How To Factory Reset Samsung S20 Without Password


How do I perform a Hard Factory Reset?

Please keep in mind that most Android smartphones are equipped with security features that prevent them from being factory reset if they are stolen. Google Device Protection is one of the security features that has been implemented. This means that if you have a Google account on your phone, when you reset your phone using the buttons, you will be prompted to enter your Google account details to complete the reset. Before attempting to reset your password, double-check that you have the correct email address and password.

Several methods are available if you’ve been locked out of your Google account and don’t recall your Google account details: 1.

Then, to unlock your Galaxy mobile, enter the new password you created.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Unlock – When Forgot Password or Pattern Lock

If you have forgotten your password, pattern lock, or PIN, you may quickly unlock your Samsung Galaxy S20 Android mobile phone by visiting this page. Read through each approach one by one to find out how to unlock your Samsung phone. We provide free assistance in resetting your Password or Pattern lock. You may also unlock your smartphone without deleting any of your data, such as media files or contact information. We are not liable in the event of data loss. Some unlock techniques may result in the deletion of all of your mobile data, including contacts, media files, and applications, among other things.

  1. When you forget the password to your Samsung Android phone, you may use this method to unlock it. Remove the pattern lock, face lock, or pin if applicable. Perform a hard reset on your Samsung mobile phone. Wipe up all of the data on your Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone. Remove a password without causing data loss
  2. Samsung Mobile can help you restore your password.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Unlock by Hard Reset

This method of doing a hard reset erases all of your mobile data. After a reset, you will not be able to restore it. This approach may also be used to increase the speed of your mobile device. To reset your phone, follow the procedures outlined below.

  • Power Button + Home + Volume Up Button
  • Power Button + Volume Up Button
  • Power Button + Volume Down Button
  1. When you see the logo, press all of the Buttons at the same time. Following that, you’ll notice theAndroid exclamation point. In addition to holding down the Power button, push and release the Volume Up Button By pressing the Volume Up and Down buttons together, selectwipe data/factory resetoption and confirm with the Power Button. Then, using the Volume Buttons, pick the “Yes–delete all user data” option and confirm your selection with the power button. Lastly, select the option to reboot the system. Your mobile phone has been reset.

Method – 2

  • A combination of the power button and the Bixby button plus the volume up button
  • The power button and the Home + the volume up button
  • And the power button and the volume up button.
  1. When you see the logo, press all of the Buttons at the same time. Following that, you’ll notice theAndroid exclamation point. Maintaining your grip on the Power button, push and release the Volume Up button
  2. ChooseWipe Data/Factory Reset by pressing the Volume Up and Down buttons at the same time, then confirm by pressing the Power button. Then, using the Volume Buttons, pick the “Yes–delete all user data” option and confirm your selection with the Power Button. Lastly, select the option to reboot the system.

For more information about Hard Reset techniques, please see the following page.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Unlock with Google Find My Device

With the help of Android Device Manager or Google Find My Device, you may quickly unlock your smartphone. In addition, all of your mobile data is erased using this procedure. This option also allows you to locate the position of your Android smartphone. This option will completely delete all of the data on your device. After a reset, you will not be able to restore any data. In addition, you are unable to locate your device’s position.

  1. Go to the Android Device Manager, whether on a computer or a mobile device. Please sign in with the same Google account that you used to set up your phone. Following that, you will be presented with three distinct options
  1. After that, select theErase deviceoption from the drop-down menu, and you will be presented with theErase all datamenu. Finally, tap on theEraseoption to clear the screen. You have successfully unlocked your mobile phone.

More information may be found at the website provided below.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Unlock with Google Security Questions

These approaches are only effective on certain models. If you notice Google security questions on your locked screen, you may unlock your Samsung Mobile by following this procedure. Follow the instructions outlined below.

  1. To begin, switch on your mobile phone by pressing and holding the Power button
  2. Following a number of unsuccessful attempts to unlock your smartphone, you will be presented with the Forgot pattern option. After that, select the Forgot pattern option from the drop-down menu. The next choice is to answer the question. Afterwards, type the Google security response
  3. After that, select the UnlockOption option. Following that, you’ll notice the YESorNOoption and the SelectYESoption. If you build a newPINorPattern in this stage, you will be able to use it later. You have successfully unlocked your mobile phone.

For further information, please see the link below.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S20 with Android Multi Tools

It is possible to unlock your phone, reset Gmail, remove pattern lock and remove PIN, among other things, using Android Tools and Drivers.

  1. Start your PC and navigate to any web page using any browser. Android Multi-tools are available for download. After the installation is complete, launch the Android Tools application. After that, turn on USB debugging on your smartphone. Keep the Volume Up and Power buttons (or the Volume Down and Power buttons) pressed on your mobile device. After that, you will see Android boot mode, and you will need to connect your mobile device to your computer through USB.

Android Multi Tools allow you to wipe data from your device. Following the successful connection of your mobile device to your computer, go to the next step.

