How To Print Text Messages From Samsung


How to Print Text Messages from Samsung Galaxy [3 Methods]

Losing text messages is not a pleasant experience in this day and age of smartphones and their evident relevance. In addition to creating soft-copy backups, it is possible that you may need to store them in physical form as well. It’s important to know how to print text messages from Samsung Galaxy, whether it’s to keep track of a specific portion of a conversation, to save the entire conversation, or to secure specific information for legal purposes. That’s what we’ll cover in this article: how to print text messages from Samsung Galaxy.

Tip 1. How to Print Out Text Messages from Samsung Galaxy with Professional Android Assistant?

The first technique will make use of an Android Assistant – Samsung Messages Backup – which will be discussed later. Here, you’ll need to transfer the messages from your Samsung Galaxy S20/S10, S9, S8, S7, Note 9/8/7/6 to your computer and then print out the SMS for free using your computer’s print function.

Why Choose Samsung Messages Backup?

(1) It is simple to transfer text messages from a Samsung Galaxy to a PC. Two options for storing the transmitted SMS messages exist: HTML/Text/CSV/Back Files and XML File formats. The CSV format enables you to organize text discussions in Excel so that they may be printed out in their original clarity. On the computer, you may send/read a text message that you have written. (4) Easily transfer various types of data between an Android phone and a computer with this app. Text messages, contacts, call logs, photographs, music, videos, applications, and documents are all supported by the program.

(6) Story compatibility ensures that the software runs flawlessly on all Android smartphones now available on the market, including the Samsung Galaxy S10/S9/S7/S6, Galaxy Note9/8/7/6, Galaxy A9/A8/A7/A6, HUAWEI, LG, Xiaomi, OPPO, OnePlus, Motorola, HTC, and others.

How to TransferPrint Out SMS from Your Samsung Galaxy?

To accomplish this, you must first export your desired text chats to a computer in CSV format, and then print the SMS messages using Excel.

  1. A USB cable should be used to connect your Samsung Galaxy to your computer. Select the SMS you desired after viewing it in advance. You may transfer text messages from your Samsung phone to your PC. Opening and printing the CSV format file with Microsoft Excel is a good idea.

The specifics are as follows: Step 1: Connect your Samsung phone to your computer using a USB cable. Run the application when it has been downloaded and installed on your computer. The original interface will be blank, and you will be prompted to connect your smartphone. Simply connect your Samsung to your computer through a USB cord to get started. In order to use your Samsung phone, you must first activate USB debugging. The second step is to ensure that your Galaxy is correctly detected. To allow your device to be identified, follow the on-screen instructions as directed.

  • Step 3: Review and pick the text chats that you wish to use.
  • Locate and choose SMS from the drop-down menu.
  • Simply choose the checkboxes next to the individual chats that you wish to print.
  • The text messages from Samsung should be printed out at this point.
  • After then, on the Excel spreadsheet, locate the “Print” option under “Files” in the upper-left corner.

This program may also be used for a variety of other tasks, such as: transferring files between your Huawei and your computer. (Two Different Ways) Videos Can Be Transferred Between a Samsung Phone and a Computer

Tip 2. Print The Screenshots of Your Samsung Text Messages

If you don’t want to utilize an intermediate software, you can have the messages from your Galaxy printed in picture form instead of as actual text instead of as actual text. If your Samsung smartphone is equipped with the OTG capability, you will not be required to use a computer in this manner. For situations when you only wish to print a particular section of a discussion or where the entire conversation can be presented in one screen, this option is clearly more practical than the other. To accomplish this, follow these steps:

  1. To print a discussion on your Samsung Galaxy, navigate to “Messages” and locate the conversation you want to print
  2. Take a snapshot of the text you’re working on. Press and hold “Power” + “Home” / “Power” + “Volume Down” at the same time for many seconds. OTG allows you to connect your Samsung Galaxy to a printer. You should send your screenshot to a printer and get it printed

It’s a quick and easy way to get a reprint of your text conversations, but the downside is that it would take a lot of screenshots to get a paper copy of a lengthy conversation. Consequently, it is recommended that you use concise content for this one. Also see: How to Take a Screenshot on an Android Device.

Tip 3. How to Print Out Text Messages from Samsung with Free Apps?

It is possible to print out long chats and text messages from a Samsung phone without having to use a computer. There are free applications available on the Google Play Store that you may use instead of a computer. We’ll stay with SMS BackupPrint for the time being because there are so many similar applications.

SMS Backup, PrintRestore

When you use SMS Backup, PrintRestore, which was previously known as SMS Share 2, you may share text messages from your phone using any of the sharing methods that are available on your Samsung phone. With this program, you may use the sharing media of your choice (Facebook, email, or Whatsapp) to essentially generate a duplicate of your text messages at a source that you can easily access from another device (computer) or your phone itself and download it as an imported file. It enables you to print SMS and MMS messages right from your Samsung Galaxy, or you may transmit text chats to an email address for printing.

