How To Remove Twin Cooling Panel On Samsung Refrigerator


Samsung Refrigerator – Twin Cooling – Solving Water Condensation Under the Drawers

Specifically, this is the Samsung Frost Free Bottom Mount Inverse RL62 model, however I believe that this advice may be used to any other model that makes use of a twin cooling system or a similar system that has this issue.

Step 1: The Problem.

There is water condensation inside the refrigerator, which is gathering beneath the drawers, causing the problem. As a result of the following procedures, I will provide a possible solution to this problem. It’s possible that this is a frequent problem with Samsung’s. During my investigation, I discovered this website, which has the same problem as mine, and my answer is based on the same notion as the publisher’s approach.

Step 2: Disassemble Inside Panel

Using a hair dryer or hot air gun, remove the three screws indicated on the photos and use the heat to melt any ice that has formed behind the panel. Be cautious not to overheat the panel and cause damage to it.

Step 3: Remove the Painel

Now, carefully slide the inner panel “slower” to allow it to descend and the side latches to be released.

Step 4: Disconnect the Connectors

You may now detach the two connectors, one for the fan and the other for the temperature probe, from each other. It’s pretty simple; the connector has a clip, and you simply press the clasp and pull the connector out.

Step 5: Acess to the Heat Exchange

In the event that everything was in working order, you will now have access to the heat exchanger. Avoid touching any of the fins or pipe connectors in any way. From here, handling at the heat exchanger parts should be done with caution, as damage, if it occurs, will result in major difficulties, for which you will need to contact for specialist assistance immediately.

Step 6: Here Is the Problem

A clip from the drain evaporator shows that there is an issue with it. This CLIP DRAIN EVAPORATOR does not function properly because your hot exchange area for the defrost heater coil is too tiny, and the hot exchange air does not reach the drain pipe. When the drain is already frozen, it will warm a tiny pool of water in the drain. Let’s go ahead and create a stem that extends from the heat coil to the water pipe drain (on the inside) for heat take in order to maintain the drain free. I removed the original clip and replaced it with a sturdy electrical wire as an alternative (Cu).

Step 7: Hard Exchange Heater

After fabricating a copper rod of 2.5 mm gauge (4mm would be preferable), it will be installed in the desired location. Keep in mind that you must first empty the drain hole before proceeding with the installation. It is necessary to melt the ice that has formed in the frozen evaporator drain. Though it will not melt any existing ice, the newly installed clip will prevent any further accumulation of ice. I used very hot water (from my wife’s teakettle) and a little syringe to administer the medication.

I let it rest for a minute before removing it with the syringe and putting it away. I went through the process again, and the drain finally opened after the third time. I ran hot water down the drain a fourth time to be sure it was completely open.

Step 8: Drains Output.

Remove the panel behind the refrigerator and you’ll notice two drain outputs, one for the refrigerator and one for the freezer, located behind the refrigerator. The water should be discharged through the second output port (3 Picture).

Step 9: Installed and Finished

I secured the rods in the heating coil using 1mm thick copper wire fixings, five on each side, as seen in the photograph.

Step 10: Video How I Did, in Portuguese Br

Here’s a video of the entire procedure. I really hope that I was of assistance in any manner.

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5 Reasons Why Samsung Fridge Not Cooling + Service Manual + DIY Heater

NOTICE: This post may include affiliate links, which means that if you click on the links and make a purchase, we will get a fee at no additional cost to you. DISCLAIMER: If you are looking for the answer to the question “Why is my Samsung fridge not cooling?” There are a variety of factors contributing to this. Samsung refrigerators are “notorious” for having difficulties, which begin with the Twin Cooling Plus technology, progress through evaporator fan failure, and finally to compressor failure.

Defrost heater failure, clogged drain line, failed defrost thermostat, poor evaporator fan, or a faulty defrost temperature sensor were all caused by an accumulation of ice on the inside of the refrigerator.

If Samsung Fridge Not Cooling Properly, But Freezer Works.

When the evaporator coils get encrusted with ice, the evaporator fan is unable to circulate cold air throughout the refrigerator owing to a blockage, and the refrigerator will cease to chill as a result of this. The failure of the defrost cycle is the cause of this issue. Occasionally, changing the defrost temperature sensor might resolve the issue (although this does not always resolve the issue). There are two temperature sensors that are similar to one another. However, you will require one that has the white connector on the right side of the refrigerator.

That indicates that you have a problem with condensation, which builds behind the panel and ultimately turns to ice.

It is caused by the evaporator fan icing up because of the standing water that evaporates and condenses at the upper area of theTwin Cooling Panel.

Drain Repair Kit is required in this situation, and the following video demonstrates how to use it to permanently resolve these concerns.

Evaporator fan frosted over:

Some folks may be concerned about “Why is the Samsung refrigerator fan not working?”. The primary function of the refrigerator fan is to circulate the cold air within the refrigerator. However, if your Samsung refrigerator is not chilling, one of the possible causes is that the evaporator fan is being blocked by ice. You must inspect your evaporator fan to see if it is operating properly or needs repair. You may replicate the right door shutting on a french-door refrigerator by closing the left door and placing an ordinary magnet on the right side of the refrigerator.