  1. To unlock your cell phone, dial the number 5 and then press Enter. Finally, the procedure of unlocking a mobile phone was accomplished

Samsung Galaxy S20 Unlock with Google Account

If you have a Google or Gmail account, you may unlock your Samsung mobile phone. You may unlock your mobile phone by entering your Gmail login and password.

  1. Switch on your cell phone
  2. After a certain number of unsuccessful tries to unlock your cell phone, the device is considered unlocked. Following that, you’ll see the Forgot patternoption. Select the option “Forgot pattern” from the drop-down menu. After that, you should be able to input a backup PIN or your Google account login information. After that, you may either enter your backup PIN or your Google login information. Finally, your phone should be unlocked at this point.

If you have forgotten your Gmail password, you may retrieve it by visiting the Google account recovery website. Take a look at the link provided below.

Unlock with Android Data Recovery Tool

The Android Data Recovery program may be used to unlock your Samsung Android mobile phone if it has been locked. You may also be able to retrieve your deleted Android data.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Factory Reset

This is not a way for unlocking a mobile device. It is possible to employ this strategy if you are aware of your mobile password. This approach completely wipes off all of your smartphone data, including images, applications, and settings, among other things.

  1. Power On your Samsung smartphone
  2. Select theSettings option from the drop-down menu. Following that, locate and choose theBackupResetoption
  3. After that, pick the Factory Data Reset option
  4. And Choose either the option Reset phone or Reset Device from the drop-down menu. Then pick theErase everything option from the drop-down menu. Your SamsungMobile has been successfully reset.

Please see the link below. Android Factory Reset Issues Have Been Resolved

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How to Easily Master Format SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 ULTRA (5G) with Safety Hard Reset?

Tips & tactics for repairing the SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 ULTRA, whether it has 5G or not. Because of the 20:9 aspect ratio and the 4K resolution of 1440 x 3200 pixels, this phone has a larger screen size of 6.9 inches, yet it is still simple to carry with one hand. Samsung One UI 2 was already loaded and ready to use when Android 10.0 was released for the first time in the market at the time of the device’s first release. Some customers are experiencing difficulties with this phone as a result of software or hardware issues.

There are several product codes for this phone, including SM-G988, SM-G988U, SM-G988U1, SM-G9880, SM-G988B, and SM-G988N.

  • GSM 3G HSDPA with 4G LTE, Dual Simcard
  • LCD 6.9 inches
  • GSM 3G HSDPA with 4G LTE
  • Internal memory of 128 GB or 256 GB with 12 GB RAM
  • Internal memory of 512 GB with 16 GB RAM
  • Main Camera Quad 108 MP f/1.8 + 48 MP f/3.5 + 12 MP f/2.2 + 0.3 TOF 3D f/1.0
  • Main Camera Features autofocus, LED flash
  • Secondary Camera Quad 108 MP f/1.8 + 48 MP f/3.5 + 12 MP f/2.2
  • Secondary Camera Features autofocus, LED flash
  • Front-facing camera with a resolution of 40 MP for video conferencing and selfie shooting
  • Octa-core 22.73 GHz Mongoose M52
  • 2.50 GHz Cortex-A764
  • 2.0 GHz Cortex-A55
  • Octa-core 12.844 GHz Kryo 5853
  • 2.42 GHz Kryo 5854
  • 1.8 GHz Kryo 585 for USA version
  • Octa-core 22.73 GHz Mongoose M52
  • 2.0 GHz Cortex-A55 Android 10 is the operating system, and the battery capacity is 5000 mAh.

Is it possible to repair or troubleshoot a SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 ULTRA (5G) that has been stuck, frozen or bricked, or that has stopped responding? Ultra means have a larger capacity as well as an LCD display. This phone comes with three different internal memory configurations, starting with 128 GB, moving up to 256 GB, and finally 512 GB. If we require extra storage, we may still use an external memory device such as a MicroSD card. We may download a variety of programs from the Google Play Store, including Kakaotalk, Whatsapp, Facebook, Line Messenger, Instagram, WeChat, and a variety of others.

  1. As a result, we must read as many user reviews as possible before installing any of these types of applications.
  2. We must attempt to erase temporary files and caches by performing a soft reset or rebooting the computer.
  3. This antivirus will scan all installed applications and provide recommendations on how to use the software safely.
  4. Because a hard reset would delete all of our vital files, we must make a backup of everything before executing a hard reset.
  5. We strongly advise you not to install any APK files from an unknown source because it is quite possible for our phone to become infected with malware.
  6. This has a lot of RAM, either 12 GB or 16 GB.
  7. However, installed apps can become corrupt or crash at any time, causing issues with our SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 ULTRA (5G), such as the LCD touch screen not responding to finger touches or the device hanging.
  8. To shutdown or switch off your SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 ULTRA (5G), just press and hold the POWER button for several seconds.
  9. After it has been turned off completely, we may hit the POWER button once more to turn it back on.
  10. However, if our SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 ULTRA (5G) is still operational but we need to delete temporary files and caches from certain programs, we should press and hold the POWER button until a pop-up menu appears, then select Shutdown / Power off / Reboot from the menu that appears.
  11. The File Manager software on our smartphones and tablets allow us to transfer or move critical data to and from our microSD external card.

