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What is factory reset and how do I factory reset Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, and Z Flip?

A factory reset, also known as a hard reset or a master reset, is a troubleshooting solution for mobile phones that is effective and should only be used as a last option. It will reset your phone to its factory default settings, wiping out all of your data in the process of doing so. As a result, it’s critical to make a backup of your data before doing a factory reset on your device. In order to do a factory reset on your Galaxy S20 or S20+ (including the S20 Ultra and Z Flip), go to SettingsGeneral ManagementResetFactory data reset.

You may also do a factory reset by pressing the hardware keys on your keyboard.

When the Android mascot appears, press and hold the keys for a few seconds.

To continue, select Yes and follow the on-screen instructions.

Learn more about the Galaxy.

Samsung Galaxy Factory Reset Isn’t Enough: 4 Steps to Permanently Erase Your Data

In order to completely erase personal data from your Samsung Galaxy, more than just a factory reset is required. Here’s how to totally delete your Galaxy so that you may sell it without risking your data. Despite the fact that you understand how critical it is to completely remove your data before selling your Samsung Galaxy, a basic factory reset can still leave your personal images and videos, contacts, bank accounts, and other information vulnerable to smart hackers (or anyone who downloads Android recovery software).

Does a factory reset remove all data?

It is important to note that a basic Samsung Galaxy factory reset does not completely remove all of your data from your phone. Instead, it encrypts data and “masks” it so that it is not visible to the operating system. Hackers with skill and even free Android recovery software may discover and decrypt your master token, which is required to unlock your data and allow you to access it. In one experiment, the security firm Avast acquired 20 factory reset Android phones from eBay and used them as test subjects.

How to completely erase a Samsung Galaxy phone

It’s not enough to just perform a factory reset if you actually want to safeguard your data. As an alternative, you should wipe your phone’s memory with false data so that, even if it is recovered, it will not contain any traces of your personal information. Here’s how you go about it.

STEP 1: Back up your Samsung Galaxy

However, even if your device is configured to make automatic backups, it is recommended that you perform an extra backup using Google or Samsung Cloud just in case.

You will be able to restore your settings, applications, and other data on a new device in this manner. Google backups on a manual basis

  • And then tap OK.

Samsung Cloud backups are done manually.

  • Then choose BACKUP THIS PHONE
  • Then click on SELECT ALL
  • Then click on BACK UP

Alternatively, you may use Samsung Smart Switch to back up your data to an SD card or an external USB storage device. Please keep in mind that the steps may differ significantly different Galaxy models. If you are unable to locate backup choices, search for “backup” and/or “accounts” on your phone.

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Lock and deactivate security features and accounts that lock your phone, track its position, and prevent others from using it by turning off and disabling them. Remove your microSD card from your device. If you have a microSD card in your device, make careful to remove it – especially if it includes images, files, or data from an application. Disable the Samsung Find My Mobile feature (if enabled)

  • Select SETTINGSBIOMETRICS AND SECURITYFIND MY MOBILE from the drop-down menu. Then choose your account (you’ll be prompted to enter your Samsung password)
  • Continue by selecting MOREREMOVE ACCOUNT

Disable the Find My Device feature.

  • Select SETTINGSBIOMETRICS AND SECURITYFIND MY DEVICE from the drop-down menu. Toggle the switch off

Disable the lock screen on your computer.

  • Choose NONE from the drop-down menu.

Remove your Google account from your computer.

  • Navigate to the SETTINGSACCOUNTS AND BACKUPACCOUNTS folder. Choose your Google account and then click REMOVE ACCOUNT.

NOTE: If you have more than one Google account linked to your phone, you should delete them all.

STEP 3: Encrypt your data

Because your data has been encrypted, it is impossible to access it without a password, which the future owner of your Samsung Galaxy will not possess. If you have a Galaxy S7 or a more modern phone, your data is already protected by an encryption algorithm (unless you turned encryption off). However, if you have a Samsung Galaxy S6 or an earlier model phone, you will normally need to perform the following steps:

  • Select ENCRYPT DEVICE from the drop-down menu.

To use Strong Protection on a Galaxy S7 or later phone, all you have to do is make sure Strong Protection is turned on:

  • Access the BIOMETRICS AND SECURITY section of the SETTINGS menu. Other security settings may be found here. Turn on STRONG PROTECTION (if it isn’t already turned on)

STEP 4: Factory reset your Samsung Galaxy

You may now do a basic Samsung Galaxy factory reset on your device. The steps will vary depending on your phone type, however if you have a Samsung Galaxy S6 or older phone, you will normally need to do the following:

  • Choose RESET PHONE
  • And confirm the action.

The following features are available if you have a newer model, such as a Galaxy S10:

  • Navigate to the SETTINGSGENERAL MANAGEMENTRESET menu option. Select FACTORY DATA RESET from the drop-down menu and confirm

If you are unable to locate the appropriate screen, search your phone for the word “reset.”

STEP 4: Overwrite old data

Even though this is a purely optional step, it is the only method to ensure that your data is totally removed from your Samsung Galaxy. Because your operating system will overwrite your old, encrypted data with the new data, you will not be able to access it. You may do it manually by filling the hard disk of your phone with huge files (such as films) until it’s completely filled, but it’s a time-consuming procedure. An easier method is to utilize a third-party program such as Secure Erase, Secure Wipe, Shredditor, or Andro Shredder, which can be downloaded for free.