If you can’t hear the fan running, it’s most likely because the blades are stopped by ice or because the fan has been damaged by fire.

Defective or Weak Defrost heater:

According to typical conditions, the defrost heater assembly (available here) is responsible for defrosting any frost that has accumulated on the evaporator coils in the refrigerator, which role is to allow cold air to easily flow through the refrigerator, resulting in freezer chilling. Excess ice will build up on the evaporator coils if the defrost heater assembly is not operating properly. As a result, the airflow will be impeded, resulting in the refrigerator not chilling properly.

Defective thermistor or temperature sensor:

When it is functioning properly, this component keeps the refrigerator’s temperature under control and transmits the information about the temperature reading to the control board, allowing the appropriate amount of power to be supplied to the evaporator fan and compressor, resulting in effective cooling in return. However, if the thermistor is faulty, it is possible that both the compressor and the evaporator fan will not function correctly.

Defrost thermostat failure:

This component is responsible for allowing electricity to pass to the heater. When it fails, electricity will not be able to flow, and the heater will be unable to heat up and melt any ice or frost that may have accumulated on the evaporator coils as a result.

How To Activate Forced defrost Mode?

In addition to repairing any components that are determined to be damaged, the following steps can be followed to resolve the refrigerator’s failure to chill. The majority of the time, the failure of the Samsung refrigerator to cool is caused by an excessive amount of ice icing on the evaporation coils as well as the fan. As a result, pushing the FREEZER and LIGHTING or the ENERGY SAVER and FRIDGE buttons at the same time for 8 seconds will simply activate the FORCED DEFROST mode. As soon as you hear one chime sound, push the LIGHTING button numerous times more than once until the display is turned off.

Simply disconnect the power cord from the wall to quit the Forced Defrost mode.

In a word, the failure of the Samsung refrigerator to maintain a consistent temperature is one of the most inconveniencing issues the company has experienced.

As opposed to that, this is something that can be resolved by simply performing diagnostic tests on the components that are believed to be broken, such as the ones stated above, and having them replaced or repaired when possible.

Because of this, do not let the Samsung fridge not chilling to give you a headache when there is something you can do to restore your peace of mind as well as the beauty of the refrigerator.

Samsung Fridge Cooling Problems Solution – DIY Heater

In order to thaw ice build-ups in the top area of the evaporator coil and maintain adequate airflow and cooling temperature all of the time, this DIY auxiliary heater may be used to assist disperse heat evenly.

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If Samsung Freezer And Fridge Not Cooling At All

This component of the refrigerator is in charge of supplying electricity to the compressor when it is required. The compressor inverter board has the ability to adjust the number of revolutions of the compressor and, as a result, produce more or less cold depending on the circumstances. If this board fails, no power will be supplied to the compressor, and there will be no cold at all in either the freezer or the refrigerator. It is necessary to be familiar with the use of a multimeter as well as the testing of power on the input and output of the inverter board in order to troubleshoot this problem.

Compressor Malfunctioned

One of the reasons why a compressor loses efficiency or fails physically or electrically is when the compressor is getting power and maybe even humming, but is not creating any cold.

Refrigerant Leak In The Sealed System

However, this problem is not limited to Samsung refrigerators and can be experienced by owners of any other refrigerator on the market. A sealed system is one in which the refrigerant is continuously circulated from the compressor to the evaporator coils and back to the compressor. A large number of copper or aluminum tubes are used in this system. When a small hole develops in one of the tubes, it will cause a leak, allowing the refrigerant in the system to escape and eventually evaporate.

Restricted Drier Filter

The Samsung refrigerator has been plagued by this issue for some time. This is something I have witnessed several times in my work as an appliance repair specialist. The drier filter is responsible for removing moisture and debris from the compressor. When it becomes clogged with any of these particles, it will impede refrigerant flow in the system, and the compressor will be unable to push or pump refrigerant through the system.

Samsung Refrigerator Service Troubleshooting Manual PDF

It’s possible that your new refrigerator is still in DEMO MODE, which is one of the explanations. If you see the letters o FF or oF oF on the display, this indicates that your refrigerator is still in DEMO MODE. To turn off the DEMO MODE, press and hold the FREEZER and ALARMbuttons together until you hear a chime three times. If this combination of buttons does not work, try pressing and holding the FREEZER, ALARM, and FRIDGEbuttons until you hear a chime for a few seconds. If everything on the list above is checked, it suggests you didn’t allow the fridge adequate time to cool down before using it.

How Long Does It Take For A New Samsung Fridge To Get Cold?

In order for a brand new Samsung Fridge to reach a temperature of zero degrees Celsius for the freezer and 36 degrees Celsius for the fridge compartments, it must be left unopened for at least 2-4 hours before you can put food in it.

Why Is my Samsung Fridge Not Cooling and Making Noise?

Most likely, the ice build-up is preventing or contacting the evaporator fan blades, which is causing the fan to make noise and maybe slowing down air circulation.

