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How to Sync a Samsung Remote to a TV

Documentation Download Documentation Download Documentation As your older Samsung remotes fail (for example, if the button icons are worn away or the buttons are too difficult to press), you’ll need to replace them. The Smart Remote includes Bluetooth technology (so you don’t have to point it at the TV’s receiver to control it) and is designed to fit comfortably in your hand, something that older remotes lack. This wikiHow will show you how to manually connect a Samsung Smart Remote to a Samsung TV using the instructions provided.

The Samsung OneRemote operates in a similar manner.

  1. 1Start by turning on your Samsung television. If the batteries in your Smart Remote or OneRemote are not fully charged, this will not function. They require two AA batteries, which you must put according to the instructions on the package. 2Aim the remote at your television. On most Samsung televisions, the remote control sensor is placed on the lower right side of the screen or in the middle of the screen
  2. 3Press and hold the Return and Play/Pausebuttons simultaneously for three seconds. There are two buttons on the keyboard: the “Return” button, which is represented by a hairpin-curved arrow, and the “Play/Pause” button, which is represented by the play and pause icons. 4 When you see a message on the TV indicating that your remote is linked, press the buttons to release them. The Samsung Smart Remote and the OneRemote may not work properly if you see an error message that reads “Not Available.” This means that your TV does not allow the usage of the Samsung Smart Remote or the OneRemote and can only be managed by the original remote.
  1. 1Make certain that all shipping labels have been removed from the remote control. Samsung TVs and remote controls are protected from damage during delivery when you purchase or order a new Samsung TV or remote control. You should go to the following step if you are still experiencing problems after removing all of the stickers from your television and remote control
  2. 2 Check to see if your remote is transmitting an infrared signal. This may be accomplished by using a video camera (your phone’s camera would do), which you should point at your remote while pressing the “POWER” button. If you notice a colorful light, this indicates that your remote is transmitting an infrared signal. If it doesn’t light up, it’s because the batteries are dead. Keep reading if your remote has batteries but is still having trouble connecting to your TV
  3. Otherwise, move on to the next step.
  • Remove any shipping stickers from the remote control before continuing. Samsung TVs and remote controls are protected from damage during delivery when you purchase or order a new Samsung TV or remote. If you have removed all of the stickers from your TV and remote and are still experiencing problems, go to the next step. 2 See if the IR signal from your remote is working. This may be accomplished by using a video camera (your phone’s camera would suffice), which you should aim at your remote while pressing the “POWER” button. IR signals are sent by your remote control if you notice a colorful light on the remote control. Unless it lights up, it’s likely that the batteries need to be replaced. Continue to the following step if your remote has batteries but is still having trouble connecting to your television.
  1. 3For 30 seconds, unplug your television and then connect it back in again. If you have a Smart Remote, try connecting it with your device once again.

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How to Pair Samsung Smart TV Remote and Use Samsung Remote

If you wish to use your Samsung smart television, you must first couple your remote control with your Samsung smart television. This smart remote control makes it possible to browse around smart tv without exerting any effort, ensuring that you have a wonderful time at the end of the day. It is preferable to turn on your television and set the remote control within a foot of the television before conducting the pairing function. As a result, in this post, we’ll walk you through the process of pairing your Samsung smart TV with your smart remote control.

How to Pair Samsung Smart tv Remote and Use

Follow the instructions in the following sections on how to link your Samsung smart TV remote and how to use your Samsung smart TV remote.

Turn the Remote Control

To begin, take your remote control and turn it to the rear side of the room. You’ll note that the rear of the remote control has been left exposed.

Open Down Arrow

When looking at the back of the remote control, you will see a down arrow that is situated at the bottom of the remote control. You will need to do this in order to access the back of the remote control.

