How To Connect Samsung Watch To Phone


Setting up your Samsung smart watch with or without a phone

The Galaxy Wearable app allows you to link your smart watch to a phone that is compatible with it. Make certain that your phone is included on the list of supported phones before proceeding. After that, you can use the app to control and monitor the functionality of your watch as well as any applications that you have downloaded from the Play Store. But first, make sure that Bluetooth is turned on in your phone’s settings.

  1. Open the Play Store by going to its location and clicking on it. Install Galaxy Wearable by searching for and selecting it from the drop-down menu
  2. Once the app has been downloaded, open it by tappingOPEN, and then tapStart. Follow the on-screen directions to complete the setting of your watch after selecting it from the list. The smart watch will urge you to activate the service provided by your mobile carrier when you are connecting it with your smartphone. If your smart watch is equipped with this feature, just follow the on-screen instructions to complete the activation procedure and finish setting up your smart watch. In the event that you do not want service on your watch or if you have a Wi-Fi model, you can skip this step. To connect an extra device, go to the left-hand side of the screen and tapMenu(the three horizontal lines), then tap+ Add new device, and then pick your device. You have the ability to switch between devices whenever you desire

Go to the Play Store and click on it. Install Galaxy Wearable by searching for and selecting it from the list. Then, once the software has finished downloading, touch OPEN before selecting the Start option; Follow the on-screen directions to complete the setting of your watch after selecting it from the list; The smart watch will urge you to activate the service provided by your mobile carrier when you are connecting it to your phone. When prompted to complete the activation procedure and conclude the setup of your smart watch, if your watch is equipped with this feature, follow the on-screen instructions.

To connect an extra device, go to the left-hand menu (the three horizontal lines), tap+ Add new device, and then pick the device you want to connect.

  1. To begin, browse to and open the App Store on your computer. Choose fromSamsung Galaxy Watch or SAMSUNG Galaxy Fit by searching for and selecting them, and then tappingGETnext to the app. Once it has finished downloading, select OPEN and then START THE JOURNEY. Following the selection of your watch, follow the on-screen directions to finish the setup procedure. On the watch, you’ll notice prompts to enable the service provided by your carrier. If your smart watch is equipped with this feature, just follow the on-screen instructions to complete the activation procedure and finish setting up your smart watch. To connect another device, click More choices (the three vertical dots), then Connect new device, and then pick your device from the drop-down menu. To connect a new device, you will first need to unplug the existing one. Always keep in mind that some functions, such as the Email app and Samsung Pay, are only available on Samsung devices.

Please keep in mind that the Galaxy Fit, Fit2, and Galaxy Watch4 series cannot be used without a smartphone. It’s not an issue if you don’t have a phone! Certain watch models allow you to continue to use your watch even while it is alone.

  1. As soon as your watch comes to life for the first time, swipe up and press thequestionmarkicon
  2. Swipe up and taphere on the following screen to continue. Continue by tapping on the Continue button, and then agree to the various rules. To set up your watch without a phone, simply follow the instructions on the screen. If your watch is LTE-capable, you will be prompted to purchase a mobile data package
  3. Otherwise, nothing will happen. You can skip this step if you already have this service by swiping down to the bottom of the screen, selecting that you already have this service, and then tapping Next. If you do not currently have a mobile data plan and would like to learn more about them, you should contact your cell carrier. Alternatively, you may tapSkip to continue configuring your device.

How to Connect a Samsung Galaxy Watch to a New Phone

Fotosr52/Shutterstock Connecting a Samsung Galaxy wristwatch to a new phone might be a hassle, especially if you have a lot of data to transfer. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as pressing a “connect” button on a computer. How to make the procedure as painless as feasible is what we’ll demonstrate. Initially, the procedure is carried out on your Samsung Galaxy Watch. To begin, hit the “Power Button” to bring up the app gallery, and then choose the “Settings” app (which is represented by a gear symbol) from the list of available options.

  • The next page will prompt you to create a backup of your data.
  • Select “Back Up Data” from the drop-down menu.
  • “Back Up Data” should be selected.
  • Select all of the categories that you’d like to preserve, and then touch “Back Up” on your keyboard.
  • This time, simply press “Continue.” Everything on the device will be erased, including the data.
  • We can now make the transition to your new smartphone.
  • It will look for your smartwatch if it is close by.

In order to pair your watch with your phone, press “Pair” on the Wearable app’s screen and then tap “Connect.” On the Wearable app, you’ll see an animation that says “Finishing Pairing.” When it is finished, it will indicate “Watch Paired.” To proceed, click “I Agree.” The next step is to attach the relevant plugin to your individual watch model, which is described in detail below.

Choose from any of the options presented on this screen, or press “Skip.” If you have made your selections, press “Next.” You’ll be prompted to check in to your Samsung account before continuing.

To sign in, select “Sign In.” To input your login and password, follow the procedures outlined above.

“Check for Backup” should be selected, and then “Next.” Select all of the items you wish to restore and then press the “Restore” button on your keyboard.

That’s all there is to it! Your watch will now be restored to the condition it was in when you used your previous phone. There may be a few loose ends to tie up, but the vast bulk of things will be in the same state as when you left them.

Getting started: Samsung Galaxy Watch

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is the latest smartwatch from Samsung, and it is meant to keep up with your busy lifestyle. Check out the information provided below to assist consumers in getting started with their new gadgets.

In the box

Everything consumers need to get started with their new Samsung Galaxy Watch devices is included in the box with their purchase of the Galaxy Watch.

  • Galaxy Watch gadget
  • Second watch band
  • Charging cradle
  • USB cable
  • Wall adapter
  • Warranty and safety information
  • Start guide.

Buttons and icons

The possibilities for consumers’ new gadgets are numerous, so here’s a brief rundown of some of the most fundamental features:


To open the status panel on the Watch screen, swipe down from the top of the screen when it is shown.


  1. Airplane mode, power saving mode, and always-on display are all available. Lighting
  2. Indicator icons
  3. Ringtone volume
  4. Do not disturb
  5. Preferences
  6. Theater mode

Device tutorials and user guide

Whatever our clients want to do with their new gadgets, we have a wealth of tools accessible to assist them in getting started.

