How To Screen Record On Samsung A11


How To Screen Record On Samsung Galaxy A11

The most recent update was made on July 29, 2021. Do you want to know how to record a screen on your Galaxy A11 phone? Screen Recording is extremely useful for quickly recording and sharing the screen on your mobile device with a colleague or friend without having to use your computer. Take a look at this tutorial to discover how to video screen capture or screen record on a Samsung Galaxy A11 with the aid of a step-by-step guide. A built-in screen recording feature (Save Screen Action buttons) is now available on Samsung smartphones running the most recent versions of Android Q, Android Q OneUI 3, OneUI 2, and Android R.

How To Screen Record on Samsung Galaxy A11

Screen recording on the Samsung Galaxy A11 may be accomplished through the use of two distinct ways. Let’s take them one by one and learn them.

1. Screen Record on Samsung Galaxy A11 With Inbuilt Screen Recording

  1. To access the screen recording function on the Samsung Galaxy A11, swipe down from the top of the screen to access the quick toggle options on the notification panel
  2. To access the screen recording function on the Samsung Galaxy A11, swipe down from the top of the screen to access the quick toggle options on the notification panel
  3. To access the screen recording function on the Samsung Galaxy A11, swipe down from the Then, as indicated in the picture above, long press on theScreen Recorder toggle feature. In this screen, you may adjust the quality of the recording by choosing between 480p, 720p, or 1080p resolution. It is possible to select No sound, Media Sound, Media Sound, and Mic from the Sound drop-down menu. You can also change the size of the recorded selfie video in the screen recording settings by sliding the slider from Small to Large. You may turn on the screen recorder by clicking on the Screen Recorder toggle in the notification bar after you have finished configuring it. A dialogue window will display, from which you may select your sound preferences. Select the sound source and press the “Start Recording” button to begin recording. The following approach should be used if the Screenshot toggle is not present: As soon as the screen recording begins, a countdown timer appears, and a floating widget with a color pen tool to draw on the screen appears. You can also choose which Selfie front camera footage you want to be displayed on the screen by selecting it from the drop-down menu. The recording will be completed after you click on the Stop symbol on the right side of the floating widget. Screen recordings are automatically stored on your Galaxy A11 Gallery App in the Screen Recordings Folder
  4. However, you may also manually save them. This video may now be shared on social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other similar platforms

The built-in screen recording feature is not accessible on earlier Samsung handsets. As a result, we’ll need to download a third-party program to capture the screen of your smartphone.

2. How To Record Screen on Galaxy A11 With A Screen Recording App

  1. Go to the Google Play Store on your Galaxy A11 mobile and download the application. Once you have done so, type ” Screen Recording App with audio ” into the search field and press “Go.” Or Go to this Google Play Store URL to learn more. If you are using a desktop browser, click here. Now choose one of the screen recording applications from the list that you want and click on the Install button. The Screen Recording app must be opened after installation in order to record the Galaxy A11’s screen. The start button must be pressed in order to start the screen recording after it has been launched. The notification panel may also have some of these choices in some cases, if not all. With this method, you have successfully captured the screen of your Galaxy A11
  2. Congratulations!

Samsung Galaxy A11 Frequently Asked Questions

In fact, the Samsung Galaxy A11 comes equipped with a screen recording capability that allows you to capture what is happening on your screen. Follow the steps in our guide to enable screen recording.

How to Enable Screen Recorder in Samsung Galaxy A11?

To activate the Screen Recorder toggle on the Galaxy A11, first update the quick toggle choices using the edit button, then locate and add the Screen Record button to the toggle area using the search button. The toggle will then appear in the notification panel as a result of this action.

Can you screen record with audio on Samsung Galaxy A11?

If you have a Samsung Galaxy A11, you may utilize the screen recording feature to record the screen in addition to the audio by selecting the Audio recording option from the screen recorder’s options menu. If you like this lesson, please spread the word on social media. Also, please share your thoughts in the comments section if you have any difficulties when capturing your screen on the Samsung Galaxy A11. The Author’s Biography: The founder of, Gowtham V, is a technology writer and specialist in technology software who creates amazing How-To Tutorials to assist people online.

