How To Connect Samsung Tv To Wifi Without Adapter


How To Connect Samsung TV To WiFi Without Adapter? [2021]

If you’re looking for instructions on how to connect your Samsung TV to WiFi without an adapter, you’ve come to the correct spot. This is one of the most commonly asked questions, particularly in relation to older television models, and we will cover all you need to know in this article. For a hands-free connection to your Samsung TV’s wifi network without the use of an adaptor, navigate to the network settings and choose the WPS function. Keep the WPS button on your remote depressed for a few seconds, and the TV should connect automatically.

Let’s start with the basics and work our way up until you’re able to connect your Samsung TV to the internet without the need of an adapter or any other third-party software.

How To Connect Samsung TV To WiFi Without Adapter?

By Adapter, we are referring to a LAN card, which is the hardware component that is responsible for wireless networking. Every drive that makes use of WiFi has a built-in LAN card. If your TV is equipped with one, it will not be able to connect to WiFi unless you connect one. The WiFi cards in newer Samsung TV models are normally pre-installed, so your TV will be able to automatically check for available networks and connect to them. Let’s get right into it. There are two primary techniques for connecting your TV to WiFi without the use of an adaptor.

First Way: Use Wireless Wifi Card

The easiest and most straightforward method of connecting your Samsung TV to the internet is to make use of the built-in network settings on your device. Note:In order to complete the process, you must first have the Wifi password for your network. Wifi passwords can be found in the settings of your router, which you can access using the manufacturer’s login and password. You can also discover Wifi passwords on the internet. The following are the procedures to establish a wireless connection using a Wi-Fi card: Step1.

  • Go to the Network tab in the menu area and then enter the Network Settings in that part.
  • A white box will appear in the new window, and you will need to enter the password for your wireless network in it.
  • Whichever method you choose, you will be in possession of the code.
  • Please keep in mind that this approach is the most ubiquitous way to wirelessly join your Samsung TV with a WiFi network.

After trying the first method, if it doesn’t work for you, you may attempt the second method we’ve provided you with, which will show you how to connect to your WiFi network through your Samsung TV by pressing the WPS button on the remote.

Second Way: Connect To Wifi Through WPS

Despite the fact that the technique might be quite complicated, it is the only way to connect your Samsung TV to a wireless network if it does not already have a LAN card installed on it. Make sure you carefully follow our instructions to ensure that your Samsung TV is properly connected. Check to see whether your router has a WPS button so that you can manually initiate the procedure rather than bringing additional devices near your television. That being said, here are the steps to connect your Samsung TV to wifi by pressing the WPS button on the remote control: Step1.

Step2.Press Next, and on the following screen, press and hold the WPS button on your remote control for a few seconds, and your TV will be instantly linked to your network.

Third Way (Bonus) Purchase WiFi Receiver

In case you’re still seeking for a way to connect an old Samsung TV to WiFi without the use of an adapter, this solution is perfect for you! Due to the fact that if you’re using an older Samsung TV that does not support a LAN card, there is currently no way to connect it to WiFi wirelessly, we’ve chosen to include it as an extra step in the process. Simply go to any technical store and look for externalWiFi receivers that are compatible with the Samsung TV system. You can speak with the provider to determine which option is the most appropriate.

You will be able to connect to your network from any device that does not have an inbuilt LAN card if you use a WiFi receiver, therefore you cannot go wrong with it.

Can’t Connect with Wireless Network on Samsung TV?

Now that you know how to connect your Samsung TV to WiFi without the need of an adapter, we’ve determined that you may encounter some challenges. Here are some techniques that have been successful for others who have attempted to accomplish the same objective as you:

1. Restart Router

The router restart is the most ubiquitous way of repairing and renewing your network in the shortest amount of time. You may try power cycling it if you want to be more specific. To power cycle your router, you must first turn it off and then unplug the power adapter. After a few minutes, plug it back in to recharge it.

2. Relocate Router

If a power cycle does not resolve your problem, you may want to consider moving your router. It is possible that your Samsung TV is not receiving a strong signal if it is located too far away. Make certain that your router and Samsung TV are located at a significant distance from one another.

3. Power cycle Samsung TV

Finally, you might try power cycling your Samsung TV to see if it makes any difference. After all, it’s possible that a problem with your TV is interfering with its ability to communicate with your network.

To power cycle your Samsung TV, you must first turn it off and then unhook the power line from the wall outlet. Check to check whether the problem has been resolved after few minutes by plugging it in again.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions on the internet when it comes to LAN cards, their operation, and the most typical problems that occur with them.

How Does LAN Card Work?

However, even though LAN cards are not as frequently used as they once were, they are still the most dependable WiFi component that can be installed inside your television. In order to establish a physical connection with the selected network and to serve as a “entrance” for your device, aLAN cards are used to connect to the network. The physical interface offered by the LAN card is the physical interface via which cable connectors are attached to the card, and it is the initial interface given by the card.