First time use

When you first power on your new device, you may be greeted by a setup wizard that will guide you through the process. Take a look at the steps listed below to see how to complete the installation procedure.

Charge device

Connecting the cord to the device’s wireless charging port will allow it to be charged. After connecting the Watch and the wireless charger dock, the LED indicator on the wireless charger dock flashes different colors to display the battery level.

  • Orange indicates that the device is in standby mode
  • Red indicates that it is charging
  • Green indicates that it has been fully charged
  • And orange indicates that it is connected to a low-charger head.

Attach the watch band and wear the watch

  1. Assemble the watch band by pressing the pin tab forward while matching the strap with the pin holes
  2. Next, attach the watch band to the watch. To remove the watch band, press the pin tab inward to release the strap
  3. To replace the watch band, repeat the same. To use the strap, open the buckle and wrap it around your wrist. Adjust the strap to your wrist, place the pin into an adjustment hole, and then secure the clasp to close the strap if necessary. Take a look at these suggestions and precautions:
  1. Some users may feel pain when wearing the Galaxy Watch for lengthy durations
  2. In the case of sensitive skin or if the Galaxy Watch is fastened too firmly, you may experience some pain. It is not recommended to expose the straps to extremely damp circumstances. Straps that are wet might cause skin irritations. To begin, dry the straps. If you encounter skin discomfort when using the device, discontinue wearing the device and visit a physician
  3. The Galaxy Watch and the strap have passed the hazardous materials test and fulfill international safety requirements

Set up your Samsung watch with or without a phone

See Setting up your Samsung smart watch, either with or without the help of a phone. You may use the Samsung Galaxy Wearable application for the following purposes:

  • Android users should download the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app
  • Apple users should download the Samsung Galaxy Watch app (On iOS devices, the watch can only be used through Bluetooth).

Transferring data

  1. Make use of the old phone to sign into your Google account. Back up your data by selecting the appropriate choices. If you want to transfer photos easily between devices, you may install Google Photos on each of them. If the SIM card on your old phone and the SIM card on your new phone are the same size, you may simply swap them. Using the SIM card that comes with the new phone if they are not the same size is the best option. Follow the setup wizard’s instructions, and when prompted, sign into the same Google account that you used for your prior phone.


What you need to know to get started with your new gadget. INFORMATIONON HOW TO WATCH AND LEARN If you have previously linked your Galaxy Watch and phone, but have not yet configured a cellular connection, see Setting up a cellular connection. Activate your watch to connect your Galaxy Watch to a cellular network for the first time.

  1. To turn on the watch, press and hold the Power/Home button for a few seconds. Please keep in mind that the SIM card is pre-installed and cannot be removed. It is necessary to install the Galaxy Wearable app on your smartphone in order to link your watch with your smartphone. To access the Apps traySamsung folderGalaxy Wearable app if it is installed on the device, slide up or down on the home screen. For more information on installing the Galaxy Wearable app, go to the home screen and search forGalaxy WearableINSTALLACCEPTOPEN
  3. And then follow the steps to choose your Gear from the Play Store. Make sure the smartphone has located the watch by comparing the number in parentheses to the number displayed on the watch. Note: It will take some time for the device to connect, and the watch will show a Bluetooth passkey. Check to ensure that the passkeys on both devices are the same. On the watch, press theCheckmark button, and on the phone, press theOK button. Once you’ve seen the End User License Agreement, click on the appropriate circle to indicate your agreement. Next, if you have another device available, you can copy material to your new device by selectingNEXT. Choosing the chosen backup, then selectingRESTOREand following the instructions to replicate your material, or selectingSKIPto proceed without copying content from an old device
  4. SelectUse code to scan a QR code
  5. Point the camera at the QR code to scan it
  6. And then click Scan QR code. SelectCONNECT
  7. Then selectDONE, and the configuration is complete. You will need to configure NumberSync in order to be able to make calls and send and receive text messages from the phone number associated with your connected device. Take note:Numbersync allows you to make and receive phone calls and text messages using your smartphone number, even if your phone is turned off or not in your possession. CONFIGURATION OF NUMBERSYNC: After connecting the device to an AT T cellular network, you will be requested to install AT T subscriber specific features on the device. Take a look at the prompt and then clickINSTALL. Please keep in mind that your watch will be reset. In order to go to the clock screen, press the Power/Home button and then twist the bezel to find and pick theSettingsicon. Then move the bezel to the right and selectConnections, then spin the bezel to the left and selectAT T NumberSync
  8. Select the Get started option, followed by the Checkmark symbol. Input your AT T User ID and Password from your associated device and click Log In. A five-digit number will be generated and shown on your watch. The 5-digit synccode from your watch must be entered, as well as the I accept the Terms and Conditions checkbox. Your watch will appear in the list of synced watches. Note: To desynchronize your watch, press theOnswitch. When the sync is complete, press DONE on the watch to make NumberSync available for usage. Your Galaxy Watch will display the network name in the Moments bar when it has successfully synchronized with your mobile network, if this has occurred. Note: To turn off NumberSync, open the Galaxy Wearable app and scroll to and choose Mobile networks, then pick Remove
  9. Alternatively, you may use the Samsung Gear app.

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The Galaxy Wearable application establishes a connection between your wearable devices and your smartphone. Also included is the ability to manage and monitor the wearable device features and apps that you’ve downloaded and installed through Galaxy Apps. The Galaxy Wearable application may be used to configure and manage the following capabilities: – Connection and disconnection of mobile devices – Updates to software – Clock settings – Downloading and configuring an application Search for my Watch – Notification type and settings, among other things.

  1. The Galaxy Wearableapplication’s settings and functions are only accessible when your wearable device is linked to your mobile device through a USB cable.
  2. It is only possible to use the Galaxy Wearable application with tablets if you have a Galaxy Buds model.
  3. Devices that are supported vary based on your location, your operator, and the device model.
  4. App permissions may be found under SettingsAppsGalaxy WearablePermissions.
  5. When you choose optional permissions, the default functionality of the service is enabled, but it is not permitted.
  6. Storage: This is used to send and receive the files that have been stored with Gear.

Telephone: This is used to verify device-specific identity information in order to update apps and install plug-in applications. Contacts: These are used to deliver services that must be linked to accounts using Samsung account information that has been registered.

