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How To Connect a Samsung Device to TV

Connectivity is a key selling point on most modern technology and knowing how to connect a Samsung smartphone or tablet to TV isn’t hard. Whether you want to look at your latest photos on a larger screen, or play your favourite tunes at a higher volume than your tablet provides, you can do it all within minutes with or without wires. Here’s how…

Connecting your Samsung Device to TV using Screen Mirroring or Smart View

Screen mirroring allows you to cast the content on your device’s screen to a nearby TV screen. So what you see on your device screen is mirrored onto your TV screen. Here’s a quick how-to:

  1. Prepare your TV for casting, usually via the Source button or Network options. It’ll vary according to which TV your using. It doesn’t need to be a Samsung TV, but it does need to be a Smart TV with wireless capabilities, or a plug-in streaming device like Chromecast or Amazon Fire Stick.
  2. On your device, swipe down with two fingers to pull down the extended notification window.
  3. Select Screen Mirroring or Smart View and wait for a few seconds whilst your device scans for a TV to cast to.
  4. Tap the TV that you want to connect to and your tablet/smartphone screen will be displayed on the TV

Depending on how powerful your wi-fi connection is you might see some lag between what’s displayed on your phone/tablet and what’s displayed on your TV.

Connecting your Samsung device to TV using Quick Connect

Quick connect enables you to manage which devices you can connect to via Bluetooth or Wi-fi. Here’s how to use it to connect your smartphone or tablet to your TV:

  1. Ensure your TV is able to support Wi-fi connections. Prepare it for casting as in step 1 above.
  2. Swipe down on your smartphone/tablet screen to bring up the menu
  3. Select Quick connect, then ‘Scan for nearby devices
  4. Choose the device you want to connect to and your tablet/smartphone screen will be displayed to that device.

How To Connect a Samsung Device to TV using HDMI

If you have an older TV, PC or laptop you will probably need to use a wired connection and/or connector to hook it up to your Samsung device. You can use any TV or computer monitor to connect to your smartphone or tablet, so long as it has an HDMI input.

1. You will require two cables for the job: a standard HDMI lead and a Samsung TV adapter plug. You can pick each of these up relatively cheaply online or on the high street, and once you have them, you’re all ready to bring your tablet to the big screen.

2. Unbox your Samsung adapter and plug it into your tablet. The box on the other end of the adapter has two ports; a larger one for the HDMI cable, and a smaller one for the power plug.

3. Connect the power lead, then plug one end of the HDMI cable into the adapter. Plug the other end into the relevant port in your television, and you’re ready to go!

It’s that simple. Now you’re free to enjoy all the functions of your tablet on a bigger and far more capable screen.

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