Why Is LAN Card Necessary?

LAN cards are typically found in televisions that were manufactured at least 10-15 years ago. Alternatively, if your TV is not equipped with a LAN card, it is likely to be equipped with Wifi hardware, which can connect with your network quickly and automatically. LAN cards may often give more substantial and dependable connections, but they are becoming increasingly difficult to come by. Wifi is well-known for being speedier and more convenient to use, even if it does have outages and delays from time to time.

You may either use the built-in network settings on your TV or, if those are not accessible, you can use WPS to connect to the internet.

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Bottom Line

Knowing how to connect a Samsung TV to WiFi without the need of an adapter, you should have no trouble establishing a connection with your network provider. Even if your television does not come equipped with a LAN card, you may still connect it to the Internet using a wired Ethernet connection without making any additional expenditures. More postings on Samsung TV and its functionality can be found on our technical blog, where you can also find answers to any device problems you may be experiencing!

His ability in resolving technological challenges is well regarded.

How to connect Samsung smart TV to Wi-Fi without adapter

If your Samsung TV does not come with a built-in WiFi card, you may connect it to the network using a Samsung WiFi LAN adapter. An important aspect to keep in mind regarding this method is that when you connect your TV to the Wi-Fi, you may have various issues such as frequent interruptions when watching movies online or programs becoming unresponsive regularly. It is possible to achieve an optimal speed when using a Samsung TV converter (Hey! It is available on Amazon). As a result, whenever you attempt to connect your Samsung smart TV to WiFi, the internet speed will degrade if you are not using a high-quality router, which will ultimately minimize the entire negative manifestation.

Returning to the topic at hand, there are a variety of methods for connecting your computer to Wi-Fi that you may choose from. We’ve compiled a list of the most straightforward methods that will assist you in avoiding the complexities of setting up a wireless network.

Method 1. Connect Samsung smart TV to Wi-Fi without adapter

Let’s start with the most fundamental and straightforward method of connecting your Samsung TV to the internet without the use of an adapter. Step 1. Turn on your television and navigate through the menu options using the remote control. Step 2.In the menu area, select “Network” and then “Network Setting” from the drop-down menu. Select the next button to go to the next configuration page. Step 3.Choose wifi and then click on “Next,” which will bring up a unique window with further information.

If you look in the new window, you will notice that there is a white box into which you will need to enter your network password.

If you are still unable to connect your Samsung Smart TV to the internet, follow the steps in this second approach.

Method 2. Connect your Samsung smart TV to Wi-Fi without adapter

Despite the fact that this approach might be complex, it is the most efficient method of connecting your TV to Wi-Fi. You won’t have to do anything on the TV manually since it will automatically connect to your Wi-Fi network if you use this approach, saving you time. However, in order to complete this method, you must first verify that your router is equipped with a “WPS” button. Step 1. Navigate to the network settings on your Samsung TV and choose “WPS” from the drop-down menu before pressing next.

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Putting it all together The first way for connecting your Samsung smart TV to Wi-Fi without the use of an adapter is straightforward and may be used with any type of router.

How to connect a Samsung TV to a wireless network Using the Internal LAN Adapter on a Samsung Smart TV, you may connect your phone.

7 Ways To Connect Samsung Smart TV To WiFi Without Adapter [2021]

Your current location is: Home/Smart TVs/7 Ways To Connect Samsung Smart TV To WiFi Without Using An Adapter. In order to connect your Samsung Smart TV to WiFi without using an adapter, you may need to be familiar with these two easy concepts. Your television should be equipped with a piece of hardware known as an adaptor, which allows it to connect to a WiFi network. If you have an outdated television, it is likely that it does not contain a WiFi connection chip. Adapters, which are WIFI chips sold after the fact, have made this possible.

The following is a summary of this guide: Simply navigate to the “Network Settings” section of your Samsung Smart TV’s settings menu.

Then, look for the “WPS function” and hold down the remote button until it is successfully linked to the WiFi network. If it is still not connecting, use the steps outlined below to identify the source of the problem with your TV and resolve it as soon as possible.

Connecting Samsung TV to WiFi without Adapter

Because of this procedure, there is a risk of encountering various issues, such as frequent interruptions while viewing movies online or frequent program hang-ups when connecting to Wi-Fi. If you have a reliable network, the Samsung TV converter will perform admirably. If you do not utilize a high-quality router while connecting your Samsung smart TV to WiFi, the speed of your internet connection will be significantly reduced. It should be noted that this is a very small instance. Returning to the topic at hand, there are a variety of alternatives available when it comes to connecting your computer to Wi-Fi networks.

Method 1. Using WiFi without an adapter on Samsung smart TVs

I’ll walk you through the process of connecting your Samsung TV to Wi-Fi without the use of an adapter, starting with the most basic and easy option.