13 Ways to Fix a Samsung Galaxy Watch Not Connecting to a Phone

As a rule, the Samsung Galaxy Watch should be able to connect to your Android phone or iPhone without any problems in most situations. Alternatively, if it is stuck on the pairing screen or is unable to connect with your phone, we will go through numerous methods to resolve the Samsung Galaxy Watch not connecting to an Android phone or iPhone issue in this article.

1. Connect Galaxy Watch to Android or iPhone Properly

The first step in resolving the issue is to ensure that you link your watch and smartphone in the proper manner. Start by launching the Galaxy app (Android or iOS) on your phone if you have a fully new watch. You will be presented with a screen that prompts you to pick your watch model, with on-screen instructions following. It is possible that your mobile device will prompt you to enable Bluetooth on your phone. Wait for the watch to establish a connection with your mobile phone after you have granted permission.

2. Restart Phone and Watch

Starting with a restart of your mobile phone and Galaxy Watch, you can proceed. To restart your watch, press and hold the Home/Power/Apps button on the side of the watch for several seconds. From a selection of available options, select Power off. In order to turn the watch back on after it has been turned off, press and hold the same button for a few seconds until you see the watch’s logo on the screen.

3. Enable Bluetooth

Check to be that Bluetooth is enabled on both your phone and your watch before continuing. If it is switched off on even a single device, you will experience connectivity problems. To enable Bluetooth, follow these steps:

  • To enable Bluetooth on an Android device, go to “Settings – Connections -Bluetooth” and flip the switch on. You can also activate it from the Quick settings menu
  • On the iPhone, go to “Settings -Bluetooth” and flip the switch to the on position. This feature may also be turned on in the Control Center. Go to “Settings – Connections -Bluetooth” on your watch to enable Bluetooth. Check to see that the Bluetooth toggle is turned on.

Continue to keep the phone and watch within range of each other once Bluetooth has been activated on both devices (phone and watch) (32 feet).

4. Check Battery Level

If you are experiencing problems syncing your phone and watch, it is possible that you have a low battery on either your phone or your watch. Samsung advises that the phone and watch have a battery life of more than 25% at all times. In the same way, make sure your phone or watch is not in low power or battery-saving mode by checking the settings.

5. Update Galaxy Wearable App

Frequently, the problem is caused by an outdated version of the Galaxy Wearable app. To upgrade it, go to the Google Play store (for Android devices) or the App Store (for iOS devices) (iPhone). Look for the Galaxy Wearable application. If the Update button is present, click on it. Restart the phone and try attaching it again while keeping an eye on it.

6. Update Phone and Watch

In a similar vein to the app, the software on your phone and watch must be updated to the most recent version in order to operate properly. The following is the procedure to follow in order to install the OS updates:

  • On Android, go to “Settings – Software update -Download” and follow the on-screen instructions. Alternatively, you may navigate to “Settings – About – Software update.” Select “Settings – General – Software update” from the iPhone’s menu bar. To use the Galaxy Watch, launch the Galaxy Wearable app on the phone that is connected. To download and install the software update, scroll down in the app and touch on “Watch Software update -Download.”

7. Check Phone’s System Language

Some Galaxy Watch users recommend that you retain English as the default language on your phone for the first time you link it with the watch.

To change the language of your Android phone, go to “Settings – General Management (System) -Language” and select English from the list. To change the language on your iPhone, go to “Settings – General – LanguageRegion -iPhone language” and choose English.

8. Clear Cache for Galaxy Wearable App (Android Only)

In order to resolve the issue of your Galaxy wearable not connecting to your phone on Android phones, you may try deleting its cache. This may be accomplished by going to “Settings -Apps -Galaxy Wearable app -Storage.” Restart your phone after pressing the “Clear cache” button.

9. Disconnect Phone and Watch

Refreshing the connection between your phone and Galaxy watch will also assist in resolving the issue of your phone and Galaxy watch not connecting. You will need to disconnect them from each other and reconnect them in order to accomplish this. To do so, launch the Galaxy Wearable application and touch on the three-bar symbol at the top of the screen. Select Disconnect from the drop-down menu. If it says Connect, it means that the watch has already been unplugged. To establish a connection, press the Connect button.

Open the Galaxy Wearable app once more and tap the Connect button on the home screen to reconnect to the device.

10. Connect to a New Phone

Using the standard technique of connecting your Galaxy Watch to your new phone will not work if your Galaxy Watch was previously linked to a different phone. You’ll need to use the “Connect to a new phone” feature on your watch to do this task. Select Settings from the home screen of your Galaxy Watch. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose Connect to new phone. Your watch will be reset as a result of this. Then, as shown before, connect the phone and watch using method 1.

11. Re-pair Watch

Unpairing the watch from its Bluetooth connection might sometimes be beneficial. On Android, navigate to “Settings – Connections -Bluetooth” to enable Bluetooth. Tap on the Settings icon next to the Galaxy Watch and select the Unpair option. Then, using the Wearable app, pair the devices once more. Navigate to “Settings -Bluetooth” on your iPhone. Tap on the I symbol next to Galaxy Watch and select the Forget this device option, after which the two devices will be repaired once again if necessary.

12. Re-install App and Plugins

You could also try uninstalling and reinstalling the Galaxy Wearable application as well as any plugins that you may have downloaded. Make care to remove them first before proceeding.

13. Reset Watch

Finally, if nothing else seems to work, you should try resetting the watch. This may be accomplished by navigating to “General -Reset” in the Galaxy Watch’s Settings menu. After rebooting the phone, connect it to a television and view as in procedure 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

At any one moment, you can only have one Galaxy Watch connected to one mobile phone. It will be necessary to detach it from one phone in order to connect it to the other. You may, however, utilize numerous watches with the same phone if you have more than one phone.

2. Can You Use a Galaxy Watch Without a Phone?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch may be used independently of a mobile device, and this is true. On the initial setup screen, you will be presented with the choice to do so.

3. Can a Galaxy Watch Connect to Wi-Fi without a Phone?

Yes, your Galaxy Watch is capable of establishing remote connections to Wi-Fi. Having this feature will be useful for receiving alerts on your watch when it isn’t directly linked with your phone through Bluetooth. We hope that one of the alternatives listed above was successful in resolving your Galaxy Watch not connecting to phone problem. If the problem persists and you are considering purchasing another wristwatch, learn more about the differences between the Fitbit and the Apple Watch by clicking here.

