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Is the Galaxy S7 Battery Safe?


Is the Galaxy S7 Battery safe or is it likely to blow-up and catch fire like the Note7s? Many customers have been worried about the safety of their Samsung phones since Samsung recalled their Note 7 line earlier this year. But the reassuring truth is that the Galaxy S7 Batteries are no more likely to catch fire than any other smartphone battery.

Is the Galaxy S7 Battery Safe?

With the Note 7 having been taken off the market entirely, with the battery issue just too complex to fix, the most popular Samsung phone currently on sale is the Galaxy S7, the latest generation of the Galaxy range. An estimated 13.3 million S7s were sold in the first half of this year alone, and with many Note 7 customers being offered exchanges, this figure is likely to have soared in recent months. A handful of mobile-combustion reports have surfaced in recent weeks, and some have been worrying that it is a Samsung-wide curse and that we’re all at risk of burning literal holes in our pockets. But worry not!

The Reassuring Truth

In the face of the convenience they provide us with, we are often quick to forget that all technologies we use are at risk of malfunctioning. Anything with a battery could, in theory, explode. But in the same way, anybody with eyesight could, in theory, go blind. There is a miniscule possibility, in the world of statistics, that these things could happen. But in the vast majority of scenarios, no problems crop up, and we go on unscathed, using our unexploded Smart phones with our unblinded eyes. This accounts for the very very few cases of exploding Galaxy S7s or S7 Edges.

This is No Note

The Note 7 models were catching fire at a considerable rate, a fault that was quickly traced back to bad batteries. The pattern presented itself quickly and was dealt with accordingly. But these odd, isolated incidents with S7s and Edges are not experiencing the same problems. They are simply the occasional fluke, that probably couldn’t have been predicted, and almost certainly wouldn’t happen again. In short, there is no need to worry if you are the owner of a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge: we can declare with as much certainty as any person could, that you are at no increased risk of your handset blowing up.

Now that we’ve resolved the burning issue of exploding phones, you can chill out and explore the rest of Samsung Geeks, where you can always find the latest Samsung news and best offers.




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