He works on a Windows PC, a Macbook Pro, and an Android phone, among other devices.

You may also follow me on my Twitter page and LinkedIn profile.

Record Screen SAMSUNG Galaxy A11, how to

When using a SAMSUNG Galaxy A11, how do you record the screen? What is the best way to preserve a screen on a SAMSUNG Galaxy A11? How can I take a screenshot on my SAMSUNG Galaxy A11? How can I record the screen on my SAMSUNG Galaxy A11? We are about to give you with a video instruction in which we will show you how to enable the screen recorder on your SAMSUNG Galaxy A11 smartphone. If you’re seeking for the most efficient way to record the screen on your SAMSUNG smartphone, check out the attached guide to discover the combination of keys that will allow you to save the screen on your SAMSUNG Galaxy A11 with ease and speed.

Let’s follow the instructions in the tutorial and record a screencast on the SAMSUNG Galaxy A11 so that we may share it with others.

  1. Screen recorder should be included to the Quick panel. Take a screenshot of the screen

Method How To Add Screen Recorder To Quick Panel:

  1. First, swipe down to reveal the Quick panel
  2. Second, swipe right to reveal the Main panel
  3. Third, slide left to reveal the Quick panel
  4. And last, swipe right to reveal the Main panel. After that, select the Edit buttons by tapping on the three dots. Alternatively, you may swipe left and click on thePlusicon
  5. However, this is not recommended. Look for theScreen recorderbutton on the list of available buttons and hold it down. Click on theDonebutton after dragging and dropping theScreen recorder into theQuick panel You did a fantastic job! Adding a Screen recorder to theQuick panel was a successful endeavor.

Method How To Record The Screen:

  1. Top Menu may be accessed by first swiping down from the top screen. In the second step, click on theScreen recordericon to start recording. After that, give that app permission to shoot photos, record video, and record audio
  2. And Make a decision on the sound settings. Choose one of the options you wish to record and press the Start recording button. Wait for a brief period of time, and your screen will begin to record
  3. To bring the recording to a close, press theStopicon button.

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Using the Screen Recorder on my Samsung device

The most recent update was made on October 15, 2021. With the screen recorder, you can effortlessly create screen recording videos without the need to download any additional software or software updates. By pressing the icon on your Quick panel, you may start recording your screen sessions. Your recording will begin when a three-second countdown has finished. Learn how to utilize Screen Recorder on your Galaxy device by following the instructions in the next section. Please keep in mind that this instruction is intended for Australian-based Galaxy devices; if you have a foreign device and want more assistance, please go here to contact your local Samsung subsidiary.

  • For the time being, this setting is only accessible on a limited number of devices running Android OS version 10.0 (Q).
  • To find out what Android version your Galaxy phone may be updated to, go to this page: Android Versions.
  • Swipe down to open your Quick Panel, and then selectScreen Recorder from the drop-down menu.
  • 3Select your preferredSound settings and then press the Start recording button.
  • When you’re ready to pause the video, simply press the button on the remote.
  • This option will activate or disable the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) capability, which allows you to record your screen with a video overlay of yourself on top of it.
  • Making changes to the Screen Recorder’s settings To learn more, please visit our website.
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Using your Quick Settings

First, swipe downward to see your Quick Settings, then press on the term “Security” to confirm. Screen Recorder2 is a program that records video on a computer screen. Once you’ve chosen your favorite sound and video quality, press the button. Done

Using your Advanced Settings

1Go to your configurations. Advanced FunctionalityAdvanced Functionality ” src=” srcset=” srcset=” Choose Screenshots and a screen recorder from the drop-down menu. 3Tap onScreen recorder options on the fly Four options are available for you to choose from: sound, video quality, and the size of your selfie video. Please Keep in Mind: Selfie video sizeThere are five different degrees of selfie video size (Selfie video is only available for the front camera). Screen recordings should be transferred to an SD card.

1 Open the My Filesapp2 and choose Videos from the drop-down menu.

4To choose the Screen Recording video, long press on it.

7Press the SD Card button.

Nineth, click Save. When you are satisfied with the location of your Screen Recording’s file path, select Copy here or Move here. 10 You will be able to see your Screen Recording video on your SD CardSupported Devices after the transfer is complete. To learn more, please visit our website.