Step 1.

You must have your television switched on in order to view its menu.

Step 2.

The network settings may be accessed by selecting the network settings link from the network menu. Following your selection of the next option, the next settings page will display.

Step 3.

Following the selection of “Next,” an unique screen will appear. Select wireless and then press the “Next” button.

Step 4.

A unique screen will appear once you click on the “Next” button. Click on “Next.” after selecting wireless.

Step 5.

After inputting the SSID and selecting Next, you’ll be able to connect your TV to a wireless network on your home network. Alternately, if the Samsung Smart TV continues to be unable to connect to the internet, you can attempt the second technique described above.

Method 2.

When utilizing a Samsung smart TV, there is no need to utilize an adapter. Using this process, even though it appears to be complicated, is the quickest way to connect to Wi-Fi on your television. Because you don’t have to do anything manually to connect your TV to your Wi-Fi network when using this approach, it will automatically join to your network. For this technique to work, the “WPS” button on the router must be pressed.

Step 1.

Click the network settings tab on your Samsung TV and then select the WPS option to enable WPS on your Samsung TV.

Step 2.

When you press the “WPS” button, your router will be instantly connected.

Still Not Connected?

It’s possible that your television is experiencing some additional issues. These are some examples: 1) Your television is equipped with Wi-Fi, however it is not operational. 2) Your television is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, however it is your first smart television and you are completely inexperienced with technology. 3) Because your television is not smart, it does not have Wi-Fi. So, here are my responses in order to assist you in resolving the issues listed above:

  1. If your Wi-Fi is not working properly for any reason, you will need to remove the back of your television in order to locate the Wi-Fi card within. Take a snapshot of the card and make a note of the ID number as well as the connection type that was used to connect the rear cord to your computer. If you are unable to complete this task, hire someone who can. Look through the photographs and make purchases for new cards. Usually, problems with TVs are caused by the WiFi card, but in certain circumstances, the Main Board may be the source of the problem (don’t waste your time trying to fix your WiFi if your Main Board is the source of the problem
  2. It’s not worth it). A very low probability exists that your TV will have an external Wi-Fi transmitter
  3. The Samsung user handbook can be obtained or consulted for further information. Most televisions now include a copy of the TV manual, which may be found in the menu under the “help” or “about” section. If I conclude that the TV is out of warranty and the Wi-Fi is not working, this would also be my personal approach to the problem. If you have an HDMI source, you may connect it to one of your Wi-Fi-enabled devices to stream the video (Roku, Firestick, Apple, etc.). (If you are concerned about this, you should know that the Roku currently does not have a web browser that is compatible with it.) There are a variety of choices available, and many of them may be adjusted. There are additional media players that run on Android devices. Smart TVs eliminate the need for a specialized HDMI port and provide a more streamlined approach by incorporating controls within the TV remote control itself. But what really is the point? If you want extra ports, an HDMI expander with a remote control is all you require. Many firms competed for a long time to be included in the limited app stores for native Smart TV apps offered by the television manufacturers. If you want to use technology, you may choose it yourself or it can be picked for you. All that is required is the will to discover what works for you.

How to connect old Samsung TVs Without Adapter To Wi-Fi?

As I said in the first line, you will need to swap for the WIFI Adapter in order to accomplish this.

To make things easier for you, I’ve compiled a list of six different Wireless LAN adapters for you to choose from. Let’s get this party started:

1. For Samsung Smart TV’s (of Years 2009-2012 B, C, D, E and ES Models)

  • The design of the casing will vary depending on the television model that has been entered. There is limited WiFi functionality on some Samsung Smart TVs, Blu-Ray Players, and Home Theater systems from 2009 to 2013. Please select a generic replacement for your television model from the drop-down menu during the checkout process. The WIS09ABGN is a compatible replacement for the WIS09ABGNX/ WIS09ABGN2, WIS12ABGNX/ AK40-00051P/ WIDT20R (2013 ES Series)
  • And the WIS09ABGN is a compatible replacement for the WIS09ABGNX/ WIS09ABGN2, WIS12ABGNX/ AK40-00051P/ WIDT20R (2013 ES Series). Using wireless Wi-Fi, you can connect your Samsung TV 2009-2013 to the internet and enjoy fast broadband rates for apps, web browsing, and software updates without the need for a network connection. A 2.5FT Extension Cable as well as a Wireless Adapter are included in the box.

Do you have a UN40D6000 compatible with this?

It is correct. By selecting the ES series option and entering the model number of your television, the relevant USB version for your television will be provided. Thank you very much. In a nutshell, sure. You must first update the software on the television before you can use it.

Does this work as a replacement for my defective internal WIFI module?

If your television has a USB port and you have a “e” or “es” series cable television, it will circumvent the malfunctioning wifi card on your “e” or “es” series television.