Please ensure that we verify all contacts on the Google contact server using the Internet browser to ensure that the backup has been completed. Using the software menu, you may do a hard reset on your Samsung Galaxy S20 ULTRA (5G).

  1. Please turn on this phone. Check to see that the SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 ULTRA (5G) battery is fully charged before continuing. To access the menu, select: Choosing a settingGeneral tab Backup ResetFactory data has been reset. Device should be reset. Choose Everything should be erased. The SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 ULTRA (5G) will go through the process of performing a Master Reset to factory default settings.
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Using the Hardware key button, you may do a hard reset on the SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 ULTRA (5G).

  1. Check that your Samsung Galaxy S20 ULTRA (5G) battery is fully charged or that it has a capacity of at least 50 percent before using it
  2. Turn off the SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 ULTRA (5G) mobile phone. Keep pressing and holding together: Hold down the Power Button and the Volume Up button until the logo appears, then release all of the buttons. Please wait until we see the menu on the LCD screen, then selectWipe Data/Factory Resetwith the Volume Button to pick and the Power Button to accept or input the command
  3. When the SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 ULTRA (5G) is hard reset, it will restore the device to its factory default settings without the need of a password or passcode.

How to unlock, fix, bypass, or find solutions for the SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 ULTRA (5G) that has forgotten its password code, security lock screen pattern, or pin (lost password)? 1. Samsung’s newest camera sensor, with a resolution of 108 megapixels, is already in use on the SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 ULTRA (5G). This phone has a total of four cameras on the back of the device and a single 40-megapixel camera on the front of the body. With excellent camera capabilities, we will be able to capture a large number of high-quality photographs and films throughout our regular activities.

  • The data on this phone must be protected from unauthorized access, especially in the event that it is taken away from us or lost or stolen.
  • The supersonic under-display sensor on the SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 ULTRA (5G) is used.
  • However, if we do not want to use a fingerprint, we may utilize the front camera’s 40 megapixels to unlock the phone and recognize our identity.
  • What should we do if we forget our security response or if our fingerprint does not function in the event of a security problem?
  • However, we must do a hard reset or reformat our phone using the hardware button combination key as described in the preceding stages.
  • When our phone is stolen or lost, it is critical that we have FRP enabled.
  • As a result, we must keep our Google / Gmail login and password safe at all times.


Following these actions should be followed when the SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 ULTRA (5G) turns on but the screen is locked:

  1. Make certain that the battery is not completely depleted or has reached more than 50% capacity. In order to turn off the screen when it is turned on but not locked, please press and hold the power button and the volume down button for about 5 seconds. When the screen is turned off, please immediately push the POWER BUTTON + VOLUME UP button for about 4 seconds before releasing all buttons. Afterwards, you’ll press the recovery button and selectWipe data / Factory Reset. All of your data will be erased, and the operating system will be reformatted to its factory default settings. Please keep in mind that when the hard reset is completed, we will be required to utilize our old Google account for login. In order to avoid FRP, follow these steps: Verify your account by using your prior Google Account information.

What is the purpose of the BACKUP PASSWORD / BACKUP PIN on the SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 ULTRA (5G) phone? This is the method for assisting you in unlocking or bypassing forgotten security protection on your SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 ULTRA device (5G). Despite the fact that we are confident in our security protection, we may forget the correct answer from time to time. Please keep in mind that when we enable security protection on our SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 ULTRA (5G), we are also given the option to choose our own PIN / PASSWORD as a BACKUP PASSWORD / PIN as well.

  1. Using a Google account or Gmail username and password, or a Samsung account, follow the procedures outlined above to unlock forgotten password or screen lock pattern security protection.
  2. We can try to do a hard reset on the SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 ULTRA (5G) by entering the secret code *2767*3855.
  3. On the SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 ULTRA (5G), how can I format or erase the phone’s memory?
  4. Internal memory is the more common of the two.
  5. Please utilize the menu settings to do a hard reset or reformat using option 1 above, but be sure to select the box next to Erase Internal SD card / Internal storage before proceeding.
  6. We may utilize the menu Settinggt; StorageErase Internal Storage / SD Card to reformat, delete, or erase all data stored on an external memory device.
  7. Make the battery of your SAMSUNG GALAXY S20 ULTRA (5G) stronger, make it last longer, and make it less prone to draining.
  8. It is capable of allowing this phone to operate for a whole day without the need to recharge.
  9. Some heavy users may still require a larger battery to allow them to play games or view movies for extended periods of time without interruption.
  10. We’ll need to make some adjustments.

The instructions on this page will walk you through the process of doing a master reset on your Galaxy S20. If you want another resource for a hard reset, you may use the search option on this page or browse through our related topics section.

How to unlock Galaxy S20 when you forget the password or PIN (without resetting the phone)?