It’s now ready to be sold — entirely uncontaminated and devoid of any personal information.

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Factory resetting your phone, also known as a hard reset or master reset, entails erasing all of your personal information, data, and settings from the device, restoring it to the condition it was in when it was first turned on.

Depending on the phone you have, there are several possible methods for doing a factory reset. Learn why you may need to factory reset your phone and how to do so for your Samsung Galaxy phone in particular by continuing to read!

Why do I need to factory reset my phone?

It is common practice to conduct a factory reset on a secondhand phone before it is traded in or sold to a new owner. If you’re thinking about selling your phone, this is a very crucial step to take! Factory resets are the most straightforward method of not only protecting your personal information but also preparing the phone so that it is ready to be used by a new owner. The device needs be factory reset before it can be traded in or sold on an internet marketplace like Glyde after you have transferred vital data like contacts and images to a computer or external hard disk.

In an ideal world, the reset would remove anything from the phone that may be interfering with its functionality.

How to perform a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy phone

Keep in mind that a factory reset will result in the complete and permanent erasure of all of the information on your phone. This includes all of your personal information, such as images, messages, contacts, personalized settings, and downloaded applications, among other things. Please ensure that you back up any data that you wish to save before performing a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy phone!

Removing Google’s Factory Reset Protection (FRP)

Factory Reset Protection (FRP) is a feature found on many Android phones, including Samsung Galaxy handsets, that is provided by Google. When using FRP, a phone that has been reset will still require the owner’s Google password in order to gain access to the device again. By factory resetting a stolen or misplaced phone, this function stops unauthorized individuals from obtaining access to the device. It’s necessary to delete your Google account from your Samsung Galaxy phone before doing a factory reset in order to disable FRP.

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu in your applications, which is represented by a miniature cog or gear. Accounts and backups should be selected. TapAccounts
  2. Choose your Google account from the drop-down menu. If it has already been displayed, selectMore options(three dots)
  3. Otherwise, click OK. Once you have selected Remove account, you must confirm your selection by selecting Remove account a second time. To finish the process of deleting your Google account, follow the steps displayed on the screen.

Using the Settings menu to factory reset

In the event that you decide to trade or sell your phone to a new owner, make sure you delete your Google account prior to factory resetting your device. Once that is completed, you may do a factory reset by selecting it from the settings menu. Devices that are running an upgraded version of Android can be factory reset by following the methods outlined in the following section:

  1. Obtain access to your applications and choose Settings, which appears as a little cog or gear on the screen
  2. Navigate to the General Management section. SelectFactory data reset from the Reset menu by tapping it. Move your cursor down beyond your applications and press theResetbutton

To update an older version of Android on a smartphone, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Obtain access to your applications and choose Settings, which appears as a little cog or gear on the screen
  2. Reset your computer by going to the Backup menu. If that option doesn’t function or doesn’t exist, go toPrivacy and try again. ChooseFactory data reset as the action. Move your cursor down beyond your applications and press theResetbutton

Using Find My Mobile to factory reset

In addition, you may remotely reset your phone by utilizing the Find My Mobile function. If you want to transfer ownership of your phone to a new owner, don’t forget to delete your Google account beforehand!

  1. Sign into your Samsung account by visiting theFind My Mobilewebsite. Select the Galaxy phone that you want to factory reset from the list of devices on the left-hand side of the screen. Select Erase data from the drop-down menu beneath the device. It is possible that a pop-up window may appear, requesting that you input the verification code that was provided to your Samsung phone. Enter the code and click on the Verify button. After that, clickErase data to proceed.
  1. If you did not get a code, you may still proceed with the verification procedure by selecting either Verify with text message or Verify with backup code from the drop-down menu. When you pick Prove with text message and then Verify with another Galaxy device, you may also use a another Galaxy smartphone to verify your identity.
  1. The Erasebutton will appear on the confirmation box, confirming that you choose to proceed with factory resetting your phone. You will be requested to enter the password associated with your Samsung Account. After you have entered your password, click Next. A confirmation pop-up will appear to indicate that your phone data has been deleted.
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Using the buttons to factory reset a Samsung Galaxy

The third technique of factory resetting your Samsung Galaxy phone is to simply press the buttons on the phone’s front panel. If the phone is being transferred to a new owner, be sure to stop Google’s FRP function by deleting your Google account from the phone.

  1. Disconnect the battery from your Samsung Galaxy phone
  2. To access the Android Recovery menu, press and hold the buttons on your smartphone. This may vary depending on the sort of phone you have and which button combination you will need to press and hold.
If your phone has aphysical home button … If your phone has aseparate Power button, but no physical home button… If your phone hasno Home or Power button …
Includes: Galaxy S6 or S7 Includes: Galaxy S8, S9, S10/S10+ Includes: Galaxy Note10, Fold, X, Z Flip
Press and hold theVolume Up,Home, andPowerbuttons simultaneously. When the device vibrates, release thePowerbutton. When the Recovery menu appears, release the other buttons. Press and hold theVolume Up,Bixby, andPowerbuttons simultaneously. When the device vibrates and the Samsung logo appears on the screen, release the buttons. Press and hold theVolume UpandSidebuttons simultaneously. When the device vibrates and the Samsung logo appears on the screen, release the buttons.
  1. The Volume Up and Volume Down buttons will be required to highlight an option in the recovery menu, and the Power button will be required to choose it. Select Delete all user data or wipe data/reset the computer to its factory settings. Confirm your option by clicking on it. Depending on your device, the choice to pick will be either Yes, Yes – delete all user data, or No, No – do not delete any user data. Reset the factory data
  2. It will take some time for your phone to be factory reset. When the reset is complete, you should see the messageData wipe complete at the bottom of the screen
  3. If not, try restarting your device. Restart your phone by pressing and holding the Power button while selectingRestart device.

