How Do I Update My Samsung Smart Tv


Keep Your Samsung Smart TV Updated

  • Access the SettingsSupportSoftware UpdateAuto Update menu option to allow automatic updates
  • Or Manually checking for updates may be done by going toSettingsSupportSoftware UpdateUpdate Now. For those whose televisions are unable to connect to the internet, you can download the most recent update on a USB flash drive and insert it into your television for a manual installation

Using this guide, you can learn how to upgrade a Samsung Smart TV. The following instructions are applicable to the vast majority of Samsung Smart TVs manufactured after 2013.

Set Your Samsung Smart TV to Update Automatically

You may set up your Samsung Smart TV to update itself automatically, saving you the time and effort of having to do it manually. Despite the fact that there is a technical distinction between software and firmware upgrades, Samsung frequently refers to both as “Software Update.” To make use of this functionality, follow these instructions:

  1. Check to see if your television is linked to the internet. Go to Settings, then Support, then Software Update, then Auto Update
  2. Then press OK.

You will not be able to view anything or use any of the TV’s other features until you have downloaded and installed any new updates that have been detected when you switch your TV on and it has detected a new update. Depending on the nature of the update, this may take several minutes to complete. The update will download and install in the background while you are watching television, and it will be installed the next time you switch on your television if you have selected Auto Update and an update becomes available while you are watching television.

Update Your TV Manually via the Internet

In the event that your television is linked to the Internet but you wish to activate firmware/software upgrades manually, this is possible. The steps are as follows:

  1. Go to Settings, then Support, then Software Update, then Update Now, and you’re done. If an update is available, the download and installation process will be launched in the same fashion as described above in the Auto Update section
  2. If no update is available, the procedure will be initiated in the same manner as described above in the Manual Update section
  3. Select OK to exit the Settings window and continue using the television if there are no updates available.

Update Your TV Manually via USB

If your TV is not connected to the Internet, or if you want to install software/firmware updates on a local computer, you may do so using a USB flash drive to accomplish this. It is necessary to first download the update on a PC or laptop in order to use this option:

  1. Navigate to theSamsung Online Support Site and type in the model number of your television in the Search Support Box to get started. This should direct you to the help page for your particular television model.
  • You should have a model number that looks like this: UN40KU6300FXZA.
  1. SelectInformation Page
  2. SelectDownloads (or scroll down toManuals and Downloads)
  3. And then press Enter or Return. SelectDownloadorSee More
  4. SelectDownloador Update your PC or laptop’s software/firmware by downloading the latest version. It is a compressed file with the extension that you download from the website. EXE
  5. Connect a USB flash drive to your computer or laptop
  6. To use the file you’ve downloaded, run it as follows: When prompted to choose a location for the file contents to be unzipped, pick a USB flash drive with appropriate storage space. Once the download is complete and the files have been unpacked on the USB flash drive, insert the drive into a USB port on the television. It is important to make sure that there are no other USB devices inserted into any of the USB ports if your computer has more than one USB port. Select theHomeorSmart Hubicon on the TV screen, followed by theSettingsicon on the TV screen, which looks like a gear, using the TV’s remote control. Support may be found by scrolling down the page. SelectSoftware Updateand then click on the Update Now button. Choose theUSB option from the drop-down menu. You’ll notice a notification on your computer screen that says “Please wait.” “USB drive is being scanned. It is possible that this will take more than 1 minute “in addition to this, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected] Continue to follow any additional instructions to begin the updating process. Upon completion of the process, the Samsung Smart TV will automatically power down before rebooting, showing that the software update was successfully loaded and is available for usage. To double-check that you’ve updated the software, head intoSettings, selectSoftware Update, and then click on the Update Now button. The TV will show you that you have the most recent update

During the update procedure, do not switch off your television. To ensure that the update is completed successfully, the TV must be left turned on. Following the completion of the software update, which reboots the television, the television will automatically switch off and on. Depending on the nature of the software update, audio and visual settings may be reset to their factory defaults following the installation of the new software.

How to Update Apps on Samsung Smart TV

You’ll need to make sure you have the most recent versions of the Samsung applications loaded on your Smart TV if you want to continue using them. This is distinct from updating the TV’s system software or firmware, because each program has its own organizational structure and requires its own update. The most convenient approach to keep your applications up to date is to have your television do it for you. The following are the actions you take to get this set up:

  1. To activate the Smart Hub/Home button on your Samsung TV remote, press the Home button on your remote. Apps may be found in the Smart Hub’s Home Menu. ChooseMy Apps from the drop-down menu. Make sure thatAuto Updateis turned on in the Options menu. Alternatively, if you do not want the applications to update automatically, turn off Auto Update. If you choose the manual option, you will be alerted if an update is available when you pick an individual app from the drop-down menu. Continue to follow any additional instructions or prompts to begin the upgrade process. When the update is complete, the app will automatically launch so that you may begin using it.

