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Which Samsung Camera is the Best?

Although they may not be the first name to pop into your head when thinking of the top-quality cameras on the market, Samsung established themselves well on the photography turf in the recent past. So which Samsung camera is the best?

Users have been raving about them, and when a sudden Samsung-shaped void opened up in the camera market a while back, people were all at sea. While there has been no official word to announce the discontinuation of Samsung’s entire camera range, a lot of the models have been confirmed as such on Twitter, and it seems the only place to obtain a Samsung camera is by second-hand means, be that Amazon, eBay or elsewhere. However, this means there are some serious bargains to be had out there.

Although places to purchase from are scarce, Samsung has neglected to take the cameras off of their website, which has muddied the waters slightly. However, it means there are loads of customer reviews for Samsung cameras that put you in a far better-informed position if you go on to make a purchase.

Laments among the Samsung community have seen several models come out on top time after time, so we have a good supply of fan-favourites to have a look through. Let’s take a look at which Samsung camera is the best.


Samsung NX500
Samsung NX500

The NX1’s slightly more diminutive relative, the Samsung NX500, has many of the family features, such as the DRIMe V image processor and NX AF System III autofocus, its hybrid auto focus delivers sharp and accurate pictures across all conditions and lights, with special settings for a variety of activities to ensure the crispest focus. Also a winner of Ephotozine Editors Choice Award and the Photography Blog Essentials Award, this compact little camera has a lot of bite, and hooks up over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for ultimate connectivity.

NX Mini

Samsung NX Mini
Samsung NX Mini

For the non-serious photographer who wants something of quality to take family photos and selfies with, the Samsung NX Mini is the perfect package. Sleek and compact, and enabled with PhotoBeam for instant sharing, the 20.5MP NX Mini takes clear and sharp photos, as well as HD video recording, and is Cloud- and Photoshop-enabled for all your editing and sharing needs.


Samsung NX1
Samsung NX1

Had the public’s love of the Samsung NX1 not been so compelling, we may have never discovered the fate of Samsung’s camera range. However, customers continually reached out to the company, asking where they could find one, as they knew it was fantastic. Others simply expressed how sad the discontinuation was, as this was hands-down the best camera they had ever owned. Fitted with the DRIMe V image processor and NX AF System III autofocus, it takes crisp shots – up to 15 per second – and 4K UHD video recording, and is proofed against extreme conditions, so can be taken biking, climbing, sailing or anywhere else. It was awarded a Trusted Reviews Award, Ephotozine Editors Choice Award and the Photography Blog Essentials Award, and seamlessly hooked up to Smart phones to deliver user-friendly photography that pushed boundaries.

Which Samsung Camera is Best?

Despite all three models being fantastic, and each serving different uses, the praise received by the NX1 is unlike any other feedback. It has to be the best. It’s the Holy Grail of Samsung cameras, and now that it’s discontinued along with the rest of the family, now is the time to snap up a bargain on the second-hand market.

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