However, if you open the fridge section door and the noise goes away, it is very certainly caused by ice formation behind theTWIN COOLINGpanel and should be avoided.

Why Is My Samsung Fridge Not Cooling After Power Outage?

There are a variety of issues that might arise with your refrigerator if you experience a power failure. One of these issues is a problem with the main control board, also known as the inverter board, which is responsible for supplying electricity to the compressor. You can try to reset the power by disconnecting the refrigerator for 5 minutes and plugging it back in. But if your fridge will not start chilling in 10 minutes after that, you may start debugging this issue further by yourself or preferably hire a repair firm to accomplish this task for you.

Affected Samsung Refrigerator Recall Models


Samsung Refrigerator Remove Back Panel Recipes with ingredients,nutritions,instructions and related recipes

2013-07-12· Take a look at this Views758K


a quick and easy complete description of how to uninstall the shelves of a Samsung refrigerator and how to tighten the door handles on a 2019-06-10 AuthorLandon McAdams has 47K views.


2017-09-12· To reveal the frost, you’ll need to remove the rear panel of the freezer from the inside. Make use of a hair dryer to melt off all of the frost. A defrost heater is located at the bottom of the silver evaporator coils and runs down the bottom of the coils. Unplug this heater and use a multimeter to check for continuity in the heater’s circuit. If there is no continuity, the defrost heater should be replaced. 4 out of 5 (117K)


2012-05-05How do you remove the rear panel on the interior of a Samsung refrigerator? A verified Appliance Technician responded to your question. The purpose of cookies is to provide you with the best possible experience when visiting our website.

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2013-07-02· Get buying tips from professionals, friends, and other members of the community! I recently acquired a replacement refrigerator door (top left) for my Samsung RFG237AARS/XAA refrigerator from Sears. Except for the display unit, I am replacing the door and have already replaced all of its components. How can I take the unit off without scratching it so that I can install it on my new door without damaging it? Thank you very much.


Remove the door from your Samsung french door refrigerator and. From on the 6th of October, 2020. · When removing the drawers from the fridge, slide them out with an angle slightly toward the center of the fridge. 2 Locate the tabs on both sides of the drawer divider/water filter housing and press them in. 3 Separate the shelf from the water filter housing by pressing in on the tabs on each side.


2011-12-13· Get buying tips from professionals, friends, and other members of the community! It has previously been brought up, but here it is once more for discussion. The flap that allows water to drain from the unit (model number RFG297AAPN) will not close, resulting in the ice melting and dripping over the floor on a constant basis. Item number 14 is shown on the photo for the left door on, and I would need that part. DA97-05397Q is the part number for this item. It is available at


Search for: house on the 17th of September in the year 2021. Projects in the field of technology. Projects for the M.Tech. degree. List of Computer Science Projects for 2020-21.


Access panel on the lower front cover. RC Item2705368 | Genuine OEM PartDG94-00543B | Samsung Control Panel (RC ItemDG94-00543B). $137.82. ADD TO CART IMMEDIATELY. Control Assembly is a term used to refer to the assembly of controls. RC Item2086446 | Genuine OEM PartDE94-02098A | RC Item2086446 | $109.04 Samsung Control Panel


Assembly of the evaporator cover. The rear panel of a Samsung refrigerator. Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) PartDA97-05343E | RC Item2049786. Take a look at the video. $216.33. ADD TO CART IMMEDIATELY. Assembly of the evaporator freezer ice cover. Control Panel for a Samsung refrigerator. Genuine OEM PartDA97-02788B | RC Item2048417. Available at


Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Samsung DA97-15217D Refrigerator Ice Maker Assembly Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). 4.5 stars out of 5 for this product 661. $130.22 $ 130.22 $141.38 $141.38 661. $130.22 $ 130.22 $141.38 It’s yours. Monday, October 18th to Thursday, October 21st. Shipping is $16.00. There are only 9 left in stock. The Samsung DA97-12540G Refrigerator Auger Motor Assembly is made of aluminum. 4.3 stars out of 5 for this product 60. $170.00 $ 170. 00 60. $170.00 You’ve got it.


2011-02-06· Simply remove all of the food and shelves from your freezer before removing the rear panel from the INSIDE of the freezer.

You will be able to see the screws that hold the rear panel of the freezer in place from the inside. Jake attended Appliance Repair School from 1987 to 1988. Star Appliance Technician No. 2.


The first step is to remove your refrigerator from its mounting bracket. Even though most refrigerators are on wheels, you may still want assistance if the appliance is too heavy to move on your own. Second, remove the power cord from the wall socket it was plugged into. Locate the screws that keep the rear panel in place on the third step. Step 4: Using a flathead or crosshead screwdriver, remove the screws from their sockets. Step 5 courtesy of


Introduction: Solution for Water Condensation Under the Drawers in a Samsung Refrigerator with Twin Cooling System Published by thiagohsz Thiago Follow. Additional writings by the author: Specifically, this is the Samsung Frost Free Bottom Mount Inverse RL62 model, however I believe that this advice may be used to any other model that makes use of a twin cooling system or a similar system that has this issue. Tip: Include a tip Ask a question or leave a comment.