If you have forgotten the password or PIN for your Galaxy S20, S20+, or S20 Ultra, or any other Samsung Galaxy phone, you may use Samsung Find My Mobile to unlock your phone and get it back. How to unlock Galaxy S20 without a password or PIN is covered in this how-to article, as are the methods to unlock Galaxy S20 if you forget your password or PIN, as well as how to remotely lock and protect your phone using Samsung FGind My Mobile. If you lose track of your Samsung Galaxy phone’s password or PIN, you may use the Samsung Find My Mobile service to unlock it in most countries.

Can I reset the password (unlock Galaxy S20) on Google Find My Device (Android Device Manager) if I forget the password or PIN on Galaxy S20?

The functionalities of Android Device Manager (now known as Find My Device) that allowed for remote unlocking and password reset were discontinued by Google in 2016. As a result, if you forget your Galaxy S20’s password or PIN, Google Find My Device can only assist you in erasing (resetting) the phone, i.e., performing a factory data reset (FDR), or locking the phone. Google Find My Device will never be able to unlock or reset the Galaxy S20’s password or PIN. It has the ability to remotely lock the phone (if it is currently unlocked).

Please keep in mind that the factory data reset will completely wipe out all of your data and settings.

You may also do a factory reset on the Galaxy S20 while it is in recovery mode.

For the time being, only Samsung Find My Mobile can unlock the Galaxy S20 and other Samsung Galaxy phones that do not require a password or PIN to be entered.

The requirements to unlock Galaxy S20 when you forget the password or PIN

If you need to unlock your Galaxy S20 and you have forgotten your password or PIN, you must first match the following criteria: 1.

  1. The phone is connected to the internet
  2. You have connected your Samsung account to the phone, and you have activated Find My Mobile on the phone, among other things. When you sign in using your Samsung account, it is automatically activated. You did not disable Remote unlock on your phone, as you said. When you enable Find My Mobile, it is automatically active unless you manually disable it.

When you link your Samsung account to your phone, Find My Mobile (as well as remote unlock) will be activated by default, unless you choose to turn them off explicitly. If you’ve never used a Samsung account before, you may skip the rest of this section. It is necessary to do a factory data reset on Galaxy phones in this situation if the password or PIN has been forgotten.

Steps to unlock Galaxy S20 when you forget the password or PIN

For those of you who have a Samsung account, you can try the methods listed below to try to unlock your Galaxy S20 and reset the password or PIN.

Step 1:Access Samsung Find My Mobile page

This website (which may be used from a PC, tablet, or mobile phone) allows you to locate your Samsung mobile phone. It is advised that you access it using the Chrome browser or Samsung’s Internet service. It is necessary to sign in order to progress, as indicated in the screenshot below.

In order to log in, you must use your Samsung account rather than a Google account (unless you linked them). The Samsung account that was used to unlock the phone must be used to unlock the phone if you have multiple Samsung accounts.

Step 2: Locate the phone you want to unlock

When you first log in to the Find My Mobile website, the most recent phone that has been added to your Samsung account (or that has been recently located by Find My Mobile) will be shown by default, as seen in the picture below. Location information (via GPS, mobile network, and WiFi) as well as various other information about the phone will be collected by Samsung Find My Mobile (e.g.,battery status, WiFi network status). For example, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is listed on the website for this device.

Using the following two features, you can unlock your Galaxy S20 without entering a password or PIN, and you can also reset the Galaxy S20 lock screen password/PIN.

  1. The navigation menu, which allows you to swap between different phones
  2. Unlock the phone that is currently in use

As seen above, after selecting the navigation menu (hamburger menu, makes as1), you will be able to see all of the devices associated with your Samsung account. For the sake of this demonstration, the Samsung account was linked to eight devices. If you need to unlock one of these devices, you may switch to any of the others.

Step 3: Unlock Galaxy S20 remotely without a password/PIN

In this example, we are attempting to unlock the Galaxy S20 Ultra because we believe we have misplaced the password. Unlock Galaxy S20 Ultra by tappingUnlock(marked as 2) on the Galaxy S20 Ultra landing page, as seen above. As demonstrated in the screenshot below, you must now confirm that you wish to unlock the phone. If you are using the Find My Mobile app to remotely unlock your Galaxy S20, you should be aware of the following warning: In the event that you utilize this feature, your phone will erase all of the screen lock information stored on it (including the pattern, PIN, password, and biometrics).

  • Using this method, not only will your PIN and password be destroyed, but also all of your fingerprints and facial data will be removed from your Galaxy S20.
  • The Galaxy S20 should be unlocked after a few seconds of waiting.
  • You may now unlock your Galaxy S20 by swiping it.
  • In addition to the notification symbol, the status bar should display the notification icon.
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Step 4: Set up a new password or PIN on Galaxy S20

The Samsung Galaxy S20’s lock screen security has been reverted to “swipe to unlock” mode. Aside from that, all face recognition and fingerprint data has been erased. You should customize the lock screen security to meet your specific requirements.

