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Infinity Blade 3 For Samsung/Android 2017

Looking for Infinity Blade 3 for Samsung? There’s no disputing that Infinity Blade 3 is flipping fantastic. With its mind blowing graphics, and awesome characters, it is no surprise statistics show 4 years after it was released it had over 50 million downloads, and a large cult following to boot.

Unfortunately, there is also no disputing that you can only get this amazing app on iOS, leaving us Android users out in the cold, wondering what to do with their thumbs. Well, fear not, those under-stimulated opposables are about to get busy with these awesome Infinity Blade 3 Android friendly alternatives:

Blood & Glory: Legend

Glu – Free on Android

The weakest thing about Infinity Blade is the plot, which is where Blood & Glory Legend steams ahead. Forget fantasy fluff, this game is all about hardcore action and a plot to equal, if not nod several times towards the famous Gladiator film by Ridley Scott.

Dark Meadow: The Pact

Phosphor Games Studio – Free on Android

This follows the original Dark Meadow and certainly romances the idea of inspiration from Infinity Blade, enough to get you interested, if not a little hooked. The exploration alone is completely addictive, and the horror aspect gives it a really cool (if not slightly grim) twist. The narration in the game is also worth a mention, and adds a wicked layer to the already menacing game.


Phosphor Games Studio – £1.55 on Android

Of all the Infinity Blade 3 Android friendly alternatives, Horn has the most to it. It looks good, the plot is deep, the graphics are beautiful, and the combat is satisfying. Ideal for players who want to do a lot of fighting.

Dragon Slayer

Glu – Free on Android

The dragons on this game are so impressive, they’ll feel huge to you, even on your phone screen. The combination of exceptional visuals along with vibration controls and well thought out boss dragon features, means you’ll genuinely feel relieved when you take them down. Ideal for players wanting a combat challenge.

World War Z

Phosphor Game Studio – £1.97 on Android

The movie was a dud, but the game is alright. It isn’t the best Infinity Blade 3 alternative there ever was, but it does give great zombie, and the gameplay is decent.


Kiloo – Free on Android

If you’re looking for the closest Infinity Blade 3 alternative, this is it. The graphics are amazing, the colours are so sharp, the animation is so smooth, and the game controls are perfectly thought out. It isn’t Infinity Blades 3, but it almost is, which you’re sure to enjoy if you’re desperate to get the closest thing to the cult classic on your Android.

Godfire: Rise Of Prometheus

Vivid Games S.A – Free on Android

In terms of graphics, Godfire Rise Of Prometheus comes very close to Infinity Blade 3. The game does have a few bugs and issues so it isn’t perfect, but you might be forgiving simply because the graphics are so jaw dropping.

So there you have it, a really great list of Infinity Blade 3 alternatives Android.

Sure you might always feel a little sour about missing out on the real thing just because you’re not an Apple fan, but you’re exploring all these other cool games instead of just playing one game, which is kind of great, isn’t it?

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