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iPhone 7 vs. Galaxy S7

iPhone 7 vs. Galaxy S7 – well, folks, it’s that time again. The dust of the Summer releases has settled and now the battle of the phones continues.

This year marks the seventh generations of both Apple’s iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy S, and both have a lot to offer their respective customer bases. But after this summer’s Note 7 conundrum for Samsung, how is its highly-acclaimed S7 holding up on the market. Is the iPhone 7 giving it a run for its money…?

iPhone 7 vs. Galaxy S7: FIGHT!

Both the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy S7 have been the subject of much discussion this year, for rather different reasons. Hailed universally as the best smart phone of the summer, the Galaxy S7 and its Edge companion were all the rage with their top-of-the-range display quality and entertainment-based functions, slick and comfortable design, and all-round perfection. It felt as if the concept of upgrade had been realised to its fullest potential, and that all previous issues had been rectified. Galaxy S7 was as perfect as a smartphone could get.

Meanwhile, iPhone fans were foaming at the mouth ready to get their hands on generation 7, having heard the Samsungites raving about theirs for several months. But when the autumn release date finally rolled around, reaction was not quite as wild as anticipated. While a new iPhone was certainly exciting, there seemed very little difference between the 6s and its successor. But how do each of these models stack up, and is there a clear winner here?

iPhone 7


iPhone 7 vs. Galaxy S7Making much of its new waterproofing and dual speaker format, Apple didn’t really think too far outside the box when it came to updating their model. The size and weight of the handset is near enough identical to the 6S, and the display is the same standard 4.7” size; from a distance there is no discernible difference. It is, as has been boasted, available in a swanky new jet black finish, but this has been found to scratch more easily than an unsheathed DVD, so cases are advised.

Now, that’s not to say there have been no improvements made. The iPhone is finally waterproof, a feature many commented on the lack of with the 6S, so can now catch up with the competitors that allow users to take underwater photography and the like. Dual speakers, now positioned on the upper and lower edges of the handset, do offer improved volume, but their polar positioning prevents a truly immersive audio experience. Another change that’s finally been made is with the home button. Anyone who’s used an iPhone in recent years will be familiar with that clunky and surprisingly strenuous push you have to give the button; this has been replaced with a smooth no-click button that forms part of the whole model. Although it does take a little getting used to for seasoned Apple users, many are agreeing that it’s a welcome improvement.

Apple’s trademark Taptic engine has seen vast enhancement. Worlds away from the standard full-phone buzz that comes with notifications, calls and games, unique and localised vibrations have been added for a really well-rounded user experience, particularly during gaming. This is supported by the A10 fusion quad core processor. The iPhone 7 is being praised for its camera quality, particularly in low light, but as is evident, the majority of the effort has gone into the inner workings.

Perhaps Apple’s biggest change – and possibly its most controversial – is the removal of the headphone jack. This was supposed to make way for the introduction of wireless headphones, but has alienated some. An adapter piece is provided, but is a bit fiddly and won’t be of much use if it gets mislaid. So overall, the iPhone 7 is a good phone, but no significant improvement over the 6S.

Galaxy S7

As with the iPhone, the Galaxy S7 set out to perfect everything that had been achieved with previous GS models, and00_S7_Back_black_Standard_Online_L there was plenty to perfect. Although the Gorilla Glass casing has been hit and miss with users (it’s not hard to spot a Galaxy owner with a shattered case), the shape, size and weight of the phone is perfect and very comfortable to use. With its sizeable 5.1” AMOLED display, featuring wide viewing angles and full colour gamut, the S7’s improved capacity for gaming, viewing and even virtual reality reaches its potential.

Further supporting this boosted viewing performance is the reappearance of expandable memory. The S7 boasts an impressive 4GB internal memory which can be supplemented with a Micro USB card of up to 200MB. All of these capacities are held together by an even better battery. Samsung phones hold a pretty sterling reputation for long battery life, but they surpassed themselves with a 3000mAh battery for the S7. The Micro USB port is intact to allow for unaffected compatibility with chargers and other accessories.

As for its camera, the Galaxy S7’s camera has been acclaimed as the best available on a smart phone for all-round use. Achieving clear results in low light and across shooting conditions, the camera delivers excellent focus speed and accuracy, thanks to its quality autofocus.

Results Show

As good as each model is, both Samsung and Apple are very pricey brands, so you want to be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth when spending out several hundred on one.

With this in mind, Apple really haven’t brought enough new things to the table here to warrant an expensive upgrade. In fact, anybody with an iPhone 6S is likely to be better off keeping it.

However, the Galaxy S7 is so close to perfect that this doesn’t seem like much of a contest.

For more information that will help you weigh-up the pros and cons of both phones have a look at some of the best new features on the S7 here, or check out our article about why the Galaxy S7 is outselling the iPhone 6S.


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