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Taking off the inside cover was simple, and I was relieved to see that the drain tray and drain hole had been totally frozen up. Discovered on the inside Kitchen Scale Spoon Oven Mitts Aluminium Foil 1 Litre Dish Measuring Spoons Kitchen Scale Spoon Oven Mitts Aluminium Foil Remove the baking sheet from the oven and set it aside. Fill a 1.5-liter dish halfway with water. To remove the drawers from the fridge, slide them out while angling them slightly toward the center of the fridge. …


It is quite probable that the code will be returned. Furthermore, if left unchecked, the majority of refrigerator problems will worsen over time, resulting in a more expensive repair than if the problem had been handled immediately. Sometimes, a code may not even indicate that there is a problem with the refrigerator. The most typical example is OF OF or O FF, which stands for Cooling Off Mode, which is also known as demo mode in some circles. You wouldn’t want to do it.


Repair your dependable Samsung refrigerator if it is experiencing any of the following problems: The rear panel of the computer is not cooling correctly and is freezing up. Visit us at How To Remove The Display Panel On A Samsung French Door, How To Remove The Display Panel On A Samsung French Door Replacement Display For Rf266Aepn, Back Panel Samsung, How To Remove Control Panel From Samsung Refrigerator. Samsung Refrigerator, How To Remove Control Panel From Samsung Refrigerator, How To Remove Control Panel From Samsung Refrigerator.


Using These Quick Tips, You Can Successfully Remove Samsung Refrigerator Doors. Make certain that you understand where the connection cables belong. When removing the door, one method of accomplishing this is by identifying the wires or writing a few notes.

If you already have your refrigerator connected in, make sure to unplug it from the power source before you remove the refrigerator door or any other appliance from the refrigerator.


2008-09-29· Reassemble everything and everything works perfectly again! Reply. James posts on February 21, 2017 at 12:18 p.m. to say hello. Can somebody tell me how to take the front of an RSG5UUBP off without damaging it? The front panel is significantly smaller, and I haven’t been able to locate any instructions on the internet. Reply. On March 5, 2017, at 2:31 p.m., Niall writes: Please accept my heartfelt thanks for the wonderful directions! His son held a party, and his friends.


To reset the control panel of your Samsung refrigerator, just press and hold the Power Cool and Power Freeze buttons at the same time for about 10 seconds, or until the numbers on the display have reset. But what happens if your control panel does not appear to be displayed properly or if the buttons do not function at all? It’s possible that your refrigerator is set to “Child lock” mode, or that there is a technical problem with the system. …

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2015-06-20· Remove the outer rear panel Remove the mounting screws that hold the exterior rear panel to the oven frame, starting with the screws at the bottom of the oven. Keep your hand on the outside panel while you remove the final of the top screws to keep the outer panel from coming off the wall. Remove the exterior rear panel and place it somewhere safe. PHOTO: Remove the screws from the rear panel.


2015-06-20 Remove the outside rear panel of the vehicle. Removing the mounting screws that hold the exterior rear panel to the oven frame should be done in a clockwise direction, starting at the bottom. Hold the outer panel in place while removing the final two top screws to keep the outer panel from dropping. Using a pair of scissors, carefully cut away the exterior back panel. REMOVAL OF THE BACK PANEL FIXTURES PHOTO


Samsung ftq353iwux Samsung ftq353iwux Samsung will not replace anything and will only give a 500-dollar fix. The Samsung Ice Maker and Water Dispenser Door is broken. The Samsung Microwave does not heat up food. The Samsung Oven has a problem. The Samsung Range is broken. The Samsung Refridger is broken.


Samsung ftq353iwux Samsung ftq353iwux Samsung ftq353iwux Samsung Samsung will not replace the product and would only pay a 500-dollar repair fee in response to the fire. The Samsung Ice Maker and Water Dispenser Door is broken. The Samsung Microwave does not heat up food. The Samsung Oven has a problem. The Samsung Range is broken. The Samsung Refridger is broken. The Samsung Refrigerator ICE OFF will not turn off.


2015-06-01 Remove the oven racks from the oven. Located in the upper left corner of rear wall of the oven interior, the temperature sensor probe is easy to locate. Remove the two hex head screws from the base of the temperature sensor probe, using a 1/4-inch nut driver, and set the screws aside.


*The refrigerator is pre-wired for a panel. An accessory kit is necessary for stainless steel or matte black stainless steel, which must be purchased separately. French door with 12″ dimensions and a 36″ built-in refrigerator with 21.3 cu.

ft. BRF365200 is the maximum capacity. The actual color may differ. It is possible that the design, specs, and color availability will be changed without prior warning. Weights and measures in non-metric units are approximations. is a trademark of Samsung.