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‎Samsung Galaxy Watch (Gear S)

* The Galaxy Watch is not compatible with the iPad or the iPod touch. The Galaxy Watch application allows you to connect your mobile device to your Gear S2, Gear S3, Gear Sport, Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Watch Active2, and Galaxy Watch3 smartwatches. The Galaxy Watch / Galaxy Watch Active / Galaxy Watch Active2 / Galaxy Watch3 features and programs installed through the Galaxy App Store are likewise managed and monitored by the Galaxy Watch / Galaxy Watch Active / Galaxy Watch Active2 / Galaxy Watch3.

Features: – Establishing and terminating a connection with a mobile device – Installation and configuration of the application – Locate my wristwatch The Galaxy Watch application should be installed on your mobile device, and then you can pair your Gear S2, Gear S3, Gear Sport, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 or Samsung Galaxy Watch3 with a Bluetooth connection and take advantage of all of its features.

  • * Compatible devices: The Galaxy Watch is not compatible with the iPad or the iPod touch.
  • When the connection between your mobile device and the Samsung Gear S2 or Gear S3 or Gear Sport, the features on the smartphone will not function correctly.
  • * There are just a few devices that will work with this application: the Gear S2, Gear S3, Gear Sport, Galaxy Watch Galaxy Watch Active, Galaxy Watch Active2, and Galaxy Watch3.
  • * If you have any questions, you may reach out to the web page listed above.
  • Even if you do not agree with the agreements, you may still use the basic services; however, you will not be able to utilize the disagree services.
  • – Background Refresh/Fetch: Necessary for communication with the Watch when it is running in the foreground.
  • In order to activate gear side eSIM, a camera is required during the eSIM activation in Galaxy Watch Setup.
  • – Contacts: Access to phone contacts is required in order to add a buddy and sync with gear contacts.
  • – Calendar: Permission is necessary to sync the Watch Calendar with the main calendar.

It is also necessary in order to use the service when the Wi-Fi network is unavailable.” Version 1.10.21040802 is the most recent available. – Bug fixes and enhanced stability across the board.

Ratings and Reviews

4.1 stars out of a possible 511.4K points

Battery Doesn’t Last Half as Long

In December of 2018, I received my Gear S3 Frontier over the Christmas holiday season. It has been a pleasure to use and appreciate since the day I received it. For me, if I’d been in the market at the time, I’d have gone with whatever was trendy at the time (fitbit, Apple Watch, or whatever). However, it was a present from my husband, who is the type of person who researches and reads reviews and evaluations before making a decision on any purchase or investment. I started working on the latest version around three weeks ago and haven’t stopped since.

  1. I can see there is a difference in the appearance of the symbols and colors displayed on the screen.
  2. This seems like something I couldn’t care less about at all.
  3. Because I do not have an iPhone, I am unable to react to messages; but, I can get SMS and iMessages on my watch, which is convenient.
  4. Even on days when I don’t work out, my battery life is at around 50% by midday, and I still have a whole day ahead of me nearly entirely on a single charge.
  5. Please assist me in determining why my battery life has significantly decreased since I upgraded.
  6. We apologize for any trouble this may have caused you.
  7. Moreover, we recommend that you use the always-on feature sparingly because the display consumes the majority of the battery’s capacity while it is turned on.
  8. Your proposal has been taken into consideration and will be forwarded to the development team.

Works With iPhone 6s Plus

Before purchasing my Galaxy Watch, I did a lot of research on the device’s compatibility with the iPhone (standalone version from T-Mobile). From what I could see, I would be losing a significant amount of functionality because iOS does not play well with Samsung goods. The good news is that I can still make and receive calls and messages even if I switch my iPhone off at home and leave it there for an extended period of time (reviews all said I would not be able to reply to texts from my watch).

It has been my experience that the ability to sync my watch with my Samsung phone is a feature I will much miss because I do not like to carry a phone and wallet while I am working out.

In addition, the voice-to-text function on my watch does not work (it did work when linked with a Samsung phone, but not on my watch).

This is a function that I think can be improved because it is tough to write out even brief messages on the little screen currently in use.

Greetings, valued customer. We appreciate that you conducted thorough study and determined exactly what limits were before to purchasing the Watch. We will forward your proposal on to the development team, and we appreciate you for your time.

IOS user

I received a response to one of my earlier evaluations only a few days after I submitted the review in question. After removing the app from my iPhone and performing a factory reset, I was able to resolve the issue. Everything started operating again once I performed a clean install, however I had to reinstall all of my watch faces that were no longer displayed as accessible. I’m giving them a five-star rating now since I appreciate the fact that they answered and that it works. Previously, we looked at: After having the watch for around 6 months, the raise hand motion to wake function stopped working after about a month.

  1. I just installed an update, and one of the modifications was the addition of a touch screen to wake the computer, which does not function either.
  2. There is no sound or vibrations for me.
  3. I’ve enabled notifications for the Galaxy Watch as well as for text messages.
  4. I really like the design of the galaxy watch, as well as the customisation options it offers over the Apple Watch, but I’m not thrilled with the problems I’m experiencing with it.
  5. I asked for assistance using the Galaxy iOS app some months ago, but never received an answer.
  6. Greetings, valued customer.
  7. In order to use the wake-up gesture, please switch your Watch off and on again, followed by turning the gesture back on.
  8. Please keep us informed on your progress.
  9. More information can be found in the privacy policy of the developer.

Data Not Collected

The developer does not gather any information from users of this application. For example, depending on the features you use or your age, your privacy practices may be different. Read on to find out more


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is the seller. Compatibility262 MBSize262 MB iPhone It is necessary to have iOS 9.0 or later. iPod touch is a portable media player that allows you to listen to music on the go. It is necessary to have iOS 9.0 or later. LanguagesEnglish, Albanian, Arabic, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Norwegian Bokml, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Ukrainian Vietnamese Age Rating4+Depends on Location This app may utilize your location even when it is not open, which might reduce the battery life of your smartphone.

The 2020 Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd. copyright is protected. PriceFree


On November 11, 2021, the information was updated.