The process of doing a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy phone is an important step to take before selling or trading in your phone. Once you’ve completed the processes outlined above, your phone is ready to be transferred to a new owner! With Glyde, you can either sell your phone for cash or trade it in for a credit against any Glyde purchase. We’ll buy your used phone and then you may go through our collection of previously used gadgets.

When it comes to producing articles, we have a great team of writers that spend countless hours conducting research, speaking with experts, and writing articles that will assist you in making smarter selections when buying and selling mobile phones.

How to Wipe a Samsung Phone Completely and Fast

ResourcesPhone Decontamination Excellent Instructions on How to Completely and Quickly Wipe a Samsung Phone


Currently, practically everyone owns an old phone, such as an old Samsung phone, which is still functional. Perhaps you just threw them away, or perhaps they would prefer to sell or donate the old phones to those in greater need. Whatever you want to do with your Samsung phone, you should understand how to clean it thoroughly and swiftly beforehand. Given the large amount of personal information stored on your old phones, including the phone that does not respond, if you do not completely delete them, the information may be used by hackers with relative ease in the future.




Part 1: How to Wipe a Samsung Phone with Samsung Eraser

Samsung Eraseris acts as a protective shield, preventing your personal information from being compromised. Once you’ve mastered the usage of Samsung Eraser, you’ll be able to figure out how to delete your Samsung phone on your own with relative simplicity. The processes are straightforward, and you can find a more in-depth explanation of the Samsung Eraser in the next section. You will now be able to learn about the primary features of the app ahead of time. The following are the most important features and benefits of the Samsung Eraser: Users’ images, videos, system settings, contacts, call logs, documents, text messages, and other data and information stored on their Samsung phones may be permanently deleted with this feature.

– Support for erasing data in a number of formats, therefore it is possible to wipe data in any format on Samsung.

– There are two options for connecting, both of which use Wi-Fi and USB connections as their primary means.

As an example, the Samsung Eraser is compatible with the Galaxy S10/S9/S8/S7/S6/S5/S4, the Note 10+/Note 10/Note 9/Note 9 Plus/Note 8/Note 7/Note 6/Note 5, the Galaxy J3/J3 Pro, the Galaxy A9/A8/A7/A5, the HTC U12+/U11/10, the Sony Xperia 5/1/XZ3/XZ Samsung Eraser may be downloaded for free from the link provided below.

Tutorial on how to wipe a Samsung phone with Samsung Eraser:

Step 1: Download and install Samsung Eraser on your computer. To begin, you must first download and install Samsung Eraser on your computer. Please keep in mind that the program is available in both Windows and Mac versions. Then, by double-clicking on it, it will be installed. Start the application on your PC. Secondly, use a USB cord to connect your Samsung device to a computer for the next step: Make sure that you have USB debugging enabled on your Samsung phone before continuing. In seconds, Samsung Eraser will recognize and get access to your mobile phone.

  1. You will be successful in connecting if you follow the instructions in the pop-up window.
  2. Once you’ve connected your devices, the avatar of your Samsung device will appear on the right side of the screen.
  3. – After making your selection, select ” OK ” from the drop-down menu on the screen.
  4. Click on the ” Erase ” button at the bottom right of the screen and then touch on the ” OK ” button on the pop-up page that appears.

Perhaps you’d be interested in:If your mobile phone is made by a different manufacturer than Android, do you know how to wipe everything on Android? Furthermore, this instruction will teach you how to transfer Samsung data to a Lenovo phone in an easy and smooth manner. Let’s have a look at it.

Part 2: How to Delete Samsung Phone Using Factory Reset

When it comes to Samsung mobile phones, the factory reset is a frequent method for customers to erase their devices. Factory reset is extremely easy for consumers because there is no need to download any apps to the phone before doing the reset. However, the most significant issue is that you cannot completely erase the data on the Samsung phone with a factory reset, which means that anybody may restore the data that has been deleted from the device using a recovery tool.

Here is how to clear Samsung via factory reset:

Step 1: Create a data backup If necessary, you can back up your data to a different location, such as a computer or a storage hard drive. If you don’t make a backup, you’ll lose all of your contacts, call logs, and other important data. Step 2: Navigate to the Settings menu. When you’ve finished backing up your data, navigate to the ” Settings ” menu on your Samsung phone. Then, on the screen, select the ” Backup and reset ” option and then touch on ” Factory data reset ” to complete the process.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Factory Reset To ” ERASE EVERYTHING ” from the UI, select ” RESET DEVICE ” from the drop-down menu.

That will take some time, and the phone will restart after the reset is complete.