SMS Backup+

The solutions indicated above are not the only options available for creating a printed copy of your SMS messages. Printing can be accomplished with the use of an intermediate tool or application, such as SMS Backup+, that can backup your texts externally. The SMS Backup+ application, for example, may be synchronized with your Gmail account, which will then serve as a storage location for your SMS. These messages may then be accessed by selecting the “SMS” tab from the left-hand panel of your account, which is also shown beside the “Inbox.” You may then save any text you find on the website to your computer or phone and print it off from there.

Words in The End:

Now, please choose one of the methods below that you choose to print off your desired text messages from your Samsung Galaxy. I’m curious what you think about them. Which one do you think is the best? You may leave your comments and tell us about your experience if you’d like. Articles that are related: To print text messages from an Android phone, follow these steps. In the year 2021, how do you transfer contacts from your Android phone to your computer? What is the best way to transfer files between a Samsung phone and a PC?

What is the best way to transfer apps from one Android device to another? Discover where my Android text messages have vanished to and how to resolve the problem How to Recover Deleted Text Messages on a Samsung Device? – 4 Simple Steps to Take in 2021

Best Ways to Print Text Messages from Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, and Z Flip

People preserve text messages from family members or loved ones for a variety of reasons, while others copy text messages for use in a court of law, a trial, legal proceedings, or other general business purposes. When it comes to legal difficulties, the SMS evidence becomes critical in the courtroom during the trial. E-conversations will need to be provided to the judge in order to be considered as evidence in the case. This guide will teach you how to quickly print your Samsung messages on the Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, and Z Flip if you are using a Samsung phone and need to print your Samsung messages in a hurry.

Method 1: Take Screenshots and Print out with Pictures

A screenshot is a method of capturing everything that appears on the phone screen as photographic proof. The most accessible and straightforward method of printing messages from a Samsung phone is to take a snapshot of the message records and save them as images. As a result, you may simply print off these communications images for future reference. This method does not need the installation of any software on your phone. However, it is time-consuming in the sense that the greater the volume of chat content, the greater the number of repeated actions you will be required to perform.

  1. Step 2Select the discussions that you will participate in.
  2. Step 3: Begin taking screen captures.
  3. To take a screenshot without even clicking a button, one can use the Palm Swipe method.
  4. Then, to capture the Palm swipe, press the switch next to it.
  5. Another option is to use scroll capture, which is a function that allows you to grab screenshots of large articles or photos as they scroll by.
  6. After taking a screenshot, you may simply select “Scroll capture” from the drop-down menu that appears at the bottom of the screen after capturing it.
  7. This method is the most effective for capturing the whole contents of a text message in a single snapshot.
  8. Viewing your screenshots will be possible using the Gallery application.

Method 2: Copy and Paste Messages into A Word File

You’ll want to preview whatever you intend to print before sending it to print. Furthermore, Word’s printing features are sophisticated enough to allow you to customize alternative page layouts and printing settings as needed. If you want to print your messages from your Samsung to a Word document, you can simply copy and paste them into the document. Step 1: Download and install the Microsoft Word application on your Samsung phone from the Google Play store. This is a sharing application that is completely free.

Create a new document to edit when the installation is complete.

Step 3: Copy and paste the contents of the previous document into the Word document. You have the option to resize or move the text box to make it more suitable for your work. However, be certain that the texts are consistent with the original.

Method 3: Export Text Messages from Samsung to HTML File

Finally, but certainly not least, you may upload your Samsung Messages to your computer and then print them whenever it is most convenient for you. Syncios Manager Freeis a free program for transferring data from a Samsung device to a PC. It has access to contacts, applications, images, music, and messages on iOS and Android devices, among other things. Additionally, you have the ability to manage the contents on a global level before printing. With Syncios Manager, you can effortlessly backup and restore the data on your phone to your computer without having to use your phone.

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One method is to export them as HTML files, while the other is to backup messages as XML files.

Here’s how to build it from scratch:

Print out Samsung Messages with HTML File

For situations when you need to use the messages for several purposes, HTML files provide you with many additional alternatives, such as converting the HTML to PDF or DOCX for three-party use. So it makes sense to export the messages from Samsung to HTML files and then print them, doesn’t it? Step 1: Download and install Free Syncios Manager from the official website following the on-screen instructions. After that, connect your Samsung phone to your computer via a USB cord or a Wi-Fi wireless connection to complete the process.

Download the Windows version or the Mac version.

When you are ready to study all of the discussions in detail, use the SMS feature.

After then, all of the Samsung communications will be produced as HTML documents.

