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Voicemail: Samsung Galaxy S 4G T959

Learn how to use the Samsung Galaxy S 4G T959 to call voicemail or to view Visual Voicemail on the device. More information may be found on this page: Visual Voicemail (Voicemail Visual Voicemail)

Call voicemail

These are the actions you take in order to contact your voicemail and retrieve messages:

  1. TapPhone from any Home screen
  2. Touch and hold1 or dial123 and tapCall, or tap the Voicemail tab to contact voicemail
  3. From any Home screen, tapPhone
  4. Touch and hold1 or dial123 and tapCall
  5. Or from any Home screen, tapPhone

Set voicemail number

In order to change the voicemail number on your device, please follow these instructions:

  1. From any Home screen, select theMenukey
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Call settings
  4. Select Voicemail
  5. Select Voicemail again
  6. And then view the voicemail number.

Change greeting

Follow these procedures to make changes to your Visual Voicemail greeting: 1.

  1. Applications may be accessed from any Home screen. Visual Voicemail may be found by scrolling down and tapping it. TapGreetings
  2. Select the greeting you wish to use, or record a new greeting by tappingRecord a new greeting.

Change password

The following are the procedures to take in order to update the Visual Voicemail password:

  1. Applications may be accessed from any Home screen. Then scroll to and tapVisual Voicemail
  2. Then tapGreetings
  3. Then tap theMenukey
  4. Then tapSettings
  5. Then tapChange PIN
  6. And so on.

Listen to voicemail messages

Follow these procedures to access Visual Voicemail and listen to any new messages that have been received:

  1. Applications may be accessed from any Home screen. Visual Voicemail may be found by scrolling down and tapping it. Select the voicemail message you wish to hear by scrolling to it and tapping it. If you want to listen to the message, click on the blue Play symbol.

Set up Visual Voicemail (VVM)

The following are the procedures to take to set up Visual Voicemail for the first time:

  1. Applications may be accessed from any Home screen. Visual Voicemail may be found by scrolling down and tapping it. In order to enable Visual Voicemail and activate the functionality for the first time, press Next
  2. Then Done.

How to Set up Voicemail on Samsung? [A Simple Quick Guide]

When it comes to features and usefulness, the Samsung Galaxy phone is unrivaled in the industry. There is a function on this phone that allows you to leave an audio message for someone else to hear, and this option is available. Yes, you read that correctly. Does your new Samsung Galaxy series phone have the ability to save a voicemail greeting in its memory? Your Samsung Galaxy S21’s voicemail settings are in poor condition, which indicates that you are destitute. It is possible to utilize this technology in instances where a person is not immediately available.

Installing a voicemail system today will assist you in staying on top of your schedule in the future.

2 Ways to Set-Up a Voicemail In your Samsung Galaxy Series

Before you may use voicemail on your Samsung Galaxy series phone, there are two steps you must perform. It is necessary to include a voicemail number. This number varies depending on the country and Internet service provider.

10 Steps to Setup Voicemail Samsung Galaxy

1.Open the “Phone” program on your computer. 2.Use the three dots in the top right corner to navigate between them. 3.Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu that appears. 4.From the drop-down box, select “Voicemail.” Choosing “Voicemail Settings” from the drop-down option will take you to step 5. Make a note of the green number that appears underneath the term “Voicemail number” in step 6. 7.Return to the dialer and enter the number from Step 6 (including the *) in the same manner as you did before.

9.The voicemail box has been set up with the correct phone number in the message.

Take a look at these images.

Your user name is: [email protected]

  • In order to qualify, the number must be between 4 and 10 digits long. A single-digit number (for example, 1111) cannot be repeated more than once. The use of an ascending or descending sequence (such as 1234 or 7654), however, is not permitted. It is not permitted to be your phone number or any element of your phone number. 7890, 2580, and 1210 are all numbers that cannot be used in any way. If you have previously used the same PIN, you are not able to use that same PIN again.