Note 1: How does the Factory Reset Work

When you perform a factory reset on a Samsung phone, you must be aware that your information and files are still on the mobile phone and may be recovered using a data recovery program since your data has not been overwritten throughout the process. It simply deletes the addresses of your data, making it impossible to determine where the data is kept.

Note 2: How to Delete Everything with Factory Reset if the Samsung Device has no Response

It is possible that you will encounter the situation when your Samsung phone does not respond. For example, if you are unable to power on your Samsung smartphone, you may use this method to resolve the problem of how to wipe everything from your Samsung phone. To begin, connect your Samsung phone to a computer through the USB wire and the charger. Second, simultaneously press and hold the Power key, the Volume Up button, and the Bixby button. In the third step, you’ll see a list of options on the screen, and you’ll use the Volume Up and Down keys to choose ” Wipe data/factory reset ” from the list, and then press the Power key to confirm your selection.


When you use Samsung Eraser to erase your Samsung phone, you will learn how to clean your Samsung phone permanently because of the high level of protection it provides. Consequently, it is highly advised that you use the professional program Samsung Eraser to thoroughly remove the data from your device. If you pick the factory reset option, you will need to manually overwrite the data on your device. Why not make it more convenient for yourself? You are invited to share your thoughts in the comments section.

How to Easily Back Up Samsung to a Computer?

Is It Possible to Transfer Samsung Files to a Mac? When using a Samsung phone, how can you print your contact list? How to Transfer Contacts from iTunes to a Samsung Galaxy S10, S9, S9+, or S8

How to wipe your Android phone before selling or trading it in

Are you planning to purchase the latest Samsung smartphone or are you looking to save a little money on a Google Pixel 4A? Whether you want to trade in your old Android phone in exchange for a discount on your new phone, sell it on eBay, give it away to a friend, or recycle it, you’ll want to wipe it clean of all of your data first by resetting it to factory settings first. Fortunately, this is a really simple process. Keep in mind that these instructions were initially written for a Google Pixel 3 XL running Android 9, and that they have recently been tested on a Google Pixel running Android 10.

Naturally, you should ensure that all of your data has been moved to your new phone, has been backed up, or has been both transferred and backed up.

  • On the “Reset options” page, you have three options to choose from: When you wipe your data and remove your accounts from your phone, you’ll be reminded of what you’re doing. What makes you so certain that this is what you want to do? Yes, without a doubt
  • Enter Settings and choose SystemAdvancedReset options
  • Then press Enter. In this case, you will be offered with three options. In the event that you are experiencing connectivity issues, the command “Reset Wi-Fi, mobileBluetooth” might be beneficial. “Reset app preferences” will, among other things, restore the default settings for all of your apps and notifications. Neither of these options will remove the data from your phone’s memory. That is the responsibility of the third option, “Erase all data (factory reset),” which is the one you will pick. You’ll get a warning box alerting you that your data, as well as any and all of the accounts you’re presently connected into, will be wiped when you do this. “Reset phone” is the option to choose. If you have a PIN or any other type of security configuration, you will be prompted to enter it
  • Otherwise, nothing will happen. You’ll be presented with another screen that asks whether you’re certain this is what you want to do. Are you certain? After that, click on the “Erase everything” option.

That’s all there is to it! The entire procedure normally takes no more than two or three minutes. Your phone will reboot and prompt you with the standard opening questions, such as language, account, network, and so on, until you answer them all. When you see those, you’ll know that it’s been successful. There are a couple of things to keep in mind. When attempting to reset your Samsung phone, you’ll first be prompted for your Samsung account password (if you’ve already made one and uploaded it to the phone) before you can do so successfully.

For those of you who have already given the phone to someone else, this may be awkward.

Several studies have shown evidence that some data can stay on a phone even after it has been completely erased.

  • Enter SettingsSecurityAdvancedEncryptioncredentials and choose “Encrypt phone” from the drop-down menu
  • Return to the Settings menu and begin the reset procedure.

Of again, if you want to be very certain and you aren’t planning on giving the phone to anyone, you could always get a hammer and destroy it yourself. Updated on September 3rd, 2020 at 10:50 a.m. Eastern Time: This post was first published on May 22nd, 2019 and has been updated to include references to more current phones as well as to correct a menu option error.

Erase data from Samsung phone

Performing a factory reset on your phone is the most effective method of restoring it to the state it was in when you originally purchased it. But before you go ahead and conduct a full factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy phone, make sure you create a complete backup of everything.

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Using the Settings menu – Soft reset

  1. Start by going to the Appsmenu on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. TheAppsmenu is a list of all the programs that have been installed on your smartphone
  2. Tap theSettingsicon to access theSettings
  3. And tap theBack button to return to the previous screen. Scroll down and select Backup and Reset from the drop-down menu. If this option is not available in theSettingsmenu, select General managementReset from the drop-down menu. In certain phones, theBackup and Resetsection is located under this menu
  4. Select Factory Data Reset from the drop-down menu. A new page appears
  5. Choose Reset Device from the drop-down menu, followed by Erase Everything. This button may appear as Delete All in previous versions of the software.

It will take some time for your device to reboot. As soon as the reset process is completed, the Samsung Galaxy phone will reboot itself.