Place Batteries

Insert two batteries into the remote control’s battery compartment once it has been opened from the back side. This will assist you in turning the remote. Also, check out: 1)Is your Samsung Smart TV remote not working? Here’s how to fix it. 2)How to Resolve the Samsung Smart tv App Store Display Problem 3)Samsung Smart TV with a Black Screen and Sound System 4)How to Resolve the LG Magic Remote Not Working Issue (Optional) How to Resolve Westinghouse Smart TV Remote Not Responding

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Aim IR Sensor

Using your remote control, position it in the general direction of your television at a distance of 12 inches from the screen.

If your remote control is being used for the first time, attempt to couple it with your television immediately.

Press Any Button

After then, start using the remote control by hitting any button on it other than the power button to begin controlling it. Following that, it will begin presenting pairing-related information at the bottom of the left-hand side of the screen.

Wait till Pairing to Complete

Now, wait for the pairing procedure to complete. Once the pairing process is complete, your remote will be available to be used immediately. If a successful pairing cannot be achieved, manual operations should be carried out instead.

Press Extra and return buttons simultaneously

Keep pressing and holding the return and additional buttons simultaneously for at least 3 seconds to complete the task. Following that, the pairing-related information appears in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, as seen below. Following the instructions outlined above, you should have no trouble pairing your smart remote control with your Samsung smart tv. This improves your overall experience and allows you to have the greatest operating and navigation experience possible within the channels.

If your Samsung smart tv remote does not function properly, even after pairing your remote, you need refer to this samsung smart tv remote does not function properly troubleshooting guide for assistance.

Samsung TV Remote Not Working

This technology has completely transformed the way people watch television, allowing them to manage their televisions from the comfort of their favorite chair without ever having to leave their seat. Suppose your Samsung TV remote ceases to function properly. What should you do in this situation? Make sure that no new batteries are required and that any replacement batteries are of excellent quality before proceeding. You may also try a few different types of power resets or even reset the TV or the remote to see if it fixes the problem.

When you own a Samsung television, the remote control that comes with the television is your shortcut to being able to manage your television with ease.

Samsung TV Remote Not Working

When it comes to distant concerns, there are general challenges and there are also more particular ones. The following steps should be followed if you are experiencing a more general remote control issue with your Samsung television. Before proceeding to more thorough troubleshooting procedures, you should attempt the following first. Therefore, have a look below if you need a general remedy for your remote control to bring it back into working condition with a few simple procedures. If your Samsung TV remote is not working, the first thing you need to check is if the batteries within the remote control are operating.

If you suspect that the batteries in your remote control are the source of the problem, either remove them and test them on another device or simply replace them with higher-quality batteries and test your remote control once again.

It is also critical to confirm that the batteries have been correctly installed in the remote control, with the negative and positive sides of the battery corresponding to the negative and positive sides of the inserts within the remote control.

TV Remote Won’t Pair/Connect or Stay Paired/Connected

When you initially purchase a Samsung television, a remote control will be included with the model to allow you to manage your television with relative simplicity. Once you’ve located the remote, you’ll normally need to pair or link it with the television in order for the remote to be able to detect the device and, as a result, function in conjunction with it. What should you do if your new Samsung TV or remote won’t connect or won’t stay linked once the pairing procedure is complete, whether you have a new TV or are trying to pair a new Samsung remote?

This may be accomplished by pointing your remote control sensor at the remote control sensor on your television, pressing and holding down the Return/Play/Pause buttons for three seconds, and your remote will begin to pair with your TV’s remote.

To do so, navigate to the ‘Settings’ menu.

Once the update has been downloaded, it will need to be installed, so give yourself plenty of time to ensure that it is completed without interruption.

Samsung Remote Keeps Saying Not Available

When you attempt to connect your Samsung remote with your television, you will go through the pairing procedure that was previously described, and you should be greeted with a successful pairing after the process is complete. When you correctly connect your remote control, you may receive a notice stating that the remote is not available. What may be the source of the problem, and how can you resolve it, is unknown. Take a look below how get rid of the ‘Not Available’ notice on your TV. If your Samsung remote keeps reporting that it is not accessible, turn your television set off and allow it to totally drain of power.