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What to Know

  • To link your smartwatch to an Android smartphone, launch the Samsung Gear app and pick StarttheJourney from the menu. To connect your headphones, follow these steps: To use the S3, first ensure that Bluetooth is enabled, then switch on your headset, then twist the bezel and selectBTheadset. To add applications, click on the Plus (+) symbol and then select the application you wish to install.

It goes without saying that your new Samsung Gear S3 wristwatch is the ideal companion for your Samsung smartphone. It enhances the functionality of your phone while also serving as a stylish fashion item. In this post, we’ll walk you through the process of getting started with your Samsung Gear S3. Set up your Samsung Gear S3 by placing it on the charging stand and allowing it to charge completely before you begin setting up.

How to Set Up Your Samsung Gear S3 to Work With Your Smartphone

  1. Install and activate the Gear S3 application. If you’re using a Samsung phone, go to yourGalaxy Apps and download the Gear application. For Android smartphones other than Samsung, go to the Google Play Store and download the Samsung Gear app. The Gear S3 may be turned on by pressing and holding the Powerbutton for a few seconds. When you initially turn on your Gear S3, you’ll be prompted to link it to your smartphone
  2. This is standard. Select Samsung Gear from the Apps menu on your smartphone. If you’re requested to upgrade your Samsung Gear, do so before connecting your smartwatch to your computer. If there isn’t a prompt, use the Start the Journey button. Select your device from thePick Your Gearscreen that appears. If the device isn’t mentioned, it means that tapMine isn’t available. Then choose your device from the drop-down menu that displays. Your smartphone will attempt to establish a connection with your device. The checkmark on your Gear and the OK button on your phone are required to proceed when the Bluetooth pairing request window is presented on your Gear and your smartphone respectively. By clicking Next, you acknowledge and agree to the Terms of Service as presented on your smartphone
  3. The smartwatch will send you notifications, and you’ll be asked to configure the applications you wish to use with them on your smartphone before you can use them on the watch. When you’ve finished making your options, hit Next to finish the setup on your smartphone. When you first turn on your Gear S3, you’ll be invited to go through a tutorial that will teach you how to use the device’s basic controls. You are finished with your setup once you have completed the guide.

Using Your Gear S3 With Your Smartphone


Using Your Gear S3 as a Phone

  • On incoming calls, simply tap and drag to the right the green phone symbol until it is answered. Alternatively, you may press the phone symbol and swipe to the left to refuse the call. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and select the proper answer to refuse the call and send pre-programmed text messages instead. The Samsung Gear App allows you to personalize these messages to your liking. It’s easy to make an outgoing call by either selecting a contact from Contacts, which should instantly sync with the contacts on your smartphone, or by tapping the dial pad from within the phone app and manually entering the number.

Connect Your Gear S3 to a Bluetooth Headset

  1. On the Appsscreen, select Settings
  2. Scroll down and select Connections
  3. And then press Enter. Bluetooth may be activated by tapping on it. Set the earbuds in your ears and press play. On the Gear S3, spin the bezel and press the Bluetooth headset button. The Bluetooth headset’s name will appear on the screen, and you will need to tap it to link it with the watch.

If you don’t see your headset, scan the Gear S3 with your finger, and then hit the name of the headset when it appears to scroll across the screen on the Gear S3.

Customizing Your Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch

You may personalize your device’s watch face and applications after it has been fully configured. Jerri Ledford

Change Your Watch Face Settings

  1. Select Home by pressing the Homekey located on the side of the watch
  2. Swipe through the applications using the bezel of your phone or the tip of your finger until you reach theSettingsicon (looks like a gear). Select theSettingsicon from the toolbar. SelectStyle
  3. Faces may be watched by tapping them. To choose a face you prefer, simply scroll through the various options. When you discover it, tap the face on it to make it active. If there isn’t a watch face that you like, selectAdd Templateat the end of the list of available watch faces to add new watch faces to your device.

In addition, you may add more faces to your Samsung Gear S3 by using the Gear application: tap More watch faces may be found in the Recommended Watch Facessection. A face gallery with both paid and free watch face selections will be displayed once you click “Continue.”

Add or Delete Apps from Your Gear S3:

  1. Press the Homekey on the side of your watch to return to the home screen. Using the bezel of your phone or your finger, swipe through the apps on your screen. Whenever you come across an app that you wish to remove, tap and hold the symbol for a few seconds until a smallminus sign appears on it. To uninstall the program, click on the minus symbol. You may add applications by scrolling around the app wheel until you come across the plusicon. To add more, use the plusicon. You may search through the list of available applications to discover the one you want to download
  2. To install the app on your phone right away, simply tap it.

For further information on adding more applications to your phone via the smartphone app, open theGearapp and scroll down to Suggested Apps in the left-hand navigation pane. Then choose View Additional Apps. You will be sent to the app gallery, where you may download both free and premium applications. Thank you for informing us about this issue!

How to set up the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

(Image courtesy of Future) Do you want to know how to set up your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4? Many of you have most likely just received your new Samsung smartwatch and are eager to get started with your new piece of wrist candy. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, which starts at $249.99, is the greatest Samsung watch that has ever been produced. It’s also the first wristwatch to use Google’s unified software, which includes a slew of unique Wear OS features that distinguish the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. It’s understandable that you wanted to get one for yourself.

  • Find the most appropriate smartwatch for you. What’s the difference between the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic? Using the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 to measure body composition is explained in detail.

Regardless of whether you purchased the basic Galaxy Watch 4 or the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic with the rotating bezel, you can configure your wristwatch in a matter of minutes by following these simple instructions. A fully charged Galaxy Watch 4 and a compatible smartphone running the Galaxy Wearableapp are all you’ll need to get started. One thing to keep in mind is that, while the Galaxy Watch 4 is theoretically compatible with any Android phone, it has been engineered to work best with Samsung’s finest devices.