Compatible with Samsung model UN55es6150F Smart TV?

To use this part with the UN55D6003, you’ll need to first update the TV’s software (which may be done through the manufacturer’s website) before you can use it.

Review from a recent user:

It was three years ago that I first encountered the term “Smart TV.” It has now been reduced to a semblance of nothingness. If the internet connection were to go down, the internal LAN adapter would be rendered inaccessible. After assuming that purchasing a new television would solve my problem, I went nearly three years without a “dumb” television. Someone informed me that all I needed to do to get my television functioning again was to acquire an external Wi-Fi antenna, which I did the following week.

  1. Among the numerous products that promised to be able to fix my problem, it was the only one that supplied customizable antennas.
  2. That’s perfectly OK to me.
  3. It is now more intelligent than it has ever been because to modern technologies.
  4. You will not be able to use this item to replace the remote control that was included with your television.
  5. An antenna is made entirely of metal, which is the only material that can do so.
  6. A LAN connection is necessary in order to use the television.
  7. The product that I have tested has shown to be really beneficial to me.
  8. Thank you for all of your efforts.

2. AnotherSubstitute for Old TVs

DISCLAIMER: Do not purchase this adapter if your television is not capable of installing and running any applications such as those offered by Netflix, Disney, or Amazon Prime Video. Before making a purchase, check to see if your TV is capable of installing and running those applications. It is not feasible to just plug and play. Please take a time to read the following paragraphs before making your purchase. There must be a data connection between this device and the Internet, and your TV, Blu-ray player, or other device must be equipped with an RJ45 LAN connector (Ethernet port).

  • If you have any questions or face any difficulties, please contact us.
  • Check out the troubleshooting section in the page’s description.
  • On this page, under the heading “Product guides and documentation,” there is a link to a download website where you may obtain the installation manual.
  • If the TV sees this device as an unknown device after you have set it up, you may be able to power it via a USB cable.

If you have any problems with your television, please let us know the model and brand of your television. It was created just for ARTISH as a one-of-a-kind arrangement.

3. LinkStick Adapter

Samsung televisions, in my opinion, are the best available, and I do not purchase any other brands. Since I got my Samsung Smart TV in 2010, and I just relocated it to a new room, the TV no longer has a direct hard link to my network. Because my television does not come with wireless built-in, I had to acquire this wireless sub-LAN in order to connect to it. The process of installing, configuring, and using is really simple. The USB port on the back of your television should allow you to attach the USB drive.

  1. Follow the procedures and respond affirmatively.
  2. If your television is equipped with smart features, you may log into your Samsung account using the smart settings of your television.
  3. Some television applications, such as those that employ codes from websites to log in, necessitate the usage of a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to access their codes.
  4. After you have been set up, you are not required to do anything else.

4.JeyHos USB WiFi Adapter

My Samsung TV was previously linked to the internet via an Ethernet connection that I had for several years. When I relocated, the cable connection that I had in the neighborhood was no longer available. I am not concerned about the signal or the product because I recently purchased another LAN adapter that is not working. This one hasn’t given me anything to complain about. If the necessity arises in the future, I would without hesitation purchase another one.

5. FOR SAMSUNG 2009 – 20102011 BLU-RAY PLAYERS and 20102011 SAMSUNG TVs

If you have an older Smart TV, this product will function perfectly; nevertheless, it is crucial to read the user manual before ordering it to ensure that you are purchasing the right wireless adaptor. At the end of the day, I discovered the hard way that I had purchased a Belkin Wireless Adapter that was not the proper model or manufacturer. After encountering trouble connecting my router with my wireless and wired devices and determining that the problem was not with the adapter, I have a word of warning concerning the use of the wireless adapter in general.

It was a difficult decision, but it was the right one in the end.

Again, consult the product’s handbook to confirm the adapter’s compatibility, and then purchase the exact adapter if feasible, or check the product’s website to see if an alternate adapter is available that will work.

6. Samsung LinkStick Wireless LAN USB Adapter

I tried numerous other approaches, but none of them were successful. Finally, I phoned Samsung, and the representative stated that it wasn’t working because my firmware was out of date, but that there was another option to fix it because the internet connection couldn’t be repaired. I received an email from him with a link to a PDF file that had instructions on how to upgrade the firmware on my television. A PDF file was sent to me by a Samsung representative. I snapped a photograph of it. Enter your model number, such as UN40D6000SF in my instance, on the Samsung website’s “Know your model number?” box.

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The files were copied and pasted onto the USB drive, which was then connected to my television through a simple wire.

What I don’t like about this TV and software is that it does not work with IHEART radio or Amazon Prime Video, which are both services I use frequently.

I guess that because it is an older model, they aren’t very bothered about it any more.