How To Remove Inside Back Panel

Easy-to-follow instructions (in English) – Page 1. Because of this independent cooling system, the freezer and refrigerator are cooled separately as needed and are therefore more efficient. guideline within a short period of time RS275** RS277** RS275** RS277** Specifications of the product System with two cooling units Both the refrigerator and the freezer are equipped with two evaporators. For the drawer, Xtra SpaceTM (for more space). The odor of food from the refrigerator does not impact the food in the freezer, which allows for the storage of RS277.

  1. It is very suggested that they do so.
  2. In order to guarantee that this is handled properly, the rear of your refrigerator may be subjected to an electric shock.
  3. The skin may become frostbitten, according to the Quick Guide (ENGLISH) – Page 3.
  4. items in the refrigerator should be stored in a cool, dry place.
  5. Information Regarding Safety Current leakage from the refrigerator should not be used to disassemble or repair the refrigerator.
  6. Quick Guide (ENGLISH) – Page 4.theinsidewalls or in the center of the kid entrapment situation.
  7. Make sure there is no foreign matter or dust on the pins of the power adapter.

If there is a problem with the refrigerator, the refrigerator will not work properly.

It is important not to forget to check if the plug is usable.

as well as the temperature of the refrigerator ControlPanel is a graphical user interface.

The water and dispensers are both secured and cannot be changed in any way.

Change the filter every six months, according to the Quick Guide (ENGLISH).

In some models, the waterfilter will turn orange or purple if the filter has less than a month to live.

For 5 seconds, hold down the Ice Type button.

The DigitalPanelRS275** Freezer displays the temperature of the freezer at any given time.

The bubbling is coming from the interior of the refrigerator; is this too low a temperature?

Make an effort to keep it at a lower temperature.

There is no provision for ice.


  1. Do everything is necessary to dispose of any personal harm or material damage that may have occurred.
  2. This creates a hazard in terms of fire.
  3. If you have to remove the refrigerator’s power plug, do it carefully.
  4. difficulties with the plug being inaccessible after installation The power connection must be positioned in such a way that the results come from the inside and the doors remain open if the power cord is destroyed.
  5. Do not get your hands on the interior walls or the centre of the fridge.
  6. It takes a few hours for your food to stay fresher for longer in the refrigerator, according to the User Manual (ENGLISH) – Page 4.
  7. placed in the refrigerator With the help of the pendent system, the freezer and refrigerator are kept cold.

When therefrigeratoris open the doors, and when therefrigerator (see to the previous paragraph) User Manual (ENGLISH) – Page 5.When you press this button, you may pick between cubed or crushed ice, or ice off the electrical supply to the fridge.

To turn off this feature, press the refrigeratorLIGHTINGCHILD LOCK BUTTON.

The dispensers for water and ice have been locked.

Page 7 of the User Manual (ENGLISH).

If you won’t be using the water or ice dispensers for an extended length of time, turn off the water valve and turn off the ice dispensers.

If you put it in the freezer at 4°F, it may leak.

If you have recently installed a new refrigerator or a new water filter, you should discard the first six filters you use.

With a clean cloth, wipe down the digitalpanel and displaypanel.

After that, wipe it down with water.

It is not recommended to spray the refrigerator with the water dispenser.

Do not remove the cover since there is a risk of the refrigerator exploding.

Choose a spot with a level surface.

NOTE: The water supply connection to the freezer door handles must be disconnected before uninstalling the freezer door.

Page 26 of the User Manual (ENGLISH).

THE WATERDISPENSERLINE IS BEING INSPECTED 1) In order for the ice maker to make up for lost time.

The following is an excerpt from the User Manual (ENGLISH).

The tap is being connected.

Connect coupler “A” to the water supply line when using copper tubing.

When reconnecting, use fier to avoid leakage.

REMEMBER Removed from service.

‘tneedto be delivered to the specified destination.

In addition, the permanent cap may be removed from the waterline.

Refrigerator compressor cover should be reattached once it has been removed.

User Manual (ENGLISH) – Page 29 of the watersupplyline’s instruction manual.

1) Turn on the bottom of the water pressure regulator.

4) Open the refrigerator door and look for dripping water on or near the water filter.

Page 30 of the User Manual (ENGLISH).

Check to see whether the power connector is too low on the wall.

The temperature in the room appears to be uncomfortably low.

The bubbling originates from within the.

In our research, we’ve discovered that the information provided below may offer a solution to this query. If you come across an answer, please remember to come back to this page and post it here by clicking on the “I KNOW THE ANSWER!” button up top. It really is that simple to earn points!

Why is my Samsung freezing at the cooling outlets?

Easy-to-follow instructions (in English) – Page 1. Because of this separate cooling system, the freezer and refrigerator are cooled independently as needed and are therefore more efficient. in a short amount of time. RS275** RS277** RS277** RS275** RS277** Advantages and characteristics of the product Cooling System with Two Zones A total of two evaporators are located in both the refrigerator and the freezer. In the drawer, Xtra SpaceTM (for extra space). Refrigerator odor does not influence food stored in freezer, which allows for the installation of RS277 in it.