  1. 1.
  2. If your watch would not turn on, it is probable that it need charging.
  3. (Image courtesy of Future) 2.
  4. It’s a 6-digit code with only numbers in it.
  5. Log in to your Samsung account using your smartphone’s browser.
  6. (Image courtesy of Future) Access to your contacts, phone calls calendar, call records, images and media, and the ability to send and read SMS messages can all be granted or denied on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.
  7. Keep in mind that the more access your wristwatch has to your Samsung and Google accounts, the greater integration your smartwatch has with those accounts.
  8. Go over the final Google Terms of Service agreement with a friend.
  9. Sign into your Google account in order to complete the smartphone component of the setup process.
  10. Allow your smartwatch to finish preparing for the final set-up procedures.
  11. (Image courtesy of Future) Explore your Galaxy Watch 4 by following the navigational directions on the band of your wrist.

You should now be able to configure your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Even if the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 standard model is depicted in the preceding stages, the same procedure applies to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic model.

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 (next page)

Kate Kozuch is a senior writer at Tom’s Guide, where she focuses on wearables, televisions, and anything linked to the smart home. On the days when she isn’t transforming into a cyborg, you can find her on an exercise bike or channeling her inner star chef. She and her robot army will one day dominate the globe, but in the meantime, you may contact her at [email protected] Find Business Contact Information

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How to Use Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Without a Phone

Modern smartwatches, like as the Galaxy Watch, may be used without the need for a smartphone, and we’ll guide you through the process of enabling this functionality. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic smartwatches were announced in August in several markets across the world, and they arrived in India the following month, although a few days later. The newest Galaxy Watch smartwatches are available in two configurations: Bluetooth-only and LTE. Because of the data connectivity provided by the LTE model, it may be used as a stand-alone device, but the Bluetooth-only model requires the use of the Galaxy Wearable application to pair.

A technique to utilize the Galaxy Watch without being connected to a mobile phone does exist, however it is not well known.

How to use Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 without a phone

Customers who own a Samsung Galaxy Watch may use the smartwatch for outdoor activities such as mountain climbing or fitness without having to link the device to a mobile phone. While turning on or resetting the Galaxy Watch, it may be used without a mobile device during the first few minutes of operation. It is crucial to remember that several functionalities of the Galaxy Watch are not available when the device is not connected to a mobile device. Follow Gadgets 360 on Twitter, Facebook, and Google News for the most up-to-date tech news and reviews.

Tasneem Akolawala is a Senior Reporter with Gadgets 360 and a former journalist.

Besides reporting on the news from Mumbai, she also writes on the ups and downs of the Indian telecommunications industry.


Related Stories

Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority is a writer and editor based in New York City. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3Samsung is probably best known for its smartphones, but it also makes some excellent smartwatches, including the Galaxy Watch 3 and the Gear S2. TheGalaxy Watch 4, theGalaxy Watch 3, and theGalaxy Watch Active 2 come to mind, but there are also more affordable options available for those on a tighter budget. Despite their widespread use and established quality, Samsung’s smartwatches are subject to the same problems and issues as other wearables.

Within this section, we’ll look at some of the more common Samsung Galaxy Watch issues and provide a list of possible solutions for each of them.

Problem1: Pairing issues

Submitted by Kaitlyn Cimino of the Android Authority. It is possible that you are experiencing difficulties throughout the matching procedure. Alternatively, even once you’ve linked both devices, Bluetooth contact between your smartphone and wristwatch may be interrupted at any time. Solutions that might be implemented include:

  • First and foremost, Samsung recommends that you toggle Bluetooth on and off on your wristwatch.
  • Tizen Galaxy Watches: While on the home screen of your watch, press the Power/Home key on your watch and then tapSettings. Navigate to ConnectionsBluetooth and flip the Bluetooth switch on and off
  • Navigate toSettingsConnectionsBluetooth on your Galaxy Watch 4. Remove the toggle, wait a few seconds, and then replace it with the other toggle. We recommend that you turn off and on Bluetooth on your smartphone as well, just for further security.

If the two devices are having difficulty connecting, check to see if your smartphone and watch are both within Bluetooth communication range of one another. Aside from that, make certain that the passage between them is reasonably unimpeded. Are you still having problems? Try restarting your watch to see if it helps. Details on how to accomplish this on your specific device may be found at the end of this article. Additionally, restart your smartphone. If everything else fails, unpair your smartwatch from your phone and restart it from scratch.

  • To accomplish this, navigate to the Bluetooth settings on your phone and manually unpair the wearable. Once this is completed, couple the device with the computer once more.

Problem2: Syncing issues

Submitted by Kaitlyn Cimino of the Android Authority.

The health information gathered by your Samsung Galaxy Watch does not appear to be synchronizing with the Samsung Health application. What options do you have? Solutions that might be implemented include:

  • Starting with checking whether you can manually sync your watch and smartphone, you should be good to go.
  • Open the Samsung Health app on your phone, tapMenuSettingsSync with Samsung accounttap theswitch icon. Finally, press Sync.

Restart Bluetooth on your smartphone and smartwatch to ensure that it is working properly. Check to make sure that your phone and watch are both linked. Restart your phone as well as your smartwatch. After completing this step, try manually synchronizing one more time. Is there still nothing? It is possible that you may need to remove the Samsung Healthapp from your phone. Reinstall it when it has been completed. It is possible that you may need to unpair your smartwatch from your smartphone.

Make a backup of your device before doing the reset.

  • In order to back up your Samsung Galaxy Watch, launch theGalaxy Wearableapplication on your smartphone. Account and backup may be accessed by tapping Account and backup. Make a backup and restore your data. Make a backup of your data. Choose the settings and applications you wish to keep. Finally, press the Back button. When you’re finished, press the Done button. We recommend that you use the Galaxy Wearable app once again in order to factory reset your watch. It is expected that these methods would be comparable across all Samsung wearables. To use the app on your smartphone, open it and select the Home tab. GeneralResetReset
  • You’ll have to re-configure your wearable device, but this step should rule out any software-related problems.
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If this does not resolve the issue, we recommend that you take your device to Samsung for a more thorough examination. There may be an underlying problem that you are unable to identify or resolve on your own. See also:How to factory reset your Samsung smartwatch

Problem3: Charging issues

Also see: How to perform a factory reset on your Samsung wristwatch.

  • It would be preferable if you started by checking off a few realistic troubleshooting boxes.
  • To begin, double-check that your wireless charger is properly connected to the wall and that the socket is turned on. Check whether there’s any damage to the charger or the charging wire. If this is the case, try using an alternative charger or cord if one is available. Do you have a feeling that the wall plug is the source of the problem? Check to see whether another appliance may be used with that particular plug. Clean and clear of dirt the charging ports on the Samsung Galaxy Watch as well as the charging dock/cradle.