7 Steps Required to Create a Personalized Voice Greeting

After you have established your voicemail number, it is required to record a customized message greeting for your contacts. Follow the steps given in the next section. 1.Open the Phone program on your computer. If you don’t see the numeric keypad right away, it may be found near the bottom of the screen near the arrow keys. 2. Press and hold the number one for roughly two seconds, or until the phone contacts voicemail on its own. 3. To access voicemail settings, immediately press the number three key on your phone.

In order to record a new greeting on most voicemail systems, you must first press the “2” key to begin the process.

6.When you’re completed, speak a welcome in whatever language you like and press the ” button. Press the “1” button to save the welcome message. 7.You have created a personalized voicemail greeting for yourself. Take the phone out of your ear and set it aside.

What Should I do if I want to change my Voicemail Greeting?

Use the following steps to switch to a different welcome that you have already recorded, or to go back to the default greeting: 1.

  • Open the “Google Voice” program on your phone and dial the number. Alternatively, you may reach the Settings menu by selectingMenu from its location at the upper left of your screen. ChooseVoicemail greetingfrom the drop-down option in the Voicemail section. Make a greeting active by touching More next to the greeting you intend to use, then selecting “Set this greeting as active.”
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How can I listen to my Voice mail messages?

When you receive a voicemail message on your Samsung Galaxy, you have many options for listening to it: When you get a new voicemail, the Voicemail icon will display in the Notifications section of your screen. You may also reach your voicemail by pressing and holding the One (1) key on the dial pad while doing the following steps: Press and hold the One (1) key while performing the following steps:

  • It is possible to access applications from any Home screen
  • It is possible to find Visual Voicemail simply scrolling down the page and tapping it
  • By scrolling to and touching the voicemail message you wish to hear, you may choose which one you want to hear. To hear the message, press the blue Play button on your computer’s keyboard.

Is it Possible to turn off my Voicemail on my Samsung S20?

Of fact, all you have to do is adhere to these two procedures!

Method 1: Voicemail can be turned off using a code.

Step 1: On your desktop, locate and click on the Phone Dialler icon. Step 2:In order to complete this step, you will need to dial a special code that will guide you through the process of turning off voicemail on your device. Step 3:The only thing left to do is enter the code for your wireless provider. This code may be obtained quickly and easily by going to the official website of your carrier. Here is a list of some of the most frequently used carrier codes.

Verizon (800) 922-0204.
Sprint *2
AT T 611
T-Mobile 611
Telus: 611
Vodafone 191
Docomo 151

Fourth, after calling the code, wait for it to connect before proceeding to the next step. You may be requested to provide a language voicemail PIN, a password for your account, and/or other authentication details throughout the registration process. Simply advise the support personnel that you do not wish to have your voicemail service activated after you have been connected in step 5. As soon as they confirm that your voicemail service has been switched off for the time being, you are free to terminate the call.

Method 2: Disable Call forwarding

Step 1: Select the Voice Call icon, which is represented like a phone, from the drop-down menu. 2nd step: Select the menu item from the drop-down menu that appears. The Settings option may be found in Step 3. Choosing Supplementary Services from the drop-down menu is the fourth step. Make a selection from the drop-down menu. Step 5:From the drop-down menu, select Call Forwarding as the action. Choosing Voice Call from the drop-down menu is the sixth step. Step 7:From the drop-down menu, select the Always Forward call to option.

Disable the program by pressing the Disable button.

What Is Visual Voicemail?

Visual Voicemail makes it simple for you to keep track of the messages that have been sent to your phone number. The visual voicemail system enables you to quickly scan through a list of your messages and select which ones you want to hear first. Previously recorded voicemail messages are now available for viewing on your computer.

How can I set up my Visual Voicemail?

If you prefer not to record and transmit a greeting through your phone’s voicemail system, you may utilize a visual voicemail application that is already installed on your phone instead. For example, with the T-Mobile Visual Voicemail app, go to “Settings” from the three-dot menu at the top right of the screen to access the settings menu.

