How To Change Language On Samsung Phone


How to Change the Language on Samsung Phones

  • Navigate to theSettings menu. Administrative leadership Language and input are important considerations. LanguageSelect a languageAdd a language to your list
  • To begin typing, open the program in which you wish to do so. Using the space bar, pick a language by tapping and holding it. To change your region in the Play Store app, select the menu option from the top menu bar. Choose a nation and follow the on-screen directions to create an account.

How to Change the Language on Your Samsung Phone

Changing the language on a Samsung Galaxy phone is as simple as following a few simple steps.

  1. OpenSettings
  2. Select General management
  3. Select Language and input
  4. Select Language
  5. Select Add language
  6. CloseSettings. Choose a language from the drop-down menu
  7. Keep currentorSet as the default setting by selecting this option. You can change the default language at any time by repeating the procedures outlined above. choose your language and press ‘Apply’

How to Switch Languages on a Samsung Phone

The Samsung keyboard allows you to switch between languages at any moment while typing on the screen. Open the application in which you wish to type, such as Messages. The language abbreviations for each language you’ve installed are displayed in the spacebar. To change the language, press and hold the spacebar for a few seconds. To switch between languages, you may also hit the globe icon next to the spacebar on your keyboard.

How to Change the Language Back to English on a Samsung Phone

To return to English, press and hold the spacebar while selecting English from the drop-down menu. To change the default language, go toSettingsGeneral managementLanguage and inputLanguageand tapEnglish to change the language. An asterisk (*) will be shown next to it.

How to Change the Region on a Samsung Phone

If you relocate to a foreign nation, you will be able to alter your area once you have settled in. First and foremost, you must erase your Samsung account. Afterwards, you’ll need to set up a Samsung account in your new location. Finally, in order to access apps, you must first update your region in the Google Play store.

Delete Your Samsung Account

To remove your Samsung account, just follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Go to Samsung’s website and select the profile symbol in the upper right corner of the screen. Choose Sign in/Create Account from the drop-down menu. Sign in by entering your username and password and clickingSign in
  2. Click your profile image to access your profile. To delete an account, go to My Account > My Account Info > Mange Samsung Account > Delete Account > Delete Account Check the box to confirm that you are aware of the terms and conditions. After that, you may establish a new Samsung account by clicking Delete.

Update Your Play Store Region

To change the region of your Google Play Store, follow the steps outlined below. Open the Google Play Store application.

  1. To access the menu, select the menu icon (three vertical lines). SelectAccount
  2. Under Nation and profiles, choose the country in which you are now located. (If you don’t see this option, you won’t be able to make any changes.) Adding new payment methods is as simple as following on-screen instructions.
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How to change the language on a Samsung Galaxy S10, and choose among regional variations

  • It is possible to switch the language on your Samsung Galaxy S10 between around a dozen different languages, with many more regional variations available. Change the language on your Galaxy S10, and the whole phone (including many third-party apps) will operate in that language from there on out. It is possible to select a language in the Settings app’s “General Management” section
  • However, this is not recommended. After you’ve changed the language on your Galaxy S10, you’ll be able to rapidly switch between languages by visiting the Language settings page. More articles may be found on the Business Insider homepage.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is capable of supporting almost a dozen different languages. You may utilize it in a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Chinese, and others. Once you’ve chosen a new language for your phone, all of the displays, menus, and dialog boxes on the device will display in the language you’ve chosen. Many third-party applications will be updated as well. You may load numerous languages onto your Galaxy S10 and switch between them with relative ease.

Check out the products mentioned in this article:

1.Open the Settings application. 2. Select “General Management” from the drop-down menu. The language options may be found under the General Management area of the program. Dave Johnson of Business Insider has contributed to this article. 3.Press the “Language and input” button. 4.Click on “Language.” The first time you use this tool, the only language that will be available to you is English. Dave Johnson of Business Insider has contributed to this article. When changing the language on your phone for the first time, you should only see the option to select English as the default language and the option to add another language.

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6.Select the language you’d want to have on your phone by tapping it.

7.Select the desired region by tapping it.

