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13 Best Camera Editing Apps For Samsung

We’ve scoured the internet and rounded-up some of the best camera editing apps for Samsung and other Androids.

Smartphone cameras used to be a novelty above anything else. Take a highly pixelated picture, enjoy it for what it is, but mainly enjoy the latest games, texting and super slow internet.

Now, smartphone cameras like those on the latest Samsung models, are incredible and anybody has the power to take powerful, breathtaking pictures to rival professional kit.

Camera editing apps take those pictures to a new level, giving them polish and style. With a Samsung phone, which has a beautiful display and the ability to take incredibly clear pictures, you’re going to want to have a play with any of these Android camera editing apps:

Best camera editing apps for Samsung

1. Snapseed (FREE)

Snapseed is the ideal photo editing app if you love to put text on your photos. There are other great features as well, but the winning tools relate to text on photos.

2. SKRWT (£1.29)

SKRWT has a ton of tools that are deep and well thought out, perfect for the budding photographer. There are line corrections, specific tabs for specific types of lense, and other meaty features anyone who really wants to get deep on editing, will love.

3. Fotor (FREE – in app purchases)

Fotor is always on lists like these, because it is such an all-round great editing app. It has editing tools, one-touch affects, well over 100 filters and more. A great all-rounder.

4. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (FREE)

Adobe is well known for its different editing tools, and Adobe Lightroom is widely considered the most popular. There’s a ton of features you can enjoy, including getting rid of red eye, to taking advantage of the RAW support on offer. Expect new features to arrive regularly keeping the app fresh and interesting long term.

5. Photo Lab (FREE)

Photo Lab has a lot of filters and effects, hundreds in fact, so it is a heavy duty app for Samsung. There are some really interesting effects, including one where you can mix effects together as well just to add some extra layers.

6. Prisma (FREE)

Prisma is an app that is all about adding different filter styles, like pop art and watercolour to your pictures. It isn’t an app you’re likely to want to keep for long, but it is an app you will just have to try.

7. Airbrush (FREE)

Airbrush is the Android app for selfies. There are so many quick options to blitz zits, smooth skin and get rid of anything about your selfie you don’t like. It is really easy and convenient to use.

8. Aviary (FREE)

Aviary has long been popular on Samsung because it is so very reliable! There are buttons on there that just ‘make everything better’ like a Snapchat filter. BUt there are also tons of the more enjoyable nitty, gritty functions for when you want to go deep on photo editing. The cosmetic editing tools like the teeth whitener, are great fun for selfies.

9. Cupslice Photo Editor (FREE)

Although Cupslice is a great app for filters, there are also a ton of stickers to use (which are regularly updated) and some basic editing tools.

10. Photo Director (FREE)

Fresh to Android, Photo Director is already gaining a lot of popularity with users, namely because there are so many well-designed tools for editing photos. This is certainly more of a photographer’s editing app, because the focus isn’t on filters, but on actual editing tools.

11. Photo Editor Pro (FREE)

This is a really great fun option for photo-editors looking to enjoy things like meme-makers, stickers, filters and other novelties. There are editing tools but the overall offerings of the app are light.

12. Photo Effects Pro (FREE)

Another great all-rounder, Photo Effects Pro has tools to edit your photos, filters, stickers and more, but also with cute little additions like the painting tool where you can paint on your photo and make it unique to you.

13. Bonfire Photo Editor Pro (FREE)

This is the photo editing app you want if you’re a filter hound. The editing tools are standard, but it is the filters that make this app stand out.

Hopefully this list of the best camera editing apps for Samsung has left you feeling inspired to get snapping. With so many different types of tools and features, you’re bound to find at least one that keeps you editing (and loving it) for hours!

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