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How to Screen Record On Samsung Galaxy A11: TWO EASY WAYS!

Hello, and welcome to the new guide for today. We will learn today how to screen record on the Samsung Galaxy A11 smartphone. This means you’ve arrived at the correct location if you’re seeking for instructions on how to record screen in the Samsung A11. Screen recording may be a very handy function when doing a tutorial or when showing your friends something you’ve created. Make a screen recording and store it, then send it or post it to a social networking platform like Facebook. The setting is currently only available on certain Samsung devices that are operating on One UI 2 and Android 10 at this time.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the point of this article.!

How To Screen Record on Samsung Galaxy A11

In this comprehensive article, I’ve demonstrated two methods for effectively recording the screen on the Samsung Galaxy A11. The reason I’m offering two techniques is so that if one of them fails, you’ll still have another alternative to try.

METHOD1: Screen Record on Galaxy A11 With Screen Record Icon

  1. To begin, swipe down from the top of your screen to see the Quick Panel (also known as the Notification Panel). Afterwards, pick theScreen Recorder Symbol, and if you want to adjust the recording quality, hold down the screen recorder icon for a lengthy period of time. Choosing your chosen Sound settings, such as No sound, Media Sound, Media Sounds, and mic, is now possible
  2. Other options include Then click on the button that says “Start recording.” Now that the screen recording has begun on your phone, you will notice a countdown clock at the top of your screen, as well as several choices such as thepen tool to take images, activate or disable the picture-in-picture feature, and more. after upon, simply press the stop iconbutton to terminate your screen recording session That’s all there is to it

Take a Screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy A11? You Must See This!

If the screen record icon is not visible in your Quick Panel?

  1. It’s as simple as that: click on the three-dot vertical icon in the upper right corner of your Quick Panel
  2. Then tap on the “Button Order”
  3. You’ll notice the Record Screen Icon, drag it into the icon button area to include it in your Quick Access panel
  4. And that’s it! Enjoy…

You can attempt the second technique to record the screen on the Galaxy A11 if the screen record icon is still not available after trying the first. Because the inbuilt screen recording feature is not available on earlier Samsung smartphones, we must download a third-party program in order to record our screens. How to Display Battery Percentage in the Samsung Galaxy A11 is a must-read.

METHOD2: How to Record Screen on Galaxy A11 Using Screen Recording App

  1. To begin, go to your Play Store and search for XRecorder. Now click on theInstallbutton to get started. Then start screen recording. That’s all there is to it!

When you first install the screen recorder, the icon for it may appear in the notification panel. This is normal. Manually recording the screen may also be accomplished by using this application. How to Screen Record on a Samsung F12 may be found here. Articles that are related YOU MIGHT ALSO BE INTERESTED IN:

  • How to Record a Screen on a Samsung Galaxy F02S
  • How to Record a Screen on a Samsung Galaxy F62
  • How to Record a Screen on a Samsung Galaxy A02S Using the Samsung Galaxy M31, you may record your screen.

Wrapping Up:

Basically, this How to Screen Record On Samsung Galaxy A11 step-by-step post was about how to screen record on a Samsung Galaxy A11. I hope you have found this post to be informative and interesting! You can find more Take Screenshotguides that are similar to this one by clicking here. Which approach would you prefer to try first, if you had to choose? If you have any questions about this post, you may ask them in the comment box below, and I will respond to them as soon as I can.

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How to record your screen on any Samsung phone

  • You may record the screen on your Samsung phone by adding the Screen Record option to your Quick Settings
  • However, this feature is not available on all models. Once you’ve enabled Screen Recording on your Samsung phone, you’ll be able to record movies of practically any app on your phone. Depending on whether your device is running Android 11 or later, you may need to utilize a third-party screen recorder software. More stories may be found in Insider’s Tech Reference collection
  • Click here.

The iPhone is well-known for having a built-in screen recording capability, which makes it simple to film all of the activity taking place on your iPhone’s display. Even if you have a Samsung phone, there is no reason to be envious because every Android phone comes equipped with a screen recorder. If you have a smartphone, you can use it to record video from practically any app — though certain applications, such as Netflix, will just display a blank screen — and then share or edit the footage afterwards.