  • The recommendation is for them to follow through on it.
  • In order to guarantee that this is handled properly, the rear of your refrigerator may be subjected to an electrical shock.
  • The skin may become frostbitten, according to the Quick Guide (ENGLISH).
  • In order to get rid of the defective products, remove the doors and look inside first.
  • symptoms of a potential danger Refrigerators should not be stuffed to capacity.
  • Without doing so, there is the possibility of starting a fire.'” Refrigerators that aren’t working properly are called refrigerators.
  • Make sure that the plug is not inaccessible at all times!

as well as the temperature in the refrigerator It is possible to use the ControlPanel to control a number of different variables.

All of the water and dispensers have been secured and cannot be changed by anybody else.

Every six months, change the filter in your Quick Guide (ENGLISH).

In some versions, the waterfilter will turn orange or purple to indicate that it has one month remaining.

for 5 seconds on the Ice Type button The refrigerator temperature is displayed on the screen.

If the bubbling is coming from within the refrigerator, is it because the temperature is set too low?

Do you know whether there’s a refrigerator in there and whether any frost has formed on the display panel?

Page 1 of the User Manual (ENGLISH): SAFETY WARNING SIGNIFICATION 2 INSTRUCTIONS FOR OPERATION REFRIGERATOR CONFIGURATION STEP 4 The following are the four most important characteristics: Four control panels, five digital panels, six demonstration modes, and six temperatures are displayed on the display.

7 SHELVING and BIN SPACES GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR FOOD PRESERVATION 9 CoolSelect ZoneTM Drawer GUIDE 11REMOVINGTHE FREEZER ACCESSORIES 13REMOVINGTHEEFRIGERATORACCESSORIES 13 CLEANINGTHEACCESSORIES 14 CHANGINGTHEACCESSORIES Page 2 of the User Manual (ENGLISH): shock As a result of removing the doors and seals from the refrigerator, you must ground it to avoid any power leaks or electric shocks from arising.

  • Personal harm or property damage must be dealt with as soon as possible.
  • Keep water away from the inside.
  • Usage Manual (ENGLISH) – Page 3.
  • in the refrigerator, as well as temperature-sensitive items There are some products that are damaged, and the refrigerator doesn’t work properly.
  • It is not a problem if they do.
  • There is a food stench coming from the refrigerator.8226; If you have any queries about the refrigerator or the freezer, contact your refrigerator.
  • Vegetables and fruits stay fresh longer when under control.

Use this button to select cubed or crushed ice or ice off the electrical power to the refrigerator when the refrigerator is turned on.

RefrigeratorLIGHTINGCHILD LOCK BUTTON To turn off this feature, press the.

A lock has been placed on both the water and ice dispensers.

Page 7 of the User Guide (ENGLISH).

The watervalve and the ice dispensers should be turned off when not in use for an extended period of time.

It is possible that it will leak at 4°F in the freezer.

Throw away the first six filters after you have just installed a refrigerator or a water filter system.

Remove any electric shock from the surface.

Then use a dry cloth to wipe away any remaining residue from the previous step.

WARNING Dispenser of ice and water.

Due to the possibility of therefridgerator, please do not remove the cover!

Choose a location where you will have easy access to water.

It can accommodate a water supply line.

Refrigerator should not be installed until the handles are attached to the separable door handle.

Parts a few fundamental elements wrench for water-filters Parts that can be added on Tappingscrew 12-inch clamp 12-inch clamp 12-inch clamp 12-inch clamp 12-inch clamp 12-inch clamp 12-inch clamp The Waterpipe Number Twenty-Six A booster pump is recommended by the manufacturer in order for the refrigerator to operate properly; a water pressure of 20 125 psi is necessary.

  • Ascertain that the water storage tank within the refrigeratoratoris fully stocked.
  • Installing the water dispenser line is a major undertaking.
  • Coupler “A” should be connected to the water supply line when using copper tubing.
  • When reconnecting, use fier to avoid leaks.
  • To get to the required location, you must first get to the required location.
  • In addition, the fixed cap can be disconnected from the waterline.
  • Refrigerator compressor cover should be reattached after it has been disconnected.

Page 29 of the watersupplyline’s user manual in English.

1) Turn on the water pressure at the bottom of the pool.

4) Open the refrigerator door and look for dripping water on or near the waterfilter.

Page 30 of the User Guide (ENGLISH).

If the power plug is too low, double-check it.

The temperature in the room appears to be uncomfortably cold.

From within, there is a bubbling sound.

Following our investigation, we believe the information provided below may provide an answer to this question. Keep in mind to come back to this page and post the answer you discovered using the “I KNOW THE ANSWER!” button at the top of the page. You can earn points in as little as a few seconds!

How to Remove the Display Panel on a Samsung French Door Refrigerator

If the display panel on your Samsung refrigerator is not illuminated or is displaying irregular readings, it may be required to remove it for diagnostics or to replace it completely. A short glance at the Samsung display panel reveals that the temperature and ice cube size may be changed quickly. It also warns you if the doors have been left slightly open for an extended period of time. Moisture might cause the display screen to display incorrect information on occasion. Removing the display panel on a Samsung French door refrigerator does not involve disassembly of the door.