As soon as you have completed this step, you should attempt pairing your remote with your television again (the procedure for doing so may be found in the section headed “TV Remote Won’t Pair/Connect or Stay Paired/Connected” before).

This will allow you to manage your TV with your Samsung remote control after the pairing process is complete.

Samsung TV Doesn’t Respond to Remote

When using your Samsung TV remote, you may notice that with each button you press, the signal indication on the bottom of the TV or, if you have an earlier version of the remote, the signal indicator on the remote itself changes. This is normal. If the light changes, it means that your television has received a signal from your remote control, and as a result, your television will do the action that you have asked. Continue reading if you have a Samsung television that is not responding to the remote control.

If you’ve tried everything, including replacing the batteries, and the remote is still not functioning, there might be a signal problem.

This is normally found in the bottom left or right-hand corner of the television, and if anything is placed in front of it, your remote will behave as if it is not operable.

Check to make sure that no soundbars are blocking the view, that there is no décor or other things in front of the TV, and then try again to see whether the TV reacts to your remote control this time.

Samsung TV Remote Won’t Change Channel or Keeps Changing Channel

For those of you who own a Samsung remote control, one of the most useful features of the remote is its ability to switch from one channel to another without having to utilize the buttons on your television to do that task. In the event that you are using your remote and discover that it will not change the channel, or even worse, that the channels continue to change without your intervention, you may be asking how to repair the problem. Take a look at the section below to discover the solution.

In order to accomplish this, disconnect the television from its power source and allow it to sit for a few minutes.

If this does not solve the problem and your remote continues to change stations on its own, check to see if any buttons on the remote have become stuck.

Also, check to see that your remote does not contain any sticky substances that might cause the buttons to become jammed.

Samsung TV Remote Power Button Not Working

The ability to switch your Samsung TV off and on is just as crucial as being able to change the stations on it, if not more so. Not only does this provide consumers with the convenience of being able to operate their television from wherever they sit or stand, but it is also a critical component in conserving energy and lowering your energy consumption while you are not watching the screen itself. Follow the instructions below if you are attempting to use your remote and discover that the power button is not functioning properly.

It is necessary for you to switch on the camera, position it towards the television, press and hold a button on your remote, and then check to see whether a flashing light appears at the other end of the remote.

If there is no light, it is probable that the mating contact surface has been warped or dirty in some way, and it will need to be cleaned as a result.

Samsung TV Remote Sensor Not Working

The sensor on your Samsung remote control is what connects your remote control’s capacity to operate your television to the rest of the system. If the sensor does not function, you will not be able to control your television from this device, which may be quite aggravating if the sensor suddenly stops working at the worst possible moment. If you discover that the sensor on your remote is not functioning properly, please see the section below for some troubleshooting options to get things back to operating properly.

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Unplug your television straight from the power socket and press and hold the power button, which is located on the TV itself, for 30 seconds to complete the procedure.

After doing this power reset, if you are still experiencing difficulties with the sensor on your remote not working, check to see if there are any electrical gadgets or lights in the vicinity of your TV that are currently switched on.

If you answered “yes,” you should either relocate the objects or switch them off to avoid any form of signal interference from the gadgets in question. You might be interested in reading the articles Samsung TV won’t turn on and Samsung TV won’t turn on.

Samsung TV Remote Pointer Not Working

The frustration that comes with sitting down to watch one of your favorite movies only to discover that the pointer on your remote control is not working is understandable. In order for the remote to function effectively, the pointer on the remote must be in proper working condition in order for the remote to transmit signals to and from your television directly. What should you do if you are attempting to switch on or change the station on your television with your remote control and the pointer is not working?