How to screen record on any Samsung phone

In order to record your screen, you must first enable the recording capability on your Samsung device. The notification panel may be accessed by swiping down from its position at the top of the screen, followed by another swipe down to reveal the “Quick Settings” interface. On this page, you’ll find a link to the screen recorder, if it has already been activated. 2.If the pencil symbol isn’t visible in the bottom-left corner, click on it to bring it up. You will be able to configure which icons appear on the page in this way.

  1. Insider3 is a collaboration between Dave Johnson and Insider3.
  2. It will then display in your Quick Settings as a result of this.
  3. Dave Johnson/Insider4 is a photographer based in New York City.
  4. The recording will begin when you choose whether or not to include audio and whether or not you want your taps to be highlighted – once you’ve made your selection and tapped “Start,” the recording will begin.
  5. In this article, Dave Johnson/Insider When you’re finished recording, pull down the notification panel once more and select the “Tap to stop” option from the list.

Where to find your screen recordings on a Samsung phone

Your videos will be saved in the same location as your photographs and videos, which is determined by your phone’s default settings. Depending on your settings and Samsung model, this can be either Google Photos or the Gallery app, or it might be the My Files application. You may then edit and distribute the screen recordings in the same way that you would any other video using these applications. For example, you may edit the beginning and conclusion of the clip so that viewers don’t see you fooling around in the notifications box at the beginning and end.

In this article, Dave Johnson/Insider Tech Reference’s William Antonelli is the editor and a staff writer.

During his tenure as Editor of Insider’s Tech Reference vertical and as a founding member of the Reference team, he has assisted in the growth of Tech Reference from its humble beginnings into a behemoth that receives over 20 million visits each month.

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Samsung Galaxy A11 (SM-A115A) – Take a Video

You will learn how to do the following things in this tutorial: Make a video recording Change between the front and back cameras with a single button press. Zoom in and out to your heart’s content. Recordings can be paused, resumed, and stopped at any time. While in video mode, you can capture a still image. To complete this instruction, you must first launch the Camera application. Select the Camera application from the home screen. The Side button must be pressed from the lock screen in order to get access to the camera.

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Record a video

Swipe left to enter Video mode, then pick theRecord symbol from the toolbar. Note: Alternatively, you can start or stop a recording by using either of the Volume buttons.

Switch between front and rear cameras

Select the Switch camera icon from the toolbar. Please keep in mind that you may also rapidly swap between the rear and front facing cameras by swiping up or down.

Zoom in and out

Click and drag two fingers from the centre of the screen to the outside corners of the screen to zoom in on the image. To zoom out, pinch two fingers together from the outside corners of the screen to the centre of the screen.

Pause/resume/stop a recording

To pause the video, click on the Pause button. To bring the recording to a close, select the Stop symbol. It is important to note that the Record icon must be selected in order to continue a recording.

Capture a still image while in video mode

Select the Capture icon from the toolbar.

How to Screen Record on Samsung Galaxy A11

Are you trying to figure out how to screen record on your Samsung Galaxy A11? Alternatively, are you interested in learning how to capture the screen on an Android mobile phone or an Android device? Then follow along with this step-by-step instruction to learn how to enable theScreen Recordoption in the Samsung Galaxy A11 in order to video capture the Mobile Screen. Taking a screenshot of your mobile device’s screen might be beneficial for a variety of reasons. There are many reasons why you would want to Screen record for a training video, record the screen to display an update of particular items, or create a step by step video guide on how to conduct a certain operation with voice instruction.

The Game Launcher application/Samsung video recorder or any other third-party program to screen record on an Android phone is required if your device does not have the capability to record the screen in order to capture video.

How to Screen Record on Samsung Galaxy A11

1 – The First Step consists of the following: For the sake of beginning the procedure of Screen Recording on the Samsung Galaxy A11, let’s first determine if the screen recording option icon is enabled in the fast access panel settings menu on the Samsung Galaxy A11 or not. If this is the case, we may proceed directly to step 5 to complete the procedure. To verify, first we unlock the Samsung Galaxy A11 (with an unlock pattern/code, etc.) and then we move the screen from the top edge to the bottom edge to bring up the quick settings.

