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The New Samsung Flip Phone

Flip phones used to be all the rage back in the day. USED to be. So you’d be forgiven for being very, very surprised that one of the most forward-thinking technology corporations in the world was potentially releasing a Samsung flip phone this year.

The iPhone 8 was meant to be the main phone release headline to come out of 2017, but Samsung have definitely threatened that front page tech news with their latest potential creation.

So if you aren’t convinced on the Apple iPhone 8, this may well just stop you buying it altogether, because it is potentially actually pretty cool, or at the very least an amazing journey down memory lane.

The New Samsung Flip Phone SM-G1650: What We Know So Far

Rather than the Galaxy Note 8 taking centre stage, instead the rumour that Samsung is releasing a flip phone has sent techies into a frenzy of excitement. The news came from TENAA, the Chinese telecommunication authority so a lot of people are already assuming the rumour is true, because of the source. But these days, information is released in all kinds of ways and for all kinds of reasons, so it definitely is not set in stone yet and although we are all waiting with baited breath, there’s still a lot of room for this to be just a rumour or publicity stunt rather than fact.

The details allegedly leaked stated that:

  • The phone is called the SM-G1650
  • It has a 3,8 inch 800×480 pixel display
  • Will house up to 32GB storage
  • Will contain a quad-core processor
  • Holds a 1950mAh battery
  • Has ⅔ RAM
  • Includes a 5 megapixel front camera and 8 megapixel rear camera

This might remind you of the Samsung flip phone you read about last year, but the key difference is that some of the buttons have been moved for more convenience.

Would It Sell?

Whilst the rumours about this phone have sent everyone on quite the nostalgic journey, whether or not that means they would part their cash on something that used to be a novelty, is another thing. Flip phones used to be the height of fashion and the Motorola Startac of 1996, the Sanyo SCP-5300 of 2002, the Motorola V300 of 2003 and the Motorola Razr V3 will all bring back some strong memories for people of a certain age. They were iconic phones that were revered by the masses as the most futuristic super-cool phones you could get your hands on!

But these days, flip phones are really not in demand at all and you really only see cheap phones for people who just want ‘a phone’ not ‘the phone’ in flip phone form, likely to buy it because it seems convenient enough and the screen is protected in that format. So it really will take a lot for Samsung to make flip phones cool again with this Sm-G1650, but if they do succeed, expect the major players in technology to quickly follow suit. Can you imagine an Apple iPhone in flip format? Us neither but stranger things have happened. Watch this space.

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The New Samsung Flip Phone

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