  • If the signal from your remote is not picked up by the TV, try moving closer to the TV.
  • Attempt to remedy the problem by replacing the batteries with high-quality ones.
  • This is accomplished by removing the batteries from the remote and pressing and holding the power button for 8 seconds.
  • Please be certain that you are replacing the batteries with high-capacity ones that will enable for a strong signal to be received.

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How to Program a Samsung TV Remote

The following image is courtesy of IAdrián González de la Pea/Demand Media. It is one of the most convenient gadgets in the house to have a remote control. Samsung TV remotes can get out of sync if the wrong buttons are unintentionally pressed, resulting in the remote being deprogrammed from the television. It is not possible to operate the television using the remote control if the remote is out of sync with it. It may be necessary to reconfigure your Samsung TV remote control in order to bring it back into sync with the television.

Step 1

In the case of IAdrián González de la Pea/Demand Media Turn off the television for which you are programming the remote control. It is necessary to switch off the television in order for the synchronizing procedure to be finished. Despite the fact that it is switched off, the TV continues to receive the signal from the remote control.

Step 2

The following image is courtesy of IAdrián González de la Pea/Demand Media. Press the “TV” button on the remote control all the way down. In order for the remote to recognize that it is pairing with a television, it must be told that it is pairing with a television before it can send out the proper signal during the synchronizing process.

Step 3

The following image is courtesy of IAdrián González de la Pea/Demand Media.

To set the remote control, push down on the tiny indentation “Set” button at the bottom of the remote control with a paper clip, tooth pick, or any other thing with a thin point.

Step 4

The following image is courtesy of IAdrián González de la Pea/Demand Media. To locate the code for your television, go to the resource area and click on the link. On the remote’s number pad, enter the three-digit code that was provided. If the first code does not work, try the next one in the list until you find one that does work.

Step 5

In the case of IAdrián González de la Pea/Demand Media To turn on the computer, press the “Power” button on the remote. This indicates that the code was successful; otherwise, repeat steps 2 through 5 until the TV is turned on by the remote control, whichever comes first. ReferencesTips

  • Clear a path between the remote and the television so that nothing interferes with the TV’s ability to receive the signal from the remote.

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How to pair Samsung TV remote: What to do if Samsung remote isn’t pairing

It’s difficult to envision a time when people didn’t have televisions. Every day, people get together with their families to watch their favorite television shows or simply to have a nice time with their favorite movies and television series. As a result, it is critical that your equipment is constantly in proper working condition and that you are able to utilize it without experiencing any difficulties. One of the most common issues that arise with televisions is a malfunctioning remote control.

Samsung is currently one of the most well-known manufacturers in the world.

How to connect the Samsung Smart Remote to your TV

Obviously, the first question that everyone has is how to connect the remote control to the Samsung television. Samsung has issued a very precise directive in this regard.

  • You must direct your remote control toward the sensor on your television. For the most part, this sensor will be situated in either the lower right hand corner of the TV or towards its center. After that, hit Return and Play/Pause for three seconds. If all goes well, the TV will recognize your remote and provide an indication that they have been connected
  • Otherwise, they will not be connected.

How to fix a Samsung remote that is not pairing

It is possible that you have followed the preceding steps to the letter, but that the remote control is still unable to connect to the television set. One of the most effective ways to resolve this issue is to reset the remote control. In order to accomplish this, you must:

  • To begin, you must first remove the batteries from the device. New ones should be prepared. As long as there are no batteries in the device, press and hold the power button for 20 seconds. Press and hold the power button until it is released. Replace the batteries with a fresh set. To reconnect, hold down the Play/Pause and Return buttons at the same time.

What to do if the TV does not respond to the remote control

It is possible that the problem is not with the remote control, but with the television itself; there are numerous of the most typical malfunctions. I’ll explain you how to fix them yourself in the section below.

Restart your TV

It’s possible that your television just “froze” due to a system fault. In this instance, restarting your television is the quickest and most convenient option to resolve the issue.