Slide down a bit farther, and the whole fast settings panel will be displayed; check to see if the screen recording short cut option is mentioned there or not before moving further. If this is not the case, we go to step 2.

Include record screen option in a quick access panel in Samsung Galaxy A11

2-Second Step: Because the option to record the screen is not activated on our Samsung Galaxy A11’s quick access panel, we must first click on the three-dotted vertical icons in the upper right corner of the screen in order to begin recording. 3 – Third Step:A floating menu with a few options such as “button order,” “Quick panel layout,” “Status bar,” “Contact us,” and so on will now show. On our Samsung Galaxy A11, we may modify the order of the buttons by selecting’Button Order’from the drop-down menu.

  1. We will have two separate parts of icons on the following page, which we will call the fourth step.
  2. A list of settings icons will be presented in the section below (at the bottom), which we have previously enabled in the fast access settings panel of the Samsung Galaxy A11 (see previous section).
  3. To add it to the quick access panel, click or tap on it and drag it to the bottom portion of the screen without dropping it.
  4. Step 5 – The Fifth StepNow that we have the rapid screen recording option set on the access panel, we will click on theScreen Recordericon in order to begin recording.
  5. If you are creating an informational film or would like to include any instructions while recording the movie, you may write or draw the information on the screen in step seven.
  6. Then start drawing on the screen while recording the screen and your voice.
  7. 8– Step Eight: When you are finished with your recording, click on the “Stop” button in the top-left corner of the screen to bring the video to a close.

How to screen record with sound on android:

The above-mentioned methods will enable an integrated Android screen recorder on the Samsung Galaxy A11, which will also record sounds from the internal microphone. When you initially run the app, make sure you choose the video quality you want, either HD or Mini. Otherwise, the program will crash. Voice recordings will be made using the built-in microphone on your Samsung Galaxy A11 by default, which is rather good. It is possible that it will catch sharp exterior noises in addition to your speech because it will be using a microphone sound option.

What if my phone does not have inbuilt screen record option

If your phone does not have a built-in screen recording feature, we will need to use a third-party screen recording program to Screen Record on Samsung Galaxy A11, which we may obtain from the application store or the Google Play game store. Search for “Screen Recorder” in the application store or Google Play store after logging in. There are a plethora of high-quality screen recorder applications available, each with a diverse range of features. Download one and launch the app to capture a screenshot.

Alternatively, this may be used as a game recorder for an Android smartphone to preserve footage from the screen. Are you still experiencing problems recording screen on your Samsung Galaxy A11? Please do not hesitate to leave a note in the comment box, and we will respond as soon as we are able.

Troubleshooting or presenting, the Samsung Galaxy screen recorder is great!

While screen recording applications have been available for a long time in the Android world, the capability has not yet made its way into the majority of phones at the operating system level, with the exception of a select OEMs such as Samsung. It was made available with the Galaxy Note 10 series and an upgrade to One UI at the time of its release. To make screen recording easier to use and find, Samsung has now included a screen recording function in all Galaxy phones running Android 10 and OneUI 2.

How to use the screen recorder on a Samsung Galaxy phone

  1. There are two methods to access the screen recorder feature, but the quickest is to slide down from the fast settings menu and scroll over
  2. The second method is to swipe up from the quick settings menu and scroll over
  3. You may also reach the Screen recorder by using the search feature in the Settings app
  4. However, this is not recommended. To use the screen recorder, press the on button. Android Central is the source of this information. A pop-up window will appear, asking you what Sound settings you want to record with
  5. Select the following sound settings for recording: There will be no sound, media noises, or media sounds with a microphone. When you are through with your recording, press the square in the upper right corner of the screen to bring the recording to a close. A copy of your movie will be preserved in your default photo album so that you may share or return to it later. Android Central is the source of this information.

If you need to make changes to the settings for your screen recording session, just follow the easy procedures outlined below.