Print out Samsung Messages with XML File

XML files include computer programming code that is presented in a text format that can be read and edited by any basic word processor or text editor. With Syncios Manager, you can easily produce XML files from Samsung Messages without having to do any programming. In a similar vein, you should first navigate yourself to the SMS administration section of the Syncios Manager application (Refer to Step 1-Step 2 in Method 3). After choosing the appropriate messages, instead of using the Export functionality in Method 3, pick the Backup option instead.

It is possible to open the XML files with “Notepad” (Windows) or “TextEdit” (Mac) in order to preview and print them (Mac).

Conclusion:All of the ways listed above provide you with a plethora of options for obtaining a copy of the messages quickly and easily.

Furthermore, all of the methods and tools described are completely free to use.

A special mention should be made to Syncios iOSAndroid Manager, which is always adding new mobile capabilities to help consumers gain a better understanding of Samsung data security and everyday usage. Download the Windows version or the Mac version.

Related TipsTricks

Straightforward tasks such as printing text messages from your Android phone would appear to be simple. But they are not. Unfortunately, it is not a straightforward situation. There is no built-in print option in the default Android messaging app or any other standard messaging applications available, but there are a few solutions available to you. There are several options, including taking a fast screenshot of the discussion you want to print, utilizing a third-party software, or connecting to your Windows PC and printing the messages from there.

Print Text Messages With a Screenshot

The screenshot technique is usually the quickest and most straightforward. It does not necessitate the use of any other applications or connections to other devices. In addition, if you have Google Cloud Print set up, you may print directly from your phone if necessary.

  1. Locate the SMS conversation that you wish to print and click on it. Then, using your Android device, take a snapshot of the discussion. If the chat extends beyond a single screen, just scroll down and continue collecting screenshots until the dialogue is completed. Take a scrolling screenshot as an alternative
  2. Locate the screenshot you captured and click on theShareicon at the bottom of the screen. The cloud printer you’ve created will be opened when you tap the app
  3. This will allow you to send the screenshots of the SMS discussion to the cloud printer you’ve created.

If you don’t have cloud printing enabled on your Android device, you may send the document by email from the share screen. Send the snapshot to your email address so that you may open it and print it from your computer or from any other location where you have access to a printing device. You might also save the screenshot to your computer by transferring it to your cloud storage account, such as Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive.

Print Text Messages With Super Backup

You may also utilize third-party apps to print text messages from Android if taking screenshots of your SMS chat isn’t your thing. SuperBackupRestore is one of the greatest programs for this purpose. Installing the app on your phone and then launching it are the next steps. It takes only a few basic steps to print SMS messages from within this application. 1. From the home screen, choose SMS. When you do this, you will be presented with a number of choices for managing SMS messages that have been saved on your phone.

On the following screen, click theBackup Conversationsbutton.

Select the checkbox next to the SMS conversation that you wish to print from the drop-down menu.

Returning to the SMS interface, you can now select any of the backed-up SMS conversations to print from the drop-down menu.

  1. Select theView Backupsbutton when you are back on the SMS interface. Select the text messages that you wish to print from the backup file that you created earlier. To print something, select the printer icon that displays at the top of the window. To transmit the output to your printer, go through the cloud printing choices one by one.

Printing to PDF can be used instead of Cloud Print if you don’t have Cloud Print set up. Once you’ve done that, either use Google Drive to transfer the PDF file to your computer or send it to your email account.

Print Text Messages With Your Phone

If you find it difficult to print anything from your phone on a regular basis, there is another alternative that may be more suitable for you. You may just view your text messages from your computer and then print them from that location if you choose. If you have a Windows 10 PC, this is one of the most straightforward methods. You may use the Your Phone Companion app to help you with this. Your Phone Companion for Android is available for download and installation. You’ll also need to download and install the Your Phone Windows application on your computer.

  1. Nota bene: While there is no Your Phone app for the iPhone, you may use the SMS Export program on iTunes to export all of your messages to your computer as either a CSV or XML file, and then print them from there.
  2. 1.
  3. To sync the two devices, follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. From the main page, click on the Messages link.
  5. Navigate to the text message conversation that you wish to print and choose it from the drop-down menu.
  6. In the right pane, you will see the text messages that have been received on your Android device.
  7. You’ll need to go to the next portion of the longer discussions and continue the process of capturing screenshots until you’ve caught the complete conversation, which is similar to the procedure of taking screenshots for printing text messages from your Android phone’s camera.

Printing these screenshots is no different than printing any other image that has been stored on your computer in any other format.

Print Text Messages from Android

Unfortunately, there isn’t a clear solution to just print SMS messages from within your Android messaging application. However, as you can see in the examples above, there are a variety of effective solutions. When you’ve had an important chat with someone and don’t want to lose track of what was said, printing text messages from your Android device may be really handy. Consider archiving those on cloud storage or on your computer in order to save space on your phone, as screenshots tend to take up a lot of storage space on mobile devices.