In the case of an older Samsung Smart TV, such as one that was introduced before to the 2016 model year, there may be some differences in the processes that must be followed in order to update apps: 2015 Models: Press theMenubutton on your remote control, then selectSmart HubApp and Game Auto UpdateOn from the drop-down menu.

Models from 2014: Press theMenubutton on your remote. Smart HubApp SettingsAuto-Update should be selected. In 2013, press the Smart Hubbutton on your remote, then pick AppsMore Apps from the drop-down menu. Then follow the on-screen instructions.

The Bottom Line

Because menu look and functionality vary depending on the year and Samsung Menu/Smart Hub version you have, there may be some differences in how you access the System Update and App Update functions on your device. If you are unsure of the specific procedures to take, refer to the printed user guide or the on-screen e-manual for your Samsung Smart TV for clarification. Thank you for informing us about this!

Samsung TV software update: How to fix the ‘update not available’ issue?

Samsung releases software upgrades for its devices on a regular basis. Attempt an electrical reset or a factory reset on your Samsung TV if it is refusing to accept the latest software update. If you have an internet connection problem, check it and, if required, attempt to reset it, update the firmware through USB, or try to reset the Smart Hub. Continue reading the post to find out how to solve the Samsung TV Software greyed out problem, as well as how to cure other software update difficulties that may arise.

Samsung TV Software Update Not Available

One of the most common problems that consumers have is that the update option has been disabled. There is nothing more to it than a statement that a function or certain settings are not accessible while using the current source, settings, or connections. The options for Software Update and Contact Support, for example, will be greyed out if your Samsung TV is not connected to the internet, because they both require an internet connection to function. Select TV from the Source menu on the remote, which is located in the upper left corner.

You’ll be able to see the most recent update as soon as it becomes available.

To do so, press the ‘Home’ button on your remote and then select ‘Settings”Network”Network Status.’ In addition to displaying the current state of your connection and, if you are not currently connected to the internet, providing the different IP settings for reconnecting your Samsung TV to WiFi in order for the update to commence,

How to update Samsung TV software?

The usage of auto-update is recommended so that you are not always concerned with the need to update your software. When Samsung releases a new firmware update, your TV will immediately download the new version. When you are updating, be sure that your television is connected to an internet connection. It is necessary to manually repeat the procedure if the automatic update on your Samsung TV does not complete. To begin, detach your TV from the power source and leave it disconnected for two minutes before reconnecting it.

Then choose ‘Settings”Support”Software Update”Update Now’ from the drop-down menu.

IMAGE: Samsung

Its screens, which are used by other television makers as well as by Samsung, are among the best in the world. However, their smart TV applications and the rest of the smart TV ecosystem left a lot to be desired in comparison. Smart TVs have transformed the way in which consumers consume media for the better in recent years. Set-top boxes, media servers, and even third-party dongles are no longer required by the majority of people. Why would you need to purchase additional gear if you can watch Netflix or Hulu straight on your television?

Along with a reliable internet connection, these are the prerequisites for successfully utilizing a smart TV.

Some devices, such as the Chromecast with Google TV, the Apple TV, the Amazon Fire Stick 4K, or even a Roku, have increased functionality that you may find appealing.

Due to the fact that Samsung TV applications and system software updates are required for dependable functioning, it is critical to understand how to execute these upgrades. So let’s get started with the process of updating applications on your Samsung television.

Updating Apps on Your Samsung Smart TV

Setting your Samsung smart TV applications to update automatically is the most convenient approach to ensure that your apps are always up to date. The Samsung operating system, like your phone, computer, or tablet, looks for updates whenever you switch on the television or at predetermined intervals, depending on the setting. You won’t even have to worry about keeping them up to date after that. Listed below is the procedure for setting Samsung TV applications to update automatically.

  1. The “Smart Hub” or “Home” button on your TV remote (models differ depending on the TV) should be pressed. Choose “Apps” from the drop-down menu. Select”My Apps,” then “Options” from the drop-down menu that appears
  2. “Auto Update.” should be enabled.

The actions outlined above will ensure that your apps are kept up to date automatically, allowing you to focus on more essential tasks. On the negative, when you configure your TV to auto-update, there is normally a brief wait before you can access the Smart Hub when you first switch on your television. You will notice a notification that states something along the lines of ‘Your Smart Hub is presently upgrading and is inaccessible’ or anything along those lines. Give it a minute or two, and the message will be gone.

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You should notice an update box a few steps away from the Options menu.

From there, you may choose one or all of them and wait for them to update.

Updating Your Samsung Smart TV

Aside from upgrading the applications on your Samsung HDTV, the operating system frequently requires an update to correct performance issues and faults, as well as to enhance features and functionality. It is possible that you may need to upgrade the TV in order to acquire a new version of the Smart Hub and, as a result, new updates to some applications that would otherwise be unable to update. With luck, you’ll be able to do an update from the Settings menu on your television. If this is the case, you must manually download the most recent software from Samsung, transfer it onto a USB stick, and instruct the TV to update.