  1. Open the Settings app and look for screenshots, or choose Advanced features from the drop-down menu. Select Screenshots and Screen Recorder from the drop-down menu. Toggle onScreen recorder configurations
  2. Select the following sound settings for recording: There will be no sound, media noises, or media sounds with a microphone. Make a decision on the video quality you wish to record in
  3. If you’re conducting a voice-over or a demonstration, choose the appropriate size for your selfie video. Android Central is the source of this information.

The option to record your screen is quite useful, whether you’re preparing a presentation or assisting friends and family members with technical assistance concerns. With this knowledge, you’ll be creating your own lessons in no time.

Our top equipment picks

The Galaxy Note 10 was one of the first Samsung phones to include a screen recording capability, and using it in conjunction with the S Pen is a pleasure.

The smaller Note has a big punch

Samsung does a great deal with (just a little) resources. The Note 10 reduces the size of the S Pen, which is a unique and capable tool, to a phone that is much more manageable. Anyone who isn’t interested in the pen features, on the other hand, might consider saving money by purchasing a Galaxy S10 or S10+ instead. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of our links, we may receive a commission. More information is available here: Whatever your personal preference, your phone need a case.

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The Pixel 4a is a fantastic phone that comes at an even better price, but it isn’t the most visually appealing device on the market. Fortunately, there are a variety of flamboyant, attractive, and durable cases available for you to choose from to spice things up. Some of our favorites are highlighted here. Keep that Samsung Galaxy S20 FE safe.

Among the best Android phones, the Galaxy S20 FE needs the best case

Although Samsung’s Galaxy S20 FE is a few years old, it is an excellent choice for anybody searching for a high-quality Android flagship smartphone at an affordable price. However, it is still a sensitive equipment that must be protected from the effects of everyday wear and tear. So if you plan on purchasing the Galaxy S20 FE this holiday season, be sure to combine it with one of these covers to ensure that this device maintains its stunning appearance.

How to Record the Screen on Samsung Galaxy A11 Phone

Occasionally, users of smartphones need to assist another user who is unable to locate a specific feature on their own device. In order to accomplish this, you must record the screen on your Samsung Galaxy A11. This feature allows you to record everything that happens on the screen and save it as a video file for later viewing. Depending on your preference, this can be accomplished in one of two ways.

Built-in Tools

Because the makers have included a unique capability, you may record your screen on the Samsung Galaxy A11 phone without the need of any third-party apps or software. It may be accessible through the notification drawer on the left-hand side. Users only need to press on the symbol with the picture of a video camera to begin the installation process. As soon as the recording function is activated, the recording process will begin. If this does not occur, you will need to push one more button, which will be identified by the letters “Rec,” which will show on the display.

It also allows you to customize the function on your Samsung Galaxy A11 smartphone.

All of the essential configuration options may be found in the device settings section of the “Screen Recorder” menu. It is also possible to alter the frame rate, resolution, and input method, which refers to whether the sound is coming from a microphone or the system itself.

Special Apps

If the built-in recorder does not function properly and you require a recording of what is now happening on the screen, it is advised that you utilize third-party software.

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AZ Screen Recorder

A straightforward application that can be downloaded and installed on the Samsung Galaxy A11 smartphone. AZ Screen Recorder not only records what is going on the screen, but it also allows you to snap screenshots of what is happening on the screen. Interaction with the software may be accomplished in the following ways:

  1. Install AZ Screen Recorder from the official Google Play store for Android devices. Initiate the application
  2. As soon as you start up the program, you will not see the standard Android application interface, but rather a functioning window will emerge in the notification curtain. To begin video recording, just press the “Record” button on your computer’s keyboard. Additionally, the notification drawer provides the option to pause or entirely halt the video playback.

The user will be presented with a pop-up window at the conclusion of the recording, which will allow them to share the video or modify it in preparation. To exit the application, you must first unload AZ Screen Recorder from the system’s RAM.

DU Recorder

Another commendable application that has earned a large number of excellent ratings. You will need the following items in order to record your screen:

  1. Download and install DU Recorder from the Play Market
  2. Initiate the application
  3. Ensure that it can run on top of other windows. Simply press the record button, which will be shown on the screen, or you may use the notification drawer to accomplish the same thing. Upon completion of the procedure, press the “Stop” button
  4. Alternatively, pause the recording to resume it later.