If you already registered your fingerprint for Samsung Pay, you will need to re-register your fingerprint. It is also possible that you may receive a notification similar to the one displayed below in the notification panel.

How to enable Find My Mobile and Remote Unlock on Galaxy S20?

First, you must create a Samsung account on your Galaxy S20 by going to Settings—Accounts and backup—Accounts—Add account and entering your information. As seen in the screenshot below, after connecting the Samsung account, you may enable the Find My Mobile feature under Settings—Biometrics and security—Find My Mobile. You may turn it on and off immediately using the switch. Once you have activated Find My Mobile, the Remote unlock feature will be enabled by default. You may also personalize some of the features of Find My Mobile by selecting them from the text field.

It is suggested that remote unlocking be enabled.

Why I cannot unlock Galaxy S20 (and any Android phones) with Google’s Find My Device (Android device manager)?

The function was withdrawn by Google in 2016, as previously stated, due to the possibility of legal ramifications. As a result, you will be unable to unlock any Android phones using your Google account. With Google’s Find My Device service, you will be unable to reset the lock screen security. You may do the following on the Find My Device page, as illustrated in the picture below:

  • Find the phone and dial it. Make a phone call (insert sound)
  • Keep the phone in a safe place. If the phone is not locked, it has the capability of remotely unlocking it (e.g., unlocked bysmart lock, or you did not set up lock screen security). However, it is not capable of remotely unlocking the phone. You may also display some messages on the lock screen if you happen to leave your phone someplace and forget about it. Reset the phone to its factory settings (factory data reset).

Forgotten your password or PIN and you are not signed into your Samsung account, the only way to recover your phone is to restore it to its original settings (factory data reset). Locally, a factory data reset may be performed by restarting the Galaxy S20 into the recovery mode. In addition, if the phone is connected to the internet, you may do a factory reset on the Galaxy S20 using Samsung Find My Mobile or Google Find My Device (Android Device Manager). Please keep in mind that after doing a factory data reset, you will be required to utilize the Google account that was previously associated with the phone to set up the device.

Why I cannot use face recognition or fingerprint and Galaxy S20 demands PIN/password/pattern?

In other instances, a PIN (or password or pattern) is necessary, like in the case of a bank account.

  • After you have restarted your Galaxy S20. PIN (password/pattern) encryption protects all of your personal information, including your fingerprints and face data, from prying eyes. As a result, you will be unable to unlock the Galaxy S20 using face recognition or fingerprint identification before the PIN is used to access the facial features and fingerprints. This is due to the manner in which biometric data is stored (and protected) on the phone. It is also for this reason that if you want to set lock screen security to none or swipe, all face recognition and fingerprint data will be destroyed
  • When you wish to alter lock screen security settings. We will ask you to enter your PIN/password/pattern every 24 hours since it is deemed more secure than biometrics. You will be asked to enter your PIN/password/pattern every 24 hours when you wish to modify security or privacy-related settings on the phone. In order to keep your Samsung device secure, you must use the PIN (or password or pattern) at least once per 24 hours. The concept of a 24-hour day is entirely fictitious. Its purpose is to assist you in remembering your PIN, password, or pattern. This ensures that the phone is unlocked by a genuine person while also protecting the privacy of the user. After the phone has been locked (idle) for more than 6 hours, it is possible to spoof facial characteristics and fingerprints. Samsung believes that a new session should be held.

Whatever the case, it is undeniable that the PIN/password/pattern is the first tier of smartphone protection. It must be used on a regular basis.

Do you have any questions on how to unlock Galaxy S20 when you forget the password or PIN? Can you use Samsung Find Mobile to unlock Galaxy phones without resorting to factory data reset?

If you have any queries on how to unlock your Galaxy S20 (or any other Galaxy phone) after you have forgotten your password or PIN, please leave a comment in the section below. The members of the community will assist you in obtaining an answer. If you still have questions about the Galaxy S20, you may look at the following additional Galaxy S20 guides:

  • Instructions to the Galaxy S20’s new features
  • Galaxy S20 how-to guides
  • Instructions for the Galaxy S20’s camera
  • Guides for the Galaxy S20’s accessories
  • The official Samsung Galaxy S20 user manual in your native language
  • And

We also have a Facebook page where you may connect with us.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G with Forgotten Password or Pattern Lock

What if you’ve forgotten your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G’s password or pattern lock? This article describes simple techniques for unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G without having to do a hard reset or lose any of your data. Let’s get this party started! There are a variety of techniques available for unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, and the option you choose is entirely up to your discretion.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G by Answering Google Security Questions

If you have security questions set up under your Google account security, you will be able to unlock your device by answering the questions that have been set up. Step 1: After a number of unsuccessful tries, you will be presented with the “Forgot Pattern” or “Forgot PIN/Password” options. Step 2:Click on it and then pick “Answer Questions” from the drop-down menu. Step 3:You will be prompted to enter the Google security questions that you have already entered into your account. Respond to them in the appropriate manner.