In the GreetingsPin section, you can record a new greeting by touching the default greeting and then recording a new one. Visual Voicemail may be accessed by clicking on it. Here are some examples of visual voicemail applications for the most popular cellphone service providers:

  • T-Mobile Visual Voicemail, AT&T Visual Voicemail, Sprint Visual Voicemail are all examples of visual voicemail.

There’s more to it than that!

Step-by-step instructions on How to Configure Voicemail on your iPhone.

Step 1:From your iPhone’s home screen, open the Phone app and pick the Voicemail icon in the top right corner to display your visual voicemail. Step 2:A ‘Set up’ button will appear on the iPhone’s screen. Press this button to begin the setup process. You will need to enter your oil password if you have previously used voicemail with your iPhone. If this is your first time visiting the site, you will need to create a new password and enter it. When you’re finished, click on the ‘Done’ button. Afterwards, you’ll be presented with the Greeting screen on your iPhone, where you may record a personalized voicemail greeting for your contacts.

Check your work by reading it aloud to yourself or playing it backwards.

To save time, you may skip this step by selecting ‘Done’ once you have reviewed the Default greeting for your iPhone voicemail settings.

If you discover that the Apple visual voicemail does not match your requirements, you may switch to using an iOS visual voicemail program from a carrier such as AT T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint, which is more cost effective.

My Final Thoughts

In recent years, life has grown increasingly intertwined, to the point that we sometimes wish we could take some time off and not be forced to check our phones every minute of the day to keep up with the latest news. You should be familiar with how to set up voicemail on Android or iPhone in order to prevent missing crucial calls in certain instances. This will allow you to be away from other businesses or engagements without having to worry about missing any critical calls. I hope I was able to assist you with your difficulty.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Phone applications may be accessed from the home screen of the phone. Click on the Keypad tab, then on the Visual Voicemail icon in the drop-down menu that appears
  • To set up voicemail, press and hold the 1 key on your phone’s keyboard until the message is received. The option to continue is available. To proceed, press the OK button.

What is the procedure for Turning off Voicemail on my Samsung Galaxy S10?

To access the following icons from a Home screen, click on them: Icon of a phone Settings are accessible via the Settings icon in the menu bar. If the Phone icon is not visible, scroll up to see all of the applications, and then tap the Phone symbol to make it visible. Voicemail can be selected from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, you may selectCall SettingsVoicemail if you are unable to be contacted. To enable or disable Visual Voicemail, press and hold the Visual Voicemail switch for a few seconds.

Why is it that my voicemail does not work on Samsung?

A simple update to your carrier’s voicemail app or settings will almost always resolve the problem; nevertheless, it is critical to double-check that your voicemail number is correctly setup before continuing any further with the procedure described below.

It will be possible for you to turn off your phone at any time after you’ve set up voicemail on your phone. There are, however, other techniques by which you may stay in touch with your friends and family.

How to call your voicemail inbox on an Android phone, even if you don’t have access to your phone

  • When using an Android phone, just open the phone’s dial pad and press and hold the “1” key until your voicemail is called. The pound key may also be used to contact your voicemail from another phone by dialing your own number and pressing the pound key. It is possible to view transcripts of your voicemail messages without having to call into your mailbox using several visual voicemail programs
  • More articles may be found on the Business Insider homepage.

Once upon a time, telephones had two purposes: to facilitate phone calls and to store voicemail messages. Voicemails are no longer nearly as popular as text messages or emails in today’s world. Nonetheless, your smartphone has its own voicemail mailbox, which you may access at any time from any location. There are several different sorts of voice mailboxes available on different phone models, but practically everyAndroidphone allows you to access it in the same way. Learn how to contact your voicemail inbox from your Android phone in this tutorial.

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Check out the products mentioned in thisarticle:

The quickest and most convenient way to check your Android voicemail is to open up your phone’s dial pad – the pad that you use to enter phone numbers – and press and hold the number “1” for several seconds. If you look closely, you should be able to see a little symbol that looks like a tape recorder just below it if you look closely. Photo: Press and hold the “1” key for a few seconds. Steven John/Business Insider contributed to this report. You’ll be brought directly to your voicemail mailbox as you press the button.