I am certain that you have now successfully linked your Samsung TV to Wi-Fi without the need of an adapter or other device. This guide contains all of the available solutions for any of these issues. If your problem hasn’t been resolved by now, please contact me in the comment area and I will assist you in resolving it.

Connect your Samsung TV to the internet

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  • A Samsung representative from Best Buy will contact you to arrange a time for you to try out the Galaxy S10.
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  • If you purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note10 or Note10+, you will receive a free 6-month subscription to Spotify Premium.

By connecting the TV to Wi-Fi or a wired network, you may use it to download applications, watch your favorite shows, search for information online, and perform a variety of other things on the internet.

Connect to the internet using Wi-Fi

Connecting to Wi-Fi is the most convenient and seamless method to use your television to access the internet. Before attempting to join, double-check that you have your wireless network name (SSID) and password in hand.

  1. SelectSettings, General, and Network from the directional pad on your television’s remote control. Open Network Settings and choose the name of your Wi-Fi network from the drop-down menu. Input the network password, if requested, then click Done and then OK to proceed.

The NU7100/NU710D, NU7200, and NU7300/NU730D versions from 2018 are only compatible with 2.4 GHz networks. They will not detect networks operating at 5 GHz. As a result, your Wi-Fi network will not show on the list as a result of this.

Connect to the internet using a wired network (Ethernet)

  1. Connect an ethernet cable to the LAN port on the One Connect Box or the back of the TV, and then connect the other end to your router or modem
  2. Alternatively, you may use a USB cable. Then, from the Home screen, browse with the TV remote to and selectSettings, then selectGeneral, and finally selectNetwork
  3. Selecting OK will cause your television to connect to the internet.

How to find the MAC address on your Samsung TV

Alternatively, you may enter theSettingsmenu, selectSupport, and then selectAbout this TV or Contact Samsung to obtain the MAC address of your Samsung Smart TV. It may be necessary to scroll down in order to see the MAC address.

Other answers that might help

Samsung Electronics America, Inc. is scheduled to go public in 2021. In addition to the trademarks Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and Galaxy, the company also owns the trademarks Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 10.1. All other brands, goods, and services, as well as their associated trademarks, names, and logos, are the property of the companies that own or control them. The information and entertainment given in the preceding section is strictly for your enjoyment and informational purposes only.

  1. All of the information included within this document is subject to change without notice.
  2. With the Shop Samsung App, you can check out quickly and easily.
  3. Alternatively, you may continue buying on
  4. Free standard delivery, special deals, and financing options are all available.

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How To Connect Samsung TV To Wi-Fi Without Adapter

You will require an internet connection in order to fully enjoy your Samsung smart TV. This is due to the fact that, in order to stream your favorite channels, you must be connected to the internet at all times. With the proliferation of streaming devices such as Roku, Firestick, Chromecast, and others, the requirement for internet connectivity in a smart TV is becoming increasingly vital. Previously, you had to attach an adaptor to your television in order to connect to the internet. Fortunately, nowadays, connecting to the internet may be accomplished using wireless technology.

You must be prepared for frequent internet disconnection when watching your favorite channels online if you do not do so. You will be guided through the process of connecting your Samsung TV to Wi-Fi without the use of an adaptor in this post.

Easy Method 1.

This is the quickest and most straightforward method of connecting your Samsung TV to the internet using wireless technology. In order to finish the process, you will require a router with a reasonable internet connection speed. Step 1. Turn on the internet router and check to see that it is ready to link with a device before continuing. To turn on your Samsung TV, turn it on and hold the remote control close to the television. Step 3: On your remote control, press theMENU button. ChooseNETWORK from the drop-down menu, then chooseNETWORK SETTINGS andNEXT to see the next set of menu options.

  1. Step 5.
  2. The password required here is the same as the password for your router.
  3. Step 6.
  4. This procedure should be simple and straightforward.
  5. You can also try the alternate technique shown below.

Alternative Method.

Although this approach appears to be more complicated than the first, it is actually pretty simple if you follow the procedures outlined below. In order for this method to be successful, your router equipment must have the WPS button. This button option is not available on all router models. On some routers, the button is denoted by the letters PS or Push Button. It should be noted that the majority of router devices that have the WPS button are high-end equipment that are extremely expensive.

Turn on your Samsung television and place your remote control close to the television.

ChooseNETWORK from the drop-down menu, then chooseNETWORK SETTINGS andNEXT to see the next set of menu options.

Step 4.Press and hold the WPSbutton on your router for a couple of seconds to allow an automated connection to be established between devices.

Best Routers With WPS Button Option

If you’re looking for a high-end router that has the WPS button for quick connection, have a look at the alternatives listed below. In addition to the Netgear Nighthawk X10 AD7200, the Sinology RT2600ac, the Asus AC2900 WiFi Gaming Router, and the Arrise Surfboard, the Docsis 23X8 are also available.

my samsung tv is not wireless LAN built in. can i still connect it to the internet

It is dependent on the television model. It was necessary to acquire a specific USB WiFi adapter in order to connect to your Samsung smart TV if you purchased one of the company’s early models that only had ethernet connectors. My understanding is that all of the new ones come with WiFi built in./ An ethernet port will not be present if the television is not an intelligent television. This means that you will be unable to connect it to the Internet.