  1. Turn on your television and go to the “Settings.” Then click on “Support,” followed by “Software Update.” If an update is available, select “Update Now” from the drop-down menu.

There won’t always be an update to install, and the TV won’t always be able to find one even if there is one to install. Within the “Software Update” option, you should also be able to select whether or not to automatically update. If you want to be sure that everything is up to date, you can select this option. If you need to upgrade your television through USB, the process is straightforward, but time-consuming.

  1. Visit get started, go to the Samsung Support page. In the search box, type in the model number of your television
  2. Make a selection from “Manuals” and save the related file to your computer
  3. Choose your television model from the drop-down menu
  4. Choose “Downloads” to download the most recent software onto your device
  5. Fill a blank USB stick with the program you want to use
  6. Connect the USB stick to your television and wait for it to recognize it. From the TV’s main menu, choose “Settings and Support.” Then click on “Software Update” and then “Update Now.” Point the television towards the USB drive and wait for the television to refresh

If your Samsung TV is out of date, updating it through USB may take some time, depending on how old your TV is. Although there is a progress bar displayed on the screen, the bar occasionally stops and then leaps ahead. If you see that the progress has slowed, step away from the television for a few moments before halting the process. Despite the fact that Samsung smart TVs have a well-balanced application library, keep in mind that some applications will become incompatible with the current operating system upgrades over time.

LG has a reputation for not providing many updates, largely because to their newer webOS operating system, but also due to their previous Netcast operating system.

In the event that you need to update your Samsung HDTV applications, auto-updating is still the best option. Not all applications, on the other hand, are updatable. Automatic updates are just more convenient in general, and as a result, you won’t even have to think about human intervention.

Samsung TV Smart Hub Not Working (Won’t/Keeps Updating/Etc)

Updating a Samsung TV via USB might take a long time, depending on how old your television is. Although there is a progress bar displayed on the screen, the bar occasionally stops and then leaps forward. As soon as you see that progress has slowed, step away from the television for a few moments. Remember that while Samsung smart TVs have a well-balanced program library, some apps will become incompatible with the most recent operating system upgrades over time, so keep this in mind. The scenario is typical across companies, although not as terrible as it is for LG TVs and even more so for their Blu-Ray players, which are both quite popular.

In the event that you need to update your Samsung HDTV applications, auto-updating is still the best option!

Overall, automatic updates are more convenient than manual updates, so you won’t even have to think about manually updating your system.

Samsung TV Smart Hub Not Showing Up/Not Available/Not Working/Not Supported

In the event that you turn on your television and discover that the Samsung Smart Hub does not appear, is not available, is not functioning properly, or that the TV indicates that this function is ‘Not supported,’ you may find yourself questioning why you ever messed with technology in the first place. This may be quite aggravating, especially when you consider that the Samsung Smart Hub is the primary point from which you can select to access a movie, an application, television, or the internet.

  1. Start a Smart Hub reset by pushing the “Home” button on your remotes to get things started.
  2. Select ‘Support’ from the drop-down menu.
  3. ‘ The Samsung TV will automatically restart when the reset is complete, and you should be able to access the Smart Hub in its entirety once more after the reset has been successfully performed.
  4. As a result, if you do not witness the restoration of your Smart Hub after the initial reset, try it again a few more times.

Samsung TV Smart Hub Won’t Update/Keeps Updating

If you find yourself in a situation where your Samsung TV’s Smart Hub has to be updated, you will almost certainly take the necessary measures to ensure that this is done as soon as possible. This is a method of keeping the software contained within it up to date as well as ensuring that the system is working properly. If, on the other hand, you are unable to get your Smart Hub to update, you may have difficulties within the hub. Even worse, if the Smart Hub won’t stop updating, you’ll have less access to the function as a result of the delay.

A bad internet connection might cause issues updating or can cause an update to go longer than it should.

If neither of these options is successful, one of the most ancient and simplest methods in the TV book is to just reset the television itself.

Alternatively, press the power off button for 5 seconds and wait one minute before plugging it back in.

When resetting a television, it is also possible to disconnect it straight from the source and wait 30 minutes before plugging it back in. This method will occasionally work better than the shorter time frame.

Samsung TV Not Connecting to Smart Hub

There are occasions when Samsung TV users are unable to even access their Smart Hub to begin the update process because of the incapacity of the device to connect. This problem will often result in the display of some sort of notice informing the user that the connection is not occurring or that the connector will buffer indefinitely. The Smart Hub is essentially the brains of your Samsung TV, and without it, the TV is just a black box over your mantle, unable to display anything. If your Samsung TV is not connecting to the Smart Hub, it is possible that you need to update the software on your device.

As previously said, if upgrading the firmware on your Samsung TV does not alleviate your connection problems, you might consider verifying your internet connection.

To check your internet connection, select ‘Home’ from the drop-down menu.

