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Here’s Why the Note 7 Explodes

We all heard about Samsung’s disastrous exploding Note 7s last autumn, but now Samsung’s labs can tell us where the problem started. Here’s why the Note 7 Explodes…

The grand unveiling of 2016 turned into one of the year’s biggest screw-ups, and for Samsung, probably one of the biggest in their history. And it wasn’t even one of those under-the-radar type screw-ups that would pass over the heads of the less technologically-minded. No sooner had the very first pre-ordered Note 7 devices been delivered and unpackaged, they were producing rather unexpected results. Yes, before the device even got its general UK release, it was already being recalled, and the power of the internet made sure that everyone knew about it in no time. Memes abound and providers in a worldwide panic, the Note 7 was somehow catching fire and exploding, causing burns injuries to users. Thankfully (particularly for Samsung), there were no reports of any raging house fires or deaths, but regardless, brand new mobile phones that could spontaneously combust were not something that Samsung wanted to be on the liability end of. So the recall of the year was under way, and rumours and conflicting reports were running rampant. But now the dust has settled, what was the cause of this disaster, and what does it mean for the future of Samsung?

Why the Note 7 Explodes

After putting it off for a good while, Samsung have finally gone public with the findings of their investigation into the problems with both the original batches of the Note 7 and the supposedly repaired second batch. Their earlier claims of there being a fault in the battery design have been confirmed, and this very informative diagram explains everything you need to know about the problem:

As we can see, there were some fairly simple but fundamental errors made in the minutiae of the battery design, and if we’re honest, these seem like very primary level mistakes for such a market giant to make. Perhaps Samsung have spent so much time and energy focusing on bringing about innovative new features that they can show off at their spectacular conferences, that they neglected to give the basics the attention they still require.

Where To From Here

Either way, this has been a monumentally expensive mistake, and a very high-profile one that Samsung seem to have learned from. Not only has it cost them millions of dollars in lost sales, reimbursements and recalls, but it sent a wave of doubt rippling through the customer base, with some deciding that it wasn’t worth sticking around. The company seem very serious about putting it all right, and regaining their status as worthy iPhone rivals, with their upcoming Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, as well as the Galaxy X and the ringleader, the Note 8. Only time will tell how these releases will pan out, but Samsung are back at the bottom of the pile with much to prove, so fingers crossed it all pays off and we will be treated to the quality and innovation that we have come to expect from them.

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