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When Can I Get Samsung Pay in the UK?

Mobile payment apps have been one of the biggest tech stories of this year: Apple and Android have attracted attention and acclaim for their respective Pay systems, which allow people to use their smartphones to pay for products and services via contactless payment, and Samsung fans have been eagerly awaiting a payment app they could enjoy the convenience of. Unfortunately, Samsung Pay still isn’t available in most territories, so what is going on with it, and when can you get Samsung Pay in the UK?

What’s the Delay?

The concept of Samsung Pay was introduced at this year’s Unpacked Conference, and the service was rolled out across the US and South Korea, where it is enjoying a welcoming reception. However, here in the UK, we are still waiting for our quick and easy method of Samsung-facilitated payment, so what’s the deal? Well, reports suggest that overly-prolonged negotiations between Samsung and the UK banks and payment services have been the cause of the delay, but perhaps in light of the Note 7 inferno, a bit of a hold-up on new products and services is somewhat understandable.

When Can I Get Samsung Pay?

There are still no official announcements about a concrete UK release date for Samsung Pay. Initially, the company projected it would be available sometime in 2016, but with fewer than three weeks left of this year, this claim is looking increasingly unlikely.

Just as unlikely is that Samsung will be wanting to deprive their customers and send them running into the arms of competitors like Apple, so the tech circle seems confident that early 2017 will mark the UK debut of Samsung Pay.

Will it Be Worth It?

As any Apple or Android user is certain to tell you, a mobile Payment service is essential nowadays. Well, it definitely signals the chance of change, but whether or not it will entirely replace wallets, cards and coins remains to be seen. In theory, it should eventually.

By programming your various bank, store and gift cards onto your phone, you can pay for products and services in any participating store or point of sale, via contactless payment, without any inconvenience or security concerns. Mobile payment can be more security-conscious, particularly for more recent phone models with fingerprint or even iris-scanning security technology. Wallets and cards can be left at home.

As we mentioned, there is no official word yet, but we are keeping well on top of the Samsung Pay situation. So stick around here at Samsung Geeks for all the very latest updates about Samsung Pay and other news and releases.

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