In Step 4, if you properly answer all of the security questions, your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G will be unlocked. Step 5:After successfully unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, you will be prompted to establish a new PIN, password, or pattern lock for your device.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Using your Gmail Account

Follow the procedures outlined below to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G smartphone using your Gmail account: Step 1: After a number of unsuccessful tries, you will be presented with the “Forgot Pattern” or “Forgot PIN/Password” options. Enter your Google (Gmail) account login information, such as your username and password, in Step 2 of the process. Step 3:After you have successfully logged in, your smartphone will be unlocked.

Hard Reset (Factory Reset) Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G to Unlock

If none of the aforementioned solutions are successful in your situation, you are regrettably left with the only choice of performing a factory reset or hard reset on your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G smartphone. Follow these steps to accomplish this: Step 1: Shut down your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G smartphone. Turn it on by pressing the “Power + Volume Up button” combinations for a few seconds, or until you see the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G logo on the screen, as seen in the video below. Step 3: When the factory data reset notice appears, select the “Yes” option.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Using Googe Find My Device

However, while you may be able to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G by utilizing Google Find My Device, doing so would result in the loss of all data on your phone. This is how you may go about it: Step 1: Go to Google Find My Device and login in using your Google account credentials. Step 2: After logging in successfully, you must pick “Erase device” followed by “Erase all data” to complete the process. Step 3: As soon as you press the “Erase” button on your Android smartphone, the data deletion process will begin.


When you are unable to unlock your own smartphone because you have forgotten your PIN, password, or pattern lock, it may be quite aggravating. If you recall the answer to your Google account security questions, you may unlock your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G by using the techniques described above without losing any of your crucial data.

Reset Unlock Samsung Galaxy S20 FE – Forgot Password or Pattern Lock

There are a variety of reasons why you could be having problems with your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. However, before taking any action to correct the situation, it is necessary to determine the root cause of the problem. Troubleshooting your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE model from Samsung isn’t quite as tough as you would expect it to be. In reality, even if you aren’t a tech expert, you should be able to resolve the issues on your own. So, what is the most typical issue that you may encounter with your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE model, and how can you resolve it?

Listed below are some helpful hints and techniques for resetting, unlocking, and hard resetting your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE if you have forgotten your pattern lock, password, PIN, or Face Unlock code.

The steps are as follows: restart phone, Press the power and volume up buttons simultaneously. A screen will appear; choose erase data and then reboot. However, you will lose access to all of the data on your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE phone. further information is provided below.

WhyReset or Unlock Samsung Galaxy S20 FE?

The fact of the matter is that people frequently make mistakes and find themselves locked out of their phones. Believe me when I say that it was an honest mistake, and you are not the only one who has experienced this. Every day, a large number of people may make the same error and come to our site in search of answers. It is impossible to generalize about the mistakes that lead to a phone being locked. In other words, depending on the type of locking, there is a certain approach that may be utilized.

Things you will learn here with your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE:

  • Performing a factory reset or a hard reset
  • Answering a Google security question
  • Google can locate my device
  • The device should be flashed using the Android multi tool. Reset the code
  • Reload the page I’ve forgotten my password
  • Rooting and installing a custom ROM
  • Removing the face unlock feature

As a result, these are the ways that you may use to unlock your smartphone. Not all of the options are appropriate in circumstances of a comparable kind. Every approach is tailored to a specific situation. So have a look at the possibilities to see which one best fits your situation and then proceed as necessary.

Method 1

A hard reset is often reserved for situations in which you are unable to use your phone at all. That indicates that you have either forgotten your lock screen pattern or password, or that your fingerprint does not match the pattern. As a result, you must do a hard reset in order to restore your system. If you have your data transfer module chosen remotely from the “developer options,” you will be able to transfer your data to your computer without any problems. On today’s world, everything is stored in a Google account.

To do a hard reset, follow the instructions outlined below.

  • Check to see if the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE has already charged to more than 50% capacity. Make sure you turn off your phone. In order to turn on your phone, press and hold the “power button” and the “volume up button” together for a few seconds until the screen comes on
  • If that doesn’t work, try the “Volume down button” or the “3 button combiled” instead.
  • When the phone vibrates and the screen logo appears, press and hold all of the keys. After that, you will be presented with a screen that contains a menu item that contains a great deal of information. On this screen, you can only use your volume buttons to go through your selections and the power button to pick
  • Wipe Data/Factory Reset may be selected by toggling between the volume buttons.
  • You will get a confirmation page after that. Toggle the “Factory data reset” option on and pick it.
  • Choose “Wipe Cache Partition” from the “Done” menu and confirm your choice on the following screen.
  • To restart the phone after successfully wiping the partition, click “Reboot system immediately” from the menu bar.

After you switch on your phone, it will be as if it has been taken straight from the manufacturer.

Method 2

The factory reset procedure is simple and uncomplicated. It is possible to do the task while using your phone. In most cases, the locking condition is app lock, which is the case in this situation. We lock particular programs from running in order to provide an extra layer of safety. On prevent others from viewing your photos, you can apply an app lock to your gallery, for example. However, if you lose track of the pattern or code, you will be unable to enter the gallery and view your photographs.