Dave Johnson of Business Insider has contributed to this article. Select “Set as default” from the pop-up box at the bottom of the screen on step 8. The phone has now been configured to use the new language, and you should see that all of the text has been changed to reflect this.

How to change the language on theSamsung Galaxy S10after adding languages

It’s not necessary to “add” a language to the Galaxy S10 again once you’ve done so; instead, you can just choose it from the list of default languages on the Language tab if you’ve already done so. 1.Open the Settings application. 2. Select “General Management” from the drop-down menu. 3.Press the “Language and input” button. 4.Click on “Language.” 5.Using the arrows on the right side of the screen, navigate to the language you wish to use and drag it to the top of the list to make it the default.

(The Apply button will be shown in the language that is currently selected.) Then, at the top of the language selection list, select the language you wish to use and press “Apply.” Dave Johnson of Business Insider has contributed to this article.

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How to Change Keyboard Language on Samsung Galaxy

  1. 1 Launch the Settings app on your Galaxy device. Locate and press the Settings icon on your Apps menu to bring up the Settings window.
  • Another option is to move the notification bar from the top of your screen down and press the symbol in the top-right corner.
  • 2Scroll down and select General management from the drop-down menu. This option may be found at the very end of the menu structure. 3TapLanguage and input are supported. This will bring up the language and keyboard options for your Galaxy
  • 4TapThis is a virtual keyboard. It will bring up a list of all of the keyboard applications that are currently accessible on your computer. Samsung keyboard with 5 taps. This will bring up the default Samsung keyboard configurations. 6TapLanguages and kinds are available. This will provide you with a list of all of your available language selections
  • 7 Select the button “Add input languages” from the drop-down menu. You’ll find this choice towards the bottom of your list of accessible languages, just next to the green plus sign (“+”).
  • This button may also be labeled differently depending on your Android version. Manage the different input languages
  1. 8 Select any language from the drop-down menu. As soon as you activate a language in this section of the menu, you’ll be able to switch your keyboard to that language in any application

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  • In every texting or typing app, you have the option of switching your keyboard between all of your accessible languages. For this, press and hold the language button at the bottom of your keyboard while swiping it to the language you wish.

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  • Setting up the program for the first time
  • Adding contacts, editing contacts, and deleting contacts
  • Adding calendar events, editing calendar events
  • Deleting calendar events
  • Deleting calendar events View the applications that have been recently used
  • To add or remove a shortcut, a widget, or a home screen, create a folder, change the wallpaper, create an apps screen, edit an apps screen, or delete a shortcut, go to Settings > Personalization > Shortcuts > Add or Remove a Shortcut.
  • Change the screen lock
  • Enable swipe lock
  • Enable pattern lock
  • Enable PIN lock
  • Enable password lock
  • Personalize the lock screen Modify the Unlocking Effects
  • To add an email account, go to Tools > Accounts > Add Email Account. Create a text message
  • Attach an attachment to a text message
  • And delete a text message are all options available. Save an MMS attachment as a backup
  • Create an Internet connection through WiFi
  • Enable Wi-Fi Direct
  • Enable mobile WiFi hotspot functionality
  • Enable Bluetooth functionality
  • Enable Airplane Mode
  • And connect to a Wi-Fi network. Configure GPSLocation
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  • Create a music playlist
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  • Move photos and other media on your PC
  • Move photos and other media on your Mac
  • And more. Maintain control of the Gallery
  • Editing a Photograph
  • Create an interactive screensaver (Daydream) for your computer.
  • Change your notification settings, enable VibrateMute, and view the details of your MicroSD card. Format the MicroSD Card
  • Enable Safe Mode
  • Change the language
  • Enable Easy Mode
  • Disable Easy Mode
  • Format the MicroSD Card
  • Syncing Outlook Contacts is a great way to save time. Keyboards may be switched
  • Keyboards can be customized
  • And keyboards can be locked. Reset Your Device from a Distance
  • Change the state of TalkBack by turning it on or off.
  • Picture taking, changing storage location, video recording, and more are all possible.