Samsung Smart Hub TV Not Connecting to Wi-Fi/Internet

For a Samsung TV to function properly, it must be linked to the internet through wifi or other means. It is impossible to use the Smart Hub and its numerous capabilities if you do not have access to the necessary information. If you are having difficulty connecting your Samsung Smart Hub TV to the internet or to a wireless network, there are a few different alternatives you may attempt to get your device connected to the internet so that the Smart Hub can function properly. Whether your Samsung Smart Hub TV is not connecting to Wi-Fi or the internet, first check to see if your device has detected a Wi-Fi network.

Seeing other networks mentioned indicates that the wireless card in your TV is operational, and that the problem is most likely with your own network.

Consider the following example: If you have a certain model that only connects to a 2.4Ghz network, it will not connect to a 5Ghz network.

The user manual for your Samsung TV will tell you which networks it is compatible with, so consult it for further information.

Samsung TV Smart Hub Not Connecting to Netflix

However, even if you are not experiencing any difficulties connecting to the internet and are still able to launch apps within the Smart Hub of your Samsung TV, you may be mystified if your Netflix application is unable to connect. In many cases, the simplest answer is as easy as turning the television off and back on again. However, if this does not address your issue, you may try a few more workarounds to get the application functioning again. First, if your Samsung TV Smart Hub is having trouble connecting to Netflix, try reinstalling the program by holding down the menu button on the app until the option to ‘Reinstall’ appears.

If this does not work, try deleting unused apps to see if this will free up space and allow Netflix to operate more efficiently.

If nothing of these options work, there is a code that many people have used and discovered that would restore the Netflix app to its previous state of operation.

From the Netflix home screen, use your remote to navigate through the following sequence: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up, Up.

Samsung Smart Hub TV Keeps Crashing

Even if you are able to get the Smart Hub on your Samsung TV to load and appear, some users have reported that the Smart Hub crashes on them constantly. You have the ability to open the Smart Hub, but once inside, it does not exist anymore. The majority of the time, this is caused by slow or unreliable data, which may be resolved by either resetting your internet connection or upgrading to a higher-speed internet connection to suit the internet consumption of your Samsung television. If your Samsung Smart Hub TV continues crashing and the problem is not with your internet speed, it is possible that the problem is with the storage capacity of your Smart Hub.

Choose Apps from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner, then choose the app you wish to remove from your device and hit ‘Delete.’ If your internet speed and storage capacity are both satisfactory, you should consider restarting your internet connection.

You just need to reset your router according to the instructions provided by your internet service provider.

Samsung TV Smart Hub Keeps Disconnecting

In contrast to the most common reason for a Samsung TV Smart Hub to keep crashing, the most common reason for a Smart Hub to keep disconnecting is an issue with the internet connection. This problem may be resolved in a number of ways, some of which have already been addressed; nonetheless, let us briefly outline those options, as well as one additional approach that may be able to get your Smart Hub running without interruption. If your Samsung TV Smart Hub continues disconnecting, the first step is to reset the network – see Resetting the Network.

If this does not resolve the issue, you may manually configure the DNS server under SettingsGeneralNetworkNetwork StatusIP Settings (if necessary).

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a network of directories that determines the appropriate IP addresses for various websites.

You can also restart your network source, which should be done in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines for your particular router.

Samsung TV Stuck on Smart Hub is Being Updated

If you follow the procedures to update your Smart Hub and then wait a few minutes, then a few minutes longer, and then a few minutes turn into a few hours, you may be experiencing an issue with your Samsung TV being stuck on the message ‘Smart Hub is being updated’. Although this message appears to be promising at first glance, it should not take more than a few hours or even a few hours for your television to be updated. So you’re looking for a solution to your problem. If your Samsung TV is stuck on the message ‘Smart Hub is being updated,’ try turning it off, waiting 30 seconds, then turning it back on.

As a result, the system should be reset, and you may choose between going back and trying to update your Smart Hub again, or checking to see whether the update was finished, but the screen merely froze, as described above.

Despite the fact that this is a fairly old and basic method, it is often the case that the TV has only experienced a momentary difficulty that may be resolved by restarting it. These issues do not have a long-term impact on your television and can thus be repaired swiftly and easily.

How Do I Turn On Smart Hub on Samsung TV

Samsung Smart Hub is a function that is accessible on all smart TVs, but it is a feature that requires some input from the user before it can be used effectively. Some Samsung TV users are under the notion that the Smart Hub is immediately available to them, and they are thus startled when they are requested to complete a few activities before being able to access the Smart Hub functionality. The steps that must be completed in order to activate the Smart Hub on your Samsung TV, on the other hand, are straightforward and take just a few minutes to accomplish.

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choose ‘Samsung Account’ from the drop-down menu Choose either ‘Login’ (if you already have an account) or ‘Create Account’ (if you don’t).

Once your account has been created and you have logged into the system, turning on the Smart Hub on your Samsung TV could not be any easier or more straightforward.

The Smart Hub button, which is located right on your Samsung TV’s remote control, may be accessed by pressing it once the TV has been turned on.