If your smartwatch still has some energy left in it, consider resetting it before attempting to charge it once again. Do you have a feeling it’s the dock? If you possess a Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 3, Watch Active 2, original Galaxy Watch, or Galaxy Watch Active, you should experiment with a different Qiwireless charger.

  • If you have a smartphone that also supports wireless power sharing, you may utilize this as an alternate charging option as well
  • However, this is not recommended.

If you have a smartphone that also supports wireless power sharing, you may utilize this as an alternate charging option as well; however, it is not recommended.

Problem4: Screen issues

Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority is a writer and editor based in New York City. If your Samsung Galaxy Watch is charging and maintaining power, but the display isn’t turning on, there might be a serious problem with the device. Before taking your smartphone to Samsung for a more in-depth examination, consider some of these probable solutions. Solutions that might be implemented include:

  • The first step to do if your watch’s display has streaks, seems pixelated, or flickers is to simply restart it, according to Samsung.
  • Pay close attention to the display on your watch’s face at this point throughout the procedure. If the problems continue to occur on the reboot screen, you may need to contact Samsung for assistance. It’s possible that this is the beginning of a more serious problem. This will also rule out the possibility of any applications or watch faces being the source of the problem
  • However, if you don’t see anything during the restart process but do notice something after the watch reset, you may need to change the watch face. To accomplish this, tap and hold the watch face on the watch’s home screen for a few seconds. tap The face may be uninstalled by tapping thecheckmarkt. Galaxy Watches running on both Tizen and Wear OS exhibit the same behavior.

Other aspects to consider:

  • If your smartwatch’s screen doesn’t respond to motions, double-check that raise-to-wake is enabled on the watch itself.
  • To activate raise-to-wake on your phone, open theGalaxy Wearableapp on your device, tapAdvanced, and then press the toggle next toWake-up gesture to enable raise-to-wake functionality. You can do the same thing on your Tizen Galaxy Watch as well. Open the Settings application. Advanced Activate the wake-up gesture by switching it on. Galaxy Watch 4 (also known as the Gear S4): SettingsDisplay The screen will come to life. To wake up, raise your wrist.

Problem5: Notification issues

Smartwatches aren’t smartwatches unless they can receive notifications. On rare occasions, your phone will fail to transmit messages and notifications to your wristband. Here are a few suggestions for possible solutions. Solutions that might be implemented include:

  • Starting with a restart of both your smartphone and wristwatch is a good option at all times. Hopefully, this will resolve the situation without too much difficulty. Examine the Galaxy Wearable app to determine whether notifications are enabled. Select Notifications from the app’s home screen and make sure the master toggle is turned on before you begin to work.
  • On this screen, you can also turn on notification support for specific applications if they aren’t delivering notifications through the general notification system.

Are there still no notifications? Make sure there are no battery saving or alert limitation modes enabled on your Samsung Galaxy Watch before using it.

  • Watches with Tizen operating system: Open theSettingsapp on your watch and navigate to theAdvanced section. Make certain that the Goodnight mode, the Theater mode, and the Do not disturb mode are all turned off. These toggles can be found in the Advanced features section of the Settings menu on the Galaxy Watch 4. Additionally, they may be toggled under theAdvancedtab of the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone

Problem6: Update issues

Submitted by Kaitlyn Cimino of the Android Authority. It is critical to maintain your smartwatch up to date in order for it to function properly. They are up to date with the latest security updates, bug fixes, and new functionality. The problem is that these updates can fail to download, cause new problems, or simply fail to install at all. There might be a variety of factors contributing to these problems, but there are a few things you can do to address them. Solutions that might be implemented include:

  • The Android Authority’s Kaitlyn Cimino contributed to this article. In order to maintain your smartwatch working well, it is necessary to do regular software upgrades. They contain the most recent security updates, bug fixes, and new functionality. In certain cases, however, these updates will not download or will install because they will cause additional problems. Several factors might be at play in these problems, but there are a few things you can do to address them if they persist. Suggestions for possible remedies include the following:

Problem7: Activity tracking issues

Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority is a writer and editor based in New York City. The fitness monitoring technology built into Samsung’s smartwatches isn’t the most precise on the market, but it’s still sufficient for getting a broad sense of your overall health.

However, it is possible that your watch will not immediately record your exercises. On the other hand, it may incorrectly record information. Solutions that might be implemented include:

  • Is it possible that your Samsung Galaxy Watch is not automatically measuring your exercise? That is a straightforward repair.
  • Those with Tizen Galaxy Watches should visit Samsung HealthSettings and turn on Workout detection. Make certain that this option is enabled. Remember that automated workout recognition will only activate after 10 minutes, so if your workouts are less than that, this might be the source of the problem. Toggle on Auto identify exercises in the Samsung HealthSettings on the Galaxy Watch 4. You may also see if this function is enabled on your smartphone by checking the settings. On your phone, open Galaxy Wearable and navigate to the Health settingsWorkout detection section

Furthermore, it should be noted that this trait may potentially be at the basis of other problems. Automatic workout detection may need to be turned off if you discover that your watch is collecting incorrect data or that it has unexpectedly started recording a vigorous exercise session. If you are experiencing another problem, try resetting your smartwatch first. Checking for software upgrades will also rule out (or cure) the possibility of a software problem. Ironically, software upgrades might sometimes result in the emergence of new problems.

However, you should only do this if you have tried all other possibilities.

  • For sleep monitoring, Samsung Galaxy Watches may utilize either your heart rate or body movement to capture information about your night’s sleep.
  • To use heart rate-based monitoring, use the Samsung Health app on your smartphone. In SleepSettings, choose Record REM sleep. If you believe this option is wrong or overly sensitive, you may turn it off and instead utilize body movement as the primary recording measure. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 will automatically switch between the two modes to provide the most accurate measurement of your sleep cycle, which is very noteworthy.

