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What is Samsung Kies?


What is Samsung Kies? A simple Google search asking for a definition of Samsung Kies does not turn out to be as insightful as one might expect. If you’ve heard of it and are looking for the lowdown, it’s likely that you’ll spend a while searching. But search no longer, friends, for Samsung Geeks are here to help you out, and deliver a simple, practical answer to the question.

What is Samsung Kies?

YouTuber Tech-Torials describes Samsung Kies as ‘the iTunes of your Samsung phone’, and I could find no more fitting analogy. Honestly, it seems as though an iTunes-style storage platform specially designed to benefit the features of a smart phone was way overdue.

Neither phone nor PC looks to be completely dominating the domestic gadget market, and there is still, as ever, a need and desire to transfer phone files to a computer and vice versa. Whether you want to upload some photos for back up, or send a cool song over to use as your new ringtone, data transfer between phone and PC is somewhat inevitable.

How does Samsung Kies Work?

Samsung Kies can be downloaded for free for your relevant device from Samsung’s website here, and is easy as pie to install and set up on your PC. Then simply connect your phone via USB and away you go. Kies offers the full range of folders and albums for each kind of transferred media, which you are free to customise and arrange any way that works for you. Simply put, Samsung Kies is the port through which all your travelling media is channelled, and a neatly kept record of it.

Is Kies for Everybody?

Although Kies is still in wide use and continues to serve well as a dependable media transfer outlet, there is a new generation. In keeping with the ever-progressing evolution of smartphones, an even more sophisticated programme has come about in the form of Samsung Smart Switch.

Smart Switch was initially aimed at users of the most recent phone models, like the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, with Kies sticking around to protect and serve the many users of other Samsung models. Kies can be used even for the latest models of phone, but users of such handsets are being recommended to upgrade.

Samsung Kies is an efficient and highly user-friendly piece of kit once you’ve scoured through ten pages of “What is Samsung Kies” searches and found a decent answer! It’s ideal for users of all sorts of Samsung phone models, from the various generations of the Galaxy S range to the more discreet Galaxy A range, and makes quick and secure media transfer and storage much easier. If you’re the holder of a more recent model, be sure to check out Smart Switch to see if it’s right for you.

For more Samsung news and the latest updates in data transfer, be sure to check back with us here at Samsung Geeks.

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