How to Reset Smart Hub on Samsung TV

If you are experiencing problems with your Smart Hub, such as it constantly shutting down, constantly updating, frequently updating, crashing, disconnecting, or not connecting to Wi-Fi, there are a variety of options that may be effective in getting the Smart Hub running again. Although it has already been mentioned in earlier sections, one of the most universal techniques of repairing an issue with a Smart Hub is to simply reset it in order to get the system back up and running again. To summarize, to reset the Smart Hub on a Samsung TV, press the ‘Home’ button on your remote, then select ‘Settings”Support”Self Diagnosis”Reset Smart Hub’ from the drop-down menu.

How Do I Update Samsung TV Smart Hub

It will be important to upgrade your Samsung TV Smart Hub in order to guarantee that your Smart Hub has gotten all of the necessary software updates that are released on a consistent basis. These updates are normally carried out automatically, but if you notice that your Smart Hub is disconnecting, operating slowly, or experiencing any other issues, it is possible that an update was carried out but did not complete automatically, in which case it will need to be carried out manually. To update your Samsung Smart Hub through the internet, go to the ‘Settings’ menu and select ‘Updates’.

After that, click on “Software Update,” and then click on “Update Now.” Additionally, while watching television, you may have them automatically updated by navigating to ‘Settings’ “Support” “Software Update” “Auto Update.” The update will be completed successfully and will be applied the next time you switch on your television.

As soon as the option “Software Update” has been selected, a notice with the words “No Update Available” or simply “None” will show on the screen.

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How to Upgrade Hardware on a Samsung TV With a USB

Image of a USB flash drive by Bosko Martinovic obtained froma href=’ /a As of 2010, newer versions of Samsung televisions make use of driver software that is similar to that used by drivers for personal computers and other electronic devices. With the advancement of Samsung’s driver software, new updates become available, which may improve your TV’s compatibility with specific devices, boost display capabilities, or resolve other issues. TVs with USB ports make this a cinch to accomplish.

Update USB Drive

Insert your USB flash drive into the USB port on your computer. Visit the Samsung support page for more information. To search for product assistance, use the search box that appears next to the headline “Search product support.” To bring up a search results window, enter the model number of your television into the box provided. Click on the first link in the list, which should take you to a page with software for your television set. A new download page will be presented to you. Installing the program is as simple as following the on-screen instructions.

Update the TV

Remove the USB flash drive from your computer and connect it to the USB port situated on the side of the television, as seen in the image below. To access the menu on your television, press the “Menu” button on the remote control. By pressing the “Enter” button on your remote, you will be able to access the “Support” menu. Click on “Software Upgrade” in the drop-down menu and then click the “Enter” key. Select “By USB” from the drop-down menu. The USB disk will be searched for relevant software upgrades by your television.

References Dan Howard is a sports and fitness enthusiast with a master’s degree in psychology.

Howard’s postgraduate research on the brain and learning has been published in a number of academic publications and peer-reviewed psychology journals, including the Journal of Experimental Psychology.

Samsung Smart TV users unable to install or load latest HBO Max update

There are new updates being posted to the bottom of this story. …. The following is the original story (which was published on July 8, 2021): Because of the availability of fast and affordable home internet, as well as the decline in rates for content streaming platforms as a result of increased competition, many consumers have been able to participate in the content streaming frenzy. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video are just a few of the popular streaming services available today – services that contain some of the greatest material available, whether it is original or not.

  • It has now come to light that a small number of HBO Max subscribers are experiencing technical difficulties with the streaming app on their Samsung Smart TVs.
  • I constantly seeing these screens on my television, but when I click on them, nothing occurs.
  • The iPhone application is fully functional.
  • Can you please lend me a hand with something?
  • The app will either not load at all or the TVs will not update the app at all.
  • I was left with no alternative except to accept the Download button for the newest and greatest HBOMax app upgrade, which I did by clicking okay.
  • My smart TV, which is just three years old, is a Samsung.


Source According to the user complaints, it appears that the aforementioned recent upgrade to the HBO Max app for the Samsung Smart TV is to responsible for this problem.

Source The absurdity of this situation is that HBOMax was operating well until you pushed me to update it, which did not work.

If I am not alone in thinking this, there will be a significant number of TV owners who are suddenly unable to access HBOMax, as well as a significant number of membership cancellations.

HBO Max’s official Twitter account, on the other side, has been reacting to impacted subscribers, asking them for further information on the situation.

We realize that you’re experiencing trouble installing the HBOMax app on your Samsung TV, and we’ll be pleased to assist you if we can.

Please send us a direct message with your Samsung TV model number so that we may better assist you. Thank you very much. Source We will continue to keep a watch on this development and will provide updates as and when we receive new information, so please keep checking back with PiunikaWeb.

Update 1 (July 10)

HBO Max customer service recommends that impacted customers should update the software or try reinstalling it. really appreciate you bringing this to our notice. If you’re receiving a notice requesting you to update the program, but tapping the button doesn’t result in an update, we recommend uninstalling and then reinstalling the application. When you reinstall, the software should be the most recent version available.