  • 1.
  • 2.After the recorded “Please leave a message” greeting begins to play, press the pound key () on the phone’s dial pad to end the message.
  • You’ll now have access to and control over your voicemail mailbox, which is a welcome change.
  • In most cases, these applications will allow you to listen to your voicemail without having to call into the inbox as well.

Related coverage fromHow To Do Everything:Tech:

/ Using your device’s visual voicemail application, you may access voicemail messages by listening to them or by reading them in the application. Please keep in mind that the screens and settings accessible may differ depending on your wireless service provider and software version.

Access Voicemail

Remember that your wireless service provider should have set up your voicemail and password when you first connected your device to the Internet at the time of activation. Contact your wireless service provider if you are experiencing difficulties accessing voicemail. 1. From the Home screen, select the Apps option. TouchPhone is the second option. 3. Press and hold the number 1 or, if it is not accessible, press and hold the touch.

Visual Voicemail Application

When using the Visual Voicemail program (if one is available), you may access your messages in any order, listen to them, replay them, and delete them all from one screen. Depending on the functionality, extra account choices as well as a data plan may be required. Please contact your wireless service provider if you would like to switch on Visual Voicemail or learn more about this feature. You didn’t find what you were searching for? Allow us to assist you immediately! The following members of the Samsung Careline Team are available: Chat is available seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.

Send us an email directly.

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How to Check the Voicemail on a Samsung Cell Phone

Image courtesy of Comstock Images/Getty Images/Comstock Images The ability to check your voicemail on a Samsung cell phone may be accomplished either from the cell phone itself or through a land line. Using the Samsung automated voice mailbox system, cell phone owners can navigate through the initial steps of setting up their voice mailbox, and the system will provide instructions on which keys to press to access messages each time you check your voicemail, allowing for more convenient communication.

Step 1

Cell Phone: Press and hold the “1” key for 2 to 3 seconds to quickly dial your voicemail on your cell phone. You may also manually dial “*86” followed by the transmit key to gain access to your Samsung automated voicemail system as an alternative option.

Step 2

Follow the automatic prompts to complete the task. Enter your four-digit password in the box provided. If this is your first time using the Samsung voicemail system, you will be requested to select a four-digit code, which will serve as your Samsung voicemail password for the remainder of your time using the system.

Step 3

Mobile phone from landline: To access your voicemail on a Samsung phone from an outside line, dial your cell phone number followed by the extension. Please wait for the automated voicemail system to take up the call before continuing. After you’ve entered your four-digit password, use the pound ” ” key to confirm your entry. To listen to any voicemails that have not yet been heard, press “1.”

Step 4

After each voicemail message has been heard, pay attention to the automatic options. To have a voicemail message repeated, use the “1” key. To delete a voicemail message, use the “7” key on your keyboard. To store a voicemail message, use the “9” key on your keyboard.

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G / S20+ 5G / S20 Ultra 5G (G981U/G986U/G988U) – Access Voicemail

The following steps will teach you how to:Access and listen to a voicemailAccess and modify Voicemail settings When a new voicemail message is received, theVoicemail symbol will display in the Notification bar of the device.

Accesslisten to a Voicemail

The following steps will teach you how to:Access and listen to a voicemailAccess and modify Voicemail settings In the Notification area, theVoicemail symbol will display whenever a new voicemail has been received.

Access Voicemail options

Select the matching icon from the drop-down menu. PLAY/PAUSE: To play or pause the message, use the Play symbol. To halt the message, click on the Pause button. SPEAKER: To activate or disable speaker mode, choose theSpeaker symbol on the toolbar. CALL BACK: Click on the Phone button to have the phone number called back. Remove: To delete a voicemail message, click on the Delete symbol. Optional extras include: Then, while holding down the desiredvoicemail button, pick the desiredoption. DELETE: To delete the voicemail, selectDelete from the drop-down menu.

STAR: SelectStar to mark a voicemail as important, and then selectOK to confirm your selection.