You may, on the other hand, purchase a streaming device such as a Roku, Chromecast, or Amazon Fire TV and connect it to an HDMI port. Upon connecting to your wireless LAN, the streaming device will begin streaming material from the Internet (or from your home media server if you have one).

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Top 5 Ways to Enable Internet Connection to TV (Without Built-in WiFi)

Are you thinking of purchasing a smart TV? You’re making an excellent decision. A smartTV may completely revolutionize your home entertainment experience by providing fast access to a growing number of internet applications. Today’s digitally driven society – one in which we are linked 24/7 – makes the idea of going even one day without online engagement unthinkable for many people who live in a connected environment. This is true not just for adults, but also for children. At any given moment in time, there are children playing online games, adults watching Netflix, and teens surfing YouTube – all at the same time, in various parts of the family house.

Consider the possibility that you cannot afford even one single smart TV, let alone one for each member of the family.

How To Connect Your TV To The Internet?

Before we get started, it’s important to note that your TV does not have to have built-in WiFi in order to be able to connect to the internet. You WILL, however, require these two items. Wi-Fi or high-speed Internet A television with an HDMI port (the type of television does not important – it can be LED, plasma, or any other sort of television – it just has to have an HDMI port)

Five Ways to Connect Internet to TV(Without Built-in WiFi)

  • The Android operating system 4.4.2 (or above) on any smart device — for example, a tablet or smartphone
  • A television that is capable of reflecting

How to connect your TV to the internet using mirroring

  • Open the mirroring menu on your television and select mirror (your television will then wait for the mirroring connection to arrive). On your Android mobile, activate the mirroring function or run the mirroring app by pressing the start button (please note that both your TV and device must be connected to the same WiFi network). If your TV does not have built-in support for mirroring, you’ll need to use an app such as Chromecast or screencast to do this.

Streaming Device – The fastest, easiest and most feature-packed method

  • Media box or streaming player
  • High-speed Internet connection (2 MBPS or above)
  • WiFi router
  • An Ethernet cable, an HDMI cable, or a VGA (Video Graphics Array)/Audio cable
  • And a power supply.

How to connect your TV to the internet using a streaming device

Media boxes and streaming devices come pre-loaded with pre-programmed applications and channels (such as the BBC iPlayer, HULU, ITV Player, Netflix and so on). This will enable the device to function as a Freeview box that can be connected to your WiFi network. The specific step-by-step procedure will vary from device to device (so make sure you read the instructions carefully – or watch a video guide on YouTube). All of these, though, will need connecting the device directly to the television, either through the USB port or the HDMI connector on the back.

PC Connection – The oldest (and most tedious) method

  • With an HDMI ‘out’ connector, as well as a sound and video card
  • HDMI cable, audio cable, or VGA cable combo
  • Laptop/desktop PC with a VGA connection

How to connect your TV to the internet using a PC/laptop

  • Place your laptop/PC in close proximity to your television. Make certain that both are switched off. The HDMI cable should be plugged into the corresponding HDMI socket on your computer (the socket will be labeled ‘HDMI’)
  • Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the television (this will be buried beneath a flap)
  • And Turn on the television. Select ‘AV’ by pressing the AV button. To begin, turn on your computer. You may just need to confirm a handful of changes on your computer at this stage. That’s all — just relax, surf, and enjoy yourself.
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Android TV and TV Dongle – A fast and easy installation, and enjoyable viewing experience

On a very modest scale, a TV dongle will serve as a streaming device for movies and television shows (they look a little like a USB). The configuration varies based on the dongle. The Chromecast and the Amazon Firestick are currently the two most popular streaming devices available. Another alternative is Now TV (for which you’ll need to pay a monthly membership fee), which is also available. Each dongle is pre-loaded with a variety of programs, including gaming, social networking, and music services.

Smart Players and Game Consoles – a smart option for those who like their DVDs or games

  • Wi-Fi-enabled DVD player or gaming console with built-in functionality

How to connect your TV to the internet using a smart player or games console

Some higher-end DVD players are equipped with built-in WiFi, allowing you to connect your television to the internet (this is a good option if you watch a lot of DVD movies but can’t afford a smart television). A built-in WiFi connection is now standard on most recent gaming consoles (such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360/Xbox One). In either scenario, an HDMI connection is the most reliable option for obtaining sharp, clear sights and audio.

With that, your five options have come to an end. Now that you’ve decided, get your internet-connected television set up, then get some popcorn and settle in (there are a lot of online movies to watch!) and enjoy yourself!