Update 2 (July 12)

According to a response to one of the impacted users, HBO Max support (Portugal) has disclosed that the current version is compatible with Samsung TVs manufactured in 2017 or after. Additionally, they have offered a few actions (which have been translated) that you may attempt if you are experiencing the difficulty in question: Helo! Our software is compatible with Samsung smartphones that were released in 2017 or more recently. -Click on the Smart Hub icon. -Choose and download HBO Max from the App Store.

Update 3 (July 13)

As many users have pointed out, the problem is caused by a lack of available storage space on the Samsung TV, as the size of the app’s most recent update is larger than typical. So for some, removing some of the current apps to free up space and then reinstalling the app worked like a charm. In such case, you may also give it a chance. My problem was caused by a lack of storage space on my Samsung television. I was able to free up some space by uninstalling a few applications. Afterwards, I made a Samsung account and “reinstalled” the HBO app on my phone.

Update 4 (July 17)

According to one of the reports, a cold restart may be necessary to address the problem. This may be accomplished by pressing and holding the power button on the remote control for 10 seconds. Following that, your television will automatically reboot. This will allow you to proceed with the installation of the application.

Update 5 (July 19)

In response to a customer’s complaint about the problem, HBO Max support suggested that the user perform the following: Is it possible for you to attempt removing the HBO Max app, then turning off and plugging in your Samsung TV for at least 2 full minutes before connecting it back in and reinstalling the program? Please let us know if you will be able to watch Space Jam following that event. (Source)

Update 6 (July 21)

Several official troubleshooting procedures, some of which we’ve already discussed here, are available from Samsung to help you resolve difficulties with applications that aren’t working. 1. Restart the television by pressing the power button. 2. Install the most recent software update on the television. 3. Delete the app from the TV and re-download it from the internet. 4. Reset the Smart Hub on your television set. (Source)

Update 7 (August 04)

There are a number of official troubleshooting instructions for various difficulties with Samsung TVs available on HBO Max’s website, which you can access by clicking here.

Update 8 (August 07)

HBO Max support is requesting that consumers send them a direct message (DM) on Twitter in order to assist them in getting the app updated on their Samsung TV sets. As a result, if you are experiencing difficulties, you may want to consider contacting out as well.

We have something we can do to get your app up to date that we hope will work. Please send us a direct message with your Samsung model number and HBOMax email address so that we can assist you further. (Source)

Update 9 (August 09)

12:23 p.m. (IST): The community forum has received a few ideas from an impacted user, and it is expected that affected Samsung TV owners will be able to update their HBO Max app on their televisions as a result of these recommendations. Source We can’t testify to the effectiveness of this solution at this time, but we will be sure to report back as soon as we receive feedback from people who have been affected, so keep an eye out.

Update 10 (August 10)

12:43 p.m. (IST): As a result, HBO Max has stepped forward to provide a certified fix to this problem, a workaround that entails restarting the Smart Hub device. Using a Samsung Smart TV, we recommend that you perform a Smart Hub reset (which also clears all apps and settings), then, after the TV reboots, try installing the HBO Max app first, so that the TV does not begin downloading updates to the internal apps until after the HBO Max app has been installed. Thank you very much. SLSource

Update 11 (November 22)

12:43 p.m. (IST): Many months have passed, yet the HBO Max on Samsung Smart TVs continues to be as buggy as it was in the beginning. HBO Max has now come up to provide a possible fix to the problem. Nina, thank you so much for your response! Uninstalling and reinstalling the HBO Max app on your Samsung TV, followed by a restart of your TV, is a simple repair we propose for you. If you encounter this issue again, please send us a direct message. SKSource NOTE: You can read more about Samsung at our dedicated Samsung area, which includes these and many more stories.

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How to Update the Firmware of your Smart TV (Samsung)

What is the best way to update my Samsung smart TV? The solution to this question is really straightforward. Just be sure to read through the entire page, and you will be completely satisfied at the conclusion. Updating the firmware on your Samsung TV will allow you to take advantage of new and exciting features while also preventing you from experiencing the problems that can occur when the software is not updated. Samsung Smart TV (Samsung Electronics Corporation) As a result, it is imperative that you update the software on your Samsung television to the most recent version.

First and foremost, you will see an improvement in the general performance of your television.

Updating the Firmware of Samsung Smart TV

There are a variety of approaches that you may take to effectively upgrade your Samsung TV.

These entail upgrading over the internet or a USB flash drive, among other methods. You have the option of manually updating the TV or opting for the automated update.

Setting the Automatic Update for your Samsung TV

As a matter of fact, enabling automatic updates will save you a significant amount of time over the course of the procedure. Your TV will be able to automatically download and install updates whenever they become available as a result of this. The technique is straightforward and won’t take up much of your time when you’re attempting to activate the function. To accomplish this, make sure to follow the instructions outlined below:

  1. Turn on your Samsung television
  2. Press theMenubutton on your remote control and selectSettingson your television
  3. Opt for theSupport menu item.