SelectMark as Unheard from the drop-down menu, then selectOK to confirm your selection. Please go to Access voicemail messages for information on how to manage your voicemail. Problems with voicemail can be resolved by visiting the Troubleshoot Voicemail page.

How to check your voicemail

You may listen to your voicemail by dialing the number for your voicemail service. Depending on your device and carrier, you may be able to see a list of your voicemails using your Phone app.

How to check your voicemail

Select a mail notification from your inbox. When you receive a voicemail, you may listen to it by tapping on the notification icon on your phone’s screen.

  1. From the top of the screen, swipe down to reveal Voicemail
  2. Tap it.

Make a phone call to your voicemail box. You may check your voicemail messages by dialing your voicemail service’s number.

  1. Open the Phone application. Dialpad may be found at the bottom of the screen
  2. Touch and hold 1

Voicemails may be seen as a list in your Phone application. Important: This service is not available on all carriers or in all countries or areas. Visual voicemail is available for the following numbers:

  • Recommendation: Confirm that your data plan provides access to visual voicemail. You may ask this question by calling AT T customer support, or you can check the data plan you have

When you use your cell carrier’s voicemail app, the visual voicemail function on the Phone app is turned off in order to avoid a potential conflict with the voicemail app.

Turn on visual voicemail

  • Additionally, certain devices and carriers allow you to receive transcripts of your voicemails. Changing the setting for visual voicemail deletes the recordings stored in your Phone app
  • However, your carrier may retain a copy of the recordings.
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Use visual voicemail on multiple SIMs

Using visual voicemail on multiple SIM cards may not be possible depending on your device and carrier’s policies. Tips:

  • In this case, the visual voicemail on multiple SIM cards is presented in distinct tabs. Changing your data SIM card may need the re-enabling of visual voicemail. If you remove a SIM card, the cached data is retained, but you will be unable to switch between SIM cards. The cached data for a SIM is destroyed if it is turned off, and you cannot move tabs between SIMs while it is turned off.

View a list of your voicemails

Tip: To make the voicemail audio recording available for others to hear, expand the voicemail. Then select the app you want to use by tapping Send toTap the app you want to use. A transcript of your voicemails can be accessed by clicking here. The transcripts of your voicemails are available if you utilize specific mobile service providers or devices. Transcripts of voicemail messages are available for the following:

  • T-Mobile—Pixel
  • Tracfone—T-Mobile and Verizon
  • Visible—Verizon
  • Charter—Verizon
  • Comcast—Xfinity
  • Freedom
  • O2
  • T-Mobile—Pixel

Tip: Availability may differ from nation to country or region to area. Transcription is only accessible in English and Spanish on Android devices running version 8.0 or above. Learn how to determine what version of Android you are running.

Turn on voicemail transcription

  • Check to see whether your carrier or device supports “Voicemail transcription.” If your carrier or device does not support this feature, make sure you switch on visual voicemail. You may also share a transcript with someone else by tappingShare and selecting the app you wish to use.
  • The transcription of new and old voicemails is enabled when you enable voicemail transcription on your Google account. Google does not correlate voicemails with your Google Account since they are transcribed by machines rather than humans. It is important to note that voicemails are not permanently retained by Google and are instead stored on your phone. When you switch off voicemail transcription, all of the recordings and transcriptions from your Phone app are removed from your computer. You may make a donation of your voicemail transcripts and recordings to Google in order to aid in the improvement of transcription technology. It is possible that donated voicemails will be checked by humans, but your phone number or Google Account will not be connected with them.

Turn on voicemail transcription donation

Changing from a phone with voicemail listed in the Phone app to one without voicemail listed in the Phone app might result in you not receiving voicemail alerts, as well as receiving illegible text messages from your carrier. If your phone’s voicemail does not appear in the Phone app, try the following:

Step 1: Contact your mobile service provider

Inquire with your mobile service provider about downgrading to a more basic voicemail system.