Recovery Mode – Hard reset

  1. Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus. This is required in order to reach recovery mode from your boot menu
  2. Otherwise, your computer will not boot. Press and hold down the Home, Volume Up, and Power keys at the same time to activate the camera. This restarts your smartphone, and you will be able to view the Android system recovery. Depending on your device, you may have to hit the Volume upbutton rather than the Volume downbutton. Select theWipe Data/Factory Reset option and press the Power button. The power key serves as the Enterbutton in this case. Confirm your action by clicking theYes – Delete All User Dataoption on the page that comes once you have completed your action. Using the Volume up/down buttons, select this option.

This step completely wipes your device’s memory and all of its data. It may take some time for your device to reset completely. As soon as the reset process is completed, the Samsung Galaxy phone will reboot itself.

A factory reset removes all of your personal information as well as any programs you have downloaded. Once this information has been lost, it is impossible to restore it. It is highly suggested that you create a complete backup of all of your data before resetting your Samsung Galaxy phone.

Method 2: Third-party Apps

You may also use various third-party software to completely delete the contents of your Samsung Galaxy phone’s memory.


SafeWiper is a desktop application that assists in fully erasing data from Samsung Galaxy smartphones. It eliminates any sensitive data, as well as wasted disk space, among other things. SafeWiper may be used to completely wipe data from a Samsung Galaxy phone.

  1. Obtain the SafeWiper program from the company’s official website
  2. Installing software on your computer is the first step. USB data cable: Use a data cable to connect your Samsung Galaxy phone to your computer. The phone is immediately recognized by the program. Allow USB debugging to be enabled on your Samsung Galaxy phone. When using the SafeWiper program, choose theErase All Dataoption from among the four accessible alternatives. To begin erasing, click theErase Nowbutton in the toolbar. To confirm the activity, typeErasein the provided text box. To select the level of wiping, select the Settings option from the drop-down menu. You may pick from three different wiping levels: low level, medium level, and high level.

It will take some time for the wiping procedure to be completed. During this time, you should not detach your Mobil from your computer. Once your data has been deleted from your Samsung Galaxy phone, the device will function as if it were brand new.

Dr. Fone toolkit – Android Data Eraser

Dr. Fone toolbox is yet another piece of desktop software that may assist you in completely wiping your Samsung Galaxy phone. To delete data from a Samsung Galaxy phone using the Dr. Fone tools, follow these steps:

  1. You may obtain theFone toolkit from the company’s website
  2. Installing the toolkit on your PC is a simple process. USB data cable: Use a data cable to connect your Samsung Galaxy phone to your computer. The phone is immediately recognized by the program. Allow USB debugging to be enabled on your Samsung Galaxy phone. In the pop-up window that opens, selectErase All Data. To confirm the operation, typeDelete in the appropriate area. After a few minutes, select the Factory Reset option that displays on the screen. It is at this point that the data is totally wiped.

It will take a few minutes to finish the factory reset procedure. Once your data has been deleted from your Samsung Galaxy phone, the device will function as if it were brand new.

[Solved]How to Permanently Wipe A Samsung Phone?

In this highly competitive period, new products are being introduced into the digital market virtually on a daily basis. People generally prefer to get rid of their old phone after about a year or so to make room for a new one, especially now that the latest technology is readily available. As far as mobile brands go these days, Samsung is unquestionably the most sought after, and their latest Galaxy series debuts have sparked widespread excitement among consumers. Many of its customers, however, are still unaware of how to completely clean a Samsung before selling it, and Samsung prefers to run a modified version of Android, which makes the process much more complex.

To learn how to clean a Samsung, please read the parts that follow this one.

  • In this first part, you will learn how to clean a Samsung phone by performing a factory reset. Part 2: How to clean a Samsung phone using the Find My Phone application
  • Using Android Data Eraser, learn how to permanently wipe a Samsung phone in Part 3 of this series.

Part 1: How to wipe a Samsung phone by using Factory reset?

The most straightforward and often used method of wiping a Samsung device is to utilize the factory reset option found in the device’s settings. It thoroughly cleans your gadget and restores it to its factory-fresh state. This helps to keep all of the personal information of the previous user safe from the current one. Step 1: Make a backup of your data. We recommend that you back up your data before resetting your Samsung device to factory settings (all the data will be lost after Samsung wipe).

  1. Using the Settings app, you may erase everything.
  2. Backupreset may be found under “Personal.” It is possible that you will be required to enter your pattern, PIN, or password.
  3. After reading the information, press the Reset phone button.
  4. Whenever you are prompted, choose Erase everything to completely wipe all data from your device’s internal memory.

You’ll be greeted by the “Welcome” screen, just as you were when you initially powered on your device. Congratulations! You have successfully cleaned your Samsung phone using the Factory Reset feature. Congratulations!

Part 2: How to wipe Samsung phone by Find my Phone

Find My Phone was developed by Samsung in order to locate misplaced smartphones; nonetheless, it is quite useful owing to the capabilities it offers. It also makes it possible to remotely delete your Samsung phone in order to secure your personal data from being compromised. Note: Samsung recommends that you only use the erase my phone feature as a last option. How can I clean a Samsung device using the Find My Phone app? To clean your Samsung phone using the Find My Phone service from Samsung, simply follow the procedures outlined in this article.

