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Galaxy S8 Accessories

We’re looking forward to the upcoming release of the next Galaxy incarnation, the S8. Although nothing official has been announced yet, there are a couple of leaked details that claim to be from the horse’s mouth, and it looks as though there is a nice range of accessories coming to accompany the S8.

Here is what we’ve heard so far about Galaxy S8 accessories.

Galaxy S8 Accessories

Samsung have been releasing accessories to go with their Galaxy handsets since the S3, and it’s become a customer expectation. The S7 brought us the VR headset, and although we don’t seem set for anything quite so cool this time round, the range is expanding nonetheless, and offering some pretty novel ideas for Samsung users.

Protective covers and casings

For starters, the cover and case range is widening. The S8 is rumoured to be introducing a bunch of new phone cases, with the Alcantara leather cover getting centre stage. Its ensemble is made up of several protective covers for the S8, including a clear view cover, a keyboard cover for improved accessibility and the LED cover for a sort of next-generation always-on screen mode.

Samsung and its competitors have been making quite a flooded market of phone accessories in the last year or two, and it feels rather like they’ve run out of steam for this year. According to leaks, the majority of the S8’s accessories range constitutes protective covers and casings, but there are two new features that could shake everything up.

Remote Charging

First is the rumoured 2600mAh on-the-go battery pack for charging away from home. It’s certainly not an original idea, but a highly practical one, and one that will surely make a welcome addition to the Samsung family.

Multimedia Dock

To top the collection off, a multimedia dock is on its way. Not much has been revealed about it, except that it will provide ‘enhanced connectivity options’. This doesn’t sound unlike the Google Home and Amazon ECHO multimedia docks that have been making waves on the market recently. It is expected that the dock will work in the same way, seamlessly tying all of your house’s smart devices together and working them in unison for everything from traffic reports to playing music.

What else will the S8 offer?

All of this is on top of what we’re promised the S8 itself will deliver. A 4K display and 10nm processor are expected, as is a newly-reworked camera that promises to be better than ever. The S8 is also anticipated to be the debut of Samsung’s Artificial Intelligence Assistant, which could well signal the next generation of phones, even more handsfree than we already know.

Although it’s yet to be confirmed, the S8 is looking like it will be released late in February. Some sources are saying February 26th, in order to correspond with the Mobile World Congress Technology Trade Show in Barcelona.

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