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Samsung Paves The Way For 360 Degree Video To Become Mainstream

Virtual reality is no longer a badly represented idea in ‘futuristic movies’. Pretty much every major tech company that has its eyes on future business has some sort of dealings with virtual reality. In the meantime, major players are announcing and working on some groundbreaking stuff. Tech Crunch reported earlier this year predictions of virtual reality being a $100 billion dollar industry led by augmented reality.

Samsung Electronics has always been one of the front runners in virtual reality tech, and it had a bad year last year when the Galaxy Note 7 became an explosive disaster, and the latest VR tech from Samsung was designed to work with that phone model. So it is no surprise that it has pushed forward, as a forward thinking company, and announced new virtual reality partnerships.

The partnerships revolve around the use of their Gear VR to watch live events using the Gear VR platform. The partnerships are with UFC, X Games and Live Nation.

The VR Live Pass, which enables you access to the Gear VR events, is available on the Samsung VR app now.

The main benefits of the partnership, are obvious, with the main one being that users can ‘attend’ events without actually being there. So you can attend major events from almost anywhere in the world. Their reach isn’t quite global yet as they only have VR access for 45 countries globally so far.

The Samsung VR Live Nation Reception So Far

So far, general feedback seems to be really really good with the 360 degree view providing fans with an excellent viewing platform for events they are unable to attend. The very first event presented was the UFC fight between Jose Aldo and Max Holloway which was on the 3rd of June, and fans were able to watch Max Holloway spectacularly destroy Aldo in complete, comfortable 360 degree high definition. The response was good, and lots more events have been added in the meantime, with fans being treated to everything from BMX championships to music concerts.

There’s no doubt that Samsung will be adding even more events to its VR Nation lineup, because there won’t be a mainstream market for VR without content for it. The reason this partnership is so genius, is because spherical video is so much less expensive to produce compared to actual, high quality VR. This means Samsung can easily get lots and lots of new content up quickly, gaining lots more mass appeal and also ensuring that the content stays fresh and interesting for the foreseeable future.

It is also really accessible and appealing to those new to virtual reality, so your average Joe who doesn’t feel connected with tech, might well be tempted by the opportunity to see their favourite band in concert with a 360 degree view. Or a person whose interests have never been represented by tech properly, might opt to try VR because an event relevant to them is available in that format.

The future of this Samsung venture isn’t clear at present, and it could just be a novelty. However, at the moment, Samsung fans are loving it, and those new to tech or unsure of how tech applies to them, have an amazing way to use technology and discover VR in an innovative and convenient way.

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Samsung Paves The Way For 360 Degree Video To Become Mainstream

Virtual reality is no longer a badly represented idea in 'futuristic movies'. Pretty much every major tech company that has its eyes on future...