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Which Samsung Smartwatch Should I Buy?

Smartwatches are indisputably hot right now, and as we approach the Christmas period, perhaps you know someone that would appreciate one as a present. But with so many to choose from you’re probably asking yourself, ‘Which Samsung smartwatch should I buy?’ Choosing the best suited smartwatch, and figuring out which one does everything you need it to, can be a struggle, especially with the Samsung waters muddied by competitors.

The USP of smartwatches is that there’s an option for everybody. They used to be a swanky gadget only used by athletes, but that’s no longer the case, mainly because fitness is no longer their sole focus. Smartwatches are leaning further in the direction of being extensions of smart phones all the time, hooking up wirelessly to phones and accessing messages and calls, as well as apps.

Samsung Gear 3

The Gear 3 smartwatch series aimed to appeal to a wide audience. Its predecessor, the Gear 2, was well-designed and eagerly received, but stuck with a very monochromatic, masculine design.

So when designing the Gear 3, Samsung had style as well as usage in mind. Gear 3 comes in two models: the Classic is closer to the original design and is well-suited to formal situations and dress codes; the Frontier is designed with outdoorsmanship in mind, with rubber straps and robust construction.

Both are very user-friendly and offer various apps, including S Health, but the Frontier has the added feature of LTE radio. Expected to be a key factor in future mobile technology, this addition enables the smartwatch to function independently, without need for a smartphone to connect to.

Samsung Gear S3 First Look: What’s New?

Samsung Gear Fit

The Gear Fit was directed far more explicitly toward the athletically-inclined, and presents you with a simplified version of your phone on your wrist, along with a one or two fitness features, such as the inbuilt heart monitor.

It is a bit bulkier that your average sportswatch but this is due to Samsung’s trademark display, which at 1.83” is eye-catching on the wrist. It’s a very good looking thing, and there is a menu of wallpapers to select from. However, for a fitness watch, it’s not got a huge selection of sports functions.

The heart monitor on the underside detaches and acts as the battery that has to be removed to be charged, so on the off chance that you drop or lose it, the battery is so inconspicuous that you may well be down an entire smartwatch.

Gear Fit or Gear Fit 2: Which is Better?

Which Samsung Smartwatch Should I Buy?

As we’ve seen, the possibilities of what smartwatches can deliver to a user are ever-increasing, and some perform some functions better than others.

The Gear Fit is efficient and does a good, simple job that lands somewhere between fitness and mobile activity. But the Gear 3 is a good looking and very tough piece of kit, that is better refined for a wide range of activities than its ‘Fit’ counterpart; its two different models, each aimed closer at a particular clientele, better serve the likely needs of its user.

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