together. Installing the software before handing the phone over to your adolescent or an elderly family member, for example, is all that is necessary to get started.

It goes without saying that you’ll have to accomplish this before you deliver them the phone.

Talk to your adolescent or child about why you’ve loaded the app and how it will help them instead of hiding it if you’d prefer to be upfront about it.

Tracking a non-smartphone user

As previously stated, tracking is far more difficult on a device that is not a smartphone. You are fortunate in that you have a few possibilities. If you lose your phone, you may use it as a GPS device, which will provide you with its exact location if you use it as a GPS device. Many feature phones are equipped with GPS capabilities, allowing you to locate your phone in the event of its loss or theft. To make it available, simply log in to the Accutracking website and follow the simple steps to create an account for yourself.

Read on to learn more. Take a look at our roundups of the best Android security applications and the top iPhone security apps for further advice and suggestions on how to keep your costly smartphone safe.

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  • Android 13’s language and notification management capabilities are demonstrated in an early leak. T-Mobile claims that Scam Shield will have prevented 21 billion scam calls by 2021. The best Verizon new customer offers for December 2021 are as follows:

3 Ways to Track A Samsung Phone

Have you ever wondered how to trace a Samsung phone once it has been misplaced? Alternatively, you could want to monitor a Samsung phone just to find out where your relatives and friends are. In any case, a Samsung GPS tracker will be required in order to locate the Samsung device. In this post, we’ll show you three different methods for tracking a Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7/S6/S5 or other Samsung Android handsets in general.

3 Ways to Track A Samsung Phone

It is the most effective method of using GPS tracker applications to locate and monitor your Samsung phone since the apps are well-designed, simple to use, and user-friendly in their functionality. You may be wondering “what is the best tracking software to track my Samsung phone?” Do you want to know the solution to this question? Here it is: KidsGuard Pro for Android devices. KidsGuard Pro for Android is a third-party GPS tracker program that allows you to follow the position of your Samsung handset.

– What can KidsGuard Pro for Android do as a phone monitoring app?

Real-time accurate position tracking: With the help of a GPS and Wi-Fi logger, you can track the real-time location of the target phone with pinpoint precision. Keep an eye on your phone’s activities: View the call logs, text messages, photographs, videos, calendar, contacts, and notes saved on the target device from a distance using the Remote Viewer application for Android. Track social media applications: It is also possible to track social media and instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, QQ, line, WeChat, and other similar services, as well as websites.

– How to use KidsGuard Pro for Android to track Samsung phone?

Fill out the registration form on the KidsGuard Pro official website in order to create a KidsGuard Pro user account. Try It Right Now Demonstration Step 2: Open a web browser on the Samsung device you wish to track and navigate to Download and install KidsGuard Pro for Android on your device after that. Step 3: After completing the installation, use the KidsGuard Pro for Android application and login in with your account. Then, to set it up, simply follow the on-screen directions.

Log into your online portal and click on the Whereabouts option in the side panel to track the location of your Samsung smartphone.

– Reasons why we recommend KidsGuard Pro for Android to track a Samsung phone:

  • It is possible to follow the current location of the target Samsung phone and examine the location history of the target Samsung phone on a Google map, which is updated in real time, thanks to the use of GPS technology. It is completely undetectable on the target Samsung phone since it would vanish from the monitored device when the installation procedure is completed, making it difficult to locate and delete the target
  • This information is stored in a secure area that is inaccessible to anybody else, including KidsGuard Pro support.

Way 2: Track Samsung Phone with Find My Mobile

You may also utilize the Find My Mobile service to locate a lost or stolen Samsung handset. With Samsung’s Find My Mobile app, users can follow the position of their phone and perform remote actions such as locking, resetting, and backing up their device. Because you can also track the position of your device, you may use this software to locate a misplaced device or to track the whereabouts of a specific individual. We’ll go through the criteria for using Find My Mobile, as well as the processes for tracking a Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S9, or other device, in this section.

Requirements before using this way:

  • It is necessary to have the Samsung device switched on. Connectivity with the internet should be available. You must be logged into your Samsung account in order to proceed. It is necessary to enable Find My Mobile in advance.

How to enable and use Find My Mobile to track lost Samsung phone?

Step 1: Enable Find My Mobile on the Samsung handset that will be used as a target (It is turned off by default). This may be done by going to SettingsLock Screen and Security. My MobileAdd account may be found here. Create a new account using your Samsung credentials. In Step 2, go to and sign into your Samsung account to track the vehicle’s whereabouts. Step 3: Navigate to the Find My Mobile web interface and choose the target Samsung handset to hunt down its position.

The following are the drawbacks of employing this method: The approach cannot provide a reliable solution for accurate location tracking. A rough position of the target Samsung phone can only be discerned from this angle.

Way 3: Track Samsung Phone by IMEI Number

The IMEI number of a Smashing phone may be used to monitor the position of the device in the third method of tracking a Smashing phone. The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is a 15-digit number that is unique to every mobile device, and if you lose your smartphone, you may trace its IMEI number to find out where it is. To monitor the position of a Samsung smartphone, you must first obtain the device’s IMEI number, which may be obtained by following the methods outlined below: The first step is to create a plan.

  1. Now choose the Status option, followed by the IMEI information, in Step 2.
  2. Your device’s IMEI number can also be found on the back panel of your device, on the battery (if it is detachable), or on the device box itself.
  3. However, you may still attempt to have your IMEI number reported to your mobile phone provider in order to have it added to the IMEI blacklist.
  4. However, this approach has only been used a few times, so it’s better not to get your hopes up too high if you’re looking for your misplaced phone.
  5. As a result, if you come across any agency or organization that claims to be able to locate your missing phone by utilizing its IMEI number, we recommend that you keep your distance from them in order to avoid being taken advantage of.


Tracking applications have grown commonplace in recent years, as users seek to locate their misplaced smartphones or to follow the position of a loved one. Each and every major mobile manufacturer and software business, including Samsung, has produced its own version of GPS tracking applications. Some of these programs, such as the Find My Mobile Samsung phone tracker software, are particularly well suited for locating a misplaced phone, while others, such as KidsGuard Pro for Android, are more suited for following someone’s real-time whereabouts.

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