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Step 1

The power wire for the Samsung refrigerator should be unplugged from the wall outlet. It is possible that removing the display panel while the power is still on will result in an unintended shock or damage to the panel.

Step 2

Make two little flat-head screwdriver incisions in the bottom of the display panel with the tip of the screwdriver. On the bottom of the display panel, there are two slots for cards. To unlock the tabs that hold the display panel to the door, turn the screwdriver handle in a clockwise direction.

Step 3

Placing the heel of one hand beneath the display panel and pushing up can allow the panel to be released from the door. Then, after the display panel has been released, carefully take it away from the door so that the wire harness on the back can be seen.

Step 4

Using one hand, hold the display panel in place while pulling the wiring harness away with your other hand. The wiring harness is a straightforward pin harness that can be removed easily from the back of the panel.

Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer problems – how to troubleshoot Samsung twin cooling freezer problems

As an Amazon associate, we receive a commission on any qualifying purchases made via our links. Using a Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer, you can effortlessly change the freezer into a convenient refrigerator, allowing you to preserve all of your delicate foods fresh for changing seasons or special events. As a result, the last thing you want is for your appliance to break down when you are in the midst of a crisis. Let’s have a look at a handful of tactics you may use on the device to rapidly solve the most common Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer problems: 1.

Common Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer problems and potential fixes

Some of the problems that you can have with your Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer are as follows:

  • Samsung twin cooling refrigerator fridge freezer not functioning at all
  • Samsung twin cooling refrigerator fridge freezer not freezing
  • Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer fan not working
  • Samsung twin cooling refrigerator fridge freezer not working at all
  • The Samsung twin cooling refrigerator freezer fan is producing a lot of noise.

Samsung twin cooling refrigerator fridge freezer not working at all

If your Samsung Twin Cooling unit is not operating at all, try the following: Check to see if the appliance has been correctly plugged in – if it hasn’t been, remove the plug (from the socket) and then re-insert it properly. Notes:If the plug is correctly inserted, check to see if the plug is operational by inserting a different object into the socket. If the device you have just put in does not function, it is worth trying to reset the circuit breaker (for this specific outlet) since it may be having power troubles.

Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer not freezing

It is possible to resolve the problem of the Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer not freezing by attempting one of the following simple fixes: Here are the details:

Reboot the unit

Performing a reboot or a reset should be the first thing you should consider doing. You only need to disconnect it for 30 seconds before plugging it back in (you can also reset it by flipping the circuit breaker to the unit off then back on after a few seconds). This has the potential to restore the programming to its default settings and clear any possible onboard computer issues. Quick Tip: If disconnecting it for 30 seconds does not offer you any joy, try unplugging it for a longer period of time – you may even wait at least 30 minutes – before plugging it in again.

Turn on power freeze (and wait 2 hours)

It is recommended that you switch on power freeze and leave it turned on for approximately 2 hours after that. Keep an eye on it after the 2 hours has passed to check whether it has started to freeze correctly. Quick Tip: To activate Power Freeze, press and hold the “Freezer” button for about 3 seconds on your keyboard. Keep in mind that when the Power Freeze feature is activated, the icon for it will illuminate. Now, if the freezer still does not appear to be working after you have completed these steps (but the refrigerator appears to be functioning properly), try lowering the temperature setting for the freezer.

Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer not cooling

In order to resolve the problem of the Samsung dual cooling fridge freezer not chilling, first ensure that it is not in “demo” mode. Because it is unlikely to cool when in “demo” mode (also known as “Display mode,” “Exhibition mode,” “Cooling Off mode,” or “Shop mode” in various models), it is important to turn it off. Make the required adjustments. Second, make sure that both the refrigerator and freezer are half-to-three-quarters full. When the refrigerator is empty, it usually does not chill as efficiently as it could.

1.Reset the appliance

Unplug the machine for 30 seconds to 1 minute, and then plug it back in again to restart. It has been noted previously that disconnecting the device and putting it back in may restore it to a working condition.

2.Clean the condenser coils

When the condenser coils of the refrigerator are coated with dust, the refrigerator will not function properly. Check to see if cleaning the coils with a cloth (or a vacuum cleaner with the appropriate brush attachment) may help. Quick Tip: It may be necessary to remove the freezer portion (or the entire section) and thoroughly clean it in order for the unit to function properly again.

3.Lower the temp control settings

An additional action that may be taken is to reduce the temperature control settings in the refrigerator and freezer. After that, let the refrigerator run for a few hours and then check the temperature again; you may discover that it has lowered and that the machine is once again properly chilling the foods.

4.Move the unit

Another measure that may be taken to help is to reduce the temperature control settings in the refrigerator and the freezer.

Continue to run the refrigerator for many hours and then check the temperature again; you may discover that it has lowered and that the unit is once again properly chilling the food in the refrigerator.

Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer has started to unthaw everything

Overall, this has a potential to be a really simple solution (you may notice blue bars scrolling on the temperature control area). Actions that should be taken:

  • It’s best to unplug it for a minute and then plug it back in. Once the appliance is reconnected, press and hold the “freezer temperature” button as well as the ice button for a few seconds.