How to Print Text Messages from Samsung in 2 Easy Ways

Text messages are containers for your personal dialogues that bring to a close thoughts on certain themes, crucial information, and evidence of a commitment made between you and others. They are also a type of documentation. Users these days are more interested in archiving certain text messages in order to either document their bountiful lives or just print them out in order to get a clear view of the entire message. Some people will need to print it out as a legal document in order to resolve legal issues.

Will there be a method to easily print and display it in a way that is obvious and understandable to everyone?

Contents: In this first installment, we’ll show you how to print text messages from Samsung using Coolmuster Android Assistant.

Part 1: How to Print Text Messages from Samsung with Coolmuster Android Assistant

A smart and secure piece of software, Coolmuster Android Assistant, allows you to transfer texts from your Samsung device to your computer. Text messages will be presented in a neat and tidy fashion on your PC, allowing you to print them off with ease once they have been transferred. This is a platform that is compatible with Samsung smartphones such as the Galaxy S20, S10, S9, S8, and Note series, among others. As well as this, it has a high capacity for transferring various sorts of data, such as text messages, images, SMS, contacts, music, and videos, among other things.

The ability to maintain message-quality.

It is possible to address your problem with a single click using the backup and restore tool.

How to print text messages from Samsung via Coolmuster Android Assistant:

Step 1: Install Coolmuster Android Assistant on your computer and link your Samsung phone to it. Coolmuster Android Assistant may be downloaded and installed on a computer by running the software. To ensure that the application recognizes your Samsung phone, you may connect by USB or WiFi, which are both manageable options. If you have any queries regarding how to enable USB debugging, please refer to the following page for further information. Step 2: Review and pick the text messages that will be transferred.

ChooseSMSand you will be able to locate the message you wish to print; simply click on the selecting message and the contents of the message will appear on the right side.

After you have confirmed that all of the necessary messages have been received, select Export from the top panel and export the text messages to your PC in CSV format.

Excel may be used to open your downloaded documents and retrieve information.

Print in the upper-left corner of the page. Set your print parameters, such as the margins and font sizes, and you’re ready to go to print. Learn how to print text messages from your Android device by clicking here. The Best Way to Print Text Messages from Your iPhone 4 Time-tested Techniques

Part 2: How to Print Text Messages from a Samsung Phone via Screenshot

Samsung phones include a number of hidden features, one of which is the ability to take screenshots. When it comes to obtaining a screenshot of a long chat, it becomes a time-consuming process, and it is difficult to ensure that the text is not lost in the process. However, it may be used to print a few small dialogues within a message.

Here’s how to print SMS from Samsung mobile via Screenshot:

Step 1: Locate the interface that you wish to print. If you wish to print a brief chat, open messages and pause your conversation before printing it. Step 2: Utilize the built-in print screen capability in Samsung by pressing the Volume Down, Power, and Home buttons at the same time. Your phone will briefly go black and the captured image will be shown on the bottom-left. Tip: Coolmuster Android Assistant enables you to capture screenshots on Android devices straight from the desktop; for more information, see 6 Easy Ways to Take Screenshots on Android Devices (click here to read).

Connect your Samsung to the printer using the USB OTG cable, choose the screenshot you want, then transmit it to the printer via the OTG cable.


When it comes to transferring messages as well as other things such as images (Screenshots), SMS, music, videos, and other media, Coolmuster Android Assistant is the most effective technique. This program may meet all of your needs when it comes to transferring to a PC. Why not simply download Coolmuster Android Assistant for long-term usage for the sake of convenience, security, and efficiency? The use of this service is not limited to SMS or printing; its well-served features have already received a great deal of positive feedback from clients.

Backup of Samsung Messages: 7 Simple Methods for Easily Backing Up Samsung SMS The 6 Best Methods to Transfer Photos from Samsung to PC in 2021 are as follows: How to Edit Samsung Galaxy/Note Contacts on a Computer Using the Best Samsung Contacts Editor Best Android SMS Manager Apps – Easily Manage Messages on Android With These Apps Using Samsung Backup and Restore, here are 5 tried and true solutions.

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How to Print SMS Conversations on your Android Phone

You may print SMS conversations from your Android phone for a variety of reasons, including special messages from loved ones or for proof in a court of law. The option to print SMS conversations from your Android phone is a useful function to have. In addition to making this task simple, Droid Transfer will also preserve and print any emojis and photos that were used in the discussions, as well as any dates and times that were sent and received by the other party. If you need to print text messages from your phone instead, please see our TouchCopy page.


See how we can print messages from an Android device in the next section.