How to change the language on Samsung Galaxy A01

The following steps will help you change the language on your Samsung Galaxy A01 if it is currently in a language other than the one you normally use, either because it was imported or purchased second-hand, or because you changed your language by mistake and want to change it back to the language you normally use. 5 minutes is the estimated time. Step 1: Go to the Samsung Galaxy A01 settings, which is represented by the icon of a cogwheel on the home screen or in the phone’s menu; you may enter the main menu by dragging your finger from the bottom to the top of the screen.

  • Two-thirds of the way down the screen, we seek for the “General management” area, which is represented by the icon of three horizontal lines, which looks similar to a sound equalizer.
  • Using this section, you may change the language of the texts displayed on the Samsung Galaxy A01, as well as the language of the keyboard, on your device.
  • The language (or languages) that have been installed on the Samsung Galaxy A01 will be displayed here.
  • A list of suggested languages will show below the existing languages, and you may select one of them.
  • For those who are unable to locate the language they wish to add to their Samsung Galaxy A01, you may select “All” from the drop-down menu at the top right of the screen, which will display the entire number of languages accessible.
  • After you have selected the relevant region, click Finish.
  • 8-Eighth step: A pop-up message will appear asking if you want to keep the current language as the default or if you want the new language to be the default for displaying the menus and dictionary on the Samsung Galaxy A01.
  • The ninetieth step is: Once the Samsung Galaxy A01 is restarted, the list of languages installed on the device will return.

Choose another language from the list of those currently installed by clicking on the language’s name to make that language the default language.

Video instructions

If you do not intend to use the prior language that was added to your Samsung Galaxy A01, you may remove it by clicking on the following link: Remove previous language from Samsung Galaxy A01. Language should be removed. Samsung Galaxy A01 (Samsung Galaxy A01)

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Change your language on the web – Computer

Google services are available in all Google languages, including Chinese and Japanese. You have the ability to change the display language to whatever language you like at any moment. It is only necessary to follow these instructions if you want to change your preferred language for Google services on the web. To change the preferred language for your mobile applications, go to your device’s settings and modify the language settings.

Change your web language settings

  1. To sign in to your Google Account, click here. Personal information may be found on the left-hand side of the page. LanguageEdit may be found under “General preferences for the web”
  2. Select it to open the language editor. Look for and pick your desired language from the drop-down menu. ClickSelect
  3. If you are fluent in more than one language, select +Add another language from the drop-down menu.

After making your language selections, shut and reopen your web browser to save your changes.

How to use Google automatically added languages

When you use Google services, Google automatically adds the languages that you commonly use. When Google adds a language to your search results, it is branded asAdded for you.

  1. When you use Google services regularly, Google automatically adds languages that you use frequently. It is marked asAdded for you when Google adds a new language.
  • To confirm that a language has been added for you, please click on the following link: SelectSave
  • To get rid of some extraneous wording that Google added: Select Delete from the drop-down menu. To prevent Google from automatically adding languages, do the following: Turn off the automatic addition of languages.

How Google uses your language settings

Google makes advantage of your language preferences in order to make Google services more valuable to you. When you choose your language preference, you assist us in displaying your content and results in one or more of your chosen languages, as well as providing more relevant, personalized information you may be interested in, such as advertisements.

Fix problems with changing language

To find out what language your Google Account is in, sign into your Google Account. You’ll be able to locate the language you choose.

  • The change in language did not operate as planned: If the language associated with your Google Account does not match the language you selected, clear your browser’s cache and cookies and pick the language once more. Tip: Deleting cookies may also delete any remembered preferences you have for other websites you have visited. Your language isn’t in the list: We are working on expanding the number of languages supported by our products. It is possible that we will ask you to choose an other language if your primary language is not one that is currently accessible. If an additional language is required, it may be found in the Language area of your Google Account, just beneath your primary language, in the Language part of your Google Account. You may edit it by selecting it and clicking on it. I use a mobile device, which is as follows: Any changes you make to your preferred language are immediately reflected on the website. Update the language settings on your device in order to change the preferred language for mobile applications.

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Samsung Language Settings – Change Language on Samsung Phones

Because not everyone speaks English, it is necessary to provide them with a phone that is in their local language. Listed below is a guide on how to change the language on your Samsung Android phone to Spanish, Mandarin, German, Hindi, Arabic, or Portuguese from your current language. Not everyone understands or speaks English, which is the language that comes pre-installed on the gadget. You might be shocked to learn that English is the third most spoken language in the world, according to statistics.