You may now check to see whether everything is working properly.

Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer ice maker not working

When the icemaker freezes, it is the primary source of the problem, which is a very typical occurrence with these models, particularly in locations where there are frequent power outages. As a result, the most effective method of getting your icemaker back up and running is to attempt to unfreeze it before restarting anything. Procedure:

  1. Turn off the machine
  2. Turn off the lights. Remove the ice bin/ tray/bucket from the icemaker location by pulling it out. You will almost certainly see a significant accumulation of ice in there (I should point out that the ice can accumulate to the point where the entire icemaker and ice bin freezes together)
  3. Use a hair dryer to melt the ice and frost that has accumulated in the region
  4. You want to ensure that it is completely de-iced. It should be noted that you may use anawlto break the ice as well. Another option is to use an ice pick or a hand steamer, which are both inexpensive. Reset the device (in this case, you may need to press the reset button on the icemaker, however the specific instructions may vary depending on the model)
  5. Now, replace the ice bucket in its original location. Replace the power supply to the unit

Quick Tip: Instead of using a hair dryer, which has been known to distort the plastic on the unit, consider turning on the “forced defrost” setting on the device (available in some twin cooling fridge-freezer models). In any case, the handbook for your specific Samsung dual cooling fridge freezer should provide instructions on how to engage the forced defrost feature. If the ice accumulation is not too severe, you can proceed with the following procedure:

  1. You do not have to switch off the entire machine in order to turn off the icemaker. Remove the lid (from the icemaker) and set it aside. Allow for a 2-hour resting period. By the conclusion of the two-hour period, the ice buildup should have defrosted sufficiently to allow surplus ice to be readily detached
  2. After that, reset the device (you may do this by power cycling it for 30 seconds). Restart the icemaker at this point.

Voila! It should now be able to produce ice without any issues.

Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer fan noise problem

This is again usually caused to ice accumulation around the copper pipe- some units merely make grinding sounds while others grow fairly noisy. To get rid of the noise (and get your fridge freezer running again), try the following solutions:

Set the unit in “Demo Mode” to have it defrost

You may put your unit in “Demo Mode” and leave it for a couple of hours– “Demo Mode” switches off the compressor while leaving the rest of the machine’s functions operational. This may help to thaw it, hence eliminating the fan noise.

Shut it off and allow it to thaw over time

As an alternative, you can let the food supply at the facility to run low first and then store it in coolers after that. You should then turn off the power and allow your fridge freezer to defrost (on its own) — you may need to leave it for a few hours to do this. Check to see whether the noise is still there after the ice has melted fully. Quick Tip: If there has been a significant accumulation of ice, allow it to sit overnight to thaw thoroughly (after using hair dryer).

Force defrost it

From the front panel of the appliance, you may “force thaw” the appliance (check your manual for force defrosting directions). The main drawback to this solution is that it may only briefly reduce fan noise, which is undesirable (and it may return).

Disassemble and remove trapped ice

It is possible that the space around the fan is completely packed with ice, in which case it is preferable to disassemble and physically remove the ice that has become trapped in there before blow drying it. As previously noted, a hair dryer or hand steamer may be required in this situation (Look for a good YouTube video to guide you on disassembly). Lastly, you don’t want dust or dirt to accumulate in the fan vents, so be sure to clean the vent(s) located behind the appliance as well. As an extra precaution, vacuum the coils.

Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer fan not working

If your fan has stopped operating, consider the following solutions:

Check if it might be loose

As a consequence, it’s possible that the fan -on the refrigerator- became loose and stuck.

The remedy is to retighten it and then double-check that everything is in working order.

Check for ice build up

As a consequence, it’s possible that the fan -on the fridge- became loose and stuck. Solution: tighten it back up and then double-check that everything is in working order.

Replace the fan motor

A fan motor that has been damaged beyond repair will need to be replaced in extreme circumstances. If you decide to change the fan motor, the replacement (make sure it is compatible before buying) is often affordable, and YouTube videos may be really useful. Quick Tip: You may get a new component for your Samsung dual cooling fridge freezer from websites such as Amazon,, and others.

Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer problems – frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Before we begin, I should point out that executing a hard reset on your Samsung dual cooling fridge freezer can address a large number of odd problems. Take the following steps:

  1. Unplug the unit from the wall outlet. Remove the appliance and wait 30 seconds before plugging it back in.

Don’t forget about the other reset technique, which consists of just turning off the circuit breaker and then turning it back on after 30 seconds. This should restore everything to its factory default settings.

Wrap up

We hope this has been of great assistance to you (and saves you the cost of a repairman coming in to get to the root of your problem). For those who are experiencing problems with their Samsung twin cooling fridge freezer, it may be necessary to call Samsung Customer Service or a repairman for further troubleshooting. Related: Samsung self-cleaning oven issues and what to do in the meanwhile Using the Samsung washing machine software, you may reset it. Problems with the Samsung range display

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