Stuck with an older TV? Here’s how to connect a non-smart TV to Wi-Fi

At Allconnect, we strive to provide high-quality information that is free of editorial bias. Despite the fact that this post may contain offers from our partners, the thoughts expressed here are our own. Here’s how we generate revenue. Although we are firmly in the age of streaming, not all of our televisions have caught on to the trend. Not to be discouraged if you have an older television that doesn’t have the capacity to connect to the internet yet: there are numerous simple (and economical) choices for making your older television smart — and none of them require an IT degree to set up and use.

How to connect your TV to the internet

Using a streaming device to connect your TV to your home Wi-Fi is by far the most user-friendly method of doing so. In most cases, they connect to your TV’s HDMI connection as well as its power outlet, allowing you to access any streaming application available on the market. It’s true that there are some exceptions, but they’re unusual.) For example, the AT T TV app isn’t available on Roku devices, and vice versa.) Amazon is credited with this image. Streaming devices are typically priced between $30 to $50 without 4K capability and $60 to $100 with it.

While your new 4K TV will be able to connect to the internet directly, streaming devices nearly usually provide a better user experience and enable access to a greater number of applications than smart televisions.

Connect an HDMI cable

If you simply want to use your TV for streaming purposes every once in a while, an HDMI cable will most likely suffice for your needs. You may also utilize this approach for things like sharing vacation images or home films because it reflects everything on your laptop, tablet, or phone. In this situation, because almost every laptop comes with an HDMI connection already built in, you’ll only need to purchase the HDMI cable separately. If you don’t already have one sitting around the house, they usually cost approximately $10 to purchase brand new from a store.

For Apple goods, you’ll need a Lightning Digital AV Adapter, although most recent Android phones and tablets use a Type C (also known as USB-C) or Type D connector (also known as Type D) (Micro HDMI).

Use a Blu-ray player or gaming console

The chances are good that you already own everything you need to connect your television to Wi-Fi if you acquired a Blu-ray player or video gaming system within the last decade. Even older consoles, such as the PlayStation 3 (2006-2013) and Xbox 360 (2001-2013), have the capability of connecting to the internet. Yes, there are fewer applications available than there are on a specialized streaming device, but you’ll have no trouble installing major services such as Netflix and Hulu. Blu-ray players, on the other hand, are a little more hit or miss.

However, the majority of models produced in the last five years or so have touted their capacity to stream as a primary selling factor. In the event that you choose to purchase a new Blu-ray player rather than a streaming device, most versions with Wi-Fi start at approximately $70.

Tips for getting the most out of your internet connection

Only the first step toward a good streaming experience is the connection of your TV to the internet. We also urge that you follow the measures outlined below to guarantee that the dreaded buffering wheel does not ruin your movie night.

Use an Ethernet cord if possible

Whilst wireless connectivity has significantly improved over the last several years, Ethernet cables are still the most dependable option for most households. To use a wired connection, your TV will need to be somewhat close to your wireless network, though, because they plug into the same port as your wireless router. Only Apple TV, out of the four major streaming devices, includes an Ethernet connector on each of its variants, and this is the most expensive. You’ll need to purchase an adapter separately for Amazon Fire TV Sticks and Google Chromecasts, but Roku merely includes one with its most costly device, which is the Roku 3.

Make sure you’re getting enough download speeds

Most streaming services recommend download speeds of around 5 Mbps or higher for smooth, buffer-free HD streaming — a target that is easily achievable for the majority of households. Having said that, the greater the number of devices that are simultaneously utilizing your connection, the faster your connection will need to be. If you’re not sure what kind of speeds you’re currently getting, you can check them out using our speed test tool below. The following are the results of your speed test: Downloading at High Speeds Download speeds are the speeds at which data is transferred to your home and are typically displayed first when shopping for internet service.

onfocus=”this” data-placement=”bottom” data-toggle=”popover” onfocus=”this” onblur=”this.popover” Popover.hide()” >888 megabits per second Uploading and downloading speeds Upload speeds are the rate at which data is sent from your residence.

Dismiss” data-placement=”bottom” data-toggle=”popover” onfocus=”this.

Popover.hide()”>88 Mbps Pro Tip:For best results, use anEthernet cordto connect your router or modem directly to your device before you run the test.

Relocate your router

Consider moving your Wi-Fi router to a more central and accessible area in your home if you are encountering buffering difficulties. Given that radio transmissions travel most efficiently in open space, reducing the amount of walls that your signal must pass through can also improve the quality of your streaming service. Joe Supan is a Senior Writer for Broadband Content at Comcast. Joe Supan works as a senior writer for the Allconnect website. He has contributed to the development of the proprietary metrics that appear on Allconnect’s review pages, which make use of hundreds of data points to assist readers in navigating these complicated issues.