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You will need to factory reset your smartphone in order to get out of this issue.

After doing a factory reset, you will lose all of your data, including all of your images, documents, and other important items.

As a result, it’s obvious that you should back up everything on the cloud or on your computer using a USB drive. After that, you’ll be good to go again. To factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, simply follow the procedures outlined below.

  • Open the “Settings” menu on your phone. Locate and open the “General Management” folder. Select“Reset”
  • Locate and open the “Factory Data Reset” folder
  • Select“Reset”
  • Then, in the end, you’ll see “Delete All” and click on it. Then, your device will reboot, and it may take a few minutes for your phone to restart
  • This is perfectly normal and will not affect your experience. Do not attempt to force the computer to shut down using the power button.

Now that the phone has been turned on, you will notice that all of your locks, settings, accounts, applications, and so on have been removed. Due to the fact that you have a new phone, you will need to configure all of the programs.

Method 3

When you use Google to back up your passwords and settings, you have the option of selecting a security question in case you forget your passwords or settings. Consequently, you may use Google Security questions to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE phone in a fashion similar to this. While at your locked screen, and you have repeatedly entered the erroneous pattern, it is time to call for assistance.

  • It will display the option to forget the pattern
  • After you have tapped that, your phone will prompt you to enter the Google security question that you have already entered. That is a correct response
  • The settings will instruct you to choose a new pattern. Confirm the new pattern’s existence. Finally, you’ve completed your task. Now, lock the screen and unlock your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE using the new pattern that you created.

This is only applicable if you have learned your Google security questions and answers. You will not be able to utilize this approach until you do so.

Method 4

Find my device is a security feature that lets you locate your device and remotely access it from a computer to delete anything on it for security purposes. This approach is typically used when you have misplaced or stolen your mobile device. When your smartphone is stolen, your data is become extremely susceptible, and the thief may seek to use your information against you as a result. As a result, Google has developed a feature that allows you to remotely wipe your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE of all of its information.

  • Your device must be synced with Google Find My Device
  • Else, it will not work. It is necessary for your device to be connected to the internet.

When you find yourself locked out of your gadget and unable to remember your password, you may usually unlock it by performing a hard reset on it. However, it is possible that you will not be able to reach the quick boot or recovery mode for whatever reason, such as a software issue or a bug. Then is the time when you should put this technique into action. First and foremost, when the data has been erased, you will notice that the device is no longer locked and that the interface has been restored to its factory settings.

Method 5

There is an option that allows you to delete all of the data from your smartphone using your computer. All you need is a USB cord to connect your phone to your computer or laptop, as well as an application called Android Multi Tool. First and foremost, you must-

  • Multi-tool for Android devices may be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Make use of a USB connection to connect your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE smartphone to your computer. Start the application
  • Start the application. The fact that you have USB debugging enabled on your device through the Developer options in settings might be beneficial
  • Then, while holding down the volume down and power buttons simultaneously, turn on your smartphone. A dropdown menu will then display on your computer’s Software when your smartphone enters recovery mode
  • Click on it to select it. Select the number 5 option, which will completely erase all of the data on your device. Restart your phone after the process is completed.

Multi-Tool for Android is available for download. You’ll see that any lock that was on your phone has been removed. It’s as good as new, and you’ll have to set up your phone as if it were a completely new gadget.

Method 6 (For Advanced user)

There will be some options on your phone that will allegedly fail owing to software faults if there is a problem with the software. You can, in that case, root your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and then install a fresh firmware for your device, such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE or a different software for any other phone that is compatible with the specs. This is an approach that many people use, but it has a number of disadvantages.

Your device’s warranty will be voided as a result of this action. However, if you are able to pick the suitable ROM and firmware for your smartphone, which is usually fairly simple to obtain, your gadget will perform better than it has ever before.

  • Install TWRP after unlocking the bootloader. Take your pick of whatever custom ROM you desire
  • Installation of a custom ROM with the use of the TWRP bootloader

There are several approaches that may be used to do this. Everyone will find that using TWRP is the most convenient approach.

About Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Phone:

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is an excellent smartphone from Samsung. It comes pre-installed with Android 10 and up to Android 11, as well as One UI 3.0. It has a microSDXC card with storage capacity of 128GB or 256GB. The screen has a diagonal measurement of 6.5 inches, and the greatest display resolution is 1080 by 2400 pixels. It is equipped with a 12MP camera and comes in 6/8 GB RAM configurations with the Exynos 990 processor. And yes, it has a Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 4500mAh, which is sufficient for use for more than a day and a half.

Final Words

If you find yourself locked out of your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE phone, follow these steps to regain access to your smartphone. It’s important to remember that a smartphone is a sophisticated gadget. If you do not follow the procedures we have discussed in the sequence in which we have laid them out, you may end up causing harm to your phone and bricking it, which is especially true if you attempt the ROM implementation technique. It is possible that your device will not restart. As a result, make sure you follow the instructions outlined previously.