The video is instantly stored and is ready for editing and posting when it has been recorded. All of these activities are carried out through a pop-up window that displays once the recording has been completed successfully. Please forward this page to your friends: Likewise, see: How to flash the Samsung Galaxy A11 smartphone How to root the Samsung Galaxy A11 smartphone. Samsung Galaxy A11 has been reset via a hard reset. Rebooting the Samsung Galaxy A11 is simple. Unlocking the Samsung Galaxy A11 is simple.

  1. What to do if your Samsung Galaxy A11 isn’t charging properly What to do if your Samsung Galaxy A11 is unable to connect to your computer through USB?
  2. How to Reset the Factory Reset Protection on the Samsung Galaxy A11 How to record a phone call on the Samsung Galaxy A11 How to install an update on the Samsung Galaxy A11 How to connect your Samsung Galaxy A11 to your television How to clear the cache on the Samsung Galaxy A11 smartphone.
  3. How to Recover Photos from a Samsung Galaxy A11 Smartphone Learn how to locate the blacklist in your Samsung Galaxy A11.
  4. Using the Samsung Galaxy A11, how do you activate auto-rotate?
  5. The Samsung Galaxy A11’s ringtone may be customized.
  6. Learn how to turn off notifications on your Samsung Galaxy A11 smartphone.
  7. How to disable the lock screen on a Samsung Galaxy A11 smartphone.
  8. What is the location of the recycling bin on the Samsung Galaxy A11?
  9. Learn how to customize the contact photo on your Samsung Galaxy A11.

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How to Record Phone Call on Samsung Galaxy A11 And A12 • TechyLoud

What is the best way to record calls on the Samsung A11? What is the best way to record a phone call on my Samsung A12? How can I turn on automatic call recording on my Samsung A11? What is the best automated call recorder for the Samsung A12? What is the best call recording app for the Samsung A11? How can I enable the call recording feature on my Samsung A12? Phone recording is one of the most effective methods of keeping track of the conversation we had on the phone. It’s also another method that many customer service personnel employ in order to provide high-quality assistance to their clients.

As a result, customer service representatives must warn customers that their calls are “recorded for monitoring and quality assurance.” Samsung, on the other hand, has included a function that allows users to simply record phone calls in their devices.

This is why we will demonstrate how to record phone conversations on your Samsung Galaxy A11 and Samsung A12 phones in the following paragraphs.

It doesn’t matter if it’s legal or unlawful.

How to record a phone call on Samsung A11 / A12

Step 1: Launch the Phone application. 2. Dial the phone number of the person who will be recording the call. Step 3: Next, select the three vertical dots menu on the right side of the screen. Step 4:At this point, you can select the option to record a phone call. Step 5:Finally, click on the button that says “Confirm to Terms and Conditions.” After that, your call recording will begin and will be recorded in the My FilesInternal StorageCallfolder of your phone’s internal memory.

How to Listen to call recording on Samsung A11 / A12

Step 1: Open the Phone application. 2. Click on the three dots menu button located in the upper-right corner of the screen. Step 3: Select Settings from the drop-down menu. Step 4:Now choose the option to record phone calls. Step 5: Select Recorded calls from the drop-down menu.

How to Record Calls Automatically on Samsung A11 / A12

Automatic call recording on your Samsung A12series phone is a simple process that anybody can do. Follow the procedures outlined below to do this. Step 1: Launch the Phone application. Step 2: Next, select the 3-dot menu in the upper right corner of the screen. Step 3: Select the Settings option. Step 4: Make on-the-record phone calls Step 5:Finally, select Auto record calls from the drop-down menu and flip the switch to enable it. To access further choices, pick the Auto record calls option and then the recording option from the drop-down menu that appears.

  • All phone calls are answered: Calls should be recorded for all phone numbers. Calls from unregistered phone numbers: To only record calls from numbers that have not been previously saved
  • Calls from specific phone numbers include: To record phone calls for a specific group of numbers

To listen to and view your recorded calls, navigate to My FilesInternal StorageCallfolder on your browser.