Problem8: Cellular issues

LTE connectivity is available on several Samsung Galaxy Watches. The ability to stream music while jogging or making calls from your watch is quite convenient. However, it is possible that the watch will lose its connection from time to time. Additionally, you may experience difficulties configuring the service. Solutions that might be implemented include:

  • First and foremost, make certain that your smartwatch is an LTE model
  • If you’re configuring your Samsung Galaxy Watch, make certain that your smartwatch is compatible with both your phone and watch. Assume that you have an Android smartphone with at least 1.5GB of RAM and that it is running Android 5.0 or newer software. Your cell network, on the other hand, may not be compatible with your watch.
  • To enable LTE on your smartwatch, first confirm that your smartwatch is synced with your mobile device. For further information, see theGalaxy Wearable appMobile networks. The app will look for LTE networks and notify you if one is found. Once you’ve finished, just follow the steps.

If, on the other hand, your smartwatch’s connectivity suddenly stops working, you might try restarting both your smartwatch and your mobile phone. You’re still having problems, aren’t you? It’s possible that you’ll need to reset the network settings on your watch.

  • Samsung Galaxy Watches with Tizen operating system: press the Power/Home keySettingsConnectionsMobile networksMobile plans. After that, you’ll need to follow the on-screen instructions. Once you’ve finished, press the Reset button. Galaxy Watch 4: SelectSettingsConnectionsMobile networks from the main menu. Names of Access Points Reset
  • You may also reset the network settings on your watch using the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone
  • However, this is not recommended. Once you’ve finished, transfer the information about your cell plan to your smartphone.

Problem9: Samsung Pay issues

Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority is a writer and editor based in New York City. Payments made with Samsung Pay are extremely convenient because they do not require actual cards. However, there may be a few hiccups in the service from time to time. Solutions that might be implemented include:

  • According to Samsung’s own literature, the Samsung Pay plugin that is installed on your phone is the common suspect. However, we recommend that you first try resetting your wristwatch and smartphone before proceeding with any further procedures
  • Otherwise, It may be necessary to unpair and re-pair your smartwatch and phone if this does not resolve the issue. Still no luck? Remove the Samsung Pay plugin from your computer and see if it helps. Go to theSettingsmenu on your phone and choose “General.” Uninstall the Samsung Pay (Watch plugin) application. To confirm, press the OK button.
  • Reinstall the plugin from the Google Play Store or the Samsung Galaxy Store when it has been completed.

If this step does not provide results, you may want to consider utilizing Samsung Pay on your smartphone. You’ll also need to make sure that the program is properly installed.

  • If it works, you can rule out any possibility of a direct problem with your bank card or the service. However, if this does not work, you may try withdrawing and re-adding your bank card to the service.

Finally, if all else fails, it is possible that you will have to reset the smartwatch.

Problem10: Band issues

Samsung’s smartwatches are available with a variety of band variations. In the case of the Galaxy Watch Active 2, for example, silicone bands are included, but leather straps are included with the Galaxy Watch 3. Both materials are susceptible to deterioration and wear. If, on the other hand, your watch band fails as a result of a manufacturer defect, you may see if it is still covered by Samsung’s warranty term. Samsung’s wearables are protected by a one-year warranty in the United States.

Problem11: Performance issues

Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority is a writer and editor based in New York City. More often than not, performance concerns with older smartwatches arise later in their useful lives. Lag, occasional app hangs, and power loss are all symptoms of this problem. You can mitigate the severity of these problems to a certain amount. Solutions that might be implemented include:

  • Please try restarting your smartwatch if it hasn’t been used in a while before taking any harsh measures. If this doesn’t resolve your difficulties, you may need to remove any applications that you aren’t currently using.
  • It’s more convenient to accomplish this from your smartphone. Navigate to the AppsManage applications section of the Galaxy Wearable app. Uninstall everything you don’t require or don’t use on a regular basis. This should free up storage space, minimize background RAM utilization, and extend the battery life of the device.

It’s possible that the watch face you’re wearing is also to blame. Change the default face to see if it helps.

  • To do so, press and hold the watch face and swipe across the screen to pick a different face
  • You can also delete any faces that you no longer want to see. For this, tap and hold the watch face on the watch’s home screen for a few seconds, then scroll between the faces. If you no longer want to utilize a face, press Remove, and then tap thecheckmark to uninstall it. This approach is consistent among Samsung Galaxy Watches running both Tizen and Wear OS. Make use of a standard watch face if possible.

Software updates should be checked for.

If your device is experiencing a basic software problem, an update is likely to resolve the problem. In particular, if you haven’t updated your device in a while, you may experience problems.

  • Of course, a recent upgrade might also be the source of the problem. It is possible that you may need to reset your smartwatch in this situation.

If everything else fails, you may need to take your smartwatch to a Samsung service center for a more thorough examination.

How to restart your Samsung Galaxy device

Samsung smartwatches can be reset straight from their screens, but if they’re not responding or if you need to do a hard reset, here’s how to do it with their buttons or your smartphone.

  • The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4/Classic may be shut off by pressing and holding both buttons on the watch until the screen goes blank. After that, the watch will restart. If you have a Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: press and hold both buttons on the watch for at least eight seconds, or until the watch reboots. For the Samsung Galaxy Watch, press and hold the Home key until a rebooting prompt appears. The watch should be able to resume shortly after that. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 requires you to press and hold both of the watch’s buttons until the gadget reboots. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active: Press and hold both buttons on the watch until the device restarts
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active: Press and hold both buttons on the watch until the device reboots
  • Samsung Galaxy Fit 2: There are two methods for restarting the Galaxy Fit 2. Launch the Galaxy Wearable application on your smartphone. Toggle navigationHomeAbout the band Band should be restarted. On the band itself, slide down on the home screen, swipe right three times, and then press on the icon with three dots to bring up the settings menu for the band. To begin, choose the top icon that displays.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4/Classic may be turned off by pressing and holding both buttons on the watch until the screen goes black. When this happens, the watch will restart; For the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, press and hold both buttons on the device for at least eight seconds, or until the watch restarts. If you have a Samsung Galaxy Watch, press and hold the Home key until a restarting prompt appears. Soon after that, the watch should begin working again. In order to restart your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, you must press and hold both buttons on the watch for a few seconds.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Watch Classic, press and hold both buttons on the watch until the device reboots.

Start the Galaxy Wearable application on your phone.

Activate the band’s reset button.

To begin, choose the top symbol that displays on your screen.

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