  1. Obtain and install Droid Transfer, after which connect your Android handset to your PC using either a WiFi or a USB connection. Select the “Messages” tab from the drop-down list of available features. Choose a discussion that you’d want to print
  2. The entire discussion may be printed, or you can select certain dates between which you want to print by selecting “Set Date Range” in Droid Transfer. Select Print from the drop-down menu and indicate the printer you want to use.

See it in action

* html,body img,span span” * html,body img,span span” gyroscope, picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen=”” title=”Print SMS conversation Android” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen=”” loading=”lazy”>

Detailed Information

Additionally, Droid Transfer provides the option to print Android texts in addition to storing Android messages. Connect your Android handset to your computer using Droid Transfer to complete this process. If you need assistance with this, please see our Droid Transfer fast start guide for more information. Once you have completed the setup, select the “Messages” option from the feature list on the left-hand side of the software to begin using it. You may now pick which messages you want to print from the drop-down menu.

Use the ctrl-click combination to select numerous contact chats at the same time.

Once you’ve chosen your choices, simply press the “Print” button!

How to Print Text Message from Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6/S5

As a result of the huge display screen of Samsung Galaxy phones, they are excellent for sending and receiving text messages. You can see your messages on your phone in clear and sharp resolution, and it has been made exceedingly simple to react to and save SMS messages on your phone. Text messages are still one of the most common methods of exchanging information among coworkers, acquaintances, and family members, and they are becoming increasingly popular. Also possible with Samsung Galaxy phones is the sending and receiving of media files such as voicemails, pictures, videos, and other types of media files.

Now, printing text messages seems a little unreal, doesn’t it?

So, how is this even feasible to do?

Part 1: Print SMS from Samsung Galaxy Phone with Android App

A large number of applications are available in the Google Play Store, and you may use them to do virtually any task. As a result, our initial strategy is to make use of an app called SMS Share. However, the free version is a complete waste of time, with the most serious drawback being that it is unable to print a lengthy chat owing to the limited screen size. This application has received a 3.5-star rating overall. Please take this into consideration. The first step is to launch the Google Play Store application and search for “SMS Share.” Step 2: Download and install the GilApps app, which was built by the company.

Next, choose any mail thread by touching on the name of it once.

Step 4: On your computer, go into your Gmail account and select the SMS thread that you just sent to your email address.

Before granting the print command, make sure that your printer is connected to your computer.

Observe how your text messages appear on hard paper once they have been printed. Now, if you find this approach to be too complicated and would want to do it in a more comfortable manner, proceed to the following section.

Part2:Print Text Message from Samsung Galaxy with PC Software

Androidphonesoft Android Assistant is the greatest Android SMS management tool available right now, and it can be used to backup, restore, and print SMS messages. It performs the function of an SMS assistant, allowing you to import and export texts, as well as send and receive messages from your computer. All of the answers to SMS-related problems are included within a single software. You can also use the program to back up your contacts, images, call history, and media files, among other things.

Step 1Install Android Assistant on PC or Mac

Download the application to your computer and then install it by following the setup wizard’s instructions to the letter. To view the primary advantages of this application, you must first install it on your computer and then run it.

Step 2Attach Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6/S5 or Galaxy Note 7/5/4/3 to Computer

By connecting your Samsung Galaxy phone to your computer with a USB data cord, you can get more done. Wait for the application to recognize your phone and then proceed. It is possible that you may need to enable USB debugging mode on your phone.

Step 3Select Messages and Export Them to PC

To view all of the text messages on your computer’s display screen, select “SMS” from the left-hand side panel and click “OK.” From the right-hand sidebar panel, select all of the SMS threads and then click on “Save as.”

Step 4Print Text Messages from Samsung Galaxy Phone

Finding an appropriate location to save the messages is important. Once you’ve decided on a location, selecting a file type (such as.txt or.xls format) and saving your full SMS collection on your computer is essential. To view all of the messages, open the SMS file that was stored on your computer. Connect your printer to your computer and fill it with blank hard sheets so that you may print out your papers. Now press the CTRL + P keys together to confirm the printing instruction. Wait until all of the pages have been successfully printed.


Android Assistant is a cutting-edge piece of software that allows you to operate your Android cellphones from your desktop computer. Elegant and simple to use, it is a pleasure to work with. Apart from controlling your messages, you may also backup and restore messages, contacts, movies, images, and other types of data such as music and videos. However, if you intend to take full benefit of this application, it is advised that you purchase a registered version in order to enjoy the finest experience possible.

How to Print Text Messages for Court – Android and iPhone

In 2021, there will be millions of mobile phone users all over the world who will require the ability to preserve and print text messages in order to utilize them in court, during a trial, or for their lawyer. No matter what type of legal situation you are dealing with, printing text messages from both iPhone and Android smartphones is simple and can be accomplished in a few short steps. Over 23 billion text messages are transmitted throughout the world every day, according to a new research by Forbes Magazine!