  1. Select the Settings option from the drop-down menu.
  2. If you have already created a Samsung account on your account, you may be prompted to provide the password you used to log into the previous account.
  3. A grayed-out switch will appear if you do not have a Samsung account associated with your device.
  4. How to make advantage of the Find My Phone application Creating an account: Navigate to the website using a web browser on your PC.
  5. Your browser will redirect you to the “Locate My Phone” page.
  6. You may now erase your Samsung mobile via the Find My Phone application.
  7. On the Find My Phone tab, choose Wipe my device from the drop-down menu.
  8. To view the full terms and conditions, click on View Full Terms and Conditions, and then check the box next to I agree to the terms and conditions.
  9. Wipe may be found at the bottom of the page.
  10. If the device is not connected to the internet, the wipe will take place when the device is connected to the internet again.

Part 3: How to Permanently Wipe a Samsung Phone using Android Data Eraser

In this part, we will show you how to permanently wipe your Samsung S4 and Samsung Android handsets using the Dr.Fone – Data Eraser software (Android). In addition, the data that is deleted by this toolkit cannot be retrieved because of the toolkit’s easy and user-friendly interface. It works with all Android smartphones currently available on the market and has the best success rate in the industry, according to the company. Data Eraser for Android provides a two-step click approach that is both hassle-free and 100 percent secure.

After using this tools to delete data from your Samsung phone, you will have no qualms about selling your phone. It assists in wiping out everything, including images, contacts, messages, call logs, and any other sensitive information.

Dr.Fone – Data Eraser (Android)

Completely Delete Everything on Your Android Device and Maintain Your Privacy

  • The process is straightforward and involves only a few clicks. Make a thorough and permanent wipe of your Android device. Photographs, contacts, messages, phone records, and any other private information should be deleted. The app is compatible with all Android smartphones currently available on the market.

It has been downloaded by 4,683,556 people. Take a close look at the few steps that follow very carefully to learn how to completely clean a Samsung phone with the aid of Android Data Eraser. Installing the Dr.Fone toolbox – Android Data Eraser on a computer is the first step. In order to use the Android data eraser program, you must first download and install it on your computer in the same way that you would any other software from the Dr.Fone website. Then choose “Data Eraser” from the drop-down menu.

  1. USB Debugging should be enabled.
  2. The toolkit should be able to detect and connect to the device within a few seconds after its installation.
  3. Just a friendly warning that you will not be able to reverse this operation and that all of your data will be lost.
  4. Now Now, your device is ready to be deleted, and you will receive an alert indicating that the wiping procedure has been initiated.
  5. You will receive an email confirmation once the process is complete.
  6. Now that this toolkit has successfully wiped all of your data, you must “factory reset” your device to ensure that all of its settings are also removed from memory.
  7. Anyone who is new to Samsung S4 and does not know how to erase their mobile can use this way to clean their device.
  8. Although the two procedures described above appear to be very simple, they are both extremely unsafe.
  9. As a result, I would strongly advise you to use Android Data Eraser to thoroughly clean any device.
  10. I hope you enjoyed yourself while reading this essay!

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Do you want to trade in or sell your old mobile device? Ensure that it is properly wiped to limit the likelihood of personal information falling into the wrong hands. It’s important to remember that no approach, short of physically destroying the device and its storage, is 100 percent failsafe – data may still be retrieved with the proper tools in some cases.

These instructions are for the three most popular mobile operating systems; however, if you have an older phone or an other operating system, see the handbook for complete instructions on how to erase your device.

Before you start:

  • Make a backup of all of your information, including contacts
  • Remove the SIM card and any external storage devices, such as a microSD card, before you begin. Close off services like email and social media, then remove the data from these programs if you have the ability to do so
  • If you are not planning to utilize the microSD card in a new device, you should do a separate encryption and wipe of data on the card as well. Conserve the serial number of the phone or tablet in a safe place for future reference

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CNET photo by Lexy Savvides If the phone or tablet is running Android 5.0 Lollipop or later, it is possible that Android device protection or factory reset protection (FRP) is activated on the device. When a phone is reset, the new owner will be unable to use it since they will be unable to activate it without inputting a Googleaccount and password that was previously used on the phone. If you want to sell or transfer the device to another owner, you’ll need to deactivate the FRP feature beforehand.

  • Step 1: To begin, disable any screen locks that may be present.
  • The second step is to log out of your Google account on the device.
  • The third step is to deactivate your Samsung device, which includes deleting your Samsung account from the phone or tablet.
  • Other information like as SMS and chat messages, on the other hand, may typically be recovered using regular data recovery software.
  • You won’t need any special equipment; all you’ll need is a little more time than it would take to just select the restore option from inside the settings menu on your computer.
  • Currently playing: Keep an eye out for this: Wipe any Android device in the proper manner.


CNET photo by Lexy Savvides When you establish a passcode on an Apple device that supports iOS 5 or later, the device is protected by hardware encryption. If you erase your device using the manner outlined below, the encryption key is also wiped, making it extremely difficult for anyone who wishes to recover the data to do so successfully. Step 1:Before beginning the reset procedure, be sure to unpair any devices, such as the Apple Watch ($199 at Apple), that may be connected. Then switch off Find MyiPhone (available for $259 on eBay).

  • If asked, enter the password associated with your Apple ID.
  • Step 2: Log out of all other services, such as iMessage and the App Store, and restart your computer.
  • To find your Apple ID, navigate to SettingsiTunesApp Store and enter your password.
  • In order to provide yourself with additional piece of mind, you may choose to sign out of any other associated services and applications, such as Facebook or Twitter, one at a time.
  • Go to SettingsiCloud and scroll down to the bottom of the page to locate Sign Out.
  • For iOS 7 devices, select Delete Account from the Account drop-down menu.