  • Turn off your television
  • Unplug your television
  • Wait 30 seconds
  • Reconnect the television to the mains power supply
  • Attempt to turn the television back on with the remote control.

Do a digital camera test

This method will allow you to determine whether or not the sensor on your remote control is operational:

  • Position the remote control near the lens of your camera
  • Any button on the remote control should be pressed. To ensure that the remote is functioning properly, the infrared sensor should glow on the camera.

This will allow you to determine whether or not your remote control is functioning properly or whether the problem is with the sensor on your television. If your remote control does not respond to this technique of testing, it is likely that it will need to be replaced entirely.

What if your remote is blinking red light

Whenever your remote ceases to function and begins to flash red, you can attempt a variety of methods to resolve the problem, including reloading your TV using the technique described above or reconnecting your TV to your remote.

If it is still not working, you will need to reset it to factory settings. To do this, begin by removing the batteries from the device. To turn on your computer, hold down the power button for 8 seconds. Replace the batteries and operate the device with the remote control. It should be functional.

RMCTPF Bluetooth Smart Controller User Manual Samsung Electronics

Using the Smart Control Smart Control at a Glance is a feature of the Smart Control. Left Turn on and off the television. Right Toggle the Settopbox on and off. +/- Change the volume of the music. / Change the television channel. RETURN This function returns you to the previous menu. VOICE This button allows you to utilize the Voice Control feature. When you push the button, the TV will display the command list you have selected. You may communicate by speaking into the microphone included into your remote.

  • The Voice Control function can be dismissed by pressing the button a second time or by pressing any other button.
  • FUNCTIONALITY n I’ll show you how to use the virtual remote SOURCE Change the source of the input signal.
  • Key Mute For every ten seconds that the user does not push any buttons or place any pressure on the pad, the Smart Control goes into sleep mode automatically.
  • Smart Control Initial Pairing is implemented.
  • 1.
  • To link your remote, hit any button on your remote or the pairing button located on the back of your remote.
  • Wait until the connection has been established.
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If you wish to go through the connection procedure again, simply click the pairing button on the back of your remote control device.

Making Use of the Smart Control Making Use of the Touch Pad Change the position of the highlight.

To move the Highlight in a continuous motion, slide your finger from one side to the other, and then hold your finger on the border of the matching direction.

Choose an item from the drop-down menu.

If you have a question, please contact us at [email protected].

Open Open the History Screen by using the ESC key.

the display of colors and the play control function screen The shortcut functions screen is shown.

While you’re viewing a program, click the NUMBER button on your remote to start counting down.


When you input a channel number, the TV shows an Auto Complete list to start with a corresponding channel number.

The appropriate channel number is immediately memorized in the list.

Making Use of the Smart Control Using the Smart Control in conjunction with an IR Blaster When you connect your IR Blaster to your television, you will be able to operate any connected external devices using the Smart Control feature on your television.

In the battery compartment, follow the diagram.


If the connection procedure fails, go back to Step2 and try again.

After you have connected the device to the television, the Smart Control will be able to control the navigation, number, and other keys that are required to operate and control the device after it has been set up.




The message has been delivered.

Do you wish to add a new device to your control system?


The Universal Remote Setup Screen displays on your computer screen.

Choose the language you wish to see and then tap the Touch Pad.

The screen for selecting a remote control is shown.

Choose a remote control from your collection and then hit the Touch Pad button.

“, then choose SET UP A DEVICE TO CONTROL from the drop-down menu, and then tap the Touch Pad.

Select the external device to which you wish to connect and then tap the Touch Pad to make the connection.

‘Select the port via which the external device is connected to the television and then tap the Touch Pad.


The MODEL screen displays on the screen.

The screen with the QWERTY keypad appears.

When you’re finished, tap the Enter key followed by the Touch Pad.

Then touch the Touch Pad to choose SEARCH MODEL from the drop-down menu.

Input a model number in the same manner as in Step ‘, and then choose a model number from the search result list that matches the one you entered.