In order to obtain copies of text messages for evidence or to show before a judge during court hearings, legal administrators, attorneys, solicitors, and law firm assistants are now routinely asking their clients to capture and print text messages from their smartphones.


SMS Backup+ is one of the most user-friendly applications for Android users who want to print text messages. Users may automatically backup their SMS and MMS messages using this program, which can be found in the Google Play Store. It is important to note that, if you do not already have IMAP enabled for your Gmail account, you must do so before proceeding. The following are the steps to take in order to complete the task. Once you have enabled the IMAP option in your Gmail account, you will be able to begin storing your text messages in the account.

Steps to print text messages for court on Android

  1. Install SMS Backup+ on any Android phone of your choosing. Then click “connect” and provide the details for your Gmail account. Select the “backup” option. Make a copy of your text messages and bring them to court with you by opening your Gmail account.

Additionally, SMS Backup+ can store up call records, which is a feature that many Android users find to be quite convenient. Testimonials from SMS Backup+ users can be found on the Google Play store, and you can learn more about the app from their helpful remarks. The users all have a variety of different Android smartphones, and they all offer excellent feedback. Alternatively, if you are having difficulties installing SMS Backup+, you may consult the program’s instructions and FAQ, which should be of assistance.


Users of iPhones who need to print text messages for use in court or at a trial can rely on Decipher TextMessage, which has been around for quite some time. Your text messages and iMessages are both tracked separately by the software, which operates on any Windows or Mac computer. Once you’ve backed up your iPhone using iTunes, you may immediately save text messages as a PDF file and print text messages for use in court. Please keep in mind that if you are using a Mac and Big SurorCatalina, you will no longer require iTunes to back up your iPhone or iPad.

Quick Steps – Print text messages for court

To print text messages for use in court, follow these procedures.

  1. Select your phone from the drop-down menu under Decipher TextMessage. Choose a contact who has text messages that you need to print for court
  2. And Select Export from the drop-down menu. Open the PDF of your text messages that you have stored on your PC
  3. Select Print to have text messages printed out for use in court or at a trial.

Decipher TextMessage displays all your text messages for court in the easy to read format

When you initially launch Decipher TextMessage, you will notice your iPhone listed in the left-hand column of the program’s interface. Please make sure that you have backed up your iPhone on your computer if you do not see it in Decipher TextMessage. When you choose a device, the application will display all of your iPhone contacts in the main column of the program as soon as you do. You may select a single contact, and then all of your text conversations with that person will be shown on the screen for your convenience.

It is important to note that when you have successfully exported your text conversations as a PDF document for court, you will see that the PDF document shows the text messages in “chat bubble” style and includes any photo attachments inline as part of the discussion.

Here is an example of a snapshot of iPhone text messages that may be printed out and used as evidence in court: The PDF of your text messages is now shown in the PDF reader program on your computer.

The following is a snapshot of the Preview application, showing where you will find the option to pick “Print” under the File menu of the program.

The option to print will almost always be available under the “File” menu, regardless of whether you’re using Preview on your Mac or Adobe Acrobat on either a Windows or a Mac computer.

Print Text Messages for Court – Additional Instructions

For printing text messages for court or legal purposes, there are a number of appealing features that make Decipher TextMessage an excellent choice. These are some examples:

  • Every text message has your contact information and phone number – this is a useful feature for your lawyer or for court. Using a unique option, Decipher TextMessage automatically adds the contact’s name and phone number in every text message sent to that person. Attorneys, judges, and legal advisers are among those who demand this capability for use in court since it helps make it plain and evident who sent each individual text message or iMessage and who received it. Privacy – With Decipher TextMessage, all of your stored text message data is kept on your computer, where it is safe and secure. Everything is under the control of the user, and nothing is saved on servers or in the cloud. This implies that all of your text messages that you are preparing or preserving for court or for your attorney are safe on your own computer or on the computer of your attorney. With the program’s keyword search feature, you may restrict down messages to only those that contain certain terms or phrases connected to your court case or legal proceeding. Using this feature, you may search for individual conversations or all of your text messages from all of your contacts. The “date range”export option allows you to simply limit down the text messages you export and print for court if you have a large number of text messages that you want to print for court but only require messages from a certain day or time period. You can use this tool to print only the exact text messages that are relevant to your court case when you have a huge number of text messages to print. It is compatible with all iPhone devices. -The app allows you to export texts for use in court from any iPhone or iPad, and it is also compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. It is possible to print out group text conversations between numerous persons that are essential to your legal or judicial matter
  • You can also print individual text messages.
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Product testimonials from other people who have successfully used the program to print messages for court or their lawyer are also available.

Video Instructions – How to Print Text Messages for Court

Please follow along with our helpful video instructions on how to print text messages for use in court or at a trial. Simply watch and understand the step-by-step steps for printing text messages and iMessages for use in court or during a trial by clicking on the video below.