Step 4: Begin the wiping procedure. Select SettingsGeneralResetErase All Content and Settings from the drop-down menu. Confirm the option by clicking on it. Step 5: Go to and delete the serial number associated with the device from your Apple account profile.

Windows Phone

CNET photo by Josh Miller Encryption is only available for Windows Phone customers that are doing business. The quickest and most straightforward method of wiping a Windows Phone 7, 8, or 8.1, or a Windows 10 Mobiledevice is to do a factory reset and then load fake data to completely erase all traces of the device’s previous data. Step 1: Go to SettingsAboutReset Your Phone and choose Reset Your Phone. Step 2: Confirm the action and then wait for the phone to be completely erased from your memory.

  • If you are connected via a Mac, you will need to download the Windows Phone application.
  • The fourth step is to drag and drop fake data from another folder onto the phone’s memory card.
  • Fill the phone with as much fake info as you can to make it as useful as possible.
  • Ensure that all of your original data is overwritten by performing the dummy data load several more times.
  • Register your devices by logging into your Microsoft account at
  • It should be removed from your account.
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Final steps

It’s important to remember to also remove access to the phone from services such as Facebook and Google when the wipe is complete. When you go to, click on Sign-insecurityDevice activitynotifications and then select the model you want to delete from your Google account, click on it and then click Remove.

Not planning to sell?

Consider completely destroying the device in order to make it extremely impossible for anyone to gain access to any remaining data. The suggestion from LC Technology’s David Zimmerman is to drill a hole through the gadget. “Try going through the phone in numerous places, including the charging input, and then dropping it off at an electronics recycling container,” he advises. The gadget may also be broken into pieces no larger than half an inch using another approach that involves placing it inside a sack and sledgehammering it into bits no larger than half an inch.


on December 4, 2017: Apple, Android, and Windows Phone device removal information has been revised.

Master reset: Samsung Galaxy S 4G

Learn how to masterreset the Samsung Galaxy S 4G by using the menu or hardware keys on your device.

Master reset from settings menu

After performing a master reset, your phone will return to its factory settings and any personal data stored on its internal storage, including downloaded material, ringtones and photos, apps and contacts, will be erased.

It does not remove any data from the SIM card or SD card that has been stored on them. The following are the steps to do a master reset:

  1. Back up all of the information stored on the internal memory. See also Back up/restore. From any Home screen, select theMenukey
  2. SelectSettings
  3. Scroll to and selectPrivacy
  4. And then select OK. If preferred, uncheck theAutomatic restorecheck box
  5. Otherwise, leave it checked. Toggle the “Back up my data” check box to the off position if desired, then touch OK. Then, if desired, selectFactory data reset and check or uncheck theFormat USB storage box. TapReset phone
  6. TapErase everything
  7. And then tapDone.

Master reset with hardware keys

After performing a master reset, your phone will return to its factory settings and any personal data stored on its internal storage, including downloaded material, ringtones and photos, apps and contacts, will be erased. It does not remove any data from the SIM card or SD card that has been stored on them. If the device’s menus have become stuck or unresponsive, you can perform a master reset by pressing the hardware keys on the device. The following are the steps to do a master reset:

  1. Back up all of the information stored on the internal memory. See also Back up/restore. Remove your phone from your ear. Take out the battery and then re-insert it if the phone is unresponsive and will not switch off. Continue to hold down theVolume Up,Volume Down, andPowerkeys at the same time. Then, when you see the Samsung logo, continue to hold down the buttons until you see the master reset option appear. Select Delete all user data or Wipe Data / Factory Reset by pressing theVolume Downkey on the keyboard. To confirm your choices, press the Powerkey on your keyboard. To choose Yes – erase all user data, press theVolume Downkey on your keyboard. To confirm your choices, press the Powerkey on your keyboard. Press the Powerkey to pick the option to restart the system now.

How to Completely Wipe Your Phone Before Selling It

Your phone is privy to a great deal of information about you. Everyone knows about your professional secrets, but no one knows about your current infatuation. These are the small details you don’t want anybody else to know. When the time comes to sell your phone, you must be certain that none of your personal information is sent along with it. It is critical that you thoroughly clean your phone so that the buyer does not have access to your personal information and data. Before you begin, make a backup of all of the images, movies, and other items that are currently stored on your mobile device.

For various sorts of phones, you’ll need to follow a separate set of instructions.

How to wipe your iOS device before selling it

  1. Remove any associated gadgets, such as an Apple iWatch, from the equation
  2. Den
  3. Sign out of iTunes and iCloud (Go to Settings-iCloud and follow the instructions). Sign out by selecting “Delete from my device” from the Sign Out menu)
  4. Go to the Settings menu and choose General
  5. Select Reset and then “Erase All Content and Settings” from the drop-down menu. It is possible that you will be required for a device passcode. Enter the passcode and press the Erase button.

Your data will be deleted as a result of these actions, and you will be able to sell the iPhone to the next owner.

How to wipe your Android device before selling it

In the event that your phone is protected by Factory Reset Protection, you’ll need to disable it first. The following instructions are for the Samsung Galaxy. The procedure will be the same for other phones.