… More information may be found here. Trey PaulEditor, Head of ContentTrey PaulEditor, Head of Content Check out the bio

Do I Need a Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter for a Smart TV?

There are always other items you may purchase to complement your smart home equipment. The vast majority of equipment, such as Samsung’s smart TV, are ready to use straight out of the box. However, you may have questions about how you may boost the speed, range, and options of your connection, such as whether or not a Samsung wireless LAN adapter is required to do this. While a Samsung wireless LAN adapter is not required for usage with a smart TV, having one can allow you to connect your TV to additional Samsung-compatible devices in the future.

Continue reading to find out more about the advantages of purchasing a Samsung wireless LAN adapter for your computer.

How a Samsung LAN Adapter Can Benefit Your Smart TV

Everything you need to make your smart home devices even better is available to you for purchase. When you buy a new product, such as Samsung’s smart TV, it’s usually already configured and ready to use. However, you may have concerns about how you might increase the speed, range, and choices of your connection, such as whether or not a Samsung wireless LAN adapter is required to achieve these improvements. While a Samsung wireless LAN adapter is not required for usage with a smart TV, having one can allow you to connect your TV to other Samsung-compatible devices in addition to your smart TV.

For additional information on the advantages of purchasing a Samsung wireless LAN adapter, please continue reading this article.

Make Your TV Faster

A maximum distance of 30 feet should be maintained between your TV and the Wi-Fi router for best Wi-Fi performance. Alternative options include connecting the TV via its ethernet connector on the back of its case. Some people claim that connecting to your TV through a wired connection might really make it quicker, however this is dependent on your service provider and the speed of your internet connection.

Extend Your TV’s Wi-Fi Range

An adapter can also be used to increase the range of your television. For example, your router may be located at one end of your home, while your Samsung smart TV may be located at the other end of your house. With the help of an adapter, you may extend the amount of space in which you can set your television, allowing you to go beyond the typical 30 feet.

Mirror Your Phone or Tablet

According to Samsung, utilizing their LAN adapter in conjunction with your smart TV allows you to sync your TV with “DLNA-certified multimedia devices,” according to the company. Sony introduced DLNA in 2002 as a groundbreaking invention. DLNA, in its most basic form, allows you to communicate data across different pieces of gear. For example, DLNA allows you to connect the screen of your computer to your television. Through the use of the power adapter, you may transfer photos and movies from your phone, tablet, or camera to your Samsung smart TV and vice versa.

It may, however, be a good idea to download Samsung’s SmartThings app from Google Play or the App Store in order to make the necessary adjustments. This program will allow you to configure and monitor devices that are compatible with the software.

What Can a Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter Improve?

Our devices will certainly become less responsive over time. This is due to factors such as software upgrades, regular use, and a limited amount of available storage space. It’s possible that after owning a Samsung smart TV for a lengthy period of time, you’ll notice some changes in its overall functionality. It might be any of the following:

  • There is a lag while various apps, programs, and movies are loaded
  • It will take longer for the computer to boot up. This device has lost its Wi-Fi connection. We require extra buffering time. The connection between your TV and any other suitable devices

All of these aspects may be improved by using a wireless adaptor. If you have clearly upgraded to a newer, faster router, your television may appear to be running slower. With the help of an adapter, you can make your smart TV and router connection more stable and increase its performance.

Can I Improve My Connection Without a LAN Adapter?

All that Samsung suggests is that you get the wireless LAN adapter. When it comes to increasing the speed of your television, you have various alternatives. It’s possible that two of the following options will work in your favor:

Plug Your Samsung TV into the Wall

Although the days of dial-up and hardwired connections are long gone, Samsung smart TVs are equipped with ethernet connectors for connecting to the internet. If your television’s performance degrades over time or does not maintain an ideal connection, you may connect it to a walled ethernet port by connecting it with an ethernet cable. Check with your internet service provider first, though, to ensure that this is okay with them. Depending on your Wi-Fi subscription, this function may not be available, and your home’s ethernet connector may require upgrading.

Use Your Phone as a Wireless Hotspot

Some individuals rely only on the data provided by their phones for internet connections, rather than relying on businesses such as Comcast and AT T. If this is the case, you might make use of theNETGEAR Nighthawk Mobile Hotspot to connect your devices. As a result, you would be able to use the data on your phone as an internet connection. Make careful to double-check your cellular plan before proceeding; streaming films and music can consume a significant amount of data.

Final Thoughts

Finally, and this should go without saying, Samsung wireless LAN adapters are guaranteed to operate with smart TVs. Older, non-smart TV sets do not have Wi-Fi cards, which allows them to connect to the internet via the internet. Before purchasing a Samsung LAN adapter, double-check that your television is compatible with the item you are purchasing. In the end, whether or not you require a Samsung wireless LAN adapter is determined by the age of your Samsung television and the strength of your internet connection.

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