Are iPhone screenshots helpful for printing text messages for court or trial?

It is occasionally simple to take screenshots of your text messages; however, this is dependent on your individual demands or scenario and is not always the case. Things to bear in mind while taking screenshots on Android smartphones as well as iPhones or iPads include the following:

  • Is it necessary to print out a certain number of text messages? You could discover that capturing screenshots of your messages is a suitable answer for your needs if you just need to print a limited number of messages. It’s completely free, and you may complete it right now. The screenshot approach, on the other hand, is not very practical if you have a huge number of text messages, as it will require you to put in an unreasonable amount of time and effort to complete the work. If you decide to try and print screenshots of your text messages for use in court, you will need to make an effort to arrange the images in the same order that they show on your device when you first opened the document. As you strive to guarantee that everything is flawless for your attorney or your trial date, this may get confused and soon devolve into a jumbled disaster. Printer Toner and Cartridge Ink – Printing screenshots can quickly deplete your printer’s toner or cartridge ink, especially if you print the messages at their full scale and resolution. Message-organizing software packages arrange stored messages with better formatting and more messages per page, which is extremely helpful for printing and displaying text messages
  • And

Again, if you simply have five or ten text messages, you may find that screenshots are sufficient for your purposes. To finish the work and keep your exported messages and attachments organized, it is preferable to use software to complete the task and keep your exported messages and attachments organized for legal reasons. The following instructions can be found here, depending on the precise sort of mobile phone you have: If you decide that you would want to give screenshots a try for your purposes, the following procedures can be found here: iPhone – Apple provides instructions for all of their products available on their website.

Conclusion – Best practices for printing text messages for court

Whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone, we hope that today’s helpful instructions will enable you to print text messages for use in court or for any other legal issues that may occur. Producing printouts of your SMS and text message history is something that will hopefully be useful for your legal procedure or for your attorney, regardless of whether your personal needs are for a custody hearing, divorce, or a work-related legal matter. You may contact us via ourDecipher Tools Supportpage if you have any issues or require more assistance with printing or saving text messages for court or trial.

We’re a corporation with offices in the United States (San Francisco and Phoenix), and we answer to everyone.

How to Print Text Messages From Samsung Galaxy S8 » User Manual

Learn How To Print Text Messages From Your Samsung Galaxy S8, step-by-step. For as long as we have had mobile phones, text messaging has been an integral part of our lives. Because of the widespread usage of smart phones, text messaging has become a more comfortable mode of communication for many people these days. You may now print text messages from your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone, allowing you to store a large number of important text messages on your smartphone. Of course, you may snap screenshots and send photographs to yourself so that you can print them later, but this approach is only appropriate for extremely brief talks.

As a result, you may select a dependable SMS exporter program to serve as your helper.

It is possible, however, to export SMS messages to your computer and store them in either the xml or the text format. Then you’ll be able to open these files and print them right away. Detailed instructions are provided below; simply follow the procedures on your PC.

  1. Start the application and connect your Samsung Galaxy S8 to your computer
  2. After that, close the program.

In order to print text messages from your Samsung phone, connect it to an empty USB port on your computer and wait for your phone to display as a removable storage device in My Computer. Installing and running the application on your computer are the next steps. When you click on the “SMS” button on the left panel, the software will display all of the text messages that have been received on your Samsung Galaxy S8 one at a time. The preview feature of the application allows you to browse through this dialogue until you discover the information you wish to export.

If the computer is not linked to the printer, you may copy these files to the computer that is connected to the printer and then print them from that computer.

Instructions on how to print text messages from a Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone.


How to Print Messages from Samsung Galaxy S5/6/7/8

There are a variety of reasons why we print out SMS messages. You may have received some malicious and threatening text messages from your boss and wish to print them out just in case; you may have saved a lot of sweet words from your girl or boy friend and wish to preserve them for reviewing at any time because they are carrying all of your beautiful memories with your honey; or you may have received some malicious and threatening text messages which can be issued out and delivered to police or court as valid and powerful evidence.

In conclusion, printing an SMS message from your Samsung Galaxy phone has become a regular requirement for the majority of customers in recent years.

To get started, we’ll need you to download and install the Samsung Backup Tool on your computer.

  • This cross-platform mobile manager is compatible with both the iOS and Android operating systems. It is possible to convert music or videos and then import them onto a Samsung smartphone using the built-in audiovideo converter program.

How to Print Messages from Samsung Galaxy S4/5/6/7/8

First and foremost, you must download and install the free Samsung Manager software on your computer. Connect your Samsung phone to your computer using the USB cord provided. For the first time you connect the phone to your PC, the application will automatically download and install USB drivers for the Samsung Galaxy S8. Don’t forget to enable USB debugging mode on your computer if this is your first time.