Choosing the Support Section of the website By selecting the Software Update option, you may update your software. Making the Auto-Update functionality available Please keep in mind that your smart TV must be linked to your home’s Wi-Fi network. You can, on the other hand, opt to manually update the system by following the same procedure and then clicking on theUpdate Nowsection. to Performing a manual update of the program

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Manual Update through USB

Furthermore, you have the option of doing the update using a USB drive. This feature enables you to manually update the firmware on your Samsung television set. In order to accomplish this, you must take into consideration the fact that you have a USB stick, a laptop or a PC, as well as the model number of your Samsung television. Finding the model number of your television is a simple process. All that is required is that you look at the tag on the back of your television. Additionally, you can locate it by following the procedures outlined below:

  1. Turn on your television
  2. To access the menu, press theMenubutton on your remote control. Navigate to theSettings menu on your television
  3. Opt for theSupport menu item. To contact Samsung, go to the Contact Samsung page and enter the model number.

Identifying the Samsung TV’s model number is important. Once you have completed all of the necessary preparations, you may begin the upgrading process by following the procedures provided in the following section:

  1. Go to the Samsung Support website to learn more. Enter the model number of your television in the Search Support Box and press Enter. Input the model number that you discovered in the preceding method.

Model numbers may be found by typing them into the Search Support Box. Downloading the Upgrade File is an option.

  1. To save the firmware upgrades to your computer or laptop, click on the Download button. Once the file has been downloaded, you may unzip it and save it to your USB stick without having to rename the file or folder.

The Upgrade File is being downloaded.

  1. Turn on your television and put the USB stick into the USB port on the back of it.

Inserting a USB drive into a television

  1. Support may be found at the bottom left of your Samsung TV’s screen by selecting it.

Choosing the Support Section of the website

  1. Make a selection from theSoftware Update drop-down menu and click on the Update Now button.

Bringing the software up to date

  1. Following that, pick the USB option. As a result, you will be told that the USB is being scanned, and the procedure may take longer than a minute
  2. As a result,

Using a USB flash drive to update the software Note: While the update procedure is in progress, do not switch off your television or remove the USB cable, as this may result in a firmware error. Also, if your TV is unable to recognize the USB device, try using another USB device or changing the port option. When the update procedure is complete, your television will automatically turn off and on again to ensure that it is properly updated. This will serve as a sign that the most recent version of your firmware or software has been successfully installed on your computer or device.

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How to update system software on your 2020 Samsung TV

(Image courtesy of Samsung.) You should update the system software on your Samsung smart TV on a regular basis to ensure that it continues to operate at peak performance. System software upgrades for Samsung TVs include the addition of news applications as well as the correction of software issues. The moment has come to see if there’s an updated version of your TV or an updated version of a new app you’ve heard about that you’d like to try out. Fortunately, updating the software on your Samsung TV is simple, and installing a Samsung TV update can be completed in a matter of minutes without ever having to leave your sofa.

Listed below is the procedure for updating the software on your 2020 Samsung smart TV.

(Photo courtesy of Tom’s Guide.) Select it and then select Support, which is the sixth menu option on the list. (Photo courtesy of Tom’s Guide.)

2. Select Software Update

The support menu has a plethora of choices, the first of which is software update. Unsurprisingly, this is the option that will provide you with the most recent Samsung TV software update. (Photo courtesy of Tom’s Guide.)

3. Select Update Now

If a new version of the Samsung TV software is available, you will be given the opportunity to upgrade the program. (Photo courtesy of Tom’s Guide.) Make sure the Auto Update button is checked if you want the TV to automatically update itself in the future. As soon as this option is chosen, the set will search for new Samsung TV updates on a regular basis and download the most recent package whenever one becomes available. In most cases, this is the most convenient choice, especially if you have a restricted bandwidth or a metered internet connection.

(Photo courtesy of Tom’s Guide.)

4. Download and install the update.

When it asks if you want to install the update, select “Yes” from the list. Because of the size of the file and the speed of your Internet connection, it may take a few minutes for the Samsung TV software update to download. (Photo courtesy of Tom’s Guide.) After the download is complete, the television will switch itself off and on. Your Samsung TV update has been completed, and you now have the most recent and most up-to-date version of Samsung’s smart TV software.

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How To Easily Update Samsung Smart TV – THE CONCH TECH

On paper, smart TVs appear to be a perfect combination of old and new technology that should provide the best in in-home entertainment ease. However, in practice, smart TVs have proven to be everything but. On paper, at least. As a practical matter, smart TVs are hit and miss, with some models proving to be so difficult and bulky that they are seldom used at all. There is no doubt that not every television is made equal, and some manufacturers have succeeded in developing a system that is not only usable but also beneficial.