The TV begins a test using the code set for the brand you picked.

You will go to Step 11 if you selected RECOMMENDED.


TEST may be selected by pressing the Touch Pad.

If your external device does not function, choose NO.

Please try again.

displays on the screen.


The data for the universal remote setup will be downloaded to your smart control device.

comes on the screen at number 14.

If you don’t have an IR Blaster, you should choose NO.

Use the Touch Pad to pick DOWNLOAD from the drop-down menu.

The configuration of your external device has been completed successfully.

See “IR Blaster Pairing” for additional information on how to link an IR Blaster to a television in further detail.

1“. The message Do you wish to quit the widget? shows in a pop-up window. If you want to leave the program, select YES. If you wish to learn more about adding an external device or seeing remote settings, click NO.

Samsung Frame TV Remote Not Working / Pairing

1) If the status light on your Samsung Remote flashes red frequently, this indicates that either your TV has gotten unpaired with the TV or that the batteries in your remote have run out of power. (See the directions and video at the bottom of this page.) Because of the possibility of accidently holding a button down for too long and resetting the remote, it is possible that it was sat on or a kid played with it, causing it to reset to factory settings. 2) If the remote only works from a few inches away, it either implies that you need to unpair and fix your remote or that you need to replace your remote.

More information about utilizing third-party universal remotes with Samsung Frame TVs may be found in this article.

To ensure that the pairing procedure is successful if you have one of our Deco TV Frames installed on your television, be sure to remove the frame or, at the at least, un-latch the frame’s bottom latch and hold the remote near the location where the sensor is located on the television.

Step 1 – Entering Samsung Frame Remote Pairing Mode

If your TV is currently in art mode, press the “Home” button to switch it to TV mode. If you have a Deco TV Frame on your TV, as shown in the video, you’ll want to remove the Deco frame or at the very least release the lower latches and hold the remote near the bottom of the TV, near the TV’s motion sensor, to enable the motion sensor to function. Holding down the Back and Play Buttons at the same time for 4-7 seconds will put the Samsung Frame TV into pairing mode, according to Samsung (also use the same procedure to put Samsung Frame TV remote into unpairing mode)

Step 2 – Samsung Frame Remote Pairing Process

The TV will enter pairing mode in the manner depicted.

Step 3 – Samsung Frame Remote Successfully paired

Congrats! Your Samsung Frame TV has been successfully linked. Take pleasure in your favorite television. We’ve received several reports that the actions outlined above were ineffective in resolving the issue that many customers were seeking to remedy at the time. If the foregoing does not work and you do find out the answer to your issue or you can offer additional details about the specifics of your issue, we kindly ask that you email us with the following info:

  • Contact us by email at [email protected] Article on how to troubleshoot remote pairing difficulties
  • Make certain you include the following information.
  • Which Samsung Frame television model year do you have? Is one of our Deco TV Frames shown on this television? Are you using a third-party remote control in addition to the Samsung remote that came with the television? Include as much information as possible about the problem (e.g., the remote’s light flashes red, the TV does not respond to the remote at all, etc.)
  • Is it possible that you’ve figured out a solution to your problem? If yes, please describe the situation or include a link.

We much appreciate your assistance in attempting to provide us with a better understanding of why such a large number of individuals are searching for an answer to this topic.

Tutorials on Samsung The Frame

We routinely produce new films regarding Samsung The Frame TVs to answer a variety of frequently asked questions and to assist you in getting the most out of your TV. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to find out more.

Premium Frame Options

Discover our 16 Premiums Frame types, all of which were specifically developed for Samsung Frame TVs. To receive more fantastic tips and techniques on how to make the most of your Samsung Frame TV, follow us on Instagram @DecoTVFrames.

Deco TV Frames for Samsung The Frame

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Check out our Instagram account for all of the greatest ways to finish off your room. Visit @decotvframes on Instagram for more information.

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