Step 2: Backup Samsung messages to computer

You will notice a list of items on the left panel of the Syncios software once your device has been detected by it. This list will include items such as: applications, contacts, SMS, media (audio + video), and photos. Select the SMS option. After your messages have been loaded, choose the messages that you wish to sync to your computer and click ” Backup ” to begin the process.

Your communications will be saved as an xml file on your computer’s hard drive. Note: Please keep your smartphone unlocked and check for a pop-up asking if you want Syncios to be able to view your messages. If you see one, click “Allow.”

Step 3: Print messages from Samsung phones

Locate the message backup that was created by the Syncios Samsung Manager. You can find out where your backups are stored by going toMenuSettingsInformationInformation backup location. To find SMSbackupinfo.xml, navigate to the backup folder (named by your device), which is located in the following path: SMSbackupinfo.xml (backup date). Microsoft Office Word should be used to open the backupinfo.xml file. If you can see the Office button in the upper left corner, select ” Print ” from the drop-down menu that appears.

Moreover, with the Ultimate edition, you can even restore a backup from iCloud/iTunes to your Samsung devices.


+Does this Syncios Mobile Manager come as a free download? Yes, you can use this Syncios Manager to back up the contents of your Samsung smartphone for absolutely no cost at all. TheUltimate edition, on the other hand, includes more complex capabilities. Furthermore, the Ultimate edition has a Data Transfer capability, which means you may take use of the fantastic capabilities of both products by using Syncios Ultimate. Compare and contrast the Ultimate and free versions. + In the event that I own a Samsung phone, how would I know if it is compatible with Syncios?

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Do you frequently encounter the problem of running out of storage space on your Samsung phone as a result of receiving an excessive number of text messages? However, the majority of the text messages are ones that we are hesitant to erase since we have such a fantastic recall. Printing text messages from Samsung to a computer is the most effective method of dealing with this problem. By storing them on your computer, you will be able to access them whenever you have some spare time. It turns out that Android Data Recovery is just the type of recovery solution you’ve been looking for.

Aside from SMS, it has the ability to retrieve all of the info from your Samsung.

Google’s Android Data Recovery software allows you to recover deleted or lost photographs, videos, SMS messages, and contacts from Android phones such as those made by Samsung, HTC, LG, and Sony.

How to Print Text Messages from Samsung Phone

Does your Samsung phone frequently suffer from a shortage of storage space as a result of an excessive number of text messages? If so, you’re not alone. Due of our excellent recall, however, the majority of text messages are ones that we are hesitant to erase. Printing text messages from Samsung to a computer is the most effective technique to cope with this issue. Saved on your computer, you will be able to access them whenever you have some free time. A data recovery solution such as Android Data Recovery is precisely what you’ve been looking for.

Other from the text messages, it may retrieve any other data from your Samsung.

Google’s Android Data Recovery software allows you to recover deleted or lost photographs, videos, SMS messages, and contacts from Android phones such as those manufactured by Samsung, HTC, LG, and Sony.

Now, on your PC, install the free trial version of the Android Data Recovery tool and follow the instructions to print text messages from your Samsung smartphone or tablet.

How to Print Text Messages (Without Using a Computer)

Text messages may be printed to ensure that your information is not lost in the event of a phone theft or computer malfunction. It is a straightforward method of retaining tangible copies of your material for future reference.

Do I need any hardware?

The solutions we describe below do not necessitate the use of a laptop or a desktop computer. The only hardware you’ll need is a smartphone and a printer that’s compatible with WiFi. This photograph is courtesy of Lifewire.

How to Print Your Text Messages

The first step is the same for both Android and iPhone devices – you must snap a screenshot (or several screenshots) of the text messages you wish to print.


  1. The Google Cloud Printapp may be obtained from the Google Play Store. To combine the app with your Android phone, open it and selectSettings from the menu bar. Access your Google account by logging in. Select your printer type from the drop-down menu (or selectOther alternatives if yours isn’t shown)
  2. Then click OK. Open the Photo Gallery application on your smartphone. Then navigate to the Screenshots folder and find the screenshot you want to print. To share an image, open it and hit theShareicon. Choose Cloud Print from the drop-down menu. Confirm that you wish to print the photo file, and then make any necessary adjustments to the page layout and settings. To print, press the buttonClick here.


  1. Check to see if your printer is AirPrint-compatible. (See this page for a list of printers that are AirPrint-compatible.) Check to confirm that your iPhone and printer are both linked to the same WiFi network before proceeding. Make a copy of your screenshot and press three dots (or blue box with an up arrow) to save it. ClickPrint
  2. Select your printer by using the Select Printer button. Choose the quantity of copies and/or any options that you want
  3. Print is located in the upper-right corner of your screen.

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