A system where users may change the language shown on their phones is therefore unquestionably required in order for them to function properly.

Many people like them in their own language as well.

Samsung Language Settings

A large number of OEMs have included native languages on smartphones in addition to English, and Android phones are equipped with such features as well. Changing the language on your current Samsung Galaxy Phones is simple if you follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Settings menu on your phone. Select Language Input from the drop-down menu. Now select Language from the drop-down menu. You will now be presented with a selection of languages from which you may select one to change your language. This is pre-installed by the manufacturer. The gadget will update all of the text settings to the one you choose if you select the change of your choosing.

The majority of Samsung Android phones also enable switching between languages –

  • English (United States)
  • English (United Kingdom)
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • And many more.

If you need to change the language once again, you may do so as well. Simply follow the same steps as before, but this time choose the language of your choosing. If you factory reset your phone, the language settings on Samsung will be restored to their original state, which means that the phone will default to the English language or the language of the nation in which it was purchased. In the user handbook, it is explicitly stated which languages the phone is capable of supporting and why. Here is a video that explains how to change the language on your Samsung device – Additionally, see:1 TB Memory Cards Deals, Mobiles with 1 TB Storage, and the list of Samsung Android 12 phones.

A smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy J1 SM-100H has been used as an example in this particular case study. The settings on your Samsung smartphone may be different. It is compatible with the following Samsung mobile phones:

  • Samsung Galaxy S21/S22/S20, Galaxy S10
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Note 10, Note 9/Note
  • Samsung Galaxy A51/A41/A31/A21/A11
  • Samsung Galaxy M51/M41/M31/M21/M11
  • Samsung Galaxy A51/A41/A31/M21/M11
  • Samsung

So that’s how to change the language settings on your Samsung phone. Check out our website for additional information about Samsung smartphones. Brief SynopsisArticle Title Instructions on How to Change the Language on Samsung Galaxy Phones | Samsung Language Configuration Description Samsung Language Configuration: Check out this article to learn how to change the language on your Samsung Android phone from English to Spanish, French, or Mexican, or any other language of your choosing. The author is Yogesh Khetani, and the publisher is

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on August 12th, 2021.

How to Change the Language on Samsung Cell Phones

Many other languages may be shown on mobile phones. In the second quarter of 2009, Samsung owned a 20 percent share of the global mobile phone market, placing it second only to Nokia in terms of the total number of handsets shipped. In light of the large number of Samsung phones that are being sold throughout the world, it is normal for some of them to be sold in countries where more than one language is spoken. These smartphones provide a feature that allows the user to quickly and simply alter the phone’s language settings.

Step 1

On your Samsung phone, press the “Menu” button or pick the “Menu” option from the drop-down menu. The phone menu will now show on your screen.

Step 2

Using the directional pad, navigate through the menu options until you reach the “Settings” option. Continue by pressing the button located in the middle of the directional pad.

Step 3

Select “Phone” from the drop-down menu and push the center button. Then select “Language” from the drop-down menu and push the center button. The phone will now display two fields: “Screen text” and “Input language,” which are interchangeable.

Step 4

After you’ve reached the “Screen text” area, hit the soft key that appears under the phrase “Change.” A drop-down window will now display with a list of the languages that are currently accessible. An option known as “Automatic” is available on Samsung phones that use a SIM card, and it will set the phone’s language to whichever language is stored on the SIM card.

Step 5

Select the language you want by scrolling down and pressing the “OK” button.

Step 6

Select the “Input language” field from the drop-down menu and hit the “Change” soft key. Select the language you want by scrolling down and pressing the “OK” button.

Step 7

To save your changes and return to the phone’s settings menu, press the soft key that appears next to the phrase “Save.”

How To Change language on Samsung Galaxy M02

Is it necessary for you to change the language on your Samsung Galaxy M02? As a user’s desire, they may change the language on their Android smartphone device either system-wide or on a keyword basis. Samsung ships with the English language as the default, but it also has a plethora of additional regional and national in-built languages that may be selected. Changing the language on your Samsung Galaxy M02 is quite simple, and you can accomplish it in a matter of minutes by following a few simple steps.

