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Samsung alternatives to Apple iMovie

iPhone users rave about Apple iMovie. It is a pretty good app for video editing, but unfortunately its not available for Android. But have no fear! Whether you’re an avid Apple fan and suddenly found yourself in the hands of a Samsung, or a lifelong android user, it’s time to relax. We’ve had a scout around and found some great Samsung alternatives to Apple iMovie.

But before you dig in to these iMovie alternatives, here’s a piece of advice: Put aside the preconceptions of how a video editing app should work and experiment with what’s on offer. Spend some time learning and see which app works best for you.

To get you started, we’ve listed a few that we think are worth trying out.

Simple and free alternatives to Apple iMovie


With a bunch of 5* reviews, Funimate is a video editor for those who don’t take video editing too seriously. It’s main selling point are it’s 15 different video effects which will definitely have you laughing. There’s no real power in the app, but if you just want to play around with the material you’ve already captured on your phone, then it’s perfect.


Another great app to try if you’re in a hurry and just want to produce a simple, but authentic result. All you have to do is upload the material you want to use, and then the app does all the work to add transitions, effects and music. There’ll even surprise you with video’s they’ve made of your latest moments. There is the option to do some manual editing, but the beauty of this app is the simplicity of letting it do all the hard work.


The unique selling point for VQuick is it’s collaborative platform. You can follow, watch and use other people’s video footage in your own production. It’s being cited as a great video editing option for vloggers and aspiring journalists. There’s also the chance to win prizes when you submit your videos to monthly competitions – a great way to build your name.

Slightly more detailed and mostly free alternatives to Apple iMovie 


Priding themselves as a ‘Top Developer’ in the GooglePlay Store, VivaVideo is a popular app for those wanting a few more editorial rights. Unfortunately it’s only free if you’re happy with a time limited, watermark version, but at least it gives you the chance to experiment and see if it’s worth purchasing the upgrade. The editing tools are pretty user-friendly and give you a wide variety of filters, speeds and copy options.

Movie Maker Filmmaker

Another middle of the road option. It’s not the most powerful, but it does give you the options to edit your video footage. It prides itself on being 100% free. You can trim, crop and reorder your footage and decide how the effects move around the screen. There’s the option to customise your own filters and add animation. Pretty good for a freebie.

Video Editor

Another ‘Top Developer’ award from the GooglePlay Store, goes to this video editing app. It sells itself on the ability to blur borders, make it’s own dubsmash videos and support hashtags. A great option for those more socially minded, wanting to share their lives with the wider world.

Apple iMovie for Android: Your most powerful options  


Priding itself on being mostly free, this app boasts a whole range of video editing options. There’s video dubbing, video trimming, cutting and cropping, and even the option to forgo the normal fonts and doodle your own writing. It’s not a bad option for those with more time and skills.


With some great professional editing tools, FilmoraGo is one to try for the more experienced among us. It gives you the option to reverse play, trim by duration, add slow/fast motion, duplicate, mute, rotate and delete clips. You’ve got the classic transitions, as well as the overlays, filters and fun effects.

Adobe Premiere Clip

The last one on our list of the big boys. This is a great option if you work with Premier Pro CC. You can export a project for further editing and it won’t lose any of it’s edits, music markers or looks. It offers both the automatic video creating and also the more powerful editing options. You can drag and drop clips and photos, edit and remove, adjust lighting, transitions and effects.

So there you have it, our top alternatives to Apple iMovie for Samsung users. Try them out and let us know what you think. Which one gets top marks for you?

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