  1. Check to see if your television is linked to the Internet. To access the menu, press the Menu button on your remote. Support is located at the bottom of the page. Select Software Update and then click on the Update Now button.

Here are the illustrations that will guide you through each phase of the process: The software developed by Samsung is an example of this, yet even their software is not always intuitive in every area. The most important of them is software and firmware upgrades, which are critical for getting the most out of your Samsung smart TV because they frequently expand or add functionality, in addition to the possibility of fixing faults. Fortunately, upgrading your Samsung TV is not as complicated as it may appear at first glance; thus, continue reading to learn how to update Samsung smart television.

How to do a Software Update on Your Samsung Smart TV

We’ll start with the most straightforward.

In the event that your television is linked to the Internet—which it should be if you want to take full benefit of your smart TV’s features—the first step is to ensure that your connection is up and running.

  • For those who do not wish to have their televisions permanently linked to the Internet but still wish to update their televisions, you can connect them momentarily and then detach them once you are through. In the event that even that proves to be too much, we’ll go through how to update your television via USB in a moment. For those of you who want to update using your television’s Internet connection, just browse to the system menu on your television. It is possible that the actual location of this will differ from model to model, however it is often represented by a little cog symbol in the corner of your smart hub screen
  • If you have a remote control, you may also discover a “Settings” button that should take you to the same location. If you choose “Picture,” “Sound,” “Network,” and other options from this menu, you should be presented with a variety of submenus. “Support” is what you’re searching for. Once you’ve selected support, the menu should contain an option for “Software Update.” To complete the process, choose that option and then click “Update Now.”

It is possible that your TV will turn itself off during the update operation, but after it is done, you will be running the most recent software available. Additionally, there should be an option to enable automatic updates in addition to the choice to update right away.

How to Update Your Samsung Smart TV via USB

Updating your television through USB is a little more difficult.

  • First and foremost, you will want a blank USB device on which to install the update. Then, using a computer, go to the Samsung support site and search for the model number of the television
  • Scroll down to the “Downloads” section of the website for your TV model, where you should find a list of upgrade files with titles such as “Upgrade File(USB type)”
  • After you’ve found the upgrade files, click on them to download them. Download the most recent version, keeping a note of the location on your computer where it was saved
  • It is possible that the file you have downloaded is a compressed archive, which means that it must be extracted before it can be used. In most cases, just double-clicking the file should allow you to access it as a folder, but if this does not work, try searching the Internet for the file extension of the archived file (usually.ZIP or.RAR) and downloading an appropriate tool for extracting it. If your file’s extension is.EXE, there is no need to extract it. Using a USB stick, copy the extracted folder or downloaded.EXE onto the USB stick, making sure not to place the extracted folder within any other directories. To extract files from your USB drive, locate the.EXE file on your disk and run it, following the onscreen prompts and ensuring that your USB drive is selected as the destination
  • Then click “Extract.” After that, the program will prepare the USB device.

Once this is completed, carefully detach your USB device and connect it to your television. From there, the procedure is very identical to the one described before, except that the update will be downloaded from the USB device rather than the Internet.

How to Update the Browser on Your Samsung Smart TV

On Samsung smart TVs, the browser is included as part of the operating system software. In practical words, you may update the browser by upgrading the software that it runs on your computer. By following the procedures outlined above, you should be able to upgrade your browser at the same time.

How to Update your Samsung non-Smart TV Software

The procedure for upgrading a non-smart Samsung television through USB is very identical to that for updating a smart television via USB. Non-smart TVs will almost certainly not be able to be updated through the internet in the near future.

How to Upgrade an Older Samsung TV with Newest Firmware

If your television is more than 6-7 years old, there is a good probability that all of the current Samsung upgrades will simply not be compatible with your old television. Simply purchasing a streaming box or stick, such as an Amazon Firestick, Roku, Chromecast, or Apple TV is your best option in this situation. They receive continual upgrades and support, allowing them to last far longer than a traditional television set.

Why is my Samsung TV Software Update not Available?

The most apparent reason why software upgrades aren’t accessible is that your television is already up to date with the latest technology. If you are upgrading through the Internet, double-check that your connection is operational before proceeding. If you are upgrading by USB, check to verify that nothing on the USB drive has been renamed before proceeding. You might also try a new USB drive to see if it helps.

What does a Samsung TV Firmware Update do?

As opposed to conventional software, firmware deals with much lower-level tasks, such as interface between hardware components and the television’s operating system. Firmware is used in many different types of devices, including televisions. A firmware upgrade may be necessary to correct faults in the hardware or to improve the overall performance of the television on a fundamental level.


It is obviously in your best interests to maintain the software on your Samsung television up to date if you make regular use of the smart TV capabilities on your set. Software updates don’t simply bring in new features or alter the appearance of the menus; they also fix bugs. They can frequently result in speed enhancements or the correction of faults that have snuck into the system in the past. It is preferable to have your television linked to the Internet for the sake of convenience, as this will make upgrading the software much easier in the future.

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