Best App to Record Calls on Samsung A11 / A12

If you are unable to locate the call recording option on your Samsung phone, there are a number of additional programs that you may use to record calls on your Samsung device.

ACR is the most widely used and best-rated program for recording phone calls, and you can get it from the Google Play Store.

  1. ACR may be obtained through the Google Play Store. Comply with the on-screen instructions and provide access to the application. Tap on the three dots, and you will be presented with the option to record phone conversations on your device.

About Samsung A11 / A12

The Samsung Galaxy A11 is a respectable smartphone with a display size of 6.4 inches and is powered by the Qualcomm SDM450 Snapdragon 450 chipset, which is based on the Android 10 operating system, among other things. The Samsung A12, on the other hand, has a display size of 5.5 inches and is powered by the Mediatek MT6765 Helio P35 processor, which runs on the Android 10 operating system.

Cara Merekam Layar di Samsung Galaxy A11 Buat Kamu yang Ingin Bikin Konten

Gadgetren is an abbreviation for “gadgetry.” Despite the fact that it has successfully implemented the anti-theft systemOne UI 2 based on Android 10, the Samsung Galaxy A11 has yet to implement a screen recorder or a perekam layar that is used in a consistent manner. If you want to make use of this feature, you must first download it from the Google Play Store or the Samsung Galaxy Store, and then install it on your own device from there. There are several applications that support the perekaman layar feature that may be found in the application store linked above.

The Layar Perekam Layar application is available for free with the purchase of any item on the website.

Kimcy929 Screen Recorder – Aplikasi Rekam Layar Untuk Samsung Galaxy A11

When using a smartphone, it is necessary to have reliable network connectivity in order for the video that is produced to have high-quality audio and video. Generally speaking, almost every application available for download from the store will have a watermark, which will be displayed only if the user does not purchase or use a premium feature. It is possible that the inclusion of a Screen Recorder application developed by Kimcy929 may prove to be a useful solution for Android users who wish to take use of the screen recording feature without having to worry about storing data on their devices.

In addition, the user will be exposed to a number of features that are not always beneficial when they are used.

In spite of the fact that it is simple to use, this application is not without its drawbacks.

Cara Mudah Merekam Layar di Samsung Galaxy A11

  1. Obtaining an application from the Google Play Store
  2. Once the project is completed, launch the application. It is recommended that you confirm the location where you will be presenting your findings and that you prepare an Izin for access to penyimpanan if it is necessary on the first occasion you present your findings. The camera perekamuntuk memulai button is located on the right side of the screen. If you want an application to appear in the top right corner, press the Activate Keyboard & Keyboard Positions button. There is an icon for the perekam button on the menu that appears. It is recommended that you use an application that allows you to upload images, record videos, and play music with the appropriate buttons. Select the Start Now (Mulai Sekarang) button. To deactivate the perekam, first activate the notification bar, then press the Stop button (icon persegi).

The results of the rekaman layar will be announced in a notification. You have the option of getting close to it in order to look at it or take pictures of it. If the problem has been resolved, you can resume operations by using a program such as Screen Recorder or Gallery.

Likewise, in order to make use of the Screen Recorder’s perekam feature as quickly as possible, you may move the application’s icon to the Quick Panel. Those of you who have not yet mastered the art of melakukannya will be able to participate in the next sections.

Cara Menyematkan Pintasan Kimcy929 Screen Recorder ke Quick Panel

  1. The BukaQuick Panel will be activated by dragging the notification bar to the bottom of the screen until it is fully activated. More Options (icon titik tiga) may be found on the left-hand side of the screen. Order of the PilihButton (Urutan tombol)
  2. Several pintasanScreen Recorderyang appear at the upper right corner to the lower left corner
  3. The position of the tur is adjusted to meet the needs of the situation. KlikDone(Selesai)

Apart from the fact that it may provide you with additional recording capabilities, the Screen Recorder by Kimcy929 can also serve as a viable alternative for those of you who are experiencing difficulties taking screenshots on your Galaxy A11 device. You may also customize the Screen capture button on the Quick Panel Galaxy A11 so that you can access it with more ease when you need to take a screenshot. To do so, follow the instructions in the preceding section.

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