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How Does Samsung Fast Charging Work?

It’s all very well having bigger screens, more megapixels and better cameras, but if there’s one simple mobile phone function that everybody could agree had some room for improvement, it’s charging.

We need more power, more quickly, more than ever before to keep up with all these swanky functions. And we’ve all experienced the mad rush to get somewhere, only to realise we forgot to charge our phones, and leaving the house praying that that meagre 4% holds out. So the introduction of fast charging is something of a technological godsend, but how does Samsung fast charging work, exactly?

How Does Samsung Fast Charging Work?

how does samsung fast charging work

In order to best explain the difference going on with the fast chargers, we first have to look at the inner workings of the standard mobile phone charger.

Phones are designed with power regulators built in, which prevent such fiascos as the Note 7 incident from happening. When you plug your phone charger into a power outlet, the power is ready in abundance, but is heavily restricted on the phone end so as not to blow the battery up.

You may notice that if you charge your phone via USB on your laptop or another device, it charges much slower than it does on the wall socket. This is because of varied levels of power restriction between devices.

Fast chargers are different not because they actually pump power through at a faster rate, but because they slightly widen the restrictions. This allows more power to accumulate in the battery in a shorter space of time. Lifehacker offer the brilliant analogy of a doorman admitting a stream of people to a nightclub of limited capacity, and how letting in more people at a time will fill the club quicker.

Does Fast Charging Work on All Phones?

Alas, fast charging is one of the more modern gifts of mobile technology, and so bestowed only on the newest and shiniest of model designs. If fast-charging wasn’t sold to you as one of the advantages of your particular handset when you purchased it, it’s likely it won’t work for your phone. A fast charger won’t harm an incompatible phone, but it won’t charge it any faster either.

However, it really is one of the most worthwhile and underrated features of recent devices, so should definitely be sought when the time comes for your next upgrade. To read more about Samsung charging and for the latest news, stick around with us here at Samsung Geeks.

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