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Complete List of Samsung Mobiles with Micro SD Slots

Removable storage, usually in the form of micro SD slots, has come to be expected as a staple feature of any decent mobile phone, like a camera or volume control. It is just one of those features that we would be lost without. This is why manufacturers have, rather sneakily, taken the initiative to deny the customer these luxuries we have been taking for granted. After all, if we need it that badly, we’ll pay through the nose for it, right? This has been a rather recent development, as the whole iPhone Headphone debacle demonstrated, and we wouldn’t be wrong to feel like the companies we have been loyal to for so long are taking us for a ride.

Memory Full

Who hasn’t faced that irritating debate of which photos and files you can live without in order to create the memory to take new pictures? Nobody likes having to kill their digital darlings, and in 2017, when we are taking solace more than ever in our mobile devices, we want – nay – need them to have plenty of storage space! Samsung have tried this little trick midway through a few of their product series, including the Note and S models, but a pattern emerges of giving it a go, and seemingly turning back again in defeat.

Whatever the motivation for doing so, some manufacturers have started to take pity on us and give us back our removable storage. But this does leave a few contemporary models in circulation that offer no means of removable storage, which is well worth taking into consideration when upgrading or buying a new device.

So which Samsung mobiles have Micro SD Slots?

Here’s the complete list of Samsung mobiles with and without Micro SD slots:

A table showing the Complete List of Samsung Mobiles with Micro SD Slots

Take Care Selecting a Model

As you can see, there have been a few instances of product lines having removable storage scrapped from the design, and then reinstated on later models. More recently, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have received not-so-positive attention for their lack of removable storage, with many critics identifying it as the sole problem with an otherwise perfect mobile device.

But Samsung have not become the tech giants they are by ignoring the pleas of their paying customers. It would seem that the backlash against the lack of expandable memory was such that the model’s successors, the S7 and S7 Edge, had reverted to offering users removable storage on their smartphones. The same can be said for the Note series, which in spite of its recent combustion issues, is redeemable in the form of the Note 4, the most recent model in the series with both removable storage and no prior convictions for arson.

What is the Future of Removable Storage?

Do take care with those series that offer no removable storage, namely the Galaxy Alpha and both Galaxy Nexus models. Although they’re all great in their own individual ways, they are bound to leave you USBing up to your laptop to purge all your files more than is convenient, so give it some thought before entering into any contracts or shelling out hundreds on a new phone. It’s probably advisable to ask about removable storage when looking at any new phones, as you don’t want to get caught out unexpectedly.

The trend for denying us removable storage seems to have passed, and particularly in light of the catastrophe that was the Note 7, Samsung are saving themselves further bullets to the foot by giving the customers what they want. Moreover, it doesn’t look as though any of the new designs scheduled for release in the future are going to be trying any such tricks either. The people have spoken, and the word is that expandable memory is a fundamental right for all smartphone users!

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