Following the instructions in this article, you may either change the language of your Android system as a whole (in which case your complete Android system will be shown in your preferred selected language) or only the keyboard, depending on your preference.

Let’s get started by changing the language that is used by default on your Android smartphone.

Change language on Samsung Galaxy M02

Step 1: From the smart home, we begin the operation by navigating to the settings application. Swiping right or up will take you to the settings on your Android device after you’ve unlocked it. Step 2: Continue scrolling down until you reach “General Management.” Step 3: Select “Language and input” from the drop-down menu. Step 4: Next, select Language from the drop-down menu. The ” + ” symbol is used to add a language preference, and it will display a list of the languages that are currently accessible.

  • For the purposes of this lesson, the Spanish language will be used.
  • ” Espania” is the language that we select.
  • By selecting “Set as default,” all of your system languages will be reset to the Spanish language as the default.
  • Step 7: And there you have it!

How to Change Keyboard Language on Samsung Galaxy M02?

Previously, we looked at how to change the language on the Samsung Galaxy M02 for the entire system; in this section, we’ll look at how to change the language for keyboard input. The first three steps are the same as they were before, and we begin at step four this time. Instead of selecting a language, select ” On-Screen Keyboard,” followed by ” Keyboard.” You now have the default Samsung Keyboard activated on your computer. “Languages and kinds” will be selected at step 5 of the process. After that, we must pick “Manage input languages” from the drop-down menu.

To set up a language, click on the Radio button next to the language you wish to use.

Consequently, click on the Radio button to turn it off, and then click on the Back button to return to the main language selection menu area.

You have completed all of the steps necessary to change the keyboard language on your Samsung Galaxy M02 smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy J2 – How to Change Language

The Galaxy J2 comes pre-installed with the English language, much like all other Samsung smartphones. When learning a new language and attempting to brush up on vital everyday vocabulary, though, what can you do is get creative. What if a buddy in Italy or Japan brought you a brand new Samsung Galaxy J2 from their respective countries? Continue reading to discover everything you need to know about changing the language settings on this phone.

How to Change the Main Language

  1. Make your selection by tapping the Apps icon
  2. Then tapping the Settings icon
  3. Then tapping “Language and input”
  4. Tapping Language.

This will immediately change the default language to the newly selected language.

Improving the Predictive Text on Galaxy J2

While this older smartphone may not offer a plethora of language-related capabilities, there are still things you can do to make your experience more enjoyable. Let’s say you’re using the predictive text algorithm to write a sentence. The Galaxy J2 does not do very well in terms of autocorrection or predictive text, and neither do the latest Samsung models. When using your Galaxy J2, you should consider installing the Gboard virtual keyboard, which will provide you with a more accurate predictive text algorithm.

Browse the web, send text messages, and do whatever else you want with the Gboard virtual keyboard.

Improved autocorrection, as well as support for over 300 languages, are all included in this version.

The following is the procedure for replacing your default keyboard with this app:

  1. Activate the Apps icon
  2. Activate the Settings icon
  3. Activate the “Language and input” option. Select “Default Keyboard” from the drop-down menu. Choose Gboard from the drop-down menu.

Fortunately, you can now take use of a superior virtual keyboard, one that is quite popular even on the latest Samsung and Apple smartphone models.

Changing the Language – Does it Apply to Everything?

In a nutshell, sure. In addition to altering the predictive text settings on your Galaxy J2, changing the primary language on your device will accomplish more. Notifications, menus, widgets, and other features will be affected by the change. If you change your language settings to one that uses a different alphabet, the Samsung keyboard will update to reflect your new language settings. Once again, this makes it easier to learn and practice a new language since it allows you to get more comfortable with the written word.

Your phone’s display will still be configured to the language that was previously selected in the phone’s settings.

A Final Word

It’s preferable if you can make your list of languages as concise as possible. Even if you are using the Gboard app, having an excessive number of them might cause problems with the predictive text algorithm. You may pick a language and remove it from the list by going to the same path, SettingsGeneral ManagementLanguage and Input, as before. This will not prohibit you from adding it to your list at a later time if you so want.

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