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Common S8 Issues And How To Fix Them

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are supremely popular, and some believe they are the best smartphones that have been released so far. However, regardless of their amazing 5.8 inch OLED display, Mobile HDR Premium certification, screen to body ratio, face and iris recognition, they do have their issues.

So that you are more able to enjoy this largely epic phone model, here are a list of the most common S8 and S8+ problems you may come across, and most importantly, how to deal with them.

Common S8 Issues and How to Fix Them

S8 Overheating Worry

Naturally, because the Note 7 was pulled back in, users of the S8 are concerned that it will also explode and catch fire. As it stands there is no evidence that this is a potential problem, and with the 8 point battery check Samsung does, any issues would be flagged up quickly.

Fingerprint Scanner Issues

The problem with the S8 fingerprint scanner is more inconvenient than it is problematic. Because of the design of the phone, the S8 fingerprint scanner, like a lot of other androids, is not positioned on the front of the phone but on the back. The only key difference with the S8 is that the rear fingerprint scanner is positioned to the side of the camera. This is annoying, especially as the phone is more elongated than other models, which means it’s really hard to reach with normal phone-use hand positioning.

Now, let’s be clear, the sensor isn’t faulty, it works just fine. A lot of people think it is faulty just because it sits in a less natural place, which means it doesn’t always work. Users might also think it isn’t working because it doesn’t have a click function and if you don’t look at the back you might be pressing on the camera by accident. This is a major gripe for many users; that the camera gets smudged all the time because of accidentally pressing it getting to the fingerprint scanner.


Unfortunately, there isn’t a solution it is just a case of getting used to where it is!

WiFi Issues

WiFi issues seem to be rife with the S8 and S8+ and include things like slow speeds, losing connection, or a bad connection.


This is an issue that can usually be rectified easily. You should see if a big difference by resetting your router, then forgetting and reconnecting to your network.

Facial Recognition & Iris Scanner Issues

Clever Samsung popped advanced technology in its S8 (continued from the 7) to ensure fingerprint scanning wasn’t the only way users could access their phone. Users are having issues getting either to work, or mostly getting the iris scanner to work and having to endure a few attempts to get facial recognition to work.


With the iris scanner, make sure you’re holding the phone up properly and if it refuses to work, delete it and try again with wide eyes and good lighting. With facial recognition just keep trying, there’s no trick to it working perfectly that we know of just yet. Just be sure to set up several methods of unlocking so there are fail safes in place.

Apps Aren’t Full Screen Issue

One of the most common complaints about the S8 is that apps don’t use all of the screen which is a shame as the screen is so big. There doesn’t seem to be a rule as to which apps this issue seems to affect.


There is an easy solution for this problem, yay! Just bring up the notification bar and select settings, then select display, then select full screen apps. Once there, any app that is not highlighted you can go ahead and turn on to full screen mode. Once you are using the app, if it hasn’t completely worked (and it works for most apps) there should be an expand icon to use to fill the screen up with the app.

App Drawer Button Missing

A lot of people struggle with the fact there isn’t an app drawer button, on top of not having a physical home button. Getting to your apps isn’t all that obvious.


Swiping up from anywhere on the bottom of the S8 screen will enable you to see all of your apps. If this doesn’t suit you, keep your finger pressed on any blank area on your screen for a few seconds and you will see options come up, including editing, layout, widget and background image options. You will see a settings button appear which you should press, followed by the apps button and then ‘show apps button’. Once you have done this select done and return to home screen. That friendly old button will be there for you to use to access your apps. Select Home Screen Only if you want instant access to your apps at all times.

Red Tint Issue

There have been some users complaining of a red tint to the screen of the S8.


This is not a software problem, and is in fact a desirable feature of the phone. It is part of a flexible display calibration option where you can customise it to work for your taste. There is also a new update where you can enjoy even more options. Simply get into Screen Mode and choose a different colour or the colour balance option to adjust the balance, tone and colour of your screen to match your taste.

Quad-HD Issue

This isn’t an issue as much as it is a matter of choice. Samsung lowers the Quad-HD display automatically to preserve battery and improve performance on a day to day basis. Switch back to Quad-HD easily by heading to your screen resolution options and picking WQHD.

Screen Never Turning Off Issue

Some people don’t like the Always On Display option where the phone screen stays on all the time. You can easily switch this off in settings if you aren’t a fan.

Camera Issues

The S8 has the ability to take mindblowing photos, so you can understand why some users might be annoyed if the camera fails. Most reports revolve around a camera failure warning before the app closing and preventing the user taking any more photos.


It seems the issue might be to do with Smart Stay on the S8, which causes issues with the camera. You can turn Smart Stay off in Advanced Features.

Have you come across any issues on your S8 that we’ve missed? Get in touch in the comments below or via Facebook and we’ll find some solutions.

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