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Galaxy Note 8 Leaked Video Lowdown

The tech world is in a frenzy over the alleged leak of a video showing the new Galaxy Note 8 which is set to be released this summer. There has been a lot of anticipation over this model of phone, because of the expensive disaster that was the Samsung Note 7 which had to be recalled because of its exploding battery issue. The new model is also extra important because Apple is set to release its latest model of phone, the Apple iPhone 8, this year as well, and Samsung phones are its biggest competitor, so they need to be able to give customers a different, but equal or better experience when using their smartphone.


The video that features the new phone shows a lot of different features, but one of the main features the press is picking up on is the size of the screen.

The Galaxy Note models have so far, never been too little in relation to other models and brands. However, recent media reports suggest that that isn’t about to change and if anything, the phone is about to get even bigger in size.

The beautiful new smartphone appearing in the video has a mammoth 6.3 inch display, 0.6 inch bigger than its doomed predecessor the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung has released a similar sized smartphone in the past, called the Galaxy Mega which was released about four years ago. It wasn’t ground-breaking and it didn’t really sell all that well. But apart from the Mega, this is the biggest phone Samsung have released.

The size wasn’t the only ground breaking piece of information to come out of the video leak either. Plenty of information became available to increase excitement over the release of this phone.

One of the greatest pieces of news was that the silly near the rear camera fingerprint reader display positioning of the Galaxy S8 and S8 plus is not replicated in the Note 8, and instead the reader is in the display. Anyone who has suffered with this problem will know it is not just a minor design flaw, but rather one of the most irritating design features any mobile phone ever had. The sensor regularly got mixed up with the camera, and often the lense would get smudged for that reason, and unlocking the phone took longer as well. This one feature took the convenience factor of the S8 and S8 Plus down a lot.

There are also lots of other new features including dual rear camera, and an infinity display like the S8 and S8 Plus has.

Many rumours are flying around about other potential features, including a cool S Pen with a vibrating feature when it makes contact with the screen. The new phone is set to be released in August ahead of the Apple iPhone 8 which is also rumoured to have a huge screen and potentially an OLED screen which truly pits it against Samsung which has OLED screens as a leading feature in its phones.

With only months to go, this apparent accidental ‘leak’ is sure to have Samsung fans even more eager to get their hands on the latest Samsung model. Concept Creator

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