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Samsung mobiles with removable batteries

Samsung mobiles with removable batteries have become something of a rarity these days.

It would seem Samsung have chosen to forfeit the practicality of a removable battery for a design that is more pleasing-to-the-eye. Ultra-sleek metal casing and streamlined aesthetics do create a more premium-looking product.

As well as providing fans with pretty handsets, Samsung also wanted to improve water resistance in the S7 models. Sealing a modular battery proved to be a bit of a pain, so Samsung introduced the unibody design.

But many outspoken Samsung fans have mourned the loss of modular battery compartments. And now, in this post-exploding-Note-7 world, some people are asking whether Samsung needs to reconsider removable batteries inside their flagships.

With the advent of the S8 approaching in 2017, there has been much speculation as to whether Samsung will include a removable battery in their new flagship mobile. However, the crux of the matter is, Samsung mobiles with removable batteries are no longer the norm.

So, being helpful as ever, we put together a comprehensive list of ALL the Samsung batteries that have removable batteries.

Here it is, the complete list of Samsung mobiles with removable batteries…

Samsung Galaxy Note Series

Samsung Galaxy Notes with removable batteriesThe Galaxy Note series blends high-end smartphones with tablets. Some of us like to call them “phablets”. They have larger screens than your average smartphone and offer some computer-like functions (like split screen multitasking), as well as cell phone capabilities and cameras. Samsung Notes come with a stylus pen, which allows you to write on the screen. The Galaxy Notes with removable batteries are:

– Samsung Galaxy Note [original]

– Samsung Galaxy Note 2

– Samsung Galaxy Note 3

– Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy J Series

The J series is Samsung’s super-budget smartphone series. They’re sleek and slim with super AMOLED displays, but also pretty affordable, starting at about £90 for the J1 Mini. The Galaxy J’s with removable batteries are:

– Samsung Galaxy J [Original]

– Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini

– Samsung Galaxy J2

– Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime

– Samsung Galaxy J5

– Samsung Galaxy J7

Samsung Galaxy S Series

Samsung S4 on desk as example of Samsung mobiles with removable batteriesSamsung’s Galaxy S series is their flagship smartphone. They’re high-end, high-spec phones and as the iPhone’s biggest rival, offer the very best of Samsung’s design and technological innovation. The S-series phones with removable batteries are getting on a bit though:

Samsung Galaxy S [original]

Samsung Galaxy S2

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos

Other Samsung Phones with removable batteries

The most recent Samsung phone to be released with a removable battery was the Samsung Galaxy On7 in Oct 2015. Other Samsung phones with removable batteries include the 2014’s Jitterbug Touch 3 easy-to-use smartphone which is aimed at senior market and 2012’s Samsung Brightside, a CDMA touch screen messaging phone with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Here’s the rest:

Samsung Galaxy On7

Samsung Galaxy Sol

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Dual Sim

Samsung Galaxy Nexus I515

Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Samsung Galaxy Mega

Samsung Jitterbug Touch3

Samsung Brightside

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