2 Effective Ways to Unlock Samsung Phone: Forgot Password- Dr.Fone

If you have forgotten your password (pattern/PIN code) on your Samsung Galaxy S9/S7 or other device. This is the most often encountered difficulty, as evidenced by the large number of people who have experienced it. Samsung is one of the most widely used smartphone brands, offering a wide range of functions and features to its users. Samsung smartphones include a plethora of unusual capabilities and features that allow users to accomplish practically whatever they like with their devices. However, difficulties might arise when certain adverse circumstances occur, resulting in undesirable outcomes such as forgetting your Samsung phone’s password (pattern/PIN code).

The ways for bypassing the lost screen password on different Android phones differ from one another.

With Samsung smartphones, you can also accomplish things in a more intelligent manner.

  • Solution 1: Reset your Samsung phone to its factory settings. Solution 2: Use Dr.Fone to unlock your Samsung phone.

Solution 1: Unlock Samsung Phone by Factory Reset

It is rather usual for people to lose track of their screen lock password. Hard resetting your Samsung smartphone is one of the most effective and time-saving techniques of unlocking it. There are several methods that might assist you in unlocking the passwords, patterns, and any other PIN codes on your Samsung smartphone. In order to unlock your Samsung Galaxy mobile, all you have to do is just follow these straightforward instructions. The following approach should be used if your smartphone is running slowly and freezing, as well as not responding properly, or if you can’t remember your phone’s password.

  • Simply follow one of the techniques listed below to do a fast factory reset on your smartphone.
  • I lost my Samsung Galaxy password is an issue that many people are experiencing.
  • As soon as your Samsung smartphone is turned off, softly press and hold the Volume down and Volume up keys on both of your devices at the same time.
  • In order to quickly scroll through each choice until you reach “wipe data/factory reset,” click the Volume down button on your phone’s keyboard until you see “wipe data/factory reset.” Then, hit the power button to pick that option.
  • Then release the power key, but continue to hold down the Volume down key for an additional 10 to 15 seconds.
  • If you see any additional options appear, you can easily proceed to the next step by pressing the Volume low key.
  • To browse the factory reset and wipe data options on the Android recovery system screen, you must release all of your keys and hold the Volume down button while the screen is still on the recovery system.
  • Using this approach, just turn off your smartphone and then hit the home key while simultaneously pushing the power key, slowly releasing the power key while still pressing the home key.
  • With the help of the power button, pick the Factory Reset and Wipe Data option and then press the OK button to confirm the action.
  • Unlocking Samsung phones by performing a factory reset is not an ideal approach because it will erase all of the data stored on your phone.

At the same time, Dr.Fone is one of the most effective solutions you may use to recover the Samsung Galaxy screen password if you have forgotten your password. When you unlock a Samsung phone, there will be no data loss, and it will be safer and simpler to use, regardless of the carrier.

Solution 2: Unlock Samsung Phone with Dr.Fone

In addition to being exotic and competent, Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (Android) is also a fast and effective unlocking solution for the Samsung Galaxy forgot password problem. Samsung Galaxy passwords, PIN numbers, and pattern codes may all be quickly unlocked using this tool. Apart from that, with the aid of this tool, you may recover text messages and contacts as well as images and videos as well as documents and audio files, among many other things. It is a really simple and user-friendly piece of software that can be used by both highly experienced professionals and complete beginners.

Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock (Android)

In less than 5 minutes, you can remove the Samsung lock screen.

  • On Samsung, you may bypass the pattern, PIN, password, and fingerprints. Remove the lock screen while maintaining the integrity of the original data
  • Simple actions need no special abilities
  • The software works with Samsung phones from any carrier, including T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon, among others.

It has been downloaded by 3981454 users.

How to unlock your Samsung smartphone with Dr.Fone?

Are you still unsure on how to conduct yourself? Follow the steps below to unlock your Samsung device step by step: Hints:This tool is also available for use on all major Android handsets, including those manufactured by Huawei and Oneplus. The main difference between Samsung and LG is that you will lose all of your data if you unlock another Android smartphone after unlocking your Samsung or LG handset. Step 1: To get started, run Dr.Fone and select “Screen Unlock” from the drop-down menu. Remove all passwords, pins, and pattern locks from your Android smartphone with the use of this unusual Android lock screen removal program.

Step 2: On your smartphone, turn on the Download Mode feature.

  • 1. Turn off your Samsung smartphone
  • 2. Press the home button, the Volume down button, and the power button all at the same time
  • 3. Press the Volume up button to enter the download mode
  • 4. Turn off your Samsung smartphone again.

Step 3: Simply download the recovery program from the internet. When your device enters the download mode, it will begin downloading the recovery package to your computer. You’ll have to wait until it’s completely finished before continuing. Step 4: Remove the lock screen from your Samsung handset without erasing any data. When the recovery download package is finished, your Samsung Galaxy will no longer require a lock screen password to be used. There will be no data loss as a result of this procedure.

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