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Best Samsung Budget Buys for Christmas


Black Friday may be behind us, but there is still a smorgasbord of festive deals to snap up on some great Samsung products before you’re expected round the tree. So to save you the effort of looking high and low and comparing prices between stores, we’ve put together a list of the best budget Samsung deals.

Take the hassle out of Christmas shopping and buy online with the help of our Budget Gift Guide.


Samsung’s Galaxy Tab E 8GB is on special offer this week at Argos, where it is down from £159.99 to £129.99. Boasting a 9.6” screen and Micro SD port for added storage, the Tab E is available in Black and White, and is ideal for entertainment on the go. Buy it here.


If you fancy a flashy new TV for all the best Christmas viewing with the family, there are several great deals available right now. The UE22K5000 full HD LED TV is down to  £124.00 – a saving of £45.99. It’s connectable with ConnectShareMovie, USB and HDMI, and is the perfect entertainment centre for bedrooms. Buy it here.

A particularly good match for any gamer, the V27F39S Smart Curved LED TV is the perfect screen for immersive viewing. Spanning 27”, it is possibly this year’s Christmas Steal at just £199 – saving you £130.99. It’s full HD and offers instant access to streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Video. Buy it now from Currys PC World.

Home Appliances

Once Christmas day is over, no one really feels like cooking. So make the most of those turkey leftovers with Samsung’s ME73IK/XEU Solo Microwave. User-friendly and easy-clean enamel finish, it’s a complete steal at just £49.00, reduced from £139.99. Available at this unbeatable price from Currys PC World.


Looking for a player to pair with your swanky new Samsung TV? Grab a Samsung combination Blu-ray and DVD player? Reduced from £99.99 down to just £69.99, the BD-J5900 Smart 3D Blu-Ray & DVD player features Catch Up TV and Movies, built-in Wi-Fi and 3D picture experience, and is perfectly suited to Christmas viewing, be it the classic movies on TV or a new DVD you get in your stocking. Snap it up from Currys PC World.

Now is a perfect time to have a hunt around for some really irresistible deals. Have you found any good Samsung deals during your Christmas shopping? We’d love to hear about them. Get in touch on Facebook, or comment below.

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