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu and select “Lock Screen and Security.” Select the type of screen lock you want. Select None from the drop-down menu. To do this, go to Settings -Clouds and Accounts -Account and uncheck the box next to your Google Account
  2. Delete your Google Account from the phone. Go to the Settings menu and choose Backup and Reset. Select Factory Data Reset and then Reset Device from the drop-down menu.

After that, your phone will be restored to its factory settings, and all of your data will be deleted completely.

How to wipe your Nokia Windows Phone before selling it

These configurations are applicable to all Nokia Windows phones.

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu. Then go to the About menu and select Reset Your Phone.

Simply following these instructions will restore your phone to its original factory settings. Some Windows phones, on the other hand, have a problem that prevents you from doing a factory reset. If you find yourself in such situation, you can take the measures outlined below.

  1. To do this, hold down the Power and Volume Down keys at the same time for approximately 15 seconds
  2. As soon as the phone starts vibrating, remove your fingers from the keys and push and hold the volume down button until you see an exclamation mark on the screen. Now hit the Volume Up button, followed by the Volume Down button, followed by the Power button, followed by the Volume Down button once again. As a result, your phone will be reset and restarted

Depending on your hardware, it might take anywhere from 10-15 minutes for your phone to reset itself. You will be able to sell your phone to a buyer once all of your personal information has been removed from it.

How to Clear Data from Samsung Galaxy Phone Completely

To stay up with the newest technology, Samsung Galaxy publishes a new version of its smartphone every year, and you will likely want to upgrade your smartphone at some point as well. As a result, the issue remains as to how to wipe data from Samsung Galaxy Phones prior to selling or giving them away to anyone at all. It is also crucial to remove anything from your phone before handing it over to a stranger if you are sending your phone to a service or repair shop for whatever reason. The reason why you should delete everything from your Samsung Galaxy phone is that your phone may contain a large number of private and personal images, messages, movies, music, conversations, and other types of data, and you don’t want anybody else to have access to them.

It is not necessary to have extensive technical knowledge in order to delete data from a Samsung Galaxy. If you follow the instructions to the letter, you will be able to cleanse your phone in no time all.

Method 1:Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy Phone

When you factory reset your phone, the device will return to the condition in which it was when you initially purchased it. Everything is going to be completely destroyed. As a result, it is highly advised that you establish a complete backup before proceeding with the operation. 1. From the screen, select Menu from the drop-down menu. 2. Scroll down the list and choose “Settings.” Continue to the bottom of the page, where you will see an option that reads “Backup and reset.” 4. Select “Backup and reset.” 4.

  1. 5.It will prompt you to confirm your action to ensure that you did not do this by accident.
  2. Take note: This should be sufficient.
  3. However, a simple factory reset does not completely erase everything from your phone’s memory and memory card.
  4. If you are seeking for a long-term solution, you should consider using the strategy described in the next section.

Method 2: Completely DeleteData from Samsung Phone with SafeWiper

As previously stated, a simple delete and factory reset will not entirely wipe the data; the information will still be stored on the storage system and will be recovered if necessary. Lucky for you, SafeWiper for Android is a desktop application that allows you to completely wipe your Android cellphones, including Samsung Galaxy smartphones, cleanly. It ensures the highest degree of security and boosts the overall speed of your system by permanently deleting any sensitive data, unused disk space, or the whole hard disk, making them unrecoverable in the future.

Simply follow the steps outlined below to remove all of the material on your phone.

Download it from this link and see whether it helps you erase photographs from your Android smartphone.

Step 1Download, install and Launch Safewiper for Android, Connect Your Samsung Device to PC

Installing the program on your computer requires you to download it from the official website and run it. This stage is rather straightforward, and you may complete it by just following the instructions. Following that, you will be able to see a new icon on your computer screen, or you may automatically begin the program by completing the installation of the software to see the primary interface of the utility (if applicable). Now, you should connect the phone to the computer via a USB data cord and wait for the program to recognize the phone on its own.

Step 3Select the Erasing Option

The program provides you with four different deletion methods to choose from.

To begin, select the most desirable approach of your choosing and press the corresponding button. When we are done with this demonstration, we will select ” EraseAll Data “. Your Samsung phone will be entirely erased as a result of this procedure.

Step 4Confim to Erase Your Data on Samsung

To begin the wiping process, click the ‘Erase Now’ button to the right of the screen. A popup will appear, prompting you to type “delete” in the appropriate area. It will just take a few minutes to do this task. Please be patient with me. Selecting a security level is made possible by clicking on the Settings button on the toolbar. It gives three wiping choices for you to choose from, with each option employing a different cleaning algorithm from the others.

Step 5Start to ErasePhotos on Android Phone

Please do not unplug your phone from the computer throughout the wiping process, since it will take a few minutes to complete. After that, your phone will be transformed into a whole new device, and no one will be able to recover your data. Allow the program to completely wipe your phone’s memory. This procedure may take some time, but you may continue to work in the background while the process is running. The process will run uninterrupted.


If you are using Safewiper for Android, it is highly suggested that you build a full backup of your phone before using it because it will permanently destroy everything from your phone when you do. This program is supported on both the Windows and Mac platforms in order to provide you with the greatest possible experience, and it is also supported on all Android-based devices.

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