Step 2: Check your voicemail settings

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How to Setup Voicemail on Galaxy S21 in Very Simple Steps

The Samsung Galaxy S21 is a fantastic new smartphone with a plethora of innovative features. There is a function in this phone that is handy for leaving a voice message for someone, and it is included in some of the features. It is, in fact, a voicemail. Is it possible for you to set up voicemail on your new Samsung Galaxy S21 series phone as a user? If you have never learned how to set up voicemail on your Samsung Galaxy S21, it is safe to say that you are a very impoverished person. You can make advantage of this function if the person you are calling is not available or is engaged in another discussion.

Step by step to setup voicemail on Galaxy S21

Prior to being able to utilize voicemail on your phone, there are two tasks you must do. The first is that you must include a voicemail number in your profile. This number changes depending on your location as well as your service provider.

If you’re a customer of AT T, you can follow the AT T Galaxy S21 voicemail configuration. Set up a voicemail box on your Samsung Galaxy S21 Series smartphone. The methods outlined below will assist you in setting up your voicemail number.

  • Launch the ” Phone ” application. Toggle between the three dots in the upper right corner. ” Settings “
  • ” Voicemail “
  • ” Voicemail Settings “
  • Remember the green number underneath “Voicemail number”
  • It’s important. Enter the phone number from Step 6 (including the *) into the dialer once more. To make a phone call, press the green phone button. The voicemail box number has been established. Alternatively, return to the Start screen

For new customers who have not yet set up a voicemail box, you will be requested to create an account and personalize your welcome. Your user name is:

  • The number must be between 4 and 10 digits in length. No single digit can be repeated more than once (for example, 1111)
  • It can’t be in an ascending or descending order (for example, 1234 or 7654). The phone number, or even a portion of it, cannot be yours. It can’t be the numbers 7890, 2580, or 1210
  • It cannot be the same as a previously used PIN number.

Setup a personal voicemail greeting on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Series

It is necessary to record a customized message greeting once you have set up your voicemail number. Take the actions outlined below.

  • Launch the Phone application. The numeric keypad may be found towards the bottom of the screen if you don’t see it immediately after pressing ” Keypad ” For approximately two seconds, press and hold the ” 1 ” button until the phone automatically dials voicemail
  • To access voicemail settings, immediately press ” 3 ” on your keyboard. Pay attention to the alternatives. On most voicemail systems, press ” 2 ” to begin the process of recording a new greeting
  • On some systems, press ” 3 ” to stop the procedure. It will play the current personal greeting, and then you may press ” 2 ” again to record a new welcome. When you’re finished, say any welcome you wish and touch “.” To save the greeting, press the ” 1.” button. The personal voicemail greeting has been programmed into the system. Immediately disconnect the phone

How to setup voicemail using a Visual Voicemail Applications

Instead of recording and setting a greeting, you may utilize a visual voicemail application installed on your Galaxy S21 to record and establish a greeting. When using the T-Mobile Visual Voicemail app, for example, select “Settings” from the three-dot menu in the upper right corner of the screen. You may record a fresh greeting in the GreetingsPinsection by tapping the default greeting and then recording it again. Here are some examples of visual voicemail applications for the most popular cellphone service providers:

  • AT&T Visual Voicemail, Sprint Visual Voicemail, and T-Mobile Visual Voicemail are examples of visual voicemail systems.

How to listen voicemail messages on your Samsung Galaxy S21

In the notification area, you will see the Voicemail symbol appear when you get a new voicemail. To check your voicemail messages, you may also access your voicemail by pressing and holding the One (1) key on the dial pad while doing the following steps:

  • Applications may be accessed from any Home screen. Visual Voicemail may be found by scrolling down and tapping it. Select the voicemail message you wish to hear by scrolling to it and tapping it. If you want to listen to the message, click on the blue Play symbol.

You can see that setting up voicemail on your new Samsung Galaxy S21 is not that difficult after reading the instructions to do so, can’t you? So, all you have to do now is carefully follow the procedures outlined above to be able to take use of this type of smart service offered by Samsung. Smart users, good luck with your endeavors!

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